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Found 18 results

  1. Ys X: Nordics (Switch/PS4/PS5)

    The next entry to the series is to be released next year. No doubt you'll be picking it up, @Ike?
  2. Pretty much what I expected/hoped. The anime is ending soon so this will help fill the gap.
  3. You never saw it coming..? As previously announced, these are also coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Windows.
  4. Let's freakin' mosey! This does look like the Promised Land Seems to be a similar deal to the first game in that it will be a PS5 exclusive at launch. No details beyond that, though I imagine it'll be a similar deal to what we've seen with Remake, coming to PC after some time has passed. We'll wait and see about elsewhere I guess? In addition, the Remake project has also now been confirmed by Kitase to be a trilogy.
  5. Time to see why everyone likes Zack more than Cloud!
  6. Being made by developer Illfonic (makers of Friday the 13th: The Game and Predator: Hunting Grounds) and due to be released at the end of this year for PC (Epic Store exclusive), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.
  7. Sonic Frontiers

    The Blue Blur finally conceded to peer pressure I guess
  8. Here we go! Announced at the PS5 September Showcase, being developed by Creative Business Unit III!
  9. Resident Evil Village

    Ethan Winters (the main protagonist from 7: Biohazard) returns as the primary character in the next RE sequel. It is another first person shooter for next gen consoles and Windows, which is really supposed to be RE8. Yet for some reason, Capcom have not fully wanted to refer to it as that, even though it is stylized as such in the promotional material... So the game is apparently set in Romania. Ethan is captured and taken there, for some as of yet unexplained reason. He has to fight werewolf type creatures and survive being hunted by a cult. According to the well known insider Dusk Golem, who has a Twitter account and is known for his survival horror gaming related leaks, Alex Wesker from Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will return as one of the main villains. Since she was last seen (as the little girl with an unusual ability, called Natalia Korda) living with Barry Burton, his daughter Moira, and Claire Redfield, I'm concerned that perhaps they are "killed off" somehow, and Chris (seen acting noticeably angry in the trailer and then shooting a woman in front of Ethan who looks to be his wife, Mia), is out for payback... What do you think of the game being in first person again? I can't say I'm daft on those type of games on a personal note. I'm more into third person games, but in this case, it does look quite atmospheric. However, Ethan isn't really that interesting of a character due to the fact you only hear his voice, and see his hands. People have seen his in-game model from hacking the files, so they know what he looks like. Unfortunately, Capcom seems reluctant to actually show him facially. Anyway... what do you think of all of this so far? In case you missed it, here is the trailer...
  10. Hoursemarque's next game is quite the unexpected departure.
  11. Looks like an inFamous First Light/ Uncharted: The Lost Legacy situation.
  12. Resident Evil Village

  13. After a stream today which depicted some of the design of the box art, we finally have confirmation that the premiere of the game we've heard rumours about for quite some time now is on its way tomorrow. Time for the next gen announcements to begin! Even if this will probably be cross-gen UPDATE - 30/04/20: Holiday 2020, cross-gen confirmed.
  14. I've been following this game for a while now, but with yesterday's announcement from Tetsuya Fukuhara confirming that there plans are for both Relink and Versus (a fighting game) to each be released worldwide simultaneously, I finally decided to go ahead and make a thread dedicated to the game. I feel like the stage needs to be set regarding Granblue Fantasy, as it is a franchise currently only accessible in Japan, and so some here might not be familiar with the franchise, its importance, or success. Background A free-to-play turn-based JRPG developed and published by Cygames, Granblue Fantasy is playable on iOS, Android, and web browsers in Japan, releasing in March 2014. Here's a brief gameplay description from over on Wikipedia: Most notably, the game reunited legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu, renowned mostly for his work on Final Fantasy, with art director Hideo Minaba, also renowned for his work on Final Fantasy. The pair previously working together on Final Fantasy V (1992), Final Fantasy VI (1994), Final Fantasy IX (2000) and Lost Odyssey (2007), and in part thanks to their work on it, the game garnered a lot of attention. Uematsu worked on eleven tracks for the game -- which were accompanied by Tsutomu Narita's nine tracks (he was the composer for Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, and also worked in the music department on Xenoblade Chronicles) -- and it is believed that Minaba drew nearly one hundred potential character designs for the game. To give you a taste of the game's gorgeous soundtrack (at least judging from what I've listened to so far), here's the main theme: To speak to the game's success, it has been a commercial juggernaut in Japan, having been downloaded over 10 million times two years after its release in March 2016, and had been downloaded over 22 million times as of October 2018. Thanks to its implementation of a gacha system seen in many other successful mobile games in the Japanese marketplace, such as in Fire Emblem Heroes, the game grossed at least ¥54.8 billion ($489 million) in Japan between 2017 and 2018. Outside of its commercial success, though, it has all been received very positively by critics, with many journalists comparing it favourably to early Final Fantasy entries. Project Re:Link Originally announced as Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link back in August 2016, the game was revealed to be an action RPG serving as a collaboration between PlatinumGames (Bayonetta franchise, NieR: Automata) and Cygames (who would also be serving as the game's publisher), with Nobuo Uematsu and Hideo Minaba reprising their roles as composer and art director, respectively, and the aforementioned Tetsuya Fukuhara set to direct. The game will be set in the same fictional realm as Granblue Fantasy, with some characters from the original game appearing, but in an entirely different location. One month later, in September, it was revealed that Cygames were aiming to release the game on the PS4 -- and that was the first and last time we heard about what consoles the game was aiming to be released on. It was at this point that they also mentioned that they were aiming to connect the mobile game and PlayStation 4 game, with each unlocking special events/items in the other. The first gameplay trailer was shown in December 2017, during Granblue Fes 2017, which was shortly after I learned about the game. And it looked great: Around this time, director Tetsuya Fukuhara also revealed some gameplay details, the most interesting of which undoubtedly being that the game could be played in four-person cooperative multiplayer, or enjoyed as a single player experience, with three remaining characters being controlled by AI. Localisation for the game in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian were announced in July 2018. Its official title was revealed to be Granblue Fantasy: Relink in December 2018 during Granblue Fes 2018, where another gameplay trailer was shown, which continues to look incredible: As of February 4th 2019, PlatinumGames left development of the project -- supposedly, they were unsurprisingly contracted for the action elements of the game, and it is believed that their contract was complete -- leaving Cygames to complete development on the game. As of yesterday -- February 26th 2019, at the time of writing -- after the game's delay from its initial target of a 2018 release, director Fukuhara announced that the game was aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release, and that they would not be revealing further details on a release date until they were comfortable to do so. Hopefully I've been able to bring the game to the attention of some of the JRPG and/or Platinum fans here, as I really do think that its one to keep an eye on!
  15. I've just spent over half an hour searching for a dedicated Cyberpunk 2077 thread to update, but I couldn't find one (if there already is, please, by all means, delete/merge this thread), so I thought it best to start one in the event of its absence. Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming RPG developed and published by CD Projekt Red, whom are most well-known as the Polish developers and publishers of the The Witcher video game series. What we've seen so far: The game was initially announced in May 2012, before a teaser trailer was released on 10th January 2013 (which garnered a number of trailer awards). Some concept art images were also released alongside the trailer. What we know so far: The game is likely to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows. It will be playable in both first- and third-person perspectives. The game will feature both a single-player story and an online multiplayer component. The game is based on loosely on the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop role-playing game, which was created by Mike Pondsmith. Pondsmith is consulting on the project. Marcin Przybyłowicz, the composer for The Witcher 3, was chosen to write the game's music. CD Projekt Red started upgrading its REDengine 3 game engine for the game around the time The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released; a funding application for the Polish government, granting CD Projekt Red $7 million (USD), confirmed the employment of the next iteration of said engine: the REDengine 4. The same funding application noted that the game's release could potentially take place in 2019. It will be set in an openworld metropolis called Night City, a fictional city located between San Francisco and Los Angeles. "Braindance", a digital recording device connected to the player character's brain, will enable the player character to experience the thoughts, emotions and muscle movements of other people (likely NPCs, but possibly even the player characters of other players) as if they were the character's own. The game will feature non-English speaking characters. If the player does not speak a character's language, they can purchase translator implants to improve their understanding of them, with translation quality depending on the quality of the translator implant (i.e. an expensive implant will translate much more accurately than a relatively cheaper one). During pre-production, approximately 50 staff were working on the game. As recent as last summer, around 550 staff were reportedly working on the game (compared to the peak staff volume of The Witcher 3 at 200). As of October 2017, CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski and studio head Adam Badowski revealed in a joint statement that the game was moving along as planned. In June 2017, CD Projekt Red published a statement explaining that data containing early designs had been stolen and threatened to be released to the public. The developer refused to comply with the ransom demand; the stolen data/ early designs have yet to be leaked. Now, onto why I wanted to update the relevant thread... Earlier this month, on January 10th (5 years to the day after the release of the game's teaser trailer), the game's official Twitter account posted for the first time since December 2013, after recently being verified. A few days later, on 15th January, Gry-Online - the largest gaming website in Poland (more-or-less their version of the US's Gamespot) - published an article revealing that they had received information from two separate sources about Cyberpunk 2077 being present at E3 this year (12th - 14th June), with both a trailer and gameplay footage to boot (The Witcher 3 was previously present at E3, so this wouldn't come as too much of a surprise). According to their sources, the game will likely appear as part of either Sony's or Microsoft's conference, though they stated that it is more likely to appear at the latter; their sources also stated that a playable demo will be available at E3 behind closed doors for industry journalists. They ended the article by stating that this information should all be taken with a grain of salt, as the game's presence at E3 could be subject to change depending on how the development of the game continues over the coming months. In the article's comments section, it was posited that the site's information is "bulls***", but interestingly, the website's editor-in-chief responded to the comment by telling them to "Save this page and come back here in June. We'll talk then." It's also worth noting that CD Projekt Red's co-founder - the aforementioned Marcin Iwinski - previously praised Bethesda's rollout of Fallout 4, saying that "We're impressed with Fallout 4's rollout. [Bethesda] came on stage and said, 'It's here, it's real, and it's coming out on this date.' We're going to do something similar. We're going to wait [to reveal Cyberpunk 2077] until we can show off a very meaningful piece of it." Granted, if the game is at this year's E3 then there's no guarantee that it will be released by the end of the year, but it's presence could certainly signify that it will be released within the following 12 months, given that the game has been in development for a number of years now.