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  1. Metroid Dread

    Fixed for you.
  2. Metroid Dread

    I've been loving this game. Like game of the year for sure material. But one thing really starting to piss me off now is the encounters with EMMI. I feel like I'm pretty far in, and I'm bored of them. I'm sick of replaying them time and time again. I appreciate I could just be better at them to avoid me replaying them, but when all you have is...
  3. Selling mine. Just need to get it on eBay or FB marketplace when I can be bothered. I picked it up last night and powered it on and couldn’t believe how shit the screen looked. Never really bothered me before, but coming from this bigger oled screen you can really see the improvement.
  4. Oooo I like the look of this update. I've been thinking about redoing some parts of my island. So perhaps this is a good time with a new update coming. Is anyone even playing this still? Or will they be now with these updates? I like that there's newer items, fences and customisation for existing items.
  5. Metroid Dread

    I've just reached the second location in the game now. I'm really enjoying this. It's a joy to play and it looks amazing on the OLED screen. Can see why they launched them the same day as it is a great showcase for it. The seamless transition from gameplay to cut scene has also been pretty impressive. I've died a fair bit. But often it's down to my lack of reflex, or panic haha as it is a bit of panicky game in parts. So far though, liking it a lot. Having a break with Monkey Ball now then will dip back in later!
  6. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    Oohhh this game is a joy. I've just started SMB1 and went through casual. Didn't lose a life until that last level which is horrible! Bringing back so many great memories of playing this as a teenager. I loved it so much. Going to move on to Normal now. Feel like I've still got the skills 😂😜
  7. Also, one thing I have noticed is that the rumble feels better to me in the joycons on this model. I turned it off on my older Switch as I hated it, it was always too strong but this feels more muted? I could be imagining it as I don't think anything changed.
  8. Ah great, thanks. That's what I will do later then. Like I say, I haven't bothered with my island in months. But don't really want to lose 300+ hours of work!
  9. Oh Christ. I transferred my system and user before doing the island. I haven’t played AC for months. But the thought of me essentially murdering Bill (couldn’t give a fuck about the others) is a concern.
  10. Yeah I think that's right. I just whipped it out of my old one after the system transfer and when I placed it in my OLED it had to do a system update. It seems to have worked but not checked that everything on it came over yet. It's taking an age to download all of my titles as I primarily buy digital on switch.
  11. I haven't even finished the transfer and I'm already wondering what I did without this screen. It's gorgeous. Whacked a tempered glass protector on before I even let a grubby finger touch the panel!
  12. Sliced right down the middle of the box with my knife. 🙃
  13. My interview got cancelled.
  14. I probably won't leave the desk to go and get a delivery. I think my preference is for it to be left with a neighbour anyway, so will keep everything crossed. Although if it's a bad interview I might just be honest and say look son, there's better things I can be doing here. And answer the door.
  15. I have a pretty free work calendar today (working from home) apart from an interview I'm conducting at half 1 for an hour that I need to be on camera for. My DPD time slot? Between half 1 and half 2...