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  1. The Jimquisition Thread

    We will have to agree to disagree on that one.
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    A big upgrade, checkerboard rendering up to 4k resolution and up to 60 FPS in many games that were 1080p/30fps. This is coming from someone who spent thousands of hours on each system. PS4 Pros are also not particularly expensive either these days. Would need a decent 4k TV to see the full benefits though.
  3. The Jimquisition Thread

    But only 3 days since you were moaning about something, in all likelihood.
  4. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    That's just not true, PS4 has a higher content output (particularly big multiplatform games) yet puts out PS2 ports. If you're going to say it as matter of fact then please provide some evidence. The way I see it, Nintendo have even used VC as marketing for new games (see Pokémon Gold/Silver). Sure there is. More money. And if Switch continues to sell well, when will there ever be a point of releasing VC? Then before you know it they're onto Switch 2 and they've missed out on however many years they they could have been selling VC titles for. Wii did when Nintendo stopped supporting it properly, about two thirds of the way into its life. Which could well happen to Switch, given most of its big first party games have already come out. And VC was already out before things started going south for Wii, back when it was very successful and getting a lot of support. Doesn't matter what stats you present, you and I both know that there's only so much Nintendo can do themselves long term and Switch misses out on a lot of big games. VC is an easy way to make up for the sales it's not getting - VC titles also are pitched well at the indie crowd which Switch is fostering. Heck, a lot of indie titles even try to recreate the feeling of said SNES games. It's the perfect fit. Just look at the top 5 games now in the charts; only one is a game available on Switch (FIFA), it's not a first party game, and you can bet the lion's share of sales won't be on Switch. Maybe little Timmy buys both? Maybe little Timmy buys £60 worth of VC titles? Without any evidence that VC causes people to shun new titles, this is a meaningless discussion. You can say "I'm just presenting a possibility" all you like, but with nothing to support it I'm calling that Nintendo are just mismanaging the situation. Like how they rushed out the Switch with a barebones UI and a delayed online subscription service, I feel it's much more likely that they haven't planned this out properly.
  5. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Ronnie, I plainly stated that the specific angle you were going for wasn’t worth considering because it didn’t make sense, not because it was just you saying it. Nintendo and other console manufacturers have released VC games alongside other titles in the past, so the idea that it is suddenly causing an issue with mindshare (when they are already releasing NES games anyway) doesn’t make any sense. Your examples in favour of your argument are also tenuous. There is a world of difference between releasing Mario Odyssey and Zelda on the same day as releasing VC titles and anything else. For one, VC titles are generally cheap and people can afford them and other games at the same time. A lot of VC titles are also on the shorter side or can be played more easily in bursts/levels, owing to the way games use to be, so people can pick them up and still have time for other titles. When it comes down to it though, at its peak the Wii was releasing and selling a butt loads of games and VC titles at the same time. If there was a mindshare issue I don’t see that this would have happened. I also think you are vastly overestimating the Switch. It’s certainly popular but it misses out on a lot of big multiplatform games. It has indie titles to make up for this but first party VC should also be high on the priority list as it’s 100% profit for them, and they’ve done this porting so many times now.
  6. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Ronnie I just want to point out that you responded saying "What are you on about" which is instantly dismissive and disrespectful, so please don't try to play the victim card here. They are already putting time and effort into VC but for NES, games most people don't want. So the idea that they are not interested into putting time and effort in favour of other things doesn't make much sense. How much time and effort should VC need anyway? They have ported these VC titles loads of times before. They should be masters. Also - they stand to make 100% of the profit of first party VC sales, versus just a cut from third party new games, so there really isn't any reason they should be prioritising other companies releases over their own VC games. Timing releases to cover software droughts is different to when you have a reasonably healthy console.
  7. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    It’s a business strategy in the same way that the Wii U was. A poor one. They are sitting on a goldmine of games and have wasted years when they could have been making money off them. The idea that making VC games available would hurt sales of their new games is not even worth considering. By the same reckoning Nintendo would not allow indie titles on their machine as people might buy them instead of their games.
  8. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    You give Nintendo too much credit. There are obvious reasons why Nintendo should do lots of things yet they never do them.
  9. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    When has it stopped them before?
  10. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Why? VC is money for old rope on their part, no game to develop.
  11. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    That's pretty funny. Especially the foo who destroyed his PS4 in protest.
  12. good stuff thread.

    Wow, I can't imagine how much hard work that must have taken! Congratulations! A very noble profession too, if I might add.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Excellent news. I have been looking forward to this for a while, the game sounds amazing. Edit: doh, thought this was the Outer Wilds. That one I'm really looking forward to. This looks good too though.
  14. Indie Games

    So Moonlighter is now free on the Epic games store, a nice game to see added!
  15. General Switch Discussion

    How is the tin foil hat fitting you?