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  1. Personal Finance

    I use a bullet journal to track my finances but ive been extreeeeeeemely lazy about keeping it up since covid hit. I've got just short of 60k in debt (house and car) Automatic bank transfers to savings accounts, 90% of my banking takes care of itself i just have to not overspend lol
  2. Post your Cooking!

    damn @Cube thats making me hungry lol
  3. Old NE Members

    Geeee peeeee its been a while!! So weird to see all these old usernames popping up again!
  4. Share your Youtube holes

  5. Old NE Members

    I think we're looking at a party of 20, where it was 50 wedding / <200 reception. All that matters is the person you love at the end of the day if my sister wanted to run off with 2 random witnesses i'd still support her. Its wild to think she booked this wedding in march 2018 and we didn't have a notion of what was coming
  6. Old NE Members

    my sister is supposed to be getting married on the 11th September, but I think shes cancelling/downsizing. One of her best friends and myself are super high risk (shes had cancer and i've got all sorts lol). I didn't ask her to but she says she'd never forgive herself if we got covid19. Such a bummer.
  7. The death of forums

    The social media cogs turn 24/7 and arguments spin out of control so easily. Admin teams have to exist across timezones and be very active to see shit going down. I admin a group on FB and i'm not getting paid to sit there and babysit some idiots arguing about nonsense. I also agree with the dislike for super threads. Definitely sucks in a lot of content that could easily have their own threads.
  8. Who are you?

    -34/female/banana -single -ho(meow)ner -live in a small village in northern ireland -brought up in different countries as a military brat, born in scotland -have multiple health problems and disabilities, all auto immune related. -i have voice damage and speak with a very hoarse voice. -work for the nhs -look after very poorly cats with fiv and mod one of the biggest fiv platforms on facebook. -i try to live a reduced environmental impact lifestyle, and i am slowly cutting out as much plastic use in my life, trying to grow food myself etc -i'm really not very exciting @will' brilliant topic idea
  9. Old NE Members

  10. good stuff thread.

    Funny I went to my family's house for a BBQ today too (its a bank holiday weekend in NI so we always do that). Having that change of scenery was definitely nice!
  11. Old NE Members

    as one of your closest friends for the better part of 20 years............ lol
  12. Old NE Members

    I think all the sub forums in Gen got merged due to inactivity. I remember one particular mafia game where i hoodwinked you all mwahahahahahahahhaha (i also did not realise you were Dazz/animal either lol)
  13. The death of forums

    This place was a huge social hub for me for a good 5 years of my life. @soag made me join in the days of CE (2005ish) and i actually met someone from my own town here @darksnowman who became a good friend of mine, and as a result @My Buttons are Magic! and I are best of friends to this day. And a big shoutout to all the people i met in the Sheffield 2008 meet, and even the friends I have that I've never met. I smashed my kneecap on the escalator on the way home after that meet and only 10 years later did it really heal lol I have been pestering lots of people to come back and join in and hopefully we can get some conversation going again I think a lot of us joined in our teens/twenties and have grown up and had massive changes in our lives, marriage, kids, etc and found ourselves with less time to fuck around online. I took a min to google and found the thread that offerman posted:
  14. The death of forums

    I'm gonna bite the bullet and make a thread and get some conversation going... I was pondering this for a while, since this forum and a few others have really shrunk down in activity over the past... 5/10 years? I also used to go on a diet forum that was even busier than this place in its hayday, and its also pretty destitute now. I think our habits have changed and forums just aren't designed as well to work in the mobile tech space. Things like facebook, twitter etc seem to have taken over the discussion space online... RIP bring back the forum and msn messenger days.... lol Thoughts?