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  1. I've never really had an issue with trousers. I just do my belt up as needed and the rest just kind of fits. That said, I have got a favourite pair that just seem to have a better fit that the others. They're skinny-ish jeans, with just a bit of stretchiness to them. Perfection.
  2. What Have You Bought?

    Know what else has two compartments? Two sensibly priced bins.
  3. My clothes were feeling a bit baggy, so I decided to buy a t shirt one size smaller than usual and try it on every so often as a gauge of how much I've lost. I figured when it feels comfortable, I know I've achieved something tangible. Turns out that's now. I've gone from feeling uncomfortable in an XL to feeling ok in a large. The downside is that I'll now have to replace all my shirts...
  4. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I don't see the point in declaring my pronouns, as I'm exactly what you'd expect. Declaring them changes literally nothing in my case. I get that some would argue that it's normalising it so those who do have to declare theirs feel more "normal", but to me it feels more like "Ooh, ooh me too" and showing off how inclusive I am, rather than actually trying to help. As with all things though, I ultimately think "you do you". It doesn't really matter, but I won't be declaring mine.
  5. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Not aimed at anyone here, but it speaks volumes when people are angered more by riots/"cancel culture"/black lives matter etc than they are by the events that lead to it in the first place.
  6. General Movie Thread

    Having heard (and loved) the main song countless times on Radio 2, I finally watched The Greatest Showman. Absolutely loved it. There was some less than perfect singing and CG in places, but overall a really beautiful film.
  7. Yup. I wonder if it will have a similar issue to the WiiU, where the more casual audience will think it's a peripheral or at least not realise it's a whole new generation.
  8. Some friends and I are starting a D&D podcast. It's the guys from FRUK (aka @ReZourceman and friends) and a few extras. We've only got a teaser at the moment, but we've just recorded a few of our character intros, so will have an intro episode ready very soon. I was excited before, but now that I've heard the intros (I'm the editor), my excitement has grown even more.
  9. No, but you have just reminded me that I used to love opening a new game as soon as I left the shop, then reading the manual on the car ride home. First the loss of the Argos catalogue and now the realisation that I'll never be able to enjoy a game manual. My childhood is truly dead.
  10. There's a Hatsune Miku guitar pedal and I've never wanted anything more. It's so stupid and I must have it.
  11. I did think you might regret it when you posted it!
  12. Gaming Tradition Christmas Nights Haven't done it for a while, but I used to play Christmas Nights on the lead up to Christmas every year. I'd reset my progress and unlock everything all over again.
  13. Graphics/Art Style Persona 5 Hands down the best presented game I've ever played. I put over a hundred hours into the game and I never skipped the intro once. Has the game got anything to do with figure skating? Nope, but it looks awesome, so it's in the intro. Even the menus are stunning:
  14. DLC/Expansion Sonic and Knuckles The OG expansion on consoles (probably). Honourable mentions to Mothership Zeta (Fallout 3), Blood and Wine (Witcher 3) and Horse Armour (Oblivion) because it's funny as fuck.
  15. What Have You Bought?

    It's one of those films that doesn't seem like it should be good, but the same tricks that keep the budget down also do a hell of a good job of building tension and fear. For example, you don't really get to see the aliens all that much, but the camera goes a bit garbled when they're near. The tension comes from the fact that you know there's an alien nearby, but the characters don't and you're just waiting for something to happen. It's very effective. Definitely one of those films that does a hell of a lot with very little. Think The Blair Witch (except better), but with aliens and you're pretty much there.