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  1. Nintendo Labo (april 27th 2018)

    Labo makes me really, really wish I had kids... I'm going to probably pass, but if the software is good, or like Goron says in the post above, if existening franchises get hidden behind it, I can see myself jumping in. A truly fascinating idea which I didn't see coming at all. Hats off to the Big N.
  2. Nintendo Event - TONIGHT 10pm

  3. Nintendo Event - TONIGHT 10pm

  4. Nintendo Direct Mini

    That and WaveRace.
  5. Nintendo Direct Mini

    English version incoming.
  6. Nintendo Direct Mini

    Nintendo streaming event coming TONIGHT! (10pm UK / 11PM CET) "On January 18 2018 at 7 AM, we will introduce a "New Play" for Nintendo Switch on this page." - Translation from ResetEra No word about an English language show yet, but "New Play" sounds like what was promised by Kimishima wanting to target casual players. I'm hoping for stuff along the lines of Wii and DS casual games (Wii Sports / Fit / Play, Dr. Kawashima, Nintendogs etc).
  7. Football Season 2017-18

    Liverpool on fire! So hoping City won't have an unbeaten season. This has been beautiful to watch.
  8. Splatoon 2

    I managed to get to Comedy Queen on the last game! Talk about cutting it fine. Was a pretty decent Splatfest, I went 19-12. High score was 2117.something, which is the highest I've ever managed, so feeling pretty chuffed about that. Had a few disconnections last night, including one where three players from each team were kicked out and I was left one-on-one with some guy. About a minute before the end we were both booted, which was disappointing as it had been fun and pretty close before that. Go team COMEDY.
  9. Splatoon 2

    I'll be around this weekend as well. Team comedy.
  10. Your GotY 2017

    10. Fast RMX - Loved the original, this is more of the same but looks stunning and has fun gameplay. 9. Sonic Mania - Didn't get into the Sonic series until the VC, but I prefer this over the original 3. Fantastic throwback, amazing soundtrack and lots of retro fun. 8. MK8 DX - My favourite multiplayer game, can't be bothered going through the SP again, but Thursday League Nights are always fun. Top tier MK game. Over 100 hours for both versions now 7. Miitopia - The only 3DS game I played in 2017. Fantastic game, reviewed it for the site and loved it. The writing in this game is up there with Paper Mario. 6. Super Mario Odyssey - Love the variety of the worlds, the music and the gameplay but lost all desire to continue after hitting 450 moons, will pick it up again next year. 5. Splatoon 2 - Splatoon was my favourite Wii U game, this is more of the same but with a number of tweaks which make the experience better. Salmon Run is class. 4. ARMS - My sleeper hit of the year. Wasn't too keen at first but after learning the mechanics it is now my up there as one of my favourite fighting games of all time. 3. Stardew Valley - Harvest Moon: Perfect Edition. HM was one of my favourite franchises as a kid, this does everything that series did just bigger and better. 2. Rocket League - Played 15 hours on the PC a year or 2 ago but couldn't get into it. N-E game nights have changed that. I bloody love this game. 1. Breath of the Wild - Obviously. Still a lot of decent releases from this year to pick up, plus the SNES mini stuff to go through. Too. Many. Games. 2017, Nintendo killed it. Never had so much fun being a gamer. Edit: Honorable mentions: Blaster Master Zero, Snake Pass, Skyrim, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Kamiko, Golf Story (might have featured if I'd have finished it).
  11. Nintendo Direct Mini

    Yeah, they really missed a trick not packing in the first DK game. Don't have much of a wish to play through Tropical Freeze again. Other than that I thought the direct was pretty solid, will be picking up a lot of stuff. Though I do want to get Fire Emblem Warriors before I buy Hyrule Warriors again. Might wait til that's cheap. Was actually surprised there wasnt a 3DS game in sight, but it looks like we're getting one fairly big hit a month again for the Switch. Never played The World Ends With You but heard so many good things about it, so that's a must buy. I guess they are saving the big hitters until the end of ghe year so E3 should be massive.
  12. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

    Triple dipping. I LOVE this game.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    I love the internet.
  14. Black Mirror

    Episode 5 was my favourite because Maxine Peake. I thought the B&W and direction were superb.