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  1. Netflix

    Great show, really enjoyed it when we watched it earlier in the year. Look forward to hearing your thoughts once you've finished it.
  2. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    No way! All that black and white, it almost looks as bad as a... PS5!
  3. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    I totally agree on the X, the S not so much. While I’ve steered clear of the PS5 unboxing videos I have watched these and really love how they’ve pulled it all together, really seems very premium and a great experience all round. The reason I watched them? Because I don’t intend to buy it and have cancelled my order. I might pick one up next year but there will have to be something happen between now and then to convince me it’s worth it over building a PC.
  4. I’m exactly the same, never had enough time to get into it and it just got left aside having never really played it. With all the other stuff I want to play though I have a feeling I still might never get round to it.
  5. Can’t wait! Still haven’t had a confirmation one way or the other whether my pre-order will be good for launch day but the tracking is still showing the 19th as expected delivery. Really hope it comes.
  6. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Interesting article on Autosport regarding Verstappen’s radio comments after his bump with Stroll. For me, what little respect I might have had for him is not completely down to zero. He’s young enough that I can maybe get past the initial comments made in the heat of battle (though I don’t think anything like this should be people’s default and it’s pretty bad it is for him) but the fact that he outright refuses to apologize for it and calls it other peoples problem after the fact is unforgivable. It would have been so easy for him to just say he didn’t realize the wider context of his words and say that he’s deeply sorry for their use, but no, not for Max. It also brings the whole F1 race as one initiative into question for me. How can you hold those vigils at the start of each race and then not call out a driver going directly against them using racist/ableist language in one of your official sessions? They either need to do something about it to show that this actually means something or else just drop the whole thing. Anyone else have any thoughts on the situation?
  7. This is very nice, will definitely be using that myself, too.
  8. It’s just so godamn ugly and squished in that cabinet makes it look even worse. When the first images of the dev kit came out I was really hoping they would go with a very different design for the final model but now I wish they’d just used that, or indeed ANYTHING else.
  9. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Ignore me, found that somehow the ignored users were set to show all of their content to me, fixed now!
  10. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Quick check - is the ignored user function broke? I have one person on my list but still see their posts. Not really a major problem but thought I’d ask about it anyway.
  11. Formula 1 2020 Season

    F1 2020 Predictions Game Round 12 Results If only all races were like the start of this one. Maximum points for this race were: Pole - Hamilton (10) Fastest Lap - Hamilton (10) 1st - Hamilton (25 + 5) 2nd - Bottas (18 + 5) 3rd - Verstappen (15 + 5) 4th - Lerclerc (12 + 5) 5th - Gasly (10 + 5) The results for this round: @BowserBasher - 68 @Will - 53 @Nicktendo - 35 And the overall standings (previous total in brackets): @Will - 601 (548) @BowserBasher - 478 (410) @Mandalore - 241 (241) @Nicktendo - 161 (126) @bob - 155 (155) @Goron_3 - 113 (113) Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Predictions: Pole - Bottas FL - Hamilton 1st - Hamilton 2nd - Bottas 3rd - Russell 4th - Ricciardo 5th - Perez
  12. For now I’m not going to worry about it. I don’t have many PS4 games I plan on transferring over and I’m not bothered about the games actually being on my machine long term so I’ll delete anything I don’t play often when I need to. I think if it ever gets to the point I do want to back stuff up I’ll buy a massive regular SSD and just switch games from that to the internal drive when I want to play them.
  13. Post your Cooking!

    Today’s pork belly dinner:
  14. Yeah I think I’m going to do the same. I can’t see that these guys will be able to create something that fully fits until they have a PS5 to build their designs from and I’m sure there will be issues with these launch editions. Definitely looks good in the other colours though, really hope Sony get theirs out asap.
  15. bad stuff thread.

    Had this removed yesterday and it was no where near as bad as I’d feared - recovering nicely today and it only cost me $1k so that’s definitely good. I feel the birthday pain. Mine is in a few weeks and I just found out my favourite restaurant here is closing down just a few days later. Guess I’ll get one final meal there and then it’s all over. One of the few authentic Japanese places in the country so going to suck not having it around anymore.