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  1. The Jimquisition Thread

    Yeah but at the same time AAA games are bigger with better production values than ever before, yet being sold to us for the same price as thirty years ago, or much cheaper if you're willing to wait a month or two. It's a complex issue really, that I don't really want to open the can of worms on again. I'm just saying, content wise we're spoiled these days
  2. The Jimquisition Thread

    He knows his audience. They're ravenous for things like that = more clicks
  3. Apart from Bomberman (over Contra/Probotector, come on!) that’s a damn fine list of games. Whoever else voted for Pilotwings, well done that man/woman. Sadly for the top 10 I can imagine three titles are going to get most of the votes here.
  4. Reggie Is Retiring

  5. Reggie Is Retiring

    Yes ResetEra was going nuts over this yesterday. Gamexplain reported on the news last night
  6. The guy makes me feel like I'm watching an episode of Rebels for some reason. Dunno what it is. Seemed fun enough, disappointed no gameplay footage. For some reason I assumed we'd see some. Not openworld apparently but there'll be large areas to explore. Hoping for something like God of War.
  7. The Star Wars Thread

    I still need to hunt down the footage in good quality. I watched the panel and came away very impressed with the three cast members, and Favreau/Filloni. I have a really good feeling about this series. Also, I LOVE the ship.
  8. Game of Thrones

    What a let down that was. They have 6 episodes to wrap up the entire white walker and Westeros storylines with all the characters and subplots that go with them... and they spend one of those episodes having characters meet or reunite with each other, and very little else. Nothing said "we left ourselves so much to do that we have to rush through plotlines" better than...
  9. I've done a complete 180 on the title, after hearing the theories online. Have a watch of the 2-3 min vid from IGN on the previous page about the possible meaning of the Skywalker part. Not if Skywalker is the new name for a Force users, as theories are suggesting. Unfortunately the echo chamber for Last Jedi, from a minority of hissy fitting fanboys turned the majority against it. A shame. I'm with you, I really hope they don't backpeddle on Rey's parents being nobodies. That was a very smart move in 8.
  10. Anyway. Always love watching this kind of thing.
  11. Pilotwings Super Probotector Super Mario World A Link to the Past Star Wing (no room for Kart)
  12. VERY interesting theory about the title, they've got me convinced... Would also be a great way of ushering a new post-saga era, whilst still respecting what started it all. Might need to read that book.