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  1. Questions

    Missing you on here H-o-T, hope you're just sitting back and destroying game after game after game. All the best.
  2. Day 10 - Credits sequence
  3. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    That facts that don't suit the overriding agenda can be handwaved away and the person presenting them should be called into question for making "false equivalencies", "arguing in bad faith" and yadda yadda yadda . That suggestions for progress that aren't based only on skin colour, gender and sexuality are not suggestions for progress at all. That I have been presented with this binary choice: It's either chance, or black people and women are incapable. Couldn't possibly be anything else... Extremely narrow view of the world and people who make opposing arguments. It's like those people who claim to want to listen to the other side of a discussion and then say "So what you're saying is..." before they inevitably put words in your mouth and misrepresent your point of view. This is why it's a waste of time to argue with such people.
  4. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    This is such a ResetEra response. I've explained why it's a waste of time to engage with intersectionalists and this post is a pretty good example of why. Long-winded and says a lot without actually saying anything at all. Attack the character of the person ("disingenuous" - "are black people or women simply incapable?"), attach silly little commentary and labels like "false equivalence". Hence why engaging doesn't really serve any purpose. Tell my why my equivalencies are false. Is it the one where we should ignore some sections of society, like Indians and white working-class, and only focus on the ones which support our argument like Black British communities? Go a few pages back and you'll see my suggestion of how things could be improved in a way that doesn't burn society to the ground. I guess my suggestions are not the right way of progressing things. No interest in BLM's version of progress from me whatsoever, you're right. Of the last seven British Prime Ministers, two have been female. Of the last seven US presidents, one has been black. Looks like representation is increasing, doesn't it? Not sure what point you're trying to make here. Progress has ONLY netted us much better representation in the last 50 years. But no, it's much better to measure from the beginning of history so it looks better for our cause! It really is all or nothing with the left isn't it? No progress will ever be enough. So what have I rambled about? I've offered solutions. Haven't seen anyone else do that so far apart from Will and Animal (sorry, Beast) who actually considered my points and raised their issues with some of them, which I agree with. Good job calling me out on using stats and adding videos of people who are better at arguing and making a point than I am. I guess statistics and academia really doesn't matter after all. Might as well do away with it all if we're going to embrace our socialist utopia! Then no-one will be allowed to disagree! I'll remember next time that people on the internet are objectively more truthful than research and respected scientists. I guess your videos are the only ones that should be watched because they back up your objective truth that society is racist. My bad.
  5. Day 8 - Best musical moment I'm not playing hard mode so excuse me for using Skyward Sword again. Zelda finally had an orchestrated OST. This is cool for those that didn't know:
  6. PC Gaming Discussion

    So I think I'm done with the Steam Sale now. I've added 40 games to my collection. Most of them are older titles I've been wanting to play for a while but never had the means to do so. I also picked up a few more recent and expensive titles. I got Sea of Thieves at full price because I've been waiting to jump in on that for a while. Also picked up Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Monster Hunter World (first time with the series), Final Fantasy XV, Titanfall II and a whole bunch of fairly recent indie games (new Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Hyperchage Unboxed and Disco Elysium). Think I spent around £120-130 overall. I'm hoping this keeps me well occupied until the next inevitable Steam sale. I just hope it happens before my Russian bank card expires in November
  7. Xbox One Console Discussion

    + 1 for Xbox One controller love. I've had mine for about a year now and it is easily the best controller on the market. It fits my hands like a glove and is great for a whole manner of games like FPSs, Racing (cough, analogue triggers, cough) and even Indie games which use the D-Pad. I've had no problems on Crypt of the Necrodancer, for example. I agree about the button layout though, going between Switch and Xbox is such a pain and I'm constantly getting A/B and X/Y mixed up.
  8. Day 7 - Favourite ranged combat Still the GOAT Star Wars game.
  9. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Styrian GP Predctions Pole - Bottas FL - Albon 1st - Verstappen 2nd - Bottas 3rd - Albon 4th - Norris 5th - Perez
  10. Quoting for truth. Easily gets my vote too.
  11. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    I finished GTA3 with a friend in school and got less interested as the series went on. Though the atmosphere of Vice City sublimely captured the time, and the motorbikes were a great addition, I never had the desire to finish it. San Andreas went too far for me. I loved Los Santos but quickly became disinterested after it expanded out of there. I felt it was too big for its own good and too aimless at times. No surprise that I loved IV, it did away with the stuff I didn’t like about SA.
  12. 3D Platformer Man this was so tough. At first I wanted to go with @bob and choose Banjo-Kazooie. It's not a secret that I loved it more than Mario 64 and I agree with him on every point. I Love both Mario Sunshine and Mario Odyssey and have particularly special memories of the former. Mario Galaxy has been beaten twice to 120 stars, the only Mario game I've 100%d, and is probably the most inventive platformer I've ever played (only played 3 or 4 hours of the second, to my shame). I think overall though, I'm going to go with @Ronnie. I just had so much FUN playing this game and loved the level design, the visuals and the OST. Hate that it gets so much criticism from some quarters because I just for the life of me can't see it. This was Nintendo reinventing the wheel AGAIN by blending 2D and 3D mechanics so seamlessly. Yeah, I know 3D Land did it first, but this perfected the formula. Super Mario 3D World
  13. Formula 1 2020 Season

    God I LOVE formula one
  14. Local Multiplayer Like others, my best memories of local gaming is from the N64 era. Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Smash Bros. 64 and Diddy Kong Racing all deserve a mention here, but I'm going to plump for Mario Party. Me and my brothers spent hours and hours playing this game and destroyed all three of our controllers in the process. Best villain This is a tougher one. I think Wind Waker Ganon would probably take it for me too, superb re-imagining after Ocarina of Time. I think I'm going to go for this guy though. I really like his design and how different he is from other Nintendo bad guys. Has a lot of personality and an Emo hairstyle that hearkens back to the era he was conceived in.
  15. Just picked this up on Steam. Looking forward to playing though it after reading all your impressions. Definitely more hyped than for the new Paper Mario.