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  1. How long do we have to wait before using this argument?
  2. Christ, this is like a bad fan made Pokémon game, using crappy Deviantart versions of gen 1 pokemon.
  3. Weren't you complaining in a different thread about companies releasing games with no marketing, or without talking about them?
  4. I don't know why you're all whining about there not being enough games that cater to your needs while you all have backlogs a mile long.
  5. Mobile Phone Chat

    Aaaah, brilliant, thank you. Been bugging me for ages.
  6. Mobile Phone Chat

    I can't for the life of me work out what this icon means on my new phone - the one on the left. I've tried turning various things on and off, and it won't go away, so I'm assuming it's something important? Anyone else have this? Its on Android 9.
  7. Awesome stuff thread

    This guy is incredible, i can't even fathom how he does this.
  8. General TV Thread

    Anyone else watch The Capture on BBC1? Really gripping start, but the finale on Tuesday was a bit.....meh. It wasn't a bad ending, but not particularly satisfying.
  9. I suppose one difference between phones/tablets and consoles is that once you've spent £400 in a console, you will want to spend £30-£50 on each game to play on it, so over the lifetime of the console, you could end up spending double that.
  10. For something like VR, it makes sense, as it will add to the immersion of reading out and touching an item, or running your hands through liquid etc. For console gaming in front of a TV, it's just a gimmick.
  11. Yeah, but I didn't realise that the thing that was chasing me after that was the same fish!
  12. Sometimes certain things just fall through the gaps - I remember when I played Wind Waker, I didn't realise you could actually talk to that fish that chases your boat around in the sea. I thought it was an enemy, so I just ran away from it each time, and then never got the advice that it gives you (can't remember what it says, but I know I spent ages sailing around trying to work out where to go next).
  13. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Oh hey, it's WarlockFace!
  14. General TV Thread

    Recently watched both The Boys on Amazon and The Politician on Netflix. Both were ok, although I enjoyed The Boys more. One thing that annoyed me about both, which seems to be happening more and more, is the way that many shows seem to spend more time setting up season 2 than they do actually creating a satisfying season 1. I'm all for a bit of a cliffhanger to pique interest, but The Boys basically wrapped nothing up - it was almost like a mid-season finale than a end of season one. The Politician actually could have finished at episode 7, but spent the whole of episode 8 seeing up the next season, which just ruined the whole pacing of the show.