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  1. Football Season 2023/24

    I hope it passes. What does it need 11 teams to agree, or does it need support of all of them?
  2. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Matt Booty is the worst of them. Supposed to be head of Microsoft Game Studios and can't even get a team's name correct on occasion. The other two don't work for Xbox to be honest, just Twitter journos and leakers. I think this is the death knell for Xbox as a console manufacturer. Wii U was a bigger disaster, no doubt, but Nintendo had some solid games from 2014 onwards and manged to steer the ship out of troubled waters with the Switch. I don't see Xbox releasing anything of note in the next 12-18 months to turn this around, even if they do try a hail mary and release new hardware or a handheld. It's over. They have proven consistently that they couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery. The management, or lack thereof, of their games and their studios is absolutely shocking. Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, Matt Booty and Aaron Greenberg should all have been fired long ago. They don't even have the hardcore fans on board anymore. I know these directives are all likely coming down from MS themselves, but Phil and co have had years now to just release some decent games and they have not done it outside of one or two in a sea of utter failures.
  3. Football Season 2023/24

    Where's he going? Newcastle?
  4. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    https://www.eurogamer.net/what-is-the-point-of-xbox Really good article on the current state of affairs at team Green. The Lionhead stuff is shocking, but it's not really surprising that they have learned nothing.
  5. Nintendo Switch Successor Announced

    I was going to post similar analysis but got distracted. 12gb of RAM is very encouraging. On the concerning side, we've got 256gb of storage with lightning speeds, which is undoubtedly great. While this probably won't be too bad with Nintendo first party games, which very rarely, if ever, are more than 15gb, it will be a problem for third party devs. I would also assume that expanding internal storage via SD card is no longer going to be an option and the reads speeds are not going to be anywhere close to the internal storage. So are we going to see a fridge situation? Or will they have a proprietary solution like Microsoft? I may be reading into this wrong, so please correct me if that is the case. Here's an old video from November 2023 which explains what the T239 chip is capable of in theory. I think it's quite promising. Edit: Rich is going off of clock speeds of ~700mhz in this video, but it seems like there have been a few rumours doing the rounds this week that it will be much higher than that (close to double!) in docked mode.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Well yeah that's true. Back in 2019/20 there was a lot of talk about a Switch Pro being released that would take advantage of DLSS, which was still in its infancy back then and wasn't around during Switch's production. Despite seeing decent results with the 1.0. release, it really came into its own with the 2.0. release which was around that time frame. Whether the rumours were true or not it doesn't matter now. Plans that may have existed were likely cancelled due to COVID anyway and Nintendo doubled down on the 2017 system and released the fantastic OLED. Iwata, remember, had spoken of a evolving console "platform" before his death, which led to a lot of speculation about more regular iterations of the Switch platform, similar to how Apple updates iPhones on a yearly basis. Not that anyone expected a new system every year, but the idea was that it would be a unified platform with more frequent updates. Perfectly feasible in 3 year cycles, for instance, to take advantage of recent hardware, machine learning, and AI developments. There were patents and documents laying out this vision. It seems they have walked back on that idea now, anyway. And rightly so, given how strongly the Switch has marched on since 2020. Being a mobile platform built on Nvidia tech, it makes an immense amount of sense to incorporate DLSS capabilities into the chip. It is far and away the best upscaling tech on the market with AMD's FSR tech hugely struggling in comparison, which Xbox and PlayStation both use. It would undoubtedly help the new Switch overcome power limitations and punch above its weight in contrast to the competition, even Steam Deck. So the idea of Nintendo using a cheaper, older chip that can support modern hardware developments like DLSS and VRR would be a perfect marriage of price and tech. Not necessarily for handheld mode (I think even the OG Switch is still fine in that regard), but those two features would help immensely with TV output. What worries me slightly about the Switch 2 rumour mill at the moment is the fact that most people seem to be convinced it'll be an 8-inch LCD screen and will render at either 900p or 1080p. I think both of these moves are bad. Going back to LCD from OLED is going to be extremely rough, and upping the resolution and size of the screen is pointless and will significantly impact the battery life for a mostly indiscernible "upgrade" in visual quality.
  7. General Switch Discussion

    https://theotakuauthority.com/arcade-archives-tutankham-coming-to-switch-ps4/ This is great news! VRR is fantastic tech that really helps with game performance. This is a big sign that the Switch 2 is going to support it. Couple this potentially with HDR and DLSS, and the Switch 2 is going to be a considerable margin better than the original Switch in terms of fidelity and performance.
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Less excited by DK64, but would love to go through DKR again. Must've been a couple of decades now since I've played it but I'll always maintain it was a better game than MK64. I wouldn't mind seeing the OG Smash 64 get dropped too, just for nostalgia's sake. Their N64 line-up as it currently stands is very strong though, they've done a great job. Wishlist games would be Perfect Dark and a couple of racing games like World Driver and Top Gear Rally, but I doubt any of those will happen.
  9. Nintendo Switch Successor Announced

    This fiscal year... My guess is it will maybe be revealed in with a short trailer in September, followed big Direct in January, and launching in March. Probably around the 3rd They likely want to squeeze a final Xmas out of the OG Switch, so I guess the June Direct will give us a hint as to when exactly the new console will launch. If they have a fair amount of stuff for Q3 and Q4 of 2024, March will probably be nailed on as a launch date.
  10. Helldivers II (8th February 2024)

    I've been away all week and was actually planning to jump in to Helldivers II this weeks thanks to the immense social pressure I've been under. Lots of friends having a good time on PS5 and PC wanting me to join them, so coming back to this news was hilarious. Had this gone through, I wouldn't have even been able to buy the game. Extremely arrogant of Sony. It just shows how utterly detached these AAA companies are from the end user and what they actually want from gaming. Sony has demolished any good will this game had earned them, and while there is certainly a much deeper discussion to be had regarding MS, Sony and PC releases, this was an extremely sceptical move, hilariously pushed under the guise of "player safety". In reality, this is just Sony trying to sweep up a few extra PSN users for their earnings calls and balance sheets. The "safety" they speak of is just more control over how people play the game and the discussions they have over voice chat. They also want more data too, which is what having everyone log in to PSN would have given them. Needless to say, I will not be buying this game. I see people in some regions have been given refunds despite having 100+ hours in the game already. And rightly so, IMO. This seems to be another example of a continuing trend where a product is sold and then the rules are arbitrarily changed a few weeks or months down the line to the detriment of the buyer. So while I'm very pleased to see Sony walking it back in the face of the outrage, I have no doubt that this is just a minor bump in the road and they will merely implement all of this stuff in a more subtle way over time.
  11. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    There are plenty of companies that will do the entire build for you depending on your power / cost demands. They can advise you on what parts to go with and it will come out cheaper than a regular store-bought "gaming" PC. I built my own in 2019 having previously known nothing about PCs. Took about 3 months on and off of YouTube research before biting the bullet and spending around £800 on all the parts. A massive time sink, admittedly. The whole process is extremely intimidating and the build was terrifying, taking me around 14 hours to actually do from start to finish, but it was well worth it, and is not actually that difficult given the wealth of information available online. It's the time commitment that's the issue for the average person. I've easily upgraded parts of it over the past 5 years and very pleased with it. I don't know if I could go back to being console only now, but that's just me. Everyone has different time demands and different priorities. I had a old laptop that was on the way out and wanted to get a desktop instead, so a gaming PC seemed like the way to go at that particular moment. No doubt a PC that gets PS5 / Series X performance is probably going to set you back at least double the console cost, if not more, and yes it's true that even if you have similar specs, a lot of games will run worse than on console due to the nature of PC gaming (and horrific lack of optimisation by most developers), but this is why the stuff Valve are doing with Steam Deck and Linux is so exciting. They are doing all the hard work behind the scenes so that the PC market can become much more like the console market. All it would really take is someone taking the Steam Deck's handheld internals, beefing them up a little, putting them into a set-top-box for £50 less than a PS5 and you've got a SteamOS console. Would it have the same performance as a PS5? Probably not, but it would be close enough. Honestly though, the Series X and PS5 aren't exactly setting the world on fire in terms of tech because of the compromises that have to be made in the components to get the box under £500. They have a number of advantages in getting good components manufactured cheaper in bulk, but there is only so much you can do when you're working to a strict budget. Ray tracing and 4K60 were both hyped prior to launch, and neither have been delivered. AMD are way behind Nvidia in a lot of RT and the machine learning stuff that makes it run on weaker hardware and Xbox and Sony are stuck with them. We've got 1440p/4K and 30fps in some games and a blurry "performance mode" which is often 1080p or less. Chasing power is not going to work as it did in the past for either of them when you have to reset every 5-6 years or have a half-step in the middle, because PC tech will always be ahead 6 months after launch, and considerably so in the second half of a console's life. It was absolutely the right thing to do in the early 2000s when gaming PCs were in a bad place and almost impossibly inaccessible, but a significant number of barriers have been removed in the past 20 years. Ironically, we could actually see decent console ray tracing in Nintendo games before we do on PS or Xbox because Nvidia are so much further ahead in this space. None of this really matters, however, because when this eventual explosion of SteamOS mini-PCs does happen, and Xbox and Sony games are available on Steam day-and-date, or 6, 12, 18 months later, what pull will people towards MS's or Sony's hardware? I think they're both relying way too heavily on a short-term strategy and PC gaming is only going to continue to increase in popularity and become more accessible over the next 5 years with the work Valve are putting it.
  12. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Nintendo's First Party software is strong enough to be a USP. This has been true of all console manufacturers throughout time for better or worse, but if Sony and Xbox are abandoning that position, I don't see what they have to offer, or will have to offer over the next 5-10 years. Still only available direct from Valve. They've stated themselves it's an experiment and I don't think they have any intention of it becoming a mass-market device. But it has allowed them to develop SteamOS and get a huge amount of games running on Linux, which is very, very good overall for the traditional PC market. It has the added bonus of making similar non-Valve handheld devices and plug-and-play PC-like hardware to function like a traditional console. Exciting times.
  13. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Yeah these are some of the points I was trying to get at with my previous posts, just couldn't formulate it all properly. The more these consoles go up in cost, the less value I feel they have, when a realistically decent PC can be had for a little bit more. So if PS5 pro does launch at £500 or more, I struggle to wonder who it'll be for. You'll have your hardcore Sony fans buying day one, no doubt, but what is the appeal to Joe casual who plays only CoD and EA FC? Same for the PS5, outside of shinier graphics and better running games, the first 3 years of the PS5 were basically bare-bones from Sony. Hardly any exclusives, which is why I'm puzzled to why it sold so well compared to PS4. Once you get up to £500 territory, you're getting into PC land, and it has never been as easy as it is today to build your own current-gen level PC at a decent price. With PC gaming becoming much easier and more intuitive, affordable modern hardware like Steam Deck giving people the Switch experience with their PC library, and PS and Xbox games being available on those platforms - what incentive is there to continue keeping yourself tied to a Sony or Microsoft box in the future? We can already see MS failing fairly spectacularly, but I don't see a plan from Sony to prevent themselves going down the same road. Their offering seems very underwhelming from the outside looking in. They seem to have gone all in the AAA story-driven big budget games, whereas during the PS3 era, they had a ton more breadth and depth to their 1st party catalogue to make those big-budget experiences have greater appeal. They also can't seem to get a handle on their budgeting and keep chasing incremental gains for what seems to me to be relatively little advantage if sales of TLOU2 are anything to take insight from. I'm apprehensive about what is coming next from Nintendo, but I feel fairly confident they'll find good success if the next system is just "more of the same". I can't see how Sony keeps going at this pace without taking something from Nintendo's approach to software, namely: strong console exclusives / a sensible budget for 90% of the catalogue / heavier emphasis on gameplay and keeping the output going throughout the year with AA titles. The rise of these handheld PCs, and undoubtedly at some point in the not too distant future, plug-and-play home set-top boxes running SteamOS, is surely going to start eating into Sony's profits if they don't have anything stand-out to offer.
  14. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Kudos to Sony for still believing in 3rd party exclusives. I honestly think that's a main pillar of delivering an enticing console experience. I've seen a lot of MS fanboys hating on them for taking this approach, but it is the bread and butter of the console industry, so if MS isn't willing to stump up the cash (as they did to a great extent in the OG and 360 days), they can pound sand. But outside of that, I really do see very little. PC and Switch is the place to be at the moment, and Sony seem to be losing ground and mindshare in a substantial way. You mention CoD, but that's likely to be "best experienced on Xbox" from October/November moving forward. And I do not believe that Nintendo games will ever be available anywhere but on a Nintendo system, and that's exactly the way I want it to stay. They are the only dev left in the industry and that builds their software to a specific hardware.
  15. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I don’t really get the point of PS5. Full disclosure: I haven’t owned a Playstation since around 2008 (PS3), so I may be a little biased, but what’s its unique selling point, outside of it essentially being a PS4 Pro+? It barely has any exclusives and has been mired with cross-gen titles from Sony 1st and 2nd party for the first 3 years of its life. I agree that 3rd parties have been doing the heavy lifting, but Sony as a dev and a publisher seem to be in a really bad place. The fact they’re launching another console this year is laughable to me. They’ve already said there are no big 1st party hitters coming in 2024, so why are they doing this? PS4 Pro++? I can’t understand why the base model is selling so well on the back of basically nothing. Both Sony and MS have really dropped the ball this gen. Demon Souls, Astro, what else is a 1st party PS5 exclusive? I heard on Sacred Symbols that they are making ~6% profit on the PlayStation brand at the moment, which is very low. I don’t really get what their grand plan is. TLOU2 and Spiderman 2 seem to have fallen below expectations, and Ragnorok and Forbidden Wastes were both cross-gen titles that could have been so much more had they not been. Seems things are getting very stale in Sony land. Insomniac being tied to Marvel content until 2035 is a very, very bad idea IMO. 4th year of a console launch and under 10 1st party exclusives is absolutely terrible form tbh. What’s going on over there? The fact a decent gaming PC costs roughly double the price of a PS5 is interesting too. I have picked up quite a few Sony games in the past 2 years and they are giving me absolutely zero incentive to buy another PlayStation, considering releases on PC to be happening sooner rather than later these days. Ghost of Tsushima is dropping in a couple of weeks or so and I will definitely pick it up, but if PS games are going to be dropping within 12-24 months of release, and are likely to run better on a mid-range PC, what incentive does anyone have to buy a PS5/pro?
  16. Hollow Knight: Silksong

    No, I refuse to believe it. This game is a myth, an Internet legend, and is never coming out. It is but a figment of our imagination. Cherry Team probably doesn't even exist anymore. Maybe it never existed?
  17. Splatoon 2

    The Octo Expansion DLC is part of the Nintendo Online Expansion Pak @Hero-of-Time, so if you sub for a month you won't even have to buy it. I'm with those who say it's a good time. It was the groundwork for the Splatoon 3 main campaign and has a lot of the same features / gameplay elements you find there.
  18. Yeah, it's mostly the backlog, but I've been very impressed with what they've released in the past 18 months. Had a really great time with Splatoon 3, Tears, and Metroid Prime Remastered. Splatoon 3 DLC is just what I wanted. I've picked up a lot of the smaller stuff like Advance Wars, Super Mario RPG and Pikmin 4. Still working my way through all of them. The key thing though is that I feel all of those games either look or run fine, especially in handheld. Sure TotK's framerate has issues, but Metroid in particular looks stunning on the TV and runs like a dream. More power will eventually be needed given how old the hardware is now, but I'm pleased to see them eeking as much out of the OG Switch as they can while throwing out a few fan-favourites and lost treasures. I really want to pick up Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition and go through that once more, but I'm not paying £50 again for it after owning it on WiiU and 3DS. Can't find a physical copy new or used for love nor money here. Been on my e-shop wishlist for 2+ years and has never had a discount. They've also been supporting NSO really well. I know there's a lot of support for releasing VC games individually for purchase, but I've already done that 2-3 times on past consoles, so don't mind dropping what is ultimately a small amount a year to have access to them. Beat Blast Corps last weekend in a couple of sittings and struggled half way through JFG before giving up. I did manage to snag an N64 controller from My Nintendo though, and hopefully it'll be here soon so I can continue. Diddy Kong Racing is surely next, no? Looking back, there was a big dip in positivity from myself and some of the Nintendo hardcore around the midway point in the Switch's life, but they have done a stellar job turning everything around to get me to the point where I actively don't want new hardware just yet.
  19. I still check in often to read the Nintendo board and the Gaming Diary, but I went back and listened to episode 50 when I saw Wacker's post and wanted to say thanks. If you want the first hot take from me in a good three years, I hope Nintendo delays the launch of Switch 2 for as long as possible. I'm good with what we've got right now.
  20. This was a really fun episode to record. Thanks for bringing back good memories, Wacker.
  21. So as we all know, Epic Games is currently suing Apple for "Maintaining a monopoly" on its App Store and Apple products. They believe that the 30% cut platform providers is unfair and argue that they as developers should be able to distribute their own games on smartphones without paying the platform holder a cut of the money for this privilege. A privilege which essentially boils down to access to more than a billion customers. However, that's not what I'm getting at here, though I encourage anyone who isn't aware of this situation to read up on it as it could affect all digital marketplaces in the future. I want us to imagine a situation where Epic Games wins this lawsuit - and going forward, platform providers cannot maintain a monopoly over distribution on their products. Given the recent news that Xbox Series S is launching at £249, it's clear to me that MS is taking a MASSIVE loss on this console in the hope that they can recoup the costs via GamePass subscriptions and, more importantly, digital game sales. The industry standard, outside the EGS, is a 30% cut to the platform provider. This includes, but is not limited to, the following five companies: Apple (US) Google (US) Sony (Japan) Nintendo (Japan) Microsoft Xbox division (US) As we know, the final three companies make the majority of their profit from digital sales and subscription passes on their platforms (consoles). The reason these consoles are sold either at a loss, or a very, very thin margin of profit in Nintendo's case, is because they know they will make the rest of that money back in the future. Essentially, they are betting on getting enough people into the ecosystem to make this economic model sustainable. Remember the $599 PS3? That was still sold at a huge loss and people completely baulked. Times have changed, and barring a catastrophe from Sony, it's unlikely they'll go that high again. They can afford to go lower because the future returns are basically guaranteed. [Enter stage left] Epic Games / Tencent. If they win the lawsuit against Apple, Sony, Nintendo and MS wouldn't have a leg to stand on having their various stores as the only point of access to the end-user of a console. Think about this - Who has the most to gain from this 30% cut legally being ruled unfair? Who has basically unlimited backing and can afford to run at a loss because they are propped up by a communist state? Which nation is trying to gain a dominant position in the global tech market despite leaking foreign tech companies left, right and centre thanks to COVID, sanctions and tariffs? Maybe, I'm crazy, but I think Tencent are playing somewhat of a long game here and basically trying to destroy Western tech from the inside out. Their Fortnite propaganda video was a rallying cry to their teenage followers to boycott the "unfair" Apple. Who's to say this will stop there? I think the big 3 console manufacturers are next in their sights, and with it, the dominance of the US and Japan in the global gaming market.
  22. Look at my post history. That is not true at all. We had one member a couple of pages ago calling for the unvaxxed to be excluded from society. My arguments were met with "BBC Fact Checks". Are you following?
  23. I was wondering when this would happen Absent for months at a time until someone needs putting down. bad faith - Marxist mumbo jumbo. The commies on ResetEra would love you. I gave three very good reasons why I don't trust the BBC: 1) Jimmy Saville 2) Lies about Russia which directly contradicted reality. 3) Protesting is safe but also very dangerous depending on what's the flavour of the day. I wouldn't judge someone who had served their time, but I also wouldn't trust them. Very different things. Trust is easily eroded and difficult to earn. I don't need to reconsider anything. I'm perfectly comfortable in my position that I will not be forced to take a vaccine against my will, you'll have to pin me down and inject it into me if needs be, at which point you've lost the argument. Does @Beast have any medial education? It's always attack the messenger and never the message. Carry on.
  24. If you want to automatically trust an institution which harboured a paedophile for 30+ years then be my guest. My almost blind faith and support in the institution of the BBC was crushed in a single day because of a stupid needless lie. An completely unnecessary and pointless lie that I happened to notice because I was living on the other side of the world at the time they decided to tell it from right under my office window. If they'd lie about something so pointless as "Russians panicking to buy foreign currency", "dollars all but gone!" and "the line at the currency exchange opposite me is almost a kilometre in length" when it was quite literally the opposite - it was a normal day and no one noticed or cared what was happening bar a few ex-pats, what else would they lie about? Why lie about that, seriously? What was there to gain from it? Would they, therefore, lie about much more important things? Trump? Brexit? Corbyn? Coronavirus? These are logical conclusions anyone would draw when faced with such a situation. Why do they tell us that protesting against racism is safe, encouraged and necessary in a pandemic (Summer 2020), but protesting lockdowns is irresponsible and dangerous (always)? An epidemiological contradiction with zero "science" to back it up. One of those positions is objectively right, one isn't - the BBC can't decide which it is though. Objective truth no longer matters. With regards to your second question - that is my science. See how this works? If you get to have your truth, your science, and your facts (even when you slyly replace my with the), and I get to have mine as well. Yours is supported by the mainstream media (even when they change their mind), not banned from social media (until they finally admit it), and is promoted by the government (who just get everything horribly wrong), mine isn't. I'm being forced to do something against my will as a result. Comply with the "science" or face the consequences. This is what happens when society plays dangerous games with critical theory and wilfully discards objective truths. If you can't see the parallels between this vulgar infringement of liberty rights and The Weimar Republic, I don't know what to say. I can find studies, evidence and data that suggest COVID-19 is not inherently dangerous or life-threatening to under 40s, you can find the opposite. Neither of us know for sure because we're less than 18 months into a novel coronavirus pandemic and neither of us are trained epidemiologists. But, trust the science, bigot. But which science, tho? I have never said that vaccines don't work, that masks are useless, that social distancing isn't beneficial (despite supporting and contradicting evidence) - I've simply stated an opinion, based on the opinion, research and data of epidemiologists, that I don't want to take an untested vaccine, and judging on the lack of long-term data and relative lack of threat COVID poses to younger people, I think it's quite clear why anyone could make such a claim in a politically-charged world of lies and falsehoods if safeguarding their own health was their primary motivator. As much as I despise and distrust the Russian government, I would take Sputnik V, because it has been proven (so far) to be very effective in UK based preliminary studies and has been created using old tried-and-tested technology and the repurposing of a traditional flu vaccine. Why is that not available to me? If I ultimately had to take one against my will, it'd be that one. Nope. Sorry. Not available in your country. Experimental Pfizer of pfuck off. I don't know how we solve this problem. I know getting completely off social media is very important, but I doubt many will. You lived just fine without it before, why can't you do it now? Easier consumption. News aggregator. Easy log in to this and that. Laziness. Twitter is less than 2% of the population constantly shouting into the ether hoping to be noticed. That and Facebook are filled with Bots, foreign and domestic, which repeat the same nonsense ad-nauseum to get things artificially trending or shared. Has anyone here ever actually read and shared a post they disagreed with? Without the customary "omg, can you believe this?!" comment, of course. How many of you have unfollowed someone when they say something unsavoury, offensive, or something you perceive to be untrue? How many of you have called for someone to be banned because they challenged your worldview, your comforting little bubble of niceness and rainbows, or "harmed" the "wider community"? Remember when the BNP went on Question Time? How did that work out for them? For our Tik Tok generation though, Digital IDs and the locking down and removal of "harmful and dangerous content" is nothing to fear. Nay, you encourage it! A threat to democracy! There is no democracy without objective truth, that much is blatantly clear. I know some people here want me banned, I'm well aware of that. Well, what's stopping you? Incidentally, 45 of the hundreds of thousands of racist tweets and comments directed at England's footballers on social media after the Euros came from real, actual people based in the UK, many of whom have been arrested. 99.9% of them came from bots or overseas (Pakistan, Saudi, UAE, China, Russia, etc). How many of you knew that? Was it reported on the BBC after the outrage had cooled a little? Certainly not in the same manner the BREAKING story was. Is 45 too many? Of course it is - did it warrant the absolute shit storm that followed it? Probably not. The UK is not a racist country, no matter how many of you like to pretend it is when something like this happens. Once again, spoken like a true conspiracy nut.