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  1. Tekken 8 (PS5, XBox Series, Steam)

    It can happen, as long as they limit it properly. For example, only with specific moves with a lot of endlag, or only moves that leave the opponent in a crumpled state, or just handpick which specific moves it happens to. What's tricky is that I don't think that Kazuya hop kick was any of those things... unless the specific combination of low vs. "hopping" attacks is among the few interactions that mid-match slow-mo can happen to. Just saying, it's possible, as long as it doesn't happen often. It could just be a matter of the move itself being nerfed But more realistically, they drew attention to that dodge in the trailer, so yeah, likely a new combo break mechanic (one that only works on grounded strings, I figure. Can't see that working against juggles)
  2. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call (3DS)

    Alright, so what happened was that the shards are handed out only at the end of the quest. After I defeated the final quest boss, I got all the shards at once. And finally, Vivi has been unlocked He jumps whenever he attacks, so cute!
  3. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call (3DS)

    I definitely defeated him, had Zidane, Laguna, and Cloud fire off their ultimate attacks (the ones that come out only on the strongest enemy) just to guarantee at least that kill. The enemies cycled back to the first one and everything. Don't remember if there was an explosion, though.
  4. Alright, seeing as Wigletts are apparently meant to be (or just resemble) Garden Eels, it's time I talked a bit about their presence and influence in Iberia. So yeah, hope that helped.
  5. Seems that GVG posted a video about the release history of ToS: Just in case you weren't aware of why some of us are sceptical of its recent releases, this video sums it up quite nicely.
  6. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call (3DS)

    I faced a boss on one of the quests (FFIV Final Boss, on Ultimate Difficulty), and I think I did pretty well, considering I never had any formal drumming lessons. Sure, I Miss'd or Bad'd the last 10 hits or so, but still, got an S-rank. But then I notice I didn't get any of the Orange Shards that were associated to him! What the hell? I definitely defeated that boss! What's the condition to get the Shards?
  7. Diglett pre-evolution, I assume? Disclaimer: Rest assured, we do not have white larvae with red noses digging around in our Iberian beaches. We do have sand fleas though, but they look nothing like that.
  8. Fire Emblem Engage (20th Jan 2023)

    It should be noted, the typical healing class is called "Cleric" (also "Priest" or "Troubadour", but these are clearly not her case). If she's classified as a "Monk", then that should explain why she seems to be more combat-focused. Amusingly, with the use of knuckles/gauntlets with some healing magic on the side, this class sounds a lot like traditional Final Fantasy monks as well. (Curiously, the "Monk" class has only been used so far to refer to the offensive White Mages of the GBA era, Lucius and Artur. The Engage!Monk is clearly something new, even if it shares the same name)
  9. Taking a Break

    I'm sorry to hear about the troubles in your life, Julius, but thank you for sharing, in any case. If taking a break from N-E can help you through this rough patch, then take as much time as needed. Personal health (in body, mind, and overall life) is of chief importance, do what you must to recover. From this side, I'll miss your absence (I very much enjoy reading your comprehensive viewpoints and reviews), but I'll be rooting for you as a person all the way. I believe things will get better. Take care.
  10. Switch eShop Thread

    Feeling very tempted to get Murder by Numbers and/or Scott Pilgrim... I ended up buying 80s Overdrive on the 3DS instead
  11. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Following my Super Punch Patrol playthrough last month, I actually decided to play another game from my backlog... and forgot to do a write-up. Oopsie. Final Fight Turn the beat back! I had this on the Capcom Beat'em Up Bundle, but never finished it. After SPP, I figured I owed it that much. And look, it's got a lot of charm, excellent character design (including the first Trans character in videogames, afaik), and I certainly respect the fact that it basically Codyfied an entire genre, but... it's so bloody difficult! I literally couldn't go through a level without losing, like, 4 lives in the process. If it weren't for the unlimited quarters, I wouldn't make it past Stage 2. Legitimately unfair difficulty. (As for who I used to beat this game... try to Haggard a guess) Coupled with the fact that it's kind of hard to actually learn how to do Guy's and Cody's moves as a casual player (the enemies swarm you so fast!), it's easy to see that this game 's mechanics have aged somewhat poorly. Graphically, it's still nice, though. Chunky sprites, colourful backgrounds, distinctive characters, and it manages to have so many Guys on screen. Arcade or not, this was wild back in 1989. But really, outside of the respect it deserves, I didn't enjoy this one much. Which is a shame, as I love seeing how this world and characters continued to develop in the Street Fighter series. ... It did make me curious to recently check out another classic beat'em up, though. Streets of Rage Check out those bare knuckles! Yeah, I had never played this one, can you believe it? I did have it on the Mega Drive collection on Steam, so it was easy to check. I hopped right away with Axel and thought he was ok. I was curious to see the differences between characters, so I tried out Blaze and Adam. After confirming that the characters were basically identical save for some animations and raw stats, I decided to stick with Adam, as he clicked almost immediately. I had a great time with it! It's much more forgiving than Final Fight, the enemies actually give you room to breathe and the difficulty curve actually functions well. There are some difficulty spikes with the bosses, but they can be figured out (though the twins were unreasonably annoying). The only part of the game I felt was unfair was the boss rush at the end, with Mr.X himself feeling super easy after that grueling gauntlet. Graphically, it's serviceable, but aesthetically, Final Fight definitely has the upper hand. The only really memorable designs were the bosses, the juggling clown enemy, and the-one-good-guy-in-the-police who launches napalm rockets for you. Music-wise, it's SOR all the way, baby, it's catchy, high-energy, and funky all at the same time. Still have that Mr.X boss fight track in my head. So yeah, clearly the game was heavily inspired by Final Fight, but by designing it first for the home consoles, they made an experience that gels much better with modern gaming. I will admit I used save states as checkpoints (and to get through the boss rush with minimal frustration), but if I wanted to properly play this in one sitting, it'd be totally feasible to learn the game, as it is forgiving enough, despite the spikes. Sega may have had an Axel to grind with Capcom, but with some Adamant effort, they sure left their mark on the genre in a Blaze of glory. Yeah, nailed it.
  12. PC Gaming Discussion

    Thanks for reminding me about Freedom Planet 2! The game's looking crazy good, and I'm glad that seems to be, in fact, true! Sad thing is the terrible timing for me. I'm busy with a lot of stuff in life, in the middle of a couple other playthroughs, and it's also been pain to play anything on my PC lately (it takes forever to boot, among a bunch of other flaws). As such, I'm tempted to get this on Switch when that version comes out... Or maybe I should just get a better PC already. Regardless, I'll pick it up as soon as a good opportunity clears up.
  13. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    I'm not particularly fond of Earthbound, myself. It's got charm, but that's it, really. I can certainly relate to H-o-T's write-ups. That said, Mother 3 is a much better game. It's worth trying out even if EB was underwhelming
  14. Congratulations: you win. At life in general as well, clearly
  15. Fire Emblem Engage (20th Jan 2023)

    For those who are interested, here's a pretty good breakdown of the trailer: