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  1. ShopTo have this for under £40 if anyone didn't know. I know a lot of people probably opted for that sweet sweet Nintendo store edition, but for those who slept on it and it's now out of stock (me), this is s decent price for a new (kind of new as it's old but new ), release.
  2. I finished a first play through of this on Friday night. Very disappointing. Until Dawn remains one of my favourite experiences this gen. I know it wasn't perfect, but I loved the throwback to the 90's horror films and the story was gripping from the minute it started. To me, at least. This? Well it couldn't be further from it. It was very short (which isn't necessarily a negative given that it's only £25 new), but the abrupt way it ends is pretty crap. I sat there thinking I was around half way through and that was the end. The controls, whilst just as clunky as UD, feel even more so due to the cramped nature of the setting of tight corridors of the ship etc. It's also ridiculously dark - to the point where I had to play it at night as I couldn't see anything in the day, even with the curtains shut! I didn't get invested in any of the characters in this game either. In UD, there were a few I really tried to keep alive, but in this game they all could have been slaughtered and I would not have cared. I mean, they all were but one sooo. Pacing of the game was totally off. But I'm going to stop now as I'm typing too much for a game I didn't think much of. The final annoyance was the inclusion of online trophies this time. I normally would do a few play throughs to get the different endings and scenarios, but not sure I can be bothered.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah I had that way of thinking too. I know Pokémon is one that can be purchased with the vouchers and that's a game I'd happily have digital as I know I'll always want to dip back into it.
  4. General Switch Discussion

    Has anyone utilised the Game Vouchers offer? Worth it? Or do people still prefer physical games rather than DL? Only reason I ask is that I have £25 in eShop credit at the moment and was toying with the idea of using it for Resident Evil or something like that, but if I used it towards the vouchers I'd only be paying £59 for 2 games. I quite like that it's redeemable against the first party games which never drop in price physically, so there's that. But I just don't know if I'd rather keep some pre-orders for physcial editions like Luigi's Mansion and Zelda because of the cool bonuses from Nintendo store etc. Tricky one.
  5. If you break the controller on the Switch Lite by dropping it again you'll be truly buggered though. Oh absolutely. But I don't imagine the Lite would break from a drop. These drops haven't been bad - one was onto carpet but it landed on the joy con hence the thing flying off and now it doesn't lock in properly. It just always seems to be the Joy-Cons that take the hit.
  6. My left Switch joy con is drifting like crazy and I (for the second time) dropped my Switch when it didn't have it's hard shell on it and the right joy con has clean come off. It goes back on and works but doesn't lock into place anymore. This will be the fourth replacement joycon I've bought (all from my own clumsiness) but it almost makes me just want to sack it all off and buy a Lite. No moving parts, all one block of plastic. Perfect for my butter fingers. If it docked to a TV id be all over it. Liking the grey one out the three colours the more I've seen of it. Some 'hands on' videos have been recommended on YT for me and from watching them, everyone seems to be glowing with praise for it. I imagine the SNES games will be a joy to play with that DPAD.
  7. Games: Luigi's Mansion 3 Pokemon (not sure which one yet) SMB - as I love the series. Though this game isn't a patch on 1&2. Zelda Yooka-Laylee Mario & Sonic Resident Evil 5 I don't do Amiibo apart from Boo (because he glows!) and I love the yellow Lite but won't be buying one when I already have a reg Switch. As that would be nuts.
  8. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    Waste of half an hour for me that! SNES games was the only decent thing unveiled.
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Great deal in Argos for a PS4 Slim currently. Console, plus Crash Team Racing, plus Kingdom Hearts 3, for £219.99. Bit of a bargain!
  10. Xbox One Console Discussion

    It is a very short game. And makes sense re achievements. Been a while since I've played anything on Xbox so wouldn't know how it works now. Another example though of how backward the Xbox UI has become in that the DLC cheevos are not separated.
  11. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Super Lucky's Tale is enjoyable H-o-T. If you go for the full achievement score, which I'm sure you will, then it lengthens it somewhat. But I enjoyed it, even it is a very basic platformer. I found it a nice game to play in between a more story driven game as it was fairly relaxing.
  12. First two games were sublime. This one... No. Stupid.
  13. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    Ahh amazing thanks! Let me know when works for you I will be free most of the evening and tomorrow. Ive only just started the game really but could offer Oddish up as trade? Or Sandshrew / Mankey if they’re exclusive? Would definitely take an Ekans too if you had one.
  14. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    Sorry for the bump, but I wondered if anyone still played this and would be kind enough to send me over a Bellsprout? I only have LG Pikachu and it's Eevee exclusive. Pretty please?
  15. I couldn't care less what people spend their money on tbh. If my opinion is that it is overpriced then that's it. It's nothing to do with being entitled either but carry on.