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  1. What Have You Bought?

    That sofa doesn't exactly scream back and lumbar support either - did you get a chance to try it out in person? Friend has this sofa in a different colour, its squishy, very. But comfy if you like that sort of thing! It lost the bottom support at one stage, so get a warranty on it
  2. My Dad got his first dose yesterday, hoping that my mother will have it some time soon. The irony is that my parents are fairly young (mid-50s) and I have a list of illnesses as long as my arm. It absolutely makes sense for my dad to get it because he's been in hospital recently with an illness. So realistically my brain has gone "well I'm very ill, more so than my dad so where is mine?". Likely due to my age compared to my relatively healthy low 50s mother, she'll get it first. Honestly the whole system baffles me, speaking to other fairly chronically ill folk it seems the same way for them too. I am however glad my parents are getting it el pronto. They really want to see my sisters second baby when she is born, I'm not entirely sure they will be able too near birth, but at least they'll be relatively safe to fly when the time comes. (Which may be before I even get my first jab, who knows)
  3. Job woes/wins

    Imagine having a pandemic and they don't want to ensure everyone who can work, is working. Honestly this whole "can't work from home" bullshit drives me mad. We've all proven it for a year now. Work has been a wild ride for me. I'm in a new title and fairly senior position and its been tough. This team are fantastic, the whole lot of them, its been fun to connect and really enjoy the work I'm doing. But (and there's always a but) I hit a really rocky patch this week with a comment from a team member and man it really hurt. The TL;DR of that comment is that it came from someone who has no filter and whilst the underlying feedback is good feedback, the way in which it was presented wasn't really warranted and ultimately I hadn't done anything to deserve it being presented in that way. I know I'm not the best senior person around just yet (and I'm the only one with my title ever on this team so far), so I'm bound to need a little more direction and feedback...just not like that eh? I'm trying to keep it vague because it was sorted and I didn't need to worry so much after talking to my colleagues/managers. But fml some people need to just filter themselves.
  4. What Have You Bought?

    Yup, its probably one of the worst Calatheas out there...apparently. I have two humidifers, one for the two Calatheas in my bedroom and one for my study where the bigger plants are. So its going to be sat right next to one. My love of plants is getting out of control
  5. What Have You Bought?

    "Calathea White Fusion" I've been after this plant for the better part of 12 months, bloody difficult to get in the UK, but it dropped from a seller in December and couldn't justify it. This time though, its mine!
  6. bad stuff thread.

    Oh geez! Keep an eye on that immersion heater, that shit gets pricey iirc. (Though certainly better than being cold!)
  7. bad stuff thread.

    Fingers crossed for 2022. I think its probably fair to say that most things this year are just not going to happen. As expected, the NHS has cancelled another appointment, so this time round it'll be in May. Which likely will also be cancelled. I can't say I'm surprised, but sad, I do not want to put myself in to debt to get help. But at the current rate it'll be 2 years before I get any treatment and we don't have enough time to wait that long.
  8. What Have You Bought?

    Lilies are easy. When they start dropping and being dramatic - water. More light means more flowers. Otherwise they can deal in pretty shaded (not dark) conditions.
  9. What Have You Bought?

    Good choices! We have our main bathroom that has no window - so no plant, but I've got a couple of types of pothos in the en-suite. Once day I'll have a living room that has decent insulation so I can have some palms in there, right now it has to have really hardy plants! Big sad.
  10. bad stuff thread.

    @drahkon is there an update? Dad is ok, he's had every test under the sun so far and it seems like at the very least its not cancer and not a stroke. So it seems like potentially just dangerously high blood pressure over a long period of time. The stupid thing is that everyone was worried I had the same, but I have the exact opposite issue.
  11. What Have You Bought?

    I am ever so...slightly obsessed. Also wanted a few more plants, because I'd like to live in a jungle:
  12. bad stuff thread.

    Thank you both, its likely it'll be 2022 now. After initially booking for April 2020. I mostly cannot be bothered with it, the day which we had arranged was basically done (as we went into lockdown just a few weeks before we were due to marry). In reality its the least of my worries over my health and my Dad's, but its fucked me off either way.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    Cake maker has dropped out of the wedding. Today, for April. Probably not going ahead with it anyway, fuck it. Still got pain in my jaw, so forking out for the dentist again tomorrow, been nearly a year with that. Private hospital hasn't gotten back to me. Dad ended up in hospital last week and is now being referred to the stroke unit. I'm fucking out, y'all who said 2021 would be better, LIED.
  14. good stuff thread.

    Good god @Ganepark32 I hope the next place is better for you, what a riot its been! In news for me, I finally bit the bullet and rang a private hospital on Wednesday, pretty pleased with myself as normally ringing medical practises leaves me in a mess on the floor (lots of trauma from how the NHS treated me in 2016/2017), the secretary I spoke too was lovely and now I'm just waiting to see if this consultant is the right person to move this stuff forward. Its a little scary to think about how much this is going to cost (I guess this can go in the bad news bit) and I'm still sort of struggling with the whole *gestures* thing, but its got to be better than right now. Right?