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  1. Looks ridic, but at least they're trying something new. I'm guessing they backtrack and release the Dualshock 5 instead - exactly the same as the 4.
  2. Indie Games

    Been waiting ages for a good French scrapbooking game.
  3. PC Gaming Discussion

    At least crop your pee glass out of the picture.
  4. Nice little tool. I notice it also has a dark mode, [email protected] should be happy.
  5. To travel to someone's island, do you both need an online subscription, or is it only the traveller who needs it?
  6. Thanks, but i meant at what point from the start of the game. Do you need to have built the shop? Do you just buy them from Timmy?
  7. When are you able to buy and sell turnips?
  8. Disney+

    Does it matter what order you watch the Star Wars animated series in?
  9. Questions

    Pretty sure that's Numberwang isn't it?
  10. You know what? You're right. I just bought AC.
  11. Gotta Get Thru This

    My feelings throughout this period can be summed up by this image: Basically my job allows me to work from home, and its been working very well. Thing is, all i read about on here and elsewhere online are all the people who are stuck at home with loads of time to play video games, while i still have basically the same amount of free time i always had... I realise i shouldn't complain, because i am extremely lucky to still have a job, but it's kind of frustrating - i want to buy Animal Crossing damnit!