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  1. General Switch Discussion

    This is pretty much how I feel about recent E3's as well. And with Devolver, it's not really about the games anymore, just seeing what crazy trip they're on this year. Nintendo is the only presentation with fresh and interesting games (for the most part), and they usually deliver trailers in a masterful way. Remember the Zelda BotW trailer from 2017? One of the best trailers I've seen. So I still have high hopes for this years direct, even though the current situation will most likely affect it quite a bit.
  2. We'll, this has been an interesting read. Looks like I haven't missed much by skipping today's conferences. Looking forward to tuesday, and hope Nintendo will deliver. Who am I kidding.
  3. Returnal (30th April 2021)

    I really want to play this, but I'm no Sony man I hope this is included in the "We're bringing more games to PC"-plan Sony is going for these days, as everything I've heard about the game is phenomenal! Here's hoping.
  4. God of War: Ragnarök (2021)

    How did you hide users here on the forum again?
  5. God of War: Ragnarök (2021)

    As a Norwegian, I just have to say no. This is just wrong and I hate it. It's spelled Ragnarok, and if you spell it with a ø or a ö, it just sounds silly
  6. Those kongas and virtual boy bundles cracked me up
  7. If you join my onlyfans account, I'll sell you the nsfw version for a tenner.
  8. Speaking of art degree... Edit: What am I doing with my life.
  9. Nintendo Switch Plus, or if it's a home console only, I predict Nintendo Stuck.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    I would love if they went the "Super" route. It's such a cool name, Super Switch. New, exclusive games will have the name incorporated in the existing brand, like Legend of Super Zelda, Super F-Zero, Pokemon Super Blue and Super Super Mario! Can't wait
  11. General Switch Discussion

    That's a really valid point, and something I forgot to consider. Here I am, still waiting for my RTX 3080 graphic card order from last september to be delivered. Glad to know it seems to be a more when and not if though, because a better screen and more power is always a welcome boost to any console.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    So just out of curiosity, are we sure there will be a Switch Pro/4K now? And when will we hear about it? Because I keep reading that "tomorrow is a good day!", "Be ready for may, that's the month!", "Next week is the news!" and "Switch PRO will drop this fall". How certain are we there will be a new version? I'm not really using my Switch at the moment with Covid making me stay home all the time. That's where my PC dominates. But I would love a switch with a bigger screen when I will start my daily commute again, but if I sell my Switch and theres nothing, I'm kinda fucked, aren't I? Is it better to hold onto my Switch until the actual news drops (this E3 perhaps)? Sorry for the random words, just wanted to ask around and see what the general feel of the situation is.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Putting the focus back on the original switch for a second, bask in my new joy-con shells light! I had broken the warrant on my original joy-cons, and had severe drifting problems on them. I ended up ordering new shells and joysticks, and finally took the time to mod it. Having the actual D-pad is incredibly nice, and will work wonders on indie and retro games. It works so well, and I can't understand why Nintendo hasn't released an official version with it by now. The SL and SR buttons are purple as well, of course.
  14. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    After clocking in 149.4 hours of play time on Steam (about 30 of those are probably afk though) it is done. Finished all the endings today. Oh man, oh man... this... this game.... THIS GAME ROCKS!!! I've been staying away from every thread, discussion and potential spoiler filled article about this game until now, and I've been surprised again and again by this game. Of course I've seen the articles about the negative press, but as I'm playing on a PC with a RTX 3070 card in it, I've had close to zero issues. And the game itself? Fuck me dizzy, it's a joy to play. The story is interesting, and I love that you're playing a ballad between a punk and a rock star. The game takes a lot of fun turns now and then giving you the.. And the story... Man, I've had a lot of moments where the hair on my back rose pretty quick and stayed there. The heist was one of them, jesus christ that was fun. Now, one of the best parts of the game? It's gotta come down to the graphics and the characters. The characters are so well made. Just the detail of the skin, and how they get the wrinkling of the forehead so god damn realistic is beyond me. Facial expressions and the lightning in this game is so delicious to look at. I was amazed by just random NPCs in the streets, and if you start a side quest? Oh man, even if that character has nothing to do with the story, and you're just gonna see him/her these 2 minutes of dialogue? Prepare to be blown away. Also, the voice acting was top notch. So many good actors. And my darling, female V was awesome. Especially with her purple 'fro. Now for the ending... I ended up following the advice @RedShell posted earlier in december and did all the endings. So many different routes, so many different characters. Really well done for a game with multiple endings. Sure, it'd be nice to have more impact on the ending by doing side missions during the game, but this is like every other game which promises the same thing. "Do this and it will affect the ending!" " altering a small cutscene." I don't really bother. I got a heap of fun from this, and in the end, that is all that matters. Now I'm going to play the waiting game and wait for the DLCs and New Game + to drop. I want to carry my stuff over to my new playthrough, and I really won't feel good about starting a new game with a different V. So, time to wait for the updates