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  1. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    What sites have official historical data?
  2. Suggestions

    Can you give users time to correct minor typos, before the 'Last edited by...' line appears?
  3. E3 being dead does suck, but there will be some other event to replace it anyway. Plus, Sony always throws out a State of Play here and there to showcase an upcoming project. You're still gonna get the scoop on the latest gaming updates, no matter where you are.
  4. Tears for Fears

    What do you think of their recent music? I thought some of the songs Roland Orzabel did without Curt Smith after 1990 were still worth a listen to, but it was much more experimental sounding and dark. They were huge in the eighties during the 'new wave' era in the UK. The group were also very successful in the United States, having achieved two number-one hits on Billboard.
  5. How do you pronounce GameFAQs?

    They're trolls.
  6. Last of Us Part II

    Yep. I love these games. They are so great to play, and the story and visuals and gameplay as a whole totally outranks Capcom's recent RE remakes. Yes, even 4.
  7. Your 2024 Gaming Diary

    I look forward to playing the upcoming Alone in the Dark remake in March.
  8. General Retro Discussion

  9. How do you pronounce GameFAQs?

    One positive thing I can say is that the site has active forums, because a huge majority of the other sites I know of with forums either have no activity to speak of any more, or the relatively few users on them are morons, like the dafties lurking on this site. https://www.dreamindemon.com/community/threads/more-waffle-than-birds-eye.143166/#post-1598167 I know if I posted on GameFAQs today, I'd be likely to gain a reply. But whether that reply is good or not, depends on that person who is responding.
  10. Silent Hill: The Short Message

    This free Silent Hill game is available to play, and all you do is go to the store to install it. Tonight, Konami also showed footage of the remake of SH2, but they did not reveal any release date! Let me know what you think of it. Cheers. https://stevivor.com/news/silent-hill-the-short-message-drops-today-is-free-to-play/
  11. How do you pronounce GameFAQs?

    Well... FAQs is actually an abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions. So where the heck did "facts" come from?
  12. How do you pronounce GameFAQs?

    Do you know of ResetEra?
  13. It's a pity E3 has been axed after the memories it brought people, but I can see similar events being hosted. Summertime will have a lot of cool shows spread across the landscape of gaming. So one thing ends, something good can replace it.
  14. Hideki Kamiya is leaving Platinum Games

    He could save Resident Evil, but it's probably not in the cards. I think the ex producers of RE like him know that the ship has already sailed from the dock.
  15. How do you pronounce GameFAQs?

    You must not be a fan of GameFAQs. What about GameSpot, then? Darn it. Aren't they more or less the same?