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  1. Virtual Reality

    BoneLab is out, and it has gotten a bit of a mixed reception. I love it, and am really enjoying the experience as well as the story. There are parts of the game that is hard to understand, especially with the "absolutely no hand holding"-attitude Stress Level Zero has (almost to a fault), but if you get through the hurdles or just try and explore, you can mostly figure it out pretty quickly. I really love the new avatar swapping mechanic, and feel it adds to the flow of the game. Going to play through it first with a clean playthrough before starting to import modded characters and try to mod in my own.
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    Also a major shout out to the voice cast, they're killing it in this game. So much emotion in their voice, and it sounds so believable! Crazy good acting. Love that they're still embracing the British Isles-focused voice casting. Not too many actors with as thick of an accent as Nia though, but still varied and with great quality.
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    I just finished chapter 5, and I was utterly destroyed. I haven't cried like that in ages.
  4. Virtual Reality

    So, surprisingly enough, BoneLab is releasing this week, on thursday. I'm really, really looking forward to it, and seeing where the game goes forward. I really think the way they open up the way for modders will be really awesome, and the avatar stuff looks really, really cool. And that it works on a quest natively is crazy!
  5. Virtual Reality

    New headsets from Pico getting an announcment this thursday. Rumored to be shown are the Pico Neo 4 (Quest 2 competitor) and the Pico Neo 4 Pro (Cambria/Quest Pro competitor), with a lot of good upgrades. Pancake lenses, foveated rendering, new controllers, eye and face tracking etc. Rumors are saying the Quest Pro (Project Cambria) will be priced at around $1500, which is insane. The Pico Neo 4 Pro will be significantly less, somewhere between $800-1000. We'll see at the announcement though. Also, for PCVR players, Pico has a great feature where they have a DisplayPort port directly in the headset, which lets you use it as a regular PCVR HMD. No data compression like you get on Quest 2.
  6. Fire Emblem Engage (20th Jan 2023)

    I wish there will be skins for the main character, because I honestly can't stand that combination of colors. If they'd been more subtle, or toned down, or just one of them be toned down, I could probably roll with it. But they're both too... dominant to work together. Ugh.
  7. Virtual Reality

    PSVR2 hands on previews now, and Meta Connect in a month? A lot of stuff is starting to happen in the VR scene
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    I'm scared of coming into this thread. But I just wanted to say that I love this game I'm about the same level as most of you here, at the start of chapter 5, level 50 on all characters and doing sidequests more than the actual story. It's been a blast so far, and how they've managed to polish the game to this level on the switch is beyond me. Just having 7 main characters on screen at once while batteling 1-10 monsters where all hell breaks loose is mind boggling. Also, I want Eunie to step on me and Sena to lift me.
  9. Bayonetta 3 (28th October)

    New, extended trailer from todays Nintendo Direct. Looks absolutely bonkers, very ambitious and way over the top! I love the look of it all Viola looks like a cool character to play as, with quite a different approach than Bayonetta. And Bayonettas new moves looks insane. Love that she changes way more with her weapons this time around. I'm getting very hyped for this game!
  10. The amounts of life simulators and Square Enix JRPGs in this Direct are insane
  11. I'm sitting here tossing coal into the engine! Time for (moderated) hype!!!
  12. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    First Switch game I've bought in years. Looking forward to playing it tonight!
  13. Virtual Reality

    Yeah, that's kinda weird for a 2 year old product to go up $100 in price. Makes me wonder if this is done to let the quest line be more afforable and to ease in a higher price for the Quest 3 when it comes out next year. Still a bad decision in my book. Anyone else seen the dumpster fire that is the newest VRchat update? Store page is getting review bombed, and the developers are more or less out of touch with the community, putting up restrictions to using mods (where the majority is used for accessibility functions). Will be interesting to see how this affects VRchat, and if it will remain the biggest social VR platform in the future or not. I think it's a vocal minority at this point, and that it will have some effect on users, but not by a large amount.
  14. PC Gaming Discussion

    Congrats! You're going to see quite a big bump in preformance, that's for sure I went from a 1070 to a 3080 my self, and it's such a beast!
  15. PC Gaming Discussion

    That usually means this fall. But there's also rumors of them postponing the launch because of the terrible 30-series demand, so now might be as good time as any to snag up a good card for a decent price @martinist. I would definitly recommend you go for a 3070 though, to have a card that'll last you a longer while.