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  1. Really clever idea, the town itself was pretty handy to stock up on supplies too, I used it all the time, gliding down from a nearby hill
  2. Tough one sorry about that. Think the neurologist I saw ruled out auto-immune disease for me. Still in the dark and frustrating
  3. Sorry to hear your trouble with face masks. Funnily enough I think I suffer from something similar even though I've never been diagnosed as that by doctors I've been to.
  4. That'd be great if you don't mind? Whenever is best for you let me know
  5. Another vote for Clock Town for Favourite Town/Village. It basically felt like a game all to itself, more fleshed out than even modern towns in games are. It played a big part in making sure Majora's Mask felt really different to Ocarina. Tons of sidequests and secrets, both weird and tragic, and a brilliant main hub for a brilliant game.
  6. Got one already though, eventually, but thank you! Does anyone have turnip prices over 100? I need to SELL SELL SELL!!
  7. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Played, finished and LOVED Guacamelee! 2. Gorgeous visuals, witty writing, great platforming, satisfying combat. Even better than the first game. Went as far as getting all but 1 achievement on Xbox (skipping the beat the game on hard mode ). While Metroidvanias are everywhere these days, it's refreshing to see one with a completely different vibe and world. Playing a big Mexican luchador trying to stop the bad guy from getting sacred guacamole isn't something you see every day Really really hope we see a third instalment.
  8. That's a good one. Love the bit in the middle with Midna and the triumphant return home for Link at the end with the great music.
  9. My choice for Credit sequence is never going to win any awards, but it's basically all the charm, polish and fun of a Nintendo game distilled into a short animation. Mine goes to Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. It's an on-rails (literally) trip through previous environments, with enemies in the background and the Captain + Toadette reacting to everything around them. Cute and fun. PLUS the post-credits addition of the 3D World connection, fantastic. That finish with the sunset was glorious. The music made it seem so epic, either the good or bad ending.
  10. Scariest moment will easily be my lamest choice, I just don't tend to play anything approaching scary games all that often, if ever. I'm going to go with the first time you face off against a banshee in Mass Effect 3. I hate it when enemies teleport closer to you, freaks me out and the things look terrifying a f.
  11. Nintendo Treehouse Live: 10th July 2020

    Surprising "please note" from Nintendo, but then again they tend to manage expectations pretty well and this is another example of that.
  12. Time I include this game-changing classic on my list, Best musical moment for me was any time you learn one of the temple songs in Ocarina of Time with Sheik. Those sequences were always so nicely shot and stick out in the mind, especially the extra musical flourishes that play in the cutscene afterwards (something that Majora's Mask skimped out on). Special shout out to the Bolero of Fire and Serenade of Water. I hope Zelda gets back to its musical routes in future instalments. Even its inclusion in Spirit Tracks was well done (if frustrating to actually perform ha).
  13. Paper Mario: The Origami King

    10 days till release!