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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    The spirits total includes support spirits, which can't be leveled up.
  2. Switch eShop Thread

    Oh yeah, took me forever to realise, too: spells and items are assigned certain to button combinations. Everytime I would accidentally press a+x or whatever, I would use something I didn't mean to. I think it's a holdover from the PC versions, and becomes annoying on a controller. Unfortunately, I don't think this can be turned off. As for the roguelike aspect, yeah, you can't go in expecting the best stuff. It's a lucky break if you get it, but the principle is to work with what you got. That said, there are shrines and spots where you can swap or "re-roll" items. Finding ways to tip the odds in your favour is also an aspect of roguelike skill. I understand if it's not your cup of tea, just offering my thoughts on the matter.
  3. Switch eShop Thread

    I second Glen-i's tips, while also adding that the Broadsword is quite useful as well. This might sound like a weird tip, but if you have a hard time figuring out the enemies' patterns, try to play as Cadence for a bit. Seeing the enemies in regular motion helps in understanding the logic of their movement.
  4. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Holy cow, it's been a busy two months! It certainly doesn't help that I had a bit of a FE Heroes relapse (they added a Summer Lyn and Gala Suit Eliwood, what was I supposed to do!?), but still, very little time to dedicate to gaming. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light Despite me dedicating so much time to Smash bros. this year, I hadn't actually beat the WoL. But due to my hectic schedule, a bit of this every night was the only thing I had any mental energy I was willing to dedicate to. Turned out to be a lot of fun. Tried out different spirit setups, got to see several cool spirit fights, loved the throwbacks to different games I kept seeing, and I liked how the different themes come together by the end. Plus, I unlocked that Duck Hunt achievement, so I'm pretty happy with myself. Only thing missing is to complete the skill tree, which is a total slog. Might eventually play New Game+ for that, maybe not. Oh, and I used Hero a lot in this mode. Which brings us to... Dragon Quest III I mean, I've been posting a log of sorts in this thread. You can check my thoughts and impressions there. There are actually two post-game dungeons: a SNES one, which I will do, and a GBC exclusive one, which I'll skip because it depends on a useless, grindy GBC mechanic that I've been ignoring. The basic gist of it is that it's a highly enjoyable RPG, even to this day. Sure, the novelty of it has worn off, and its look isn't exactly groundbreaking anymore, but good design lasts forever. This has been a very illuminating experience for me regarding the history of JRPGs, and if you ever manage to get your hands on the original trilogy (coming to the Switch in Asia), I recommend giving them a whirl.
  5. I decided to make my push to the final boss during my holidays... and it took me quite a while, still I won't post any spoilers this time, just know that the game really picks up near the end, it actually got so much better. I don't know what else to post about it. Yuji Horii is a fantastic scenario writer, he's so good at coming up with both silly fun stuff and grandiose moments, I can really see how much influence this series has had in the gaming industry, and even in Dragon Ball (blatant nods to King Piccolo, power levels as a concept has to have come from this series as well, etc.). Plus, like the other games I played, it's very well balanced. You never get too rich, your spells never become game-breaking, and but you never feel weak, either. And the different dungeons are just as creative as the scenarios, it's amazing how much variety they managed to fit into such a basic system of combat and movement. One thing I should mention, is that while I can easily see how this game was as groundbreaking as it was at the time, I also hesitate to give it a 10/10 now, since it does a lot of things right... but not exactly new anymore for me. This might be how younger generations feel about Ocarina of Time. Finally, there's now a post-game bonus dungeon... which I'm sure to tackle soon.
  6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I imagine, since fighters can launch sandbag into the stratosphere now, it would be silly for it to travel a mere handful of metres. So they changed it to a more scale-appropriate measurement.
  7. Any of these work for you? If Terry plays like I think he will, he's a serious contender to be my main "rushdown" character (the first I'll bother to seriously use).
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I made a joke about it earlier, but I think I should be clearer: Final Fight is a Capcom sidescrolling beat'em up (amusingly enough, already represented in Smash Bros). Fatal Fury is the SNK fighting game where Terry comes from. Aesthetically and plotwise, they're similar, but they're different franchises entirely.
  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Sorry for the sudden exit, life got in the way. Thank you for the games we had. Maybe next time I'll be able to properly compare my Goemon with @RedShell's
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Ok, so to expand on my previous post: Terry Bogard isn't just a "Fatal Fury" character, he's also a "King of Fighters" character. KOF is like the smash bros of SNK, and while Fatal Fury eventually died off, its characters continued to live on in KOF (technically an alternate continuity). Terry is hailed as coming from Fatal Fury, but his stage is the KOF ring, so expect him to indeed represent both series. I have more experience with KOF, but I do know of what Fatal Fury offers. They were one of the first fighting games to include ring-outs, and it also had this unique "layer" mechanic, where characters could briefly dodge to the background or foreground, and in some games even stay there for as long as they want. In a way, this could be seen as a precursor to SSB's spotdodging. If Terry were to reference this mechanic, I imagine it would only be as a weird Down-B (like Ryu's focus attack), but I wouldn't expect him to have that. King of Fighters has different mechanics to Fatal Fury, starting with the fact that rolling to the left and right is a thing (once again, a precursor to a SSB mechanic). Fighters can also run/dash, and the jump mechanics have much more depth than in Street Fighter. Characters can jump, short-hop, long jump, and even longjump-short-hop (an enemy CPU once used this technique to punish me from across the screen. A hard lesson was learned that day). Finally, characters can choose to spend some of their super meter to parry+dodge, or parry+counter (think of the Alpha Counter mechanic in SF Alpha), which contributes to the fast-paced, rushdown-heavy environment that KOF tends to have. Since Terry can already run, roll, and spotdodge, maybe these mechanics will come out somehow faster and smoother in Smash Bros. For example, maybe his rolls don't get stale? Maybe he automatically counters whenever he parries? Genuine possibilities. The jump mechanics from KOF should also be taken into account, it's entirely possible he could be able to long-short-hop, or have a tighter control of his falling speed, meaning he could potentially control his jumps better than any other character in the roster. If nothing else, I expect Terry to play fast and aggressive, if only because that's how KOF works (Terry in that series is actually very well balanced in offence and defence, but Smash Bros is a different engine, and I expect him to represent that style more). Regardless, I expect these movement options to translate very well to Smash bros. On that note, combos in KOF are super fast and precise, and usually more expected in higher levels of play. They rarely follow SF's simple strings of Light Jab -> Light Jab -> Heavy Jab. Rather, they come from creative use of different special moves. In fact, a common thing in KOF is to spend some meter for a "Super Mode" where the only buff you get is the ability to cancel moves into other moves. You can do this outside of the Super Mode, but it spends an horrendous amount of meter. Combos in that series depend heavily on this... "attack cancel" culture. If this aspect does make it to Smash bros, I expect it to make Terry's atacks feel even faster, even if you're just button-mashing. (Also, KOF is a 3-vs-3 fighting game series. Assist attacks aren't a thing, so I don't expect this mechanic to be referenced. Still, I should mention that his teammates are his brother Andy and his buddy Joe. Maybe they'll appear in a taunt, or on the KOF stage, or something) Regarding the Light/Mid/Heavy mechanic, I'm not sure whether that'll be different or not. It may be specific to Street Fighter 1, while KOF characters always had 4 buttons to work with, but we've seen him do two versions of the Power Wave (pronounced POAWH WAIV) in the gameplay snippet. So who knows? Another potential difference, is that Terry's command list isn't consistent. For example, the Rising Tackle (pronounced RAIZING TAKU) has been a Dragon Punch motion and a charge motion, depending on the game. Indeed, some KOF games allow you to pick alternate movelists for characters, meaning Terry has had two differing motions for the same move, even in the same game! It's possible he's more consistent in Fatal Fury, but still, I don't quite expect him to have input commands. One final thing: Fatal Fury was eventually soft-rebooted into Garou:Mark of the Wolves, a well-received game (often compared to Street Fighter III) that's very technical. Unfortunately, I don't know much about its unique mechanics, but I plan on playing it before Terry's released (he's the only returning character, you see). If I find any noteworthy mechanics, I'll let you know. In a nutshell, I expect SNK's mechanics to translate well as novel movement options to Smash Bros, and KOF's in particular to help Terry play very aggressive. Fatal Fury's mechanics, should they make it, would probably help him further mix up his movement.
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Well, Final Fight is a sidescrolling Capcom beat'em up, for starters I'm on my phone right now, but I'll make sure to make a lengthy post about Terry, Fatal Fury, and KOF when I get home. The basic gist of it is that I expect Terry's transition to be smoother than Ryu's, and I expect him to be easier to play as, as well. I'll explain my reasoning when I can.
  12. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    We did it, boys.