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  1. Nindies Showcase 20th March 2018

    Have to say I really love these 6 month showcases, the first two have been packed full of great games and the pace is such that even if you're not interested in something, you only have about 30 seconds to wait until the next game. Nintendo (and Microsoft tbf) are doing a great job curating and promoting indie titles.
  2. Nindies Showcase 20th March 2018

    Oh yeah forgot about it being a Microsoft exclusive, doh. Looks absolutely stunning. Not interested in one man's politics though tbh.
  3. Nindies Showcase 20th March 2018

    Hoping for things like Spelunky (1 or 2), GNOG, Swords of Ditto, The Last Night, Guacamelee 2, Chasm
  4. Nintendo Labo (april 27th 2018)

    That's insanely clever, not to mention all the free advertising they'll get when YouTube is flooded with great inventions Comes included in both kits
  5. Nintendo Labo (april 27th 2018)

    Part of the Variety kit
  6. Indie Games

    Also this looks great. I played it at EGX...
  7. You guys are in for a treat. It's bursting with charm
  8. Hopefully this sells well so they make a sequel
  9. Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)

    Dusted off my PS4 and started this last night having never played the original. What a STUNNING game, even if all the colour seems to have been sucked out of it. That's part of the charm I guess. One of the most technically impressive and beautiful games I own on PS4. I've done 3 colossi, and they were very impressive looking, the third one especially. Such a shame the controls are a nightmare, feels like I'm wrestling with them at the same time as wrestling with a colossus. Still loving it so far though
  10. Indie Games

    I'm waiting for the Swords of Ditto to be announced as coming to Switch. IGN asked the devs at last year's E3 (the now standard "is it coming to Switch?" question indies seem to get asked every two minutes). They said because it was made in GameMaker, it had to be PS4 and PC only. BUT, Switch now supports GameMaker as of a week or so, so fingers crossed...
  11. He's big on Kart, Captain Toad, Smash etc Mario was his GOTY over Horizon, he loved Zelda and yeah as an indie machine there's no comparison really.
  12. And didn't he let us know about said wisdom. Couldn't go two seconds without piping up. I don't watch anything he's on anymore, with a couple of exceptions like Kinda Funny's reacts vid. Andy isn't realy hardcore enough and to be fair is only on their games shows very rarely. Greg seems to spend half of his time head down in his laptop making notes, he misses so much, really strange. He may not have the history with Nintendo (apart from Mario Golf lol) but he's all in on the Switch which is nice to see as a hardcore Playstation guy.
  13. Kinda Funny's live reaction was great. (Apart from Jared annoyingly jumping on the bandwagon)
  14. Splatoon 2

    Nice to see a single player post-release content in a shooter