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  1. Oops, thanks for the reminder! All done now!
  2. Football Season 2019-20

    Thanks @Space I’ve added myself to the growing League list. I was already planning on using the fact that I’d be a week behind as an excuse, but @Eenuh‘s performance last season has ruined that excuse already! 😂 An exciting start to the Premiership yesterday with plenty of goals, and of course plenty of VAR discussion already! The best news of course was Exeter continuing their winning streak (2 matches...) in League 2! Maybe this year will be our year!
  3. Ghostbusters

    It seems a strange choice for a remaster, but I’m not complaining. I didn’t play the originals, but from what I read it wasn’t a bad game and, like already mentioned, the story was effectively another film. They did incredibly well to get so many of the original cast involved, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product come October!
  4. One of my most disappointing console generations. At least we had a few good original games: New Super Mario Bros. U Pikmin 3 Super Mario 3D World The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Wonderful 101 Am I right in thinking that New Super Luigi U is not counted as a separate game as it’s DLC for New Super Mario Bros U?
  5. With the high volume of great games that were actually ports / remakes, this list didn’t turn out to be as tough as I was anticipating: ~ Mario Kart 7 ~ Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice ~ Super Mario 3D Land ~ The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds ~ Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
  6. Sega Ages (Summer M2)

    I’m revisiting Alex Kidd in Miracle World for the first time in nearly 25 years. The damn music is still in my head after all this time! I like the added bonus of the few extra features they’ve added in, such as the time trial and leaderboards for certain stages, and I wish they could actually have expanded upon this to really add more longevity to the title.
  7. Despite my large catalogue of games I’ve struggled a little to identify the best ones. Many good, but in my opinion there weren’t a lot that I found truly great, especially in comparison to other consoles. Anyway, some nominations: Little King’s Story Pandora’s Tower Super Mario Galaxy 2 World of Goo Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure
  8. Wow, now that’s been pointed out, it really does seem a little too much of a coincidence and I can’t believe I missed it! Like @Sckewi pointed out, so was among those who only found the village around 2/3 of my way through the game. Regarding the weapons breaking, I thought I’d find it frustrating, but actually with enough weapons to pick up from enemies & chests I actually enjoyed this aspect.
  9. Visual novels on Switch

    Thanks for those titles mentioned so far. The Switch has a larger library of visual novels than I realised! I prefer those where there is a bit more gameplay, even it’s just in the form of puzzles, and where my decisions matter (i.e., a more involving ‘choose your own adventure’ game). I love the Phoenix Wright and Zero Escape games. I have been burned on 3DS with titles such as Time Hollow, which was just reading a story and was a real letdown. I’ll have for look into some of the titles mentioned so far in this thread.
  10. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    Thanks BowserBasher, request sent. My code is 6312 7525 3290 for anyone interested. I've only spent a little time with it. It does seem more involving than Pokemon Go. I’m impressed with the graphics & detail, although this is having an impact on my battery life. I need to invest more time in it to really understand what the goal is and all of the little nuances.
  11. Games Done Quick

    As with every time they run it, it’s a great watch! There are some inevitability dull runs or poor commentaries, but when you find a good one it’s a real eye-opener and amazing to see players who are just so much better than me! 😃 The Mario Bros 3 All Forts race was excellent & I wanted to see whether Mitch could make up for last year when he lost the hammer suit seconds before facing Bowser!
  12. I like this category! I’ve struggled a little to whittle it down to 5 as there are so many I could easily nominate! Here goes: Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass The World Ends with You
  13. I love my GameCube library, although looking back over the games there are a lot of really good games, but not as many as I remember where I’d truly consider them G.O.A.T. material. For me that’s true for that whole console generation. Anyway, here we go (note: may well be edited before the deadline!): ~ Metroid Prime ~ Beyond Good & Evil ~ Pikmin 2 ~ The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ~ Eternal Darkness
  14. 3DS Console Discussion

    Yes. I bought a New Nintendo 3DS along with a new SD Card (can’t remember the size though) and I was able to transfer my NNID, along with my games, saves, etc. over from my regular 3DS. The process is on the Nintendo website and I recall it being relatively simple, although needed a computer as well.
  15. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Wow, great to see Nintendo just jumped straight in to show game after game after game. Little fluff, minimal padding, just games! I’m still getting my head around most of the announcements, but my initial thoughts are that they’re doing a lot of things right by getting more 3rd party games. There were a lot of ports of older games, but that will appeal to certain parts of their audience. For me, many of the games I’m glad are coming to Switch, but I’m not over-excited about them. I am excited about No More Heroes 3, Astral Chain, the Banjo reveal which I got more excited about than I thought I would, and the prospect of a brand new Zelda game! I’ve rewatched the trailer a few times now, and it looks like a Majora’s Mask-style development with a lot of the same assets but with a darker story, which is fine by me! Oh, and catching glimpses of Treehouse Live - I loved how they supposedly surprised Aonuma by asking him to complete a Link’s Awakening dungeon they’d designed, and he absolutely blitzed through it - boss and all! Top man! All in all, I’m excited about the future of Switch.
  16. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Ah the sheer joy of watching that trailer (& listening to the music again, thanks @Glen-i) was thrilling! I know it was heavily rumoured, but with all the potential hurdles in the way, no-one knew for sure! As Kotaku quoted: it’s taken Nintendo to make Banjo relevant again! I’ve also just come across the NYC reaction - brilliant! 😄
  17. Nintendo at E3 2019 - 5 Predictions

    Well most of mine have also been suggested, so I’ve had to amend a few: 1) Sephiroth revealed as newest Smash fighter (the most obvious reveals are Banjo-Kazooie / Erdrick), which is why there’s currently so little Final Fantasy music. 2) Port time! Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Wii Sports. 3) A Western release for Mother 3! 4) 3rd party sequels: Mario + Rabbids 2, a new Professor Layton & a new Phoenix Wright, plus further details on Hollow Knight: Silksong. 5) Metroid Dread - back from the dead to fill the void before Prime 4.
  18. Wow we’re getting tough again as there are a lot of very good games. I feel this could be a more competitive top 10 than most of the others. Strangely I don’t think the best are quite as good as some of the other consoles but the pool of “very good” games is still surprisingly large! Warioware, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! Golden Sun 2 Metroid: Zero Mission Advance Wars 2 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
  19. The Wrasslin' thread

    I enjoyed the preshow. Great to see so many wrestlers in the Battle Royale, even if it was a little clustered at times. Nice match with Kip Sabian though! Shame ITV cut the preshow off midway through Cody’s promo! 😬😂 Still, here’s hoping for a great show. I won’t be ordering but I’ll read the results and hopefully feel bad for missing it. Cody vs Dustin and Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho are my two most anticipated matches. Oh, and when did ITV get the rights over here? I completely missed that announcement!
  20. It played really well considering the hardware it is was on. I never thought anyone would get a playable RTS game on the GBC, but they managed it! The screen size made it a little tough. The large sprites were a good idea, with the downside that you couldn’t see a huge play area at any one time. It’s worth tracking down if you have a GBC though, just to experience it. I tracked down a US-copy back in the day, and while I wouldn’t rate it higher than any of those top 10 games it was good and I’m certainly pleased to have played it.
  21. Super Mario Maker 2 Direct (15/05/19)

    It’ll be interesting to see what they reveal, as the initial trailer showed a lot of new changes / improvements. I know it’s primarily a 15-minute hype video, but let’s see if there is anything new or if they delve deeper into the findings of the Gamexplain videos.
  22. Football Season 2018/19

    Big game for Man City tomorrow night then. Can they hold their nerve? Both them & Liverpool have ridden their luck at times this season, with yesterday just being yet another late late show! Still, it’s incredible just how much better they have been this season then everyone else. Over 20 points between them & they other clubs chasing European places, all of whom are doing everything possible to screw up their chances of qualifying - just crazy! Still, gutted that Exeter missed on a chance to lose in the League 2 Play-Off Final for the 3rd year running by failing to win their final game of the season. Another season we’ve overachieved though!
  23. General Movie Thread

    I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt, but the trailer was just dreadful. For me, I agree with @Jonas that Jim Carey was the only saving grace. The whole thing just seems like a bad version of “Hop”. The last second of the trailer has at least given me some naive optimistic hope that they’re trolling us and that the majority of the film is actually going to take place in the Green Hill (& other) zones... Interesting that the Director has suggested that, due to such a strong negative reaction, changes will be made to the film before November: https://www.polygon.com/2019/5/2/18527449/sonic-the-hedgehog-movie-design-change-director
  24. Ah the first Nintendo console I actually owned - good times! This may be edited before the deadline, but here are five nominations: ~ Perfect Dark ~ Conker’s Bad Fur Day ~ Banjo-Kazooie ~ Rocket: Robot on Wheels ~ Mario Party 2
  25. Mega Drive Mini (19th September 2019)

    It sounds as though they’re finally getting it right. I’m going to wait though. I’ve already seen Sega release multiple devices designed to play Mega Drive games and reviews have not been particularly favourable. Walking in my local town centre and one store is even advertising two different Mega Drive Mini-style devices by Sega, both containing different games, with no reason why one should be chosen over the other except for game choice.