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  1. Now, not to turn this into a RE4 bash thread, but RE4 is, at least in my opinion, the game that got the series going in a bizarre direction from which it has never quite recovered from. Some could say it was Code: Veronica, because of the Ashford twins, that had the franchise becoming so obscure. I'd marginally accept that choice of game as being the culprit, I suppose. But I think RE4 is somehow arguably worse. CV was not very offensive. It still felt like a RE sequel. I do think RE4 is a splendid game. But as a RE game in general, I have never found it really is worthy of being called one, mostly because of the storyline it yields. Like, it's not very realistic how enemies act as a dispenser for ammo, herbs, keys, currency, and whatever else. It's not that scary. It has some challenging enemies, but it's definitely not as creepy as when you explored the police station, or when Nemesis was chasing Jill throughout the whole of Raccoon City. A city that was in fact "killed off" in that game, only to resurface God knows how many times thereafter throughout the series, via different mediums. Now... I think if you enjoy RE4, it seems strange how some fans don't like RE5 very much. But to me, 4 and 5 are practically identical in how they play. RE5 also has more ties with Wesker and whatnot. While Wesker is in RE4, his role is bigger and explained more in 5 than it is with 4. To go even further, I feel like RE6, despite being somewhat atrocious in how it was presented, is "more" RE than 4 and 5 ever were, because those games are set in villages, while 6 took place in a city in the United States, or more like on a global scale, and there were zombies that appeared in some scenarios. Capcom really attempted to give fans different gameplay styles via RE6. So yeah. The game ultimately ended up being branded as trash. But I still reckon if you like RE4 a lot, 5 should be worshipped too because of how similar it is, and 6 actually has better controls implemented into it. So it's an odd fit indeed, as to why fans never took to that game. To be honest, 6 if it had been made better, could have even topped 4 and 5. I hope the RE4 remake changes the flaws of the original. Now is a great time to do it.
  2. Netflix

    The song "Running up That Hill" by Kate Bush is at number one this week, because this 1985 hit was recently used in Stranger Things. What's old is now new again. LOL!
  3. The Last of Us Part I (2nd September 2022)

    Well for myself, quite frankly, I am more interested in the new PS5 multiplayer game. We'll probably not be getting any further news about it for a while, but it's great that Naughty Dog can finally focus on new characters. Not that I wouldn't want to see Ellie, Abby or Lev again. Maybe they could all turn up in the third, official entry. I'm assuming this game set in San Francisco, is meant to be a separate, side story kind of adventure.
  4. Resident Evil Village

    Looking forward to it this October. The full game can now be enjoyed in third person from when the additional content becomes available. But I think Ethan's face will still not be clearly seen. His daughter Rosemary is getting her own storyline, in third person too.
  5. What do you think of the Dead Space type game? Is that a spin off?
  6. The new The Last of Us spin off sounds excellent. However, I guess it could still be far off. 2023, or 2024 maybe. At least Naughty Dog, I'll say something that needs to be said. They're known to take their time with their products, and it comes out all the better for it. Edited for a lousy incorrect year. 2014 is the past. Or did I type 2024?
  7. Resident Evil 4 Remake - 24th March 2023

    I'm happy that it's going to seemingly be way more horror based than the overrated, but still excellent, action heavy original. But in my opinion, Leon looks the same age as he was in RE2 from 2019. That's kind of odd. In the original RE4, Leon was noticeably older than he was when he went to Raccoon City. But then again, the graphics on the GameCube are different from the PS1 era. Although they really should have changed that a bit, because RE4 is supposed to take place in 2004. At least, I think it is... https://twitter.com/RE_Games/status/1532487904810831872?s=20&t=DNayrEaRhaFFOweRrPzQxg
  8. Bethesda, maybe you can surprise us by unveiling The Evil Within 3.
  9. As always, Capcom are just up to their old money grabbing ways. The upcoming Netflix series looks rank as well, and they claim it's canonical. How is Wesker black now? Maybe it's a different Albert Wesker. It's pointless to remake RE4 when it's already widely available. Will likely end up feeling like a downgrade, as was the case with RE3, and even 2. Yes, 2. That game got a lot of positive reviews, but it had way too much cut content. I just wish they would stop rehashing past glory for to make a fast buck.
  10. As predicted, RE4 may have a lot of things extracted from it. That's typical of Capcom. But do note that this hasn't been verified yet. I still think fans are going to go wild once it's formally revealed, nonetheless.
  11. Silent Hill rumours won't go away easily...

    I also noticed that Dusk Golem has once again stated in a tweet, that he is done with leaking information about any major games. Why do it at all, then?
  12. The well known Resident Evil and Silent Hill related leaker "Dusk Golem" shared images of a supposedly in development Silent Hill game on Twitter, only for Konami to quickly intervene. He does state in tweets that the images he posted are from 2020 and that things could have changed. What does this all mean anyway? Do you think Bloober Team really are involved in developing a reboot? It would make sense, due to their fascination with the games, and now of course because they're employed for Konami. Are we even on Team Real any more, though? The amount of hearsay that comes and goes, with no official confirmation from Konami, has been a chore to cope with over these last few, pandemic stricken years. But it's my second favourite or third favourite gaming series, so of course thesaunderschild wants to believe that the franchise will one day live again. Survival horror is my thing, baby!
  13. Look what people are talking about again. Any chance of it being revealed this summer? https://youtu.be/N8k57cWz1Bg
  14. Of course, a new rumour popped up about Resident Evil 9. But I think Capcom would likely prefer to promote the remake of RE4 first. I hope they reveal something this summer. :-)
  15. I just want to see The Last of Us remake. We know it has been rumoured for ages.