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  1. E3 2021? & other 2021 events

    It’ll be interesting to see how involved Nintendo are with this. Like has already been said, I predict a Direct, which is fine with me. They’ll get the audience that would usually watch a Direct, and should gain a few more who are looking at the offerings from E3. I guess it also means they can show off glimpses of more games and then the developers can potentially show off more of their games in the days that follow. I do miss the Treehouse demonstrations though. One of Nintendo’s better ideas.
  2. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Night Trap (Switch) Urgh! (Not a term I usually begin a post with!) Reminiscent of attending an uninteresting workshop or course, where you know the information is useful, but you’re feverishly wanting it to finish so you can get on with your life. I’ve read it’s history & how it was discussed in Congress and thus importance of this title in video game history, so for my own knowledge & experience I’m glad I played it. Frankly though, I can’t believe this was an enjoyable game back in 1992 never mind now! Sadly I missed most of the story since it usually played out in a separate room to where the action was happening. With just one-second intervals to correctly time each action button press & stop the intruders, I quickly got overwhelmed & multiple failure screens. My gameplay sessions resorted to writing down when & where I hit the action button to progress the story & replaying it repeatedly until I defeated enough to reach the end. Frustratingly, and more a product of its time, were the lack of checkpoints, with just one at the halfway mark of the 30-minute story. Failures meant replaying the same sections over again with no way of skipping. Thankfully I only had to spend around 3 hours before succeeding in reaching the end, and I’ve no desire to replay it. As a relic of gaming history I’m glad it was resurrected, but I found it more of an educational rather than enjoyable experience.
  3. Space Cadets was great

    I remember watching this. I was engrossed although morally torn. I still can’t believe that, even in 2005, this was given the green light & like you said @Josh64 seemed to be given a substantial budget. I’m pleased to read that Johnny Vaughan at least intervened on some of the most embarrassing suggestions. I don’t want to say more about the end at risk of spoiling anything. It was an interesting social experiment if nothing else, and unsurprisingly I can’t recall anything else since quite like it.
  4. Balan Wonderworld

    They say there’s no such thing as bad press, and if that’s the case then Balan is doing really well! Read today about the amazing observation that one of the tunes from it is virtually identical to one from Ghostbusters! Link to news article & clips to compare It may be a fairly generic spooky theme tune, but that’s got to be more than a coincidence as some of those music sequences are identical!
  5. N-E Café Podcast

    Enjoy your break everyone. I can imagine the effort involved by yourselves, along with all the editing, uploading, etc. and it’s appreciated by everyone that listens I’ve no doubt.
  6. Balan Wonderworld

    If you enjoyed the demo then feel free to go for it. Like you, I’m a huge fan of 3D platformers, but I found the demo absolutely dreadful & was so disappointed considering the pedigree of people behind it. I know it was only a demo & so the finished game should be so much better, but the lack of review copies to many sites is also another red flag. Was this the boss fight that many sites are reporting on because it has a strong potential to cause seizures in those at risk of having them? I did watch a clip (as I’m fortunate not to be one of those people) and it wasn’t an easy thing to watch. I know the publishers have said a Day One patch will fix it, but to release a game with such a potentially harmful scene in it is reckless & unprofessional. @Josh64 if you do get it then do let us know your opinions, especially with the lack of reviews out there. Hopefully it is much better than I fear it is!
  7. N-E Café Podcast

    Some great ideas for revivals of older games. It brought back memories of playing 2-player Super Kick Off and being thrashed at Sensibie Soccer too (great game but I was no competition for my friends!). I agree that seeing Sensible Soccer or Cannon Fodder revived would be great. Good shout about Command & Conquer @Vileplume2000 I only really played Red Alert but it was excellent! There were some good (& surprisingly difficult) Disney games back in the 8 / 16-bit era. I haven’t bought the recent Aladdin / Lion King ones, but remember playing them, and enjoyed the ‘Did You Know Gaming’ episode where they explained just why level 2 (the frustrating monkey puzzle) was so tough.
  8. Life is Strange: True Colours - Sept. 10th

    I’ve got the second but haven’t started it yet, although really enjoyed the first season (along with Before the Storm). I’m torn on them releasing it complete as opposed to periodic. I prefer being able to play the full game, but I hope they keep plenty of story twists & cliffhangers that the episodic format forced them to make. The trailer kept on hammering home the “power of empathy”.... I’m sure it will get implemented well, but it’s hardly a soundbite that’s going to sell the game!
  9. General Switch Discussion

    I’d usually expect EA or someone similar to shoehorn it into an exercise game. I’m not particularly surprised as yet. It’s still a very niche item & while it’s sold well (played better & sold heaps better than most anticipated) you’re limited to just those million or so worldwide that could play your game. Combined with the pandemic hitting mere months after Ring Fit was released making it harder for developers. Yes I’d be surprised if Nintendo weren’t developing a follow-up, but it’s still a big risk in difficult conditions for 3rd parties.
  10. Project Triangle Strategy (2022)

    Agreed. This took me by surprise with the graphical style & the resemblance to the FF Tactics games, and was smooth & impressive. Like @Julius mentioned about the Scales of Conviction, there feels like potential here and the possibility of choices affecting the story is certainly interesting. The demo didn’t see it implemented quite as well as I thought from the trailer, but there’s still plenty of time for this feature to play an enjoyable part in the full game. I really enjoyed the FF Tactics games, so I think I wanted to enjoy this demo more than I actually did. Still, I like that they are using the demo to get player feedback.
  11. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Danganronpa 1 & 2 (PS4) Technically two separate games but my thoughts apply to both. A visual novel by the Zero Escape team, with Phoenix Wright gameplay and a Hunger Games-type setting. Without trying to spoil anything, I enjoyed the twists and turns of the story, where often the identity of the culprit of the Phoenix Wright-style trials remains a mystery until the end. I went into these expecting my decisions to effect the story, ala Zero Escape, but ultimately in between trials I was just playing out scenes & following the narrative. I wasn’t a fan of the humour, which was very teenage & a little hit-or-miss. Ultimately, the trials were the big draw & I’m glad each one felt lengthy. I was often left guessing how it was going to play out, or how the crime was committed until near the end of each, like the best mysteries. I love the premise and, even if I don’t think these are as good as either the Phoenix Wright or Zero Escape series’, I really enjoyed them. So much so that I’m now playing through the third game in the series too!
  12. N-E Café Podcast

    Haha - really enjoyed the Nintendo franchise game at the end. I don’t think I appreciated just how many Nintendo franchises there are (or at least ones primarily on Nintendo consoles). After starring in some poor poor sequels after his original fun introduction, becoming a meme for Nintendo hype leading to constant disappointment, then the apparent disbandment of its developer, Skip, now Chibi Robo has to live with the embarrassment of being unceremoniously dumped in the first round of your alternate universe franchise culling. Poor poor Chibi...
  13. Wii U General Discussion

    Nice to see them still supporting the WiiU. Let’s face it you can never have too may have stability updates!
  14. N-E Café Podcast

    Just to add that I really enjoyed the nostalgic discussion about the N64 days. It still remains my favourite era of gaming, with many a multiplayer session with school friends. Wow, when you all just listed them it was a reminder of just how many good games came out for the N64! I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only avid reader of N64 Magazine too. The Ocarina of Time review was my first copy & I enjoyed their sense of humour & honesty when reviewing. Randomly, Tim Weaver, who was editor around that time, appeared on ‘Pointless Celebrities’ on BBC here in the UK a week ago. It seems he’s now an author of thriller books!
  15. Mario Golf Super Rush (25th June 2021)

    Story mode = win. Speed mode = win. Mario Golf = win! 😄 (I’m happy with this announcement!)
  16. • I thought the same initially, but actually the more I think about it the more it seems feasible. I think it may happen, albeit with no other gameplay changes. • Zelda collection seems likely, although with the NES games on Switch Online I can see it being an Ocarina of Time / Master Quest / Majora’s Mask compilation. • Skyward Sword HD. • Could they port Twilight Princess onto a 4th console? Possible but I’m going to guess no on this occasion. • My prediction of other games in the Direct are Pokemon Snap, Monster Hunter Rise, Mario Golf, Silksong, Two Point Hospital expansion, No More Heroes 3, Crash 4. • Mention of but no gameplay of BotW 2 (cutscene only) plus Bayonetta 3 (no gameplay or videos, just a fleeting “still in development, don’t forget about me”) • Smash character reveal: Crash Bandicoot. • Mother 3...... oh who am I kidding!
  17. N-E Café Podcast

    I really enjoyed the discussion about my favourite gaming franchise. Great to hear all the thoughts and the associated memories. I was pleased to hear the praise for the often overlooked Oracle games too, which really were excellent & don’t receive anywhere near as much attention as Link’s Awakening. The crossovers question is a good one. I can only think of a few other games where Nintendo have allowed Zelda characters to appear, which given the popularity of the series is a little surprising and very restrained on Nintendo’s part. Saying that it does give more opportunity for ideas in your discussion though! Out of the existing ones, I did find Link’s inclusion in Mario Kart to be the worst fit, and surreal seeing him squeezed into the go-kart. Ironically though I loved the track that it inspired!
  18. N-E Café Podcast

    Looking forward to the Zelda discussion in future weeks. My favourite gaming series so it’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts. So the Balan Wonderland is out. I’m looking forward to giving it a try, with the background of the developers. I’m fully expecting it to be either really good or just really disappointing.
  19. N-Europe Video Game Club

    My thoughts having just completed it:
  20. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    More information on the fabled Stop N Swap was revealed today: Eurogamer / Rare Gamer news story (Admin: sorry for posting to an old topic. I wasn’t sure if the best place to post about it) While the reasons behind it not happening have been revealed by some of the team behind it in the past, I found the actual excerpt of an email from Nintendo themselves really interesting. Rare developers revealed they had made the ‘stop & swap’ concept very reliable, but whether Nintendo didn’t believe it or were genuinely concerned about hardware updates I’m not sure. Interesting to see that suggested possibly using codes in DK64 (& so presumably also Tooie) to access the same features, but Rare decided not to do that. I’m not sure why they didn’t do this, or officially release the sandcastle codes. I was one of those fascinated by the potential and I always find any new details interesting.
  21. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    If you or anyone else needs more then mine is 7302 5557 3396. I don’t play loads, but still tend to log in daily.
  22. That’s precisely the issue I found with the PS4 version. It was the only game in the 1.5 + 2.5 collection I gave up on.
  23. Switch eShop Thread

    I also picked up Night Trap in the sale. Not because I’ve heard it’s particularly good, but I’ve read & watched so much about the ‘controversy’ that this game caused when it was initially released, despite how cheesy it actually is. I’ve always wanted to play it just to understand that a little more, and so I’m going into it, like you, expecting a not-very-good cheesy horror!
  24. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Yeh, thanks for posting the YouTube version too, as I was thinking exactly the same after seeing it on Twitter. I’m still excited by this, and I’m fine with the fundamentals and scoring system being kept the same as I loved the original. I suppose, being honest, that while it looks great by 3D Pokemon standards, I wasn’t as wowed this time as I was by the first trailer. Besides that beautiful water I thought graphically it just looked ok.
  25. Games Done Quick

    The 2021 AGDQ has now been and gone, and yet again raised a ridiculous amount of money (well over £2m)! I only caught a little this year, and pleased to see some of my very first games get a showing (e.g., Donald Duck Lucky Dime Caper). The videos are all up as usual, and already my mind was blown by the blindfolded Super Mario 64 run! Not only with the memorisation but the back-up strats to recognise when Mario had missed something, and I’m learning new things about that game all the time, such as the different sound effects where walls join. I’m beginning to change my opinion on the no-crowds too. While some games lose energy due to lack of reaction, at least you don’t get those late-night games where only a handful of people are left in the auditorium watching. The tech team for these events do a fantastic job!