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  1. Battlefield V — 20th November 2018

    This is on sale so tempted to get it.
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    1300+ PS4 games discounted. Got Soul Calibur ondisk from a sale. bomberman in the digital. Looking for recommendations.
  3. Battlefield V — 20th November 2018

    I'll try to pick this up this year hopefully. Black Friday time. The beta was pretty good on PS4. The powerhouse PC had afew random crashes and I couldnt be arsed to figure it out.
  4. I think lots of these sort of slower open world game devs get a free pass or bonus points. See Dragion Age Inquistion, Witcher 3, GTA, Elder Scrolls, Assassin's Creed etc. Padding and bad/slow combat ahoy. Its more of a trend.
  5. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Thats insane. It somehow beat out Assassin's Creed in the US. I would not have ever imagined that. I am not even half way thorugh the game. Definately Insomniac's moment.
  6. Spider-Man (PS4)

    I am low on time but will play with some audio video upgrades. Maybe even 4K. The start of the game is great though.
  7. Fortnite

    Sounds like what many of us predicted in the beginning. Good to see they took the time to work on impact to business etc. Good research takes a long time. I think they will lead as usual and from a more stronger/more informed position. They cant look to Apple/Google for shortcuts. We also now know that console purchases arent exactly shared. Which was a big question mark for moneitisation. No doubt game devs and pubs will want to undermine the platform holders cuts. Playstation's current Crossplay position wasnt clear nor fixed on PC/PS4 purchases since the PS2 days. Some games have full purchase sharing others do not. So it will be interesting to see hwo things turn out.
  8. Playstation Plus Free Games

    With Destiny the best purchase is the collection pack. Which is already cheap nowadays. The plus game will let newbies decide if they like parts of the game. It is one of the best experiences this gen period.
  9. And surprise surprise its the same lootbox companies.
  10. Destiny 2

    Agreed, I think that is the big mistake they made. Dropping Destiny 1. I am sure many companies have been watching. I hope Bungie keep it all going... Perhaps console games still neeed sequels as expansions are alien still? Expansions can be bigger than sequels. Disagree on many points especially the value of the game. I think its exceptional value and I mostly play the Crucible but enjoy the other activities too. Warframe is far more grindy in my eyes. Lots of filler content. But it is free to play.
  11. Battlefield V — 20th November 2018

    Yeah I am enjoying the beta. Its rough here and there but final game will have servers with tweaks to the gameplay stuff. So we shall see how it all comes together. Aside from the obvious 24/7 Rotterdam servers.
  12. Spider-Man (PS4)

    So yeah. My Special Edition arrived from Amazon. Its oddly larger than the usual special editions (Horizon, Uncharted etc.) Will enjoy tonight. This is like a crazy month. The betas are great too.
  13. Spider-Man (PS4)

  14. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Its reviewing well. What do i do? Keep the pre order?
  15. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Thinking of cancelling my pre order. Picture needs to be like for like. Which is not the case above! edit: They seem to have actually upgraded the game...