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  1. bad stuff thread.

    I have Costochondritis, (inflammation of the front of rib cage) likely as a result of spinal arthritis naproxen isn't working, further treatment involves more complex medication or steroid injections, authorised by rhematology. I'm on the wait list which is 4+ YEARS. Hoping my GP can write to rhem and have my referral upgraded, but not optimistic it basically feels like having a heart attack 24/7 and any pressure on any part of my rib cage is awful
  2. bad stuff thread.

    I've had a bad week.... Speech therapy... not hugely successful. I'm trying really hard with the exercises and my lung, throat and chest all hurt right now. They've told me I could very well end up with pneumonia. I had a very close call on wednesday night. My breadmaker was sitting on top of my kitchen stove, one of the cats jumped up and managed to turn the dials to the hob. my other cat was crying at an alarming pitch and I turned around to my kitchen being full of smoke. Thankfully I got straight into rescue mode, turned off the stove, got the cats outside. Made a run for it with molten breadmaker outside after nearly being overcome by smoke fumes... got outside and threw it down and projectile vomited everywhere....probably seconds away from my kitchen going up in flames and my fire alarm didn't even register... Toxic plastic smoke sure is good for someone with a sensitive throat and breathing issues oh and bosses boss been tested positive for covid, she's been in our office and didn't wear a fucking mask. what an utter nob.
  3. "I didn't prepare anything" Mafia Sign-Ups

    I'm sure most of us would be happy to play in two running at the same time tbh @Rummy
  4. In the wake of trumps positive test... It really is unreal, how the fuck do these people in power expect the mere mortals to follow their (illogical, conflicting) rules when they themselves will not, or are just simply not being careful. Both in the UK and the US. Our leaders are honestly a SHAME on us. They are supposed to lead by example and its fucking INFURIATING when I and many others have had to spend 5+ months inside, and some cant even be bothered with 2 weeks. We have truly lost the meaning of humanity.
  5. I have the NI app, but I don't rely on it, its effectiveness is only as honest as everyone around us, and i have heard of many many people not abiding by the isolation rules, even some with damn positive tests, so that kinda renders it useless. Work are screwing me over again. I sat in a temp desk, the people in that space have come back to work today, they're sitting in the other seats that are not 2m away from my seat. They have NO COMPUTERS there so literally NO NEED to be in there. They could work at fucking home with paperwork for the love of god. We're already in a room that's not covid safe without adding 2 people in. My boss has swapped with me for the time being, his desk is 2m away from seated people but its a high traffic area so people are walking by me, and they aren't wearing any face coverings while doing so. Boss has asked his boss to authorise me WFH, but I know she will do anything to avoid that. Alright last time I got a cold I had a breathing crisis and nearly died. I got a flu in December that nearly went for round 2 (not covid), I have health complications that I'm still living with from both of those events. I'm just emotionally worn out, tired of constantly having to fight battles just to have a safe working environment. Oh and we have had a potential case today, one of our girls went home sick earlier on with a bad headache and a raging cough.
  6. When I came back from shielding I was given a desk away from people, at least 2m away from anyone else. Not my desks, it was a service that was on furlough or working in different locations/home. They are coming back on Monday. First I heard about it was a telephone call on Friday morning when I was on leave. So they're scrambling NOW. After I asked to WFH for MONTHS. While I was off on shielding leave. Denied, multiple times. Now they're talking about *possibly* getting me the permission to WFH because there is literally nowhere to put me. They're more than likely bringing in more than 1 person to that space I used to sit in, that is only covid safe for 1 person max. One section of our office has people sitting <1m away from each other because there is no space anywhere for them. So if a positive case came into our office THREE ENTIRE services, ESSENTIAL services, would have to be completely shut down. Fuckin unreal. Also there's an article in the BelTel about NHS staff in my town having a pizza party, in work, on work time, 15 people in a room risk assessed for 5. And i'm not even shocked.
  7. I heard that Bleach is gonna be starting again next year....HURRAH (could well be late to the celebration)
  8. Job woes/wins

    OH HELL YEAAAAAA Grats lovely
  9. bad stuff thread.

    omgg i'm in so much trouble I lost a patient fakjfklsdjflkjsdflkjsdf
  10. This is EXACTLY EXACTLY what's bothering me. For 2 weeks we had half of a town in lockdown. Even the locals didn't know where was and wasn't. odd exceptions. People going to work in non covid secure workplaces and nothing being done about it (my workplace is under fire about it). School busses, full of kids with no masks... what's the sense in class bubbles when they're all on the same bus lol. Pubs opening, eat out to help out, yet no shared meals in your families homes. If they were consistent and sensible with the rules, I reckon there would be double the compliance. Here we're all just riding on the hope that it doesn't get crazy out of control. Northern Ireland is small, we've had a couple of months with not even a handful of deaths, hardly any hospital admissions... people yappin on about how its all being made to nothing and doing what they want. Over the past few days its gone from <5 in hospitals, to 41 in hospital and 5 in ICU.
  11. bad stuff thread.

    Its like they think the plebs like us that answer the phone have any control of waiting lists.... laughable even we as nhs staff rarely get any benefits, no queue skipping, the only thing my trust has is a special occ health physio dept, and sometime the wait for it can be just as long with so many manual handling type injuries in health care. oh yeah i have had crushing chest pain since December, i was taken to ED and they checked my heart and basic bloods, and sent me home. No treatment and no answers.
  12. bad stuff thread.

    Slowly getting back to a "normal" for me. I'll be looking into my private health care options too. I hope you get sorted. I'm really not surprised about the fuck ups. No one communicates across the board. Scant info logged in patients notes so leaving a mystery trail for other consultants. fine if you only have to see one single professional that knows you, as was me for 15 years in dermatology, but when the baton gets handed to different professionals in the same team, different disciplines, different hospitals.... ugh. its a nightmare. The job thing... is this your current employer or new potential? that's a big old red flag. If they cant accommodate a fecking interview what are they going to be like when you ACTUALLY need time off for this potential op and recovery.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    went to speech therapy yesterday... changed tactics from exercises to work the vocal muscles, to preservation tactics to work the muscles less... By the nature of the appointment i had to express my symptoms, answer questions, my voice is fucked today. My throat usually doesn't hurt, but it does today from being pushed so hard. Back to waiting forever until i get an appointment w rhem and neuro.
  14. Job woes/wins

    OH HELL YEA pew pew pewwwwwww Love seeing some (well deserved) positive things come your way
  15. good stuff thread.

    Absolutely, the logical answer is there.. but you still have to grieve the loss of what you thought your life might be. You can definitely get through this and find value and purpose in your life <3