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  1. Virtual Reality

    You're just disappointed you won't be able to complain about the battery life.
  2. Touch is a great song. I love how it swings from borderline-terrifying to full on Disney song. The whole Random Access Memories album is great, second only to Discovery IMO. I need to revisit some of the others, as I don't remember liking Homework, Human After All and the Tron soundtrack that much, but it's been so long since I listened to them that I might like them more nowadays. I recently bought Random Access Memories on vinyl, so that's getting played quite a bit at the moment. Even more so after the news of the split. It's weird. Bands come and go and it never really bothers me that much, but Daft Punk feel like they've been there forever and they've pretty much soundtracked the major parts of my life without me realising. It's a real shame to see them go.
  3. There isn't really a general music thread, so figured I'd post this in here: Just went live on their social channels. Seems to me like it means the end of Daft Punk, but some people are saying it could just be a tease for a new look or style. The 1993 - 2021 seems pretty concrete to me though.
  4. Accessibility in Games

    Stick swapping is something I sometimes struggle with. As I'm left handed, I'm much better at aiming with my left hand, so need to swap sticks for shooters. I'm generally ok for third person games, as they tend to be more platforming based or action based, but for first person shooters (or third person games that are mainly shooting), it's a must. Having the ability to swap sticks at a console level is great, but the problem comes with games like Cyberpunk that have vehicle sections. Swapping sticks at a console level means I have to steer cars with the right stick, which is fucking awful. Games like Battlefield handle this brilliantly, allowing you to customise your controller layout independently for each scenario (on foot, land vehicles and air vehicles). I think it was the PS3/360 era that was the worst though. Some developers (like Bethesda) straight up refuse to put any stick options in their games. I ended up buying a specially modded controller for the 360 that had the stick inputs resoldered to have them permanently switched. I ended up giving that to someone on here (I forget who) when my third 360 got the RROD. For the PS3 I bought an adapter that had options to swap buttons and sticks on a wired controller and bought a wired 360 pad. Still got that somewhere.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    Rotary tool to fix the car, as documented in the bad stuff thread: And as it's payday, it means more records: Particularly happy about the Daft Punk one as Amazon very rarely has it in stock (and it always sells out straight away) and it goes for silly money on eBay.
  6. bad stuff thread.

    The only reason I started this car was to jump start the other one. On the plus side, a metal replacement is dirt cheap and as I'll have to remove the rest of the plastic, it finally gives me a decent reason to buy a Dremel.
  7. "Scientifically, it's Bulbasaur"
  8. Anthem (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    Inevitable closure. To think they suggested they were massively overhauling it, didn't believe that for a second. The name of this game now is toxic and there's nothing they can do to remedy it. I think they could, especially after seeing things like No Man's Sky going from a laughing stock to what it is now. The core gameplay of Anthem was great fun at times, so definitely a good foundation for an overhaul. Now, whether they will. That's a different story. I personally don't think they will. EA chase easy money, so I think they'll just cut their losses and move on.
  9. Anthem (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    Well it's EA, so they'll probably just give up, shut the studio and move on to something more profitable. Shame really, as I still maintain that it was a good game. Not great or groundbreaking, but way better than everyone seemed to make out.
  10. I'm still completely in love with this image. If there was an award for best promotional artwork, this would get my vote hands down.
  11. What Have You Bought?

    Yet another cassette player, as the Alba "Tetris" one was a bit disappointing and the Aiwa one I got is probably beyond my skill to repair (it was only £1, so I only bought it to tinker with anyway). This time a proper Walkman, which I'm hoping will be my main one, as it's has all the bells and whistles I want such as Dolby noise reduction and auto reverse. As always, it appears to need a belt, so ordered one of those too. I've already got a selection of belts, but I figured I'd get one that's guaranteed to fit properly, rather than find one that's close enough. Should be a nice Walkman when I'm done.
  12. Laptops?

    I've used several PCs and Macs as part of my various jobs and whilst Macs have definitely been better for creative work overall, it's personal preference if they're better enough to justify the price. I'm about 50/50 on whether I'd buy my own Mac when I come to replace my laptop. I do like how well they work with the the Adobe creative suite, but the limits when it comes to gaming and other software etc are a big drawback. That said, PCs do seem to require a bit more research to get a decent one. My general thoughts are if you're purely going for creative work and the price doesn't bother you, get a Mac. If you want a laptop for other use or aren't sure about the price of a mac, get a PC.
  13. What Have You Bought?

    More music stuff. And a cassette player that I really wanted as a kid, but never got. Doesn't come up on eBay a lot, so I figured I'd get it whilst I can. Got it for the starting bid too.
  14. Laptops?

    I either use a fairly old Dell laptop or the MacBook Pro that I use for work. I generally don't worry too much about colour accuracy, as I'm very unlikely to print any of my photos, so they'll appear different on different monitors anyway. In my old job as a school photography editor, we colour calibrated our monitors fairly regularly. We either used a proper calibration tool or just printed a photo and then adjusted the monitor to match (was a bit more accurate for us, as it matched our specific printers).
  15. I've always been one for rock music, but I'm loving the disco influences that are coming into pop music at the moment. Currently got Kylie Minogue's new song stuck in my head: