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  1. I saw some travel vlogging youtube guy talk about his experience with covid, he did a video a few months after initial recovery, said he had little to no function in his penis to that day. Thats fucking frightening.
  2. Literally all of medicine is basically this. educated trial and error. If you packaged chemotherapy as a new medicine people would be far more horrified, but it is an accepted treatment for more than just cancers in the modern age. Its the nature of the....Beast... lol. They did tonnes of clinical trials, the scientific community wasnt sitting on furlough for any of 2020. Pandemic protocols existed long before patient zero hit the nearest hospital. The medical sector is bound by so much red tape you wouldnt even know where to start (at least in the UK). Complications can happen but that happens with every single vaccine, & medicine. I had a pretty nasty reaction to the swine flu vaccine. I havent been online in a while, but i read your reply about the hearing stuff, and yes that absolutely sucks. I have a vocal impairment so you probably wouldnt hear me anyway, but I would still make every effort to accomodate you if i could. I'd prob be more likely to whip out my phone and write a note (and hold it in front of you) than uncover my face though. Curiosity - Why have you opted not to have your hearing looked into, especially at such a young age? - re the whole vaccine thing.... yes i believe everyone has a right to chose. But I'm glad that most have chosen to come together and do what is in the interest of moving forward. I dont believe we should live in a world where you are forced to have it BUT travel operators, shops, clubs, etc have a right to refuse entry if they feel the risks are not worth entertaining. If someone doesnt want to get it based on a non essential (aka not medical) reason, they have to be prepared to take the potential downsides that come with it. The problem is while there are people out there not getting the vaccine but still being sensible (i actually know a few), there are people that are not because they are downright idiots, and are doing NOTHING to help stop the spread. So sadly all people opting out are going to be tarred with the same brush. If i see someone not wearing a mask, or sanitising, I dont have a right to know they are medically exempt, so i am just going to assume they arent safe to be around. I'm in the very small percentage of the population who can still be very seriously ill after the vaccine, so im taking no chances.
  3. House buying is the worst

    admittedly it does sound like bully tactic marketing ploy! I remember reading in a lot of articles that it was a good idea but not compulsory. i ended up going over my original budget on the place i got now. They didnt ask for an MIP at any stage.
  4. House buying is the worst

    A mortgage in principle is just an outline of what you could potentially spend based on your collective earnings, not legally binding for either you or the bank. You dont need to supply documents that im aware of. I got one with my bank and it took 5 minutes online and i got an instant "decision" None of the estate agents i ever communicated with ever asked for it, even when i got into a bidding war with someone else.
  5. I'm not surprised that there are sceptics, but i AM surprised that there are in the vulnerable category. A family member of a colleague is in the CEV list, got covid, spent 4 months in hospital, and basically had to learn to walk again. Like that aint a life i'm willing to leave to chance. We are the people who are likely to get covid and still get sick even with the vaccine, but even a reduction of risk by 10% is still worth something. Think I read somewhere that only 19% of adults in NI have not had or booked their first vaccine, which is wild, and brilliant. lets go pew pew re the mask thing, i just..... i can't understand it..... have the government not learned? Its literally the EASIEST thing we can all do as a society to keep as many of us safe. No masks arent 100%, no they arent comfortable, but i think we need them right now. If anything the hospitals have stepped up the policy - i went to a hospital recently for OP appt, (one with an ED and wards) and they said we all now have to wear the blue hospital ones, rather than any reusable ones. So i hope people aren't expecting that they can just rock up to appointments now with no masks on, if anything its stricter and rightly so >_> The thought of public transport right now with a bunch of maskless morons brings me out in a sweat.... and its too hot for that shit lol
  6. bad stuff thread.

    Fkin rotten My skin hurts and runs extremely hot when its active and inflammed. Broken skin and a broken immune system - the two things that need to WORK to make your body regulate its temperature. I had a cold shower at 5pm, and i was hot again within 10 minutes. Ireland NEVER should be 30c ffs lol
  7. For fucks sake, i honestly couldnt believe it when i heard. I wish they wouldnt have said anything about masks potentially being done away with because there are going to be idiots now that think its ok for them to do it. It's not even completely about masks, its more about the general attitude. Once people stop wearing masks theyre also gonna drop every other precaution they've been doing. I have a really severe breathing condition, and its a royal pain in the ass for me to wear masks. But to be honest i don't see ANY future where i won't wear a mask in a very confined, crowded space. Especially since said condition was triggered by a virus
  8. I am fairly sure that they are operating the same over the entire uk (i'm NI) but any of the bigger clinical NHS settings will have been financed for the superfreezers for the pfizer vaccine. GP and pharmacy will hold the others. Take your card with you because theyll ask for it but 99% sure you'll be fine.
  9. good stuff thread.

    I love thunderstorms! They do happen in Ireland, just not very often, usually after a big bout of heat. And the relief from the air pressure is so nice too. I will often sit out and experience them if i can find a sheltered spot somewhere. Just puts me in the best mood
  10. I completely agree with you @Dog-amoto and, truly, honestly, i don't know that Labour would have done *that* much better either. I have to give them props for the vaccine rollout tho. Even the useless Northern Ireland government didnt screw up!
  11. House buying is the worst

    EeeeEEEeeeekkk am crossing my fingers for you, by gawd you need some positive shit thrown your way x
  12. Northern ireland also delaying any further openings for a while too. Think its wise, if it has to be longer NOW to prevent further lockdown later that is sensible.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    that is a lot. My heart goes out to you, and i understand. I am just the same. It is very very frustrating when the goalposts are moved. And while covid is not the NHS' fault, it certainly has made what was already fairly lacking communication even worse. The fact that you had been led to believe xyz was happening then they backtrack you to abc is unbelievable honestly. I got fucked about recently with ENT private v nhs as well. been in the system most of my life with so many things they have ignored. This current issue is nearly 3 years in the making, and I'm pretty sure i may have even been misdiagnosed from as early as my early teens (now almost 35). I am also in a position where im in a significant amount of pain, but i actually can't take painkillers because everything tries to end my respiratory function... which is kinda vital? lol and you know its like, eating paracetamol like they're smarties for what ? next to no relief and probably liver failure in your 60s? cheers lads. Advocate for yourself love, for real. be a big mf bitch if you need to. 1000% behind you on that. Sometimes you have to put them under pressure. Tell them you wont leave until you at least are given a pain management plan. Tell them how much its affecting every single waking moment of your life. Because it QUITE CLEARLY is. P.S,
  14. good stuff thread.

    Someone is lookin out for me somewhere. Not sure if it was the breakdown i had on the phone with GP, or my nurse specialist being an absolute fucking champ (likely the latter) but my neuro consult has been red flagged somehow, and i have an appt for next month. I can't rationalise it other than that because neuro is as bad as rhem and im still waiting in a 3.5 year list for them (but only routine). I had a rude colleague tell me, last week, that ill be "waiting forever since ive been on that list for years", i'm just dying to go in and slap her round the face with my appointment letter. Her self importance can GTF (for context this is also the person who mocked my illness/reduced duties so, no sympathy deserved for her)