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  1. Genshin Impact

    Bumping this thread xD. I don't think @The Bard is active on the board any more, but I'm playing a lot of Genshin these days. I can really recommend it, and if you look away from the gacha and the grinding, the characters, world, story and music is really really good! And it will be huge when it gets all the six expansions. Inazuma is incredible when it comes to visuals and music. If anyone is up for some casual co-op or just a good discussion, I'm down
  2. No More Heroes 3

    Wait, this is out in two days??
  3. Virtual Reality

    Yay, another quest exclusive -_- Edit: To clarify, I think it's great that they keeps on developing games for VR! But it's annoying to have yet another "Only on.." and "Exclusively for..." gaming platform. It is pretty much just advanced screens, so to make exclusive games for one and not support the other devices in the ecosystem annoys me. I would be even more annoyed if I had owned a Rift S myself.
  4. PC Gaming Discussion

    I always wait with the video card, and have never even heard about anyone who puts it on while the motherboard is out of the case. Might be good for first time builds while you have the whole case on its side. But yeah, as @Sméagol said, use your motherboard/case manuals. They are the best thing you have! Did you get the USB-connector in place eventually?
  5. PC Gaming Discussion

    Well, this will be fun. Please give us updates along the way. And good luck, just think of it as the most expensive lego there is
  6. General Switch Discussion

    This is pretty much how I feel about recent E3's as well. And with Devolver, it's not really about the games anymore, just seeing what crazy trip they're on this year. Nintendo is the only presentation with fresh and interesting games (for the most part), and they usually deliver trailers in a masterful way. Remember the Zelda BotW trailer from 2017? One of the best trailers I've seen. So I still have high hopes for this years direct, even though the current situation will most likely affect it quite a bit.
  7. We'll, this has been an interesting read. Looks like I haven't missed much by skipping today's conferences. Looking forward to tuesday, and hope Nintendo will deliver. Who am I kidding.
  8. Returnal (30th April 2021)

    I really want to play this, but I'm no Sony man I hope this is included in the "We're bringing more games to PC"-plan Sony is going for these days, as everything I've heard about the game is phenomenal! Here's hoping.
  9. God of War: Ragnarök (2022)

    How did you hide users here on the forum again?
  10. God of War: Ragnarök (2022)

    As a Norwegian, I just have to say no. This is just wrong and I hate it. It's spelled Ragnarok, and if you spell it with a ø or a ö, it just sounds silly
  11. Those kongas and virtual boy bundles cracked me up
  12. If you join my onlyfans account, I'll sell you the nsfw version for a tenner.
  13. Speaking of art degree... Edit: What am I doing with my life.
  14. Nintendo Switch Plus, or if it's a home console only, I predict Nintendo Stuck.