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  1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (26th July 2019)

    I'm already considering Riding/Flying as an option for most of my guys. It's an option independent of weapon use, it's super useful in every FE game, and characters already gain weapon skill during battle, so it makes sense to have them learn it over time (I want my Wyvern Archer Claude, dangit!). I think Hilda and Raphael are the only ones I'm not doing it for, since I'm aiming for an Armour path for those two.
  2. Switch eShop Thread

    That's surprising. Aiming that cross-hair felt really easy to me. I remember the pleasant surprise when I saw it wasn't a Zelda-style throw.
  3. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (26th July 2019)

    So, I started this game a while back, but stopped due to a lack of time. However, considering Byleth being in Smash, plus the folks in the Gaming Diary thread voting for it, I'm retaking it, and hopefully take it to the end. I'm doing Golden Deer, Hard Mode. I've taken a look as to where I was, and I'm starting Chapter 3. I definitely remember trying to recruit Dorothea and Felix, so I'll continue to flatter them. I also have a rough idea of where I want to take each student (class-wise), and I want it to stay rough, let myself be surprised by class trees. Still undecided on marriage goals, as both Dorothea and Leonie look like good girls. Lady Rhea is beautiful, but I'm sure I can only court her under very specific circumstances I don't know about yet (also, pretty sure she's evil). I've just been given Beginner seals, and I see I can promote Claude. Before I do so, I'd like to ask: How common are these seals? Limited, or can I buy them? Is there any advantage to letting the rookies stay in their class for a few levels before promotion? Or is promotion ASAP the better choice in general? Just making sure I understand how this works. By all means, I want to promote Claude to a Fighter.
  4. Switch eShop Thread

    Huh, could swear it was going to be released in a month!
  5. Switch eShop Thread

    I, on the other hand, have been convinced by that demo. I won't get it at launch (since I'm fighting my backlog right now), but I will make it top priority during a sale.
  6. It wasn't until I listened to this week's N-E Café that I realised the English-speaking world never got any form of Captain Tsubasa. It's kind of mental to think about, every other football-loving nation I know has fond memories of Tsubasa and its distinct cheese. The interminable fields, the ball that keeps spinning as it hits the net, the seriousness with which they take those inter-school championships! The melodrama of it all was something else. And then the characters grew up and it just got crazier from there. My favourite part has to be when the Vegeta-type character goes on a training arc with a weighted ball, declaring that he can't go back to the team unless he can break a tree in half with his shots: And when he comes back for a Friendly, he shows off his ultimate move: the Lightning Shot! (Éder would go on to learn this technique) As for the game, I'm not too fond of football videogames, but I'm happy this one is getting some attention. The franchise is a ton of fun and any attention it gets is well deserved.
  7. N-E Cafe Podcast

    Transition music is Donkey Kong Country 2!
  8. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Inti Creates is made up of former Capcom staff who worked on the Mega Man Zero (and ZX) series. Their pedigree for 2D action platformers is rich. On a related note, the Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy collection is coming out next month on all consoles. If you're looking for slick, smooth, fluid, and most of all, difficult and rewarding 2D Action, that's one you should absolutely consider
  9. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I did play Dream Land 3 very recently, so if it wins, I'll be able to give my opinion earlier than anybody else This is also why I'll vote Kirby's Adventure. Never played the NES version.
  10. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    "Too many votes for Three Houses, are there? And you're itching to play it as well? Well, when will you do it?" Got it. I'll probably post about my progress in the main thread for it, though. No can do. Started my playthrough on Hard Mode back near launch (you know, when Maddening didn't exist), and I plan on sticking to it. I'll do Maddening on my second or third run.
  11. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    So, I start my physical games resolution with two digital games. Typical Jonnas. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Not to be confused with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, this is the 8-bit style game released as a prequel/teaser for Ritual. Guess you can't just reboot Castlevania without doing a traditional 2D action platformer first. Luckily, they handled this game's development to IntiCreates, a development team with a Grade A+ curriculum in 2D action platformers. It really is basically Castlevania III. You start with the main character, but you quickly recruit a handful of other characters to help you on your journey. But unlike Castlevania III, this game's actually really good! [/hot take] Really, you can actually take several characters with you, you can switch them quickly on the fly, and even the level design is leaps and bounds above Castlevania III's... They refined that formula very well. The main character Zangetsu has a dinky sword, but he attacks quickly, fast and owns a couple of very useful subweapons (making him a good boss killer); the second character Miriam is a Belmont at heart, with good jumps, a long whip, and several useful subweapons; the third character Alfred is a long-lost Belnades, being a frail mage with bombastic subweapons; the fourth character Gebel is straight-up Alucard, with an anti-air attack, the ability to turn into a bat, and no subweapons whatsoever. Plot twist: instead of recruiting, you can actually choose to ignore, or even kill those party members. If you do kill them, Zangetsu gains a new skill. So, if you do decide to be an evil bastard, Zangetsu eventually turns into a souped-up Ryu Hayabusa (from Ninja Gaiden), with a double jump, running speed, and vertical slashes. The game might look short, but it was designed to be replayed two-to-four times. There's a full-party run, a solo-Zangetsu run, and a couple of extra modes I won't delve into right now (other than the fact that there's a secret final boss battle that is absolutely awesome). So yeah, loved this game. Plays like a dream, looks super retro-stylish, and I managed to complete those 4 playthroughs in a week. Oh, and the soundtrack's a total banger, too. Dragon Ball FighterZ Y'all should already know what this game's all about. And if you care for it, you know the gist: 3-vs-3 fighting game made by Arc System Works, the game that "killed" Marvel vs Capcom. This gorgeous game got somehow released for Switch, and it was on a very generous discount last December (which I took advantage of, alongside its 1st Season Pass). It is exactly as slick and fluid as the videos make it seem, and pretty easy to do flashy stuff. The characters are well realised, the cinematic segments look freaking awesome, and there's just an unbelievable amount of polish put into this game's aesthetics. As a fighting game, it's pretty solid, with approachable combos, and potential for very interesting mindgames. The roster feels quite varied (despite the abundance of Gokus), with a healthy amount of oddballs, grapplers, and such. There might be too much of a focus on rushdown strategies, but that's not even a flaw, it's just Mahvel, baby what happens next time on Dragon Ball Z. On the other side of the coin, it's hilarious how bad the UI surrounding it is. The main menu is a clunky player lobby (even offline), you can change voice language, but you can't change game language (my game's stuck in Brazilian Portuguese, but at least the voices are Japanese), if you change button settings, the movelists and tutorials still show the default buttons (this is such a spectacular failure of UI design, it's staggering), etc. I keep finding small blunders in design here and there, all on this faulty UI that surrounds a gorgeous, super fun game. On the more neutral side, you unlock extra colours, online title cards, and such via a randomized system. Lootboxes you don't pay for, which is nice, except... it's kinda silly to lock so many aesthetic unlockables behind such a tedious system. Just make them rewards for Arcade mode, or combo challenges, or whatever. Finally, I've been mostly playing Arcade mode (where CPU opponents have horrendously inflated stats, but it's the one thing they have over me) and Online mode, which is surprisingly active on the Spanish lobby (the one closest to me). That means I haven't really touched Story Mode yet, but I do plan to. To be more precise, I plan to go through it slowly on my down time. I see it as a fun side thing to do, in a game that was clearly made for the multiplayer side of things. I'll be doing it to find out what the deal is with that Android 21 character, anyway. I don't think it'll change my opinion of this game (which is pretty positive, all things considered), but if it does change, I'll let you know. ----------------------- I'm going to do something unconventional here. I don't know which game from my physical backlog should I start with (I know it should be an RPG), so I'm going to ask you guys in this thread if you can help me choose: Should I ring a bell when you're in the dark, and play Tales of Vesperia? All of this Smash newcomer hype makes me think of Lloyd Irving, and it's kinda making me itch to play some Tales; Should I go to class when they ring a bell and play Fire Emblem: Three Houses? I started it, but ended up dropping it due to unexpected circumstances. Also, Smash fans keep talking about it for some reason I totally know about; Should I play as a bloke called Ringabel in Bravely Default? I keep wanting to start it, but other big games get in the way. I won't divide my attention between them, but I can only do one. Which one do you recommend, wise people of N-Europe?
  12. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (16th Jan)

    It has more to do with this, yeah. FE Heroes is the game that debuted official English voice actors for Marth and Roy, as well as official names and terms that up until that point had depended exclusively on fan translations (like "Wendy" and "Raquesis" suddenly being canonized as "Gwendolyn" and "Lachesis", respectively). The Switch version not having any English voice acting is a decision made on Atlus' end (either for artistic purposes, or logistic/financial ones). But FEH needed to stay consistent with what it has been doing so far, so Intelligent Systems chose English option regardless.
  13. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Can I suggest the Kirby games for NES&SNES? They're all fairly easy to play (except for Dream Course), and since everybody has them, I think they'd be good candidates
  14. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (16th Jan)

    For those who don't know, the cast from this game has recently appeared in Fire Emblem Heroes... and along with it came English voice acting! The actual game itself only has Japanese voice acting, right? Kind of a weird situation.
  15. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    It figures that even the satirical video that fetches as many blue-haired, blue-armoured FE characters as it can... still ignores Hector and Ephraim, anyway