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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Meh. I'll give it one more episode, then I'm turning the channel over.
  2. General Movie Thread

    Live and Let Die is the best bond theme for sure. I did actually quite like that one Jack White and Alicia Keys did though, even if i can't remember which film it was for (bond theme names should always match the film name, its confusing otherwise). That trailer looks pretty good though.
  3. I heard he bought a Xbox just to play Holo: Caust Evolved
  4. General Movie Thread

    Agreed. Daniel Craig is one of my least favourite Bonds. Too serious and not enough puns.
  5. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    Lllllllllllllllike a glove!
  6. Does anyone else use free Crunchyroll? I know i shouldn't complain, because, well, its free, but goodness me the ads are shite. Most of the adverts they run for their own shows are terrible. Just several seconds of something really boring happening, together with music that really doesn't match the action. At least try and make the show look interesting! Then there is the problem of repeated ads. Sometimes when they're really pushing something, they just dump the same advert multiple times. I watched the same advert for the film Black Christmas FIVE times in a row. What's the point? Lastly, don't play adverts for a show, during the show itself! I've been watching Attack on Titan, and they keep showing adverts featuring footage from Season 3, which SPOILS SEASON 3! Why are you even running adverts for shows that you know I'm already watching?! In other news, AoT S3 is pretty good; way better than S2 was.
  7. Thought this might be an interesting topic, that has bothered me for a while. Basically, I have less and less time to play games these days, but i still try and squeeze in an hour every now and then. I feel like there are some games these days that are just long for the sake of being long, while others seem to judge the length better. My playthrough of The Witcher 3 suffered a lot from this. After about 25 hours of playing through the main storyline, I felt it was ready to wrap up and deliver the ending. However, it just kept going! There was still about a third of the game to go! It just felt so long, i ended up being relieved when it finished, which was a pity, because I was really enjoying the game up until then. The slog at the end left a bitter taste in my mouth, and made me less likely to do any post game content. As a comparison, a game like Titanfall 2 had a great, neat campaign that felt about the right length, with a nicely judged difficulty curve and good pacing throughout. I was satisfied all the way to the end, and didn't feel like it had ended prematurely. The other aspect is the post-game content, or trophy hunting. In my opinion, through the process of playing the main story of a game, it should guide you towards opening up the rest of the content/side quests, and through playing those, you should be 60-70% of the way through the games content. Once done, you can play through and mop up the rest of the side quests, content or trophies. This isn't the case in certain games. After completing Yakuza 0 (for which the main story was pretty well judged IMO), the amount of extra crap to do was just silly, especially trophy hunting. I think after around 30 hours, I had finished the main game and done a fair few of the side quests, but there was still around 100 hours of 'extras' to do (according to! I realise that no-one is forcing you to do all the extras, but 'completing' a game gives a certain sort of satisfaction, and putting that behind a 100 hour barrier just seems bizarre. One argument in favour of long games is the value for money aspect. Many people argue that if you are paying £60 for a game, you want it to last as long as possible before you feel the need to spend another £60 on the next one. However, there's a difference in playing a game that has great 'replayability', and one that just gives you loads of boring tasks to do to draw the game out, or adds a load of extraneous chapters and has a story that drags. One could draw parallels with films. Nobody complains that films aren't long enough. If the film tells a great story in 90 mins or 180 mins, it's still a good film. Nobody is walking out of the cinema complaining that the film should have been 4 hours long. Anywho, do you think some games are too long these days? Should we expect a certain length of gameplay, or should it not really matter? How much post-game content is acceptable/needed? What sort of balance is needed?
  8. Its great, it means i can reinforce whatever view i have of Corbyn anyway i want, and back it up with news articles!
  9. Can't trust Corbyn, because he's all of these things!
  10. Cyberpunk 2077 — 16th April 2020

    I don't know what to do with this information.
  11. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I was going to list my [email protected] games, but the bugger hasn't released any! Bordering on Nintendo levels of software drought really...
  12. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I enjoyed Horizon, Yakuza 0, SotC, No Man's Sky and Spider-Man.
  13. There's a lot to unpack here.... ..... your real name is Peter? But you call yourself Joe?