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  1. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Problem with that is if you trade your legendary for the other one then you don't have the original one anymore. Some people want to keep both, not just have a tick mark in their Pokédex.
  2. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    That's not true at all, I know back in the Red and Blue days many people who bought both games to get the different Pokémon. And since Gold and Silver there's been different legendaries too, so even more incentive. Unless things have changed in terms of what you get on each game then I imagine that a sizeable chunk of people still buy both.
  3. Tunic

    Interesting, since I quite enjoyed Death's Door. Will have to check this one out.
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    It usually quickly corrects itself. The hours estimate is based on averaging the connection speed every second, which at the beginning is typically almost nothing.
  5. Virtual Reality

    Exactly. For the money, and compared to competitor VR headsets, this is actually very good value. But it is still expensive, so attracts the usual sort of ire.
  6. Virtual Reality

    Well you said Sony have a terrible history with BC. That is simply untrue - only one of their home consoles did not have BC. Mentioning other consoles was to show this is better than some of their competition. Yes they did. This is no different to the DSi dropping GBA support or the Wii Mini dropping Gamecube support. And the reason I bring these examples, before you comment, is that it's not uncommon for cheaper revised models to drop BC features. They need to bring the unit cost down somehow. That said, the newer models continued to play PS1 games, so BC wasn't entirely gone. You might but that doesn't mean most will (again, going by previous data on BC use). Given how negative you are about "lacking content" it makes no sense to me that you would even buy PSVR2, even if it did have BC.The sorts of people who would pay this kind of money are enthusiasts, people who likely already have PSVR1 or want the latest tech - the kind of people that I don't think will be put off by the issue of practicality.
  7. Virtual Reality

    But it costs significantly more. Probably £1.2k at least for a high-end PC that runs VR at high settings, then £500+ on top for a standard VR model (even then likely outspecced by PSVR2). Valve Index costs £920. So you could even be paying more than double for that high end PC VR setup than PSVR2. Suddenly PSVR2 looks good value - albeit not mainstream priced. Factor in that many people either have or intend to acquire a PS5 anyway and you can basically cross the console off the cost of the VR setup. Not so with a PC VR setup - unless you upgraded very recently and went high on specs, most people will need to upgrade some parts for VR at good quality to be viable. I doubt it will have much effect in the grand scheme of things, people generally don't buy new systems to play old games. Certainly didn't stop the Switch taking off. What will make the difference is how well Sony support it with new software, and how good the tech works. PSVR1 was rather low spec and that didn't help it - so I can totally see why they're focused on making a more premium product this time. Also you are wrong on PlayStation's "terrible history of BC". Aside from the PS4 every sequel home console they made has had backwards compatibility. PS2 could play PS1, PS3 could play PS1 and PS2 (latter was better in the US, and launch model only), and PS5 can play PS4. Only PS4 has no BC. Meanwhile the SNES, N64, GameCube and Switch have no BC. And if you're going to cite the different media in use, if Nintendo wanted to they could have still allowed Switch to play Wii U games digitally, or release an optional external disc drive. Instead they would rather sell the games again on Switch. Microsoft are doing it best, but Nintendo are doing it worst.
  8. Virtual Reality

    People will pay more than £1k just for a high-end PC to play VR games, not even counting the cost of then buying the headset.
  9. Virtual Reality

    I disagree here, I actually think that price is reasonable for the specs. No it's not cheap but decent virtual reality headsets never are (and they're a bit 'you get what pay for'). I'm not sure what people were expecting given the known specs. People are already clamouring to buy a PS5 at £480, at £40 more this is not outside the realm of affordability for enthusiastic early adopters. And as we saw with PSVR1, the price will come down with time. I also feel like this sort of price is a lot more acceptable now - not just because of the XSX and PS5, but how people will drop far more than this on new phones they don't really need. This isn't like the £210 DualSense Edge, that was a pisstake on a whole different level.
  10. Oh. You some kind of big shot then?
  11. Who is thesaunderschild? I feel like that is relevant.
  12. Bayonetta 3 (28th October)

    Funny you should say that, I always consider Switch multiplatform scores to be inflated on Metacritic despite usually being the technically inferior option. Same for Xbox - not by much but Switch and Xbox scores often tend to be a few points higher than PS4/5 versions. Different critics I guess.
  13. Resident Evil 4 Remake - 24th March 2023

    This looked really good, still very recognisable but a huge graphical and technical upgrade. Can't wait.
  14. I know, only £210 for the new controller.
  15. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Are they smoking dope? £210?
  16. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I couldn't help but think of this post when Eurogamer posted this article today. TL;DR but using consoles (and particularly the PS4) for watching catchup/Netflix etc. is incredibly energy inefficient compared to a Chromecast at least. Per the metrics a PS4 uses 30 times as much energy as a Chromecast while using it for streaming.
  17. Google Stadia

    It's pretty cool they're refunding customers without needing to send the hardware back. Like many I picked up the Chromecast 4K + Stadia controller bundle for 20 quid last year, which was already a steal. To get the money back and keep the hardware is pretty great.
  18. Grand Theft Auto VI

    True, but imagine if Cyberpunk (on 360) got leaked in this way. The unreal level of backlash would have led to them improving the game before launch. Also this is Rockstar, so I don't really have much sympathy for them.
  19. Yeah I had realised that's probably what he meant and edited my post pretty quickly, but you still managed to see it. I think the point you made about needing a custom controller is spot on. I guess my point is that Theatrhythm on 3DS was perfectly designed for it, whereas this looks like it could be tricky with a standard controller setup.
  20. Do you mean this specific game isn't? The one being released? I guess it's a bit of a shame because I can't imagine pressing buttons on the Switch would be as good an experience as using a stylus on 3DS, but then you can't use a hard stylus with the Switch anyway.
  21. Thinking about that, I wonder how well it will work. I think a stylus worked well for precise touching of the different keys, but I'm not so sure how easy it will be to touch with fingers when the speed kicks up.
  22. A kind of strange and fourth wall breaking poster I'd say. Cloud was a bit of a scrub in this game really, it's like they're saying "Yeah we know this guy is gonna be important, so let's slap him on there."
  23. They should have gone with Breath of the Wild: Skyward Sword.
  24. Theatrhythm was great fun, nice to see this being brought to more modern consoles. There's something about 3DS that makes me loath to go back to it (possibly it being in standard definition with much smaller screens). It feels like a really old device, much older than it actually is. Also trophy support on the PS4 should be nice.
  25. What a disaster. Copies will have been sold on the promise that it would be added. I used to love playing Halo co-op back in the day, it's a shame that co-op (as opposed to online) gets way less priority these days.