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  1. Switch eShop Thread

    Feeling very tempted to get Murder by Numbers and/or Scott Pilgrim... I ended up buying 80s Overdrive on the 3DS instead
  2. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Following my Super Punch Patrol playthrough last month, I actually decided to play another game from my backlog... and forgot to do a write-up. Oopsie. Final Fight Turn the beat back! I had this on the Capcom Beat'em Up Bundle, but never finished it. After SPP, I figured I owed it that much. And look, it's got a lot of charm, excellent character design (including the first Trans character in videogames, afaik), and I certainly respect the fact that it basically Codyfied an entire genre, but... it's so bloody difficult! I literally couldn't go through a level without losing, like, 4 lives in the process. If it weren't for the unlimited quarters, I wouldn't make it past Stage 2. Legitimately unfair difficulty. (As for who I used to beat this game... try to Haggard a guess) Coupled with the fact that it's kind of hard to actually learn how to do Guy's and Cody's moves as a casual player (the enemies swarm you so fast!), it's easy to see that this game 's mechanics have aged somewhat poorly. Graphically, it's still nice, though. Chunky sprites, colourful backgrounds, distinctive characters, and it manages to have so many Guys on screen. Arcade or not, this was wild back in 1989. But really, outside of the respect it deserves, I didn't enjoy this one much. Which is a shame, as I love seeing how this world and characters continued to develop in the Street Fighter series. ... It did make me curious to recently check out another classic beat'em up, though. Streets of Rage Check out those bare knuckles! Yeah, I had never played this one, can you believe it? I did have it on the Mega Drive collection on Steam, so it was easy to check. I hopped right away with Axel and thought he was ok. I was curious to see the differences between characters, so I tried out Blaze and Adam. After confirming that the characters were basically identical save for some animations and raw stats, I decided to stick with Adam, as he clicked almost immediately. I had a great time with it! It's much more forgiving than Final Fight, the enemies actually give you room to breathe and the difficulty curve actually functions well. There are some difficulty spikes with the bosses, but they can be figured out (though the twins were unreasonably annoying). The only part of the game I felt was unfair was the boss rush at the end, with Mr.X himself feeling super easy after that grueling gauntlet. Graphically, it's serviceable, but aesthetically, Final Fight definitely has the upper hand. The only really memorable designs were the bosses, the juggling clown enemy, and the-one-good-guy-in-the-police who launches napalm rockets for you. Music-wise, it's SOR all the way, baby, it's catchy, high-energy, and funky all at the same time. Still have that Mr.X boss fight track in my head. So yeah, clearly the game was heavily inspired by Final Fight, but by designing it first for the home consoles, they made an experience that gels much better with modern gaming. I will admit I used save states as checkpoints (and to get through the boss rush with minimal frustration), but if I wanted to properly play this in one sitting, it'd be totally feasible to learn the game, as it is forgiving enough, despite the spikes. Sega may have had an Axel to grind with Capcom, but with some Adamant effort, they sure left their mark on the genre in a Blaze of glory. Yeah, nailed it.
  3. PC Gaming Discussion

    Thanks for reminding me about Freedom Planet 2! The game's looking crazy good, and I'm glad that seems to be, in fact, true! Sad thing is the terrible timing for me. I'm busy with a lot of stuff in life, in the middle of a couple other playthroughs, and it's also been pain to play anything on my PC lately (it takes forever to boot, among a bunch of other flaws). As such, I'm tempted to get this on Switch when that version comes out... Or maybe I should just get a better PC already. Regardless, I'll pick it up as soon as a good opportunity clears up.
  4. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    I'm not particularly fond of Earthbound, myself. It's got charm, but that's it, really. I can certainly relate to H-o-T's write-ups. That said, Mother 3 is a much better game. It's worth trying out even if EB was underwhelming
  5. Congratulations: you win. At life in general as well, clearly
  6. Fire Emblem Engage (20th Jan 2023)

    For those who are interested, here's a pretty good breakdown of the trailer:
  7. Street Fighter 6

    Gotta say, this looks way better than any of my expectations! Tekken Force mode AND Tekken Ball mode? You can play with stage hazards on!? Blanka has MechaKoopas?!? Street Fighter VI is looking to evolve the genre by reviving some of its wackier concepts. Finally, another fighting game besides Smash seems to be doing an actually fun single-player mode. It's been forever!
  8. Yeah, I thought those were weird, but looking at the joy-cons, I figured that's what it was. Despite me preferring the stylus, the buttons are just as fine... except for those "Hold" inputs that end on a Slide during FMSes. As I move the circle into its final position, the game registers it as an attempted "good" Slide. Do you think it's possible to make it so that one stick controls the circle, and the other one takes care of the Slide at the end?
  9. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call (3DS)

    Alright, two questions: 1. In FMS stages, what is distance, exactly? In BMSes, I get it, there're enemies, and damage, and stuff. In FMSes, it's like... why should I try to improve from 6000m and 8000m, for example? 2. Are there any elemental weaknesses (like WarMech being weak to Ramuh)? I thought it was mentioned somewhere, but I'm not sure if I just imagined it.
  10. Tekken 8 (PS5, XBox Series, Steam)

    Nice trailer. Hard to tell what was dramatic cutscene effect and what was legit gameplay. If the slowdowns show up during middle-of-the-match moves, that's a plus. Story-wise, the awaited feud between Jin and Kazuya is finally on. I'm hoping they redeem Jin's character after botching his character so much in T6 (and kinda in T7). So far, he seems to be mostly in control of Devil Jin, which is new, and a good sign. My only requests now are A. The return of post-KO replays; B. Make customization options robust again; and C. Put effort into individual character endings instead of the travesty from T7
  11. The "tears" may refer to something specific. Maybe it's the name given to the floating islands. Just saying, titles like Twilight Princess hardly scream "gameplay mechanic" when you first hear them. Also, Link to the Past (Triforce of the Gods) is a title unrelated to gameplay in both English AND Japanese. (and getting into technicalities, Majora's Mask is just the villain's name, the one mask in the game that's actually unrelated to gameplay mechanics.)
  12. Pikmin 4 (IT'S ALIVE!) (2023)

    There is always "a chance", but I'm not going to say it's likely (I mean, is the Gamecube NSO in the works or not?). A shame, because I'd love to play Pikmin 2 as well.
  13. Cloud is also wearing the wrong attire for the time this game takes place in.
  14. Not that in-depth No Not this, either. Curious, I thought I'd have that one Freebie, really No This one paid off Miyamoto's such a tease Tales of Symphonia Remaster almost counts, but it might be a straight port... But regardless, Rune Factory 3 surely counts Tales of Symphonia Remaster definitely counts here No Got renamed to "Pikmin 4", obviously (Incidentally, I legitimately almost put "New Pikmin content" as one of my predictions, but decided it was mutually exclusive with the Mario movie. Fuck, I should've gambled on that one) As for individual opinions: Fire Emblem Engage was a surprise, as I didn't expect it to be real. I posted further thoughts on the appropriate thread; It Takes Two is a great game to get I'll see if my girlfriend would be down for it; Fist of the North Star was the most bonkers announcement Oh, the concept; Great to see Octopath 2. Haven't played the first one, though ; Theatrhythm 3 was a rush of emotions. Hope to see some Chrono Cross songs there; Holy shit, Goldeneye! Bombshell for sure; Holy shit, Pikmin 4! All feels right; Holy shit, Radiant Silvergun! Will we see more Saturn games in the future?; Tales of Symhonia Remastered is the sort of thing I want to be excited for... for God's sake, Namco Tales division, put some effort into preserving the series for once!; Tears of the Kingdom is a good name. Hilariously dark timing with the Queen's passing, though. Overall, pretty cool Direct. Lots of 4 star announcements there. Odd pacing though, felt quite stop-and-go on the whole.
  15. ~CLEFAIRY~, ~CLEFAIRY~ ~CLEFAIRY~, ~CLEFAIRY~ Playing that minigame again is a legit reason for me to get the N64 NSO.
  16. I understand the scepticism (I've been holding off on purchasing the Steam version for the those same reasons). I'm happy to see Symphonia again, but this needs to be properly done. And that device on the Triet Base needs to become a Gamecube again.
  17. MFers really locked Melodies of Life and To Zanarkand behind the half-premium version... I was thinking exactly that Maybe a Radical Dreamers track too. Bravely Default III? And on the same vein... Triangle Strategy II?
  18. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call (3DS)

    *four. There's four BD songs as DLC. I noticed the absence too, but I think they're just keeping things under wraps for now.
  19. Fire Emblem Engage (20th Jan 2023)

    I never expected the leak to be real. Goddayum. Welcome to the series, PepsiMan and ColgateGirl. Some loose thoughts: I love the graphics, but I'm not too much into the aesthetics. This has the side effect of making Marth and Celica look GORGEOUS, but I'm iffier on the new characters; That said, the artwork is very pretty and good looking, love the colours; Definitely not a fan of the lamps; Hate the name of the game too; Not feeling the stand/persona system. We already have FE Heroes for celebrations, and I didn't like how Awakening handled the einherjar, either. So it's a concept I fundamentally dislike; The mural at the beginning shows Lucina with a bow, as well as Ike with Urvan. Neat; Fell Dragon was already Grima, so what the hell is that moniker!?; Incidentally, the Fell Dragon has blue highlights on the right side, red highlights on the left. So that's an obvious twist; The best FETuber (Faerghast) noticed that there's a lot of pure French nomenclature in the trailer. That's legit fun stuff. As of right now, I'm still lukewarm on the game. I'm fine with waiting for this one right now. But good trailer though. Informative and... engaging.
  20. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call (3DS)

    Well, well, I have successfully narrowed down the amount of DLC music I want to purchase to a mere 25 songs! If only there was a way for me to narrow it furth- the hell's a Final Bar Line?
  21. More like "not announced in this Direct". Either way, yeah, felt like making a bold statement. Mostly because there's only one thing I want to see in DLC, and it's a specific music track. I also just realized I should've just said "some Mole Mania content". If the GB NSO exists, it's bound to have that game.
  22. The games I had as a child, I've mostly been able to beat them. The ones I didn't, was usually because I never had much time with them to begin with (like, they belonged to a friend, or something). But I can think of a few examples that fit the thread: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Played it as a teen, but got so bloated I stopped at some point. I ended up restarting it several years later, and forced myself to play it until the end, crossing it off my bucket list. Turns out, all those years ago, I had stopped playing at about 3 missions before the end! Flight of the Amazon Queen: A charming point&click for the PC, I had a demo of this game, but was utterly unable to beat it... because it was legitimately bugged! A certain item I had to use with a puzzle wasn't working properly. As an adult, I found it for free on GOG (still is) and decided to slay this bad memory by beating the whole game. Theme Hospital: I couldn't beat some of the later levels as a kid... But as a smarter, more efficient adult, I could! Also, I appreciate that the difficulty was fair, and the reason I couldn't beat it back then was definitely due to my shortcomings. This was the most satisfying "slay" of the three titles I'm mentioning, as it reminded me of how much I've grown.
  23. Right, so, predictions/wishes: Bayonetta 3 in-depth trailer; Advance Wars gets a new release date at last; A Switch title that's currently older than a year (except for Mario Kart) will suddenly get new DLC; [EDIT]: Xenoblade 3 is getting DLC; NSO gets Game Boy stuff; No DLC whatsoever for FE Warriors; Mario movie trailer; A classic RPG will get remade; At least one Gamecube game is coming to Switch; Wario Land makes a comeback somehow; "More Moles, More Mania" finally gets out of development hell. Possibly with a title that's strictly lamer than this. Some of them are more plausible than others, as you see, but fuck it.
  24. I'll post predictions later. For now, all I'll say is that the image @Dcubed posted isn't solid proof. There's a good chance they just hacked a ROM for the one event. Similar rumours happened last year when they showed a 3H trailer with beta models in a similar event ("New DLC!?!"), and it didn't mean anything either. More optimistically, they spent a lot of the event focusing on FE4 characters, which is unusual. That's a better sign of things to come (but once again, not solid proof, rein your emotions).
  25. Queen Elizabeth II has passed away

    Absolutely the end of an era. She managed to become a globally known symbol for the UK, which is something very few monarchs can do these days. It's going to feel very bizarre, having a UK without THE Queen. My condolences for the royal family.