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  1. good stuff thread.

    Haha to be fair to you, we're doing a small ceremony of about 15-20 people, which is a LOT easier. At the moment we're set for spring next year, but with my niece on the way, we might push it back <3
  2. good stuff thread.

    Its the best feeling! I hope it goes ok. I've spammed this everywhere now, but my ring arrived, I'm a crappy shot with my phone but: Unfortunately I did get stung with 20% VAT from the customs office and my poor love isn't here with me today, but its worth the wait/pennies
  3. good stuff thread.

  4. good stuff thread.

    I have my hair cut every 4-5 weeks.. I have been going to a female hairdressers, despite being offered a few barber places for about 3-4 years now, simply because they did a good job and provided nice drinks/company. The problem recently has been that the lady who did my hair has gone from a regular hairdresser to the manager and the price went up from £26 to £38. For a pixie cut. In the end I now have a guy who does both barbering and haircutting come round my house and do it, really nice chap, think old rocker type. Does it for £15 every week. I actually highly recommend it, its at home, you can chill, I put the radio on and in 20 minutes he's done. Thank goodness.
  5. Exercise & Fitness: 2019 Edition!

    This rings alarm bells simply because my friend has recently partially torn his achilles tendon. He mentioned its been a similar recovery, so maybe get checked out just in case? At any rate, its another new month, the weight seems to be peeling off fast again, I'll go weeks (usually 2 or so months if I'm truly honest) where my weight will stay consistent, which is good and sustainable and then suddenly it will drop in droves. Two scales now say 77.1 and 77.6 respectively, so I've now dropped a bit more since Monday, it means I've now nearly reached 19kg weight loss (40lbs/3 stone for those who work in other measurements), I'm really happy with that as I wanted to get to 76kg (12 stone) and see how I felt. I feel getting to 70kg (11 stone) is a nice healthy range, so 7 or so more kg to go Then its time to be making some GAINZ bois.
  6. Exercise & Fitness: 2019 Edition!

    Managed 13 out of the mandatory 12 gym sessions a month in March. I want to get up to 4 sessions a week, not 3. Getting there slowly but endo kicks my ass at least 4-5 days a month now. Down to my lowest of 78.4, so 17.6kg down, just another 8.4 to go. I'm hoping within 2019. Its been slow progress, but steady, its too tempting to jump onto WW or slimming world to get the weight down quickly (for which I know I'll end up worse off eventually), argh.
  7. What Have You Bought?

    Normally not into buying "branded" when it comes to my gym kit, but after last year, its time to get some decent kit that's going to last (compared to my primark/amazon kit).
  8. Travelling to Japan

    We thought everything in the area was cheap, but only because in the UK the way me and my partner shop for things like that would be expensive regardless. We ended up taking over a £1000 in yen each, we came back without about half of that, because we thought it'd be far more expensive than it was.
  9. Travelling to Japan

    My partner lost his mind over Super Potato @will' how we didn't come away with more stuff is amazing.
  10. bad stuff thread.

    Geez, I hope you're doing alright @drahkon! This month is endometriosis month. Which is great, its a condition that occurs in 1 in 10 women and is pretty close to my heart. Recently women have been posting their scars from multiple surgeries, normally under the hashtag #thisisendometriosis. Its a hashtag that shows how it affects women and a lot of the posts are women showing their multiple (usually) surgery scars. However, jealousy is an ugly beast my friends. 99% of the women that have posted, whilst they do definitely have multiple scars, they are small, white and healed. My 6+ inch ugly, keloid scar plus the tiny white scars from surgery isn't something I mention often, I try to embrace it as much as I can, but god damn if it wasn't hard today.
  11. Travelling to Japan

    We only went to Tokyo, but I'll reiterate perhaps what others have placed here. We went in October and we're already saving to go back again. 1. Get Google Maps - hands down, the reason me and my partner were able to do ANYTHING was because we were told to have this, it makes navigating the underground a piece of cake. If there's one thing I'll say to take note is this, honestly have so much appreciation for that app after our trip. 2. bob mentioned cards, Tokyo itself we didn't have much issue, but we brought quite a bit of yen just in case. There was a lot of opportunity for card if we wanted it. 3. We went go karting, highlight of our trip: we went with these guys and they were pretty good, we were told to do it at dusk and it did not disappoint. 4. Akiharbara was a highlight for us, we're both anime/manga fans and I found some items that were even hard to find in Japan! Super pleased. Notable places: Electric Town Club SEGA Arcade Taito Hey Arcade Super Potato 5. We went to an all you can eat korean bbq, pricey as hell, but worth it: 6. Make sure to check out genki sushi, we went once and it was dirt cheap, we regret not going again: 7. Went to Metropolitan Government Observatory instead of Tokyo Tower because 1. it was less crowded and 2. its free. The views were stunning. We have loads more if you're stuck for ideas! I think you'll enjoy Tokyo and Japan in general, we got by with limit language and everyone was really nice (except the underground, I hated that). I'm jealous!
  12. bad stuff thread.

    You should have all congratulated me for being alive and fucking amazing tbh. But you didn't, so you lot will get NOTHING. (obviously for anyone who doesn't see it - the above is a la joke)
  13. VPN

    +1 for PIA, been using it for a couple of years now at least, I enjoy that its easy to use, not expensive and doesn't hold my info
  14. good stuff thread.

    Aye you're right! I'm a lucky (if rather spoiled girl) and he proposed with a much cheaper ring on the day, so I can wear it in the mean time or on the days I don't want to get my ring damaged. We had spoken before about rings/proposals so thankfully it's worked out for both of us. Thank you everyone! 😍
  15. good stuff thread.

    ...and just like that, I'm engaged. My ring that I'm currently waiting to be made: