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  1. General Movie Thread

    So I just seen Scream (aka Scream 5) on a site, I better not mention here. What a GARBAGE repeat, and it's not even very entertaining or original either. Wes Craven, you deserve so much better. RIP, good sir.
  2. KONAMI - What the hell are they doing!?

    Then please tell Konami to make a proper game in the Silent Hill franchise again, since Capcom ripped off P.T. for their recent RE sequels, created in first person, and they need to show them who the boss is here. Did you see the house with the dolls in RE8? Yeah. I wonder what that segment was supposed to be 'paying homage' to. In all seriousness, it has been forever since Konami gave a damn about the series, so expect everybody to start posting the hearsay again real soon, because I reckon that's the only thing keeping the name "alive" these days!
  3. KONAMI - What the hell are they doing!?

    But Silent Hill. I'm waiting for you. In my special place!
  4. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Where are you, RE8 DLC? Seriously. It's been about 6 months since E3, Capcom. We are all waiting patiently... I haven't actually played any other games this year. But that has had me interested for a while, because it could be about Chris investigating why bioweapons were sent to RE8's titular village. And I'd like to know if Ethan survived that blast. He is supposedly the guy in the epilogue, who you see walking by himself near a car, but he's not even clearly shown. Some people did something with the camera to identify him, and they noticed Capcom actually decided to give the guy a face!
  5. General Retro Discussion

    Now, this I remember. The last boss battle with the Joker wasn't that hard! I think the hardest level was against the Penguin.
  6. Resident Evil 4

    RE probably undergone the changes it did, because survival horror overall, was always rather... niche, I guess you could say. Technology was changing in the mid-noughties, and I think everything in the horror genre eventually diminishes, but it can come back from that. There's even a quote somewhere on Wikipedia, that states that horror films actually declined in people's heads after the 1940s, and the 50s gave it a renewed appeal. Then I think the genre was at its best in the 70s and 80s, and even the decades that followed, added a new, interesting take on the genre with body horror, and those 'found footage' type films. Horror doesn't have the same commercial appeal as action games, though. So I can kind of understand the changes and shift towards running and gunning to an extent. Of course, there's no giving amount of rules that says a series cannot have this, that and the third incorporated into it. And I know from my experience with a user named Goldsickle on devilmaycry.org, that it's a divided opinion between us as fans whether we agree with what Capcom is doing, which in my opinion, is somewhat wrecking their legacy. But it's the same with movies. People basically assume that the original entry (or first two, or a trilogy) sets the standards for everything after it. So people assume that if a company later changes the formula, it "ruins" it. But I think RE became kind of crap after they added things in, like infinite ammo and whatnot. Plus, a shopping system. I get that the merchant and Duke are also like comic relief, mini characters. But quite frankly, I think the idea of a shopping system being in the butt-end of nowhere, is a bit... far out. It just depletes all of the atmosphere and that feeling of having to ration everything on hand. It's also not really something to be concerned with, as whenever you kill a villager or some creature, they award you with currency. What the hell!? I've also noticed in recent RE games, that there's hardly any music of note. I remember in the original RE3 for example, as you sprinted down the streets, passing all these shops, you had this faint but appropriate, rather eerie music, and you could hear zombies groaning, fires burning, and crows cawing. Yet in these latest RE games, it's just not there. They also didn't bother adding in Brad Vickers being slain by Nemesis, which was an iconic moment in the original. And they butchered RE2 a lot too, but people dismiss the flaws because the original RE2 is on a pedestal. But really. The modern day RE2 had tons of missing enemy types, a story that felt watered down, and those annoying, bullet spongey, living dead. There's just mostly silence now, in these games. Too much quietness is present with pretty clean looking pavements, even though the world has kind of supposed to have ended. Or at least that region. You know? Plus, RE3 was less gruesome than 2, and why is that exactly? You would think Nemesis killing you would be overkill. Ha-ha. But Mr. X was better, somehow. That's just odd... After a solid RE7, Capcom kind of slipped with RE8. Supposedly, that's also because fans found 7 too scary. I don't know whether to believe that. But anyhow. The fad that was Lady Dimitrescu was fun while it lasted. Along with the modding, and it's thanks to that tactic, that we got Ethan Winters an actual head to look at in third person, which I prefer over seeing things through somebody's eyes. Although somebody did do something in the game itself, to find Ethan's face in a normal, not obscured manner. He was apparently the guy who approaches the car in the epilogue, after Rosemary, who is his daughter, had visited his grave and got angry towards an agent wearing sunglasses over a remark he made, about her being Eveline. Oh, by the way. Since when is paying $10 for a game, not cheap? Other than that, I mostly agree with this guy's thoughts, especially when he said "zombies" shooting at you was a dumb idea, and didn't really make it indicative of what RE offered up beforehand. However, there weren't any zombies in RE4, and there are zombies in RE5, but just in one of the extra chapters. It was not because of a virus. It was the Las Plagas parasite that was responsible for the people in those countries being hostile towards outsiders. But yeah. Capcom has been milking the franchise for years. They're always going back to the year 1998 in particular, especially with these spin offs, movies, remakes, and the other, often non canon crap they enjoy making up as well. But shouldn't they probably be moving on from the Raccoon City era now? It was a city they blew up in the original RE3, which was released way, way back in 1999. That was like, 22 years ago by this point in history. So they should really be trying to shift their focus towards maybe adding in other venues internationally, which they did do an okay job of doing in some games in the past. They need to improve on this suggestion. Or everything WILL feel like a bit of a rehash... Our opinions, of course!
  7. Resident Evil 4

    Aye. RE4 is a good game on its own. Personally, I'm not a guy who has a love boner for it, or anything. But it's a very enjoyable, somewhat early example of something that defined games like The Last of Us in later years. So it has to be appreciated for the influence. But it's not really a horror game. Because while I do think gameplay matters and all, it generally didn't absolutely impress a lot of people in 2005, because it just did not yield what prior RE games had. An abundance of dread was present in the other games, but 4 was a game where "you brought the fight to everything", and as such, it didn't feel anything like the games from the PS1 era. Everything was linear, worrying about ammo was not an issue any longer, and the only scary parts was the chainsaw people chasing you, and the endless QTE sequences. Of which RE5 and 6 also had too many shoved down our throats. Anyway... I think these games are fine as they are, and don't necessarily need to be remade with cringe heavy dialogue scattered throughout. Even those Chronicles spin off games were kinda like remakes, but done up as rail shooters. They didn't even do a good job of keeping everything correct with the plot aspects, as you can tell the story was radically altered to be intended for 2 players. I agree with this interview. You cannot capture lightning in a bottle twice... https://www.ign.com/articles/silent-hill-creator-remake-more-difficult-resident-evil
  8. Resident Evil 4

    Discuss the rumoured remake in here. Are you excited for a remake of what a lot of fans consider as the best one? D.C. Douglas seems to be happy about it. Huh? To me personally, I never quite seen the appeal. Well, it's an action game mostly. But it was definitely a really cool game to play in 2005, and it has certainly influenced so many titles since. It really wasn't that scary, though. But does it really need a full on remake here for current gen consoles? It's available on pretty much everything already. And Capcom totally screwed up the RE3 remake last year. So many fans remain sceptical that it's not another cash grab. Edit... Flipping Android phones.
  9. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    So... I reckon Resident Evil Village will win the 2021 Game of the Year tonight. Would you like that to happen? Lady Dimitrescu counts on it.
  10. General Movie Thread

    So did anybody see the new RE movie?
  11. Honestly, 6 feels more in line with RE than 7. Despite all the action, of course. I feel like RE was always going to eventually go that route anyway. But in my opinion, 6 feels more comfortable to control than 7. Some of 7's gameplay is jarring and restrictive. The 2012 game had zombies in some parts and many returning characters, and it was the last game to have Roger Craig Smith as Chris, before that awkward new version arrived. Although the guy who played him in RE8 redeemed that pointless fault. Capcom should have hired an actor who looked more like Chris in 5 and 6 to begin with. Duh! But really. I wanted RE8 to be about the Connections, who are the secret villains mentioned by Lucas Baker in RE7. But 8 was basically a story all about Ethan and the freaks he fights. It didn't feel like much of a sequel to 7 otherwise. Although they do cover the events of 7 at the start. But meh... I don't know. I just find 6 is a better game than 7 in general. Because I think Capcom rushed out 7 because of the "Boo-boo, Konami and Hideo Konami fell out" thing. But honestly, even RE from 1996 had a bigger variety of enemies than that game does. However, maybe because it's more survival horror than 4, 5 and 6, people prefer that style. I just didn't care much for Ethan. Hopefully, RE6 is still canon after all the complaints. LOL!
  12. KONAMI - What the hell are they doing!?

    This came the day after Tokyo Game Show ended. All of these, "the series is getting revived" rumours have all been the same. Just wait until Konami announces something. Should they confirm anything at all.
  13. General Movie Thread

    Technically, Ghostbusters was a number one film in both 1984 and 2020. Last year, when most cinemas were closed because of Covid, the movie was very successful in the drive-in theaters. That's a very rare feat...
  14. General Movie Thread

    I prefer the Statue of Liberty over the tall, sailor, marshmallow man. It's a bit sad to see the twin towers showing up in famous films, due to what happened back in 2001. But we will never forget!
  15. General Movie Thread

    I seen The Invisible Man from 1933. Amazing!