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  1. Forgot about this, thanks for the reminder Glen.
  2. Let's N-Decide: Best Metroidvania

    Hollow Knight Hollow Knight Hollow Knight Game of the decade.
  3. I've gone off all IGN stuff now, it's been ages since I've listened to NVC, though I do still love Brian and Peer! Enjoyed E3 with EZA, watched all the big conferences which I missed with them and it was fun as always watching their reactions and hype. I still think they are the best in the biz, even if I agree with the general consensus here that the podcast has slipped in quality recently. They have content for everyone, so I regularly watch Frame Trap and Friend Code and skip the stuff that doesn't interest me. It's great that they're such a group of diverse guys who all have their special area of knowledge as Sam mentioned above. Basically, any gamer can find something for them with EZA and none of them have ever annoyed me to the point that other gaming outlets have (there's always one or two people I don't care for). I recently became a Patreon as I consume a lot of their content and wanted to give something back, they truly deserve the support they get for their hard work.
  4. Indie Games

    I picked it up on Steam and I absolutely love it! Such a well-designed game and you're spot on about the music. I'd say it took me about an hour to get the hang of it, I have absolutely no rhythm, but now I'm managing to get through the first zone fairly easily. I also plan to finish this before moving on to Zelda, I cannot wait to hear those classic tunes remixed.
  5. When I was watching this in the Direct my only though was "huh, so Just Dance isn't the only Wii game releasing in 2019" Game looks shoddy. I get that it's their first game in full 3D, but I was (probably foolishly) expecting more. Let's go was fine, and looked fairly decent. This looks pretty bad and looks like it runs even worse. Saying that, I'll probably still pick it up because it's 3D Pokemon and I'm part of the problem.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah the line-up is insane! So much good stuff to look forward to, and it seems like a lot of third parties are finally on board. At least AC is coming before the end of the fiscal year, probably with a Switch mini (if they don't get it out for Pokemon). I realised this morning that we didn't have a big online game reveal like Rocket League and Fortnite the previous two years, there were rumours of Overwatch or PUBG, but I can't say I'm desperate to play either. No Bayo and STILL no Shin Megami Tensei V was my biggest disappointment. We've got NMH, Prime 4 (Maybe) and Zelda (probably) slated for next year, maybe another port or two in the first half of 2020. Future is looking very bright indeed.
  7. Rocket League

    800 and counting....
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Man, I honestly marked out at Banjo. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, despite the rumours. I can imagine the reaction to DQ was the same in Japan. Nintendo really are on a roll. I can't even imagine who the final two characters will be, and IF we get another fighter pass next fiscal year... oh boy.
  9. Hollow Knight: Silksong

    It's so beautiful GOTY confirmed.
  10. Cadence of Hyrule

    Picked up the original on Steam for £1.04 Didn't like it at first, but persisted. The game is a LOT of fun when you get the hang of it. Rogue like fans may want to avoid Cadence, there's permanent upgrades to be unlocked. Dunno if the map will be randomly generated, given it's Zelda, but I've liked what I've played and managed to get deep into the second level. The music is astounding, I can't even imagine how good the Zelda remixes are going to be. Those on the fence, pick this up while it's on sale, give it a chance, it could surprise you. Certainly beats dropping £20+ on Zelda and not liking it.
  11. Astral Chain -- August 30th 2019

    I love the Disaster Day of Crisis vibe they went for.
  12. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Just got home from work and watched the Direct. Nintendo, I f-ing LOVE YOU. Knocked it out of the park. I will NEVER have time to play all these games.
  13. Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 (Switch)

    I played the demo of the first one and it was ok, this looks much better though. Square had a great E3, so much GAMEPLAY
  14. Nintendo at E3 2019

    I honestly don’t understand what satisfaction people get finding out days or hours before, sitting at their computer reading a forum, compared to witnessing it live in the moment. The most annoying this is it makes many parts of the gaming web inaccessible for days before a major event, and while it is fun to speculate, there’s always a danger you’ll find something out. There is only ONE reason people leak, and that is to boost their own profile. I’m so tired of it.
  15. Nintendo at E3 2019

    I do love the sweet justice in the fact they said they would reveal the Nintendo direct stuff on Sunday or Monday as a way of getting new followers, and then Nintendo took them down. If they had just slyly let the info out without the ego or arrogance, they probably would’ve got away with it. Seriously, these people are the absolute worst. The fact they have “journalist” in their twitter bio is an insult. I’d go with “an Internet nobody trying to be famous”.
  16. Wind Waker Metroid Prime Smash Bros Melee Sunshine Rogue Leader.
  17. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Time for me to log off Twitter and forums, see you on the other side, folks.
  18. Switch eShop Thread

    I really want Katana Zero, but it's currently 20% off on Steam and less than a third of the price of the Switch version...
  19. Enter the Gungeon

    Exactly the same for me, 40 hours in, seen the final boss but yet to finish the game. I love this game so much, easily one of the best indies on the Switch. Anyone who dismisses it for being a roguelike is missing out sadly! Great OST, amazing gunplay with fantastic enemies and surprisingly deep 'lore'. I got it for about £3. If it's ever on sale again, I don't see why anyone would skip by it, certainly worth a punt, and if you end up hating it, no big loss.
  20. Nintendo at E3 2019 - 5 Predictions

    I was chatting about this yesterday, it makes no sense whatsoever to keep Rare Replay on Xbox. It's, what, three years old? It's draw as a console-selling exclusive is over. MS would have a million sales in week one if they released it on Switch. Probably over 5 minimum lifetime. Basically they could probably get at least a half return on the money they paid for Rare just by selling it on Switch
  21. Nintendo at E3 2019 - 5 Predictions

    Banjo in Smash. Rare Replay coming to Switch. That's all I need. Maybe a new Xenoblade X would be nice. Edit: @Ronnie I'm sure Cadence has just been confirmed for June 13, so you could well be right.
  22. Xbox Game Pass Coming to PC

    Inject it straight into my veins.
  23. PC Gaming Discussion

    I finally got myself a decent PC and am gaming on Steam a lot more now. Add me: NicktendoRU, still pouring half my free time into Rocket League
  24. I don’t watch Max but I also know of him. He’s the creator of my favourite YouTube video of all time. What I like most is that he just GETS how big this is and you can see his reactions are 100% genuine. After watching loads of reaction videos to this reveal he was the only one who at the who knew from the first bar of music and the stars that it was FFVII. As for Reset Era it’s obvious now it was never a gaming forum, it’s a politics forum which happens to have a gaming subsection. Seeing how some of the devs, journos and content creators have slowly subscribed to the groupthink has been sad to watch. Part of me thinks that was the plan all along.
  25. Game of Thrones

    Yeah the finale was not great. Not disappointed with what happened, but hugely disappointed in how it was handled.