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  1. Sonic Superstars

    It seemed common sense not to release this at the same time. I know Sega’s advertising has made some questionable decisions over the years, but it should never have been released that week, regardless of whether it was Nintendo or Sega that picked the date first.
  2. Thanks all. 6 dungeons in now and no deaths (not bragging as I did play a lot of the DX version, and Crazy Tracey’s potion has been reapplied on occasion!). It’s mainly to know whether it’s worth reloading should I die in the latter stages. From the consensus I’ll persevere to finish death-less, but good to know that if I hadn’t already up to this point then I wouldn’t have worried. Cheers!
  3. Glad to hear someone else enjoying this game. Link’s Awakening DX was my first GameBoy Color game (the first handheld game I ever owned), having bought the console to play this game alone, and I was not disappointed. I’ve finally gotten around to playing the Switch version, having put it off due to how close to the original I heard it was, and so offering very little actually new. I’m entering my 6th dungeon right now, and I agree with what’s been said in this thread, it plays it a little to safe and close to the original. The frame rate really does stutter in a lot of areas. I’m thankfully not too bothered by the drops and it hasn’t affected my enjoyment though. I’ve been a little disappointed in the dungeon maker, but I’m not sure what I was expecting. Part of the joy of Zelda dungeons is in solving its various puzzles and the mystery of what’s coming next. With the dungeon maker you use rooms you’ve already solved or explored, and there’s no mystery because you’ve designed it yourself. Overall though, I still love the game. The world design and how everything ties together and the new items/abilities allow you access to new areas is great. All while keeping the world small enough so that you’re never too far away from the next area, or if you fancy exploring then you won’t have to wander around for hours. Ok, onto the next dungeon. Spoiler-free question for those who have completed it - is it still worth finishing it without dying?
  4. Netflix

    Thanks. I’m three episodes into The Trust and it’s an interesting concept.
  5. Like most responses, I personally would love it but it won’t be the deciding factor for me. I still have a backlog of Switch games. I’ve had this issue on other consoles, but when I couldn’t play them on the system I had out they tend to get pushed the back and in most cases I’ve been too lazy to break out the old console to play it. The portability of Switch may help, as I still occasionally play 3DS / DS games as it’s little effort to simply pick up that console.
  6. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll is brutally hard in later levels! I don’t remember it being that tough, even with the rewind feature. Although saying that, I don’t remember getting that far in the first place so I doubt I ever saw those levels before…
  7. The colours are just so… vibrant! That’s a shame the Switch version sounds to perform lesser to the others. I am really interested in this though, with the developer’s reputation. I may hold off until I’ve heard some reviews from some of you fine people as well as the wider press (that plus my huge backlog!).
  8. Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution

    I was tempted to get the GBA version, but that price is a little hard to swallow and now I’m not sure. A lot of nice extras in that deluxe version, I can see why you’d be tempted @Dcubed
  9. General Switch Discussion

    I love the news is that they’ve delayed something they haven’t even announced yet. I also think it’s a great cop out for a leaker to say something had been delayed when they’re proven to be wrong… Ok so that’s me being cynical as I appreciate Jeff does seem to have a lot of reputable contacts (‘reputable’ meaning they’ll tell him secrets so that term seems a bit contradictory to me!), so it’s possible this has all happened.
  10. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    I can’t see them pulling out of the console race like this, so I expect that to be all hype. My prediction is like many others, to announce they’ll be publishing some games on other platforms. Possibly a revision to their current hardware, and an update to GamePass. Whatever the case, this is probably the most interest there’s been in an Xbox podcast!
  11. Sonic x Shadow Generations (Autumn 2024)

    It’s almost as if they have a movie or something similar coming out soon that would have Shadow playing a prominent part… 😁
  12. The Traitors

    Oh I haven’t started the 2nd Aussie one yet, but I certainly will! Despite my frustrations over some of the actions of UK contestants in the final episodes, it made for great television! 😁
  13. The Wrasslin' thread

    I LOVE the Rumble, even if it’s let me down on too many occasions. I think Bayley is a strong guess. I can’t see anyone else winning it (Becky Lynch & Bianca seem too obvious) unless Sasha Banks / Mercedes Mone makes a surprise return! I’d love to see Mickie James enter again and get a decent showing. I agree about the Men’s. There aren’t a lot of contenders, but those they have are difficult to pick from. CM Punk seems a strong bet, but would they trust him to headline Wrestlemania when he hasn’t yet had a televised match since returning? Cody again is almost too obvious at this point. Drew is doing some fantastic character work, but he & Cody have both lost in their title matches. Gunther’s had one of the strongest bookings in WWE. After his recent good promo with Seth, is that WWE fooling us? Finally, could we see The Rock enter? He doesn’t need the Rumble to earn his shot though…. Tough to call, but that’s exciting! I’m guessing CM Punk but can’t wait to see this. Oh, and really hoping Kofi nails his spot this year!
  14. The Wrasslin' thread

    The Netflix deal is huge! I agree with eyes on what happens to the WWE Network. I like it for the latest PLEs and access to some of the older ones. It’ll be interesting to see how Netflix handle them, whether they’re all saved or time-limited, whether they have access to any older stuff, etc. Rock vs Roman has been hyped as a theoretical for so long now, with Roman claiming to be ‘Head of the Table’ for so long and the most important member of the family. I’m excited if this finally happens, but after being out of the ring for so long I’m not sure how good the actual match would be. Roman’s style of match suits The Rock (slow and story-lead), but we’ll see. Of course, WWE could be baiting us all as it’s done so often in the past (take Survivor Series a couple years ago dedicated to celebrating The Rock, except there ended up being no appearance by the man himself…).
  15. The Traitors

    Sorry to join this with only one week left of the current series, we started watching it late, but at least it meant we could binge most of it! I’m enjoying this again, with enough slight changes from the other series to make it feel different. That funeral trial was dark! 😂 I’m interested to see whether the latest traitor does cause some trouble. I thought the traitors would be a shoe-in at this stage, as the faithful have spotted the signs of the traitors (eg., why was Harry not murdered when he was the obvious choice, earlier on when Paul survived when it was between him and Meg in the dungeon), but they’ve been so sporadic with their guesses that they don’t seem to have faith in each others’ suspicions! Ross hinting at the end that he wants revenge could spice up the finale!