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  1. Outlaw Star had some pretty good arcs. I like the space race arc myself. Had a few wierd episodes like that possessed cactus and the giant bug in the sewer? Great series though, used to watch it all the time whenever it was on TV.
  2. Nintendo x Lego collab

    I haven't bought a Lego set in years but I really want this one. Probably gonna be about £200 though lol
  3. Never played Sonic Colours when it came out on the Wii so I was kind of looking forward to this remaster. I might take a look after all the bugs have been cleaned out of it. Might get it on Series X to see if thats a better port or not.
  4. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    I'm using the HDMI cable that came in the box. I'll see if i can find another sometime.
  5. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    So sometimes whenever I turn on my Series X I get screen flicker, sometimes i don't even get a signal at all. It turns out it was the HDMI cable, whenever I change the cable everything works as normal. My TV must have a problem with the signal that HDMI 2.1 cable is sending >_>
  6. pre-orders are live. Only 1500 being produced.
  7. All the Anime are accepting pre-orders for the Neon Genesis Evangelion ultimate edition on the 19th at 5pm. Entire series, Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion on blu ray in a nice little box. If anyone is interested.
  8. Tech Pouch

    Since I built my PC two weeks ago I've realised the importance of a good screwdriver. It's good to have a long one and a short one atleast preferably with magnetic heads. I've been looking at an i fix it screwdriver set that has the handle and the rod with a load of different screw head bits that can attach. I'd say i prefer manual screwdrivers since I can tighten the screw the way I want without the electric one stopping at a certian point.
  9. The Wrasslin' thread

    Cancled my wwe account a few months ago due to a financial situation. Will need to resubscribe and continue watching. I stopped just before Over the Edge 1999 can't really remember the story lines very well. I think Val Venus was donig something with that woman who used to run around with Marc Merro. I'll get back into it in a week or so.
  10. What Have You Bought?

    All the Anime Summer sale mystery boxes. 10 anime blurays I'll probably stick on a shelf and never even watch. But i need to have them!
  11. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

    I don't think i've watched any of the olympics this year. I didn't even watch the opening ceremony. I glanced at it and i heard the robo theme from chrono trigger then some sort of sonic music maybe? then i went to walk my dog and never turned it back on since. It doesn't help when most of the events take place around 1am ish.
  12. What Have You Bought?

    I reused an old GeForce GTX Titan Black. Card is several years old but it will do untill i can source an upgrade to an RTX.
  13. PC Gaming Discussion

    Well it's a Titan Black, pretty old card. I'll stick GTA 5 on and see how it goes. I'm not expecting high fps from anything too taxing untill i can upgrade the graphics card.
  14. PC Gaming Discussion

    Good news: My boi lives. Bad news: My CPU cooler fans don't look like they're running. EDIT: CPU fan issue is fixed, seems it popped out of the headder when i was throwing cables through it. Works fine now, Still need to manage my cables, my back pannel won't fit back on because of the mess back there but i'll sort it tomorrow. Good for airflow though