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  1. Exercise & Fitness: 2019 Edition!

    Miss World is literally a beauty contest though. I feel like it's one of the few times it's ok to criticise someone's appearance?
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    The touchscreen is actually really useful for putting in text for email addresses and passwords etc. I would be disappointed if they removed it.
  3. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I think it's because I have large hands, so the larger 'prongs' of the Xbox controller fit better. I would imagine if my hands were smaller, smaller 'prongs' would feel better. Unless they started making different size controllers, people are always going to have a preference based on that I guess.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    It's definitely the least comfortable of the three, but other than that it does everything a controller should.
  5. General Switch Discussion

    Bandai Namco's Metroid Prime 4!
  6. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Missable trophies are arse. That's part of why I stopped playing Yakuza 0 before - i realised I missed one and got all pissed off. I don't even usually go for platinums!
  7. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    Marvel's Ultimate Alliance looks like something I may buy. Not that fussed about anything else.
  8. Funny Stuff Thread

    Found this quite funny
  9. My first thought when watching that trailer was 'OMG is that a chain chomp?! I can't imagine the backlash there's going to be about adding Mario things into Zelda game! People are going to be piiiiiissed!' Then I read this thread and found that I'm 26 years late in having this thought.
  10. The Disney Thread

    I feel pretty teased.
  11. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Just delete the 'NES' part of the title here? With 2 (two!) games a month, this thread is unlikely to become overwhelmed...
  12. The Disney Thread

    If only the name reflected the nature of the media format!
  13. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    Jonah Lomu Rugby Remaster feat. Mario + Rabbids
  14. Sunlight? Which hemisphere are you in?
  15. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Decided I'd at least try and complete one of the last free games I got - Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry, before I lose the ability to do so. Remembered all the reasons why I stopped. The game has crashed three times in one hour, and some of the AI is such bullshit. I don't know how this uses the same game engine as Black Flag - I don't remember nearly as many issues with that game!