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  1. What Have You Bought?

    How much did you pay for your German, custom-made, bit of rectangular felt?
  2. 3DS eShop Thread

  3. bad stuff thread.

    That's what titty tape is for.
  4. Roam about the streets with vaccine rifle. It's the only way.
  5. Hades (PC, Switch)

    I'm addicted to Poms! The keepsake that P gives you that gifts you a random Pom level after each 4 encounters is my new jam. The other day I got that duo boon that gives you a +1 pom level each time you pick one up, as well as the +1 pom level with every nectar pick up. By the end, all of my boons were double figure levelled! Love it! Trying to go through and get as many of the legendary/duo boons as I can now, as well as doing as many things in the Fated lists as i can.
  6. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Just leaving this absolute banger here.
  7. Managed to move our second doses forward to July 31st. Woop woop!
  8. PC Gaming Discussion

    I'm always a bit skeptical of Valve's hardware offerings, because they are making so much money from Steam I don't really see why they keep releasing things. There's no way their hardware department makes any money, and yet they keep coming out with these oddities. Leads me to conclude that it must be a tax dodge or something; funnelling all profits through their hardware department because the rate is lower for physical products than software....or something. And they have to produce something every few years to justify it. Anyway, looks like a beefy Switch.
  9. Hades (PC, Switch)

    Finally got the complete ending last night after 89 escape attempts. Pretty good. Enjoyed the credits music.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    Some of us had to make do with BBC1, BBC2, ITV and S4C.
  11. Marvel's Phase 4

    Going to go: Loki Wandavision Captain Falcon CF&WS had some good moments, but the baddies and plot were so lame and predictable. I loved the feeling of mystery in Wandavision, and not knowing where it was going out what the fuck was happening. Loki was great. Loved the settings, music, Owen Wilson, weird versions of Loki, and many of the ideas. The ending did fall a bit short, but seeing how they were using it to set up the next slew of films, I can forgive it a bit. The whole episode kind of felt like a really long after credits scene.
  12. General Movie Thread

    But why doesn't anyone else have manga eyes? It was just really off-putting. The rest of the film was ok though. I wish it had been more complete though, rather than leaving such an open ending.
  13. General Movie Thread

    Watched Alita: Battle Angel. It actually was much better than I was expecting, right up until the point it ends before the story is resolved. Crap ending. Also, why are her eyes so big? Looks very creepy.
  14. My wife's school is going to continue to enforce bubbles and social distancing at school for the one remaining week before the summer holidays because......well. Why the hell would you drop all precautions in schools one week before they break up for summer?
  15. Football Season 2020-21

    Fucks sake England. We tune in 5 minutes late (couldn't find the remote) and you go and score within the first 2 minutes!