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  1. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I have the elite 2 controller and it’s the best Iv ever used. It’s weighty, and so comfortable in my hand. I can never go back to ordinary controllers now, I have a 1S in the bedroom and the controller feels like a toy!
  2. Phantasy Star Online 2

    Shame I’m the only one on ship 3 - smashing it now. Got 40 mil on hand, another 60 mil to sell at the minute...... Got 2 level 75’s and working on my 3rd at the minute. My Summoner is pretty maxed but I need the 13* Jinga badly!
  3. Phantasy Star Online 2

    I am still absolutely loving this, 200 hours in now, it’s the perfect sequel to PSO. Content is slowly coming, spending my time levelling multiple jobs to 75
  4. Phantasy Star Online 2

    So still smashing this on ship 3, up to level 55 at the minute 60 hours in. Also, i used play asia and got a USD xbox code, it worked fine. It asked for my address during the purchase on xbox so i put the hotel i stayed at in Florida last year and it was fine
  5. Phantasy Star Online 2

    Yeah I can set up a new character on ship two, maybe if it gets an EU release! i meant the shop pass, it gave me 3 days of a shop to sell stuff!
  6. Phantasy Star Online 2

    Ship 3 I think but you can change ships can’t you? I like it, trying all the different jobs out but max is a 34 hunter. Trying to get used to affixes and enhancements, got a ship token which netted me 3 million but would like to have the premium pass!
  7. Phantasy Star Online 2

    I've been playimg this for a while. How can i buy the AC with it being NA only?
  8. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Honestly, I try to rarely buy digital if I can help it because of shit like this.
  9. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Fuck you Sony and your £59.99 price tag on the store....... was going to grab it at £49.99 tonight then saw the price...... seriously just no.
  10. I have windflowers, cosmos and pansy seeds. Got plenty of stuff planted so can spare tulips, hyacinths and maybe a few lilies as well. Only one I don’t have loads of yet is roses.
  11. It was Cosmo seeds
  12. Dropped you some cosmos of each colour and then some of the spare flowers I had, blue Cosmo, purple and white and pink mums, and a few roses
  13. I can bring some flowers!
  14. Sent an invite, can I pop over if/when you accept
  15. Got both of them, and a Koi Also got a sturgeon and a golden trout so quite happy! Done a looooot of fishing today! Still need a tarantula though :/