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  1. Virtual Reality

    Thanks for the good review! I've finally cleared up some space at home, so now I think I'm ready to start playing the game. I've only heard good things about it, but I've not had the space to play it until now. Gonna download it and try it out soon. Time to go all matrix out on this game! Btw, has any of you heard about Boneworks? It looks bonkers! Probably the closest thing we'll get to Half Life VR/3 I don't have the knuckle controllers, but still with the Rift touch controllers it should be an enjoyable experience. Looking forward to seeing more from Stress Level Zero
  2. Astral Chain -- August 30th 2019

    Probably a good idea to have a list ready If it was just one it'd be easier to find some co-op games, but with twins I need 3-player co-op at least (if I'm to join in). But yeah, it's gonna be a good time I'm sure. Chaotic and hectic, but good! I'm playing as much as I can now before all hell breaks loose I think I need to get on with playing NieR before I call it quits.
  3. No More Heroes 3

    I hadn't seen the extended trailer when I posted my first comment, so I'm happy to see the blood is back :D. If we're lucky, we might get a remaster or a HD version of No More Heroes 1/Hero's Paradise and 2. I just hope they fix the overworld in 1, because that was some serious buggy and bad stuff.
  4. Astral Chain -- August 30th 2019

    Really looking forward to this. Looks like an incredibly deep and rich game from Platinum. If the combat has their usual quality and feel, and the town and environments have some interesting lore and depth, then this might be my game of the year. ....just too bad it releases exactly as I'm gonna be a father of twins. So I guess I won't be able to play this for.... maybe two or three years?
  5. Astral Chain -- August 30th 2019

    This game is looking freaking bonkers!!! I thought this looked good before I saw the gameplay, but now it's just gotten a whole new layer of depth! I enjoy Platinum's games for their action packed gameplay, but this detective stuff and being a proper policeman/woman looks to be great fun too! And the city looks really good too
  6. No More Heroes 3

    I can't f*cking wait! At long last, the true sequel will happen! Really looking forward to it, and here's hoping that they don't go the safe route and remove all the blood and dismemberment xD
  7. Gods & Monsters (Feb 25, 2020)

    Seems pretty interesting. It aims to be the "most open world game ever", which makes me question if it can beat Breath of the Wild in that regard. I just hope there will be enough to do in the game, and that the overworld is filled with unique and interesting monsters and characters. Looking forward to seeing images from towns and cities too. This could be really good, but the bar is Breath of the Wild, and that's gonna be a tough game to beat. Still, BotW is a masterpiece, so if this manages to feel like the game but in an unique way, I'm all for it.
  8. E3 2019

    @killthenet Yeah, Devolver was truly good. Quality entertainment right there. I love the actress who play Nina "Motherfucking" Struthers and the whole character she's built up. So much quality! And the way they kinda didn't care about showing their game trailers, but instead mixed it up with the "direct" and all the interruptions and errors just made it way less formal and way better! Keep on putting out new Directs Devolver, you're doing a good job!
  9. E3 2019

    Watchdogs was the only thing that stood out for me. The rest? Not so much. Quite boring, tbh. The Zelda announcement at the end was interesting, but it just ended way too quick, and..... then it was all over. Like, isn't it usually some huuuge announcement at the end? Felt like they missed that this year.
  10. E3 2019

    I fuckin told you, didn't I? Just dance? No, please "Just die"....
  11. E3 2019

    It was only a time before a mobile game was announced. Watchdogs is the only highlight for me so far. Not really anything else peaking my interest other than that.
  12. E3 2019

    Aw, where is Aisha Tyler??
  13. E3 2019

    I'm gonna take over the most average joe guy ever, who has no skills. At all. I will finish the game, just with him . But man, that lady had some proper John Wick skills with that gun. I liked it, it looked really good.
  14. E3 2019

    Oh, but there will probably be a dance party anyway
  15. Ouch...