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  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I’m not playing it still, but will do my best to be there!
  2. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Not sure whether to agree with you, as I don't know which side you're on... Hahaha personally don't understand it myself. It's like the Android / iOS thing. I swap between both with no problem at all and can give credit to either for the things they do well. But also am aware that both have their flaws. Years ago I would have always gone Microsoft (talking ps3 days), as I did much prefer virtually everything about the 360 over ps3. But as time has gone by I much prefer the exclusives on PS now and whilst PS went up in virtually all elements with the PS4, Xbox seemingly got worse with the One. They seem to be getting their stuff together now though and I have preordered a Series X. So I guess in answer to your question... Microsoft's side. SONY IS SHIT. Is that how you do it?
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Lol the amount of this everywhere is crazy.
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Not sure if already posted. Apologies if so. Change to the Trophy system. About bloody time too! Sounds great now.
  5. Christ alive. What are people kicking off over? The change in the guy?! People... 🙄
  6. Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5)

    I can't wait for this. Looks great.
  7. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    I totally disagree about one game at a time. Especially with game pass. I play one at a time now because it is so painful to come out of it, load another game and wait for ages for it to become playable. Also, games like Forza are great to be able to jump back into whenever so I can't wait for this feature personally.
  8. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Have any of you who have preordered a PS5 gone for the all digital edition? I know I could scroll back to see but I just wondered if anyone was going all in with digital this gen and if so, why? Sorry if it has already been discussed at length. When I think about my recent gaming purchases, most of them have been digital. Apart from maybe new games which I tend to buy boxed because the digital edition is often more expensive. A lot of points I have seen being raised against it are just personal preferences. No point in buying collector editions with all digital etc - if that's something you're into. I'm trying to work out which PS5 I'd go with and I'm not sure. I don't really have anywhere to place game boxes and find they end up just sitting in a drawer in my tv unit. Digital could be a good option for me this time.
  9. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    The Slayer Is Coming is hidden underneath her name. And the beginning letter of each sentence spells "Look Below".
  10. Last of Us Part II

    I am about 20 hours into this now (and have had it about 6 weeks) and I just don't want to play it anymore. The first game I felt was an absolute masterpiece. I loved every single second. This game has been boring, repetitive and more challenging to play all round. I don't mean difficulty, although it has had its moments - but there have been countless times I have wandered around not knowing what the same wants me to do next. Or where to go.
  11. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Again we will have to disagree on this but generally I think this country has done a poor job in educating people about the dangers of the credit mindset, and explains why a lot of people are in debt. The example you gave about feeling better about £29 a month more or less sums up the way a lot of people can look at the smaller number without doing the maths to see they're paying an extortionate amount more with credit (not saying you are that person, clearly you understand it, but that "live for the moment" way of thinking is common). For some things credit is absolutely vital (e.g. mortgages) or for people who literally can't get by otherwise, but I do think for a luxury purchase like a games console then some level of criticism is valid. Yeah it very clearly comes down to how you feel about credit. Credit allows people to get things they cannot afford in one go. If people are not aware of the dangers of credit then that is on them. Ive always had something on credit. TV, phone, laptop. I have a great credit score and my credit has helped me maintain that score because I have never missed a payment on anything. My partner hates credit, would never entertain the idea for anything and wonders why when he reluctantly looked at getting a loan with his 995 credit score his results were all over 20% APR. With no big lender wanting to touch him. Anyway, it's not really on topic anymore. For me this is a good option for a lot of people and whether you agree with it or not I don't think anyone can deny it is beneficial for some.
  12. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Why should it be criticised? Credit always costs more. It's no secret or surprise to anyone. If anyone doesn't realise that then that's on them but I think most people who have opted for it would say they'd rather do it that way than lose all of that money upfront in one hit. £28 a month is much easier to swallow than over £500. Most tech sites seem to think this is a great option from Microsoft and a viable way for people to get a brand new console at a pretty good price point. Most people pay more for a two year phone contract at the end of the day but would probably be better buying the phone outright and going SIM only. Choices choices.
  13. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Yeah, I guess my point was that if you have reasonable savings it makes no sense to go All Access (the £29 a month is merely perception; the second you sign up for it you really are paying 600 quid). For people who would not be able to afford other things by spending £530 in one go, I totally understand why this would appeal. Absolutely. I think it's a great option, especially for parents who maybe want to get their kids the new console but don't have £500 for Christmas. For me, I could have bought it upfront and nearly did from Argos until it went out of stock... But I like that it's just all there. 2 years, one payment, no messing about. If I don't use the console every week, I'm not bothered. Whereas if I'd spent £500 I'd probably be pressuring myself to get the most out of it otherwise I might have buyer's remorse. Whereas I don't think I'll feel that with this option. Also, I intend to buy my PS5 outright next year and this is a good way of enjoying both consoles without spending over a grand off the bat for the privilege.
  14. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Because convenience. It's almost Christmas and I would rather not lose over £500 for a console, plus games pass straight off. Of course, it costs more in the long run, but most credit options do. For me, there will likely be longer periods where I'm not playing my Series X as there's not going to be game after game coming out for it whilst the console is in its infancy. Id personally feel better spending £28 a month for something that I'm not using all the time to begin with over £500 all in one go.
  15. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Yup - alongside black and white. White does look nice, but I love a colourful controller.