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  1. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    Amen sister! I've slacked the last week, only ended up doing boxing. So this week its back to the tyres and ropes and hoping I can get in at least 2 gym sessions in before my holiday
  2. What Have You Bought?

    I mean I could do, but I cannot install dimmer switches in a rental property. A lamp, yes, but that's also the same as what it literally posted - smart arse A lamp may work if its a dimmer one, but not convinced I'll get one for a tenner, but we shall see
  3. What Have You Bought?

    I've been sorely tempted by one of these lights for years, my partner gets up at 5:15 every day, so it'd be nice to have a room thats not pitch black or blinding light..
  4. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    Two weeks ago I decided I was: 1. Finally well enough 2. Very bored of being my current "fitness" and joined the gym my friend has been going to, its a bit pricey for me at £38 a month, but that includes a ridiculous amount of classes and the gym is swish. So far, I've tried a bunch of classes (such as boxing today) and their weights/tyres/ropes. Its tough going, because I have to be very aware of what my abdomen is doing and that's fustrating, but I can see the difference already. Before my surgery I was nearly 15 stone. That was in August. Today, I'm 13st 13. Which is frankly both amazing and disgusting. I do plan to try and lose a little weight with my exercising, because I dislike the way my body feels and have done for some time, but I don't mind it being a long process. @MindFreak for your body, any exercise is better than none, as I've come to understand this last year. Why are mornings a no go? Is it dude to your little un? Perhaps taking walks/runs as he gets older - cycling with him and make it a fun dad/son thing which will help you also?
  5. bad stuff thread.

    Thank you for the advice! I started up at the gym two weeks ago in fact and have been lifting weights and doing all sorts to strength my body since. It's something that nearly everyone I've spoken to professionally has told me to do, so here we are :). I am hoping it'll be avoid for a few years at least, but we shall find out in January. It is quite odd to be told how unwell you are when you feel soooo much better. @eenuh thank you my dear, I'm ok! Just waiting to see
  6. bad stuff thread.

    Oh bloody hell @Eenuh how is that going now? Been about a week so I'm assuming you've had to get a bit done asap? Well I had my three month scan at the hospital for my surgery. The surgery itself fixed quite a bit of what was wrong with me, but unfortunately, there's a lot left that needs sorting and now I have the added bonus of scarring (did you know organs can "stick" together? No, me neither). The result is it'll mean a hysterectomy, whether that's now or x amount of time. Its a bit shit to be honest, I don't want kids which is a blessing, but the idea of menopause at 27 gives me the shivers. I wasn't really too sure about posting this here, as whilst it is bad news, I'm relatively ok with it, I knew even when I was diagnosed back in 2016 that I was probably meant to have this happen because the damage even then was really quite bad and it had been mentioned repeatedly. I know its shocked quite a few people however, but it won't kill me, so it's time to get on with it!
  7. Stranger Things

    I really enjoyed this season. I do agree about the season episode, it feels like that should have been 3 or 4 episodes rather than one, there was no real development on either Kali or Eleven and it was just so rushed. I do hope eventually it might be more of a thing however.
  8. good stuff thread.

    Ashley and Daft are always sickeningly nice off n-e. It makes it harder to be horrible to them on here. iloveyoubothkthx
  9. House buying is the worst

    It is very much like saying "All x person who does this job are shit" really, but I stand firm on my belief that I have yet to meet an agent who is not completely useless
  10. Who's Daft Birthdaymon?

    (Happy birthday you beautiful bastard!) <3
  11. House buying is the worst

    I'm pretty much convinced that letting agents and solicitors are basically the same people/job. Because everyone I've encountered sucks as both.
  12. I'd just say it is short, so you get invested and it stops. I'm hoping its just that its going to take a while to make more, but I've not looked into it.
  13. Well I don't pop in here very often. A few months ago, a YouTuber got me onto a show call Ancient Magus Bride, I really enjoyed the anime, but its only three bloody episodes long! Ended up grabbing the manga, which is not something I usually do. Its bizarre and the story telling can be a bit all over the place. But the characters are lovely (?) and the art style is something I thoroughly enjoy. I've been looking to see if there's anything similar, but not come across anything yet.
  14. What Have You Bought?

    Having to slowly rebuild my wardrobe as none of my old clothes fit after the surgery: Current headset is fine, but the mic is a bit poor and they can get uncomfortable, so I pushed the boat out a bit:
  15. good stuff thread.