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  1. General Switch Discussion

    I was in London visiting friends actually. I had a lovely time, and it's nice of you to ask.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Argos sell them as well.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    I think I might get one too in the new year. They look really cool, and the thought of playing smash solely on joycons makes my fingers hurt.
  4. The Game Awards 2018

    Technically, they're animals.
  5. Football Season 2018/19

    I honestly though Guendouzi was Chinese for ages until I saw a picture.
  6. Do we think this might have co-op a la Diablo?
  7. Marvel's Phase Three

    "Avengers: Don't worry, they're not all dead!"
  8. The Game Awards 2018

    The Outer Worlds looks like it could be a renamed Borderlands 3 - similar sort of humour, setting and gameplay. Looks interesting. Looks like I'll have to play God of War at some point then - supposedly it's quite good? Might as well wait for it to completely drop in price though.
  9. Mario Tennis Aces

    I think your comment may be falling on deaf, Smash-playing, ears...
  10. Marvel's Phase Three

    If the title is a spoiler, what does it spoil? I assumed it might be a spoiler for Captain Marvel, so wouldn't be revealed until after that had been released. But that's obviously too far away, so it'll be interesting to find out what exactly it spoils. Maybe it just spoils the ending to Infinity War, and they wanted to make sure everyone has seen that first...
  11. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    Yes, and he's right.