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  1. Whoah. That console is a beast! Did not expect it to be that much bigger than a PS4. Seeing unboxings makes the digital edition look that bit more appealing from an aesthetics/size point of view... but I'm still going for the disk version.
  2. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Am around tonight if there's enough of us. Otherwise most other nights work for me too!
  3. I had no idea this was a thing, and just found out I can do it with my Samsung remote! Wow. Thanks!
  4. My TV remote has Netflix, Prime... And Rakuten TV Anyway, not paying £25 for a PS5 remote. Rip-off. The controller will do fine.
  5. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Ended up watching the stream of AOC playing this and want to get into the Among Us action! Who fancies some games?
  6. Just the PS5 (disc edition) and Spider-Man Ultimate Edition for me. Hadn't played the original yet, so will be starting with that! Also going to resubscribe to PS+ having not had it for the past couple of years. I haven't actually played most of the games you'll get for subscribing and there's a lot there I'm interested in, so that'll keep me busy. Need to pick up TLOU2, waiting to see if there'll be a PS5 version or it'll just be hardware boosted.
  7. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

  8. Game Collection preorders if you need one:
  9. Really unimportant on the grand scheme of things, but I'm interested to see the UI and what apps are available at launch. To be honest I actually probably use my PS4 more for Netflix and Sky Go than playing games, so all of the streaming apps being available would be very good news for me!
  10. Stuck in a preorder with Amazon. Don't know if I'll actually get it at launch or not, but was worth securing one in case! I don't see the price going down for a long time, at most I think you'll get a game included in that price in the first couple of years. Am tempted to just get a Xbox S with Game Pass as that seems like stunning value, then PS5 it up at a later date, but then I want that 4K next-gen goodness - not sure how much of a jump the S would actually feel like! Anyway. Semi-excited!
  11. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    That's a bit worrying. I'd decided I wasn't going to get caught up in the hype and buy it next week, and that I might ask for it as a Christmas gift. I really hope that it isn't so scarce that it's impossible to pick up physically unless you already have a preorder (and even then, may not be safe...)
  12. Nintendo's most exciting announcement this year! Hyrule Warriors was one of my favourite Wii U games, and right now I'm actually playing BOTW on Switch, having originally played it on the Wii U. So this comes at a great time for me!
  13. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    As someone who hasn't been following this much, I'm wondering how much 'better' the Series X will be compared to the Series S. Will it be worth twice the price? Will the Series S be a severely diminished experience? £250 is such a great price, I'm wondering whether it'll end up selling more than the premium model. If it had a disc drive it'd be even more tempting, though I know the low price is them betting that people will sign up to Game Pass because it's all digital.
  14. I never actually bought this on Wii U, so this is the Switch re-release that I'm actually looking forward to buying. Bowser's Fury = some play as Bowser levels?
  15. Mario 35th Anniversary Direct

    Yep. I get the 'create FOMO' tactic. But surely they're leaving money on the table by making it only available for six months. Make the physical copy a limited edition, whatever, but surely you can continue selling it and raking in the money on digital? Unless their plan is to start selling them individually then.