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  1. I had some problems With Beedle, Item gravitation to the CPU then just throw a beetle at me and fly me off the top of the screen. I think I did that fight about 10 or so times
  2. Was having some trouble with Ganon at the end of Yong Link's classic mode. Couldn't figre to damage him at all. Seemed I had to hit his tail or the back of the legs maybe? Got pushed all the way from 8.2 to 5.1 after all those contines >_>
  3. Well that was fun but I had to go do some other things. Thanks
  4. I'll put a room together in 5 minutes or so. will edit in the ID and password Screw it, just use LazyBoy's room
  5. Giving me a keyboard with a 5 character limit. If I knew the ID I would be able to join I guess.
  6. Not seeing anything if I just go to public arenas. Set the type to all the format to 1 on 1 the rules to any and spirits off.
  7. Whats the arena ID? I can't find it with just public. Comes up with the first 20 rooms or so
  8. I'm up for some Smash at 8PM if everyone else is playing. You making a tournament or just opening a private room and having random matches?
  9. First character I got was Sonic. Then Ness, Marth, Bowser, Jigglypuff, Inkling and then Shulk which I lost to
  10. I went from 2nd to last on Rainbow Road >_< Items...items everywhere!
  11. Well this is a nice surprise. My copy was just dropped through my door. Excuse me while I play this all day...
  12. Just Cause 4

    I've noticed some graphical isses here and there but it's nothing i'd post on the internet about. There was one wierd glitch i saw at the airport though. Plane was standing on the runway, rotated 90 degrees upwards and just levitated upwards before turning right way up and flying as normal. Noticed the load times for respawning and loading into the game is super quick compared to JC3
  13. I got an e-mail from ShopTo saying this was dispatched but they're probably just holding it for Friday. I'll see you guys in the afternoon-ish once I've played through classic and WoL for a while.
  14. bad stuff thread.

    ....fuck that, could have bought one of those new Echo Shows for that kinda money. With £30 left over to go to the pub.
  15. Just going to leave these here