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  1. General Retro Discussion

    I just got my order processing notification! With a bit of luck it will have been delivered by the time I get back from my next trip.
  2. As @Fierce_LiNk and @Hero-of-Time already said I think it's very sad for the family, though I’m sure they will find much happiness looking back on her legacy. From the coverage last night it seemed he was in the country but didn't make it up there before the end. Yeah, this. There are not many people around that have known anything other than The Queen. It's going to be very odd for the next few years... New money, new stamps, new national anthem, a whole load of other stuff too I'm sure.
  3. Space and the Universe

    Anyone watching the Artemis launch today? Super excited to watch this mission progress - should be the start of something amazing.
  4. Baby Cube

    Great to hear everything is progressing well. Sounds super promising for the future.
  5. After the end of last season, I've found it quite hard to must any enthusiasm for F1 over the break. However, new cars are being launched and honestly, I think these new cars look really awesome. A change in the rules like this usually shakes things up and I'm now starting to look forward to things getting started. As usual, here are the season details: Last there were some things I was looking forward to, not all of them came to pass but they were: Hamilton becoming the (statistically) outright greatest of all time. I’m not a fan but glad he’s the one doing it. Well, this one didn't work out. Were it not for people making up rules as they go along he would have though. As I said, I'm still pretty upset about the whole thing. The return of Alonso, my all time favourite driver. With the progress of Renault/Alpine I can see him winning a race this year. Definitely turned out to be a good return and had things played out a little differently he might have won something. The team won though and hopefully they continue the good progress in 2022. McLaren continuing their good form and Ricciardo maybe getting back on the top of the podium. This one happened! Hope this type of performance continues this year too. More random things happening due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Of course with the avoidance of any harm to people. I don't think much random did happen in the end? Schumacher in F1 and hopefully doing well. Kind of a decent start, hopefully he can progress more this year. Mazepan hopefully being gone soon. Not yet, unfortunately. More great stuff from Russell and the deserved promotion to Mercedes for 2022. He's there and ready to win! For 2022 I'm going to be looking out for a few things: Lots of winners! I can see Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Alpine all taking wins, others could too if we get some chaos. A new world champion. I'm hoping Red Bull can't really compete and the new rules see other teams move closer to the front. I'll mostly be supporting Russell but wouldn't mind any of the Ferrari or McLaren guys taking it. Albon being rubbish. No run away best car. This one might be more hope, but with a bit of luck these rules work and there isn't a Brawn style loophole discovered by somebody. How about you guys? Anything you're particularly looking forward to?
  6. Lego!

    Looks brilliant and I’m super tempted to buy it for myself. The problem right now is that there are a ton of awesome things. I want that pyramid. I want the anniversary castle. I want this. I want the rollercoaster. I want the new trains. Godamnit Lego!!!
  7. I Was Saying Boo-ris!

    Which to be fair, is how our system has worked for the hundreds of years it’s been around. We’ve also generally had an election pretty soon after a new idiotic Tory leader is elected in recent years. I imagine this will be no different. The biggest problem right now is that we have no electable opposition. Generally, the country has become so partisan that the lack of a strong alternative means we’re doomed to an early election that the conservatives will win and then we’re just back at square one. As happy as I am that Boris is gone, I’m not feeling super enthusiastic about our near-term future.
  8. Skull and Bones (XB1/PS4/PC)

    I thoroughly recommend boycotting everything about this thing.
  9. The Wrasslin' thread

    The prices are insane! Double (at least) what we paid for Wrestlemania a few years ago. I know people will be desperate for this as we haven’t had a big event for so long but it really seems like they’re taking the piss a bit with the prices. I’m still kind of tempted though…
  10. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Great fun tonight, thanks all!
  11. Pikmin Bloom (mobile)

    Do you have any idea how to form a group for the weekly challenges? Every time I start one it gives me no options other than starting on my own and I can’t find any way to add people to the group. I still enjoy this for what it is but I feel like there is so much more they could do with it. I really wish they’d do more of this group stuff and maybe add a few multi-level collection things. The ‘game’ as it is is really very limited.
  12. Lego!

    It’s cool but honestly I think the pyramid is one of the best things they’ve done in a while: Definitely day one for me.
  13. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Yes that’s me!
  14. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    I finally have my Switch unpacked and am actually available tonight - is there room to join?
  15. Home Improvement / DIY

    It’s done! Firstly this nice man removed my radiator: Capped off the pipes: Left this lovely blank wall: Then this nice young man came to fit the TV: Woohoo! Sooooo thin: Passed the Cars test: Just need to get something to go under the TV and to clean up the holes/marks from everything. So nice to finally have a decent TV again.
  16. Home Improvement / DIY

    That looks great, @MindFreak! We had that damn radiator removed today and I have the TV installers coming over tomorrow to quote to sort out the TV for me. They’ll do the work immediately if I’m OK with the quote so, with a bit of luck, this time tomorrow I’ll finally be able to play some video games for the first time in months.
  17. House buying is the worst

    So the move went extremely smoothly in the end. It was a super busy day of things being delivered and trying to get everything in a decent enough position before I went away for the week. Since then we’ve been slowly picking up a few bits and pieces and making lists of things that need to be sorted out. Overall I’m REALLY glad we went with the new build. The issues are minimal and there is nothing that really causes us a big issue. Probably the biggest one so far is a bit of a bubble under the hallway floor. Having all new stuff and a fresh feeling to everything is also really nice. The insulation is also insanely good. When I was staying with my parents/sister we’d have the heating on to just about get comfortable and then we’d feel cold less than an hour later. Here we lose barely anything and it’s never got cold enough to feel even slightly uncomfortable. Now I have a week to try and get some things done before my next trip. Probably won’t manage much but with a bit of luck I can plan for a few things to happen while I’m away.
  18. Home Improvement / DIY

    Did some test fitting for the TV with all the junk mail we had waiting for us. This was the 65 inch which was way too big so we've gone with the 55 inch instead. The radiator will be removed and the TV put a little lower than it is in this picture.
  19. What Have You Bought?

    Got an LG G1 OLED TV for our new place. Comes on Friday but will need to wait a while to get it installed properly. Can’t wait to finally have a decent TV again.
  20. Home Improvement / DIY

    Turned this: Into this: Not much but it's a start on making our place a nicer home.
  21. Formula 1: 2022 Season

    Really enjoyable race today. Good battles and nice to see Ferrari on top again. Mercedes were pretty luck to get where they did, reckon they’ll be behind for a fair while but will be rapid towards the end of the season when they figure the car out. Based on that race this year is shaping up to be a good one.
  22. House buying is the worst

    Everything seems to be moving ahead as planned for us and we'll be moving in tomorrow! Bit stressful today trying to get all our stuff ready but very excited to finally be getting in there. Just a few things left to do this afternoon and we'll be all ready.
  23. Home Improvement / DIY

    Oooh yeah, those are both really nice! I do love a nice big wooden desk, I'm not sure what I'd do with all of that space. Is your plan to have one side of it as a workstation and the other for something else?
  24. bad stuff thread.

    Glad to hear it went well. When will you know what’s next on the treatment front?
  25. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    I’m definitely IN, but unfortunately will miss the next two weeks due to moving house and a business trip.