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  1. Well, Naughty Dog. What about Abby and Lev's continued adventures, eh!? Dozens of people and dogs died, just so Ellie could choose to spare Abby, just as they were at the finish line. No 'preferred ending' option available. LOL... It's still a great game, but the original is in a class of its own. The hate for the second game, however, is just due to idiots and throat babies complaining because they probably don't understand that post apocalyptic fiction is NOT meant to be viewed as an openly happy time for anybody. Well, it can be, but it's normally a lot of carnage and loved ones will perish. As was shown with Joel. Remaking it is just pretty... meh, honestly. But money talks, I suppose. I can just see it now. Naughty Dog really is gonna end up being the new Capcom, with how they crank out cash grab titles. Provided we don't go from clickers to lycanthropes, I guess I'm good.
  2. The Wrasslin' thread

    Everyone from the Forgotten Sons stable has been let go from WWE, besides the guy who got them split up in the first place, apparently for being racist. Ah, Vince. You make me laugh. The released wrestlers are no big loss, really, besides the two Aussie chicks and Samoa Joe. When was the last time anybody seen the likes of Bo Dallas anyway?
  3. Wow. Just... wow! That's every single one ever released to date in North America, if you count the Variety weekly top 50 grossing films charts available before 1982. There are two films from the 1920s that are unfortunately classified as being lost films, however. They are The Terror and London After Midnight. The first movie to reach number one, at least in terms of the reported gross, is a silent film starring Lon Chaney called The Monster (from March of 1925). The latest release in the horror genre that topped the US box office I believe, is Come Play. No doubt that the new Saw film releasing next month will prove to be a box office smash hit as well... LMAO.
  4. I watched somebody trying out the latest demo last night, and I am very impressed by what I have seen. Unfortunately, the story makes no sense to me. The fact that Capcom treats Ethan as an avatar character is a bit meh too. But I do think this game is going to be very challenging, and horror heavy. Hopefully the story will begin making sense later on, as I feel that could be the weak link here. I do like the claustrophobic feel of the little village houses. I like how everything is dark. I didn't see Ethan using a flashlight, although he was exploring the area in the daylight. But man. Imagine what it's gonna be like after sunset with these beast things roaming around everywhere. They're not even easy to slay either. Like, I seen one take more than 6 handgun bullets and it kept charging at Ethan. So yeah. This is definitely survival horror on fine form. You also have to find scrap to make things, and it doesn't appear that bullets are in plentiful amounts at all. Well, I like that. Because I like that you're forced to make everything count. It was honestly ridiculous playing trash like RE6, where all you did was shoot and do lame QTE sequences over and over again. There was no survival horror to those sequels at all. This RE8 though, is how RE should be. Again, I haven't gotten too on board with the first person viewpoint, but I think it suits this game so much. The fact you cannot really see what's behind you with your limited resources makes it so intensely creepy. At first, I was concerned this would be like RE4 with werewolves, instead of the farmers infected with the parasites. But this looks better than RE4 ever was. Are you going to download the demo later on today?
  5. Well, I don't think the new RE games are necessarily "bad games" in that they play sucky or anything like that. But if you're a fan who has followed the franchise for over 20 years, you will know that the story has dipped quite badly. The story is important, as is the gameplay, graphics, and character development. If the story is utter nonsense, then yeah. It can be off putting. It's hard to care about Ethan Winters, as we don't ever see him. It just so happens I am not the biggest fan of the first person perspective either. Plus, 7 and now 8 don't really feel like RE sequels, other than Chris Redfield being involved again. But going from 5 to 6 and now 7 and 8, feels weird. Just how is this all really connected? LOL. However, The Last of Us can have relatable relationship quarrels, etc. Especially if you're a person who has lost someone dear to you. It has a story that draws you in, but the gameplay and graphics is something to speak of too. Basically, the new RE Engine based RE games look ugly and dark. In an appropriate way, sure, but it's very emo like though. However, the way Leon runs in the RE2 remake is just horrendous. Even if they didn't want to make it like RE4, they didn't do a good job by cutting out enemies and filtering out a lot of the plot aspects.
  6. Well, they want money. Plain and simple. That's why they're doing these remakes. Even the sequels they develop always seem to noticeably copy things from other games and movies, yet nobody cares. Even Resident Evil: Revelations 2 copied The Last of Us. They copied the story and gameplay. For example, the winter section was ripped off for the DLC with Moira Burton, but they copied other things as well. For example, the Vulcanblubbers are similar to the Bloaters. It can be argued that RE4 both saved and ruined the franchise, making it, what is the word? Polarising! But Naughty Dog should focus on sequels instead of just hitting the reset button...
  7. I know. They've made the storyline very convuluted, though, which makes it a chore to understand anything anymore. That's part of the reason I lost interest in the series. The games don't make much sense. They are still good games to play. Although if the story is too bizarre, it's off putting as a fan of the old ones. But with The Last of Us, it restored my faith in gaming. If Naughty Dog insists though, they could lose a lot of fans if they mess it up.
  8. I respected Naughty Dog more than Capcom, as I didn't think they would do this. Like, I wasn't going to rule out a remake ever happening. But I didn't see it happening until way, way far off. Unfortunately, I hope they aren't trying to pull a Capcom. For Capcom has trashed Resident Evil with how much they have milked it. But with The Last of Us, I thought they would have continued using Abby and Lev, or perhaps added in new characters. It's like any post apocalyptic fiction where the universe can be expanded upon. It's so huge that they can keep doing unrelated storylines. Sadly, that's neither here nor there with the people that kiss up to all of these corporations. It's like they've accepted that they're gonna take just about anything Capcom announces. Hell, I bet they are the same people who thought that Umbrella Corps was gonna do well. It failed - miserably!
  9. Hell. The game ain't even 10 years old. I mean, FFS.
  10. Tormented Souls

    Can I get your thoughts on this survival horror game?
  11. KONAMI - What the hell are they doing!?

    Just bring back the Silent Hill series, please!
  12. Resident Evil Village

    You have a point. I had sort of giving up on it for a number of years. To me, Naughty Dog is a better company, all around. Not everyone will agree, though.
  13. Resident Evil Village

    The two recent remakes sucked, though. And these modern day games are NOT scary. Plus, the plot in general is so disjointed. Nothing makes sense anymore. The RE2 remake maybe is a little bit creepy in parts, but it's not a faithful remake. Things were changed with the plot. They left out some of the enemies. Have you played the 2002 remake that was out on the GameCube? That's the ultimate remake. That's basically the original game, but improved upon in a spectacular way. Capcom ought to have did that for RE2 especially, and maybe even also RE3. Capcom doesn't really care either way, because they know fanboys want more games regardless. Everybody is going to buy their games anyway. That's kind of the problem though. Ain't it?
  14. Resident Evil Village

    A lot of folk like to support Capcom, even if a million other fans can see their ideas are getting more and more dumb. All people seem to care about are these vampire lady memes. It's just the Jack Baker stuff, all over again. Why aren't people concerned about the actual gameplay or the story itself? Meh. Hopefully, Chris doesn't retire in a game as ridiculous as this. So Piers died for him, and he kept on fighting. Right? But Ethan could perhaps die and Chris will hang up his gloves. That's just nonsense. Then again, if Capcom keeps bringing him back, it will likely be as a side character in increasingly sillier games in any case. Maybe it's time to pull the plug on this franchise, Capcom. Your creativity ain't what it was.
  15. Resident Evil Village

    I'm not able to play the demo, as I don't own a PS5. It's stupid that Capcom didn't release a demo on the PS4 as well, but they probably want to hide how bad it actually is. Some of the fans in the Resident Evil community are stupid, quite frankly. Even when they see Capcom is butchering content in the remakes, or putting in plot devices suited for a different sort of franchise, they'll sit there on their computer chair and defend the franchise, and suck up to Capcom, no matter what. It's kind of annoying. Anyway, I got called a fake fan by this "Sam Toothless Hopps" guy on YouTube. I'm getting him doing this, because I talked about a shill for Capcom, known as Nemesis. He makes no sense whatsoever.