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  1. Pokémon Trading

    No it's ok don't worry - thanks though!
  2. Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)

    Someone made their own Gooigi.
  3. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    Man I love Greedent. Belly Drum, Sitrus Berry + Cheek Pouch ability and he is a BEAST. Especially if I Trick Room with Runerigus first. He's fast becoming my favourite to battle with!
  4. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    Well. After taking an age to get a team together, I have won 6 in a row now and got myself to Poke Ball tier! So big thanks to all you guys for your help. @Ike @Hero of Time @RedShell @Glen-i appreciate your posts guiding an absolute beginner to competitive Pokémon to 6 straight wins! I'm sure I'll lose any minute now, but the team are doing the trick so far!
  5. Pokémon Trading

    Does anyone with Shield happen to have a decent (poss max raid caught?) Ludicolo with 'Knock Off' that they could trade me? I could even trade it back if needed, I just want it to give my Ferrothorn Knock Off and it's one of the small pool of Pokemon that it can breed with for it. Thanks
  6. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    Brilliant - thanks!! I have been doing this now every night for about a week and a half (or since I was crying in here about my Pokémon being rubbish til you all told me about EV / IV training ) so I cannot WAIT to get the team set and try them out. Chances are, I'll lose all my matches again haha but it's kind of fun learning all this at the same time. I've never looked at Pokémon like this before and I am enjoying it a lot. I don't have any 6 perfect stat Pokémon, apart from my Ditto, but most have 4 perfect which should be ok, right?
  7. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    Thank you Ike. Jesus Christ it is not simple that is it?!! I need a lie down. So let's say I want to do as you suggest and give Ferrothorn the max in Sp Def and HP. Would I therefore have to give it 26 of both HP up and Iron (or whatever highers Sp Def) to do this? And then the rest wherever? Is that how it would work?
  8. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    Wonder if anyone can help with some EV's (think it's EV's I get confused between the two). So I have a load of Carbos, Iron and the others to boost these stats but I'm a bit confused with how they work. Take my Ferrothorn, for example. I have bred loads and now I have a 5 perfect stat Ferrothorn but want to boost it further with the other values. But how many of each vitamin would I give it? Do I even give it one of each or do I just focus on certain ones? It's speed I don't care for as it has Gyro Ball but the other stats? It's confusing. Same with the poke job glitch which I believe does the same thing just probably quicker and less dollah. How many times do I send it on a job to maximise it's stats? This is the last piece of the puzzle that's struggling to set in my brain hah so any help would be great!
  9. Yoshi's Crafted World (2019 - Switch)

    I downloaded this over Christmas but it has just sat on my Switch home screen waiting to be played. It's there for when I have got through other stuff but Pokémon is taking up all my gaming time at the moment and I'm fine with that.
  10. Pokémon Trading

    Thank you. I caught one earlier.
  11. Pokémon Trading

    Oh... I read last night it was Shield? Strange.
  12. Pokémon Trading

    Can anybody help me out with a Darumaka at all? I don't have shield and need to use one to breed for a move. Thanks!
  13. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    *Throws a Whimsicott and Ditto into the Pokemon Nursery and razzes it up and down the bridge until it hatches so I can copy the above.
  14. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    If you could find a way to give me your Pokémon brain I'd appreciate it :D. Interesting, thanks. I had a day off from it yesterday so will get back on tonight.
  15. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    Here's a question then (I am so sorry for all my questions, but you guys all know so much and it is really helping me out, so thanks!) I have just bred the Ditto H-o-T gave me with a Ferrothorn (Ditto with Destiny Knot) and got 2 eggs so I could see what natures they came out at, but one of the Ferroseed's that hatched has 3 'Best' IV's and the other has 2. But the one with 3 says 'Great stats!' and the one with 2 says 'Amazing stats!'. I've tried looking more closely to see why the one with one less 'best' could be classed as having better stats overall, but it's eluding me? Is it due to the one with one less 'best' having slightly better IV's which when accumulated makes for a better overall scoring? I think I just got it whilst looking again. Who knew Pokemon was so complex! I do see how it's addictive / fun though!