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  1. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (24th June)

    It does make sense as an evolution for the character: originally, he starts out as a cheery choir boy, and he turns into a more confident, composed adult. This in-between feels like his awkward tween years, or maybe his early uni days, where he's stuck at a job he hates (he's dressed like a knight, so that tracks). In that sense, I only like it least because he looks unhappier than at other points in his life. ...Or maybe it's really the messy hair, not a fan.
  2. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (24th June)

    The Deer are here! Raphael finally gets the glow-up he deserved. We see proper displays of raw strength! Plus, he finally confirmed the Brawler class/style. Ignatz be playin' Splatoon in another game. Not a fan of his new look, but it is an apt in-between look for his previous designs. Marianne with her hair down looks weird, but not bad. Love that Dorte is just an attack, instead of a ride. The Deer have shown a lot of personality with these animations. Love it. You can trust these opinions, I'm biased as fuck.
  3. Worst console design

    Well, you can colour (hardy har) me surprised. Every device of the time I've ever seen was just black.
  4. In other news, I just caught up to Spy x Family. I started reading the manga shortly before the series debuted (thanks to a good bit of foresight from the Portuguese manga publisher), and I can say that this is a very good adaptation, which is not easy to do for comedy. There's even a new scenes/segments that fit the original material like a glove. I'd say the first couple of episodes feel a tad rushed (makes sense, they're trying to establish the premise & status quo ASAP), but it's all smooth sailing after that.
  5. Worst console design

    I mean, it was designed to function like one (its cartridges are inserted horizontally for that reason, I wager), but I'm not sure if it actually looks the part. The VCR machines I remember of the time were almost all black, while the NES has a much softer colour scheme.
  6. Worst console design

    Ah, so that's why the original PS2 felt so clunky and fragile. I always thought that console felt needlessly impractical. (Not that I ever owned a PS2, but I never got that clunky feeling from, say, the Sega Saturn, the PS1, or the Dreamcast) You know one I personally dislike? It's just... so square! The edges are rounded, but it doesn't feel like it! And the hinges are kind of fugly, too. I always thought the original GBA had a very appealing, warm form, and it felt comfy and nice in your hands. The SP feels like it was made by Skynet in a future gone horribly wrong.
  7. How apropos: for Season 3 Part 1, the anime kept most of the things that happened in the manga, but changed how everybody reached those points.
  8. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (24th June)

    Seems like Bernadetta has similar moves to Ashe (as I predicted), but very unique animations otherwise. Interesting. There's also the possibility that Dorothea, Hubert, and Linhardt will have unique movesets from each other, despite all of them being mages. (The weirdest part was Caspar not being a brawler, despite that being his preferred class. But he still punches, despite wielding an axe..? And the eff happened to his hair!?) Anyway, now that the students each have three distinct designs, it's time to rate and compare their looks pre-timeskip, post-timeskip, and these... midskip(?) designs: Ironically, it's the house leaders that look worse overall in these new designs. Makes some sense, as their original looks were already so strong. Looking forward to seeing the Golden Deer.
  9. Seems like H-o-T's playthrough was just determined to prove you wrong
  10. I'd argue, when the assets look nigh-identical. I swear, after a passing look at the trailer, I legitimately thought it was one of those Chinese knock-offs.
  11. Eurovision 2022

    Lithuania, France, and Serbia really caught my eye, along with the three I posted originally. I hear Spain's is well liked, but I found it aggressively meh.
  12. Eurovision 2022

    'Sup? It's that time of year again, for Europe's collective guilty pleasure. Seems like Ukraine is the favourite to win this year, so it's a good thing they actually brought a good song for that (with a sick wind-flute-thingy solo): And if I may say so, don't ignore Portugal. We're probably not getting anywhere near the Top 5, but the song's actually really nice: But don't let any of that distract you from the fact that Norway is sending a DaftPunk-like tribute to Little Red Riding Hood: Or something. It's either that, or Despicable Me. So yeah, what are your guilty pleasures this year?
  13. It has now occurred to me that Nintendo may have saved Crystal Shards for now, just because they expected Forgotten Land to raise demand for Kirby. Normally, you'd expect a company to use the older games to promote the latest release in a series, but Nintendo instead used the latest release to promote an old game (and by extension, the NSO). It's an unusual situation.