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  1. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    Not played it with anyone on my friends list. Going by the online match making with randoms, I doubt there will be any issues. I am looking forward to playing golf with you again.
  2. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    Put a few hours into it so far. Online is really impressive for a Nintendo game. Not had any disconnects. Once you have played 10 times of any of the sports online, a pro league points system is introduced which makes things a lot more competitive and Love bowling, tennis and badminton. Badminton is so different from tennis, very tactical. Starting to get into Volleyball now. Football is pretty much rocket league. There are limited time items to unlock for your character as well. You unlock each of these by collecting 100 points. You get at least 30 for a game of tennis.
  3. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    Got mine pre-ordered this morning and booked the Friday off for a 4 day Switch Sports weekend. Any plans for N-E bowling nights?
  4. General Retro Discussion

    Had a good run recently with adding to my retro gaming collection, all off Facebook Marketplace Picked a Gameboy Micro up for £30 just before Christmas https://imgur.com/BuP0WeA Picked up Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze on the Wii U for £5 a few weeks back along with the Super Mario Maker box and book that I was missing for £2 Last week I saw a post on Facebook marketplace with no photo just saying Sega,& Nintendo consoles for sale. I messaged asking what he had and he sent me some photos, next day after agreeing on some prices I bought all this for £140. Nobody had messaged him apart from me. Unbelievable luck to get this deal. and then this, a master system 2 with 21 master system games. Twenty One games. All for £140.... Crazy. I don't think I'll get a deal this good ever again.
  5. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    @Glen-i do you still use my old excel file with all the templates for the league nights? God, that brings back memories. Still remember the first league night on MK8 where we had over 40 people playing. 4 hosts, making sure everyone in the groups had their hosts added as well as two people to take photos in each group in case the designated photographer got kicked. Fun times. @BowserBasher, I've sent you a friend request
  6. Which console are you planning on getting this for? Not sure this needs voice chat so I'm thinking Switch.
  7. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Damn, I wasted my best I'm in GIF on the other thread Still need to buy the booster pack & nintendo online subscription but it'll be sorted before Friday.
  8. General Switch Discussion

    After a bit of Switch advice. I want to use my Wii U Pro Controller on the Switch and just wondering what is the best Bluetooth adapter to buy? Seen a few on eBay but mostly from China which I want to avoid. This one stands out
  9. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    Monster Hunter takes top spot https://imgur.com/Mp8iJh3
  10. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Just come into the thread to ask where the cheapest place is to get the DLC from. Thanks
  11. Nintendo Direct : 09 / 02 / 22 (10pm UK time)

    The direct last Wednesday was so good I bought a Switch 5 days later after holding off for nearly 5 years. I've always said Mario Kart 9 would make me buy a switch, the significant DLC announced was enough for me and confirmation MK9 is being saved for the successor to the Switch. Feels like the announcement of Nintendo Switch Sports has gone under the radar a bit though which is surprising given the impact the original Wii Sports had as well as Resort.
  12. Reviving the N-E Mario Kart League

    Oh yeah, As of today I now own a Switch and MK8 Deluxe.
  13. Playstation Plus Free Games

    @Julius That would be much appreciated. A round will take about 30 minutes with 2 people. Change your difficulty to beginner and it’ll be a lot more enjoyable for you. Add me if we aren’t already friends on PSN.
  14. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Did anyone download and play PGA Tour 2K21? I nearly have the platinum trophy but one of the two remaining trophies I need to get is creating a private room and completing a round? HELP!
  15. General Retro Discussion

    Decided to order a new case for my Game Boy Advance that a guy at work gave me last year as the plastic around the speaker and L&R triggers had yellowed as well as the case colour fading. Only cost £8 and it looks so much better with it mainly for display purposes in the games room. I also recently bought a Game Boy Pocket that a mates sister was selling that is in really good condition. I have no real intention of collecting handhelds but I remember getting this for Christmas in 1996 as a surprise present off my parents. My mum would usually check with my brother before buying anything gaming related that I hadn't asked for but got this without asking my brother and with everything that's happened with my mum over the last 10 months (diagnosed with dementia and moved into a care home), it means so much to have this in my possession.