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  1. Marvel's Phase Three

    Didn't count Brie Larson, was thinking more of the study group cameos! But which film was Troy in? I can't think of that one!
  2. Marvel's Phase Three

    And number 4 in the middle of the film!
  3. Brexit 2019

    Sorry, a lot of this post is bollocks. The Irish border isn't a trump card that the EU is using. It's a necessity to uphold the Good Friday agreement and keep the peace on the freedom of Ireland and not have a border between the two nations. It's irresponsible from the UK that this wasn't ever considered in the first place. Your point about sovereignty is bollocks - you don't have more rights as an EU citizen in the UK than a UK citizen. There isn't 'pro-EU propaganda' in schools either - not sure where you've pulled that notion from. The vote to leave was built on lies, un-achievable promises and xenophobia. And to put that one of the main reasons to vote to remain was a vote to support the Conservatives/Cameron is rubbish. You are right that no Brexit deal will please everyone.No deal will horribly damage our country. But the government are refusing to compromise to make a deal that will satisfy more. They're despicable. The referendum should never have been held in the first place.
  4. Will wait and see if there's any more ambition shown in terms of gameplay and features... but on first impression it just looks like it's going to be like Sun/Moon, but in a higher resolution. Was looking forward to it being at least a bit more free-roaming, and having the Pokémon actually out in the wild like in Let's Go.
  5. Job woes/wins

    So I was offered the job today... and said yes! Took them ages to get back to me - all sorts of corporate approvals it had to go through. Sad to be leaving my current job. Going to be very weird handing in my resignation in. But the opportunity was too good to turn down. Exciting times ahead
  6. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Maybe I'll order a 2 or 3 year old game for a bargain price... Oh wait. I can't do that on a Nintendo console as they (generally) don't reduce their prices any more.
  7. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    I'm not going to wade into every point, because Dcubed, Sheikah and the likes have ably said what I would say. Just a couple of things though. You know that's not what I said so please don't use this shit argument. Read my post again. I didn't say N64. I didn't say SNES. I said Gamecube, Wii and Wii U. Game development costs being higher doesn't therefore make the games cheaper. You can't use a correlation between the two at all. A game isn't priced relative to its development cost. Just like a cinema ticket is the same price whether you see a film with a $50m budget or a $200m blockbuster. Game companies wouldn't invest the 10x number you've made up if they hadn't made a business decision that it will be profitable. EA can afford to pay their top executives $48m in a year and are milking it from micro-transactions. They don't NEED to charge so much for a game, and don't need to rake it in from extra DLC (which in lots of cases is made as part of the normal development and stripped out to sell later) and micro-transactions. They do it because they can. I appreciate there is inflation to take into account, but to say it's cheaper than ever is not right.
  8. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Stop saying this lie. It isn't cheaper than it's ever been. Yes, there are indies giving you cheap, affordable gaming, but the top line stuff is getting more expensive. Gamecube, Wii and Wii U eras were definitely cheaper (funnily enough, also when Nintendo used discs rather than carts for their home consoles.) And while there has been the RRP rise there's also DLC, special editions, micro-transactions and loot boxes taking even more money from gamers. And when Nintendo's online offering is arguably worse than it was in the previous generation, it's certainly a cash grab.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    I was waiting for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to go down in price before getting it for Switch as I paid for it already on Wii U, but seeing that it's still selling bucketloads at full price makes me realise it's not going to happen. I've bitten the bullet and bought it again now as I want to play it with friends and am fed up of waiting! Still going to continue waiting before double-dipping on Breath of the Wild though.
  10. Job woes/wins

    Hasn't come down to notice periods yet (think mine is two months) but basically, the new place want someone on board to cover this event in the summer so don't think it's very flexible (for those not aware like Ashley is, I'm in the sports journalism industry). If I stay, I'm at the organisation running the event so very involved, attending the event and doing what I've been doing for the past few years, but if I move, my involvement will be at a distance. But is maybe going to be more fulfilling at non-event time. Who knows. All things I'll have to weigh up if offered. I guess it would be a privileged position to be in, asked to choose between two good things.
  11. Job woes/wins

    Fingers crossed for her Shorty. Things happen that delay this sort of thing - people being off ill etc. I had a second-round interview for a job today. I don't even necessarily want to leave the job i'm in, I'm very happy at it and we've got a very exciting summer coming up that I'm really looking forward to being part of. But just before Christmas I was contacted through Linkedin by a recruiter at another big player in the industry, asking if I'd be interested in a new role they have open. I thought it'd be wrong not to look into the opportunity. Went for an interview a few weeks back and that went well, went back today for a second interview which involved giving a big presentation, with the global boss calling in from India to join, so a pretty big deal. Think today went well too (today's interview was 90 mins long!) so waiting to hear whether they want me. Still slightly split over whether I really want it - this is a really exciting opportunity, it'd be a good company to work for, would likely get a good pay rise and the employee benefits at this place are so, so good. However, it would mean leaving just before a massive event that I've been working really hard towards and am really excited to be part of, and I feel like I'd be leaving the rest of my team and our major client in the shit by abandoning them just before it. If there was the opportunity to go for this position after the summer, I'd be all in for it! Trying not to think about what I'll do if i'm offered it - I might not even get offered the job, then I'll have nothing to worry about! Whatever happens, I'm glad I went for this interview process and think I've done myself proud regardless, and it's given me confidence that if I was to look for another job in the industry, I'm well placed.
  12. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    This is the one I bought: As SCG said, you need a tri-wing screwdriver, which I bought from the same seller. They have an offer if you buy two items, you save 10 percent, so it came to just £3.63 for the pair. Ordered on the Wednesday night, came on Saturday morning. I'm not good with fiddly things myself but this was simple - just unscrew, lift off Z button and wire, lift circuit board, replace stick, then reassemble. Haven't looked at the video above, but there's an ifixit guide that I used which you can find if you Google it. Hope that helps - going to order another for myself now for my other controller that is back at my parents' house!
  13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    So as well as getting the wireless gamecube switch controller, I sorted this out with my original cube controller! Nice little solution for a couple of quid rather than buying a new controller! I've been addicted to the adventure mode. Almost done now though. Got to the stage that almost every battle is easy because my spirits are levelled up, but have thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, this game has made me try the Nintendo Switch Online service for the first time with the free trial. Pretty naff, isn't it? Unsure whether I'll sign up afterwards or not, I don't really use it enough to justify. If I could just look on my friend list and invite someone to a game, there would be a higher chance, but nope.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I've got one and I'm loving it. Haven't tried it with any other Switch games yet, but it feels just like the original Cube controller, except that it doesn't have rumble. Nice to not be tethered to the console/dock with a wire, though. The console treats it as if it's a pro controller. Would have been nice if it had a rechargeable battery pack, but it has a long battery life (yonks longer than a PS4 pad!) so if you just get a couple of rechargeable AAs, you won't need to worry much.
  15. The Game of Thrones Mafia - Signup Thread

    @Sheikah mate. These are stunning. Six years ago... crikey.