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  1. Switch eShop Thread

    Picked up Yoku's Island Express for about £2.50 in the sale. Nice little metroidvania / pinball adventure game. Pretty short though story wise. Almost finished the story after a day or so. Still have alot of collectables and stuff to get though.
  2. I stopped reading One Piece around volume 70. Still waiting for that fouth manga box set to be released.
  3. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Thinking about dropping my attempts at getting a PS5 and switching to trying to get a Series X. Microsoft seem to be doing a better job at preserving older games and has a pretty extensive backwards compatible list that i can see. Mostly for the Forza Horizon games but wierdly also for Skate 3 which I haven't played in over a decade now. I had an Xbox One at a time but ended up selling it, kinda miss playing the master chief collection to be honnest the thing is I don't really want to pay for two seperate online services when i'm already paying for PS Plus however Game Pass does look tempting to me.
  4. The Exercise & Fitness Thread: The Struggle Is Real

    Rolled my ankle while i was running yesterday and now its pretty badly brused. Gonna lay off for a while untill i can run without limping like an idiot. Will probably try again around Monday or so.
  5. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    I haven't touched this game since January, mostly because i'm waiting to get my hands on a PS5 which isn't happening anytime soon. By the looks of things they atleast are trying to fix it, i'll try playing it later in the year.
  6. Might think about upgrading my Sony Xperia XZ later this year. I dropped the iPhone since i hated doing everything through Apple. Couldn't even transfer my photos to the PC without doing it all through iTunes. With an xperia I can just connect it to the PC and it transfers without the hassle. The Xperia 5 II looks nice at £799 but the Xperia 1 II is over £1000 and i'm just not prepaired to pay that ammount of money for a phone.
  7. What Have You Bought?

    Had it preordered from Amazon since it was announced. Never noticed the price drop, was a nice surprise
  8. The Exercise & Fitness Thread: The Struggle Is Real

    Funny enough I also have Planter Fascitis from running too much. Feet still flair up when i run and they slap down instead of rolling through the sole of the foot when i run. People are saying I look like i've lost weight which is nice (as i sit here downing a bottle of wine to ruin everything) I've been running with the dog everyday around 2pm for an hour and that seems to be taking the weight off, the thing is i like to stuff my face with garbage around 8pm. Really need to stop doing that.
  9. What Have You Bought?

    I also bought this. Going straight onto the Jackie Chan shelf.
  10. Hades (PC, Switch)

    I've been hearing good things about this but I haven't went and bought it yet. Should be cheap since it's been out for a while now I guess. I might pick it up in a sale or soemthing.
  11. Got my vaccination appointment letter in the mail yesterday. Wasn't really expecting it for a while to be honnest. Will probably send me another appointment a few weeks after the first shot. EDIT: 12/3/21 first vaccination was done. Dunno when i'll be getting the next one though.
  12. The Wrasslin' thread

    I'm probably gonna give it two weeks after WrestleMania then cancel my BTSports subscription. The stuff i'm seeing on RAW and Smackdown isn't as great as the stuff I used to watch as a kid. They got rid of all the wepons and chairs. I've only seen one woman go through a table since I started watching again and it wasn't really a good bump, just ran right into it. The storylines arn't really exciting me like they used to. I'm kinda excited about the resurection of the beast thing with Randy Ortan and Alexa Bliss but if it comes to nothing before WrestleMania or a few weeks after then I'm done. Can just catch up on the network if i ever wanna watch the modern stuff again.
  13. N-Europe turns 16!

    Yeay? I joined when this place was called revo-europe. Around the time the Gamecube was winding down and the Wii was yet to be revealed at E3. around mid 2006 i think
  14. The Wrasslin' thread

    So i'm around late April '98 in my nostalgia trip. Ken Shamrock and the Rock are fighting over the IC title and Owen Heart is fighting for the Euro title with HHH. After Shawn left after Wrestle Mania 14 HHH has taken over DX and added in X-Pac. At the time I guess X-Pac was just released from his WCW contract because he was cutting a promo in the ring about how Scott Hall and Kevin Nash couldn't be there because of World Championship Wrestling and Eric Bishoff. Then HHH starts talking about how he has a big dick and the promo ends. They later recruit the new age outlaws to DX during a tag team cage match between the outlaws and Cactus Jack and chainsaw Charlie. Undertaker had alot of promo stuff but not alot of wrestling between WM14 and Unforgiven. He was appearing during some minor card matches and chokeslamming the guys in the ring and calling out Kane. There was this part where Paul Bearer was calling him out to wrestle at his parents grave site before Kane and Paul pull up in a herse with his parents coffins and set them at the top of the ramp before Paul Bear goes inot a promo where he had a dream of Kane standing in a ring of fire and they start to set up the inferno mach at Unforgiven before Paul sets one of the coffins on fire and Kane chokeslams Undertaker into the other coffin. Another minor storyline is between Sable and Luna. At this point Sable was getting sick of Marc Merro's shit and started slapping him around a bit. Guy had alot of matches with Goldust to set up the Sable / Luna stuff which resulted in Luna challenging Sable to an "evening gown" match at Unforgiven which would later become the bra and panties match a year or so later. Main storyline is about Steve Austin wining the WWF Championship at WrestleMania 14 from Shaun and Vince McMahon is pissed about how hes not the kind of champion he wants him to be so Austin challenged McMahon to wrestle for the championship himself and everyone looses their shit before McMahon agrees and they get in the ring only for Dude Love to interrupt the match before the bell rings which starts this rivelry between Dude Love and Austin for the title. At Unforgiven '98 during the inferno match Kane walks out of the ring half way through before walking up the ramp and Vader comes out and starts beating on him. I think this is only a few months before Vader retired because I don't really see alot of him anymore. So Vader beats Kane back to the ring before the Undertaker jumps over the top rope and just dives into both of them, then Undertaker starts beating on Vader up the walkway again to pull the cameras away so Kane can put on his little fire sleve before he loses the match when the Undertaker sticks his arm in the flames and he runs off down the walkway with his arm on fire. Main event was Dude Love and Austin for the title and McMahon was sitting at ringside. Foley takes a few hard looking bumbs onto the concreat floor and the ringside steps. There was this stage in the back for Jeff Jerred's little country music concert which i'm surprised was left in, ususally the network edits out all the copywrighted song stuff. Austin suplexes Foley off the stage onto the concreat and JR is going nuts as usual. They fight back to the ring before the referee takes a bump so theres nobody to count, they start fighting outside the ring again and Foley tries to hit Austin with a chair before having it taken from him and hitting McMahon over the head with it. Gets back in the ring, hits the stunner. Ends up pinning Dude Love and doing the count himself before winning and retaining the title. Few minor points the Rock has taken over the nation of domination allowing Farooq to do singles stuff and have a small rivelry going. Also it's nice seeing Brian Christopher who would later go on to be part of the Too Cool tag team. Was one of my favourite tag teams as a kid. They also are trying to introduce these new Japanese guys that would run in from the crowd and interrupt Taka Michinoku's matches before jumping back inot the crowd and running away. I liked seeing how the Japanese photographers at the side of the ring would get relly excited and start snapping alot of pictures when they ran in. I think they became a team called Kai&Tai? or something? They are also starting to introduce Val Venus. I remember watching those wierd promo ads with my brother and feeling really awkward. They're putting him over as an ex-porn star turned wrestler? He would moan alot and make alot of porn jokes while surrounded by half naked girls or naked women in bath robes. Sorry if it's too long TL:DR: I like late 90's and early 2000's WWF.
  15. The Wrasslin' thread

    Started watching Raw from 1998 on the network. Just finished the No Way Out '98 PPV so far and they have this Mike Tyson / Steve Austin angle gonig. Before that at the Royal Rumble '98 there was this nice casket match between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels where Kane comes out near the end and screws over Undertaker before he takes an axe to the casket and sets it on fire while Paul Bearer eggs him on and JR is screaming bloody murder like "The Undertaker is inside gawd damn it!!" After that Undertaker was gone. Haven't seen him since on Raw or the No Way Out PPV after the rumble. They'll probably bring the guy back at WrestleMania 14 or something. Should get a nice loud pop if it does happen. I still have six episodes of Raw to watch before that though.