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Found 27 results

  1. Pretty much what I expected/hoped. The anime is ending soon so this will help fill the gap.
  2. Couldn't seem to find a thread for this, but anyways, it's been delayed from its vague 2022 release window to 2023 For a bit of a refresher, the game was originally revealed during Summer Game Fest last summer with this trailer, when it was confirmed to be coming to PC via Steam: Before this gameplay trailer last August (actually, a year ago to the day!) announced that the game would also be coming to the Nintendo Switch during an Indie World Showcase: Well, let the wait begin...
  3. And my Wii U gathers a little more dust... Also coming to PlayStation and Steam.
  4. You never saw it coming..? As previously announced, these are also coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Windows.
  5. Let's freaking go! From Kaz Ayabe and his studio Millennium Kitchen, behind the Attack of the Friday Monsters and the My Summer Vacation games, Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation – The Endless Seven-Day Journey is finally releasing worldwide in August on both Nintendo Switch and PS4, and will support English, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitle options. The game was officially announced last year during the Japanese February 2021 Direct, and after feedback, Kaz Ayabe had shown interest in bringing the game outside of Japan. To remind you all of how cosy this game looks: An overview of the game from its official site: Summer Vibes: The Video Game. I'm so in
  6. Time to see why everyone likes Zack more than Cloud!
  7. Sonic Frontiers

    The Blue Blur finally conceded to peer pressure I guess
  8. This is a rumour but it seems like it is definitely happening judging by the way they are reporting it. https://kotaku.com/the-gta-remastered-trilogy-appears-to-be-real-and-comi-1847474620 If they are looking into doing more remasters then what about Body Harvest!
  9. Well, it's not the Final Fantasy Collection...but similar wheelhouse I guess you're getting closer, Square!
  10. Ninjala

    Err... It's out RIGHT NOW! https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/ninjala-switch/ Multiplayer servers go online worldwide at 3AM BST. Talk about a shadow drop!
  11. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

    I only just recently imported the Japanese (PS4) version because the price of the Collectors Edition dropped, I was originally waiting for the English version but I just knew they'd end up announcing the English version after I imported it.
  12. Another SEGA IP revival, although this is a remake rather than a new game. Although if this does well, then maybe they'll make a new one. The original never really clicked for me personally. Coming to Switch, "PlayStation consoles", "Xbox consoles" and Steam.
  13. Relive the epic tale of Xenoblade Chronicles, the Wii classic from 2011! Coming some time in 2020, with updated graphics using the engine from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (not sure if it uses the original or Torna) and with less derpy faces, this will be sure to bring back some good memories! Xenoblade Chronicles is regarded by many as one of the best JRPG in recent times. I never got around to finishing it on the Wii, so I'm really feeling it this time! Here is the reveal trailer: And here is Gamexplain comparing the original to the updated engine: Can't wait to listen to those tracks again. The music in this game is legendary!
  14. Seems like Konami remembered that they used to publish games, because they just announced a new series of classic game complications for Switch! https://www.konami.com/games/50th/ac/us/en/ The game lineup known so far... Arcade Classics Contra Collection Castlevania Collection From the website description. it looks like there might be more than one Castlevania collection coming? Going by the online chatter I’ve seen, these collections are apparently being made by Hamster; the guys responsible for the Arcade Archives series. So the emulation will probably actually be good here! eShop only. $19.99 (probably €19.99/£14.99 for us); and a lot of hopes and dreams!
  15. I was on the fence about getting this, as I played both the original game and the Luigi DLC on Wii U. Then Nintendo just announced the freebies they're giving with it and I'm like ... *clicks pre-order* https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-switch-game/new-super-mario-bros.-u-deluxe-pin-badge-set-poster-map/11974360.html?utm_source=mario-bros-u-deluxe-pre-order-now&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mario-bros-u-deluxe-pre-order-now&affil=thgemail&ecrmcid=lX2YdBwJ6z5MQ2zxD2pQOq14KxDbGpjE&shae=WpNJVYAjbkUzShni1aEo4zNDEk5UKsYr4ZLe9%2F3%2BkN8%3D&sendTime=1542657000&widget_id=1212287
  16. Switch can't escape from crossing ports. Looking forward to it. Switch getting a lot of fighters it feels like.
  17. Switch port of One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, includes all the DLC. launches in Japan 21st December. Runs in 1080p in TV mode and 720p undocked in 30fps for in all modes. Japanese site: http://www.bandaigames.channel.or.jp/list/opm/pc/
  18. The games has just been announced for the PS4 and Switch. I played the original last year on the PS4 and it was a fantastic game. Unlike Minecraft it actually has a story and is filled with the usual DQ charm. Nintendo only gamers who've yet to experience Builders are in for a treat. @Tales will you also be picking the PS4 version up? IIRC you also played and enjoyed the original game.

    “MAGICAL DROP II” is a puzzle game released by Data East in 1996. Control lively, highly expressive characters and enjoy creating amazing combo chains with easy-to-use controls! Challenge a friend and see whose puzzle techniques reign supreme.
  20. Physical Contact: SPEED

    It is a game series where two people can play against one device. Any two partners, including parents and friends, are suitable. Because it is simple, you can start the game immediately on the spot. If you use the handicap function you can match the level of the two people. Because the match-up time is short, it can be played anytime and anywhere. There is also a 1P play mode.
  21. GoNNER

    GoNNER is a score-based, procedurally generated platformer with roguelike elements. GoNNER is also a story about friendship between Ikk, Death and a space whale named Sally. You will die. A lot. This is by design, but it's not made to feel unfair. You'll eventually get the hang of GoNNER, so don't lose your head. But even if you do it's okay cause we have a lot of replacement heads you can use. Good luck.
  22. Also announced in the Direct. No details just yet
  23. We've got a thread for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, but I'm not sure we have one for this game, which is also coming to Switch. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/01/wonder_boy_the_dragonrs_trap_confirmed_for_nintendo_switch_release_this_year With Monster Boy seemingly inspired by Wonder Boy III, and this a direct remake, it'll be interesting to see which is the better game.