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  1. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Hell yeah. The original Resistance was awesome, I lost so many hours to playing that online. Give me the bullseye and I was unstoppable. [emoji14]
  2. Hades (PC, Switch)

    Yeah you can encounter the minotaur on his own as a miniboss in that region - but then still have to face him with Theseus at the end of the level too. If I recall though, he turns up slightly weakened for the end of level boss fight if you fought him earlier.
  3. I own every US #1 horror film (1922-2021)

    That's a whole lot of films. I take it horror is your favourite film genre?
  4. I wouldn't say it's contradictory. Sony could have put in microtransactions and released DLC if profit was their only concern. They left money on the table in this regard which suggests money was not the only focus. That's not to say profit isn't a concern at all. Of course it is. Which might explain why they reduced its price accordingly, to ultimately increase end profit in the manner I suggested. I strongly believe that keeping the game price at £60 the whole generation would have resulted in far fewer people picking it up. Not everyone has that money. I can absolutely vouch that there are loads of Nintendo games I never pick up because of their more or less fixed prices. GoW is a system seller for sure but another term might be a "system justifier". By releasing quality exclusives throughout the last generation they have no doubt convinced people to stay with PlayStation into the next generation.
  5. This point keeps getting raised but nobody has any proof that holding your game's price at £60 for years is the absolute correct thing to do. I realise we can't really prove it, but let's consider the alternative. For all we know, reducing the price after 4/6/8 months helps bring in new customers, keep your game in the public eye, sell extra copies you otherwise wouldn't have, and ultimately make more profit than you otherwise would've if you didn't lower the price. I also mentioned before that games like God of War aren't made to make maximum possible profit (which is why they don't have microtransactions); they are system sellers. So reducing the price to sell more copies (and therefore consoles) might be their aim. So saying "they shouldn't be lowering the price" isn't necessarily true for those sorts of exclusives. I am of the opinion that a lot of people wouldn't buy nearly as many games if they were all priced at RRP, it's not a simple solution that publishers should just hold their prices.
  6. Outer Wilds

    Ah man, the dying trophy. Believe it or not I died before encountering the statue in the village. Let's just say it's not pleasant to die before the loop is established. [emoji14]
  7. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    What do you mean "since they became multiplatform"? Insomniac have always had the choice to release their games on whatever platform they want, until they got bought out. They were not restricted by any technical limitations or archeticture hinderances like Bethesda were with their games. If you look at the system requirements of many of Bethesda's games, you were not going to get them running on SNES or PS1! Instead of arbitrarily gating the list like that (and giving equal weight to app games), if you look at all the games Insomniac have released, most of their big titles have been PlayStation exclusives. They've even practically made mascots for PlayStation with the likes of Spyro and Ratchet. That counts for a lot more than you'd think. In fact there's only very few games they even put out on Xbox, not like with Bethesda who have released all their big games on both main consoles since 2007, starting with Oblivion. These different situations make direct comparisons tenuous - if you were to show someone Insomniac's game development history you would forgive them for thinking they were a PlayStation brand already. I am certain that many people gaming today would not have thought Bethesda was in Microsoft's pocket prior to the takeover. The biggest reason this comparison doesn't sit right is because ultimately, it's all about what the players with each console lose when each company goes exclusive. Insomniac were not putting out much on Xbox to begin with - in fact, Sunset Overdrive is the only game they have put on an Xbox console that I've even heard of. Bethesda on the other hand...Christ. There's so many games there that Sony gamers have been used to getting, that they now won't. It's actually a bit depressing to think about how much is getting taken away, how much they had access to but now won't. I get that you want to make the situations seem comparable but will you at least agree the impact to gamers on each console is very, very different?
  8. Outer Wilds

    Ah man, one of the most fun trophies in this game involves landing on something that's very challenging. A hell of a lot of fun. I won't spoil it, you might even have figured out out already.
  9. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    None of the other consoles of that time would have run Morrowind. It run on Xbox...just barely. It definitely wouldn't have run on PS2. Remember, it wasn't even until that era of consoles that hard drives were a thing! You're also mentioning other companies with less intensive games that feasibly could be ported over without too much work. I think you need to remember that only a slim fraction of games got ported from PC back then, it's not like it is now. PCs and consoles are very homogenised now. Back to my point though, the past is the past, Bethesda since moved on and became almost entirely multiplatform. The Insomniac comparison doesn't work because almost everything they have ever done has been PlayStation. Insomniac certainly didn't release a bevy of massive games on Xbox over several generations prior to their takeover!
  10. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Because it wasn't until the original Xbox that it could actually run games like Morrowind - and even then only just. At the time Morrowind was a technical powerhouse, you're mentioning PC to console games like Sim City but they were a joke to run compared to Morrowind. There was also a lot of work involved in porting games of that magnitude to console back then, it wasn't generally something that was automatically done like it is for every big multiplatform game now which almost always go to all platforms. Saying it was a PC exclusive is hardly indicative of a special relationship with Microsoft, back then if you were a PC game developer you didn't really have a choice to go anywhere else!
  11. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Honestly, I would not say this is a convincing comparison. Bethesda have some "exclusive" history *years* back with Microsoft (when, let's be honest, PC had no competition and consoles couldn't really run Elder Scrolls games). For many years now they have been putting their biggest games onto as many platforms as they can. Skyrim is on almost everything! Meanwhile Insomniac have been making almost all PlayStation games for their entire existence. They made Sunset Overdrive for Xbox, but that's the only exclusive they made for Xbox. There is really no credible comparison to be made here, I don't think. For many years now Bethesda have released game after game across all platforms. A relationship a long time ago doesn't make them an exclusive developer "in all but name" *now*.
  12. And what about games like FIFA? They should stay at £60 for a few years, even when the next one comes out every year? As I said...Nintendo's strategy does not make sense for everyone. And there's no proof it's the best strategy, you might sell more copies by reducing the price and make more profit overall.
  13. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Come on, Bethesda have been for a good while a massive multiplatfotm developer with some of the biggest multiplatform games out there, literally some of the absolute biggest games like Skyrim and Fallout. People on Sony consoles have enjoyed their games for a good few generations now, almost as long as Xbox consoles have had them. You're comparing this to the takeover of Insomniac, c'maan. Look at Insomniac's games, they were practically PlayStation developers most of their history. You can't compare this to Bethesda, the situation is so very different!
  14. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Exactly. This is also why Xbox timed exclusivity of Tomb Raider stung particularly, given the close association of Tomb Raider with PlayStation. Buying Bethesda was purely to stop gamers from playing their games on another platform. Bethesda were a multiplatform developer, their games would have released on Xbox anyway!
  15. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Sorry [mention=883]Dcubed[/mention], but that's a load of spin and not true at all. Also we were talking about Bethesda. When it comes to Bethesda they bought them so Xbox has the next Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc, while their competition doesn't. They could have easily not bought Bethesda and those games would have come to Xbox anyway, as multiplatform games. Buying Bethesda was clearly a hostile move to bring people over to their platform. All those reasons you have sound exactly like the nonsense that was peddled when the second Tomb Raider game on Xbox One was announced as an exclusive ("allow them to focus on the platform, etc"). Initially it wasn't clear it was just a timed exclusive, then they brought it to PS4 anyway after a year!