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  1. Game Builder Garage

    Just announced: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/game-builder-garage-switch/
  2. Miitopia (3DS) - 2016

    I played the demo and enjoyed it but not quite enough the purchase it, that said seeing all of these creative Mii's is making me change my mind:
  3. General Retro Discussion

    I only found out about this the other night, but there is a book about Gamesmaster being Kickstarted (it's already reached it's goal): Dominik Diamond has been on several podcasts to talk about it, most recently I watched him on Richard Herrings podcast which is where I found out about it
  4. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Nice new overview trailer:
  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I caught the final deep sea-creature i needed for the museum just now: The only stuff left to find is artwork, which is going to take a while lol
  6. Not mine, just something cool I saw: its amazing what people come up with in this game
  7. Wii U General Discussion

    I was watching this last night, its a long video but only the first half is specifically about the Wii U itself and I feel like he express's everything I felt about the console at the time, but much better then I ever could:
  8. Switch eShop Thread

    Paper Mario The Origami King and Mario Maker 2 are both 35% cheaper from tomorrow https://twitter.com/NintendoEurope/status/1369649435878260737?s=20
  9. General Switch Discussion

    The Nintendo Switch is 4 years old today
  10. Wii U General Discussion

  11. Tetris 99 -- Available Today

    Bowsers Fury Maximus Cup on the way:
  12. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I knew you can use the dustbins for trash, but taking one with me so I can dump all the flowers I pick up (as I am in the same situation as @darksnowman, my island is overgrown with flowers) has blown my mind because of how smart it is. Before hand I would have been plucking as many of them as I could before running back to the store or nearest bin to get rid of them. It's going to save me a lot of time