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  1. With this entry, I officially forfeit Hard Mode: Windfall Island (Wind Waker) Other than navigating the ocean, I also loved visiting and revisiting this place. Perfect place to do business, do some side-quests, sell spoils, go to the auction, see how much my quest is affecting the townspeople, etc. I love that every NPC is unique, they go around their lengthy business around town (clock or no clock), and I think everybody here is involved in one sidequest or another. I absolutely adore this place. Oh, and you can restart the windmill and rekindle the lighthouse. It's great. The music's friggin' fantastic too, being an upbeat, sailing-themed version of Kakariko's theme. Very nostalgic. Also, that one sidequest that turns out to be mandatory... I had that happen to me too, during one of my replays Super memorable stuff. If I were doing Hard Mode, It'd be a close call between Skyloft, Clock Town, or Zazen Town (and if you know what that last one is, you're a cool person, have a nice day). Maybe I'll make that call at the end of the challenge.
  2. Old NE Members

    It's good to see some of the old users. Glad you stopped by to say hi!
  3. After snubbing Super Mario 64 twice, it's time it got its due This wasn't the first time I saw credits or anything, and there's nothing particularly original or novel about this ending, and yet... The music, the images, the camera shots... everything is so simple-yet-perfect. It feels like the best celebration of the journey that was Super Mario 64, and it's still the first thing I think of when someone mentions "best endings and/or credits sequences".
  4. Questions

    If you're reading, H-o-T, I'm glad to hear you're fine (or at least I hope you are). I was getting worried for you. Whatever's going on, take care.
  5. N-E Cafe Podcast

    My feedback is unusually late this time. It's been a busy week: I totally understand the Latvian advert situation. It wasn't that long ago that Nintendo's home console presence was basically non-existent in Portugal. Their products were previously distributed by a toy company who saw the Game Boy line as viable, but saw no interest in marketing the Gamecube (and to be honest, I don't ever recall seeing any adverts for the SNES or N64, either. I did frequently see a Kirby Crystal Shards ad while in Venezuela, but that never made it to Portugal). When the Wii was released, distribution shifted to Nintendo Spain (later Ibérica), and the difference was very noticeable. We even saw some games translated to Portuguese during the Wii U era (wordiest game they translated was Mario&Luigi's Dream Team, I think), which was unthinkable in older times (unfortunately, they're no longer doing that); The number of scandals in the Smash Community may be entirely focused in the USA, but it has hit my local scene pretty hard. Nobody here was outed or anything (thankfully), but there's a lot of impressionable youngsters there who looked up to these outed pro players, some of which were popular streamers, too. Like, the Smash Bros. scene includes a lot of teens and pre-teens, and the vast majority of outed cases involve the older players mingling with them, which is particularly awful. It's ultimately a good thing that this cleansing is happening, the Smash community in particular should be careful about these things; To my knowledge, the EVO organizer is no pedophile, he's just a regular harasser/scumbag. EVO administration replacing him so quickly is a positive sign, imo. Moving on to a cheerier subject: Doom 3! Hearing you talk about teleporting monsters and doors that slide open when you pick up health sure took me back... I do remember those things, as I remember the audio logs being at the bottom of the menu (of all details!) I'm wondering if my memory of the final level is embellished, because I remember that final segment being a breath of fresh air after a long, dull experience. Or maybe I was thirsty for anything positive at that point Also, listening my own impressions, one gets the feeling I kept comparing Doom 3 to System Shock 2... It's actually the other way around, I played SS2 after Doom 3. As I was playing SS2, I kept thinking "Huh, this feels a lot like Doom 3, but actually good". I actually have no idea about the transition tunes. I'm assuming Sam got it (I definitely felt like it was that series), but in case he didn't:
  6. Good idea on the reminder. I'll add the extra info to my original post.
  7. Nintendo Treehouse Live: 10th July 2020

    Oh wow, Nintendo is featuring a WayForward game? It does sound like a Ninty franchise... but let's not jump to conclusions.
  8. Scary moments are downers. Instead of posting mine, I'll post a wholesome screenshot from Doki Doki Literature Club, from that date with Sayori at the school festival. (EDIT: Oh yeah, I should say, if you aren't familiar with Doki Doki Literature Club, you should definitely get it free on Steam. It's only about 5 hours long) Maybe that was too cheerful, but we needed a break from all these frights.
  9. After Final Fantasy IX, that friend of mine started trying out other RPGs. One in particular got him very captivated, I watched some of his sessions as per usual, and followed the bits I was missing from the sidelines (he'd give me occasional updates on his progress, most of it I didn't actually see until later). As it happens, one of those afternoons, I went to his house and watched him play it for a bit. Our conversation that afternoon went something like this: "I just put on Disc 3, so there's still a lot of story to go" "I see, and what's the party up to?" "I just defeated a few minor villains, but the Big Bad's run off to a cave" "Is he looking for something?" "No, I think he's hiding, or it's part of his plan. Didn't understand it too well" *we go through the cave* "This is a very big dungeon" "Yeah, there's probably a major development at the end" *we fight the boss* "Ah, there he is, right after the boss" "Yeah, and... organize my party? There's another fight?" "Is this... is this him? The main villain? We're fighting him, right?" "No, it's a monster who looks like him, probably. We're just at the beginning of Disc 3..." "Yeah, but the music is different, and it is a huge boss fight... This really looks like his final form." "No, that can't be right... There we go, I finally beat him. Now what happens?" "..." "..." "..." "..."
  10. I'm not a fan of FPSes. In fact, the only game mentioned so far that I would even consider is Resi 4. But my pick is a bit more out there... Worms Armageddon The wackiest multiplayer warfare is also the most fun I've ever had with "long-range combat" launch a bazooka and watch it explode on a teammate because you didn't account for wind! Throw a grenade and watch bounce back on yourself because your aim sucks! Launch an air strike that will somehow tackle a random mine towards yourself because fuck you! Or somehow pull off an impressive feat and kill three guys with a single Dragon Punch. Or show off your mad Ninja Rope skillz (I had mad Super/Aqua Sheep skillz, myself). Or just end a match with the Holy Hand Grenade, because who wouldn't? Alongside the customizable maps, customizable maps, customizable names, customizable voices, and even the existence of the Portuguese National Anthem for my team (alongside most others), this feels like the ultimate party game, or the ultimate competitive game, or even the ultimate whatever-you-want game (there's a mission mode, target range mode, and whatever else users can come up with, like a Ninja Rope race course). Dare I say, this is the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate of artillery?
  11. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    That link contains an update in which the podcast hosts ("Un café con Nintendo ", curious name) officially deny the rumours, saying that "The Actors' comments were taken without regard to context, leading to mistaken conclusions" I'm inclined to ignore this rumour. A misinterpreted voice actor interview is also how those "Dante's the last DLC slot in Smash!" rumours got started.
  12. A lot of people said it, but it's only because it's true: Wind Waker is the most relaxing navigation around. The way you prepare the trip, the way you can waltz into the horizon, let the boat move on its own while you gaze into the distance, or the world around you, or just the way the boat crosses those foamy lines... Objects in the distance are actually there, enemies and random treasure are everywhere, pirate outposts contain more meaningful rewards than most caves in other Zelda games... The way the sun sets, the way it rains, the way the ocean bobs up and down, the music... It's all so magical. There are also all the little things that other players might call cumbersome, but for me, they only enhance the experience. For example, changing the wind direction never really bothered me, it's a bit like adjusting a sail. It's a boat, not a car, and I'm glad that doing a sharp turn is as hard as it should be. Travel with foresight. Also, having to adjust your boat and hook ever so slightly to grab any treasure, I did like that I had to keep glancing at the maps to find the right spot, want anything more adventurous than looking at a map to figure out where treasure is buried sunk? Even stuff like running into Beedle, or feeding the Men-Fish for gossip, these were wonderful touches that made any trip worthwhile. To be honest, no other game (not even Skies of Arcadia) comes close enough to even be a runner-up here. The closest I can think of... I'll just say that Breath of the Wild is promising (it's in my shelf, I swear I'll get to it eventually), and so is Spiritfarer, an as-of-yet-unreleased game about sailing on a customizable ship with a crew (you might have seen it in the Wholesome Direct. I tried the demo for PC and I was absolutely enamoured). But for now, Wind Waker is king (of Red Lions).
  13. Switch eShop Thread

    Gentlemen, have you looked at the new releases on your eShop and wondered "What is this 'Infliction' title? Is it any good?" Infliction: Extended Cut Then do I have the review for you! Check out my assessment of this horror title, right here on N-Europe! Just click the picture above... if you dare, that is.
  14. I see Sam picked the same one as me, and gave a darn good write-up as well. It might be because I haven't played Odyssey yet, but Mario 64 is still the peak of 3D platforming for me. ...And because that's an obvious take, I'll highlight a different 3D Platformer instead: Available on Wii... and Switch De Blob was one of the most pleasant surprises of the Wii era, and one I found thanks to N-E! In fact, when I found it for a mere €20, I got it straight away, and the store clerk said to me "Great choice. Not very well known, but this is an excellent game", which is proof that this game exudes good vibes all around. In a sad world ruled by a black&white "Inky" dictator, a group of cheery revolutionaries attempt to bring joy and colour back to the world. Tricky business, but they have the help of the weird, amorphous, silent protagonist "Blob": a big ball that can merge with paint, and use it to bring colour back to the world. Each stage consists of an explorable segment of a city that starts out all white and silent, but by accomplishing missions here and there, you can bring colour back to the buildings, citizens, and defeat the evil inkies that try to stop you. (There's also a "Free Paint" mode without missions, you just wander around, colouring stuff the way you want) De Blob is not that hard of a game, rather more of a fun stroll where you interact with the environment and liberate the people. Missions include fighting groups of enemies, colouring blocks in a specific manner, doing a quick race (that is, reaching point A from point B), and restoring landmarks. There's also a counter that keeps track of how many signifcant objects you've recoloured. Some side missions can be tricky (it can be hard to reach certain billboards or zeppelins), but they're never required to advance (the mandatory missions are easy enough). Me, I always liked to do everything in a level whenever possible, but this game's all about freedom, it allows you to play at your own rhythm. Speaking of which, it's not just the colours that you're bringing back. The game's soundtrack does that Banjo thing where it varies according to context ("procedurally modified"? Something like that), so what happens is that the music is extremely muted at the beginning, but gets more and more lively with each recoloured segment. Not only are these tunes lovely to hear (Blissful, Funky, Revolutionary), but you can actually choose which music plays for each stage! Freedom, baby! And to top it all off, there are FMV cutscenes with a charming Pixar vibe, the in-game characters have memorable animations and quirks of their own... and it's just a lovely, pleasant game all around. The only flaw I can give it is that you can't save or suspend in the middle of a level. Oh, and there's a De Blob 2 as well. Same vibes, but more of a focus on platforming and challenges, and not as much on chill strolls through white towns.
  15. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    To be honest, it's that last point that loses me. I get it, you joined and believed in movements that were hypocritical at best and vile at worst. I myself have seen some otherwise socially progressive left-leaning folk go on awful anti-muslim tirades (because atheism is worth more than basic respect, apparently), while simultaneously praise the likes of Hugo Chávez (because ideology matters more than blatant authoritarianism, apparently) and know that their views weren't uncommon... But when you look at BLM in a vacuum, it's far more specific than "leftism", "postmodernism" or "communism", or whatever broad political current you can think of: BLM is against police brutality. A grave problem in the USA that disproportionately affects black people, because even if no shots are fired, the police are far more likely to harass black people/communities due to prejudice. The movement is called so because tragedies like George Floyd's need to be treated with the weight they deserve (just a reminder that, before these protests, the officer responsible for his death had something like 14+ complaints levied against him. All of them ignored, because complaints didn't matter, it seemed). These things are frequent, and need to become scandals, but simply don't: they need to "matter", hence the name. Maybe the debate on BLM is just different in Britain. After all, I've seen the protesters in Hong Kong co-opt the movement due to similar experiences with the police. And a brief google search tells me a lot of UK BLM's position on the Israeli-Palestinian situation, but very little on black people's lives in Britain. But from where I'm standing, your admonishment does not feel like a logical sequitur to everything else you mentioned. (The movement fell flat in Portugal because the people joining the protests had no idea how the subject related to Portuguese reality. I find this ironic, because we had a case of excessive use of force last year on a predominantly black neighbourhood, and yet nobody saw it fit to bring that up. That event was fascinating as well, but that's a bigger tangent)