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  1. Metroid Dread

    So, I'd like to give my thoughts on some spoilers: Still pretty buzzed with this game.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Have you been avoiding the Metroid Dread thread for fear of spoilers? Well, here's something that's almost entirely spoiler-free: Metroid Dread - The N-Europe Review The only spoiler here is a very small part of the opening sequence. By reading this review, you will be more informed of the game's overall quality, without spoiling yourself of the game's more curious contents. It's practically magic! So feel free to read it during your free time: I promise the robots won't attack while you're doing so.
  3. Metroid Dread

    Hello! You may have noticed I didn't really give many of my impressions beyond the initial ones. That might have to do with the fact that I've been working on putting all of the opinion onto a single document: Metroid Dread - The N-Europe Review That's right, a brand new review of Metroid Dread. It's got it all: words, paragraphs, opinions, clarifications... And you won't believe the amount of controversies! Click the image to find out! On a more serious note, if you're on the fence about Metroid Dread, or wish to know some more about the game before you buy, check my review. It's my longest review yet, it's pretty comprehensive, it is almost entirely spoiler-free (I only reveal a smidge of the opening sequence) and I'm fairly proud of it. So please, take a look.
  4. Yeah, that price is too much. Especially when it's 12 months minimum for the expansion. Once the N64 service was complete, my intention was to sign up for 3 months or so to play Snap, Kirby, S&P, and whatever else I hadn't played yet. Until they add a plan that's 6 months or shorter, I won't be getting it. Not without Goemon, at the very least
  5. Metroid Dread

    If by "backtracking", you mean Super Metroid's version of it (where you'll need to re-explore a bit, check the map and such), then that shouldn't be too bothersome here. Dread is clearer about where you need to go, usually. If you mean Metroid Fusion's version of it ("go to the place I marked on your map!, then come back!, then to the other place I marked!"), then there shouldn't be any of it at all. Either way, this game is considerably faster paced than previous entries (which includes general movement), so take that into account on whether that would help with backtracking issues. I think Dread's plot works fine for newcomers, and it is good at recapping the essential bits. But you'll get more out of it if you play the previous entries (Super and Fusion, mostly). There's also the fact that specific twists and outcomes from those games will be spoiled here (they kinda have to be). Gameplay-wise, Dread's fine for newcomers, nevermind the comments about difficulty, playing the previous ones won't help the issue, anyway If you do start with a previous entry, I highly recommend Super Metroid. Excellent jumping-on point, excellent game, and it is more readily available on the NSO.
  6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I still love that Piranha Plant is just chilling in the middle of the chaos, watering some Pikmin with a random watering can.
  7. Metroid Dread

    I thought I'd be the first to post impressions, but it seems BowserBasher beat me to the punch. Ah well, I never was much of a speedrunner! This game is hitting all the right spots.
  8. Fullmetal Alchemist is usually a safe bet. For more recent stuff, there's My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, and Attack on Titan, but all of those are well known, so he may have read them already. For relatively less known stuff, there's Dr.Stone (young scientist wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world, uses science to restart civilization. There's a Shonen pace and logic to the whole thing), Heroic Legend of Arslan (which is more "medieval epic" than "shonen", but it's pretty good), or one of the Zelda mangas (which need no introduction). I'd also recommend Silver Spoon (which is slice-of-life), but I don't think I've ever seen that one published in Europe. Those are the ones that popped into my head.
  9. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    While I've been taking it easy as of late, I'm chomping at the bit to play Metroid Dread, and I thought I needed to play something in preparation for it. I did play a Super Metroid Randomizer, which, while fun, sadly ended in failure. As the last week loomed, I thought, "I can't play a new Metroidvania now, I'll get burned on the genre for sure". And then it hit me, I should play a Stealth game. A 2D one, a short one. So I went into my Steam backlog and fetched: Master Spy That's some excellent music. Check the full OST! Like with Double Dragon Neon, I first heard of this game when browsing VG music on Youtube, and ran into the track above. I looked up the game, thought it looked neat, and eventually got it because it was so cheap (and I got the version with the Soundtrack too). It seems to be the only notable game from indie developer TURBOGUN, as they've been nothing but radio silence since the game's original release in 2015. Anyway, Master Spy is a surprisingly fast 2D platformer, and the stealth elements consist of pretty much only "Don't let guards/cameras see you or you fail instantly", because with everything else (like guard dogs or traps) you just need to avoid danger like a regular platformer. There's a button to jump, one to toggle on an invisibility cloak (guards won't see you, but you move much slower), and an air-dash technique that they don't tell you about (but will absolutely need for lategame levels). The goal of each level is to collect every keycard and then reach the exit. Presentation-wise, it's meant to look like games from the late 80s (NES and Pentium alike), with humans looking like Prince of Persia, and cutscenes looking like Ninja Gaiden. Screenshots from the Steam page seemed to have a CRT+scanlines sort of filter, but I didn't find the option on the game itself (I likely missed something really obvious). The game nails the aesthetic look it's going for - albeit with a much higher level of detail - so I don't have any complaints, except that, in some places, it wasn't too clear on what I could interact with or not. The game is fairly short, with 5 missions total, with around 10 levels per mission (plus 8 bonus secret levels), but it's the right length. Doesn't overstay its welcome, and it keeps introducing new obstacles/enemies well into the final levels, including *gasp* guards that actually react to sound! Also you have to sneak around sharks and tigers, it gets wild. It should take 3-5 hours to finish (and indeed, its brevity is why I picked this to play before Metroid Dread drops). As for my complaints... this game gets hard. Really hard. Super Meat Boy hard. I'm not even joking, as around Mission 4, the levels are filled with seesaws, crushing pistons, flamethrowers, etc. and in this environment, the guards' eyesight may as well just be yet another death laser, considering their function (and considering the plot and context, I really don't see how being briefly seen should constitute an instant Game Over). I started the game on Master (Hard) difficulty because I'm such a masochist badass, but had to reduce it to Operative (Normal) at the end of Mission 4 because it was getting so bad. As it turns out, difficulty levels don't change level design or AI or anything, the only thing is that Operative actually has several mid-level checkpoints... and yeah, that helped a lot, actually. It also made the game even more like Super Meat Boy. Unlike Meat Boy, Master Spy doesn't have fancy wall slides or malleable physics, the execution is all do-or-die, and God forbid if you're one pixel off, or one half-second late (and if the game decides to hiccup, you certainly will be). This pixel-perfect requirement to beat the game made it too frustrating by the end. To end this review on a better note, I should mention the plot... At first I thought it would just be a generic plot involving a conspiracy and a predictable twist villain reveal, all in cheesy good fun. But it soon turned into something more unexpected and... dumb. Very entertainingly so. For all of my frustrations with the game's difficulty, this plot was needlessly contrived and deliciously funny. The sort of thing that deserves to be on the "So bad, it's good?" thread. The fact that the game's script feels as badly written as the Ninja Gaidens of yore is the icing on the cake. In conclusion, this game turned out to not be very satisfying as a Stealth game, but it's a rather enjoyable 2D Platformer for sure, as long as you're willing to lower the difficulty when needed. And the insane turns that the plot took were a hidden gem all on its own. Finally, the soundtrack is legitimately great, I don't regret getting this album. Bring on Metroid!
  10. I'm still pissed that I deleted Solid Snake from my predictions only to replace him with Takamaru. If only I knew the scope of this game... But you know what? I correctly predicted Terry Bogard, and nobody can take that away. Thank you a lot for doing this game, @Glen-i I can honestly say this has been my favourite Smash prediction thread/discussion... ever.
  11. Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate

    Dang. As much as I disliked a lot about the man... I do respect the music he made. This is one of those deaths that give me mixed feelings. Should be interesting to see the musical direction for the series going forward. Not just for new games (like XII), but even for re-releases. For example, I wonder if the DQIII remake will actually have an orchestral soundtrack, or if they'll keep respecting Sugiyama's wishes.
  12. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    What's this about Sora being a swordsman? He's only wielding a very sharp key, smh ...But FF7R already has Cloud in it
  13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    .... I definitely felt the "send-off" part of the presentation. It was for sure the end of an era. I wish Sakurai a very healthy retirement. But man, do I just... not care about Kingdom Hearts at all. Furthermore, Sora doesn't have a particularly interesting moveset,,, and there's no Disney representation at all... and none of the music got any new arrangements... But at least the stage is nice. Ultimately, I can't really argue against the choice to have him, either. Square can go fuck itself with that Cloud Version bull, though. Even I'm pissed at this, and I was never going to play them.