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  1. Ok, just watched episode 5, and cool shit started happening again, so all is forgiven.
  2. Started watching Attack on Titan S4. Remembered all the issues I have with the show in general. All of the people look the same - I cannot work out what it going on, or who is who. Why do they all have the exact same face? Once all the titans start fighting each other, the animation is incredible, but I think they're trying to save money or something by having all the characters wear the same thing and all look the same. Also, at the beginning of one of the episodes, they cheaped out and didn't bother to animate some Titans attacking the group of protagonists, instead just showing a weird slideshow of the main dude looking scared, then describing what happened afterwards. I was really confused. Also, they keep skipping backwards and forwards in time, with no mention of when they're doing it. Add in constant flashbacks all the time, and it's just so confusing.
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I gave up when it asked me that. Switched to Edge and it just sent me a 2FA text instead.
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Firstly, I tried to login to my Playstation account using Chrome, and it made me do some bullshit mouse and cheese puzzle to prove i was human. Only it broke, and it kept making me do them. First it asked for me to do 5 puzzles, but once i'd done 5, it jumped to do 20 of them?! Anyway, bathe in my glory: Interesting that they don't even update the word 'games' to be singular. Lame.
  5. I'm presuming the third site is porn. Pokémon themed.
  6. Often when playing a game, i'll wonder how far I am through it. Not just if the game is crap, or dragging the plot, but also if it is great, i'll be curious how far through I am. Obviously Googling how far you are is a bit of a minefield, as you can easily spoil yourself if you're not careful. So you are left trying to work it out based on the number of collectables, trophies, etc. I recently started up Uncharted (the first one), and it tells you how far you are through the story as a percentage every time you save, which I really like. I believe some people however, would prefer not to know - they would rather stay in the dark right up until the final credits. It's weird though, because in other forms of media, you usually know exactly how much longer you have to go. Books for example, it's very hard to hide how much further you have left, and I think that it tends to add to the excitement (or disappointment) as you near the end of a book and feel the pages dwindling. With films, it's usually as easy as pausing it, or checking the clock, but that usually only really happens when you aren't enjoying the film, and want it to end quickly. Anyway, do you prefer to know exactly how far you are into a game? Or would you prefer for it to remain a mystery?
  7. General Movie Thread

    That actually looks really good - much more Nolan than Snyder. We watched Encanto once it made it onto Disney +. It was ok. It starts off a bit confusingly as they have to try and introduce a zillion characters all with special powers, but once it gets going in the middle, it's pretty good. There are a couple of really catchy songs in it (Surface Pressure being the best imo), but then it kind of just fizzles out at the end. 5/10 Also watched The Suicide Squad. I feel like all this had to do was be better than the previous one, and that seems like all it tried to do. I quite enjoyed it - it definitely had a better tone than the other one - if you are going to focus on the really wacky, crazy DC characters, you have to do it in a wacky, crazy way. 7/10
  8. General TV Thread

    Finished it last night. Would not recommend. Should have been a 2 hour film rather than a 6 hour series. Even then, it would have dragged.
  9. Marvel's Phase 4

    Everything up until he put on a silly costume looked really good - really intriguing. It looks like two different shows, but i'm likely going to watch it anyway. Also, after having almost every American character played by a Brit in all their previous shows/films, they finally set a show in London and cast an American!? Not too sold on his accent. Sounds a bit Frank Spencer.
  10. Virtual Reality

    To be honest, the same criticism could be had of PC gaming in general. Steam helped to reduce the number of bugs and other fucking around, but the hardware differences between multiple PCs means that you will always have issues. The Quest has the advantage of always having the same hardware running the same games, so it usually 'just works'. Hopefully, in the future, the standalone headsets will be powerful enough (or will connect to a standard console or external PC), making the experience easier.
  11. Playground Rumours

    Oh, you mean this one?
  12. happy bobday 

    1. bob


      Thank you. I had the bobest of days.

  13. General TV Thread

    We're continuing on with this, even though it hasn't really picked up the pace. At least stuff has actually happened in the last couple of episodes. One thing I find quite weird, is the Mossbacher family, and their approach to money. Supposedly, the mother is the CEO of a large tech firm, and so you would assume is quite well paid/rich. However, so much of the dialogue and situation that they are in, makes it seem like the don't have much money - for a start, why are they in a suite with only one bedroom, and all three kids have to sleep in the lounge? It really makes it seem like they were written as a much poorer family, and then at the last second, they decided to make the mother a CEO.
  14. General TV Thread

    Has anyone else watch The White Lotus? It supposed to be one of the highest rated shows of last year. My wife wanted to watch it, so we gave the first few episodes a try (I think we're halfway through). Neither of us is particularly impressed tbh. It's reeeeeeeeeeally slow. You keep thinking something is about to happen - it seems to be building up, but then....nothing. The whole show has this sort of weird tension, but nothing actually happens.
  15. God of War (PS4)

    Finished the main story last night.