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  1. House buying is the worst

    Thanks! In the end we saw 5 places and put an offer in. We have a fight with another family/couple so I guess we will find out if we need to keep looking.
  2. House buying is the worst

    We got our agreement in principle sorted! Just a little over how much we were hoping for. We also saw a couple of houses Tuesday and loved one of them, we are cautious as someone maybe put an offer in so we are seeing three more tomorrow. Question: how many house viewings is too many? Because of covid we are only getting about 15-20 minutes per viewing argh!!
  3. good stuff thread.

    Might have gotten the wedding photos back...
  4. Do you know what you're doing?

    Yes and no. Its a really loaded question and entirely depends on the day and subject. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to give a clear cut, non-rambling answer here. But perhaps everyone will get the gist of it. For yes, that's more my personal life. I definitely feel like in my personal life, my relationship, how I want our lives to go together we've got that down and I feel like the 30 year old I am. Specifics might make me feel like I don't. For instance, I definitely don't 100% know how to buy a house, but we want it! Otherwise, the only bit right now that makes me really go "wtf do I do here? Where's the adult adults" in my personal life is everything to do with my health because there's so much misconception and red tape with it that I spent days wondering if I'm adult enough to deal with any of it! Professionally is entirely another story. I've just moved up in my career and I've never felt more like a child than I currently do. It's a steep learning curve and I've really struggled with the whole thing, even with really good feedback from my peers and boss! I spent so much time thinking I needed to get to this position that I didn't far enough ahead and now I have no idea what to do going forward. So ultimately I'm doing what works and going from there. Not knowing is kind of scary, have I spent all this time gaining this career and then I'm not cut out for it? Should I change careers? Do I keep going because that's what is expected!? Ultimately, a lot of my life has happened because of circumstance and trying to find my feet and seeing what works. I won't lie and say I wish I was still working in NYC with a company or traveling the world saving the whales (or red pandas in this case), but you're definitely not on your own. I find that a lot of my new colleagues think I have it all figured out and I really, really don't. I don't know if for me that feeling will ever truly go away. I'm sort of ok with that, there's so many paths to life and so much to learn (and we should all be constantly learning) that it feels kind of expected?
  5. House buying is the worst

    That's exactly what it is, I don't know whyyyy because he's never been out of work, but all we got was banks need 12 months for agency. Thankfully that's a month and a bit away, so we're safe. The main thing was that the banks were willing to give us a mortgage and also for the right amount. We were looking at about 270-280.
  6. bad stuff thread.

    I am sending all of the love that I have to your cousin. I am grateful that both my partner and my family roughly understand my condition, but it wasn't always that way. I have pretty terrible memories of going to appointments alone and suffering back in 2016/17. My partner has been amazing, but going to the doctor and them explaining to him what was actually wrong horrified him. Realistically I shouldn't be working, I've been in therapy twice over it and getting more fibroids and cysts again has brought me a lot of pain, which was only truly confirmed by my private doctor. He was amazed I was able to walk, never mind go to the gym. I'm fortunate that I have a high tolerance to allow me the life I have, but nobody should feel fortunate to be able to tolerate lots of pain on a daily basis to live a "normal" life. Gah, the topic makes me so freaking mad.
  7. House buying is the worst

    Well we spoke to a broker and we're able to afford upwards of a 325K house, whoop! Kind of. We have to get the Decision in Principle first, as my partner is currently on agency work, apparently banks want 12 months to prove some kind of weird bullshit. But our broker (the one we've chosen, others were fine, but some didn't want to do anything over the phone only online? What's that about?) has found several mortgages we can be offered. Whoop! So now we search, I've been keeping an eye (erm every day shh) on the market, so we've got a fair amount to choose from, but I'll feel much better when the DIP is approved.
  8. House buying is the worst

    The difference is perhaps that we've had covid and the market has been...weird at best. We also can't do 5%, at least nothing that I can find that would be worthwhile. We are looking at all routes obviously. But with my health, help is needed.
  9. House buying is the worst

    That's really reassuring! We're speaking with her on Wednesday and so far she's been incredibly responsive. It'll certainly take the worries out of it. Now I just have everything crossed we can afford the houses we've been after. Eeek!
  10. Marvel's Phase 4

    Just finished WandaVision and wow. It was a fairly bold direction, but I really enjoyed it. My heart is a bit shattered, but I highly enjoyed that. Which leads us to watch Winter Soldier next. Phew!
  11. House buying is the worst

    I have everything crossed for you MindFreak! On that note, I contacted a mortgage broker this evening, I was fully prepared to go into this house business without one. But my health has taken a turn and its not fair to leave all of this to my partner, so a broker it is! Thankfully its one my parents used and found them really really good. So hopefully that makes things a bit easier!
  12. bad stuff thread.

    I wrote a whole thing, about how I've still not heard anything from anyone and how the pain is getting into my head. But what's the bloody point. I'm tired, everyone is so excited that they are getting their vaccinations (my friends have had theirs) and going "back to normal". My normal is not going to change. I'll be in pain, maybe with a vaccination, I'll still need to work from home. I still won't be able to drink. Gah, fuck it haha.
  13. What Have You Bought?

    Couldn't find a white keyboard I liked, so changed my keycaps out for white ones.
  14. good stuff thread.

    It's taken two years, 4 cancellations, more than I care to think about re-bookings and countless emails, only 6 people and social distancing. But we did it.
  15. What Have You Bought?

    Can you let me know how this is! Sorely tempted by it.