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  1. Virtual Reality

    It's finally happening! Looking forward to testing the new headset in November, and a lot of the changes are very positive.
  2. Final Fantasy XVI

    This looks incredible! Thank god Sony is finally easing up on exclusivity, and that more and more titles are PS5 and PC launchers. This will look crazy good on my rig with mods
  3. PC Gaming Discussion

    Aaand like everyone around, I have to wait for my cards. What a terrible launch . So few cards for so many buyers. A retailer here in Scandinavia is apparently having over 10.000 backorders, so I guess people will have to wait a while. My cards are due to be sent sometime next week, but I'll believe it when I get the shipping numbers. On the bright side, it looks like the affordable ASUS TUF Gaming is a really solid card!
  5. PC Gaming Discussion

    I managed to snag two cards. A MSI Gaming Trio X and an ASUS TUF Gaming OC. Now I just need to figure out which is better (as I had no reviews beforehand), before selling the other one. Most likely at a bit of a higher cost, if I can (sorry)
  6. PC Gaming Discussion

    I already have multiple tabs with GPUs open and ready for order, just to be sure I'll be able to snag one. The supply is supposedly really, really low, so the cards will most likely be sold out after a few minutes/hours, and resupply won't happen until around christmas. Just a heads up.
  7. Virtual Reality

    That price point and upgrade is pretty good! Just not really interested in tying my facebook account to another unit, and the whole "Facebook account required for use" is stupid. I've steadily gone away from Oculus after they were bought by Facebook. Don't get me wrong, I think the fact that Facebook drives VR forward with more money and more development, and also less cost for consumers (except their privacy/soul) is pretty good for the entire VR community. But I think it drives the development in a wrong direction. Facebook wants quick cash, so they stock on the easiest platform to make games on. Mobile. And now they've officially killed the Rift S. In Facebooks eyes, PCVR is dead. But that is, in my opinion at least, where we have more and more possibilities with VR. I just hope that the developers for Quest games will also make PC-versions of their games, but who am I kidding? We will see less games like Half Life Alyx and more quick pick up and play-games. I'll still be sticking to my HP Reverb G2 pre-order, seeing as that is what the Oculus Rift S should've been. Doing a solid upgrade of my PC now, so when the headset comes, I'll be more than ready to play some intense, long single player games
  8. Virtual Reality

    With the updated cpu and screens, I kinda see that there are going to be Quest 2 exclusive titles in the coming years, gradually making the original Quest less and less relevant. I might be wrong though. Good update, but the whole "Mandatory facebook account login required, and we will be tracking you for upcoming ads" situation really off-putting.
  9. Star Wars Squadrons

    That was incredible! What an amazing short! Great animation, and the action had me on the tip of my seat all the way! Good job to the team behind this. It was great to see a space battle from the imperial perspective as well. Gives me vibes to the Old Republic cinematic trailers, so damn good. I am more hyped for the game, but please please let there be more of these shorts in the coming weeks
  10. PC Gaming Discussion

    Embargo got pushed to the 16th, so we have a full day of reviews before making a choice.
  11. Virtual Reality

    This looks pretty good.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    1) What games are people playing on their Switch at the moment? At the moment it's collecting dust Nothing really interests me at the moment, but it'll probably change when I start my morning commute again. 2) What's the next game release you're looking forward to? No More Heroes 3, but I still need to see some gameplay (without Suda in the way) 3) How many people are actually picking up Super Mario 3D All-Stars on day one? I'm not, and I don't think I'll get it in the long run. I had a great time with all the games, but I don't have a need to replay them. 4) Which game are you looking forward to playing first? Speaking of other games, I still haven't booted up Fire Emblem Three Houses or Bayonetta 2.
  13. PC Gaming Discussion

    Thanks for the heads up, @Vileplume2000. I'm glad that the embargo lifts a few days before the cards launch, because I'm not sure if I would've bought the cards going in blind (probably would've though...). It will be nice to see some actual numbers from youtubers and tech nerds.
  14. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    They're really upping the Game Pass to sell Xbox Series S, aren't they? This is great news though, a lot of good titles is available at EA Play. Really increasing the value of this already incredible deal.
  15. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    So, just to make things clear for me, do you install the games you want through Game Pass, or is it a streaming service where the games are played online? Because if you install it locally, I think I'll get it right away. I had a look through the list of games, and the library is crazy good!