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  1. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    +1 on everything Raining has said to be honest! I did a PB of 60kg deadlift on Friday, which considering how much pain I was in this time two weeks ago made me feel really satisfied. I'm genuinely hoping for a PB of 100kg by the end of the year, but at this rate it'll be sooner than that. I've now also added cardio back into my rountine, so it'll go cardio -> lifts -> cardio, every day, it's meaning I'm a little more worn out at the end of each session, but those extra 20 minutes or cardio really seems to be doing the trick.
  2. bad stuff thread.

    I found braces pretty painful, but I was 11-12 and had yet to have veneers, root canals etc done. I think the food aspect you won't find that bad. I hated the fact I couldn't drink fizzy drinks, but I don't as an adult now anyway, hard foods, wasn't as difficult, mostly toffees that sort of thing. Unless they've become weaker since early 2000s they can withstand quite a lot, as long as you're looking after them. Otherwise perhaps just keep on top of pain relief, did your dentist give you anything for if the braces are a bit sharp for your gums?
  3. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    Can you sub with some cardio in the mean time @Raining_again I imagine though that causing just as many issues? Currently logging between 10-16 sessions of gym a month, which seems...ok for my fitness level. Trying to remind myself that in August I almost fucking died, but deadlifting is addictive.
  4. Time to raise my APM...

    Happy Birthday @Eenuh May it rain doritos and mountaindew!
  5. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    Its alright Raining, you'll get there! Just remember that I currently can only lift 10kilos max and I always get told: You've got to start/re-start somewhere. It sounds like you're on the right track though! How do you currently track kcal/macros? In November I joined the gym, so I've been going not very regularly for a couple of months now, got back on the bandwagon properly first week of January and I've been going twice a week. Lifting is fine for my stomach thus far, but I do find some of the classes a lot harder because they require a lot more to do with my core. I've also added protein to my diet, I've got an app to keep an eye on my food intake and whilst I'm not 100% worried about kcal, I am worried about the lack of kcal/protein and fat I'm getting in at the end of the day, I've noticed if I go to the gym I'm missing a good 800-1000 kcal when I'm at work, so I've added the protein shakes, upped the food intake and also sat drinking 2L a day. At the very least my skin is loving me right now. Hoping in a month or so I'll be lifting 20kilos rather than 10. Leg presses are easy, I'm sat at 40kilos, if only my arms were the same!
  6. What Have You Bought?

    Because I split the last bottle all over my knee (and jeans), so here we are.. This is actually pretty good, I can even use spotify with it, not bad for £20.99.
  7. Job woes/wins

    That would put a very bitter taste in my mouth and I'd likely find myself leaving over something like that. It sounds like the higher ups don't quite have their heads screwed on.
  8. House buying is the worst

    Can we add an N-E meet in October for Tokyo too? I'm a bit terrified that me and my partner are going!
  9. New Year's Resolutions for 2018!

    Well, not to put a damper too much on this thread but, here's mine: Live to 2018. Most of you know its been a rough year for me. I had major surgery, the loss of my grandad and I'm set to have a hysterectomy in 2018. Things are rough, but I made it! Join the gym I actually did this one too! I started a couple of months ago. Start a skincare routine. I made this one as well, which means I ended up with much better skin towards the end of last year For 2018? Well I've not made anything, I'm just kind of grateful to be alive at this point.
  10. Job woes/wins

    What a shame! At the very least to the staff left who had to deal with no job before Christmas - something far too common.
  11. House buying is the worst

    Places like B&M and Homebargains really are your friend. If you're willing to go and mooch around you can actually find some really nice things for a lot less. I always mix those two "brands" with next etc. Once day I'll set-up my home interiors on the cheap website/business, but for now...
  12. Job woes/wins

    Nice to hear you should be sorted now @Goafer they always say the grass isn't always greener for good reason. I must say, if you'd asked me about my own job 5 months ago, I would have been in dire need of leaving the job, I was deeply unhappy and part of that was obviously because how ill I've been. Being off for three months and really looking into my career really put things into perspective and whilst I still hate the building we work in and sometimes my colleagues can be bloody idiots, its not quite as bad as I ever recall it being. I do miss having a more "exciting" job, I will always admit, I miss traveling and all that jazz, but this pays well, gives me 30 days holiday a year and my boss is pretty sound. Thought it might be nice to put a job "win" for the same job in here for a change?
  13. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    Amen sister! I've slacked the last week, only ended up doing boxing. So this week its back to the tyres and ropes and hoping I can get in at least 2 gym sessions in before my holiday
  14. What Have You Bought?

    I mean I could do, but I cannot install dimmer switches in a rental property. A lamp, yes, but that's also the same as what it literally posted - smart arse A lamp may work if its a dimmer one, but not convinced I'll get one for a tenner, but we shall see
  15. What Have You Bought?

    I've been sorely tempted by one of these lights for years, my partner gets up at 5:15 every day, so it'd be nice to have a room thats not pitch black or blinding light..