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  1. It's sad and unfortunate. The nurses at the hospital stopped her hemodialysis and that ended up being more or less it for my mother. But she had been in a lot of pain due to an aneurysm too, along with suffering from COPD and seizures. I probably won't be active on forums after the funeral tomorrow. I found so many message boards online had gotten to be so inactive anyway. About the only site I know that has daily posts for gaming talk, would be GameFAQs. And holy cow. Please just heed my advice and stay away from that waste of space site. No good becomes of ranting there. Although, I would say yeah. It's arguably the only active site left that actually accumulates many threads. I mean, talking about Resident Evil (as "thesaunderschild") is a lost cause in this day of age, because so many of Capcom's sheep always defend that bloody company when they screw up somehow. The franchise has seen better days, and we all know that's true. But it's really all down to Capcom repeatedly milking it for profit. So quite frankly, one ends up feeling like it's pointless to continue to rabbit on about the same subject, over and over again. Fanboys can be rather cutthroat that way. But as with a lot of things, it is what it is. Apart from that, some stupid Australian tosser has been stalking me for over 6 years online. So I think it would be better to keep a lower profile, and not advertise certain things online any longer, such as my extra work in films. Trolls like to learn all about what you do with your time, so they can start to take the Mickey. He sucks balls, of course. But he is rather weird and obsessive, to be honest.
  2. Admittedly, there was a few bumps on the road over the last several years, with RE8 especially being in Bizarre Land. Like, come on. Lady D was just a fad. The DLC for RE4 is surprisingly good, in my opinion. Although, yes. RE4 has always been more of a third person action adventure game, as opposed to being a traditional survival horror game. After all, you buy your equipment rather than finding it most of the time. Then of course, the enemies drop bullets as if it were candy in a vending machine. Nonetheless, the latest animated movie was enjoyable, with Chris being berated by the main villain for slacking off. And while Julia Voth will always be the best Jill Valentine, I must say, hell. At least she's finally back.
  3. My mum died on the 9th of September...

    Losing your mother is just the most crappy thing that can happen to a man. Other than that, I mean well for anyone else. So game the f*ck on.
  4. Netflix

    Isn't Netflix mostly full of B level trash? To be honest, Prime Video is way better. I think Netflix is good, but it depends what they have available to watch.
  5. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    I may check out Evil West.
  6. What are various series' lowest points?

    I'd take that over Umbrella Corps.
  7. What are various series' lowest points?

    A handful of RE fans may disagree, but I don't really care for 'the Winters saga' in the recent RE games. These games don't even feel like RE games anyway. And I thought Capcom was just trying to be like Konami, especially with what they had going on in RE8. But since these games are still quite popular, I don't know if you can say they are a low point of the series. Some people even think RE7 revived the series, after all of the action heavy entries since RE4 onwards that arguably betrayed the survival horror roots. But if you're going off of your own feelings, then yeah. RE7 and 8 aren't that hot, in my opinion. So what is the lowest point for the RE franchise, then? That's likely RE6.
  8. The Last of Us (TV)

    I cannot wait.
  9. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    There's horror games I'll definitely love to buy, but that's way into the future. I hardly receive any replies on here anymore. So I wanted to keep this short and sweet.
  10. General Movie Thread

    Anybody seen Barbarian yet?
  11. Stranger Things

    My little sis started watching it on Netflix. She enjoys it a lot, and recognised a lot of the songs they use throughout the episodes.
  12. Netflix

    The song "Running up That Hill" by Kate Bush is at number one this week, because this 1985 hit was recently used in Stranger Things. What's old is now new again. LOL!
  13. The Last of Us Part I (2nd September 2022)

    Well for myself, quite frankly, I am more interested in the new PS5 multiplayer game. We'll probably not be getting any further news about it for a while, but it's great that Naughty Dog can finally focus on new characters. Not that I wouldn't want to see Ellie, Abby or Lev again. Maybe they could all turn up in the third, official entry. I'm assuming this game set in San Francisco, is meant to be a separate, side story kind of adventure.
  14. Resident Evil Village

    Looking forward to it this October. The full game can now be enjoyed in third person from when the additional content becomes available. But I think Ethan's face will still not be clearly seen. His daughter Rosemary is getting her own storyline, in third person too.
  15. What do you think of the Dead Space type game? Is that a spin off?
  16. The new The Last of Us spin off sounds excellent. However, I guess it could still be far off. 2023, or 2024 maybe. At least Naughty Dog, I'll say something that needs to be said. They're known to take their time with their products, and it comes out all the better for it. Edited for a lousy incorrect year. 2014 is the past. Or did I type 2024?
  17. Bethesda, maybe you can surprise us by unveiling The Evil Within 3.
  18. As always, Capcom are just up to their old money grabbing ways. The upcoming Netflix series looks rank as well, and they claim it's canonical. How is Wesker black now? Maybe it's a different Albert Wesker. It's pointless to remake RE4 when it's already widely available. Will likely end up feeling like a downgrade, as was the case with RE3, and even 2. Yes, 2. That game got a lot of positive reviews, but it had way too much cut content. I just wish they would stop rehashing past glory for to make a fast buck.
  19. As predicted, RE4 may have a lot of things extracted from it. That's typical of Capcom. But do note that this hasn't been verified yet. I still think fans are going to go wild once it's formally revealed, nonetheless.
  20. Look what people are talking about again. Any chance of it being revealed this summer? https://youtu.be/N8k57cWz1Bg
  21. Of course, a new rumour popped up about Resident Evil 9. But I think Capcom would likely prefer to promote the remake of RE4 first. I hope they reveal something this summer. :-)
  22. I just want to see The Last of Us remake. We know it has been rumoured for ages.
  23. Silent Hill + Bloober Team = winner?

    I was worried that if Bloober Team got to work on Silent Hill, that they would omit the combat mechanics in favour of simply exploring the environment, and running from threats. Because I don't like games where you cannot fight back with any weapons. But I think Clock Tower is an example of a game that gets the idea of evasion mostly right...
  24. What are various series' lowest points?

    Actually, a lot of fans like that game from the early 2000s. The same with Dead Aim. It's not quite as detested.