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  1. What Have You Bought?

    All the Anime Summer sale mystery boxes. 10 anime blurays I'll probably stick on a shelf and never even watch. But i need to have them!
  2. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

    I don't think i've watched any of the olympics this year. I didn't even watch the opening ceremony. I glanced at it and i heard the robo theme from chrono trigger then some sort of sonic music maybe? then i went to walk my dog and never turned it back on since. It doesn't help when most of the events take place around 1am ish.
  3. What Have You Bought?

    I reused an old GeForce GTX Titan Black. Card is several years old but it will do untill i can source an upgrade to an RTX.
  4. PC Gaming Discussion

    Well it's a Titan Black, pretty old card. I'll stick GTA 5 on and see how it goes. I'm not expecting high fps from anything too taxing untill i can upgrade the graphics card.
  5. PC Gaming Discussion

    Good news: My boi lives. Bad news: My CPU cooler fans don't look like they're running. EDIT: CPU fan issue is fixed, seems it popped out of the headder when i was throwing cables through it. Works fine now, Still need to manage my cables, my back pannel won't fit back on because of the mess back there but i'll sort it tomorrow. Good for airflow though
  6. PC Gaming Discussion

    My child is complete. Just need to stick the pannles on and power it on for the first time. I'll do the cable management thing later.
  7. PC Gaming Discussion

    It "went in" but it didn't do so willingly. I'll check if my front pannle USB 3 works if i can get a post screen. If it doesn't work then it's not a huge loss.
  8. PC Gaming Discussion

    Stopping here for tonight. Have to put the SSD in and the graphics card. Wire everything up and i'm done. Hopefully it posts tomorrow. Might do something about the ATX connector also.
  9. PC Gaming Discussion

    the power cable with "CPU" on it goes into the motherboard? or is it the other end?
  10. PC Gaming Discussion

    Does it look like i've bent any pins? This thing just doesn't want to go in.
  11. PC Gaming Discussion

    The USB 3.0 case cable is giving me some bother >_>
  12. PC Gaming Discussion

    Watch me totally fuck this all up.
  13. PC Gaming Discussion

    i'm basicly following this. My motherboard is different, as well as the ram, SSD's and the power supply. Got all the parts i could from it so i can try and follow along once i start building it. Guy breakes down the parts he's using at the start.
  14. PC Gaming Discussion

    I'm reusing an Nvidia GTX Titan Black I have in an old tower. The prices of GPU's would have put the price up around £800 - £1K ish This is what I have so far, there are two 140 fans stacked on top of each other. YODEL is delivering the rest of it. >_> UPDATE: case just arrived
  15. PC Gaming Discussion