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  1. Paper Mario: The Origami King

    Got this for my birthday last week. Been enjoying it so far - the world is an absolute delight. Brilliantly scripted. I'm onto the third streamer... The battle system, though, is what's dragging it down. The puzzle stage is just a chore. And the lack of variety in battles is becoming very dull. Lining up enemies around the circle in different arrangements could have been really unique if here was a variety of attacks or strategies you could take, but no, it's line them up in a straight line for jumps, or a square for hammers. It's becoming a grind. Sure, maybe have those formations for Mario's attacks, but it would've been nice if you had a party with different attacks/formations to consider too. It's disappointing your temporary allies only have one attack, which they control, and from my experience so far, fail to hit 75% of the time. Luckily it's not damaging the level of fun I'm having too much... a couple of recent little highlights in the writing/plot:
  2. Who are you?

    You are N-E. But yes, you are correct.
  3. Who are you?

    Seeing I've been tagged, it'd be rude not to participate I guess, and elaborate on my job that @Zell wants! I'm Paul I turned 30 yesterday Born in North London, grew up just outside Southampton Returned to London for university, where I did BA Journalism at City University, graduated in 2012 and was lucky enough then to work at the Olympics Ended up back in Southampton with a crappy retail job for a few years, where I saved money to be able to get back up to London to pursue my journalism dreams Moved back to London, got a break doing live blogs and social media for the International Cricket Council as a freelancer. Ended up being taken on full-time to run their social channels. Through this I got to travel around the world to cover cricket. I went to the UAE, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Netherlands, Antigua, St. Lucia and Guyana. To be fair, when I travelled to these places, the work was very full on and I didn't have much time for tourism! About 15 months ago I moved on from this role, taking a job at ESPN, still working on cricket. My job title is now 'multi-platform content specialist'. I don't get to travel abroad as much but I'm happier overall. Joined these forums back in 2007. No idea what drove me to sign up, but spent a lot more time here through my late teens and early twenties than I have now! Started writing for the site while I was at uni. Sadly I don't have much time to write anything for here any more, working full time in the sports media. Like others, struggling to find the time to play games as much, too! My mum got me the new Paper Mario for my birthday yesterday though, so I guess I'll have to find some time! Been to a couple of N-E meets. Good fun. Actually got the current flat I live in thanks to N-E. Arsenal fan. Way too stressful. Favourite game is Majora's Mask. First console was a Game Boy Color on my 8th birthday. Got an N64 the year after, Christmas 1999. Favourite cuisine is Mexican. Have run the London Marathon twice. Really need to get running again, been too lazy in lockdown.
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (29th May)

    From a 10/10 to selling the game in just over 48 hours! Sorry to hear that, but you really should give it a chance... it sounds like you're just a little burnt out. I know it's not a game for everyone, but it sounds like you were genuinely enjoying it before.
  5. Spider-man being a remaster actually tempts me a little more. I haven't got around to it on PS4 yet, so I could now hold off until PS5... All depends on whether the price of the console is palatable. I don't have too much game time these days so I'm sure there won't be a lack of software for me.
  6. I like the console design. It's like a sexy router. Though I do hope you can place it horizontally, too.
  7. How was your day?

    I made the first reply to this thread, 13 years ago 😱 Bloody hell I'm old now.
  8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    This has happened to me. I've barely touched it for the last week, as my house is paid off, I only need a few more fossils and they just weren't appearing at all, I want to rearrange my island but its so cumbersome only being allowed to move one thing a day. I'll probably still jump on when there's something new to see, but the day to day chores, while I enjoyed them for a month and a half, it's not really pulling me back at the moment. And I really can't be arsed with flowers! Maybe I'll get a second wind, I think it's partly the monotony of lockdown getting to me too.
  9. Didn't buy turnips this week, and didn't even check the price on Sunday morning. Today's prices have been 119 and 198, so have a feeling that's on an upward trend for tomorrow morning. Will open my gates if so!
  10. Thanks @Mike1988uk!
  11. Have sent you a request. Ready for whenever you're online!
  12. Would love to come over @Mike1988uk, are you around? Only need one trip, can come at any point before closing time tonight!
  13. Would love to visit, adding you now @daftada!
  14. Haha, I do have a healthy stash of weeds 😂 Pink and white azaleas and holly bushes!
  15. Anyone who didn't make it to Tales' place this morning, Timmy and Tommy are buying for 420 bells this afternoon on my island. Leif is also in town for all your shrubbery needs, and I have Angus, whose birthday it is today. Let me know if you want to visit.