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  1. Whole thing is really cool.
  2. General TV Thread

    Made a second error with the boys last night by accidentally watching season 1 episode 8 for half an hour before finally working it out. Why is she alive? How did he break his leg? Where is storm front? ....
  3. bad stuff thread.

    I would just be hassling the letting agency the whole time. That's the benefit of renting isn't it? That when stuff goes wrong it's not on you to provide fixes or do any work. Or worry about it.
  4. I'm not made by design - Pretty cool Amsterdam - Love. Like this is amazing. Ban all the Music - Like it Painkiller - ok Forever & Ever More - pretty decent Number 13 - ok Thanks man, defo a band I want to explore more.
  5. Post your Cooking!

  6. General TV Thread

    We didn't realise season 2 wasn't fully released and we caught up yesterday. At least it's only a week until the final ep.
  7. I'll defo give that a listen. If there's gems like the one I linked to I'll be so pleased. Can you recommend any other ones like it? Other ones that I've not liked are "Real love song" and "Impossible".
  8. This song was on a youtube hot rock playlist. Absolutely love it, but none of their other stuff lights the same fire in me. Kinda gutted.
  9. Laptops?

    I bought this recently for my daughter: With the cashback that's about as cheap as you'll get it. Only one complaint - the wifi chip is a bit weak. I was using this website a lot: Even though it says gaming laptops, it's really just a list of good laptops bang for buck. Especially the ones that don't come with a separate graphics card. So if you're looking in the range of sub-600 then the best gaming laptop in that range will probably also be the best day-to-day laptop in that range.
  10. Holiday Memories

    Now I see them. :-) You've managed to make travelling look cool, even though it's something I'm not particularly interested in.
  11. Holiday Memories

    Might just be me @Ashley, but I can't see any of your images. None of them are loading in.
  12. From looking at my facebook feed I can say with the absolute certainty of anecdotal evidence that people (not only the youth) have not understood the socialising rules for the last couple of months, and that must be a contributing factor. The rule of six is barely a change. It was up to six of multiple households [outside only], or up to 30 if from just two different households [inside or outside]. Now it's up to six of multiple households [inside or outside]. I see the main problem as there being a serious lapse in communication about still staying 2m away from anyone not in your household. All over my social feeds I see friends sat next to each other, or adult children hugging older parents, kids from different families crawling all over each other, and so on, and so on. And then they're unironically tagging these posts with things like #socialdistance. It's a massive failing from government that these people don't understand they're still breaking rules.
  13. good stuff thread.

    Was going to react to this post, but was in a dilemma over whether it should be "sad" or "like!" I've never had surgery, and it terrifies me. I think I'll probably need knees replacing eventually and that's a far cry from anything to do with bowels. But my son has had plenty of surgery, and surgeons are just miracle people.
  14. Lego!

    Mr brother-in-law works for Ubisoft in Newcastle in the UK, and he said they send things to him fairly regularly, Hyper Scape stuff most recently.