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  1. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Yeesh. LM 3 was nowhere near a 10/10 game for me. Found it all very forgettable and have little desire to return to it.
  2. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Wow haha. Deep for a video game! Won’t affect my enjoyment, that’s for sure!!
  3. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    After @Hero-of-Time and I had a brief moment discussing the best DS game ever created, Super Princess Peach... imagine my surprise when my OH told me that there was a bag on the stairs with some old games in that he’d found when boxing things up for our upcoming house move. The bag was stuffed in a box from the last time we moved house like 5 years ago, and there were so many gems in there... including this! So, I’ve fired up my 2DS and this is going to be my night time ‘before bed’ play.
  4. What Do You Want From Nintendo In 2021?

    Yesssss! Give me the Princess Peach goodness!
  5. What Do You Want From Nintendo In 2021?

    For me I just want more exclusive, big name games. I know that's sometimes easier said than done, but it seems like Nintendo have been riding on the success of this thing for too long now, and are almost sat back just counting the dollar. I'm sure there's a meme for that. When I think of 2020 for the Switch, all I think is Animal Crossing. Because that's basically the only thing I found worth bothering with. Don't get me wrong, I would like to play Paper Mario and also the new Hyrule Warriors, but they're not 'must haves' for me. It's a shame that Nintendo also seem to leave some games cold. I've sold games like Mario Party, Animal Crossing, MK8 etc because I've had all my fun with them and nothing entices me back. I found the AC 'updates' to be very weak and not enough to lure me back in, and I do believe Nintendo have missed a trick not adding content to games like MK8 or Mario Party. These are games that I feel like Nintendo want me to keep playing months / years after buying them, but when they're just left to exist in the same form they arrived in (AC aside), it leaves me feeling a bit disappointed. I'll be honest and say I am also absolutely sick of remakes. And it's not just Nintendo that is aimed at. But I don't want a port. Give me something new and fresh and something to get excited about. I'm not even talking new IP's either. I don't know how many times I've said it on this forum but give me Super Princess Peach 2 please. Since the Switch Nintendo have felt a bit 'safe' to me. I'd love to see more new games or sequels to popular games that we haven't had for a while, like Mario Golf, Captain Toad, Donkey Kong, etc.
  6. Immortals Fenyx Rising (December 3, 2020)

    As it happens I did get some time to play this today in between bakes lol. And I managed to get past my stumbling block without using a YT guide this time! I’ve completed the second area now and freed the god, but did find this section to be a little combat heavy. Very much a complaint I had with BOTW. I think, though, that this section was only like that due to the god it was representing. I have now moved on to the next section, which is another gorgeous looking area and have just started the quest to find the Gods essence in order to free them. Still really enjoying the game even if there are some unpolished game play elements.
  7. Immortals Fenyx Rising (December 3, 2020)

    After my post, my gaming time reduced massively. I work full time (from home since March) but also started a cake business in August and it has been craaaazy. I thought January would be quiet as everyone is on a health kick, but nope! So had so little time. I fired it up last night and played a little more of the second ‘region’ but got stuck. Even following a YT vid I still wasn’t sure where I was going wrong so called it a night. Still loving it. I’m only 12 hours in so far but hoping to get more time with it this week and next weekend!!
  8. Immortals Fenyx Rising (December 3, 2020)

    Yup it’s a bit of a hidden gem really. Lost in between the watch dogs / cyberpunk / Valhalla trio. I didn’t play those but I’d imagine people would get more enjoyment from this than most of them. Not one technical glitch on it yet either. Runs so smooth, but I have chosen a lower frame rate (30fps) for higher fidelity. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed BOTW, but the story in this is definitely taking it up a notch above.
  9. Immortals Fenyx Rising (December 3, 2020)

    I picked this game up in the Xbox sales. Was going to buy the disc copy as that was also on sale and I had real concerns over whether this would be a game I’d enjoy. In the end I couldn’t be bothered standing outside Argos to queue up for click and collect lol, so went with a digital copy. I have been playing it on and off in between Christmas and working and I am absolutely loving it. I had read a lot about it being a Breath of the Wild rip off, but I’ll be honest - I’m enjoying it more than I did that game. I think anyone who has any sort of interest in Greek Mythology will get even more enjoyment from this. I know nothing about it really other than very basic knowledge, and even I am taken with it all. The game looks absolutely gorgeous. It does remind me of BOTW with its art direction, and I remember doing nothing but taking screenshots when playing that game because of how utterly incredible it looked. Well, I’m doing the same here. And I NEVER screenshot games I’m playing. Ive freed the first mythical God (Aphrodite) and am on to the next area of the map now. The gameplay has Zelda elements with climbing terrain and the stamina meter etc. There are ‘Vaults’ in the game which I think read people saying was another Zelda rip off, but they’re really not. They do lend some gameplay ideas, moving platforms with a special ability, or shooting an arrow that you guide through fire etc but it’s done very well. It’s a very satisfying game to play. Here are some screen grabs from my time with the game so far! Because I don’t have as much time to game these days, I generally prefer more linear games that I can play through and move on to the next. Games like this where you can spend a lot of time in the world discovering puzzles, new enemies, new areas etc I often avoid. Or I just go straight for story objectives. With this game though, I’m just loving the exploration and the slower pace I’m playing the actual story. I have been really impressed with it. Definitely recommended so far! Hopefully i feel the same once I’ve sunk more time in!
  10. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    I finished Call of the Sea at the weekend. It was a nice change of pace after the last couple of games I’ve played. I did find the puzzles to be really difficult at times though, and I am not ashamed to say that I did YouTube a few of them! Very interesting story. Now I need to decide what to play next! I am tempted to play through Gears 5 again, as I co-op’d that game earlier this year on my Xbox One and I don’t think I have ever encountered a more buggy game. It was really a chore to play. So may give that a go as I’d like to play the new DLC too.
  11. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Hmm I had that much earlier. And I never used it, not even once. You can’t even use your weapon or any other ability whilst using a shield (or I couldn’t, anyway) so found it pointless.
  12. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    I started this on Saturday night. I'm enjoying it so far. I like the relaxed nature, as you say. Coming from Control which was very intense and annoying in parts it's a welcome break! I downloaded Yooka also which I will dive into once I’ve boxed off Call of the Sea. I do intend to go back to Control to do the side missions but want a little break first!
  13. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Aaaand that's Control done. I enjoyed it overall, but there were some definite frustrations that really hampered my time with it. Mainly what I've already whinged about on here. It's a great game to play. The more abilities you get the better it becomes. Story wise, I still have no idea what happened even after the credits rolled. It was very weird and wonderful. I see there's DLC on sale in the Xbox store which ends today. Don't think I will bother yet though. There's side missions aplenty it seems so they would keep me busy but right now I feel like something else. Call of the Sea or Yooka Laylee me thinks!
  14. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    I’ve reached the Astray Maze and I have died about twenty times. Really starting to piss me off and make me hate the game. 😡