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  1. Hey, any chance you can let me in?
  2. @Tales nice price you got there. Any chance you'll have your gates open around 3 UK time / 4 CEST?
  3. Have to agree, it's growing on me too. I think the coloured mockups definitely made me warm to it, since there'll inevitably be more than one colour option down the line.
  4. It's possible that the shape buttons have no colour because they will light up. Time will tell.
  5. The light bar was also used for tracking (for VR) so made sense in that respect for it to go where it did. Maybe this time round they are using some other tech for VR tracking. Some people like the light but I wouldn't care if they got rid of it.
  6. Well it depends how long the people in that thread had their PS4 controllers for. I noticed on a controller that I'd had for years that the battery life was nowhere near what it used to be. That said if I bought a new controller knowing it should have 4-8 hours I'd sure be returning it if it started out on 4. For DualSense Sony have said that battery is one of the areas this has improved on, so I'd be expecting at least 10 hours here.
  7. How long did you have the controller for? And what light setting was it on? I'm just wondering because regardless of what Sony say (probably to cover themselves), it should be more like 8-10 based on my experience with 5 different pads over the years. I know you didn't play your PS4 much so maybe it was running out of juice between plays, which I know happened with my Wii U controller.
  8. Something is definitely wrong with your controller if it's only lasting 4 hours! I'm glad they stuck with the symmetrical stick placement. Also, this internet mockup of colours makes me excited for coloured versions.
  9. It was the height of Sony arrogance. Pure reinvention of the wheel!
  10. I'm guessing they absolutely won't do that.
  11. Yeah, I'm not sure what to think. It's chunkier and possibly more comfortable than the PS4 controller, so that's good. But it has the same sticks by the look of it, so I'll probably be putting covers on it again. Other than that it looks mostly the same. Hey, if the battery is improved and it feels good, that's great with me.
  12. Nice one, keep us posted. Just a note for anyone selling turnips, this is a very neat tool for queuing people in so as not to cause an annoying situation with too many joiners/leavers happening at once.
  13. Were you trying to get to the airport to leave? If so, do note that you can press the - button to leave much quicker that way.
  14. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I'm not sure about that, but I would have thought both people would need an online subscription to play online.
  15. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    if it rains on the island you visit I found that helpful as it would disable the chance of tiger beetles spawning, skyrocketing the chance of tarantulas spawning. But that was back in March, before the emergence of water beetles...