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  1. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Haven't been finishing a lot of stuff lately, but here's a quick update: Detention A short horror game I bought on the Switch a while back. I wanted to play this 3-4 hour game on Halloween, and so I did. I had played the demo, so I knew I was in for a quality experience. Plus, it was made by Red Candle Games, who make Horror into their bread-and-butter. It's set in '60s Taiwan, during the military dictatorship. Two high school teens are hopelessly lost in a horribly distorted version of their own school ("Is that a river of blood?!" "...Maybe it's just chemicals..?"), and they're just trying to make sense of it all. Holy hell, what an experience it was! This carefully crafted game is psychological horror at its finest. The disturbing imagery the developers came up with is sublime. Reminded me a lot of a 2D version of Silent Hill, in fact. Highly recommended if you like that sort of stuff (and I remind you, there's a free demo). Kirby's Dream Land 3 I've been playing this during my relaxation time (usually with something else on the background) and I've finished it recently. This is exactly the type of game that makes the NES/SNES service shine. Lovely stuff you didn't know you wanted or needed. As is usual for a Kirby game, it's cute and cheerful. This game in particular has a "crayon" look to it that's just adorable, and the spritework is super charming (not just the different powers you can see above, but small things like Rick tearing up when you choose a different animal). I also adore the ability combinations, and how they're used in puzzles and extra objectives. Granted, Kirby moves weird in this game (runs fast, but suddenly jumps/floats slowly), the level design feels very basic, and some of the extra goals can feel obtuse (not a good thing when the levels are long, as it can mean you can't experiment with your various powers that easily). But it's still enjoyable, and the game's basically free. Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice I've put this one off for the longest time. Partly because Dual Destinies left a sour taste in my mouth, but I was also afraid of suffering series burnout. Well, I did play it now... and my verdict is that it's a surprisingly improved follow-up! Sure, @Dcubed had tipped me off to this fact, but it's still something else to experience it for yourself, you know? Just a quick reminder that this game was not directed by Shu Takumi, but by his successor, Takeshi Yamazaki (who also helmed the AAI spin-offs and Dual Destinies). Previously, I had criticised Yamazaki's games on a number of subjects... so how does he do in SOJ? Staying spoiler-free, the writing is much improved (actual themes this time!). There's a cohesive plotline that builds properly upon itself and doesn't depend on silly back and forth chronology. The new setting and characters are great. The new courtroom gimmick actually fits the plot and gameplay, and it improves the mystery-solving side of things as well. Heck, even Athena's Mood Matrix is far better this time around. "Let's get rid of useless evidence" only happens twice, and it's actually perfectly justified in one of those cases (not so much on the other one, though, but baby steps). They're more willing to play around with the pace and length of each case this time around, instead of being stuck to the same beats. Definitely a breath of fresh air in many respects. On the negative side, the text still scrolls super slow, and there are still those stupid flashbacks to things that happened 5 seconds ago. Or stupid flashbacks to something that happened a while ago, but was either hard to forget, or entirely useless (I swear, there was a part where the prosecutor went "Remember what I said earlier? About how you're screwed?" ~flashback~ "You're screwed" ~end flashback~). A couple of the court/investigation gimmicks were really frustrating and brought very little to the table. But most of all, it still feels like a Visual Novel first and a crime mystery second: Investigations sequences start and end when the game says they end, you're always precisely directed to where you need to be, if you need to present evidence during investigation segments to proceed, the game will tell you exactly when to do it (no earlier or later than a certain line, for example), etc. We still get fed answers way too frequently (main exception being the one case that - I suspect - wasn't written by Yamazaki), and in some situations the characters talk circles around a mystery with a really obvious loose end. To the game's credit, it's better about it than in DD... but still not quite on the level of the first 4 games in the franchise. My remaining commentary (both positive and negative) shall remain in spoiler tags, as it's about specific story developments from throughout the entire game. To summarize, this game is a noted improvement over the previous entry, and it's good to see Yamazaki improving as a writer... but I ended up feeling burnout anyway due to some persistent flaws in the game (I'm telling you, it really is that slow). I feel no crave whatsoever to get the DLC case right now. ... Finally... Not only did I I finally complete the skill tree in the World of Light, I now also have every single spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! The game is officially 100% complete! Until the next update, at least!
  2. Man, my voice sounds worse than ever. Not sure if it's due to the livelier discussion, or because I was playing during the conversations, but I do need to get myself a half-decent headset.
  3. Switch eShop Thread

    Thanks for the heads up! *Nabs Switch version of Garou: Mark of the Wolves*
  4. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Kudos for recognizing Athena's Theme (of which I first heard the Chinese Remix version from 2002). One of the biggest surprises of the OST, especially since it includes a proper sax. For me, the other big surprise was the London March remix I'm kind of addicted to this awesome heavy metal track. Its only flaw is lacking the cheesy vocals from the '98 version ("SHRED IT! SQUISH IT! MAKE'EM CRY ABOUT IT!"), but it's awesome enough as it is.
  5. N-E Cafe Podcast

    I listened to the podcast yesterday on my way to work. I thought it was a pretty solid first episode, with conversations flowing well, and good voice quality overall (at least from where I was driving). Definitely liked how it was clear-cut structured, and I enjoyed the segment transitions as well (as well as the idea to make them into a "listener" game). Listening to them on Youtube would definitely be easier for me going forward, though.
  6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Fun fact: the only time that Mai was part of the Fatal Fury team in KOF was in '99. Their theme was "176th Street": But the track you chose for that stage (Terry115) is from KOF 2000, where Mai had been excluded from the team entirely: Just thought that was a funny coincidence.
  7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I was Neo Geo Terry as well, yeah. Then I changed to Brownish Terry at some point to stop confusing myself with Sam And that Green Terry was Sprout, then... He said he recognized me, but I didn't put together who he was. I'll see if I can PM him later on. By the way, did you not put the Sudden Death Buster Wolf Murder-Suicide on the montage? I couldn't stop laughing after the fact!
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Cheers, and thank you for the games! Sorry for the abrupt exit!
  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Terry is everything I wanted him to be. He spotdodges better, his specials come out really fast, he can actually be played as a rushdown character... It's like playing as Melee Capt. Falcon, except even better. I feared a charge attack would be too clumsy for Smash, but nope! It's actually addicting, coming up with situations to pull it off, eitherin neutral play, or as part of a combo. He's such a fun addition to the roster, it's insane. Can't wait to try him out at my next tourney, 'cause there's an excellent chance he'll be joining my cast of mains. The KOF arena is way better than advertised. Finally, we can have proper Cage Matches! Plus, best characters King, Mary, Yuri and Yamazaki occasionally appear in the background. What's not to love? Music is bloody great. The one I wanted the most was Pasta, and we got it (not sure why they didn't go with the most recent, upbeat version of the song, but whatever). Didn't expect Smash to suddenly create the best version of London March and Athena's Theme, either. We also got Kim and K' songs from KOF XIII, which I thought were "unlikely" tracks, but were my faves from that game. And 11th + 176th streets can now be heard in Smash after being in my personal playlists for the longest time! Life is good. But allow me to be petty, picky and entitled for a moment: Sadly, Sakurai doesn't seem to think jazz is appropriate, because most of the smooth tracks I love from the series didn't make it. Stuff like Splendid Soldier, Secret Circumstances, Kiss of Poison... Even Iori's theme (literally named after saxophones) got a super upbeat remix, but no traditional jazzy groove. And more surprisingly, Blue Mary Blues has no presence, which is mind-boggling to me (Rugal's theme didn't make it either! That's even more surprising, since it already sounds so ready for Smash). Finally, I wanted Tranquilizer, and the fact that it didn't make the list made me pout slightly. [/spoiled mode] I totally got the spirit fights for Team Japan, Andy Bogard, and Iori Yagami right, and I'm super proud of that. The remaining ones totally blindsided me, which is also cool, I think. Finally... I knew I did well to save this screenshot. Kim only raises good boys and girls. Sakurai showed two specials from the get-go. So, I predicted 3 out 3 unrevealed specials, when I thought there were only 2 to guess. So that's Mr.Nerd to you!
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    It's time, boys
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Sorry, guys. I think the lag was from my side. I'll try to see what's causing it
  12. The Jimquisition Thread

    ...I did not expect a Washington Post to link to a Simpsons clip in the middle of an article. Journalistic standards are weird in the english-speaking world. I see that they also mentioned the highest-rated Reddit comment alongside Jim's video. Makes me think they did so because those were the fastest responses to the scandal. It is true that Jim has gained notoriety in the field, and it is useful to say "Notable Youtuber condemns [X]". I just don't think his videos actually hold up to further scrutiny.
  13. The Jimquisition Thread

    My main problem with Jim is that he has no decorum. I remember a video of him a while back (about the Steam Workshop, iirc) that raised a lot of good points, exposed several flaws, and was clearly researched properly... and yet I could never share it, on account of the man mentioning "a basket of dildos" twice in his opening statement. Or putting a neverending gif of a greedy troll every time he mentioned the company at fault (sometimes for minutes on end). Or whenever he said the words "Treeple EEEEEY". And the other multiple signs of petty, childish behaviour that he displays on a regular basis. "[Company] wants to have their cake and fuck it, too" is the prime example of how he can't make a single point without being crass every step of the way. For that reason, I limit myself to read comments here (and in other places) whenever a new video comes out. Reading reactions gives me a decent idea of what is it that happened. All because I can't stand to see his videos, even though I want to hear about what the sort of thing he's exposing. And if I (someone already interested in the subject, and agreeing with his general point) can't stand him, why would anybody outside of my internet gaming circles? Is that what activism is supposed to look like? A circus ringmaster doing his best to show petty behaviour? Nobody would take him seriously, lest of all the people he ought to convince (politicians, other activists, etc). Activism is supposed to draw attention to a problem that isn't getting it, and doing so in a way that convinces other people that it is a serious problem worthy of their attention. He's not going to accomplish that with baskets of dildos. That's what annoys me the most about him: that he took up the responsibility of being a mouthpiece for these issues, and then uses that notoriety to behave so irresponsibly. Quick note: "Pro Wrestling" is the name of the performing activity. "Amateur Wrestling" usually refers to the real sport. If he is unpaid, I suppose that, paradoxically, the proper term might be "Amateur Pro Wrestler".
  14. The Jimquisition Thread

    The keyword here is "persona". His Jimquisition persona is a ringmaster hosting a freakshow, and before that, it was a fascist. I think it's pretty clear that his persona is meant to evoke the imagery of riling people up. This is also why his Jimquisition titles are clickbaity. The man himself has the goal you stated, sure, but there's a difference between man and performance. And his main performance is Jimquisition.
  15. How about "A Smashing Cast"? Might roll off the tongue easier.