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  1. Nice pics! Did you add this filter in Photoshop or is it in the camera app itself? Looks great
  2. I know what you mean about waiting for terraforming, it's just annoying having to pull out the vaulting pole every time until then. I just can't decide on a look! It's good that it lets you get the kit from Nook, try it out and then cancel if you don't like it though.
  3. I was thinking that too. Didn't New Leaf have dozens of furniture collections? Might be one of those things they add bit by bit with free updates
  4. If anyone has any duplicate cherry blossom DIY recipes I'd love to take them off your hands in exchange for whatever.
  5. At least the positioning is improved. It was pretty baffling putting it in the back of the controller where you could never see. Still seems pointless apart from looking cool Nice mockup H-O-T posted, that actually makes it look really nice!
  6. You know that thing in restaurants when you can't decide what to order? That's me every single time I try and buy a bridge or incline. I still haven't actually bought a second one, even though I've asked Nook about them a dozen times. I wanted the brick bridge but after testing it out it's just massive and blocks a huge chunk of the (vertical-flowing) river. Argh. Edit: but then again, searching online for examples, it does look cool
  7. How long did you have the controller for? And what light setting was it on? I'm just wondering because regardless of what Sony say (probably to cover themselves), it should be more like 8-10 based on my experience with 5 different pads over the years. I know you didn't play your PS4 much so maybe it was running out of juice between plays, which I know happened with my Wii U controller. I've bought 3 different controllers over the years, all the same. 4, 5 at most. A quick search on Google shows most people in the 4-8 range that Sony themselves state: Some even say 3 hours. Anyway I don't want to derail this thread to talk about the DS4, as long as this new one is closer to the 30-40 hour range of their competition I'll be happy.
  8. Sony's own estimates say 4-8 hours. Basically lasts me a couple of sessions before running out of battery.
  9. Biggest takeaway is they've finally ditched the usual DualShock shape and gone for the more comfortable Xbox/Switch Pro type mould. Any word on battery life? Hopefully better than the pitiful 4 hours on the DS4.
  10. Yeah you really should give people a tip for letting you in. Think I made 3 and a bit million earlier.
  11. Most weeks is up to 200 but occasionally can go as high as 800 I think.
  12. Would love to drop by tonight if that's ok!
  13. Eggs seem to only be from the medium sized fish, and even then, only 50:50.
  14. Sounds good, I'm in. I sort of wanted to do that at the party a couple weeks ago but forgot that visitors can't take items 'placed', only ones that are dropped.
  15. Got it when I first started the game. Haha patch notes just say they've adjusted the frequency, given all the complaints I assume that means they've lowered them. I don't really get the hate myself, apart from the balloon ones, those are just silly.