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  1. The Star Wars Thread

    Watched (most of) the major arcs of The Clone Wars finally, though I'm only half way through the second arc of season 7. I enjoyed some episodes (the first Mandalore arc where they introduce Dutchess Satine, the one where Ahsoka got framed for the council bombing, and a few other random ones), and really, really didn't like others (the Nightsister ones I actively hated). LOVE the narrator at the start of each one. I'd never seen or heard that was a thing before, very cool! Fits in perfectly with the three paragraph crawls for the saga films. Season 7 is a big step up from what I've seen so far. I can't say I've fallen in love with the show as much as I hoped I would but maybe that comes from not watching it all properly. I do like Ahsoka a lot more at least. Anakin's good too, so much cooler than his prequel form. Conversely I can't stand Yoda in TCW. Dull, only there for exposition, no personality and they cranked his inverted sentences way of talking up to 500%, which really grates. The only characterisation of Yoda I've loved since the originals was in The Last Jedi. Perfect. I'll finish season 7 and probably leave it at that for TCW. I like the multi episode arc structure but at the same time, the time period just doesn't do it for me, but they HAVE legitimised the prequels a tad in my eyes, which is great. Watched the first two episodes of The Bad Batch, will watch the third tonight. Absolutely loved the first one, so cinematic and well produced! It felt a bit like an animated film at times. I was worried the show would be lacking in personality, but thankfully there's a ton of that. Wrecker is great. Love his bromance with Tech. Hunter and Omega have a good thing going too. Hopefully the storyline will stand a bit apart from Mando as the show goes on. Gotta say, don't know what Echo is doing there. Seems a blank slate compared to the others. The second episode was a lot slower, I think I was pretty taken back by that, but still good. Only watched it once though so maybe I'll prefer it on second viewing. Oh and the visuals, my god. Yeah for sure but if they can do it justice in live action then fair enough. I'm sure Dave will tell a good story, especially as it feels like they have big plans for Thrawn. Kessel Run Transmissions who have a good track record casually put into conversation a month or two ago that there's going to be an Ezra Thrawn Disney+ show on the way. Can't remember if they stipulated live action or animated, but either way I'm in! I don't know how Dave and Jon are juggling all these series. Disappointed no Twitter reveals on May the 4th but I figured they might happen with a new show launching that same day. They don't want to take attention away from it, fair enough. Hope we get some Visions news soon. As @Julius says Lost Stars is apparently excellent. I really enjoyed the first Aftermath book too, but reviews on that series are a bit mixed I think. Light of the Jedi is excellent if you want to jump to the High Republic era. Avoid Resistance Reborn, terrible.
  2. I am restricting you from posting any content at all on these forums for two weeks. I will PM you this as well. Contact me or others, see your PM.

  3. Miitopia (3DS) - 2016

    It's all over social media, them making such a powerful Mii creator will probably mean another million sales
  4. Wow, that really, really didn't need to be a "State of Play" , put Ratchet on its own, and group 5 or 6 indie games in a separate Indie showcase. And maybe don't bother including Among Us at this point lol. Anyway, Ratchet looks amazing, visually. Looking forward to it!
  5. Nice. Been tempted to replay it on PS5. Free too, feels like publishers are running scared to charge for a next gen upgrade after what happened with Control.
  6. Returnal (30th April 2021)

    Same, I'll wait for the predictable price drop down the line. Glad it's reviewing pretty well.
  7. The Star Wars Thread

    It's funny how Anakin not being played by Hayden Christensen (with a terrible script to work with) makes Anakin more endearing. I'm liking him a lot, a dozen episodes in. Ahsoka's great too! Obi-Wan meanwhile has lost all personality and seems to only be there to berate or roll his eyes again at Anakin's hotheadedness. Not a fan.
  8. The trouble I have with Blessing is he has no idea how to articulate his thoughts in a concise way, and when he does, his actual contribution doesn't really add up to much and way below that of others like Greg and Tim. I find I tune out when he waffles on about nothing in particular, but tbf I agree his enthusiasm and personality are great. Also, when Kinda Funny aren't knowledgeable about an aspect of the industry I think they're good at saying so. They'll often hold their hands up and say they're not experts in a particular field. Agree on Gary Whitta though, I don't watch any episode he's on. Shame for the man who helped give us Rogue One.
  9. Fair enough. He does lay it on thick when he hosts for EA or award shows. Watching him on Kinda Funny every week it's like a totally different person. He's good man though imo.
  10. Nice. Big fan of Greg, he'll do a good job as ever
  11. The Star Wars Thread

    Thanks very much, I'll probably stick to that. If I get through the above list I'd be surprised if I'll be keen to go back and watch what I missed. I really have a hard time enjoying this era in SW, not to mention the characters. Even Mace Windu in animated form made me roll my eyes. Looking forward to the improved quality of later seasons though. I'll take your word for it on Ahsoka! In twenty minutes of the film she showed more personality than all of her Rebels appearances so that's a positive! An hour long conversation with my 11 year old nephew on the phone yesterday talking about that Disney Investor livestream and how excited he was for all the shows coming up. Especially Obi Wan. When things open up a bit more I might have to take him to Galaxy's Edge, what a hardship
  12. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Sold 0.2 million more than the PS4, totally insane!
  13. The Star Wars Thread

    Started The Clone Wars today, but only as far as the first two episodes in chronological order + the first 20 mins of the film. Really wasn't feeling it at all and was about to give up when my nephew called and guilt tripped me, so I'll push on and try and watch the rest of the show I was wondering if there are any less important arcs that I can skip? At least for now, cause I've obv left it quite late to catch up before Bad Batch starts, oops.
  14. So basically the same approach as every anticipated game from any publisher?
  15. Nintendo store login

    Really weird how it isn't