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  1. N-E Café Podcast

    Free day today, so no driving, meaning I listened to today's episode at a slower, more leisurely pace: I guessed Monster Hunter Stories. It's the RPG I bravely default to whenever I don't recognise the soundtrack ; I saw Hyrule Warriors being mentioned a lot on youtube (with clickbaity thumbnails and such), so there's definitely a will to talk about lore. I just figure there's not that much new that the game adds... and also, our resident Hyrule Warriors aficionado Glen-i is currently on very limited internet, that's probably why our thread seems quiet; Nice overall discussion on the main topic. I gave my own opinion on a belated post, but I didn't address day one patches: I'm somewhat more tolerant on them, because I know projects in all sorts of industries can see unexpected problems (try finding out the pdf you sent to a client had an intrusive watermark in it that can only be seen when printed), so I can get behind a bit more time to get those "invisible fixes" in. But no matter how normal it is, it's not the sort of thing your client should see. If a company is visibly putting out a big day-one patch on all of its releases, that's going to look bad, even if it's understandable. The upside is that minor patches are almost invisible (since they download so quickly). Anyway, Dennis' guess sounds right, but just in case he didn't get it:
  2. Switch eShop Thread

    Ended up getting: Silence (a Daedalic game, and a sequel to a previous game from them. The discount on it was something like 90%, the cheapest I've ever seen it. I didn't even know it had come out on Switch!); Sonic 2 (it's not going to move from this price. Great game to have on the Switch); Fire Emblem: Cindered Shadows DLC (it was on a discount, so better get it now) All in all, only one game added to my Switch backlog. Not bad.
  3. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    The game is currently on a heavy discount (I've never seen it so low), so there may have been a recent influx of new players.
  4. N-E Café Podcast

    I do recall finding dirt-cheap games on HMV when I first visited London (I got both Little King's Story and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for less than 10£ overall, which was crazy to me), but I thought those were pre-owned. In Portugal, during the PS2/GCN era, even used games (only available at GameStation at the time) would go for 20-35€, with only used Game Boy games being any lower than that (10-15€). I wasn't paying much attention to the used game market before then, but I know new games never dropped their prices.
  5. N-E Café Podcast

    ...Sorry. I really don't see it. One doesn't need to replay the entirety of Sunshine to experience the changes, only the missions/places where they felt needed. If the player is not experiencing the new settings for a while, it's because the player doesn't feel like they improve the experience enough to justify that. Like, back in the day I'd get annoyed at hearing that the PS2 versions of Resident Evil 4 or Tales of Symphonia had a bunch of cool content the original Gamecube version was never going to get. But if I got to have that extra content as well, I don't see the point in being too bothered by that, even if I personally won't be experiencing it for a while. I don't recall PSOne prices being permanently slashed. Even in the PS2 era, only Platinum cases got to have permanent discounts. The heavy discounting in Steam and eShop are occasional sales, and IMO, is a much better system than permanent price cuts, for a variety of reasons (publishers still get to make occasional sales with the full price, the flash sales can be rare enough that they fell special or common enough to get extra sales (depending on the game), the publishers even get to see spikes from multiple "price drops" per year instead of just the one). It's when a 60€ game permanently becomes a 20€ game - and that becomes a common practice - that I get bothered: that's just asking for buyer's remorse, and ensures diminishing returns in the long term.
  6. N-E Café Podcast

    Okay, I'm finally back on my laptop, and I have a fair few issues to comment on. I'm aware this week's episode has already been recorded, but nevertheless, my take on the issue H-o-T brought up is... I don't really see a negative in updating the game. Not in the way Mario 3D All-Stars did it. I don't think it's "a slap in the face" for people who already completed it either, because one of two things happens when an update comes: either the person feels like the update was needed and warranted (in which case they feel compelled to try out the new version of the game, and play it for as long as they want); or they don't care enough about the update to go back (in which case, no harm no foul). But that's assuming the updates are strictly minor (or non-intrusive). Sometimes games change a lot since launch, and I can see how one can miss simpler earlier versions. Cases like WoW Classic are very rare, though I suppose communities can do a lot to restore or reproduce fondly remembered aspects of "Classic" versions of games (like the Final Fantasy IX remaster patch, or the "Woolseyfied" ultimate translation for FFVI) With "Games as Service" that change dramatically with each update, I feel like the zeitgeist IS the experience, and it's up to the player to face the game and respective community with that mindset. Some players will just say "Remember when Takumi was top tier at launch?" and it just comes with the territory. It's part of it, and it has to be. Regarding patches making physical games obsolete... The information stays in your console, right? If it then becomes tricky/impossible to get the "final" version years after the fact, I figure this falls into the same territory of fans "restoring" that version. Ideally, we'd have a standard way of accessing any version we want... I wonder if one could create a digital platform or a library of sorts, dedicated to this type of preservation? Finally, is it worth it to buy games at launch? From a monetary perspective, no. I've never done that, except with Nintendo games (which never lower their prices). I've also thought these rapid permanent price drops are short-sighted and unsustainable for a while now, but that's a broader topic for another time.
  7. N-E Café Podcast

    Still without laptop, so another short response: -The Game Awards target audience isn't much for life sim, cozy games like Animal Crossing, so despite the sales, that's not the "popular" safe pick. That honour goes to TLoU and FFVIIR both, considering the target audience; -You three put more thought into the meaning of the Family Award in this one episode than the GA comitee/organization ever did. This is another topic that I want to rant on, but dangit, I need proper keys; -Like Lee, I'm also appalled at how non-chalant the prize announcements are made in this annual event. I'm hoping this year brings about a more flexible schedule and a better focus on the meat of the show, otherwise I don't see such a bright future for it (and I want it to do better, truly, but gosh, so much needs to improve...). The Game Awards are significamt enough that we'll probably have more to talk about in the coming weeks. Still rooting for AC or Hades to take the main prize.
  8. N-E Café Podcast

    Roughly 50 minutes in, all I have to say is something that's been bothering me for a while: unless I'm thinking of the wrong character, isn't the Resident Evil character called Hunk, and not Hank? Anyway, complete shot in the dark for the Transition Tunes:
  9. Boss Keys - Zelda dungeon video analysis

    It seems Mark Brown has decided to revisit the topic of Zelda dungeons! I didn't know about Eiji Aonuma's interest in mechanical puppets. I can see how that would help in visualising the connection between the "small" puzzles, and the larger picture.
  10. Well, I'm happy AC was, indeed, nominated. Hades is also a nice surprise, I'll be rooting for that one as well. Last of Us is this year's Death Stranding, I see As promised, I won't rag too much on nomination choices, so I'll get it off my system right now: -Spiritfarer should've been in Art Direction; -Among Us should've been in Ongoing; -Paper Mario should've been in Adventure/RPG, instead of Family; -The Fighting game award is a joke as it is, it should be reworked. Changing the subject, I wonder why they don't mention the directors' names in Game Direction? Feels like that should be a thing.
  11. N-E Café Podcast

    Maybe after I get my keyboard back
  12. I'm still hoping Animal Crossing takes GOTY. Feels like it should happen.
  13. N-E Café Podcast

    Oh, that's unfortunate formatting on that quote... Regarding the main topic, my own experience is the Portuguese one, I suppose. I've seen attitudes about gaming change over the years, and a lot of people are more accepting these days (part of it is that stores have relatively recently started using the English term "gaming", which added some flair of legitimacy to the hobby/branch, even if I kinda hate that). People are still judgemental over Nintendo stuff, but it's the same attitude they have towards, say, Disney films, so the gaming part of it is minor. I've noticed that the gaming stigma has been traditionally applied to consoles... But PC gaming has always gotten unusually exempt from it. Might be because PCs are more associated with engineers and "tech wizes". Or maybe it's because it's associated with games like Age of Empires, Civ, or Medal of Honour, you know, stuff that looks mature and respectable. Ironically, PC gaming culture these days looks more immature than ever (have you seen those neon keyboards and accessories?), but that might just be me. The "kids watching too much YouTube" stuff goes beyond gaming, and it annoys me so much. To prevent an off-topic rant, that's all I'll say (Sorry if the response is brief or sloppy this week. My laptop is going through some stuff, and I'm typing on the phone)
  14. N-E Café Podcast

    Shame to have a blank in a critical moment, but the Adam Jensen series that @Londragon wanted to mention was Deus Ex. It's a cyberpunk setting, like State of Mind is. As for the transition tunes, I'll take a shot in the dark:
  15. 2013 - 2020: Remembering A Generation

    The Easy Allies are currently doing a retrospective on "The Gen that Was", with a video dedicated to each year from 2013 to 2020. It goes that they first talk about major/memorable moments from that year, then talk about a handful of relevant games (also from that year, natch), and then play a bit from whatever game they agreed to be the most relevant. They mostly reminisce and comment on how significant these events and games were (or maybe weren't) in hindsight. The videos are long enough to work as a podcast: The 2013 episode focuses on the build and hype towards the launch of the PS4 and XBO, as well as the launch itself. 2014 delves a bit more into the consoles' actual first year. It seems they're releasing one episode every two weeks.