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  1. I always enjoy these types of lists, and discussing some of my favourite past games. Here are my 5: Micro Machines The Legend of Zelda Mega Man 2 (sorry @Ronnie😁) Super Mario Bros. 3 Duck Tales
  2. The Google Console

    Rumours have been rife for a long time about a Cloud-based console from Google. It’s certainly one to keep an eye on, and while I don’t expect it to have the quality of games that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have, it will have the financial backing of Google behind it. That kind of financial muscle was missing from some of the other competitors in the console market previously so it’s worth being wary of what they’re going to be offering and how much it could potentially affect Nintendo’s share of the market.
  3. Nintendo Labo

    Wow that’s not how I saw Nintendo announcing their return to the VR market! I like the idea of a VR-headset that’s cheaper than the competitors, but with Labo still being quite niche along the announcement coming via a tweet without a video suggests that even Nintendo don’t see this as being a big seller. I can’t see developers making many games with this in mind, so it will be interesting to see what Labo creations can be made by users, as this is the only way I can really see this being promoted. I am happy for Nintendo to prove me wrong.
  4. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    That’s great to hear for you. It makes such a difference having a gym within walking distance and it’s good to see Niantic still being proactive in adding new ones.
  5. The Disney Thread

    With Frozen 2 coming this year, on paper with the sequels/live action remakes this is an amazing year for Disney films. So much hype, I really hope it lives up to it!
  6. The Wrasslin' thread

    I’m really pleased the reviews are mainly positive for this, and I’m trying to find a way to get to see it. Paige has had a really interesting story, and with the sadness of her having to cut her in-ring career short, I’m especially pleased that this has also given WWE an excuse to keep her and give her continued TV exposure. Speaking of interesting stories with female wrestlers, I’m enjoying the (non-PG) Twitter war between Becky Lynch & Ronda Rowsey. It’s still somehow surely got to be your WrestleMania main event!
  7. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    Wow that was some analysis by GameXplain! It did spot some things I did wonder about (as well as many others that I hadn’t!), such as the suitability of the Switch touchscreen but that it looks as though it has been set up to allow stick and button input. Following the success of the WiiU version and the larger Switch audience it makes sense for Nintendo to make this. It’s nice to see it really does look to expand on the original too and not be a simple port.
  8. I agree about how it was worth the money. The issue is getting those ‘casual’ users to understand that a mobile game will be worth spending £10 on when they’re used to wither free games, or spending just a pound or two (regardless of the quality). We’re still sadly at a stage in mobile gaming where the quality of a game doesn’t seem to be as important to the majority as advertising, graphics & price.
  9. Reggie Is Retiring

    Lovely to see the kind tweets from those other companies and those that worked with him. For me he helped change the perception of Nintendo. His charisma shone through and he demonstrated that the usually secretive company did know what was going on around them and what other companies were doing. He interacted with fans and was not afraid to poke fun at himself if it helped raise awareness of what Nintendo were doing. Those people who have already mentioned how fun it was when Miyamoto, Iwata and Reggie interacted with each other are absolutely right too! 😃
  10. I’m mixed about it. On the one hand they’re revisiting one of the best games in the series, bringing it to many people who won’t have played the original. On the other hand I’ve played through Link’s Awakening DX so many times in the past that, for me, a straight remake doesn’t excite me as much as a brand new Zelda would. I’m ok with the art style choice. It does give the game a more ‘cute’ look, but it also looked clean and bright, giving a chance to show off the character of the other characters in the game. I’m not sure I’ll be willing to pay full price it mind.
  11. Metroid Prime 4 (Switch)

    Agreed. While absolutely gutting that we won’t be getting the game for a few more years, Nintendo have had the integrity (& the money to risk losing by the delay) to say it wasn’t up to the standard they wanted. To be so upfront to fans is refreshing. As Reggie said recently, you’re looking at development cycles of around 3 years for large games, so we’re in for a long wait. As has been mentioned, Metroid in 3D has suffered from a troubling development before, but look how well they turned out! I do hope they have some AAA games to fill the long gap though.
  12. Football Season 2018/19

    I don’t believe Southgate would risk going to United, even if the rumours were true. He’s done a great job so far & is building a positive reputation for himself in his short international managerial career so far, giving us the foundations to grow as a country. He doesn’t have the greatest record at club level, so I don’t see what he has to gain right now in going to a club where more experienced managers have so far not reached the heights that their board desire. I don’t believe the rumours anyway! 😃
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes (Android/iOS)

    I still dip in and out from time-to-time and I’m pleased they continue to support it and add new missions and campaigns.
  14. Looking back at Pokémon spinoffs

    Thanks @Glen-i for this interesting thread. I thought I knew Pokemon spin-offs, but it turns out there’s such a huge number that I didn’t know about! I still stand by my desire to see a new Snap and Trading Card game (although I wouldn’t object to Pinball either!).
  15. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Game #3 for me. A classic selection to choose from and I’ll enjoy replaying each of them. I never completed #3 100% so I’d be happy for an excuse to try again! (Ok so I never managed to do that for #2 either, but no-one needs to know that...)