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  1. Aww I need to buy that online subscription now? I almost forgot...
  2. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    Already pre-ordered
  3. I'll be posting more tomorrow. But for now, this is just for you @Gourmetsalt
  4. Toad Harbour? I actually highlighted that. I'll be sure to @ you when I post it sometime later...
  5. Dragon Quest XI

    Been playing this everyday since I got it. Just got the boat and headed straight to the casino. Last boss gave me a little trouble and as such one of my characters is a level or two above the others.
  6. Judge Eyes (PS4 Yakuza team)

    It's nice to see SEGA have enough confidence in the Yakuza franchise to even consider releasing this over here. Even subbed both trailers in English and saying they were releasing it in English as soon as the trailer aired at TGS. If this were 2010 they wouldn't have even bothered with releasing this. I want this now, in ever orifice of my body. Hopefully they release an English demo like they did with Fist of the North Star.
  7. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hoi I'm drnk, fck yos. My ew key doesn'twork so yo're gonna have to deal with it. 2 glasses of wine, big as fck glasses mind yos, 2 Hineknis, 2 big fcking halfs od Yamazaki and i'n fcking shit faced. Did yo know ethedgere was a red cow vobrn inIsreal better get in thsat fcking bnker my fys i love you guys, not the guys that dfuck me in Msario Kasrt though, you guys can fukcking die in aFIRRE. uuuuuuuuu ut iffucxking works
  8. Gonna be sing Jazz also if there are no objections. Just tell me to change to another mii if there are. Also I might as well stick some highlights in here.
  9. I don't think you can see the antenna at the back of the karts. Only the person using smart steering can, I think.
  10. oh...I actually guessed right...nice
  11. Whoever Vice hands is, Viceview51? Anyway thats my prediction, mostly because he was last to pick the first track of GP3...
  12. Sometimes I just want to throw my Switch across the room. 3rd GP was the only decent one I had.
  13. I swear I hit every bananna I could during GP1
  14. Shenmue 1&2 HD (PC/PS4/Xbox One)

    So I'm looking for the Phoenix mirror and my cutscenes are screwing up. The cutscene where you talk to Fuku next to the tree after talking to Ine about the mirror. The camera just showed an image of what looked like floor boards. The cutscene immediatly after that just gave me a shot of a sky box and the cutscene in the antiques shop where you get the hand guard for the sword just showed a black screen. The subtitles were still going and the voices where clear, but the camera didn't want to co-oporate for some reason. Let me know if it happens to you too if you can. Atleast then I know it can be patched out.