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  1. Nothing can beat the AI HDR nonsense for silliness. No doubt AI is the new Cloud now.
  2. This is an echo chamber too. To an extent even Instagram and other social media are. Personally I think, 'We have 15% more teraflops on the gpu!*' is a boring selling point. Not to mention MS's messaging is very forgettable like typical yearly updated products. Too much Azure Ray Tracing, Azure Machine Learning and DirectX AI etc being used rather than straightforward talk. *Their fast, slow RAM setup explanation is also amusing/confusing for example. Having said that MS have the biggest advantage of a lower price.
  3. Well GPU wise its a small difference. Not hugely interesting. Clearly the SSD stuff has people talking. I really hope next gen is more respectful towards people's time.
  4. Noticing no one is costing outside of Teraflops. That faster SSD and connection are not free. On PC its heck of alot of cash to go x570 (AMD only) and get a PCI4.0 NVME SSD. The one on the PS5 doesnt exist yet.
  5. There just isnt much between them in that respect. Its the differences that seem to stand out. Non propertiery storage, single pool of RAM, custom 3D audio for all and then the ultrafast PCIE 4.0 SSD. The SSD difference stands out most alongside the audio approach. We will see if Sony can demonstrate that difference in practice. Perhaps teraflops are what win console wars?
  6. Nonsense. The people dissapointed are the same ones championing the xbox. Sony can reveal at their own pace. There isnt much left to show on the xbox side. No doubt covid 19 has changed plans on both sides. I do think MS's specs have a more 'PR played a big part in the design' aspect. The CPU GPU just are not that different. The difference would have probably been smaller with a single pool of ram or if MS went with the faster SSD(or maybe weaker). For developers these are two nice wins for the PS5. The SSD will make a big difference with usability, quality of life and time. By that I mean consumers especially.
  7. Looks excellent. Similar range as the other console. Biggest difference is the PCIE4.0 inclusion aka more than double SSD speeds and virtual RAM handling. Given that both companies made a huge deal about virtual RAM here its interesting that this is the biggest difference. PCIE4 is not cheap though. One pool of fast RAM is also very welcome.
  8. Brexit 2019

    To clarify. It isnt simple anymore because the brexit bunch have messed up. They ran the clock down. Deal or no deal they still have to negotiate and do 'a lot' of work. edit: They dont seem to be very capable so far... Johnson also should resign given his behaviour, disregard for democracy and the law.
  9. Brexit 2019

    Yes. Premier Johnson likes to contradict himself each sentence. The truth and following the law seem a bit much for him. Its crazy that the stars are aligned for Brexit. Its easy. Yet the conservative party is a joke. This Johnson guy is focused on becoming a dictator for some reason. Trump/strongman wannabe.
  10. The Fall of Xbox

    They are no doubt changing priorities. But Gaming is a service based industry already. There are reasons why companies like EA and MS talk 'services'. People like Jimquisition see right through it.
  11. Might take a while with wannabe Supreme Leader Johnson as he removes all the democratic and legal institutions slowly.
  12. Seems like these got popular fast. Kind of an overall brand boost too. The first gen Ryzen are still excellent at their price points. Yeah the UK GPU prices are insane. Wont upgrade till after the PS5 now.
  13. The two new Navi based Radeon 5700 and 5700 XT are the very best in their categories. Check videos and reviews. But no partner cards yet. As with Ryzen, they need to launch more models at the same time. This couple of Ryzen and Navi only cover certain sections of the overall market. Also launchiung 7/7 was silly. It seems there was so much stress to hit this launch date for everyone.
  14. Rare to see this kind of domination over a competitor. So enjoy the amusement... Some key points: Half the energy consumption of top Intel at same core count! Almost half the price. 3rd gen Ryzen / Zen 2 win in many single threaded benchmarks now too. Builds on domination in everything else. Gaming is 'slightly' behind the very top Intel K chips at lower resolutions but within a tiny margin of each other now. 1% lows are the same now! All AMD CPU are unlocked for overclocking and come with good free coolers (by Cooler Master) and are cooler to run vs Intel. X570 motherboards bring alot to the table. 128gb RAM, new PCI Express 4.0, faster SSD speeds, lots of new features, big headroom for more cores and overclocks in the future etc. Will please enthusiasts. Interestingly the new early Navi GPU's also quite good (better price/perf over Nvidia). Looking good for the next gen consoles...