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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Home Improvement / DIY

    We are having an extension this year and the garden landscaped, and a full new kitchen installed - should be done by the end of August - I’ll take some before and after but I’m excited!
  3. Elden Ring (25th February 2022)

    Played some co-op with my 13 year old lad last night, thoroughly enjoyed it and he is so much better at it than me it made clearing the bosses together a good laugh! Golden horse guy is down, coastal caves, weird frog cave things and the other cave near that. Tonight we take on the sparkly cave near the water.
  4. Elden Ring (25th February 2022)

    Fuck that chest. 8 hours in, can only play for an couple of hours at a time as I find it so tough. Took out the coastal caves boss yesterday. Do the bosses respawn or are they gone forever?
  5. Elden Ring (25th February 2022)

    Wish I had read this before I spent £50 The reviews said it was much easier than the souls games…. I can’t tell a difference. 3 hits and I’m dead. I’m too old to enjoy these types of games, I like being overpowered and playing on easy nowadays. It’s a shame because the story and world look excellent, but two hours in and so many deaths, I just put dicey dungeons back on.
  6. Pokémon Legends: Arceus (28th January 2022)

    I don’t think I could put myself through 50+ hours just to get a shiny charm! I might finish the last few requests but that will be me done! I actually find the repetitiveness of the challenges in the “perfect” Pokédex annoying and uninspired. Why do I need to catch 25 of them, or use agile moves 40 times for a hundred Pokémon….. it’s a bit daft.
  7. Pokémon Legends: Arceus (28th January 2022)

    Finished the Pokédex today, kind of sad it’s over - while I still had main missions to do I would spend hours hunting shinys and doing requests. Now it’s 100% over and the Pokédex is complete I most likely won’t pick it up again
  8. Job woes/wins

    Anyone else just feeling burnt out and pissed off. My house has become my office and I feel like I’m at work all the time, I have never really felt like this but Jesus Christ I seriously hate working right now.
  9. Job woes/wins

    So I’m at another impasse. 2.5 years at my current company, working as number 2 to the GM learning the role, learning the company inside and out. Down on all the paperwork as the GMs successor when he retires..... well he retired early due to illness, I have been doing the acting GMs job for the last 2 months and then on Tuesday morning I get invited to a meeting with the board who proceed to tell me that they have promoted someone to MD from another section of the company and they trust I will be able to support him as his number 2. Feels like so much wasted time, what’s the point in being number 2 if you don’t make it to number 1?
  10. New Pokémon Snap

    Went to grab this from game today and it was £49.99! They were sold out as well, apparently they only had 6 delivered because game are worries about any more lockdowns etc Nipped to Argos and got it for £39.99!
  11. The GameStop....swizzle?

    I actually jumped on GME at $19 due to DPV posts on Reddit. Cashed out at $60 and made a nice profit. Now my trading platform has banned buying GME and AMC (IG platform) which is absolute bullshit - glad I got out when I did because I can see them bending everyone over with this now, and couldn’t take the stress of constantly checking the stock price. I prefer to buy and hold long term for retirement!
  12. Dragon Quest XI

    Never played any of these games, it’s on GamePass - i like RPGs, what would you compare this to?
  13. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Just got my exchanged console back, sold it for £440 to someone I know who needs one.
  14. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    They just tested the console I am sure of it. The console works, just certain games that don’t, it’s crazy! I actually managed to get another one so I still have one, just £450 in the hole lol
  15. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    It came back to me last week (2nd time). Guess what, still fucking broken. Going back again this week and they assure me it will be exchanged.