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  1. General Retro Discussion

    I've gone on a bit of a spending spree on eBay over the last couple of weeks to slowly rebuild my N64 collection. 4 of my favorite N64 games now back in my possession. There's so many more I want to buy but I'm going to hold off and buy a couple every 2-3 months. I also bought 20 empty mega drive/master system cases off eBay as well for the loose master system games that I bought earlier in the year. Printed a few covers off and I think they look pretty good on the shelf. Not as good quality as the original cases or the universal game cases but they do the job.
  2. They interviewed someone from THQ who said it would have a deep career mode. I'd imagine the career mode will be very similar to No Mercy based on what we've seen so far.
  3. Couldn't find a thread so sorry if one exists. Gameplay footage of AEW Fight Forever debuted at Gamescom. For 20+ years I've waited for a wrestling game to match up to the legendary No Mercy and the other AKI wrestling games. The wait might be over judging by this.
  4. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Thanks but I don't go on here enough to see it. I'll remember!
  5. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    If only. It's getting a little better, I did rob a train last night. That was fun.
  6. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    I'll try my best to attend this Thursday. I keep forgetting....
  7. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (June 10th)

    A bit too gimmicky for me. It's too hectic and I've never been a fan of the unstoppable power moves in mario sports games. If I bought it, I'd be buying it for regular 4 player N-E action and unfortunately the N-E online community is nowhere as strong as it was during the Wii/Wii U days. Also, with the lack of voice chat to communicate with your teammates, you lose a big part of the online experience so I'll be giving this a miss. I didn't have any issues during the online games. I've been very surprised by how good the online experience has been on the Switch so far.
  8. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    Not played it with anyone on my friends list. Going by the online match making with randoms, I doubt there will be any issues. I am looking forward to playing golf with you again.
  9. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    Put a few hours into it so far. Online is really impressive for a Nintendo game. Not had any disconnects. Once you have played 10 times of any of the sports online, a pro league points system is introduced which makes things a lot more competitive and Love bowling, tennis and badminton. Badminton is so different from tennis, very tactical. Starting to get into Volleyball now. Football is pretty much rocket league. There are limited time items to unlock for your character as well. You unlock each of these by collecting 100 points. You get at least 30 for a game of tennis.
  10. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    Got mine pre-ordered this morning and booked the Friday off for a 4 day Switch Sports weekend. Any plans for N-E bowling nights?
  11. General Retro Discussion

    Had a good run recently with adding to my retro gaming collection, all off Facebook Marketplace Picked a Gameboy Micro up for £30 just before Christmas https://imgur.com/BuP0WeA Picked up Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze on the Wii U for £5 a few weeks back along with the Super Mario Maker box and book that I was missing for £2 Last week I saw a post on Facebook marketplace with no photo just saying Sega,& Nintendo consoles for sale. I messaged asking what he had and he sent me some photos, next day after agreeing on some prices I bought all this for £140. Nobody had messaged him apart from me. Unbelievable luck to get this deal. and then this, a master system 2 with 21 master system games. Twenty One games. All for £140.... Crazy. I don't think I'll get a deal this good ever again.
  12. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    @Glen-i do you still use my old excel file with all the templates for the league nights? God, that brings back memories. Still remember the first league night on MK8 where we had over 40 people playing. 4 hosts, making sure everyone in the groups had their hosts added as well as two people to take photos in each group in case the designated photographer got kicked. Fun times. @BowserBasher, I've sent you a friend request
  13. Which console are you planning on getting this for? Not sure this needs voice chat so I'm thinking Switch.
  14. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Damn, I wasted my best I'm in GIF on the other thread Still need to buy the booster pack & nintendo online subscription but it'll be sorted before Friday.
  15. General Switch Discussion

    After a bit of Switch advice. I want to use my Wii U Pro Controller on the Switch and just wondering what is the best Bluetooth adapter to buy? Seen a few on eBay but mostly from China which I want to avoid. This one stands out