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  1. Well I for one am shocked that GT7 exists and could not possibly have predicted that a game that already has 6 main titles in the series would receive a 7th had they not posted that image. A truly revolutionary leak. I'm taking the rest of the day off to recover.
  2. The Tory government still trying to keep up the "Good ol' British buffoonery" image that Boris loves so much:
  3. Pretty ironic that if you switch the companies around, you have your general outlook. Remember: When Sony does something bad, it's awful. When Nintendo does, it's internet hyperbole.
  4. I'm quite amazed by how quickly my fitness has come back after not cycling for about 8 years. I've only been cycling for about a week, but I've gone from getting exhausted within about 10-15 minutes, to being able to go for the best part of an hour. Today I even managed to sprint (by my standards) a large portion of the return journey. Slight uphill sections were also draining to begin with, but I barely notice them now. Steeper hills are still a bit of a pain, but I put that down to me weighing about 6 or 7 stone more than when I cycled before. I've settled on a route for now, which is about 6.5 miles. I used to do 10, but the roads round here are a bit thinner, so finding a good route is a bit harder. I'm aiming to do this route every other day, as I found daily riding wore my knees out. That said, if I feel like doing it consecutive days, I probably will. Now that I've settled on this route, I'm trying to improve a little bit every day. A rough diary: First attempt: Multiple stops for a rest both on the way there and the return journey. Second attempt: No stops on the way there. Rest on a bench at my destination. No stops, but I did walk a bit on the return journey to have a break and look at the scenery. Third Attempt (today): No stops on the way there. Rest on the bench at the destination (I didn't really need it, but it's a natural break as it's where I turn around) and no stops on the way back, with a decent sprint most of the way back. And have a picture of a different route I did before settling on my current one, just because it's pretty.
  5. Languages

    For anyone wanting to learn British Sign Language, they're doing a "Pay what you can" offer at the moment. It's normally £25, so not exactly expensive to begin with, but might be of use to some. https://www.british-sign.co.uk/shop/product/introducing-british-sign-language-enrolment-2020/
  6. Got ol' Trusty Rusty out of storage and went for a cycle. Some of the muscle memory is there, but I'm no where near as good as I used to be. In my prime, I could cycle a 50 mile/4-5 hour route no problem. Now I can barely make it to the nearest village. I'm hoping I'll get back to my previous levels quicker than it took me to get there originally. I've still got a decent amount of muscle in my legs, I just have a lot of extra weight on other parts! And I had to snap a photo, because I'm actually a child:
  7. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I hate you all. (I may but it once I'm done with FF7)
  8. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    "Hey Sephiross, I heard Aerith ate your sandwich."
  9. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Fairly sure I'm coming to the end now. I'm basically at the point where the game tells you that there's no turning back after the next main story marker. There's one thing that I think they could have made clearer and something I think everyone at chapter 14 should know:
  10. All I've seen is people analysing the actual data and being excited about the potential for decreased load times. Guess our own little echo chambers don't align on this one.
  11. The more I see it, the more I like it. Looks really modern, but it'll all come down to how the buttons feel. They look a little "clicky" at the moment, with very little movement. Hopefully they'll be just as good as the DS4 ones though.
  12. So no one is going to acknowledge that it looks like something from Mass Effect, making it cool by default*? Ok then. *Andromeda doesn't exist. Shut up, that's why.
  13. Probably shake my fist at the sky (during my government dictated 1 hour exercise session of course), curse China and then remain indoors. Most of my local Facebook groups have turned into witch hunts. Kicked off in my village one when a person who had been doing their exercise in a dinosaur costume to entertain local kids had the audacity to sit on the local playset for a photo. Sure, they probably shouldn't have, but I could practically hear people in the village giving the ol' lynching rope a few test tugs. Remember, we're all in this together, unless you're assumed to be doing something non-essential, then you'll be lynched like the plague rat you are.
  14. Gotta Get Thru This

    We're quite fortunate, as we have this within walking distance of our house, which we've been using as our daily exercise. It's about 20 minutes each way, which leaves us 20 minutes to have a walk around. Normally the place is really busy, but we pretty much have the place to ourselves now that people aren't allowed to drive places.