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  1. Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)

    I just did that floor and yeah I can understand the disappointment. Especially because I thought it was the coolest theme in the game. Great vibe and nice visuals/sound.
  2. The Game Awards 2019

    I've love to live in a world where Pokemon is even considered for GOTY but I think we're miles off that. Give the IP to another dev studio and maybe though. Shame about Fallen Order, suspect it would have been a nominee this year but 2020 is looking crazy, and that's before things we don't know about like maybe Horizon 2 at PS5 launch, Mario Odyssey 2, BOTW 2 etc?
  3. The Star Wars Thread

    I don't envy people trying to avoid spoilers for The Mandalorian. There's a huge one that's pretty much being talked about constantly now. Anyway, some awesome covers here. some lovely screenshots from IX And an alternate poster I have to say, even just two Mando chapters in, IX not being released and having not even started Fallen Order quite yet, this is the most fun I've had as a Star Wars fan. It's an amazing time for the franchise.
  4. The Game Awards 2019

    Looking at the nominees I suppose it's a pretty weak year and none of the other games are particularly well loved. Apart from Sekiro and RE2.
  5. The Game Awards 2019

    I just don't think it's GOTY material, a fighting game with a large roster. I just think there's a bias towards blockbuster games that are multi-category winners. Even aside from all that, it's also 12 months old now so won't be in the voters minds at all, though I suppose the DLC characters help a bit.
  6. The Game Awards 2019

    There's no way Smash will win GOTY. Not a chance. A bit weird how none of these were nominated: And yet... was.
  7. Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)

    This game is fantastic. So much creativity on every floor, each one bursting with charm. Just rescued Toad 3.
  8. I’m trying to avoid spoilers for this game if anyone happens to hear off a patch going live could they possibly do a quick post in here? Happy to wait another week or two for a more stable/polished game.
  9. Thanks for the tip, sorry to be vague. Barrett said something like his story moment occurred out in the field and was epic but Greg said his was at a work bench and felt a bit lame. Weird. I'll probably follow the marker though tbh, regardless. If the game suggests I go somewhere that's where I tend to listen.
  10. Sorry it might not have been the one on the ship, I just assumed that was the only place where you could customise. Yeah maybe that was what they were talking about
  11. Four of them though, every time you fast travel, after walking to your base every time? The name of the guy behind the game shouldn't excuse pointless busywork, although that seemed to be the case in a lot of DS reviews. I would have loved that. I have an X but it sounds like the technical problems are pretty annoying even on that. I might wait for a patch, they've said they're working on one atm. I'm obviously incredibly excited to play the game but I can wait a week or two. Maybe you guys can help please, I was listening to Kinda Funny talk about the game and Greg mentioned that a big story moment happened at the work bench on the ship where you customise things, and it felt really jarring to him. He kept it vague thankfully, but Barrett then mentioned how he knows the bit Greg was talking about but that because he went a different route through the game, for him it happened in much more epic circumstances. Any idea what they might be talking about and any vague instructions to maybe get the latter?
  12. After the endless traversal and FOUR cutscenes that play every time you fast travel in Death Stranding I'd have thought you'd never want to use that feature again @Hero-of-Time Are you a fan of Metroidvanias in general? Personally I love them so I don't think I'll mind running around/exploring etc, I think that's the point. If you can zip around at will the urge to explore would be taken away for a lot of people. Looking forward to finally diving into this, probably tomorrow when I have more time. I was listening to Kinda Funny point out the faults, but otherwise rave about it, and I can't wait.
  13. Well put. I really don't understand why this isn't a criticism by now. It's just mind-blowing to me how (from what I've seen of the game) we still seem to be stuck in the GB or DS era in terms of presentation, structure and gameplay. That really doesn't do the game any favours from a technical pov. It looks like those mushrooms are just pasted on. Why aren't they lighting the environment more?
  14. The Star Wars Thread

    Another great episode yesterday. I can't believe how much they nailed the look of this show, familiar but also giving it its own flavour. The touch of levity is perfect too every so often. Only disappointment is how short these episodes are, 28 minutes! In a funny way though I think the short and concise nature fits the show but at the same time, just give me MORE!!
  15. Bit worrying to hear of the performance issues, hoping they're not too bad on the Xbox One X (and also that they patch it for everyone else obv)