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  1. I don’t watch Max but I also know of him. He’s the creator of my favourite YouTube video of all time. What I like most is that he just GETS how big this is and you can see his reactions are 100% genuine. After watching loads of reaction videos to this reveal he was the only one who at the who knew from the first bar of music and the stars that it was FFVII. As for Reset Era it’s obvious now it was never a gaming forum, it’s a politics forum which happens to have a gaming subsection. Seeing how some of the devs, journos and content creators have slowly subscribed to the groupthink has been sad to watch. Part of me thinks that was the plan all along.
  2. Game of Thrones

    Yeah the finale was not great. Not disappointed with what happened, but hugely disappointed in how it was handled.
  3. Game of Thrones

    The last episode was up there with the best for me, I really enjoyed it too.
  4. TV Endings

    I don’t know about anyone else but, personally, I really like the endings to Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Dexter was trash after season 4 but for some reason I watched it all the way to the end... Red Dwarf is a tough one. I liked the ending to season 6 and felt they could have ended it there. Season 7 and 8 were generally bad, but I liked the ending to 8 too. The first special was awful and I’ve only seen season 10 (which also wasn’t great, bar lemons) so can’t comment on them. Ending a show is not easy it seems. Usually I feel dissatisfied (Buffy’s ending, for example, wasn’t great for such an incredible show, felt underwhelming and the awful CGI didn’t help). I’ve never seen The Sopranos but everyone and their mother knows the ending. Maybe that’s the way to do it...
  5. Switch eShop Thread

    Picked up Shovel Knight. Got Dead Cells at launch, both games are stupendous value at those prices.
  6. Game of Thrones

    That's fair enough. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy it. I felt the same watching House of Cards S4 and 5, though the investment I put into that was nothing compared to what most people have put into GoT, so I can understand why you feel that way. It really is a shame.
  7. Game of Thrones

    Would you like a glass of water after that super hot take? Thanks for expanding on your thoughts in your reply to Ronnie, great contribution to the discussion. Why was it "the pinnacle of crap"? I haven't liked season 7 or 8 from a writing perspective. As many have said, it's way too rushed and doesn't have the great build up and development that the other seasons had, also, why all the fan service? But, I think this ending was GRRM's plan all along and the hints have been there for anyone who has been paying attention. To me it was obvious in E5 that it was mostly GRRM at the wheel and it was better for it. It's such a shame that these two clowns wanted to get out and do Star Wars, they should've just handed it to someone who wanted to be there instead of leaving a sour taste in the mouth of many fans, whose criticisms I fully understand. If they didn't want to commit to 10 episodes a season they should've walked. Egotistical. narcissistic bullshit, and without the base material it turns out they're two very average writers who don't understand the art of subtlety and careful character development. E5 was anything but "the pinnacle of crap" though, from a visual perspective alone it was magnificent and... Overall, I have enjoyed this season. Along with 7, it has undoubtedly failed in reaching the heights of the previous seasons, but I am mostly satisfied with how the whole story is wrapping up, it just could have been much, much better.
  8. Detective Pikachu - The Movie

    Gotta wait for the 16th to see this, but it's the first time in a long time I'm genuinely excited to see a movie at launch.
  9. -Banjo Kazooie -Diddy Kong Racing -Goldenye 007 -Lylatwars -Majora’s Mask Edit: totally forgot about Zelda 👏🏻
  10. What a game. Almost made my list. Could definitely be considered a distant cousin of the Oracle GBC games.
  11. Super Mario World Link to the Past Donkey Kong Country 2 (best one, fight me) Top Gear Aladdin
  12. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    I picked this up at the weekend as I finally managed to find it pretty cheap. I was sceptical about this game but I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far, I’m having more fun than I thought I would. Just beat Misty and she proved to be a bit of a challenge, my Pikachu fainted for the first time, sad. It’s no patch on the main games but a nice tribute to the R/B/Y series. The soundtrack is amazing, loving the remixes of the original tunes. Oh that Team Rocket logo before a battle, hit me hard in the nostalgia. Decent game.
  13. Tetris 99 -- Available Today

    Why did I do this TWO days before the tournament starts? 😫😫 Also, OH MY GOD
  14. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    One of my favourite games on the SNES. Also never finished it.
  15. Pokemon RBY Wario Land Tetris Link's Awakening Donkey Kong