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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Finally, the credits have rolled on Show Time. It took me a while, I know! Overall, very short. Considering it took me ages I didn't feel like the game really even got started. I know there are other bits and pieces to do now, but not sure I'm going to even bother. It was an ok game but there were too many ideas thrown at it for me with only a small selection that actually stuck. I think on balance there were more stage types I didn't like than I actually did. Id definitely be up for another game in the series but I do think they need to flesh it out a bit and maybe hone in on a smaller pool of abilities than the vast list that was here. Still, really nice to see Peach shine in her own game once again
  3. Playing a little bit more Showtime this evening and I’ve just done the second detective stage (bomb one) and I actually liked it! I did groan when I saw it was a detective stage, but that was much better than the first one!
  4. Damnnit you’re making me want to play it again but I haven’t even got half way through Showtime yet!
  5. Whew. My ignore list has just grown a bit.
  6. @Hero-of-Time I love that you’ve dipped back into SPP! I have hardly touched Showtime this week as just not had time but with the BH weekend now upon us, I’d like to try and get through it! SPP is such a gem. One of my fave DS games ever.
  7. Typically not had huge amounts of time to play unfortunately. What with a new puppy an all so it’s been a challenge in between work and tennis and doggos. Couldn’t play last night. I’ve decided I hate the detective sections. Not for me. Also did a mermaid one and didn’t like that either. I normally have a free evening on Tuesdays and could have put more time in but it’s my sisters birthday, so busy again! Hopefully I’ll get a bit of time in bed to play some more!
  8. Glad you enjoyed it for the most part! I’m still pretty early into it but played one of the detective stages last night and really didn’t enjoy it. so far I think my fave was the ninja but I haven’t done all of them yet.
  9. I couldn’t resist the Disco Dress!
  10. I haven't changed it yet! I liked the polka dot but decided to hold off in case more dresses get unlocked. Didn't want to use all my coins . One thing I do like is that Peach's movement changes for every transformation. Her normal run is very regal, with her lifting her dress up with one hand. But she becomes a totally different character with all of the transformations. Very cool. I also like that there's always a spot light on her, given the theatre theme!
  11. I played this a few months ago. I liked the first and Miles Morales, but didn't love the samey combat sections that felt like padding. I was worried this game would do more of the same but to my delight, it was practically a perfect game. Easily one of the best games I have played in years. Absolutely superb story, amazing gameplay, good variation of side missions that were actually enjoyable, and a nice end game teaser for where the story may go next. Sublime end to end.
  12. I would not be on board with open world. The whole draw of RE games for me is the linear, sometimes claustrophobic feel. If they move away from that then they lose what has made the games so great over the years. Having said that, at this stage though they probably do need to do something different. There's only so many abandoned villages, churches, mansions and hospitals they can use.
  13. I managed to bag a copy from Argos earlier. Just started it. Played the first part in the demo, and just done the Ninja section. Which I LOVED! Gimme more Ninja Peach please!
  14. Haven’t posted in an age, but you bet a new Princess Peach game will drag me back 😅. Even if the demo was… rough. Hoping to pick this up later this evening or tomorrow to get cracking with it. NOTHING will touch Super Princess Peach… but nice she’s back in her own game I guess!
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