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  1. MGS 1 & 2 Rated for PC in Taiwan

    Nice, and on the best online store, too. According to reviews, these are old, sub-par PC ports, but there are still fan-patches around the internet that should help fix that problem
  2. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    I can see why they changed it. Fun game, but what was intended as a pun with "scatter" turned out poorly. And truth be told, I've seen more bizarre changes in Portuguese translations. "Assault on the Skycraper" would be a one and done title, but then the sequels decided to take place somewhere else, so they awkwardly changed the titles back to the English "Die Hard" at some point. But the first one officially kept the translated title, even in other films/shows that reference it (really weird if a character mentions all of them individually) Anyway, SCAT seemed fun from what I played. Peace Keepers was hilarious, but bad. Mario Picross is what it is, and DKC2 is one of the greats. Pretty good bunch, all things considered.
  3. Ooh, that's a good one, bringing attention to good choices. I wonder if Mark Brown's videos influenced the award's existence, he does talk a lot about the subject.
  4. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    @drahkon, it might be hard to ignore every Blue Coin, as some are just randomly lying around in easy (possibly mandatory) places. I'm also thinking it might be more tedious to search for all of them later instead of grabbing them as they come along... but it's your call, I can't tell you what to enjoy... ...except for all these Super Mario 64 hot takes. What's all this about Dire Dire Docks sucking? Y'all are crazy, that level's great.
  5. Yeah, I think we've gotten used to Zoom/Slack/Skype events by now, makes sense they'd still do it. Might even go smoother than most, considering most of the dialogue are speeches/monologues to begin with. As per usual, I'm expecting them to snub a few games/genres arbitrarily (why wasn't Shadows of Valentia nominated for best strategy game? Why wasn't Smash Bros nominated for best soundtrack? *grumble*grumble*). But I will refrain from bringing that up if they surprise me and actually include Animal Crossing among the GOTY nominees.
  6. MGS 1 & 2 Rated for PC in Taiwan

    Oh dang! I might finally get to play these gaming behemoths!
  7. General Switch Discussion

    Oh, there was a Kirby Fighters 1? I just thought this was one was referencing Street Fighter II
  8. N-E Café Podcast

    Had no idea about that listing from a Portuguese website (and I hadn't heard of the retailer in question, either). I briefly checked their website, and they have Metroid Prime 4 listed as well... which makes me think they might be listing products out of hearsay, rather than official information. For me, the only things that would justify raising the Nintendo Online price would be A. Gamecube, N64, and/or Gameboy titles added into the service, or B. Some sort of major agreement with a third party, such as Microsoft or Ubisoft, that would cinch them some sort of synergy with said partner's subscription services (which is highly unlikely, but still one of the few scenarios where I can see them raising the price). But I could be wrong, of course. Other than that, I actually don't have much to add this week! Happened to be an episode where I'm not that into the titles discussed. Though I can still guess...
  9. Hades (PC, Switch)

    The difference between roguelike and roguelite is a hair-splitting semantic inanity. And it was coined by bullshit gatekeepers who claimed "It's not really like Rogue if there's progress!". For both of these reasons, I refuse to humour the distinction. Anyway, Hades. I got too much on my backlog right now, including Transistor (so I definitely need to take care of that one first), but I respect anything Supergiant games puts out, should be good stuff
  10. Bittersweet to see a passionate creator leaving the industry. But at least he's pursuing something he also loves doing. The only truly sad thing of note is how much he's had to struggle with executives to see his projects made.
  11. Final Fantasy XVI

    Haven't had a chance to comment on this yet, but I'd just like to say... This looks freaking fantastic. MMOs aside, this is the first main entry in the series since X that actually makes me think "This sure is the Final Fantasy I admire, and they're bringing it to the next level". The trailer actually had stuff I recognize as being part of the series, like Chocobos, Shiva, the Prelude theme, etc. Oh, and summons being a part of the plot, interacting with everything around them? *kisses fingers* Mwah. More of that, please. This is the first PS5 game that makes me bummed I'm not getting the console. But I can wait for a PC version.
  12. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    Even in the fans' wildest wishes, Galaxy 2 gets snubbed
  13. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Yes. As do DKC3 and DKL3
  14. N-E Café Podcast

    All right, so the main points I wanted to touch were: I don't think the Xbox Series S being cheaper than the Switch is going to put them in competition with each other necessarily (the Switch's portability is still its main draw, and I don't think the Series S doubles as a tablet yet), but there might be significant overlap. It'll be interesting to see which piece of the consumer market that smaller model is going to win over; Ports and re-releases only fix small or technical issues, and imo, all of Sunshine's flaws are endemic to its design. In the best of cases, maybe we'll see a "Blue Coin Counter" divided per mission (which would be pretty significant on its own), but even a blue coin radar seems out of the question. Heck, I'll be surprised if they fix the camera issues (borne of arbitrary, situational limitations); For Zelda's 25th Anniversary, we got a few goodies (including extra artwork and an orchestral CD) alongside Skyward Sword. All I want from the 35th is something special like that, something that feels like a tribute to, or a commemoration of, the series (I'm indifferent to whether they release that alongside BotW2 or not). Gaming content is good and all, but I don't think it's the most appropriate thing to do for what's supposed to be a one-time celebration; For Sonic's 30th Anniversary, I want Sonic Mania 2. This is not related to the occasion, I really just want that game to actually exist. Also, question: when we fill the questionnaire, do we do it in Private Messages only, or can we do it in this thread, if we want to?
  15. N-E Café Podcast

    Just about to enter the SMB2 talk, I'll comment a bit more on the episode as a whole later tonight. For now, I can say that, luckily, I've been playing a certain Mario spin-off lately, and I think it'll be a good entry for the next PodPals episode (I should have my write-up on the Gaming Diary thread by the time it happens). And the Transition Tune answer!