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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Banana Blitz was a good game at the time. I played through it when it released and enjoyed it. I can’t be massively excited about it though because 1&2 were much, much better.
  2. Switch eShop Thread

    Unbelievably lazy. Shame on everyone who bought this 😂
  3. I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but if you don’t have your credit card information locked behind a passcode or Touch ID (a pretty simple and sensible thing to set up on any device, especially if you are sharing it with children) and you expect your gadgets to be a digital babysitter, you deserve everything you get. The “I’m not tech savvy” doesn’t fly anymore. Technology is incredibly user friendly and it takes 5 minutes to find out how to install locks on such stuff and another 5 to implement it. Laziness and a lack of responsibility are the only things that come to my mind with these kinds of stories. I’ve seen this kind of stuff first hand in my own family and this “oh but I didn’t know they would do that” is a pathetic excuse in reality. What these games are doing is abhorrent, but if the parents were responsible, it simply wouldn’t happen.
  4. That Digital Foundry video can't come soon enough! The Switch really is a genius piece of innovation. As much as a love my new gaming PC, the fact the Switch is able to do what it does off a mobile processor is frankly astounding.
  5. I agree completely, £179.99 would be a much better price. It’d place it £100 cheaper than the OG version. £199 is very steep considering the functionality it offers and the relative price of the other consoles. They could compensate for this by offering a free game or e-shop voucher, though I doubt they will until Nov/Dec. Expensive gadgets is just something we have to get used to now, unfortunately, thanks to the pound faltering.
  6. By the current exchange rate it's about £160. In the US, the price is without tax. Lump on 20% VAT and you get £200.
  7. This was great! Fantastic production values and a you gave a really insightful dive into an interesting topic! Thanks for sharing. By the way, what is that song you have playing in the background? I recognise it from the end of ReviewTechUSA's videos.
  8. If I remember rightly, drifting sticks were caused by a material Nintendo used in the manufacturing process. It was wearing away with extended use. Logically, they would have addressed this issue a long time ago and it shouldn't be an issue for Lite owners, or buyers of new joy-cons for that matter.
  9. No tax in the US price means you can bet your house on it being that. The pound is in the gutter anyway so it wouldn't be a surprise.
  10. It's a pass from me. Don't usually play handheld anyway. Will wait for a "pro version". It makes sense release before Q3 with a small lead-up. There are no big releases left in Q2 bar Fire Emblem so I doubt they'll lose out on many sales. It's definitely aimed at the younger market and I expect we'll see a price of £160-200. A nice addition to the family, but there are still large bezels and no word about specs yet. Probably a 720p screen again.
  11. Oh hi there. - DOES NOT CONNECT TO A TV. - Handheld mode only. - 5.5 inch screen (slightly smaller than the original). - 720p display. - Battery life is 20-30% longer than the current Nintendo Switch. - Non-detachable Joy-cons. - No IR camera or HD Rumble. - Separate Joy-cons required for games like 1-2 Switch, Super Mario Party. - D-Pad included. - Releases 20th September in Grey, Blue and Yellow.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    I guess that’s the highest number of games released on a Nintendo platform. The Wii and DS are likely the closest but they almost exclusively had retail releases, bar the VC and WiiWare. The PS4 and Xbox One may have more as they’ve been out longer and indie / digital releases have been a thing since day one. I’d struggle to imagine the PS3 or even PS2 hit those numbers though.
  13. The Jimquisition Thread

    "Now, EA, Fuck off..." That's what I've been trying to tell people for years. Need for Speed on Wii U was the last EA game I bought (second hand I might add), that will never change before I die. PES lives. EA are absolutely disgusting. On the whole I disagree with Jim that lootboxes should be banned. I'm on the side that we should let companies do what they want and let the market decide. I don't want the UK government, or ANY government for that matter, getting involved and telling us what we should or shouldn't play. I say let them push lootboxes until the sun comes down! What we do need, however, is more articles like this from the BBC. We need education. We need discussion, debate and downright mockery of the practices that EA indulge in. Criticise them until the sun comes down. Expose the absolute leeches like Andrew Wilson until he has to go into hiding, until every Tom, Dick and 'Arry knows they're being played. Games media has to make people believe they will NEVER get that lootbox drop they are waiting for until they've spent literally thousands of pounds on micro-transactions. This is where they, in my opinion, are failing. Too wrapped up in pointless gender stereotypes and culture war nonsense to pay attention to the real socially-pressing issues about how gaming has transformed over the past decade. EA proved with Battlefield 5 that they are happy to pander to games media, and thus we see articles furiously coming to their defence. We need more people like Jim in the mainstream, explaining modern gaming to the layman, explaining how they are all being swindled. EA is a multi-billion dollar company who has paid an obscene amount for the rights to various sports franchises, so it can make the money back 50 fold from its customers. I'm sure I'm not alone in my comprehensive boycott of EA, the problem, it seems to me, is convincing the 24 million-odd players who bought FIFA '19 to do the same.