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  1. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I do not have a Wii U... but I think it's a good theme, totally ok by me. I own a few of the ones already mentioned, anyway. There are also a few others that could be part of it, though since they haven't been rereleased, it's difficult to justify their inclusion. Still, just for reference, these are the ones I can think of:
  2. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

    He did it! Jorge Fonseca won Bronze, Portugal's first medal this year Really happy for him, and hoping he can do even better in 2024
  3. 3DS Console Discussion

    Hm, it's been a long time since I played that demo, but I only remember being dissatisfied with the way it played and aimed. If the motion controls involved moving the 3DS too much, that may have been something I rejected. Didn't know the Switch version had RE4-style controls... I guess I conflated it with the RE4 port. My interest in Revelations Switch is piqued, then.
  4. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Curiously, the button prompts show the Playstation D-pad when the game isn't planned to be coming out to that system... Development shenanigans? I'm looking forward to hearing the full soundtracks later, at any rate. Is it true that Nobuo Uematsu is directly involved with these re-orchestrations?
  5. 3DS Console Discussion

    Thank you, @Glen-i and @Dcubed. Those are some good tips. To be honest, I expected more trouble out of the Nintendo games, like Metroid or Luigi's Mansion, since Nintendo tends to be stubborn with (the lack of) button remapping. The Superstar Saga remake pretty much depended on the R button to switch formations, but at least I could do it with a couple of clicks on the touch screen (a bit cumbersome, but feasible, if the R button acted up). I never got around to purchasing Kid Icarus... and it's lovely to hear Shovel Knight works fine, I figure the 3DS is the best platform for that game. Silver lining with Resi Revelations, I already disliked the control scheme! (Call me when you add motion controls to that game, Capcom) @darksnowman To be honest, I might get a new one at some point, though I'd rather not. Switching accounts ain't easy from what I hear, and as long as I'm aware of what's playable and not, I think I can manage. No worries about Fire Emblem, though. Playing it with self-imposed restrictions and/or obstacles is what I live for!
  6. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Huh, speaking of Arcades and high scores... I wonder if we could do a Roguelike. As in, no need to "beat" it, but we can still see who gets the farthest (or the best run).
  7. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

    I usually like the Olympics for giving me an opportunity to check out a bunch of sports I usually don't watch. Sadly, with the nightly schedules, I haven't been able to keep up with them as much as I'd like, and to make matters worse, our Portuguese athletes have been eliminated at a faster pace than I expected. Still, I'm looking out for: Judo. I was sad to see our golden girl Telma Monteiro be eliminated early, but the newcomer Catarina Costa managed to make it 5th in her class, so I think our Judo boys and girls are still motivated. And since I was always fond of biggest boy Jorge Fonseca, and I'm hoping he can go far when his turn comes. Handball. First time our guys made it to the Olympics, and they already had two very exciting matches. If they can at least make it out of the group, that'll be immense! Plus, my sister used to play Handball, so I want to see the sport get more views in general. Table Tennis. A sport I always liked. Sadly, all of our single competitors have been eliminated already (our best player went against the #1 seed in the QFs, so that's frustrating), but I'm hoping the Men's team can still go places. Athletics. It's broad, but they have been historically kind to us. While we might see a surprise, there's no question our best chances lie in Triple Jump: Nelson Évora is a pretty awesome guy all around (doesn't matter if he's past his prime), and Patrícia Mamona is pretty cool, and also my Olympic crush, so I want them both to do well. Rowing. I don't actually like this much, but our guys have been so close to Gold before, I want them to finally get it. So yeah. Coming from a country that never does well in the Olympics, this is usually the best we can hope for. And hopefully I can still catch some other sports during the weekends or lunch (like gymnastics yesterday, always a cool one to watch).
  8. 3DS Console Discussion

    Right, so I'm about to ask a weird question: How many 3DS games actually require the R button? The reason is that my R button has been malfunctioning as of late (since about a year ago), and it's working less and less frequently. Lately I've played two games from the eShop, one where the L&R buttons were used only in menus (and since it cycled, I could just press L the whole time), and another where the R button was essential... except there was a button on the touch screen that could replace it, so I could still manage. And finally, a while back I played Azure Striker Gunvolt, which simply allowed me to remap buttons on the fly. So my question is more: Which games would, in fact, be rendered useless if my R button stops working completely? This might influence some of my future purchases.
  9. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I do like the idea! I believe the options are usually: Retro games, like before (we haven't used the Mega Drive yet); Indie games on sale (now that the eShop shows deadlines, we can vote among those where discounts are still meant to last 10+ days); Some miscellaneous specific theme (Summer games, maybe? Or a genre) I feel like you can just pick a theme and roll with it. If you're feeling bold, you can even just pick a few games from your own backlog, and we'll just vote for whichever is most convenient for us.
  10. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    I'm of the opinion that AA2 is a pretty messy game as a whole. Its development was rushed, and it shows (and it definitely has the most mediocre soundtrack). But it is true that Case 4 is masterful still. Definitely one of the best resolutions ever for a case. I love that you somehow managed to swap Matt's name with Max. That's some wild fanfiction you just described Every single case in this game shows at least one gaping hole or unresolved logical impossibility somewhere in there... Except for Case 3. Ironically, as convoluted as that case was, it's also the only one without a blatant contradiction by the end. This game definitely needed more time to iron out such plotholes.
  11. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I caught a bit of the opening ceremony at lunch today, and I thought for sure I heard Star Light Zone! That's amazing! I'm surprised to see Chrono Trigger music on the list, of all games, I didn't think that one was iconic in Japan. Also surprised to see Soul Calibur and the Tales series, but I figure the themes they used must've been appropriately grandiose and orchestral (Soul Calibur music fits the Olympics like a glove, for sure), hence the choice.
  12. Switch eShop Thread

    Good to know. You hear that, @drahkon? Dice roguelike.
  13. Switch eShop Thread

    It definitely looks like a D(ice)Cubed kind of game. But who in N-Europe would, like, like rogueli- Ah, fuck. Good thing you said so, I was about to cheekily tag Drahkon! But he no longer Switches, iirc.
  14. I just realized I haven't said anything on my end... but I got my shot last week. Turned out to be the Janssen vaccine (single shot), so just like that, the process was done. The vaccination process in Portugal started off pretty slow, but it really ramped up this past month or so (with the under 18 demographic scheduled to get vaccinated in August). Hopefully this means we can have a fairly safe Christmas this year, my extended family has gained 5 new babies since the pandemic started, and I've yet to meet any of them.
  15. 3DS eShop Thread

    Cute electric types >>> Legendaries TPC is right on the money with their marketing (That said, surely Ashley could get someone to trade him a Mareep from elsewhere)