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  1. Yeah, it's a very popular series in the "Let's Play" sphere partially because people are interested to see the different ways different people approach the challenge. I might one day give one another try, it's definitely one where the struggle is the reward.
  2. The 'Souls games are their own very unique thing, so while some love them others will bounce straight off. I played a chunk of Dark Souls and decided it wasn't my thing but it still deepened my respect for the series. There isn't really anything you can compare them to outside of the series. The core of it is an extremely dark, European medieval fantasy with deep Bible-scale lore and supernatural elements. It's most basic premise is you are a soul literally fighting your way out of a gothic hell where nothing is quite what is seems and the game play is designed to reflect that. It's a gruelling journey. Every enemy can kill you easily if you're not careful and death can be a significant setback, so the stakes of most encounters are high. You can approach the challenge with a wide variety of character classes but you are not a nimble, indestructible fighter - you're a slow & clunky knight in armour, or a physically feeble wizard, or a lock-picking thief in a loincloth. Weapons degrade. Experience collected as "souls" from slain enemies can be lost when you die. Save points and opportunities to level up are sparse. Bosses are powerful, frequent, & radically different each time. You will die many times. Like I said, it's not my thing. However if you want a genuine challenge with interesting lore, phenomenal art, and some brilliant monster design, I would definitely give one of them at least a go. I'd honestly recommend everyone at least try to play one at least once, even if you then walk away, just to see what it is.
  3. What Have You Bought?

    Anime Store Clerk, sweating: Sir, please, don't you think you've had enough? martinist:
  4. General Switch Discussion

    Finally did something about my drifting joycon and it was much easier to fix then I imagined. All it was was dust - got underneath the little rubber skirt with one of those little brushes they pack with electric shavers and it's good as new again, after months of drifting. You could probably do it with a clean dry toothbrush with long enough bristles.
  5. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    I don't understand the limited-time thing. Limited physical copies run, fine. Ceasing to sell it after the end of the fiscal year seems somehow both capitalistic & nonsensical at the same time? I'm assuming I'm missing something.
  6. Netflix

    Watched the first few ep of Aggretsuko, really strong start this season. Retsuko & Fenneko exploring VR in their living rooms is the loudest I've laughed at my TV in a while.
  7. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    After the first 4 episodes I'm not sold on it but Lower Decks still has a lot of potential. There's no reason not to have a comedy series set inside the 'Trek universe but I'm hoping it'll have moved from being a Trek parody to having it's own Trek identity soon. Still one-too many shades of Rick & Morty hanging on it as well.
  8. Glad we got a Chrystal Chronicles date, interested to see how that's been updated.
  9. Playstation Plus Free Games

    No, it's a paid product, slightly ironically given the nature of the genre it spawned.
  10. What Have You Bought?

    Physical media is all there's going to be left when the internet finally becomes self aware and rebels against its capitalist masters.
  11. Netflix

    It's a real shame for sure, but I'm not totally heartbroken since it's only a remake. I'll give it a look when it arrives but I should probably get some of the excellent comic sequels for a new fix of the good stuff. We'll always have the original masterpiece.
  12. Netflix

    @martinist !!! Finally, anime for the real men like us.
  13. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Interesting race, I'm still rooting for Lewis but it's kinda nice to know the Merc isn't totally unbeatable. Hulk put in a great effort as well, shame he had to pit again. Would love for him to coma back and get that podium one day.
  14. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC, PS4)

    This is fantastic fun, we'll see what's it's longevity is but it's up there with Rocket league for insta-fun satisfaction. Came a very close second on my 2nd run, will be going back for more.
  15. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Esteban Gutiérrez, technically a Mercedes reserve, is their most likely option apparently (Merc customer teams have access as part of the deal).