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  1. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

    Thank you for that. Got 4 blokes toiling away in Norende right now, which is sure to reduce headaches. To be honest, I don't like the system very much, it breaks immersion, knowing that I'm receiving all of these free items from a minigame or from tutorial quests. The store items and Special Move parts aren't much better, even if they're useful (I mean, are the main game treasures balanced around this? Doesn't look like it). Also, I seem to have a unlocked a Lv.99 Nemesis called Turtle Dove Ba'al. I chose to protect him for the endgame, but I'm not sure if that's what the "Protect" option is there for. The names have been a combination of lazy (Ominas Crowe, Centro Keep), creative (Barras Lehr), and obvious-yet-clever (Holly Whyte, Harena). I'm all for it, as long as the laziness is kept to a minimum. I'm also hoping Ringabel reveals he came up with his name from a bell he heard in his childhood or something, because I want at least one pun to be acknowledged in this game. Finally, Edea and Sothis (Fire Emblem) share the same voice actor, and it's weird, with me playing both right now. Tiz is a normal-pitched Henry, but that's not as weird.
  2. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Got it on Steam and played it for an hour or so. Decided to set the language in Portuguese (while fine, it does translate terms like "skill points", and I'm not sure if it irks me or not) and start on Hard Mode from the get-go (figured I'd have myself a challenge). This game's artistic direction is gorgeous, with beautiful background artwork, fluid animations, even better music... and the entire opening sequence is great. I'm into it the moment I hear the first notes. The game itself has been decent, gameplay-wise. The save point system is a tad clunky (more complicated than it needs to be), but so far, things have been progressing well. The double damage from Hard Mode is forcing me to play carefully, which is good. Looking forward to see how Ori develops.
  3. N-E Cafe Podcast

    Didn't drive today, but still got the opportunity to hear the Podcast. I'm afraid I don't have much to add today, other than the fact that I still use the GC controller when I can. My ideal controller would just be a GC controller with a Left Z to complement the current one. Oh, and Vileplume2000 already nailed it on the transition tune. First track completely threw me off, but I got it on the second one (which is also lesser known, but I definitely remember it). Whoever edited the episode chose these tracks well.
  4. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

    *uses Phoenix Down* Ok, so, sorry for reviving this thread, but I finally started this game properly a few days ago. You can thank the BD II demo for that It's just that I have a couple of questions: The "Summon Friend" mechanic seems to have some prominence, but I'm not Streetpassing anytime soon. Is it necessary at any point (I could theoretically download an attack from someone here, if needed), or can I just ignore it? The Norende sidequest also seems to depend entirely on Streetpass. Anything major I'll be missing if I ignore that? And if it becomes mandatory at some point, can I cheese or circumvent it? Besides that, I'm enjoying the beginning of the story. I wish the dialogue was shorter and snappier (waiting for the voice acting really highlights how wordy it is), but I'm enjoying it. Hope the punny names don't get old too soon (after "Ominas Crowe", I don't think it gets any worse)
  5. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Dayumn son! Steam is a PodPals fan? On a more serious note, I'm happy to see a relatively high voting turnout for the N-E VG Club
  6. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Managed to get a couple of short games in before March ended: Kirby's Pinball Land Already a recurring boss in 1993 Despite my love for the Game Boy, I don't think I've ever tried this title. I remember one kid in my school having it, and I definitely remember trying out Gator Pinball (from the same developers), but not Kirby's first ever spin-off. Well, the 3DS VC version was discounted on MyNintendo, so why not? It's gotta be short, right? So, we start with the quasi-choice of 3 tables (Whispy, Poppy, and Kracko). Each table has three screens of their own, each with their own flippers (and you move from one to the other via an opening above or below). The lower screen spells death if you fall (with a chance to "save" Kirby if you have good timing), while the uppermost screen as a full ceiling. Each table has a set of interactions and/or objectives that you can fulfill in order to reach your goal: that table's boss. The lower screen usually features two enemies, one who will launch you upwards if you hit them enough times, and another which will spawn a warp star that takes you back to Table Select (without losing your current score, you just keep on playing). The middle one features a task involving a larger Kirby, which will either launch you upwards, or spawn a warp star that takes you to a minigame. The upper one features a more involving task where the goal is the warp star that will take you to the boss (whom you must defeat without letting Kirby fall). In the middle of all of this, there are always ways to acquire temporary boons (stuff that temporarily blocks the gaps you can fall through). Game feel is good. Not as tight as Pokémon Pinball, but floatier physics fit Kirby well. My main complaint is that it's super easy for Kirby himself to fall through the side gaps as if there's a magnet there, and it feels unavoidable. I get it, with 3-screen system, falling isn't as punitive as in other Pinball games, but if it happens, it still resets whatever progress you were making up there, which is frustrating. The tables themselves were creative, and felt truly distinct, with some truly fun objectives which I never really got bored of. The boss battles were even better, each with creative attacks that made sense, a fast pace, and a decent challenge. Lots of cool polished ideas in this small game, and I'm guessing that's Sakurai's hand at work (he directed this game, you see). Just like I guessed, the game turned out to be really short: after defeating the three bosses, you face King Dedede. After you defeat him, the game's beaten, and you loop back to the beginning, to increase your score even further for your current run. Since I wanted something short, I decided to end it here, but the truth is, deep down, I kinda wanted to see more tables and/or bosses with this level of creativity. Game Feel.....3/5 Table Design..4/5 Boss Battles...4/5 Longevity........2/5 Perfectly pleasant pinball, playable in your pocket. I think that's what one of S.C.G.'s Virtual Console reviews would say (Sakurai: [laughs]). But it's the truth, it was a fun diversion. Pikuniku I respect any game that allows you to climb on roofs for no reason That's right, Pikuniku! The hottest game of 2019 that was also discounted at 0,99€ a couple of weeks ago. You read @Ashley's review, you heard @londragon's impressions on the N-Europe Café, and now, it's time for one of Jonnas' hot takes. Charm............4/5 Difficulty..........1/5 Interactivity......3/5 Wobbliness.....5/5 Ok, not that hot. I mirror many of their thoughts. It's a short, simple, pleasant game, a good fit for children and/or people normally unused to videogames. And also us fogeys looking to relax. In a world that reminds me of Mr.Men, you play as this red circle with legs (name not mentioned, but I'm assuming it's Pikuniku) that just... wobbles around the place. Yes, he walks... wobblibly. I believe this is what Monty Python calls "silly walking". He can also tuck his legs inside and roll around the place, jump in a spring-like BWOING fashion, and kick things with his legs in a somewhat inaccurate, but undeniably fun, manner. The game functions like a Metroidvania, where you move to and fro, talk to NPCs, pick up items and bring them to where they're supposed to be, and generally follow a straightforward list of objectives, with the occasional maze/dungeon in between. The tasks can get creative, like having to draw a cartoony face, or do a quick dance minigame. Nothing hard or complicated (some boss battles might feel like small difficulty spikes, but the game's very forgiving on failure), and your character doesn't evolve much, though he gains snazzy accessories here and there. Thankfully, there's a good chunk of optional mazes/levels, challenges, items or characters to meet outside of the main quest, which is always positive, proper rewards for your sense of exploration (though it must be said, the final level suddenly throws a point of no return at you, making me miss a collectible. I was miffed, to say the least). One thing that makes this game fun to explore is how Pikuniku interacts with everything. When you walk into a movable object he just sort of... pushes his face against it, and if the object is movable, the physics engine will let it be pushed. If you roll, the same thing happens (though the object might roll over you). You can also just kick it if you prefer, occasionally producing childishly funny results. You can do this to boulders, vases in people's houses, or the NPCs themselves (in fact, I never got tired of just walking to NPCs and push my way through them, like some sort of wobbly Terminator). Honestly, I just wish I could've interacted with all the things, like background bookshelves and such. I found myself disappointed whenever I couldn't flip a table by kicking it. The plot is silly and easy to digest: local CEO promises free money in exchange for local resources, but those ventures hide a sinister plan. The writing is light-hearted, simple, and fun, with pretty much every NPC you meet along the way is charming, silly, or both. They make small talk, they take just a smidge too long to reach obvious conclusions, they even do some wobbling themselves from time to time. Londragon mentioned their humour tends too much to the adult side, but I personally don't see it, as they don't make any crass jokes or anything, just subtle references or allusions to more complicated subjects (not too dissimilar to how the Astérix books do it), and to me that's ideal. So yeah, clocking at roughly 3 hours, I'm pleased with the game, though with that length and difficulty, I personally don't think I'd pay more than a couple of Euros for it. Maybe if I had a kid to initiate in these sorts of games, but by myself, "neat" is how I feel about it. On an uplifting note, I will be having next week off work. I might get some good progress on a couple of games I really want to play. Maybe even a certain Pod Pals game...
  7. General Switch Discussion

    The retrospective turned out great Lots of Gamecube goodness there. Surprisingly few handheld appearances, though.
  8. N-E Cafe Podcast

    Anyway, after listening to the rest: I think people are being overly harsh on Bravely Default II's graphical issues. Not that it doesn't deserve it, it's just that the game's unfinished and the devs know that better than anybody. They'll likely get fixed even without the survey, which means the final game won't have them. In a way, starting with that feels like stressing the small stuff. Pointing out art style, UI, design choices, pacing, etc. is more productive, imo, since that's the sort of thing listeners are likely to prioritize as well. After playing Mr.Driller DS earlier this year, I'm done with the franchise, and I definitely don't share DCubed's enthusiasm I've been playing Pikuniku as well (pretty close to finished), and I think my opinion falls between yours and Ashley's. I'll say more in the Gaming Diary thread when I'm done, but for now, I'm just surprised you said the writing's adult-focused and... I don't see it. It's simple, short, easy to understand, a lot of humour comes from silly characters taking sillier things at face value... The main villain employs capitalism, but nefarious CEOs are so common in kids media, too. Maybe we're just thinking of different age groups. Hotel Dusk is a DS game, and it has a direct sequel (also for the DS) called Last Window, featuring the same main character, Kyle Hyde. They were developed by the now-defunct Cing, who confirmed Kyle Hyde exists in a shared universe with the Another Code series. On a side-note, the Kyle Hyde series saw a spiritual successor called Cold Case, which I played last year. That's about it. My opinion on the Mini Direct was already said in the thread itself. I'll give it a 7/10.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    @Helmsly, fair point about Sunshine likely being remade. Totally forgot about the analogue shoulder buttons, that would definitely require a remake. But since Galaxy's already HD (didn't know about that, thank you), that's less work on the table. Maybe Peach simply doesn't know where babies come from.
  10. N-E Cafe Podcast

    52 minutes, but all I have to say is... Nick doesn't know how to play chess!? That's the granddaddy of all SRPGs!
  11. General Switch Discussion

    You just know they don't count Super Mario Land 1&2 as mainline Mario games (unfortunately), and even if they did, it makes no sense to "remaster" a Game Boy game. I imagine they'd release those as part of a compilation, or as part of a future Game Boy Online service (like the ones we already have for NES and SNES). Either way, I wouldn't count those as titles to remaster. Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, if remastered, would likely share the effort. Any difficulty they solve for one, it's solved for the other one. They count as 1.5 games at the most. 3D World is Wii U, so it's practically Switch already. I'll be surprised if that one isn't finished by now. 3D Land depends on 3DS 3D. It's not happening on the 3D-less Switch. So that leaves us with 6.5 games to remaster (1 Gamecube game, 2.5 Wii games, 1 DS game, 1 3DS game, and 1 N64 (or DS) game). The GC/Wii games should be straightforward jobs (unless they want to fully remake them), while upscaling the two (maybe three) handheld games would be the most demanding, but feasible to complete within the year. Super Mario 64 is the truly tricky variable in the equation, here. I can't see them doing a straight port (unless we see N64 Online, which I personally find unlikely), a remaster just won't do for a N64 game, so that leaves us with... a remake. A hefty task to be sure, but guaranteed to steal the show at E3, if that's what they were going for. It might sound unlikely at first, but if we consider they may have been working on such a project since that Odyssey DLC, I think there was enough time to get it done in time for 2020, the 35th Anniversary of Mario, also the year he was supposed to be an official Olympic mascot. I think the rumour has legs.
  12. General Retro Discussion

    One bonus dungeon, two superbosses (one of which is a souped-up version of a SNES superboss), and 4 extra classes. Fair if you don't care for the dungeon and bosses, but the classes are really fun endgame stuff, and they definitely improve your customization options even further (one of the new classes, the Cannoneer, even comes with snazzy 18th century style shoulder pads).
  13. General Retro Discussion

    I can't speak for FFIV, but I believe the GBA version of FFV is considered the best, with the best translation for that game so far, a lot of extra content, and a lot of its original charming SNES look preserved (sound quality being the only real con against it). If hacking isn't a problem, I recommend finding a "Sound restoration patch" for the GBA version, and going with that version for the ultimate FFV experience.
  14. Bravely Default II (2020)

    I already own the game I just need to get around to playing it. By the way, did those "Bring me 5 wolf pelts" quests also exist there? If not, I can see why they did away with random encounters entirely for BDII.
  15. Bravely Default II (2020)

    Alright, tried this out for an hour or so, and I think I got the gist of how the game's played. My main suggestions will be: Please give us a button to skip NPC text. I don't think the "text speed" option applies to them, but even if it does, please let me skip them anyway. Such a basic QoL improvement, not sure why it's absent; Make quest drops more frequent. If sidequests depend on me farming the same enemy over and over, that shit better be over quickly; When buying equipment, please let me check my character's current stats. As it stands, I see a blue 28, but I don't know exactly how much of an increase that is. At least put a "+3" or something next to the stat. Yeah, boring QoL stuff Honestly, I think the core game already feels pretty good. I might just start Bravely Default on my 3DS on account of this demo, it's really enjoyable. @Glen-i and @Hero-of-Time, since you're both Bravely Default veterans, I was hoping you could answer a few questions: Is there any advantage or disadvantage associated with the Brave counter by the end of the battle? That is, is there a penalty of sorts for finishing a battle with a bunch of negative Brave points, or a reward for finishing with positive points? Is there any disadvantage to using the job skills (like Shield Bash) over and over again? It feels like they're strictly better than just attacking, and I feel like I'm missing a catch. All the Sub-Class system provides are the learned spells and/or skills from that job, right? For example, if I assign Black Mage as a Sub-Class, the character won't ever get that "Elemental Effectiveness" bonus, right? Just making sure I understood that.