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  1. Switch eShop Thread

    @Hero-of-Time @RedShell just to let you know I have been playing Heroki over the last few weeks since you recommended it, just very slowly! Been decorating lots of rooms and I've hardly had any time to just crack on with it but from what I've played so far (I'm up to 2-5), I'm really enjoying it! It's a very relaxing game to play, and I'm surprised it started off as a mobile game due to how well Heroki controls. It's also refreshing, as H-o-T says, that it's not just a left to right platform adventure. Being able to go vertical and horizontal is a bit of a refreshing change for this type of genre, and it makes finding secrets and collectables a bit more fun. Hoping to try and get it boxed off soon and put a bit more time into it but wanted to say cheers for recommending it!
  2. Switch eShop Thread

    You may have just answered my gaming prayers! I've been looking for something to play since Detroit but didn't really want a heavy story game. This looks perfect. I also love that he reminds me ever so slightly of Wiki from Zack and Wiki.
  3. The Second Half of 2018 Switch Lineup

    Sorry to dive in between the argument, but is it really bad that the game I;m most looking forward to from that list is Mario Party?! PRAYING it is good. I find it so strange that they haven't been able to produce a decent MP game for so long!
  4. Detroit: Become Human

    Platinum get. Oh BTW @Hero-of-Time - did you experience or watch this after playing?
  5. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    So, the trailers of this game look absolutely amazing. But (forgive my ignorance) - what type of game is this? It basically looks like Blue / Red but modern day all over again? Gym leaders, Kanto etc. Can you battle the 8 gyms and relive it once again? If so - take my damn money now.
  6. Detroit: Become Human

    Some final thoughts. I know I've posted loads in here, but I've thoroughly enjoyed this game and this last run through probably gave me my favourite story out of the lot.
  7. Detroit: Become Human

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
  8. Detroit: Become Human

    Just completed it a second time. I keep spoilering, just because there may be people who haven't played yet.
  9. Detroit: Become Human

    Following the trophy guide and it's interesting that in order to get:
  10. Detroit: Become Human

    Didn't think of it like that - but yes very good point. I've started to play through it again - one for trophy purposes and two so I can do the opposite of what I did previously and see where it leads. Although I have to be careful not to kill some characters off early...!
  11. Post your Cooking!

    Just resurrecting a thread with 3 years of no posting with the deliciousness of these Jammy Dodger Blondies I made tonight. Who knew a Jammy Dodger could be improved upon.
  12. Detroit: Become Human

    Credits just rolled.
  13. Detroit: Become Human

    Didn't see that coming...
  14. Detroit: Become Human

    So I'm not too far in but here's some early thoughts:
  15. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    @Hero-of-Time you were not wrong when you said I was in for a treat with Detroit. Absolutely loving it.