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  1. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    I don't think Backwards compatibility was part of some grand plan to differentiate the console, I just think it was a much requested feature than they managed to implement, and implement well. I'm sure Playstation gamers would love the feature too, regardless of how used it ends up being. It's better than not having it there, to the point where I'm sure PS5 will be backwards compatible. I think it's fair to say Sony have sat back and just released great games this gen. They haven't had to do much else obviously. Xbox has done a lot more behind the scenes to set them up for next gen, and Game Pass could be/already is a game changer.
  2. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    Next gen is going to be very interesting between Sony and Microsoft. Game Pass and more first party output could swing things around for Xbox in a big way, especially if PS5 is just more of the same. Sony seem happy to just coast along this whole gen and rely on first party games, we'll see what innovations they'll bring to the table next year I guess.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    I used the voucher on Mario Maker, I’m usually physical for first party games but that’s one I’ll always want on my system. They’re good for exceptions like that if you plan on doing similar. I’ll use the other one on Animal Crossing, if anything suits digital, it’s AC.
  4. Ring Fit Adventure

    Nintendo, NEVER USE THOSE HOSTS AGAIN Otherwise, love it!
  5. Sayonara Wild Hearts

    Wow, stunning trailer, I'm in!

    71 on Metacritic based on 26 reviews. General consensus seems to be that the visuals are great, the storyline is very in your face and a bit meh, customisation is huge but ultimately a bit pointless, but bosses are cool. Gameplay wise it's decent but a bit repetitive.
  7. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Nothing is "necessary" about the width of this track, nor many others: And even on the slightly narrower ones, the 12 racer track is no excuse. It's so dumbed down and "accessible" which Nintendo are getting more and more guilty at. Look at the recent Mario Kart Tour footage and how braindead the driving looks. Then play any of the Mario Circuits in SMK. I've already said the rubber banding and AI is dodgy. You're not writing anything I haven't already said here. I stand by my point that MK8 and other more recent Mario Karts, whilst great fun, are more like party games than hardcore racers. CONSTANTLY getting hit by items, a lightning bolt every 30 seconds, blue shells 3, 4 times a race to punish those in first place, red shells that follow the bends of any track, rubber banded item collection. Then play SMK and notice how you might get hit by item once, maybe twice a race. And clever use of the feather for shortcuts in SMK trumps any item management in MK8.
  8. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Super Mario Kart is as fantastic as it's ever been. Sure the rubber banding and AI are a bit dodgy but apart from that it's everything I love about Mario Kart, and unlike modern entries, it's much more skill based, and way, way less chaotic and random. I hate the modern trend of super wide tracks with almost no challenging turns, a lightning bolt going off every 30 seconds and red shells that are piss easy to use. It's why I tend to play MK8 with items off, or shells-only, as otherwise the series has just become a party game. SMK is much more challenging, and way more rewarding to play, IMO.
  9. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Small thing, but Gamexplain do great work so thought I'd post that the touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy visual bug fixed from SNES Classic has been sorted
  10. Great opening thread @Hero-of-Time For me... Software: Link's Awakening - A visual treat, but I'm still a bit gutted it's not a new game Luigi's Mansion 3 - Looks fantastic. Planning on only playing this at night/past midnight in bed Tetris 99 - Love the addition of missions to earn themes. Hope they have the GB theme cause I missed it at the time King of Cards - Expecting greatness, they've had long enough The Touryst - From Shin'en, looks great Bubble Bobble 4 Friends - Adore the NES game, I'll wait for reviews of this one. Art style is a little off (Hollow Knight Silksong - Maybe this year, but probably not. Easily my most anticipated game) All pretty much Day 1. There's certainly more eShop games but the above stick out for now Hardware: Yellow Switch Lite - Don't need it. Still want it. IF (big if) it's easy to duplicate my main Switch library and progress can easily transfer between devices Shovel Knight x3 amiibo - feels like I ordered it years ago. Yacht Club certainly take their sweet time LA Link amiibo - because, well, just look at it!
  11. Ring Fit Adventure

    I wonder if Jason Schreier will have his 5 minutes and tell everyone exactly what it is before Nintendo can reveal it themselves, properly.
  12. Ring Fit Adventure

    Thought this deserved its own thread. I can update when they show it off properly next week. Switch Fit seems to be the obvious theory doing the rounds but it looks a lot more gamey than that guess we'll find out on the 12th I like them doing a tease like this, gets a bit of buzz going before the proper reveal. EDIT: Reveal Trailer:
  13. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Whoa, legit forgot Super Mario Kart GPs were 5 tracks long. The music in this game is so, so good. MK8 has an amazing orchestrated soundtrack but chiptune tracks will always be catchier. Also they need to bring back the podium finish in the next Mario Kart, complete with floating giant cheep cheep. Way better than just a floating trophy.
  14. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Oh my god they finally got rid of the controls text at the bottom of the screen!!! (well, made it an option in the settings at least)