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  1. General Retro Discussion

    A guy at work was telling me how he had been helping his parents clear out their loft and had come across some games and a gameboy. I asked what he did with them as I collect old games and consoles. His response, put them all in the skip.... Luckily he got them out of the skip for me and said if he comes across anything else, I can have them too. Not the best of games but there are a few gems in there. The gameboy advance was in a right state. I took it apart, cleaned everything and ordered a new lens as the original was scratched to death Quite happy with it now
  2. Last of Us Part II

    Finished it last Wednesday, took just under 29 hours in total. Absolutely amazing game which looks incredible on the Pro. Lost count of the number of times I just stopped for a few minutes to take everything in. Held off on my second playthrough until I had played the first game and Left Behind again. Hopefully we have some DLC around the PS5 launch
  3. The Wrasslin' thread

    Just watched the highlights for the AEW Double or Nothing PPV. Really impressed, hopefully they build on this and put out an incredible weekly show. Also, someone posted this on resetera. God I miss WCW.
  4. Monster Hunter World (PS4)

    Funnily enough I was going to message you last night saying "I'm going to have to buy Monster Hunter World again aren't I?" Have we got any pricing yet for how much the full game and expansion will cost together?
  5. General Retro Discussion

    No game in particular for me but if I ever feel a bit down, I'll go into my retro games room. I'll either play a game or do a simple thing like just picking up a game off the shelf and looking at the box art and reminisce. Takes me back to my childhood when things were a lot simpler.
  6. Nintendo at E3 2019

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Microsoft announce for the Switch. Halo, Rare Replay, Killer Instinct, Rare Smash DLC. Who knows! Also, Animal Crossing. If there is one game that will make me finally buy a Switch, it's that.
  7. Football Season 2018/19

    What you like @Blade
  8. Super Mario 64 Perfect Dark Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Goldeneye WWF No Mercy
  9. General Retro Discussion

    I'm after a free app to log all the games in my retro collection, any suggestions?
  10. Michael Jackson

    Good video which puts Wade Robson's accusations into question.
  11. My Retro Games Room

    Yeah, it started out with a small unit for the retro consoles I didn't sell, then I started picking up games, consoles and game/movie figurines from car boots and it quickly spread to a whole room. That TV I have on the unit weighs a tonne, I can't go any bigger with a CRT on the unit. You'll notice I've reinforced the unit under the TV. When that TV dies, I'll replace it with a modern tv and then I'll have room for the 360, PS3 and Wii U. The plan is to get some gaming canvas art to go behind the TV to fill the gap but yet to find any I like
  12. My Retro Games Room

    It was but I got some cable tidy strips and apart from the end of the unit where all the scart cables and plugs are kept, its quite tidy. It took a whole day to remove all the consoles from the unit and sort out the scart / power cables one by one. Something I never want to do again! I'd lay out a plan for where all the consoles were going to go and then when it came to it, the cables weren't long enough.
  13. General Retro Discussion

    It has yellowed a bit but not gone brown just yet. I can always do what I did with the controllers if it gets bad.
  14. My Retro Games Room

    I've been meaning to create a thread for my games room for awhile so here goes Back of the room 80% of everything on the bookshelf was picked up at a car boot. Only the Simpsons and wrestling figures were not. The McDonalds mario figures collection is now getting out of hand. All the controllers kept in boxes under the sofa My latest console purchase, the american SNES. I think it was £40 with 5 games with 1 being Super Mario Kart. The official lightgun collection posted in the other thread.
  15. General Retro Discussion

    Super Scope is in fantastic condition as is its box. Sold 3 but 2 went to someone in Slovakia which I'm not sure how that happened as I restricted it to just UK sellers. Cancelled the orders but he's refusing to confirm the cancellation. Had problems selling abroad before so not doing that again.