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  1. Virtual Reality

    Oculus are giving Quest 2 owners free silicone face pads to address complaints of allergic reactions to the foam ones. Given that the sponge one absorbs sweat like, well, a sponge, it's a godsend. Anyone with a Quest 2 should check the My Devices tab on their account to see if they can get one. It's saved me having to buy one.
  2. Photography.

    The bottom one looks about what I'd expect from Polaroid. The other two do seem like there's something wrong. Could be expired or incompatible film. I tried for ages to get my original Polaroid camera working with some film I managed to get hold of, but I just couldn't. I haven't looked into Polaroid for about 10 years now, but the film that was on offer back then was a bit shit, as people were just starting to manufacture it again and basically just experimenting until they could recreate the original films. I'd try a different brand of film and see what happens. Unfortunately any film photography is basically trial and error, so it does usually involve some wasted money.
  3. Well that certainly went places. Could have just saved yourself a lot of time and just wrote "Wake up sheeple" like the rest of the conspiracy nuts. This conversation is ultimately pointless. Best to just go our separate ways and let natural selection decide who's right.
  4. Ironically, some evidence suggests that Covid itself is more likely to cause lower sperm counts in men than the vaccine. Source.
  5. I don't. Which is why I turn to those who do, the scientists. They say getting the vaccine is what will save lives so I believe them. They've done far more research than any of us, so they are THE people to believe. If you genuinely think you, or anyone else, know more than the scientists who have dedicated the last few years to researching this pandemic, then that is a level of arrogance that is impossible to argue against, so I'll just leave you to your "me and mine" attitude and continue to do what I believe is right.
  6. Can't believe I have to say it, but caring about others is the right thing to do? And to be clear, it's the people who CAN'T have the vaccine that need protecting, not the people that WON'T. The more people get vaccinated, the more those people are protected by proxy.
  7. Maybe it was something that was hinted at in the trials, but isn't proving true in the general rollout? A quick Google also seems to suggest the second Pfizer is the worst, but it seems the opposite from what people are saying, including my own experience. What was fun was being told that new research shows that there's a small chance of myocarditis or pericarditis. After looking it up, it's a negligible chance, but they were vague enough to make me think about it until I could research what "small chance" actually meant and how serious those conditions were. Turns out 300 cases in 177m vaccines and generally not serious. Would have been nice to have been told that by them though.
  8. Got my second jab on Friday and, despite being told at both jabs that the second one is the one that sucks the most, the side effects seem to be fairly mild. Same sore arm as before, but the flu like symptoms actually seem milder this time.
  9. bad stuff thread.

    I have one of those face coverings that's basically a cloth tube. I've soaked it in water and am now wearing it like a hat. I look ridiculous, but my head is legitimately a bit cold. I strongly recommend it. Basically like this, except mine isn't as long, so it's not on my back or neck: Would probably work with other hats, but the cloth of the face covering is pretty thin, so it probably works a better, but needs resoaking more often.
  10. Did the weekly shop last night and I was genuinely impressed by how many people were still wearing masks. It basically hasn't changed from when they were mandatory, with only a few people not wearing them (who may have been exempt TBF). It'll be interesting to see how many people keep it up though in the coming weeks/months.
  11. I got an email saying that I'm now eligible to move mine, so I've now got it on Friday. Excellent.
  12. What Have You Bought?

    Very happy with this if it works out. Amazon have allowed me to actually order it, so I assume that means they're expecting stock. Discovery has been impossible to get without paying silly eBay prices (usually £100+), but managed to order it for £22 from Amazon.
  13. Get out of the road! It's ok, the roads were oddly quiet. Almost like there was a big event or something.
  14. Managed the ride to Warwick again. Bit harder this time, but I just took it steady and plodded along at my own pace.
  15. Photography.

    Had a nice trip out to the Zoo. We took our dog, so couldn't go in all the places, but that was mainly the indoor areas, which we thought it best to avoid anyway.