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  1. Splatoon 2

    A minor thing I noticed now but with the new patch when you leave Salmon Run mode, you appear right outside of Grizzco Industries so that you are near the desk to collect your prizes. Originally the game would warp you back to the other side of the plaza, near the yellow truck meaning you had to walk all the way back to the counter.
  2. Splatoon 2

    Sorry about that, I fell asleep half an hour before :x
  3. Splatoon 2

    I should be able to play tonight as well. a new map and weapons are on the way for tomorrow:
  4. Splatoon 2

    yes last one for me too. Fun games, thanks everyone
  5. Splatoon 2

    sorry about that, I should be able to play from now :x
  6. Splatoon 2

    Something came up at the last minute, just as I started the game. I should be able to join you guys around 9:45 onwards
  7. Funny Stuff Thread

  8. Splatoon 2

    I should be able to join you guys
  9. Sega back in hardware business

    I hope it plays this sound when your toast is ready
  10. Yeah I was going to post the exact same thing. Couldn't they have just made it a button press?
  11. Splatoon 2

    I also found the joycons way too fiddly to use, to the point that I wasn't liking the game at all. I was used to playing the first game with the Wii U gamepad for over a year. I've found the pro controller much much better though and the game feels great with it. With match making, you *should* be put into groups with players of a similar level to you. I was going to say that maybe because the game is a year old, there are not many level 7's around but being as there its on sale, there should be a ton of new players online right now. also yeah, that News update is very annoying. I honestly do not know why we can't skip it. Its especially bad when there is a new update, new weapons, splatfest announcement as well as Salmon run being live announcement all at the same time, as well as them telling you about the two turf war and ranked mode maps before you can start playing.
  12. Splatoon 2

    I am really unsure about buying it as I didn't enjoy single player much at all. In fact I found it a bit of a chore to get through. Is this DLC just more levels in the vain of single player mode or did they do something different with it?
  13. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

  14. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Gameinformer asked Bill Trinen about Metroid Prime 4