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Found 30 results

  1. Rumoured previously, supported by leaks a few days ago with a PS5 SKU being spotted on the PS Store backend, and now leaked completely: The Last of Us Part II Remastered. The most interesting parts are probably the Lost Levels (getting to play three new early development versions of levels not included on the 2020 release) and the Roguelike Survival Mode: Nothing to indicate a PC release as of yet. Almost certainly a TGAs announcement I'd imagine, but man, Naughty Dog just haven't been able to catch a break on the leaks front of late, have they? For those keeping count, that's now all four of their PS4 offerings updated and made available as native PS5 releases. Wasn't sure how I felt about Part I, but loving the first game as much as I did, I had to bite out of curiosity. I've yet to return to Part II or get its Platinum, so I think that's something I'll be doing first before thinking about picking up the Remastered version.
  2. Thought this was total Final Fantasy Tactics bait...but Vanillaware means otherwise! Also coming to other platforms (listed in the tags)
  3. Wayford has announced they are resuming development of a canceled Shantae game for the GBA, coming to... the GBA? https://wayforward.com/wayforward-announces-shantae-advance/
  4. Let's pretend this wasn't leaked to oblivion Looks like Xbox and Atlus are once again doing the weirdly ambiguous paid-for advertising where they pretend it's not on anything else. Got to imagine PlayStation is a lock too, but curious to see if this is coming to Switch? I haven't read much on whether or not the re-releases were successful on Switch (even if I'd bet they were), so Anyone want to shout up about money-hatting weirdness here? Please?
  5. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown announced for Switch Now up on the main page. Overview and trailer. - - - - - I still remember playing the original Prince of Persia on the Sega Mega-CD many years ago... Then there was the Sands of Time reboot on the GameCube... And... various other reboots since then. This latest title seems to take the basic idea of the original, but with more of a focus on retaining some of the best bits of the modern games. Plus it seems to have more of a modern Metroidvania feel to it, rather than the deliberate, slow pace of the first game from decades ago.
  6. Announced at Summer Game Fest: Never heard of the manga before, but it looks like a typically jolly Toriyama time set against the backdrop of a Mad Max world. Love the vibe!
  7. Deserved a bit more attention than it got in the Showcase, but alas, another MGS Collection is on its way, starting with Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater as part of Volume 1, releasing in Autumn 2023. No word on Volume 2 or what will come with it, but it sounds like it's very much in the works to release during the series' 35th anniversary celebrations: Well, MGS lives and breathes, and OG Snake Eater isn't getting buried below the remake either. Wonder how Kojima is going to be treated in the credits for this collection? Switch video:
  8. Phantom Blade Zero

    One of the surprises of today's Showcase for me, nervous about not being familiar with the developer, but felt this has the best showing of anything in the Showcase: I am so in
  9. Finally officially official: Sorely needed gameplay imho. Would love to hear H-o-T's thoughts on this, because that trailer - especially after all the leaks! - just felt super flat.
  10. Let's pretend we had no idea that this was happening because NetherRealm seem to want to challenge Ubisoft for the title of Leakiest (totally a word) Ship™ Turning into a great year for the big-hitting fighting games, between this, Street Fighter 6, and Tekken 8 being scheduled for later this year/early next!
  11. A new Wednesday, a new game announcement – and a pretty neat one at that! Here's a bit more of an overview from Modus Games:
  12. Ys X: Nordics (Switch/PS4/PS5)

    The next entry to the series is to be released next year. No doubt you'll be picking it up, @Ike?
  13. Pretty much what I expected/hoped. The anime is ending soon so this will help fill the gap.
  14. You never saw it coming..? As previously announced, these are also coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Windows.
  15. Let's freakin' mosey! This does look like the Promised Land Seems to be a similar deal to the first game in that it will be a PS5 exclusive at launch. No details beyond that, though I imagine it'll be a similar deal to what we've seen with Remake, coming to PC after some time has passed. We'll wait and see about elsewhere I guess? In addition, the Remake project has also now been confirmed by Kitase to be a trilogy.
  16. Time to see why everyone likes Zack more than Cloud!
  17. Being made by developer Illfonic (makers of Friday the 13th: The Game and Predator: Hunting Grounds) and due to be released at the end of this year for PC (Epic Store exclusive), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.
  18. Sonic Frontiers

    The Blue Blur finally conceded to peer pressure I guess
  19. Here we go! Announced at the PS5 September Showcase, being developed by Creative Business Unit III!
  20. Resident Evil Village

    Ethan Winters (the main protagonist from 7: Biohazard) returns as the primary character in the next RE sequel. It is another first person shooter for next gen consoles and Windows, which is really supposed to be RE8. Yet for some reason, Capcom have not fully wanted to refer to it as that, even though it is stylized as such in the promotional material... So the game is apparently set in Romania. Ethan is captured and taken there, for some as of yet unexplained reason. He has to fight werewolf type creatures and survive being hunted by a cult. According to the well known insider Dusk Golem, who has a Twitter account and is known for his survival horror gaming related leaks, Alex Wesker from Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will return as one of the main villains. Since she was last seen (as the little girl with an unusual ability, called Natalia Korda) living with Barry Burton, his daughter Moira, and Claire Redfield, I'm concerned that perhaps they are "killed off" somehow, and Chris (seen acting noticeably angry in the trailer and then shooting a woman in front of Ethan who looks to be his wife, Mia), is out for payback... What do you think of the game being in first person again? I can't say I'm daft on those type of games on a personal note. I'm more into third person games, but in this case, it does look quite atmospheric. However, Ethan isn't really that interesting of a character due to the fact you only hear his voice, and see his hands. People have seen his in-game model from hacking the files, so they know what he looks like. Unfortunately, Capcom seems reluctant to actually show him facially. Anyway... what do you think of all of this so far? In case you missed it, here is the trailer...
  21. Hoursemarque's next game is quite the unexpected departure.