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  1. good stuff thread.

    I realised there isn't enough positive thinking around here, so: What is the best thing to happen to you today, what is the best thing that happened to you tomorrow, I'd like to see all of you put a good thing each day! Mine was chatting to my housemate, I've been grumbling over him having his girl over for quite a while, so I bucked up the courage and talked to him and he was really nice about it. Load off my mind for a while
  2. EEVIL's New Year Resolution Thread: 2023 edition

    I've not had any real resolutions for a few years now, not since 2019 anyway. Main one and god I hope I come back here Dec 2023 and can say it's done: Have my last (fingers crossed) surgery - survive. Everything else is a bonus.
  3. The original is just as beautiful, but my gosh what a wonderful voice.
  4. Wot u got 4 Xmas

    Lego must have been popular this year. Ended up getting lego from a Christmas voucher New Logitech G502 X mouse in white Few bits and pieces from my parents like new slippers etc. I ended up with a different voucher from work, so spent it on a new scarf and will be using it for a new fridge and/or tumble dryer. Exciting..
  5. Lego!

    I've not bought lego before because I've found it too expensive - though there has been a few kits I've wanted. Ended up getting a voucher for Christmas, so finally took the plunge on their plants range. Was a lovely build, I think full price I'd have been happy, but for £50 I was impressed.
  6. Rate Your 2022

    Life in 2022 has been wild for me. Reading your responses, I'm thrilled for large parts of your lives <3 We'd finally started to settle into our house this year, really started decorating and it finally feels like ours. With all the ups and downs of fixing it, changing it, it's just lovely to drive to it and know its ours. I hope to never get over that feeling. Work has been interesting too, I got promoted again! Took on line management fully which has been scary and fascinating in equal parts. I adore all of the members of my team, though I wish I could do more. On the same hand work weren't as good as I hoped about sick leave, it ended up being a whole mess I'm still trying to recover from, but they were at least understanding of how sick I am and have given me time, even if its unpaid. Health wise, well I did finally get my surgery, three years later. To then find out I had a complication so rare it's less than 1%. I'll need my ureter reconstructing and that's a whole thing for 2023. But I'll figure it out eventually. I also really discovered who will be there for you when you really need and sometimes that might not even be your parents. Otherwise, I spent time with my wonderful husband, really bonded with some new friends, bought all the things I wanted, went on holiday to Romania and really tried to enjoy everything outside of my health. I'm really proud of this year even if we're not quite 100% yet, but I know I can get through it.
  7. What Have You Bought?

    Decided to treat myself to an Otter keyboard. I don't exactly need two keyboards, but I have fallen down a rabbit hole in recent years, so may end up with a few. Technically the deskmat is new too haha....oops.
  8. I love them both so much! Jonathan's Disney Villians album is the best.
  9. Living to 100

    Either I will through sheer determination/spite or I won't make it to 65. Its really no secret all my health problems. Even though they are on the way to getting sorted, the amount of medical trauma adds years. My partner mentioned it (nicely) this morning. Im also not even sure I'd want to live that long. Even if I were healthy. Because would anyone else? Would my husband? Sure that'd be awesome to have 60 odd years with him. But otherwise no. Let me die already 😂
  10. good stuff thread.

    Thank you chaps! Writing this at 3am because my brain won't switch off. Surgery was a success! In the end I was wheeled in at six pm and came out at ten thirty pm. So far longer than anticipated, but that was just to ensure everything was covered. Pain has been a bit higher than my last surgery, but the team here having been amazing. Money really does talk, so I'm glad I decided to go the private route. Now for six weeks recovery and I should have my life relatively back on track!
  11. good stuff thread.

    Goodness, a lot has changed since last year. It's almost exactly a year too. In short, it is good news, though I'm scared. - The NHS told me in February of this year the waiting list was currently "at least 18 months" before I'd be seen. - I contacted a couple of private hospitals - I got accepted into one of the best private hospitals in the current for the specialists I need. - I picked a date. Tomorrow I start the pre-op, so the nasty drink, no eating, the whole nine yards. On Tuesday I'll be admitted to the hospital at 2pm and have my surgery in the evening. 2 years, 10 months. I don't actually have the final number of how much this has cost me over the years, but at least £14,000. If any of you see this, please keep your fingers crossed for me Tuesday evening <3 I'm so thankful I am getting sorted.
  12. House buying is the worst

    "Small" you know it's going to be a pretty penny given what you've said. Run!
  13. House buying is the worst

    Imagine, if it were actually next door, we have about 2 feet between the walls, I'd just make a mega mansion
  14. House buying is the worst

    I don't want to sound too rude here, because I do understand the need to keep things "in the family". I've recently dealt with a similar thing with both my parents and grandparents properties. However, there's literally no reason for the family to keep what is effectively a run down property in the family. Why can't they purchase it? They surely know your situation right now. It would be from the sounds of it, much better to do it up as a group effort, sell it to someone who will ultimately appreciate it and the proceeds go to all of you who worked on it. Yes you'd lose the property to someone you don't know (as I've come to terms with myself) but would anyone really benefit from you both owning it? Except to say that it's still part of the families property(ies)? ------------------------ I've been keeping an eye on house prices recently, because we've been here now for gone 8 months, neighbour is selling their current property which is a match for ours and needs a lot of work doing for 10k more than we originally bought ours for. I almost want to say what ours would be evaluated at now we've done some work and repairs too it.
  15. Job woes/wins

    Looks like the promotion is coming through, I'll be managing 7 people, plus an external team in the coming months. I'll be accepting on the condition of compensation and whatnot, but so far so good. Exciting but also kind of scary. edit: words are hard
  16. Possibly just old and drunk (or perhaps hungover by this point of my posting).
  17. Home Improvement / DIY

    Given so many of us are making changes to our homes, here's a thread to showcase. From painting, small DIYs and beyond, show me all your homely changes!
  18. Home Improvement / DIY

    I currently have several of those to change over, on the long list of things. Very nice!
  19. Feels relevant these days.
  20. Home Improvement / DIY

    My desk currently has a tower, two 27inch monitors and a laptop (with stand), due to my work. So it's full already! My partners has his desktop on the main area and his drawing tablet on the bit closer to the door. So he'll be able to use both sides depending what he plans to do. Eventually he wants to get monitors similar to mine in size, so he'll need the space. Both sellers made much much smaller sizes, we're just...extra
  21. Home Improvement / DIY

    @Will you might appreciate my partners and I new desks given your choice of dining table there (beautiful by the way, love it) My new one, it turned up Monday! I've had a 200cm x 60cm desk from ikea, so I upgraded to this 200cm x 70cm from etsy. My partner went for a slightly different approach: We're really big gamers in this house (go figure) plus with my WFH, we decided it was time.
  22. House buying is the worst

    I went with a broker who was in Manchester (I'm in Cambridgeshire), they were recommended by my parents as they had recently purchased after living in France. My broker is worth her weight in GOLD and I will not be told otherwise. She navigated some serious crap for our house buying (we nearly lost the mortgage and then later nearly lost the house). She'll also be there to help us remortgage later down the road. We also used a solicitors in the same area as her and because of covid it didn't matter we weren't near one another. My solicitor used an app to help us keep track of the whole process which I strangely ended up loving. Weird process though. I'd say it really depends on you and your circumstance, in ours we felt it would be relatively easy to buy, but went with a broker anyway as I'm quite unwell. As you can read above, it was worth the money and I've been telling people to get brokers themselves if they can afford the extra cost. For us she was £495 for her time and our survey was more expensive! Which is insane. Friends recently bought at the same time and went through it with Nationwide without a broker and found them lovely (our mortgage is also with them too). So I'd say a solid choice if you want to go that way.
  23. Home Improvement / DIY

    I love that green in your bedroom Cube! I think at this point 75% of the house has been painted as the colours they previously had were awful. I wish I had taken a lot more photos of before..
  24. House buying is the worst

    Nice, part of me wonders if we need a DIY/home changes thread, I know we've done a ton to show (and a lot of lessons learned too)
  25. The original is a nice enough song, but the emotions in her live performance are wonderful.