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  1. Job woes/wins

    Hopefully just case of something like imposter syndrome - where you feel like someone in your position should know more than you do. I think it turns out that a lot of people are winging it in a lot jobs.
  2. General TV Thread

    Watched Normal People on BBC iPlayer. It's great. Story about a couple that drift in and out of each other's lives over the course of a few years. Deals with some meaty issues - depression/anxiety, social pressures, abuse, break ups ... Which makes it sound sad, but it's uplifting overall, or at least bittersweet.
  3. That's a little m! Clearly different. It's all mixed up. Everyone would call it the 100m race, or 200m race ... 5K, 10K. But I would say 5 miles rather than 8-ish K. How long is a marathon? 26.2 miles or 42.2KM? Seems it might be a US/UK thing?
  4. Yes. miles. When I first started running I worked in metric, but that was quickly beaten out of me by more experienced runners.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    I don't think that's entirely true. I think the second is defo up to the standard of the first, and maybe the third too. The 4th is a bit of an odd one, and the 5th is too dark. 6th was written by someone else and is not worth reading. Dirk Gently is then worth reading!
  6. Marvel's Phase 4

    I should rephrase, garbage for me. I want new stuff (original series) that's interesting to me, not just access to stuff that I've seen before.
  7. I got close to a 20:00 5K when I was running regularly, but that was after following an intensive training programme. It really is the best way to do it. Set off on a 12 week programme with the planned 5K attempt at the very end of it. This was one of my plans: Training Date Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Miles Week 1 July 25th 2016 4M 6 x 800m @5K Pace 5M 6M 5M Fartlek 7M Rest 32 Week 2 August 1st 2016 4M 5M Fartlek 5M 6M 6M 7M Rest 33 Week 3 August 8th 2016 4M 6 x 800m @5K Pace 4M 6M 8 x 200m Hills @5K Pace 8M Rest 32 Week 4 August 15th 2016 4M 8 x 400m @ 5K Pace 4M 6M 5M 8M Rest 32 Week 5 August 22nd 2016 4M 6 x 800m @5K Pace 4M 6M 7 x 500m Hills @ 5K Pace 9M Rest 33 Week 6 August 29th 2016 4M 10 x 400m @ 5K Pace 4M 6M 6M 10M Rest 35 Week 7 September 5th 2016 4M 8 x 800m @ 5K Pace 4M 6M 7 x 500m Hills @ 5K Pace 6M Rest 30 Week 8 September 12th 2016 4M 6M 4M 6M 6 x 400m @Sub-5K Pace 8M Rest 33 Week 9 September 19th 2016 4M 10 x 400m @ 5K Pace 4M 6M 10 x 200m Hills @5K Pace 7M Rest 31 Week 10 September 26th 2016 4M 8 x 400m @Sub-5K Pace 4M 6M 6M 6M Rest 31 Week 11 October 3rd 2016 Rest 6M 10 x 200m Hills @5K Pace 6M 12 x 400m @5K Pace 5M Rest 27 Week 12 October 10th 2016 Rest 8 x 400m @ 5K Pace 5M 5M Rest RACE DAY 18
  8. Marvel's Phase 4

    It looks so weird. Kinda excited to see what happens with the story. I have a month left of free Disney Plus (thanks Fortnite) so I'll be starting this on there. Disney Plus is kinda garbage now that Mandalorian has finished though, so I'll have to find other ways to finish it, if decent.
  9. General TV Thread

    I just started a re-watch of Buffy @Ashley. Currently midway through season 2. I associate you with Buffy in my mind. You still carry a torch for it? So far, it's just amusing how 90s it is. Computers are new, the internet is new, no one has a mobile phone, and someone cracked out a pager in one episode.
  10. General TV Thread

    Queens Gambit - just watch it, it's great TV. I was slightly on edge for most of it as you often feel like something horrid is about to happen, but it's never that bad. Bridgerton - Like a rude Pride & Prejudice. Story/costumes/scenery are great. If you do like regular period dramas (I do) it's great, but by the end it feels like the sex scenes get done to death for no other reason than gratuity.
  11. I just want an option/tab for YT Music & Uploads combined, then it'd be bearable. That was the original draw to me for google music. Kinda baffling that after all of the negative feedback they've had for this that they've not added that simple option. Typical google though, they'll probably release another alternative app in a couple of months.
  12. Netflix

    It may be somewhat device-related as I have fewer subtitle issues with the smart TV app for Netflix, over casting it to a chromecast.
  13. I think I read somewhere that the government were planning to use trusted celebrities to promote the vaccine (and no politicians). The only name mentioned was Marcus Rashford after his recent work.
  14. I feel like the first riff from that track is directly lifted from RATM or maybe Audioslave? Can't quite place it, but it's so familiar.
  15. LOL, what even is this video? Just popped up on a new rock playlist.