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  1. House buying is the worst

    Damn, that must be annoying - any reason for the delay? We got the first round of things signed today and paid our reservation fee. Looks like it’s really happening!
  2. House buying is the worst

    Heading over tomorrow to sign the documents and it will all be confirmed. They think if all goes well we should get the keys in four weeks' time!
  3. Cars

    It’s bought! Will be picking this guy up on Saturday, maybe before if everything goes through OK.
  4. Cars

    Test drove the BRZ today, it’s brilliant. A lot more fun than I was expecting and WAY more practical than I thought it would be. Tentatively made a reservation awaiting the results of my mortgage stuff going through.
  5. House buying is the worst

    We tentatively reserved a new-build flat today. Perfect location and a really good size with really nice finishing on everything in there. We have until Wednesday to confirm everything so now I’m just really hoping the mortgage is able to go through without us needing to put down a bigger deposit.
  6. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    That looks great @Julius! Think I'm going to go for the Cosmic Red once I have somewhere to put my PS5.
  7. It really does look great, looking forward to playing it.
  8. Cars

    Thinking of a new contender, a Subaru BRZ: Seems like a good bit of fun and is just practical enough for the day-to-day stuff I need to do.
  9. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Same here, only I was using iPad Safari. The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. I'm definitely going to spend 45 quid on these pieces of plastic.
  10. Cars

    Yeah, that’s a good point, some of the repairs I was looking at for the Audi were definitely on the steep side. I’ve seen a few other TTs and I think it’s definitely a nice mix of practical and fun. Similar to my issues with housing it seems as if nobody actually wants to sell anything. I test drove a car last week which had a few very obvious niggles, but was otherwise pretty great. I said I’d be keen if they were fixed, they said they were on their list of things to sort. I said give me a call when it’s done and I’ll come down and buy it if they’re all good. Did I ever get a call? Of course not. It’s just sat on the website and the other sales places waiting. Another one I was due to view today looked perfect but unfortunately, someone snapped it up before I got there. So the search continues, maybe I’ll just put the deposit down on an Emira and hibernate until it’s available.
  11. House buying is the worst

    So I am starting to see why this is such an annoyance to people… I don’t know why but it seems like agents really have no interest in actually selling houses? I’m a first-time buyer, with a 10% to 20% deposit depending on which property we’re looking at, a higher salary than most (I guess), a mortgage in principle in my hand and still it’s a total nightmare to actually get viewings of properties. I arranged to see some properties tomorrow, times etc. were all set and earlier today the agent called me to ask if I still wanted to sort something out. Errr yeah? Oh, well I’ll check with the owner then! What? We already agreed on this a week ago! I registered my interest for a new build, had a few emails with the agent, requested to view (having had to go through an affordability check) and then nothing for a week. Eventually, they mailed me back saying oh you just book a viewing separately on our website. Stupid me had been assuming that as I’m in direct contact with an agent they would actually help me move things forward. Of course, now there are no slots to align with the other viewings I have booked and I need to make a separate trip to see them. It’s got to the point where I have a mortgage advisor calling agents for me as they’re so terrible at their jobs. The whole thing is a total nightmare and we haven’t even gotten to the difficult bit yet.
  12. bad stuff thread.

    I always thought that it not hitting your insurance premiums was the main benefit to doing the course. For insurance, I think you might have to declare them even longer than they’re on your license. I was doing some quotes at the weekend and everything was “in the last five years have you…”
  13. N-Europe turns 24!

    I think I started posting in the Cube Europe days around 2002. I was Gizmo originally but that name got nabbed when the forum transitioned so decided to just go with my real name. Was just looking back at some of the oldest threads still available and there are some pretty interesting things being discussed. Quite fun to have a bit of a read-through. I’m trying to make an effort to post here pretty regularly but life gets in the way a lot nowadays. Even though we’ve become a bit of a smaller group now this still feels like my ‘home’ on the internet. Here’s to many more years!
  14. Cars

    So I really need to get a car to give myself some freedom, but as we’re trying to buy a house right now I need to be a bit careful about it. I do like something with a bit of performance and plan to buy a Mini Clubman JCW later in the year: Test drove one a few weeks ago and it was pretty damn awesome, way better than I expected. Until we have all our finances sorted out I'm just going to buy something much cheaper to keep us going. Max budget is around £5k or so. I went to have a look at a Mk2 Audi TT yesterday: But the guy at the dealership seemed incredibly unkeen to sell it. Actually seemed quite nice and I'd probably have taken it if he'd been a bit more forthcoming with information. So what are you guys driving? Any tips on cars I could look at?
  15. How was your 2021?

    2021 was definitely a weird year. There were a couple of highlights, but for the most part it just kind of whizzed past with nothing happening. The year started off pretty well, family life was good and I was finally in a secure job with a good salary and a great boss. Singapore was still in its never-ending lockdown but we’d gotten used to it and could do most of what we wanted considering we had a baby to look after. The only really bad thing was that we couldn’t see family in person. Nothing really happened until May when we had a few days in a nice hotel for my son's first birthday, that was definitely a good highlight. Then things really took a downturn, one of my best friends and regular vid-con buddies was taken ill after getting their COVID vaccine and passed away a few days later. That was really tough and something I wasn't prepared for at all. I still can't quite believe it even now. My boss quit and I was left to report directly to the MD of our studio, it was probably the worst experience of my working life. I finally understood the problems that the company really faced were not the headline-grabbing assholes but the fact that the management of the company was just utterly toxic. I started looking for a job pretty soon after having to work with this guy but Singapore was pretty hard to find anything. Towards the end of the year I was offered a job back in the UK, and with nothing much changing in Singapore and my job having become totally depressing, I decided to take it. So far that has been a great decision as work is great, the team rocks and being back in the UK has actually been really nice. Sadly my Nan passed away just after we got back here, though she was 92 and at least got to meet my son before she went. So yeah, I'd say mostly a non-event of a year, a couple of really crappy things and one or two good highlights. Mostly I'm glad to see the back of it and hope for better in 2022.