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  1. Resident Evil Village

    My copy was dispatched from Simply Games today. Id have loved to have had a Thursday night blast but I have cakes to make after work Thursday and Friday plus most of Saturday so don’t think I’ll get round to a proper session with it until Saturday night. Sometimes I regret starting a cake business. 😁 Still, can’t wait. I’m eating my words after moaning about it when it was unveiled haha. But I always do that with every RE and still buy them. I’ve never not enjoyed a main line RE game, though. The IGN review was really positive too. Sounds like it has a nice mix of older games within this and the campaign is around ten hours long. With RE though, the achievements often add some length to the game so will see what they’re like.
  2. Resident Evil Village

    The demo hit Xbox today for this game. I okayed the first part and managed to get through it within 30 minutes, but I don’t feel like I fully did everything I could. I really enjoyed it. It gave me RE 4 vibes in some places, but then RE 7 vibes in others. Which I guess is a pretty nice mix and probably what they were hoping for. The only thing I’m not crazy on is that the new RE engine makes all interiors look very samey. There were sections of the demo where I was indoors and I could have been in the house from RE 7 all over again. Perhaps that is the aim, and maybe it isn’t actually a bad thing. But with previous main line entries changing up the locations each time this felt a bit stale already. Definitely a day one order for me though. As per every RE game ever.
  3. Not sure if there is already a thread for this, or something similar - couldn't find anything. Well, I thought it'd be good to start a thread for people to post their current favourite songs! I have been listening to a number of random new tracks in the car, on my laptop, on my iPod and thought i'd post for you lot to either high five my music choice (unlikely ha) or shoot me down in flames at my poor music taste! Firstly, I am in love with this song: On the first 3 or so listens I wasn't liking at all - something then just clicked and I cannot stop listening to it. Its a perfect come back song. Secondly - this: Loved it on first listen, and keeps getting better. "And it goes like this" :wink: Thirdly: Same with the Will Young track - really didn't like at first. Now, i'm on like 20 listens and I love it! That's just 3 - I could go on. So now let us know what you are listening to! Doesn't necessarily have to be new material - maybe we will inspire each other to listen to something we normally wouldn't think to.
  4. Super Mario Party

    Well THAT was unexpected. Thought they'd left the game to die it's death. I sold it about two years ago after exhausting the boards. Shame there's no new ones in the update!
  5. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    I can’t say I would have expected RE 8 to come to GamePass anyway. Some of the newer REMakes haven’t even made GP so this isn’t really a surprise. Bit of a shame if there were plans to bring it to GP though...
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Lol. Whereas if this were my Switch it'd be unbelievably RIGHT! Mario Tennis is my most played game...
  7. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge

    This looks so much like the Mega Drive game. I played so many hours of that with my cousin!! Also day one.
  8. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Now you've said that, I've also noticed it. Very frustrating.
  9. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    He best bloody not have!
  10. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Had my X since launch and I've loved owning it. I managed to get a PS5 shortly after launch from John Lewis. Sold it a few months back. I played Astro and thought it was decent enough, but I couldn't get on board with the ps5 controller. They've made the Series controller ever so slightly smaller and my god, it's just perfect for my hands. I think I'd get used to the PS5 one if I just played with that exclusively for a while, but swapping between them made it clear how much more comfortable the Series one is. I have small hands though, so my opinion will likely differ to a lot of others. I have bought 2 retail games for Series X so far. Rest has been GamePass and I've enjoyed so many great games through it. And I have about 5 downloaded but have just moved house so my gaming time has dropped massively in the last two months. But for me, zero regrets. I do regret buying a PS5, but I sold that to a friend for price I paid for it and he's happy enough with it. I'll definitely pick up a PS5 again in the future, but my gaming time isn't what it was and I originally wanted to wait for Ratchett, but even just that alone won't be enough now. Maybe Christmas will see more games I'm interested in out for it but to be honest, I may just not bother until there's a really built up library I feel it's worth investing in. Thankfully with GamePass, there's always something to play and it's even made me play games I would never buy but always quite liked the look of. Downloaded We Happy Few, a game I thought looked decent but didn't want to purchase. Hopefully I will get around to playing it at some point.
  11. It Takes Two (26th Match)

    This game looks like great fun! I recently played A Way Out with @LegoMan1031 and we both really enjoyed it. This, apparently, is meant to be even better. Read IGN's review last night and they were glowing about it. Can't wait to play it.
  12. Balan Wonderworld

    I tried the demo last night on my Xbox. I really want to like it. It reminds me of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg so much. Butttt it's pretty dreadful. I didn't really understand what the hell was happening. Not that it matters for a platformer I suppose. I'd read the review posted above and I think the reviewer nailed it when they said that it felt like a PS2 remaster. Pretty much exactly how it feels. It looks decent enough, but the gameplay and character movement definitely feels like it's from 15+ years ago. Maybe when it goes down to about a tenner I'll get it!
  13. Until I get more shop upgrades, a proper coffee shop, and the ability to terraform more than one square at a god damn time... I'm out.
  14. Omg I remember the hunt for this during the games height of popularity! I'll admit, my island(s) are likely overrun with weeds, and everyone has since passed on with how much of a sh*t hole it's become. No funding into local areas, coffee shop closed down without warning etc. I really should go back on but with the threat of another bunny day event looming, I may wait for that to pass.
  15. Bloody hell. I didn't realise how many levels and world's this game had! I got to the Bowser world and finished that, thinking that was it. Then the Star world and I unlocked Rosalina (she's no Peach) and then two more after that! I mean, I'm loving it so I'm quite pleased it's continuing! I like the subtle ramp up in difficulty too although it isn't really massively more challenging. Yet. I have tried to pick up all of the stars and stamps as I've gone but there's a few I need to mop up. I didn't think I'd get this much play time from it and that's without Bowser's Fury yet!
  16. Oh god. I'm on the last Bowser world currently and this Champions Road does not sound appealing!
  17. Sorry if this is old news or already posted somewhere - couldn't find anything. It would appear that there is lots of speculation regarding Sony's second handheld system. The link posted seems to think we will see an official reveal on Thursday 27th January. So... thought I would gauge other peoples opinion on this. Anyone been expecting / looking forward to a new PSP console? What would you all like to see in a new Sony handheld? Also, according to the article there will reportedly be no UMD drive. Sony clearly not learning from the PSP Go... Discuss posters, discuss. :p
  18. Didn't quite understand the point of that. Seen it all before. Good to get some release dates for some games though. The Final Fantasy bit was boring as hell but it's never been for me. I expected some Ratchet / Horizon gameplay.
  19. I ended up buying this despite thinking I'd end up getting bored by it. Completely the opposite experience so far. Loving it. I only remember a handful of levels, like the MK one and the Cherry power up ones. Not sure why I remember them! It's great fun. Enjoying it way more than the recent 2d side scoll Mario's which I am completely done with. I hadn't noticed the increased speed as some had mentioned, but I always played as Peach anyway and she is slower. I had to play as Mario for one level and could really tell the difference then! Up to world 6 so far. I didn't complete the game fully last time, so want to this go round. Then to Bowser's Fury!
  20. General Switch Discussion

    Because it's easier to have my card details linked. I just wanted to buy a game using my card and my amassed points. I like that the switch gives you the option to be debited the exact amount, rather than having to top up £50 or buying several £10 cards and inputting them all. It's stupid that it's making something that should be simple, so difficult.
  21. General Switch Discussion

    Sigh. My bank card expired so I had a new one sent to me over a month ago, but haven't updated the details on my Switch yet. Just gone on to buy a game from eShop and clicked to purchase and realised the card was my old one. So I input my new details and hit Purchase. Gets an error message saying "this card cannot be used". So I presumed I'd typed the details in incorrectly. Did it again, same thing. So thought, ok I'll update them in the account section rather than whilst trying to buy something. Same issue. Googled it and people who have swapped regions on their console to buy from another countries eshop have had this problem. But mine has always been set to Europe. I've never bought elsewhere. So I thought right I'll just link my PayPal account. Clicks to do so, the console says an email will be sent to my account. That was an hour ago. I've clicked three times now and had no email. Nothing in junk mail. Why is this so fucking painful.
  22. 50 minutes I'll never get back. I'll take Mario Golf and that's it. That project triangle thing looked like the most boring game I've ever laid my eyes on. Very disappointing.
  23. I'd really like a new Mario Kart with some new mechanics, or some sort of single player mode different to just cups. It's a long time coming really and feel like the series needs to progress somewhat. I'm not really sure what else I want. Please dear god no Fire Emblem. Although the Smash section is likely to be to unveil 25 new FE characters that no one cares about. I have a feeling a new Mario Rabbids game will be announced. Not my thing though, hated the first one. Something to get me excited about having a Switch again would be good really.
  24. I have been hovering on 'buy' with this but haven't managed to convince myself to do it yet. I played the original and did like it, but as per the above two posts I think I'll end up feeling the same. Whilst I only remember bits of the original play through, most Mario games that I revisit are just never as fun the second time round. I often don't end up finishing them due to being a bit bored by them. I also remember not loving the cat mechanic in this game and I know if features very heavily. I think I'll pass on it.
  25. Resident Evil Village

    As a fan of the original games and the recent remakes, I’m still not here for Ethan or this first person view. It isn’t RE to me and it won’t be until I get some proper RE characters back. Stupid, hard to follow story line that makes no sense an all. I will still buy it though. I played through and enjoyed RE 7, but they have no right to call it RE.