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  1. Wolfenstein II: The New Collosus

    Would get it, if I didn't hate FPS with thumbsticks. I'll probably end up playing it on PC when my backlog gets shorter (in other words, never...)
  2. Illustration thread

  3. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017)

    @Shorty, I've clocked in over 100 hours into this already, and I'm just finished with chapter 7 out of 10. I can see me spending another 100 hours on this, to be honest. I wouldn't mind doing a new game + even. It's well worth full price! Or you have to wait or get it used from ebay/secondhand sites.
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017)

    Just finished Chapter 7. Jesus Christ, this game is just too good! But.....
  5. PUBG- PlayerUnknown's Battleground

    I've clocked in about 100 hours on this game now, but unfortunately on PC. I've won a couple of times, and I usually do it pretty well in Solo, but on squad I suck big time :P. Too bad that is where the fun is :D. But that feeling when you get to top 10..... It's so intense, and SO rewarding once you get your dinner!
  6. PC Gaming Discussion

    FINALLY played through Doki Doki Litterature Club, and Now, after all this time, I got to read your spoilers . Great and shocking game. I think they missed some good opertunities though.
  7. General Switch Discussion

    No wonder the Switch eShop is hard to navigate. Thankfully there will be an update soon that will focus on this issue.
  8. No More Heroes: Travis Touchdown Strikes Again

    Doesn't look like I was hoping it would. This is more like an indie version in the No More Heroes universe. I will probably buy it and support Suda51 since that might get him to release No More Heroes 3 (and remasters of the other two?) on the system in the future. I just don't hope it will be a full priced game, because it kinda looks like a low effort-game. Still digging the sounds and look of this though, but I really miss the gore, the fighting system and the crazy stories and voice acting in the original games.
  9. Super Smash Bros. -- for Nintendo Switch! Coming 2018

    This would be so amazing <3 <3 <3
  10. Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC) - New Rare game

    Just pre-ordered the game (yeah, I know. Shoot me), and I'm gonna be playing this with my mates this weekend during our easter PC-LAN. Looking forward to wreaking havoc on the sea, seeing as me and a buddy made short work of full ships with 4 people last beta round. I had a really good time with the beta, and I'm looking forward to the final game now, but I can't seem to stop thinking this will be a game that will have a great launch, and then just bomb. I dunno, I hope Rare has some amazing content coming in the near future.
  11. Soul Calibur VI

    This is just looking better and better! Makes me sad that there are no Switch version coming :(. Oh, and Ivy nude PC mods are bound to happen :P.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    Yep, with the japanese account I need to buy Nintendo Points from a provider of this, i.e. Play Asia. It sucks, but atleast there is a way to work around the different regions now. On another note; @MindFreak, er du Dansk?!
  13. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    Can't wait! Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have really done a good job with rebooting the series. Really enjoyed Tomb Raider and Rise, and as a PC gamer, I'm really glad the game goes multiplatform from day 1 this time around.
  14. PC Gaming Discussion

    Gorogoa is amazing! I bought it on the Switch, and that's the first game both my girlfriend AND my parents have bothered to watch me play from beginning to end.
  15. Nintendo Direct ( 8th March 10pm )

    @Dcubed, does your uncle work at Nintendo?