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  1. Super Mario Party

    Yeah I know that. But you don't often get a custom dice block. Also, it is a straight up advantage in my opinion, as the higher your roll the better chance you have of approaching the star with the boards in this game not being so large. That's what I've found from playing all the boards now anyway. I think if you use an allies dice, you should literally have that roll and that's it - that's what I was expecting upon playing anyway.
  2. Super Mario Party

    Yeah Emerald is correct. So if you get an ally with all 3’s and 2’s it’ll say “great if you want to roll a 3 or a 2!” But it’s not because if you use their dice the ally still rolls and will therefore push you over rolling a 2 or 3. It almost makes it a redundant feature.
  3. Super Mario Party

    So I picked this up last week as me and my BF have been on holiday until today in Bath so wanted to have something to play in the evenings. Ive always loved MP but haven’t played one since the last GC version as they’ve all been reviewed awfully. We LOVE this. Such good fun even with just two of us. However there are some annoyances to me, namely the “bonuses”. I always think back to MP4 where there were like 4 bonuses and they were always really good ones that you couldn’t really judge. Like the person who held most coins at one time, most mini games won, who landed on most blue spaces, etc. These have been weak so far. Alwaya get the ally bonus and seeing as the ally is stood right behind the player, it’s obviouscto know who had the most during the play through. Same with who had the worst luck. But disappointing that there’s only two bonuses. I feel the game used to really change during the bonus section but in the 4 goes we have had so far it hasn’t. It’s always been a forgone conclusion. The mini games are amazing. Love them all so far and they feel really fresh to me. I don’t have much of an issue with the boards apart from the amount of ally spaces. Seems like there’s too many on a lot of the boards. Mine thing I don’t get with allies is you get one (like Shy Guy, for instance) and it says he’s great if you want to roll a 4 as his dice is 0, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4. Brilliant. But then you won’t ever roll a 4 as your ally also rolls and adds to that number. I thoigt the ally was just there to provide you with their dice, not to also roll with you. Whilst that sometimes helps to increase your roll it kinda contradicts the benefit that is touted when an ally joins as you’ll never be able to just roll their dice only - unless I’m missing something? Minior niggles aside it’s great fun and as others have mentioned the attention to detail is spot on.
  4. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Didn't mean to turn this into a trophy discussion it was more me saying my enjoyment of the game was hampered by them but it's my choice at the end of the day so I got what I deserved :D. But trophies aside, I still found the game to be a disappointment. There was too much in the way of mindless button mashing combo and story filler by putting you in control of other characters. Just how I felt once I'd finished it. In direct comparison to Arkham Asylum which is what, nearly 10 years old now(?) this game was just not as good to me. I replayed Asylum earlier this year and found that it still holds up incredibly well and felt like there were no compromises at all to the gameplay even by collecting achievements. I didn't feel like that was the case in this game with far too much filler style gameplay which affected my enjoyment.
  5. Spider-Man (PS4)

    I platinumed this earlier today. Overall, I was disappointed. Part of me thinks this could be down to actually going for the Platinum, as the grindy nature of what was required to get there was nothing short of a nightmare. The way I tackled the game was to do as much of the side stuff as possible, in between the odd story mission. Unfortunately, it meant the game ended up turning into nothing but a button masher, with the odd dodge thrown in for good measure. Web slinging was a lot of fun, but I'll be honest and say that when fast track became available, I was using that exclusively for most of my traversing rather than actually being Spidey. As I said though, I do think that is more down to my going for the trophies. Had I have just gone right through the story, it would have caused no where near as much fatigue. The story itself was my biggest disappointment though. It wasn't until the final third of it where I actually felt like I was Spider-Man. It was pretty thrilling with some of the boss fights and the story really turned on during the latter stages. Up until then it was as if I was playing one big side mission, with goons just coming for me again and again and me having to mash my way through them. It felt to me like the game was a hybrid of Batman's Arkham series and Sunset Overdrive. But if I'm honest, I felt like it wasn't as good as either of them. Particularly Batman (and I'm singling out Asylum more so when I say that) which it clearly took a lot of cues from when making the game. The scarecrow sections in Asylum were certainly studied at length... I found it odd that you were put in control of other characters for some parts of the game too. It struck me like they ran out of ideas and wanted to flesh the story out in some way and this is what they came up with. Strange. Overall I liked the game, but I was majorly fatigued by what was necessary to achieve the platinum. Even without going for that though I felt it could have been so much more.
  6. Spider-Man (PS4)

    I am absolutely loving my time with this so far. I've hardly even progressed the story yet as every time I do it seems to open up other little bits of the map and just swinging through the city to get to them is too much fun. It's also really helping me upgrade stuff as well. I'm almost fully upgraded on my webslinger now so it's proving too be a massive help in combat fights along with swinging through the skies. Earning XP whilst performing tricks in the air is pretty damn sweet. I'm trying to do as much in the way of side missions as possible before I progress the story as I'm not bored of doing it yet. Harry's research pods are a bit of a drag but once I've done them I'll move on to the main game. So far though it's just brilliant fun.
  7. DAY. ONE. Cannot wait.
  8. Switch eShop Thread

    @Hero-of-Time @RedShell just to let you know I have been playing Heroki over the last few weeks since you recommended it, just very slowly! Been decorating lots of rooms and I've hardly had any time to just crack on with it but from what I've played so far (I'm up to 2-5), I'm really enjoying it! It's a very relaxing game to play, and I'm surprised it started off as a mobile game due to how well Heroki controls. It's also refreshing, as H-o-T says, that it's not just a left to right platform adventure. Being able to go vertical and horizontal is a bit of a refreshing change for this type of genre, and it makes finding secrets and collectables a bit more fun. Hoping to try and get it boxed off soon and put a bit more time into it but wanted to say cheers for recommending it!
  9. Switch eShop Thread

    You may have just answered my gaming prayers! I've been looking for something to play since Detroit but didn't really want a heavy story game. This looks perfect. I also love that he reminds me ever so slightly of Wiki from Zack and Wiki.
  10. The Second Half of 2018 Switch Lineup

    Sorry to dive in between the argument, but is it really bad that the game I;m most looking forward to from that list is Mario Party?! PRAYING it is good. I find it so strange that they haven't been able to produce a decent MP game for so long!
  11. Detroit: Become Human

    Platinum get. Oh BTW @Hero-of-Time - did you experience or watch this after playing?
  12. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    So, the trailers of this game look absolutely amazing. But (forgive my ignorance) - what type of game is this? It basically looks like Blue / Red but modern day all over again? Gym leaders, Kanto etc. Can you battle the 8 gyms and relive it once again? If so - take my damn money now.
  13. Detroit: Become Human

    Some final thoughts. I know I've posted loads in here, but I've thoroughly enjoyed this game and this last run through probably gave me my favourite story out of the lot.
  14. Detroit: Become Human

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
  15. Detroit: Become Human

    Just completed it a second time. I keep spoilering, just because there may be people who haven't played yet.