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  1. Sad to say getting out due to the scandals is the first thing which sprang to mind, which is a shame because I should have been thinking what a great thing he’s doing in helping the world’s wildlife. I agree with @Ganepark32’s memories of him. That reannouncement of BG&E2 was touching, and I do have a fondness for many of those games he’s been involved with. There aren’t a huge number of people within the video game industry who get a lot of individual acclaim and he is one of them. I will miss his input into the industry I enjoy. Good luck to him!
  2. Hades (PC, Switch)

    The positive comments here are being echoed by the reviews I’ve read. I can’t really justify getting it right now with my backlog, but I’m incredibly tempted!
  3. After the last one and the intention of Nintendo for these 3rd party mini-Directs I’m keeping expectation to a minimum in the hope that it will be a pleasant surprise. Besides new indie games I’m really not sure what to expect. I guess if any larger games are to be revealed I’d be looking at Doom and Monster Honster. Apart from that I’m expecting EA to show their FIFA 21 game (a game using the Fifa 20 engine, which itself was just FIFA 19...) and some more Harvest Moon footage. My wildcard guess is for some more No More Heroes footage, but with more tomfoolery from Suda51!
  4. N-E Café Podcast

    Great idea to get the community involved for your 50th episode, as surely listeners will have memories of Mario in some shape or form. Looking forward to listening once I return from holiday and will give the Mario memories some thought as it’ll be enjoyable to get involved.
  5. Frustrating or Fair?

    Great topic and I agree with the suggestions made so far. Another one I’d like to raise is blind leaps of faith (especially in 2D games). I understand that with a limited viewing space, there will be times where you can’t see where to go next / the platform you next need to reach. In these instances you’re often given a choice to either drop carefully off the edge & hope there’s a lower platform, or to leap off as far as possible. When done right and you leap off and land can be exhilarating & feel like you’ve pulled off a great feat. All too often I’ve experienced games where the next platform requires a precise leap that’s some way in the distance but if you leapt as far as possible you’d overshoot (& often die). Games like the Mario platformers deal with this in clever ways, such as putting coins to indicate where to go. These indicators without explicitly telling the player is good & feels fair. Unfair is where there are no markers & you just have to memorise how far to jump following the inevitable loss of life. I haven’t found any good gifs to display my point, although if you’ve ever played the awful Tazmania games, or Sonic 2 in Game Gear you’ll no doubt have a lasting impression of how infuriating & unfair these can be.
  6. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

    What a cool surprise. I absolutely don’t need it & have played those games in handheld form on 3DS and GameBoy (unlike @Julius), but from a collectors standpoint it’s leaping out at me!
  7. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (16th October)

    I love the concept and if it works correctly (like the video) then I’m sure there will be some hugely creative ideas by people. The fact that the Switch is portable surely gives the opportunity to make larger courses too as players can remain close enough to the cars? I’m just speculating though. I doubt it’ll work well on carpet so sadly I can’t see many areas of my house I could use it, but from a purely conceptual viewpoint it’s fantastic! Let’s just hope it works as advertised and that price point isn’t too outrageous....
  8. N-E Café Podcast

    Another enjoyable listen this week. I’m a little sad that the under-appreciated genres discussion sounds like it’s stopping as, especially the board games previously, allowed me to learn more about games I may not have considered. CrossCode is now on my radar following the praise you heaped on it. I didn’t know anything about it before. ”The water effects are not that bad” 😂 It doesn’t bode well when that’s the most positive comment about a game! I don’t think ‘Ships’ will be putting that quote on any of the advertising for it. Or maybe they will if @Londragon ends up being the only person to review it! Nice one on last week’s transition tunes. You ‘beat’ the wider audience and I certainly didn’t know it (as my wildly inaccurate guess showed!!)
  9. Who are you?

    • Mike • 38. • Currently live in Hampshire, UK. • Did a Maths degree followed by Sports Masters at Uni. Told I was the first person to do this combination at that Uni because, well, who would!? 😁 • My main hobbies are video games & sport. • Exeter City fan. We’ve been so close to getting out of League 2 in recent years! • I’ve been gaming since the 8-bit era. • Analyst by day, sports coach by night. Mainly coach Trampolining, and I’m fortunate enough to be coach to current English Champ.
  10. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5)

    Yeh, I agree it’s very much a case of ‘this is what the new console is capable of’. With the reputation of the Ratchett & Clank series I do feel more reassured that it’s more than merely a tech demo. For me so far it’s the only game that’s really justified the next gen for me.
  11. N-E Café Podcast

    Nice way of plugging that next podcast! 😎
  12. Gotham Knights (2021)

    I agree about the confusion. I’m excited by the premise, and the mystery surrounding the death(?) of Batman. I’m someone who knows next to nothing about the ‘Court of Owls’ @Julius mentioned, but it sounds as though the game will reveal more about them for people like me throughout the course of the game, judging by this interview.
  13. N-E Café Podcast

    No, I really don’t have any idea. Even though the podcast has probably been recorded I’ll take a random guess:
  14. While a real surprise for Nintendo to drop the Mini Direct with no notice, it was probably a sensible idea to avoid any hype and frenzy. It’s tough as none of the games shown appeal to me, bar the SaGa collection (I’ve only played the first one). Had these been revealed as part of a main Direct then they would have gotten next to no attention from the wider audience I’d imagine, yet Nintendo want the indie support and this is one way to at least reward those smaller developers who have made games for the Switch (& indeed are saving us during these long waits between big releases). So for me, I think it’s a good idea that these partner Directs happen, it’s just a shame so few of these games grab my attention.
  15. General Switch Discussion

    I think it’s a tough decision for Nintendo with the d-pad, since buttons are really the only option when removing the joy-cons to use them each as individual controllers. Instant 2-player without paying extra is a real selling point in my opinion. I tend to use my Pro Controller as much as possible since the diminutive size and closely placed buttons on the joy-cons are really not my favourite. There are almost too many things I’d like to see fixed if they upgraded the Switch. Already I’m frustrated that newer Switch users are benefitting from a better console than me (read: battery life) when we’re supposed to have the same console, and It will take a huge amount to convince me to pay to upgrade unless, for example, there are games that cannot be played on the original model, like the 3DS to New 3DS.