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  1. Yeah, I have an LG remote with a similar thing going on (dedicated Netflix and Prime buttons). It's very handy though so I'm not knocking it. Strange to see Disney Plus on there and not Prime.
  2. A PS5 disc drive console from Amazon as well as a Pulse headset. The headset was a fiver off at Curries which I was pretty happy about. I have the revised Sony Gold PS4 headset (the one less likely to break) which is a bit shoddy. The microphone is worse than the original Gold headset (which I had and was great, but it wore out), and the connection with the dongle often cuts out (again, unlike the first one). Even though I've had it for nearly 2 years I'm going to see if I can get a refund from Amazon. I'm not planning on getting any games at launch since they're extortionate and will go down in price, but that could change depending on whether Cyberpunk ends up something truly special. Really, I have loads of games still to play which will benefit from PS5 right away, so I'm really looking forward to the console.
  3. Do you think Days Gone is underrated?

    I'm also playing this game and enjoying it quite a lot. From what I understand, the game was patched a fair bit and is now a lot better for it, which may explain the review scores the game got at launch. I also noticed the trend in not calling zombies zombies in these sorts of games/TV. Not just that, but even the concept of zombies in fiction never existed in these series, to the point that everyone is utterly confused about what is happening to people when they suddenly start tearing everyone apart.
  4. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    My main concern though is what will it be like when playing actual next gen games, and what it'll be like after time. The Series X/S doesn't have the holes to vacuum out dust.
  5. Yeah, it would be real neat if there was some auto upload feature while the PS5 goes into sleep mode, that subsequently deletes the videos off the local drive after uploading (if you set it to).
  6. I suspect that space may get filled. On the PS4 you have an activity feed for each game and updates and so on. I'm guessing it's blank now because the PS5 isn't even out yet it might be like that. Even so, I don't mind it, it puts emphasis on the background image which looks quite nice. All the extra space on screen makes it look quite clean and uncluttered. Remember though to be wary of the internet echo chamber.
  7. Out of interest, why do you think the icons need to be bigger? On a TV they're going to be quite big at that scale, and easily readable. I think it's better to fill the screen with the stuff that stems from the icons to be honest.
  8. Strange that you would think that, especially given that the PS5 has the fastest SSD of the new consoles by some margin.
  9. Ah, that old fallback. It was sarcasm guys, you just didn't get it. [emoji6]
  10. It's not really that nerdy though, is it? The OS video shows how quickly you can get into games, switch between them, and do new things like view videos in line in party chats. It's all quite cool stuff and will translate to a much smoother gaming experience, so it's no surprise that people are interested in it.
  11. Surely that shows just how much people are looking forward to the system then, it's just a video about the UI but it's clocking 6 million views!
  12. Yeah, one thing that is clear is how much people are looking forward to the PS5. We are in a very different situation now with COVID and people being at home more, and coming off the back of really strong first party support on the PS4...people really want the PS5 now. With the QoL improvements and backwards compatibility there's a stronger case than ever to get one at launch too. About a month now! Can't wait...
  13. Well I can reply to that too. Musou games by design are just incredibly flawed. Tons of enemies standing around doing almost nothing, and the need to clear out bases in a formulaic fashion.
  14. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    Yeah, I started on Mario 64 a couple of weeks back. To be honest I got maybe 40 stars in and unlocked a few extra areas but don't find myself longing to go back. It's weird, Mario 64 is easily one of the most significant games of all time and I think from a control standpoint it has aged very well, but as a game I feel it lacks the charm of something like Banjo Kazooie, and the camera is annoying as fuck.
  15. This is great, just a small list and not exactly very popular games.