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  1. First two games were sublime. This one... No. Stupid.
  2. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    Ahh amazing thanks! Let me know when works for you I will be free most of the evening and tomorrow. Ive only just started the game really but could offer Oddish up as trade? Or Sandshrew / Mankey if they’re exclusive? Would definitely take an Ekans too if you had one.
  3. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    Sorry for the bump, but I wondered if anyone still played this and would be kind enough to send me over a Bellsprout? I only have LG Pikachu and it's Eevee exclusive. Pretty please?
  4. I couldn't care less what people spend their money on tbh. If my opinion is that it is overpriced then that's it. It's nothing to do with being entitled either but carry on.
  5. I don't think they allowed it with Let's Go, because when in TV mode you had to use motion controls to throw a Poke Ball to catch a wild pokemon. Which again, is torture. Not so bad if you want a Lv 3 Caterpie that stands still, but when you get the better Pokemon it can be painful. That's why I ended up playing the majority in handheld mode when really I loved the look of it on the big screen. I'll still buy regardless, but the lack of Pro Controller support would be a massive bummer. Hopefully we get confirmation soon.
  6. Of course people would buy the OG Switch. It's a much more versatile piece of kit. Plus, a lot of people have multiple Joy-Con's which can now no longer be used if you are coming from a current Switch. You also lost all of that technology within them, which again was a big selling point of the Switch to begin with. Granted, Nintendo haven't really done a great deal with HD rumble since 1-2 Switch, and I personally find the vibration to be pretty bad on my Switch so have knocked it off, but the point remains. It should be cheaper and that's my opinion. You can have yours.
  7. I do hope they allow Pro Controller useage with this game. I'm playing "Let's Go" again, and that single joy-con control method is just the absolute pits.
  8. But I feel like they're doing that in a sense anyway. Or they're certainly muddying the concept slightly which is a shame, because after the Wii / Wii U confusion, I thought they'd made huge strides. But this is a bit backwards again. It is almost as if this is touted as their handheld option, but it makes no sense when that option is still available on the OG Switch. I do think it's a good option for kids but the removal of TV play and the price is the strange thing for me.
  9. I do think it is overpriced. It should be £150 tops IMO. At the end of the day you're losing a lot of good features from the OG Switch, the biggest one being the TV play which was the whole selling point of the Switch to begin with. And the best thing about it for me.
  10. Dat yellow. Not for me though. I enjoy TV play too much.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    I have to agree with the above. I absolutely HATE doing anything on the Nintendo estore. Every time I go on I just feel like I'm wading through complete shite. So many £1.99 games that I've never heard of. It is actually painful to navigate through unless I know what I actually want and then I just search for it.
  12. Also appreciate you playing the level and the feedback @Sméagol ! I saw your speed run time actually. I'm going to work on another level today. I think I'll keep the simple nature like my first attempt. I've played a few random courses in the 'popular' tab in the game, and it strikes me that the majority of them are all bonkers. I'm not sure if that's the draw of this game for most people, but I find most of the levels I've played are a bit too much. Will play some of the levels from you lot here next too.
  13. Here's my level. I welcome all feedback!
  14. What is the one way gate? I'll have a look for that. And in the end I did focus on one specific thing. I used an ice theme and decided to go with spikes as an obstacle combined with the spikey shell enemy. It worked out an ok level (I think!) I'll screenshot it and upload in here in a sec so you can all rip it apart.
  15. Thanks Grazza. I played around with it and came up with a compromise. It's addictive this level making malarkey. But frustrating too. I went in blind, having never played the previous game, so some stuff I think up ends up being rubbish. I also never had a very clear idea in my mind as to what I wanted to create, I've kind of just gone at it as I've gone along.