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  1. It's from the ResetEra thread that @Dcubed linked to earlier.
  2. I'm afraid that's not it. That moment is actually the "Evac" spell, which is meant to be used indoors. No, it's actually this picture: It's the same animation as seen around the 21:14 mark in the video (it wasn't actually Zoom, it was the item with a similar use, but the principle's the same). Makes no sense: what's the point of Evac then, if even a starting town item negates it completely?
  3. I love the concept behind the thread. I personally would've picked something other than a soufflé (I'm more of a Pastel de Nata guy myself, natch), but it's lovely. The thing is that I don't think I've played a single game from 2024, and that's likely to stay true for the foreseeable future. Regardless, here are my picks: The Soufflé Starting with the hardest category! There are a lot of upcoming games that would easily qualify as a Soufflé, but as I must pick only one: I mean, it's a brand new 2D Zelda game with an interesting new gimmick, and where we finally get to play with Zelda herself as a protagonist. I don't love the fact that this looks like the LttP overworld again, but other than that, the vibes are overwhelmingly positive. The Surströmming I don't usually like to be negative about upcoming releases, l like to believe every game I dislike has an audience, and that every flawed game can become unique fun under the right light... But the wariness pops up from time to time. I understand this is a very specific game for a specific fandom. A 3D arena fighter that feels more like a sandbox to go wild with some of the most obscure DB characters and scenarios. I understand nobody's expecting this game to get great review scores or anything... but I fear that this game might not even be good enough to do what it's supposed to do. If local multiplayer really is limited only to the one white featureless stage, that's actually dreadful. Furthermore, DLC and excessive monetisation out of a "sandbox"-style game like this feels inevitable. And when pessimism sets in, everything I see about the game feels like style over substance. The Stroopwafel So, I left this one for last, because... while looking through that wikipedia list of upcoming releases, I came across one that I didn't even know existed, despite it looking like it was made for me. It was apparently first revealed a couple of weeks ago too, that's how under the radar it is. Yeah, a remake of the obscure 1994 title, Little Big Adventure. It's clearly being made by people who respect the source material (that island looks almost exactly like it does in LBA 2!), and I'm really excited to see what comes of this. Maybe it's not even going to be out in 2024, I don't care, I just want more people to know about it, and that makes it the perfect Stroopwafel. Speaking of which... So, there's a popular variant of this cookie in Portugal, a long-time staple of local supermarkets. Its name? BELGIANS The Dutch haven't made a fuss yet...
  4. Good performance by Spain! As the one remaining southern European nation, I was already rooting for them, so it's good they earned their victory.
  5. By the way, something that occurred to me, in case you aren't used to playing/purchasing collections of fighting games, there's something you should keep in mind: these are very likely going to be the Arcade versions. This means that single-player content is going to be as minimal as it gets. Most of the games in this collection have character endings, I think, but MvC2, notably, has no character-specific endings. In fact... ...I imagine that the MvC2 shop is not going to be there. The roster is probably already unlocked from the get-go. That said, they did add a Training Mode and specific character achievements, so maybe there will be something there.
  6. Now bear with me for a second, not every update is going to have interesting games: A Jonnas NSO Update I noticed recently that my list of remaining "Unplayed" games on the NSO was 107. So close to one hundred! Wanting to clear a minor milestone that matters only to me, I decided to blaze through a bunch of games that I knew wouldn't take much of my time. Jonnas chooses a bunch of quick games So, Donkey Kong. The one from 1994 is a pretty good game, but the original is really only the first 4 levels. Worse, the NES version is just 3 levels. Over and over again. Did them quickly. Will admit, the game didn't feel as archaic as I expected. Then, Donkey Kong Jr. plays even better. It's also an easier, more pleasant game. It was probably meant to be accessible for younger children, and that may be exactly why it managed to age better than most games of its era. Did the levels, and can confirm that some of the physics and levels from DK '94 were taken directly from here. Thus, Donkey Kong 3 remains as the unloved child. Rather than a platforming, this one is a shmup, a bit like a more dynamic Space Invaders. Spray the bugs, spray DK's ass, manage both of those targets. Not a bad game, but quite finicky (those bugs move a lot!), and I didn't enjoy it that much. Did about 5 levels before dropping it. Also, Mario Bros. isn't just an annoying Smash stage, it's also a game. Plays surprisingly well, but it gets hard really quickly. I can imagine a kid or two spending hours stomping on.................KOOPAS on the Arcade. Personally, I found it got stressful way too fast. But it's pleasant, better than I thought. Then, Wrecking Crew (1984). Ever since I saw that Eggplant Man trophy in Melee, I wondered what was up with this game. It's... aggressively meh. Sure, I have to wreck it all, but the movement is so limited, and the enemies can corner me easily, and I think most levels can become unwinnable? Maybe I was missing something (never figured out how to interact with those barrels), but this was easily the most frustrating game of this batch, and I'm happy to drop it. It was at this point that Nintendo decided to suddenly add 7 more NES games to the service. Jonnas despairs upon his hubris ........ Donkey Kong Jr. Math is weird. Nice idea for a game, but what, is it only multiplayer? And why does it control worse than original DK Jr? There's also a mode where the computer just does math for you? Like, is the player just meant to guess? What a weird thing. Mappy-Land is a game that has some decent ideas, actually. You run around for collectibles, you can set traps for enemies, take advantage of the environment to kill a few... Respect, it feels like a more rigid, more strategic Flicky. Sadly, I didn't like how it controls, changing floors is very finicky. As far as games go about a small animal that endlessly struggles against the feline inevitability of fate, I prefer Flicky to Mappy. Dig Dug 2 is when Dig Dug too realises the futility of digging through an underground that forever regenerates, so he came to the surface. I had some fun with the concept of breaking the floor to slow down enemies, but as the levels got harder, the more noticeable it was that Dig Dug controls like he's drunk. I must've completed 15 levels before the frustration got to me. Nice idea, but the gameplay needed some more work. Golf (NES) and Baseball (GB) are sports I don't particularly like. Tried them briefly, and predictably, didn't care much for them. ...The list of unplayed NSO games is now 104. Yaaay...?
  7. The only discounts I took advantage of this summer were the particularly good deals: Invisible Inc. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut And that's it. Gotta keep my backlog in check.
  8. The MvC series has had multiple ups and downs over the years (Max didn't delve too much into it, but the period between MvC2 and MvC3 was also a "dark age" of sorts for the series, where it legitimately felt dead as well). The fact that the last game was such a flop pretty much spelled doom for the iconic partnership. Basically, if Capcom and Marvel aren't doing stuff together, it's easy to believe that all is lost. That said, a collection of MvC is the stuff of miracles. Fighting game collections are still somewhat uncommon, and to think that one was made of so many titles that historically have had little or no console presence... It's mental. My personal favourites out of the "classic" tunes are Magneto's and Captain America's. Great stuff. In fighting games, the controller should be your top criteria. Whichever controller lets you do quarter-circles, half-circles, and Shoryuken-motions fairly comfortably, that's the one you should prioritise (Charge motions are also significant, but if you aren't used to 2D fighting games, these are going to be awkward regardless of the controller you choose). The MvC series in particular has a motion that's significant across the board: the super jump (down-then-suddenly-up). It's a bit awkward to perform on a d-pad, but a joystick can do it with a flicking motion.
  9. Welp. So that's it A mostly boring game where we, admittedly, played as well as we could. It's weird to go out with so little drama. Barely a whimper. On the brighter side, with Ronaldo's upcoming retirement, maybe this team will finally evolve into something new.
  10. I mean, I am totally bracing myself for a loss today But yeah, since I still have hope, that's positivity. Every competition, all I want is for Portugal to go out in a dignified fashion (which granted, doesn't always happen). A loss is bound to happen, but as long as I can point out "I liked that thing we did that year", I think that's the best outcome.
  11. I wish her a quick recovery. Stay strong.
  12. Welp.... As if by divine intervention, something unexpected came up in the last hour, and I will no longer be able to make it. My apologies for cancelling so suddenly.
  13. Oh yeah, that is her! She's been voicing a few Fire Emblem characters lately as well, and she still sounds the same as in 2004.
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