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  1. That was fucking awesome. This film is going to be tons of fun. Bowser, Kamek and especially Toad were perfect, and Chris Pratt's voice was fine for me, especially the Brooklyn twang in that last sequence. Can't wait. Getting an overwhelmingly positive response everyone else online, which is encouraging.
  2. Another leak, same image of Mario as above but a direct shot which makes him look a tad more like his in-game character? Also Peach and the film's nice looking title logo.
  3. Personally I think I'm just so excited to be getting a big budget animated Mario feature film, with all the little nods and easter eggs in it, to be too fussed about a slightly off character model. That poster is so nice looking I'm pretty much all in at this point, even if it's only for the visuals and easter eggs than the actual story itself. Still, that could all change tomorrow night I suppose
  4. My first thought was 'yep, that looks like Mario' The head does seem rounder though, and the arms shorter (maybe?). Funny how we're so sensitive to these little changes after all these years. Also a polo neck! Dear lord. Cancel this film now!
  5. That poster is making me desperate for a new 3D Mario game. Maybe a cross between 3D World's obstacle course design and Odyssey's openness... somehow...
  6. Wow that’s a stunning poster. Mario looks fine to me. Though if we’re talking textures it is a little weird seeing the Mario World style hills have an actual grassy look to them! Excited to finally see what this is like.
  7. Return to Monkey Island

    I really want to play it but I've not played a Monkey Island game before so I feel like a lot will be lost on me. I know they do a recap of previous events but still
  8. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Hey Playstation, how about instead of another pointless remake of a five year old game, you give gamers some actual exclusives to play on their shiny new PS5. TWO YEARS into the lifespan and in terms of big games: - Returnal - Ratchet - Demon's Souls That's it. Maybe I'm the only one who's PS5 has been gathering dust for most of this year but man, it's been a shocking generation so far imo.
  9. Nintendo films

    Modern day Nintendo would rather foot the bill and cancel the film than have it do damage to their treasured mascot. It won't be bad, at the very least.
  10. Nintendo films

    I think it'll surprise people and be great
  11. Tunic

    I also started playing this yesterday, and I've fallen in love. Incredible game, and I'm only maybe 3 or 4 hours in.
  12. The Star Wars Thread

    I think Andor could be on its way to being the best live-action Star Wars tv series, at least on par with Mando. The first three episodes were fucking fantastic. No wonder they released them all at the same time. On-location shooting, great dialogue, amazing visuals, a layered and interesting storyline, great acting and chock full of details that'll keep Star Wars nerds busy for years. It's fairly different in tone to typical Star Wars, and whilst kids will obviously still enjoy it, it feels like it was made for a slightly older demographic, but still with touches of typical humour. Huge fan of Cyril Karn the inspector agent and of course the Andor family droid. Loved the way they weaved the flashbacks in with the story, perfect transitions. Need to watch a couple more times to take it all in, but I'm very impressed. I had a feeling this show would deliver and it looks to be doing that. No wonder Tony Gilroy seemed to be almost gloating about it in interviews. After two space western shows, and a prequel follow-up centred on a Jedi, to get this more down to earth story about regular people is refreshing and well-timed.
  13. Grand Theft Auto VI

    Totally agree