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  1. Kena: Bridge of Spirits (21st September 2021)

    Not too disappointing as it’s not a huge delay. Really looking forward to this game, though. I know it’s nothing like it, but for some reason it reminds me a little of Kameo from the Xbox!
  2. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    It’s just a donut with the logo on? Doesn’t come off how you’ve perceived it at all. To me, anyway.
  3. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    Outside of a house party type atmosphere, I cannot understand why ANYONE would ever want to play this game with gyro controls. Expert mode was hard enough with a control stick!
  4. Netflix

    I also started this tonight! Only two in... I watched the first one and enjoyed it. The second was boring... I was distracted by just about everything (my phone, the dog, being hungry lol), and found myself not following along. What I liked is that it felt quite faithful to the original series. The characters were all easily identifiable and while the voices lack a certain something compared to the original, they were still quite good. It's already a step up to what they did to She-Ra, anyway. I will stick with it!
  5. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Can’t wait to play Blinx again! I remember buying an Xbox just for that game with birthday money all those years ago!
  6. Suggestions

    Well I… Bloody lovely! As if I didn’t know this! Thanks!
  7. Suggestions

    This may have already been suggested, or it could be an option I could enable myself but not sure… But on other forums, when I’ve visited threads and then come back to them later on or the next day and further messages have been posted, I just need to click the thread name and it takes me to the post after the one I last viewed. Very handy to allow you to catch up on messages. On this forum, clicking the thread name just always takes me to the first post. I know I can go to the last post by clicking in the time / person who last posted section, but then I have to scroll up to read what I’ve missed, and sometimes even go back a page. Is this just a setting / preference I need to enable (had a look but couldn’t see), or something that can be considered as a suggestion?!
  8. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

    I think I’m going to pick this up at the weekend. I very vaguely remember playing the original and hating it, but I generally hate motion controls so that’s probably why. My only issue with Zelda games is getting stuck. YouTube and guides become my friend and then I always feel like an absolute moron for not realising that’s what you have to do. Too impatient! Although sometimes with Zelda it’s not actually that obvious!
  9. Yeah don’t imagine they do care about it. Was more of an observation as to what that would do to the look of games in handheld. But as @Ronnie says, it’s fairly marginal in terms of PPI, hopefully it’s not a biggie.
  10. I do use my switch in handheld quite a lot. As I’ve said before, Mario Tennis is my most played game and I feel when playing online that the pro controller has lag. So I much prefer handheld. But my concern here is whilst OLED is great, the increased screen size and the lack of resolution bump is just going to make things look… worse? Interesting we’ve still not seen any picture with the screen on. Looking forward to when some tech sites get some hands on!
  11. Love the white. Think it looks really nice. Disappointed at no internal upgrade. They could have lengthened the lifespan of it somewhat whereas I don’t feel like this will. Normally I’d be 100% buying one, but I haven’t touched my Switch in months. The E3 revealed games will get some play time from me, but not sure it’s worth getting this just for those.
  12. Resident Evil Village

    I’m playing through this again on my PS5 at the moment. Just started this morning. I am currently on holiday from work, so enjoying gaming all day, basically! I just managed to get a copy of this and with me having free time decided to dive in again! EDIT Capcom DO use the controller haptics. My bad. Not sure why I didn’t feel them between handgun and shotgun early on when I first got the shotgun, but now I can definitely feel it. So that’s good!
  13. Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5)

    That makes me feel better!
  14. Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5)

    Played more of this now. Onto world 5. Continuing to be a little frustrated with the controls and the level of precision that is required with some of these later levels. I don’t think the way Sack Boy controls is tight enough to make it seamless and continually enjoyable to play. In comparison to a Mario game of this nature, it’s highlighted how much better the control of Mario is. Even Lucky (mentioning SLT again) felt better than this. I can’t work out if it’s just me not being good enough, or if the game is lacking. Could be the former! But I’ve played a lot of games like this and something just feels off with it. All of that aside, it is still a good game and the ideas on display in some of the worlds is really great! I’ve smiled my way through a few stages (not many) and when it hits it right it’s really great. The last boss level I just played (N.A.O.M.I) was particularly fantastic and definitely a boss I will remember as a stand out in this genre. I just can’t get past Sack Boys control!!
  15. Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5)

    I am glad I stuck with it. It has definitely started to improve for me now I am at world 4. Some of the levels have been quite clever, particularly the ones that give you additional items to use to get Sack Boy through them. Difficulty has ramped up too which was needed. I don’t think it’ll go down as a classic, but the production of the game is pretty top notch. Good voice acting with some famous voices (Dawn French), and I’m pretty sure the Meerkat from Compare the Market voices the clothes shop guy! They also have some pretty famous songs and melodies in some levels, so they must have forked out a pretty penny for the rights to those too!