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  1. The Jimquisition Thread

    Can you 2 just get a hotel room and hate-fuck it all out of your system? The sexual tension is getting to Top Gun levels now and unless a volleyball scene is about to break out, I need a resolution.
  2. Collections

    -Do you collect anything? - Yes-What do you collect? - Sega Saturn Games. I used to collect retro games in general, but decided to focus my efforts on the console that holds the most nostalgia to me. I'm currently 25% towards my target of every PAL game (yes, I keep a spreadsheet, complete with percentage tracker). I also collect the Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, GTA and Metal Gear Solid series.-Would you buy something you're not a massive fan of just to complete a collection? - Yes, as my copies of Space Jam, Sega Touring Car Championship and NBA Jam Extreme will attest to. -Have you got a complete collection of anything? - I have some variation of every Phantasy Star game released in the PAL region (only need the XBox version of PSO to have every version of every game). I also had some variation of every Final Fantasy game, but I've lost my copy of FF1 and I stopped a few years back, so I'm missing some of the newer ones. I remember someone mentioning that they didn't see the point in going for full console collections, when the majority of the games will never be played. I don't tend to buy any retro games online (unless it's a game I actually want), so the fun comes from going to various CEXs or game markets and seeing if there's anything I don't already have. The fun mainly comes from the hunting, not the collection itself, although I do like having an increasing library of Saturn games, as the Saturn came out at a time when I was too young to have my own income, so every new game was a big event and had an increased sense of value.
  3. What Have You Bought?

    "We're really sorry, there's been an issue with the film. Is there any way we can reimburse you?" "Puzzle Fighter on the Saturn" "I'm sorry, I have no idea what that is" "SO MANY MEMORIES, LOST TO THE CRUEL MISTRESS OF THE FILM PROCESSOR. WE ARE BUT LEAVES ON THE WIND, AT TOTAL MERCY TO THE ELEMENTS. HOW FRAGILE LIFE IS. HOW WILL MAMA REMEMBER HER GRANDKIDS NOW?" "OK, take it and leave. Jesus Christ."
  4. General Retro Discussion

    Saw a copy of Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo in CEX for £25. For that price, I was expecting it to be a bit ropey and not have a manual. Not only did it have the manual, it was all pretty much mint. Splendid.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    Went to town to pick up some photos I was having processed. Boots fucked up my film, leaving me with some spare money. Seemed rude not to spend it on a mint copy of Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo.
  6. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    *Shrugs* Looks like every other vaguely decent budget anime game to me. Reminds me more of Ni No Kuni than anything, albeit with slightly more detailed anime style. Any excuse for an outrage I suppose, especially when Nintendo and Sony are involved. You'd think it was the first time a game came out looking similar to a competitor.
  7. Exercise & Fitness: 2019 Edition!

    Not entirely sure where to post this, but figured it's diet related so here is close enough. I've been putting more and more thought into going vegetarian for a while now, but never really tried properly. I've cut down on meat over the past few months, but never gave it up entirely. I've been wanting to try it partly due to the whole animals dying thing and partly because I'm hoping it'll be healthier. When doing the shopping last week, I figured I'd give it a try for a week and buy no meat. It's been both easier and harder than I expected. Easier because I don't really miss meat at all, but harder because it can be quite a challenge to figure out what's actually vegetarian and what's not (spoilers: Extra Strong Mints and Worcestershire Sauce have gelatin and fish in respectively). Things I've learnt during the week: McDonald's Vegetable Deluxe is utter shit. The sauce is nice enough, but there's not enough of it and the goujons taste like homoepathic vegetables. Almost no taste at all, with the slightest hint of generic vegetable. Stella McCartney burgers are the best I've found so far. Pizza Hut's Jackfruit is also pretty darn convincing. Only really let down by the texture, which is a bit mushy. Going vegetarian, even for a week, is a great way to break eating habits. As I now have to check packets, I don't just grab food without thinking about it. I'm not sure how long I'll keep it up or how seriously I'll take it, but I may carry on. I've not bought any meat this week either, so we'll see. I don't think I'll refuse meat if someone's cooked it for me without knowing or if there's no decent vegetarian option, but I think as long as there's a choice, I might keep it up. Going vegan can fuck right off though. And to get in there before someone else does:
  8. General Retro Discussion

    I think it's that one that is basically just the Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus expansion, but made standalone and ported to PSP. Phantasy Star Portable 2 was its own unique game I think. Edit: Ignore me, I think it carries on the story after AotI and PSP2 is a standalone plot.
  9. Photography.

    Low light is a pain in the arse. People love to say things like "it's not the camera, it's the person behind it that counts" but low light is a situation where a good camera can make all the difference. My general advice: As wide an aperture (low f number) as your lens will allow. It'll allow as much light in as possible, allowing for quicker shutter speeds/less blur. It'll also add a nice shallow depth of field. Speaking of wide apertures, most lenses' max apertures change depending on how much you zoom in. The more you zoom in, the more limited your range is. If possible, zoom out and stand closer, rather than standing back and zooming in. If you've got a constant aperture lens, ignore this advice. High ISO. How high you go will depend on your camera and how it handles noise at high ISOs. I never really go above 1600, but my camera is old and gets pretty noisy above that. That said, if there's a lot of movement, you may just have to go higher. For low light, I put my camera in aperture mode, set is as wide as the lens will allow, then let the camera decide the shutter speed. Do some test shots and if the photos are blurry, up the ISO. You can predict if a photo will be blurry by what shutter speed the camera picks. 1/160 is ok, 1/125 is generally ok, 1/60 or slower will be a real challenge (but not impossible if it's just speeches etc). I tend to avoid flash, especially if it's built into the camera and you can't adjust the angle. If you can adjust the angle, point it at the ceiling/wall so it bounces off and softens it.
  10. Played the new GTA update last night. You get a free spin of the prize wheel every day. Spun the wheel (my first time ever doing it), won the top prize* and swaggered out like a boss. Good times. Fuck you Rockstar. *The ludicrously expensive supercar they have on a podium in the middle of the casino. It's the only prize that's worth winning IMO. With regards to GTAs microtransactions, they've actually been good up to this point. You pay money, you get guaranteed results. No random loot boxes or rewards, just cold hard (in game) cash. The new content is always "free", so it's like the microtransactions are essentially paying for DLC, except you can also earn them in game if you can be arsed. The idea of gambling something that you could have paid real money for is problematic though. Fortunately, there's not actually much point playing the machines that take tokens/money.
  11. I was a bit saddened to see Rocket League has gone this way. I've always liked their system of buying DLC cars for a couple of pounds. They were purely cosmetic, but I bought a few every so often, as I really enjoy the game and I got it for free originally, so figured giving them a bit if money only seemed fair. But now they've introduced loot boxes, which you earn in game, but need to buy a key to unlock. I'd say it was more scummy than most, as you already have the box, even more blatantly dangling the carrot in front of your face. I'm all for microtransactions if you know what you're getting (in game cash or specific items etc), but as soon as a random element is added, it can fuck right off. Random, paid loot is just a way of getting someone to pay more for the thing they actually want. Say there's a 50% chance to get the thing you want, 50% of people will have to pay a second time (or maybe even a third or fourth) time to get what they want. If that's not scummy I don't know what is. It's even worse when it's implemented into a game you've already forked out £50 for. All it is is maximising profit with complete disregard for its users. They'll make token efforts to prevent anyone blaming then when the inevitable child or vulnerable adult spends an obscene amount, but they really couldn't give a shit as long as the money keeps coming in. It reminds me of a casino I was in a while back. There were signs everywhere "encouraging" sensible gambling, but when a man came in with stacks of cash and started playing 2 roulette tables at the same time and losing hundreds of pounds at a time, no one said anything. The guy clearly had a gambling problem, but neither of the croupiers said a word. They just let him get on with it, losing thousands of pounds in about half an hour.
  12. Whilst I generally agree, I find an issue with this bit. It takes us 5 minutes to find out, but for someone who doesn't even know how to use the internet, it takes far longer. Factor in the fact that some people might not even know parental locks etc are even a thing and I can completely understand how this happens. A lot of people's experiences with buying with a card is limited entirely to physical shops. Shops don't store card info, so someone could be completely forgiven for assuming online shops don't either. They might not understand that their card can be used again without then re-entering the info. Why would they even look into locks etc when they assume it's a one and done transaction? You have to remember we were not only raised alongside technology, we also have an active interest in it. A lot of parents don't use or care about online transactions etc. Their first experience is when their kid wants something. No one who has ever used anything for the first time knows it all, and parents are no different. You absolutely cannot expect them to know the things we do from the second they pick up a computer/phone/console etc. My dad (who has never owned a smart phone) actually asked me what Amazon sells the other day and I realised how complicated it actually is. Amazon sell their own products, other people's products, but not everyone's, but also there's the marketplace for some products, which are sold on Amazon, but by other people, but some Amazon marketplace orders are fulfilled by Amazon, whereas others are independent people just using Amazon to list their items. See how confusing that is, and that's just one site. Imagine never having used any internet device before and suddenly being asked to buy something for your kid. I think you'd be entirely forgiven for not knowing a lot of things.
  13. Stranger Things

    Overall, I've found season 3 a bit meh. Too many silly moments, too much "ooh, look at our quirky 80s things" and not enough plot.
  14. General Retro Discussion

    Whilst I can hear a difference in that video, I recently completed the GC version and I never even noticed the sound quality. It has been ages since I played the DC version though.
  15. General Retro Discussion

    Fucking what? SoA is a gosh darn elite tier game. Perverts, all of you.