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  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    This has blown my mind lol
  2. Disney+

    It looks like they've added all the Star content to Disney+. It's pretty crazy to see stuff like X-files, Sons of anarchy, Commando and Die Hard 2 on there
  3. When the Splatoon 3 trailer first started, i thought it was going to be a spin-off game of some kind and I was actually disappointed when it straight up said Splatoon 3. Even though I absolutely love the series, I am not sure about having a direct sequel on the same console for a online focused game because I think you end up splintering the player base, unless it merges with Splatoon 2 somehow. That said, by the time the game is released in 2022, Splatoon 2 will be five years old I guess so maybe its fine. I think it was a really good direct even though there wasn't much there for me. I'll probably get Skyward Sword I had forgotten about this and you're right, that is disapointing, I had hoped they'd announce more games from Gameboy or N64 to get added to NSO. And I would have loved some more stuff to be added to Mario Kart
  4. I’m really not sure what to expect, I’m quite excited for it because if it’s 50 minutes long then there’s a pretty high chance I’ll see a few games I’ll want. Random things I feel might show up: Mario rabbids 2 F-zero Star Fox Zero port with that star fox cctv mini game thrown in New details and a trailer for BotW2 and a port/remake of GTA 3 announced for switch
  5. Is this the first full blown direct since September 2019?
  6. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Next batch of games revealed:
  7. General Switch Discussion

    Some footage of the Switch version of Crash 4:
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Crash bandicoot 4 is coming to the switch (and PS5 and XSX/S) March 21st March 12th. Just announced
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Despite saying I wouldn’t buy the game again after these years, as already own it on Wii U, I picked it up on the recent eshop sale a few weeks back and I’m glad I did, I’m playing it pretty much every day since. It holds up so well it’s probably the best Mario Kart
  10. The GameStop....swizzle?

    The way this is gone is insane, its as if everyone is commenting on it. I actually saw Ted Cruz in agreement with AOC: Dog and cats living together. Mass hysteria! On a side note to what Robinhood did, I noticed the UK press only mentioned that broker in their stories about preventing its clients from buying. I understand why but considering they are not operating in the UK and trading212 which does and did the exact same thing yesterday its annoying that they've hardly gotten any heat over it. Edit - something might happen now: Anyway, very interesting times we're living in, and here I was thinking things would get a little boring now that Trump is no longer in office,
  11. The GameStop....swizzle?

    It concerns me how quickly that happened. I watched a man being interviewed on CNBC suggest that this was the work of "foreign powers". There is another claiming that this is hacking. The WSB discord was banned today, supposedly because of hateful and discriminatory behavior..which sure, but they only did that now, today, just as GME rockets? I was about ready to start towards the end of the year but we were moving home, which was extra tricky during covid so everything kept getting delayed like when the November lockdown kicked in. My mum is close to bedridden and I am a part carer for her, so there were a lot of issues getting transportation etc to move. Now we have moved and are settled, I can do it, but there is a whole other issue with the trading app that kicked in during this whole GME thing. You can skim through the comments here to see what I am talking about: Link After what they pulled this week I now have zero confidence to invest with them.
  12. The GameStop....swizzle?

    I've been messing around on a trading app (with a practice account) to try and learn a little about investing since late 2019, to try and learn the a little about stock market and around this time last year I stumbled upon WallStreetBets. I stuck around because of how much that place makes me laugh with their posts and gifs, but I was also learning stuff from there too. it was surreal to see info on there was helpful with investing with the right stocks in between comments like: It has been crazy to see it blown up this week, I never thought I'd be seeing Jim Cramer and the rest on CNBC talking about them, let along most of the internet right now. There is a poster on there who has been working up to this and keeping everyone updated on his long Gamestop positions all year, who now currently sits at making 47 million dollars, probably a lot more if everyone holds their positions to Friday.
  13. Tears for Fears - Advice for the Young at heart I'd heard this song a few times over the years but I never knew it was them.