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  1. I've actually just started it an hour or two ago. It's loads of fun but VERY jarring to be playing it at this point in my story (just before the Cerberus HQ mission). I guess when it was originally released most people had already finished the game so it didn't matter too much.
  2. Just played the Leviathan DLC, easily the best yet, far better than the (still excellent) Shadow Broker one. ME3 continues to be the best in the series for me, just better in every way than the previous two games.
  3. Horizon: Forbidden West (PS5)

    I. am. shocked. Really weak year from Sony, basically just Ratchet and Returnal from them for the whole of 2021 Not a good look, especially after that ludicrous 2021 date for God of War. Still at least 2022 will be a good one with BOTW2, Starfield, Elden Ring, this and GoW2.
  4. Stray (Early 2022)

    Ah that explains it thanks! Fair enough the October date obviously wasn't meant to be public knowledge. I don't mean to sound snarky with delays and release dates, I'm very much a 'take as long as you need' kind of guy, so many games are releasing broken or buggy these days. It's just frustrating that release dates mean pretty much nothing these days.
  5. Stray (Early 2022)

    You're both forgetting that Elden Ring will get delayed as well, we'll get a letter on Twitter explaining how they want to make the game as polished as can be. *insert not sure if serious gif* I had it down in my calendar as October, looking online it seems Sony put up that date and then hastily removed it from the trailer
  6. Stray (Early 2022)

    This was down as October in the PS5 reveal event, so another delay. Looks good though.
  7. The norm in the industry now, it's more of a surprise if a game doesn't get a delay letter posted on Twitter. Expecting Horizon Forbidden West's any day now...
  8. The Star Wars Thread

    Never forget.
  9. The Star Wars Thread

    Really fair points. I do agree the episode needed another string to its bow, like some character development for Sid, Tech or Echo. It's certainly not one I'll go back to very often, but I found myself more entertained by it than the Ryloth arc (who's whole premise has also been done plenty of times before in the animated shows). Growing up watching a few of the Star Trek shows I'm more than happy with standalone episodes that don't connect to much. The internet seems to have this weird fascination with episodes needing to either a) advance the overall plot, or b) answer some questions. I'm just happy being entertained. I was fine with that scene in Mando, like Tarkin it looked good in some shots, less so in others. I do wonder whether they'll update the visuals down the line though. No fanfare or announcement or anything, it'll just happen behind the scenes. The show isn't on sale anywhere, it's only on Disney+, so it's definitely plausible as the tech improves they could make subtle tweaks.
  10. The Star Wars Thread

    The guy behind the video... has been hired by ILM/Lucasfilm as a Senior Facial Capture artist! Well done him!
  11. The Star Wars Thread

    Another top notch Bad Batch episode. Well I really loved it, I suspect the internet will just call it 'filler', but I had a great time. Sid is brilliant, love her The Batch themselves continue to endear themselves. Well except Echo I think a lot of people have been proven wrong about this show, myself included. When it was first announced I was like meh, but it's definitely a quality show, even just a dozen episodes in.
  12. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Don't crush my dreams, there's still time for the host nation to come out to Jump Up Superstar
  13. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

    Yeah I noticed the effect seemed reduced, it's a shame as I loved the effect on Wii, gave the game a really unique look.
  14. Death's Door

    I forgot this was out so soon! Glad it's reviewing so well!