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  1. Podcast Recommendations?

    Infinite Monkey Cage is the only podcast I listen to with any regularity. Unless it's a World Cup year and Baddiel and Skinner have got one going...
  2. Best town/village Another weirdly worded one (town or village, but not hamlet or city?) but I guess I'm going to go for this town: Not because it's the most exciting location in the game, but because it's where your adventure starts, and I've probably started this adventure many, many times. It's a bit of a weird town, to be fair. Only two houses, with one bedroom each, and a large laboratory. Where does Professor Oak live? Where does your or your rival's mother sleep?
  3. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I did not know that...I assumed it was just a VR version of the original game.
  4. Questions

    For real though, he doesn't seem to have tweeted since May, and his PS account isn't showing up in search. Anyone heard from him at all?
  5. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Does this mean they aren't making a VR version of this update? or just that the VR version isn't free?
  6. Credits Sequence These are actually opening credits, so perhaps it's cheating a bit, but the opening of I Expect You to Die on the Oculus Quest (or Rift) basically puts you inside a stylised Bond opening credits sequence, complete with awesome theme song, and 60's style graphics going on around you. This video doesn't really show off how it feels to be inside it in VR, but meh.
  7. Old NE Members

    Why don't we list people in here so that Ashley has something to work with?
  8. Please enjoy doing 'Hindu push-ups' as much as I do. Thanks.
  9. It's called "Home Workout - no equipment"
  10. PC Gaming Discussion

    Maybe try one like this?
  11. I've started using an app that plans workouts each day for you. I thought I could do 10 minutes a day, and that would strengthen me up a little bit, and maybe replace the exercise that i'm not getting from missing out on my morning cycle commute. However, the app asks you to choose a level when you first start, based on how many push-ups you can do. The levels are <10, between 10 and 20, and more than 20. I answered truthfully, which was more than 20, since i could do 20-ish before i started using the app. I'm starting to think this was the wrong answer now, as the workouts are unbelievably difficult, and i'm often left in a weakened pile on the floor. There doesn't seem to be a way to change the difficulty either, so i'm stuck whimpering my way through a ridiculous number of push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises each day.
  12. Scary moment As with many of the other wusses on here, I don't play very many scary games. I remember the zombie people that used to attack you on the way out of the Temple of Time in OOT used to creep me out. However, the moment that I can remember that had me a sweaty, jumpy bundle of nerves was recently when I played Ocean Rift in VR. It's not even supposed to be a scary game, but i suffer from Thalassophobia, which is a fear of deep water and things that lurk in the unknown depths. Anyway, i noped right out of playing the shark level, as I knew i wouldn't be able to handle it, but a fascination with the things that scared me meant i wanted to try out some of the levels with larger animals in it. I tried the whale level, and felt really nervous and twitchy when the huge creature kind of looms out of the depths towards you. Then I tried the mosasaur one, and couldn't see the damn thing. So I turned on the radar, which shows you where the animals are supposed to be, and it showed a red dot right behind me. I screamed like a little girl and ripped the headset off.
  13. Old NE Members

    It's weird to think that all the old Cube-Europe people are all grown up and have jobs and families and are fully functioning adults. Why did they leave us? WHY?!
  14. My brother-in-law had it (confirmed with a test), although he is a doctor. Meanwhile my sister, who lived with him while he was suffering through it, and is also a doctor who worked on a COVID ward, did not have it. Weird. Also, my sister-in-law, her boyfriend and my mother-in-law all had the loss of taste and smell symptoms, so we all suspect they've had it. I don't know anyone personally who has died from it, but my wife works at a school in Birmingham in a deprived area, and many of the students and staff have had loved ones die. She's having to have bereavement training because of it.
  15. Best Musical Moment To be honest, I could put pretty much any moment from the Halo series when the music kicks in, but i'll settle for this one: Such iconic music, without which I don't think Halo would have been half as good. Nothing beats getting into that Warthog and hearing the main theme start, and knowing that the next part of the level was going to be AWESOME.