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  1. Resident Evil Village

    The new fat merchant for example, is unbelievably stupid. LOL. Like, did Capcom ask Tim Burton for his approval? Fanboys don't seem to care an ounce about this weird direction, though. The RE Engine can offer up anything dumb and blocky looking, and they will be there to consume that slop, day one. The same can be said about the RE4 remake, that has supposedly been delayed to 2023 now. Also, um. I think Ethan Winters will never have his face fully revealed. Capcom always hides his face in the official images they release, so I honestly could care much less about his fate, or whatever. He isn't even that interesting to me. Sorry. This game is just not really gonna be that good. Perhaps as a general horror game, yeah. But calling it RE8 (although they don't) is also stupid. It's not even arguably "the next generation" of the series anyway, as they proclaimed nearly a year ago. They've decided to release it on the PS4 as well. And at least now, I don't have to waste money on a PS5 for to play this hot pile of overpriced, overrated garbage.
  2. 2013 - 2020: Remembering A Generation

    The PS4 era wasn't perfect in every sense, but some survival horror games greatly improved upon the controls, etc.
  3. You asked for it, so here it is. Enjoy!
  4. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
  5. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Oh, 2020 was a hell of a crazy year for gaming as a whole, and because of a certain other worldwide thing we had to endure. But we made it and got to play some gems and downright stinkers too. That's what matters! We are not out of the woods yet, unfortunately. A new strain of the coronavirus was identified in England. So I hope 2021 won't be even more miserable.
  6. Resident Evil Village *SPOILERS* have emerged!

    I don't think the gameplay is really much different at all from the previous first person sequel, so we likely won't be seeing Ethan doing Chris-style haymakers on any of the monsters or villagers. The leaks don't really delve into the gameplay at all. There is just a bunch of unconfirmed story related stuff about the fate of certain characters.
  7. Resident Evil 4 feels dated now...

    RE4 as a whole... Shoot infected people. Shoot even more infected people. Loot coins, bullets, and stuff. Shoot creatures. QTE. Cheesy dialogue. QTE. Oh, darn. You were supposed to hit R1 and L1, you moron. What are ya buying!? What are ya selling!? Ha! Ha! Thank you. Shoot more fantasy type enemies. Dodge lasers, from the first RE movie. QTE. QTE. QTE. Don't tell me ya missed again! Run away from a 1674ft pirate robot. Rinse and repeat. BUT... I still think it's a fun game, at least. It's just very, very silly. It's like a Hollywood movie where everything zany occurs in the one epic game. Maybe you can allow editing on here, without the, 'last edited at X time' summary appearing each time I have to make a minor edit in a post.
  8. View them... at your own risk! Very... interesting, eh? 
  9. General Movie Thread

    Well, Freaky will be required for my #1 horror movies collection regardless, since it actually topped the North American box office about a month ago.
  10. Resident Evil 4 feels dated now...

    That's precisely my point. Capcom is just "remaking" RE4 and no doubt other titles along the way, for the mega bucks. They know these troglodyte fake fans will eat the slop up, day one. Quality need not apply here, I guess. Me personally, I did a live stream of The Ghost Survivors just before the preshow for the Game Awards tonight. That is not a fun game. Whether it's the extra modes or the primary campaign, it's just an awful game. It's like walking around with thumbtacks in your boots. Every damn zombie takes 20 bullets to kill. You cannot really run past them either, as their reach is incredible. The old Capcom we knew, is sadly dead now...
  11. Resident Evil 4 feels dated now...

    Let me know WHY you think Capcom should remake RE4. Thanks. Personally, I think remakes are the last major cash-grab that Capcom has left. Once they cannot remake any more of the *GOOD* RE games, what are they gonna do next to get that income flowing in? Will they, um, decide that it's time to remake the remakes? Oh, wait. They have been hinting about remaking the first RE game again, as a third person shooter. Think of RE (1) on the PS5 or whatever, but it's like the RE2 or 3 remake. Oh, God. Don't go giving them any ideas, you guys. That will absolutely suck, for certain. I'm sure of it. But knowing Capcom, I would not be surprised if that gets the go-ahead someday soon.
  12. Resident Evil 4 feels dated now...

    RE4 is great, but the port on the PS4 is just lazy. The graphics look swell, but Capcom did the bare minimum in terms of successfully adding in the same controls. Honestly, it's quite annoying. Plus, like I said, you cannot use subtitles. Me personally, I always put the subtitles on when I watch a movie, provided that option is there. It just makes for better viewing. The same with gaming. That way, you never miss a word, or mishear something. You know? I'd love to know why Capcom left that out. Some gamers are hard of hearing, after all. Stupid C-U-N-T-S! But in terms of RE4 being remade, that's just pointless. RE4 is basically the reason all of these other third person horror type games even exist. RE4 jump started all of that jazz. So remaking it is just kind of on the silly side. Not to mention, RE4 doesn't even come after the events of RE3 anyway. It's supposed to be CVX, which was originally just CV on the Dreamcast in the year 2000. Because that's the story where Claire Redfield headed out to look for her brother, Chris, and got herself imprisoned with Steve Burnside on Rockfort Island, with that crazy idiot, Alfred Ashford, at the helm. Then you later ended up having your escape plane landing badly in Antarctica with Alexia, his sister, waiting for you. Also, CVX in general is very spooky with a lot of creepy environments, so a remake, if done right, would be gloriously gorgeous on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as gaining a PC release... Do you remember that eerie piano music in the palace, and the save room theme that CVX has? It's so relaxing, in a deceptive way. Once you leave that safety spot, it's a whole world of terror yet again. So Capcom would be dumb not to remake it... yet AGAIN! The Darkside Chronicles came first, after all. If you don't know, that was an enjoyable, yet low level story based shooting game that retold the events of CVX in a somewhat, rather inaccurate manner. But yes. CVX deserves a remake, that has passion poured into it. The RE3 remake and even the remake of 2 to an extent, felt like cash-grab titles that were devoid of what made the original RE2 and 3 so great... Personally, I think RE4 will be another cookie cutter, soulless, cash grab product. Capcom isn't stupid, but maybe some of the fanboys indeed are. They know that RE4 is such a classic, so naturally, a lot of people will be excited for a remake with these stylish, modern day, PS5 graphics. The thing is, going by their track record of messing up this, that and the third, I don't see it being all that great. Maybe they can redeem themselves somehow, if they take their time and don't screw it up, but I'm just extremely sceptical that they're in this for the money. And don't say that's all companies care about. It's not exactly a true thing to say. If you look at Naughty Dog, they wouldn't settle for publishing garbage The Last of Us spin off games, like how Umbrella Corps is an ultra bad spin off for Resident Evil. You can always count on Naughty Dog for to deliver a quality game. Capcom unfortunately, usually proves to be what I'd refer to as being a mixed bag. Some candy is sweet. Others is so sour and awful, you'll spit that shite out of your gob almost immediately. This "thug" here was spot on. If they really do develop a remake of RE4, they will probably cut corners and axe a whole ton of boss fights, among other things. RE4 has a lot of bosses too, and it's a long and epic game, with a lot of action. Like, there's the creepy dwarf, pirate guy, his two henchmen things, the ogre like things that swing trees and stomp on you, the village chief, a couple of cameos by Hewie the white dog from Haunting Ground, Krauser, and Saddler, and Ada Wong and Albert Wesker shows up too. And so much more I did not mention. You know? Can you really see Capcom putting in all of these enemies, areas and even the beloved merchant? They would have to at least add in Saddler and so forth, for a coherent plot to form out. For if they don't care about doing so, well... WHY BOTHER TO REMAKE RE4 THEN?
  13. Resident Evil 4 feels dated now...

    The enemies in RE4 aren't zombies. They are peasants, who were infected with some parasite referred to as Las Plagas. Saddler controls them as his cult.
  14. Resident Evil 4 feels dated now...

    Why do so many people love the RE2 remake so much, while they hate on RE3? To myself, I see no real difference in these games in terms of their quality and whatnot. Check out my RE related podcast.
  15. Agree or not. It doesn't really matter... So, yes. I played the HD version earlier tonight, on my PS4. The controls are really annoying, as is the camera. The gameplay in general feels outdated, because you cannot run and shoot concurrently like you can in most modern action-horror titles. So I ended up dying just before I got to the house with Luis, because the controls are so bad, and these villagers were chucking dynamite at me. I was also playing the game on the easiest difficulty setting, but there's no subtitles option. I've played the PS2 version countless times, although before tonight, I had not done so for what has probably been years. That version from late 2005 is graphically worse than the original GameCube version that came out in early 2005, but otherwise, I think the controls were way more comfortable. Colours look washed out and ugly. It's just that RE4 on the GameCube did not come with Separate Ways, which is basically a shorter version of RE4 with you controlling Ada Wong. As an early horror-shooter effort, it's a good enough game. I've never really liked the story all that much, though. In fact, I think RE4 is pretty stupid in that regard. It feels like a science fiction game where you just shoot the same infected people for what feels like hours upon hours. And yes, other RE games had some truly bizarre villains, but RE4 is like a million light years removed from RE0 to CVX in terms of the presentation, the gameplay, the enemies you encounter, and all that good stuff. Is it a bad game? Um, it's hard to say it is terrible, per se, because it's not a bad game in itself. It's just NOT a good horror game, I suppose you could argue across to others. And there's no Umbrella stuff at all or zombies, so it hardly feels like a real sequel, save for having Leon as the main character. Although in my opinion, Leon in RE4 feels nothing like his RE2 counterpart at all, having been blessed with a different attitude and he's also missing his ginger hair. RE4 is also the reason why RE in general went and ended up being so dumbed down in the scares department for years, as every subsequent game basically had very similar gameplay and garbage ass plot aspects that went nowhere any day soon. Yet the remake of RE2 to me feels so much more clunky, despite the fact it's supposed to be a remake. It's not, though. It's a retelling. Especially since enemies absorb so many bullets, the gameplay is not "fun" anymore. RE4 has too many enemies too... Like when Leon is confronted by Jack Krauser, Capcom acted as if everybody was meant to know who the hell he was. He just shows up. They are in a game together called The Darkside Chronicles, which is set in 2002, but it was released on the Wii back in 2009. RE4 is set in either 2004 or 2005. But that other game I mentioned, is an on-rails shooter with co-op. So it's even less of a horror game than RE4 is. Ya dig? Are you following all of this so far? Anyway... I want to know your thoughts on RE4 as a RE game. Did it frighten you silly back in the day, or did you just like the hardcore gun action and silliness it boasts of having? Also... WHAT ARE YA SELLING!? I messed up a few things when I posted this.