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  1. General Movie Thread

    Very similar to yourself, I also went and saw Ghostbusters in the cinema for the 35th anniversary. I think its the last film I saw that way before Covid happened. I was too young to see the first film in the cinema back in 1984 but I remember seeing it on TV on Boxing day in 1987 and being obsessed with the movie, the cartoon and the toys ever since. I've wanted a third film since seeing the sequel back in 1989 and its amazing to me that it's actually happening now.
  2. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    The three SNES games were just added. They have also added a special version of super Mario bros 3 to the NES catalogue, It seems you start on world 8 with a bunch of items
  3. General Movie Thread

    New Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer:
  4. yeah exactly the same for me.
  5. General Switch Discussion

    There is a new firmware update: 12.1.0
  6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Edit - wrong thread
  7. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Season 2 trailer for Picard
  8. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    ha same here, just hearing the song again just made me feel good. This is fantastic, I've always liked Outruns music despite never actually playing the game more then once for a for minutes. Also really like some of the music from Super Hang On, especially the track called Outride a Crisis . There's a nice arranged version of that track: and plenty of covers, such as this one which is great:
  9. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

  10. Wario should had narrated the whole Direct lol