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  1. General Movie Thread

    Technically, Ghostbusters was a number one film in both 1984 and 2020. Last year, when most cinemas were closed because of Covid, the movie was very successful in the drive-in theaters. That's a very rare feat...
  2. General Movie Thread

    I prefer the Statue of Liberty over the tall, sailor, marshmallow man. It's a bit sad to see the twin towers showing up in famous films, due to what happened back in 2001. But we will never forget!
  3. General Movie Thread

    I seen The Invisible Man from 1933. Amazing!
  4. KONAMI - What the hell are they doing!?

    Resident Evil: Find the Flasks, is more like it. LOL.
  5. KONAMI - What the hell are they doing!?

    It's sad and unfortunate, but I don't think we will be running around the fog shrouded streets of Silent Hill ever again. A darn shame too, as it's one of their trademark series that put Konami on the map. But of course, that was a long time ago. These days, we have more than enough P.T. clones circulating on Steam anyway. Still. I mean, Akira said in early 2021, that it was "the one you are kind of hoping to hear about". What was that about, then? Surely he wouldn't just say that if it was not about a series we already love. I don't know. The hearsay certainly got annoying after a while. Even today, the rumour mill refuses to die.
  6. I watched the new CGI Netflix series earlier. It was okay. I don't really care much for it, to be honest.
  7. I like Resident Evil: Revelations 2 a lot, and I thought at E3, there was going to be a new game announced about Rebecca Chambers. This site ( said it was rumoured to be revealed for the Nintendo Switch, but it never happened. It's supposed to have Rebecca at a university, which is overrun by infected people, and the girl called Natalia, is a student there. She was adopted by Barry Burton, but Alex Wesker is still controlling her mind. So I think she'll be the next major villain in the series. Sounds awesome!
  8. Sherry and Ashley may as well have been the same woman. By the way, the new Netflix CGI series is coming next week, I think.
  9. RE4, 5 and 6 all have areas built like arenas too. There is way too much room to shoot and do stunts. In the older games, hallways were so narrow, you couldn't even really safely run past a zombie a lot of the time. Later RE games have more action, sure. But while I don't particularly welcome that fact, I can still see why that is the case. After you endure a nightmare with bioweapons, or something, like what Ripley suffered with the alien, you end up knowing what to do the next time. So the move towards action was natural, but I guess if you prefer sheer terror, it doesn't meet your expectations. Nonetheless, Aliens is fantastic.
  10. This is probably going to be a very unpopular opinion, but I think merchants being in the series is incredibly dumb. I know other horror type games have a merchant too, or at least a shopping system. I've never really liked that being in RE games, though. I've always felt that Capcom decided to bend their own rules, and some fanboys were like, "Well, whatever!" For a start, how the hell do they get their merchandise from A to B? OK. I know Duke has a carriage. So what? It doesn't really make much sense to me. I mean, the whole idea of RE to begin with is that you were mostly supposed to be a lone protagonist going through creepy environments, with an occasional assist from Barry Burton, or whoever else happens to be nearby. Hell has broken loose. You have to make everything you find, count. In general, you found stuff. No one really just sold you stuff, or whatever. I remember some special weapons being locked away, and you needed to meet an objective first for to earn that reward. Not unlike today, where everything you slay basically dispenses a truckload of bullets and coins. RE4 introduced that silly concept of looting after shooting. I just don't like that in RE games. I know it was in RE2 and 3 somewhat, with Mr. X and Nemesis dropping items. But you can tell Capcom sold out with RE4. And I agree with the poster who was disappointed with 4's inept story. Personally, I will always prefer the PlayStation era games to the overrated rubbish that I know Capcom makes nowadays.
  11. So other than Revelations, which is a prequel to 5, Jill hasn't been seen in any capacity for original storylines since 2009. You cannot count remakes, because well, remakes aren't even new at all. Criminal!
  12. RE5 plays exactly the same, and feels more relevant to the series in general. But that game is even less of a survival horror game with the deliberate action tone. However, it has Chris, Jill, and Wesker. What's not to like? Nonetheless, how can a guy with a huge hammer NOT actually scare you!?
  13. General Retro Discussion

    I have that game!
  14. I see these games getting compared a lot. I really do. But while I think the remakes are a money mill on the original (and greatest) RE games ever released in general, RE8 is a money mill to RE4, but falls short of the mark, a bit. I even think RE4 has better replay value than RE8, because while I liked the game in May, now I think it's a one and done kind of game with one of the most BORING lead characters of any horror game, in recent memory. I even think RE7 and of course RE4, have better replay value, and I do think that RE7 is not a masterpiece, because all it does is pretty much just copy every classic horror movie moment under the sun. But RE4 is a game you can go back to and enjoy being like Rambo towards the villagers, soldiers, and druids. I mean, after all, RE4 Is one of the most amazing examples of early Action Horror titles, after the slew of first person stuff like the Doom games that came out before it. But I have very mixed feelings about the plot overall. Now please don't gimme a GameFAQs style, "But Joe... the story has always sucked in the series" kind of a response. I disagree. RE2 had a simple, yet brilliant and gripping story. Curses to Capcom for that awful 2019 remake, where Claire just flirts with Leon while zombies are nearby, and her brother's diary is never mentioned. What a way to screw up a highly important plot point. Meh. Well... what do you think? Do you think RE4 is golden, or is it overly praised dog poop? About my biggest issue with it besides the repetition of the gameplay, is that Capcom should have did a proper game about the downfall of Umbrella to end the original story in a decisive manner. Then RE4 could have been like a 100% *NEW* storyline. But it's okay, I suppose. They did that Wii shooting game, which was kind of rank, but the cutscenes were awesome, and they did set up Wesker's status with him becoming the main villain. I liked it when they shot at the Hunters running in the snow near the base in Russia, and Chris had his CVX look to him, pre-RE5 beefcake, steroids abusing Redfield. But that fake Chris in RE7!? KILL IT WITH FIRE! All the best. CrowingJoe79, aka thesaunderschild.
  15. KONAMI - What the hell are they doing!?

    Hey. Does anybody think that The Evil Within 2 was a lot like Silent Hill: Origins with the "normal world" and the "not normal world", which you experienced from touching the mirrors? I think once in a while, horror games do something different to stay fresh, and that's what The Medium (also by Bloober Team) attempted to do. While it wasn't well received as much as say, the overrated Resident Evil Village, I don't think they wanted to change the genre up that much. Really, some developers just understand that the genre went a bit stale, so they wanted to somewhat revive it with a game that more so just pays homage to those splendid titles from yesteryear. The thing with Capcom and their games, is that they will do 2719 worthless sequels, just hoping they will eventually get to the damn point. LOL. But with Silent Hill, none of the games are really all that connected, so one bad apple should not necessarily spoil the bunch, as they say. I even think some of the less critically acclaimed games, were still pretty scary. They just play in a really sucky way, which of course can make or break a game for a lot of people. But I'd take that over the "faceless" Ethan Winters and the fat shaming salesman. Like, was that dude all in Ethan's head or something? How can he just set up a shop everywhere, without anybody noticing him? LMAO. But it was funny to hear him make a reference to the other merchant from Spain.