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  1. Nintendo Labo (april 27th 2018)

    Yeah, I'm mega impressed by what I've seen so far. Might pick the variety pack up myself even though I have no kids... Classic Nintendo: easy to pick up, tough to master!
  2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe League 2018

    Can't make it tonight, have a good one!
  3. Nintendo Direct ( 8th March 10pm )

    Best Direct in a long, long time. 2018 looking just as good as 2017! #Hype
  4. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    The GOAT rally game! Nice find!
  5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe League 2018

  6. Nintendo Direct ( 8th March 10pm )

    Yes please.
  7. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    Stolen from ResetEra but I think it rings true in this case: "Give a man a handsome reward, and he'll be pleased. Give a man no reward, and he'll have done it as a kindhearted service. Give a man a very small reward, and he'll feel cheated. Give a man a meh reward, then decide said reward is worth less than it should be, THEN split up his reward because he had to move to a different county despite endless promises of the Switch being 'region free' and he'll want to smash his console on the laminate floor in protest." Yeah the last one is mine, obviously, but OP has a point.
  8. Switch eShop Thread

  9. Switch eShop Thread

    Lol, so my 566 gold coins are now showing as 314... Classic Nintendo. Seriously, f**k you.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    But you still want it "portable"
  11. Rocket League

    I've noticed the lag has been getting worse recently. I've even been timed out and booted out of a couple of games. As a result I've dropped a tenner on a USB Ethernet adapter while I'm back home. Hoping that improves things a little bit as my Switch is far away from thw router in my new place and I'm only getting one bar of signal. Even Balloon World has been taking 20-30 seconds to load on occasion
  12. Nintendo Switch: One Year Later

    The Switch has already cemented itself as my favourite console of all time. It has been a pure joy owning one for this first year. Zelda, Mario, Splatoon 2 and ARMS are some of the best games I've played in years, not to mention the wonders of the indie titles. Long may the momentum carry Nintendo forward, can't wait to see what the next 4 or so years have in store. What a turnaround from the Wii U.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    Surely major train lines and airports would have some kind of contingency plan though? Instead of just outright cancelling everything left, right and centre. So typical of the UK skimping on stuff which costs a bit of money.
  14. bad stuff thread.

    Majorly pissed off (and a little bit pissed). Was supposed to be coming home for a holiday and I've already had two flights cancelled. I was supposed to fly from Riga to Leeds last night, cancelled. Then I got a bus to Vilnius, Lithuania where I was supposed to fly to Leeds this morning, cancelled. Literally 5 mins after the bus left I got an sms informing me of it. So now I have to fly to Birmingham and almost all the trains to York have been, you guessed it, cancelled. So now I have to stay in Birmingham or get a train to Manchester and lose another day of my holiday. Coming home from Russia, where it's been the better part of -25 for the past couple of weeks and we've had 40 cm of snow, I don't understand how England is so bloody incapable of dealing with it. Reading headlines like "snow BATTERS the UK" really wind me up. It's a few inches of frozen water. The country is so small and the roads are so good (compared to Russia at least) that it's hilarious how inept they seem to be in the face of a bit of bad weather. On buses, hotels and food I most have spent about 100 quid, and Ryanair will be getting the bill. Absolutely absurd that I've had to go through this all because of a couple of inches of snow. Boggles the mind. Thanks for reading my rant. Enjoy the snow.