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  1. Can't eat food while in combat?
  2. General Movie Thread

    My childhood died. That's who.
  3. General Movie Thread

    Those are literally the premises (premise?) of the films! Apart from maybe Toy Story 3, but that one's 11 years old now, so it's not my fault if you haven't seen it. I just miss the early days of Pixar, when they used to make great family films. Their latest output is clearly very good, I just think they changed their tone a while back and it isn't for me.
  4. I'm assuming you need wood? If so, I haven't used any wood for the entirety of the game, so I am carrying around an entire lumber yard in my pockets, apparently for this moment!
  5. So I got this for my birthday, but haven't had the time to fire it up yet. Finally got an hour or two to myself at the weekend and started it. Hnnnnnnnnnnng!!!!! The first one is probably in my top 5 games of all time, and this one is just... It feels so good to be just swinging around New York again. I love that this one is set at Christmas time, gives the whole city a new feel, even though it's the same place. I can't wait to play more!
  6. This game man. I realised while trying to get a scale off the fire dragon, that I had only actually seen two dragons. Video game logic demands that there are likely to be three, and after 80+ hours playing the game, I hadn't seen the third one. So I Googled it, and apparently there's a whole special quest where you save the third one from Ganon's darkness, which also explains what the dragons are and why you need their scales in the first place? I just....missed it somehow? Not only that, but I went 80+ hours without knowing of, or seeing a shooting/falling star, and then suddenly one drops down in front of me?! And then I find out that you can buy a fucking house?! I swear you could play this game for 150+ hours and still find new things. Anyway, I'm at 93 shrines now and wondering if it is really time to storm the castle...
  7. General Movie Thread

    Watched Onward at the weekend. I actually quite liked it. It was definitely better than Soul. My wife didn't feel the same - she was crying at the end and was generally just a bit miserable. I fully believe that the writers at Pixar gather together when discussing the next film, and work out who is going to die this time. They appear to have a one track mind now. Up - "What if your wife died?" Toy Story 3 - "What if your toys came to life, and then died?" Onward - "What if your father died?" The Good Dinosaur - "What if your parents died?" Coco - "What if all your family died?" Soul - "What if you died?" Pixar used to make children's films that adults could enjoy; they now make adult films that children might(?) enjoy.
  8. Marvel's Phase 4

    New thread, new me.
  9. Resident Evil Village

    How can you say it's overrated when no-ones rated it yet?
  10. Understatement of the year.
  11. I'm currently 80% of the way through Rhythm of War. I'm enjoying it much more than Oathbringer, but I still worry that Brando Sando going a bit OTT as this series goes on. He seems to be throwing so much extra stuff in it as each book progresses, i feel it has the potential to get bogged down under so much detail. Still, I'm looking forward to see where he ends up.
  12. The Trump Over

    Surely not! Surely a President who suggested appointing his 10 year old son to head of 'cyber', knew what he was doing the whole time!
  13. So, this was released a few weeks ago, is anyone here thinking about getting it?
  14. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    Surely you are already thinking about playing it or you wouldn't have posted in this thread?
  15. PC Gaming Discussion

    Phew! I was worried about your knees!
  16. I realised that I hadn't been doing any of the Princess Zelda memories; I think I left them until later, as I thought it would be easier to do once I knew more of the landmarks in the photos. Turns out I was right - they're pretty easy when you recognise the locations, but the memories definitely aren't worth waiting for. I thought they might add in a bit more story, but they (so far) are just boring interactions between Zelda and Link. Still working my way through the odd shrine, and discovering new locations. I've got a backlog of several side quests that still need doing, but most of them are dull fetch quests, so I've got to hype myself up into doing those at some point. It's tough to know when you're going to be ready to storm the castle, as you can always say 'oh just one more heart', or 'i'll just stock up on some more hearty truffles' or 'I need to farm for some better weapons'. I should probably just go for it tbh, but i'm a weakling who wants it to be as easy as possible.
  17. Clearly there are multiple Mario:
  18. PC Gaming Discussion

    Looks sweet. Do you kneel at the desk or sort of crouch down?
  19. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    Don't be sad! Remember that ultimately Pokémon is just a game and none of it really matters.
  20. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    Does Meganium have a Mega? If it does, is it called MegaMeganium?
  21. Staking out her territory, obviously.
  22. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Don't even get me started about Nintendo and their crazy font use!
  23. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Shhh you. No cake for you tomorrow.
  24. So I've finally found some time to play this game again while my wife watches Bridgerton and my son watches the back of his own eyelids. After finding the secret to killing Guardians, I went to the outskirts of the castle area and farmed a few of them. I still can't get the hang of the shield parry thing - I can maybe time it right 1 time out of 3, so I just resort to freezing them and hacking their legs off. I also did a few of the test of strength shrines, so I'm riding high with cool blue weapons, machine parts and other loot. I decided that i wanted to upgrade some of my armour to max level before I attempted the castle proper, so i decided that I needed to kill some Lynels. I have previously only killed one, but I found online a good strategy to taking down the buggers (freeze, shoot in face, climb on back and wail around with a good weapon). I've managed to kill three more, and collected enough Lynel guts to upgrade two of the soldiers armour set. The rest of the time i've spent wandering around looking for a few more shrines. I'm at 70-75 I think? I don't think i'll get too much more before I storm the castle, but I there still seems like plenty to see and do.
  25. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    What is it with Nintendo slapping the word 'New' on the front of a name and going home?