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  1. Genshin Impact

    I remember that quest, and it was not fun =_= And I have no idea why they thought that was a good thing to implement either. Really bad game design. Sorry for being inactive here, there's been a lot of stuff to do at my new job. I've been playing more genshin lately, and it's good to be back again after a long break. If I recall correctly, there are a few quests that force you out of co-op, but none that are as hard as this. Have you tried setting your world rank back a level? Can you do that yet? I hope you figure it out Rummy. As for your team, Bennet is known as the only Six star character in the game xD. He's incredible, and is in every team I run. Amber though, ugh... she's best left alone in Mondstadt. She's nice as a character, but none of her abilities are any good in combat. Xiangling is incredible (I use her a lot), as well as Lisa in early game. But if you want to use some strong characters, I would recommend using Sucrose, she's pretty strong, and has a large AOE. But I don't really know that much about what teams are the best or not. As for me, I'm a Raiden main, and have unlocked a lot of characters by playing for quite a long time. For my main team I use Xiangling, Raiden, Bennet and Xingqiu. These do a ton of damage if you stack their attacks correctly. Wouldn't mind hopping into your world and helping you out now and again when/if you get past the mission.
  2. Virtual Reality

    The buyer actually chose not to sell after weighing the options. Sucks for me, and seeing as we did the deal privately over discord, there wasn't really something I could do to hold him to his part of the deal. But I had a good chat with the guy, and turns out that if I know someone in Sweden I can buy the whole thing for retail price (€1000) and get it brought over without paying taxes. So I have that going on at the moment. I'll give an update when I have it, but I know that the surperior tracking is something I miss even from the Oculus CV1 days. Going to be good to come back to full lighthouse tracking after all this time. Also, the FOV is incredible on the device. I've used the Index extensively before, so I know what I'm going to :). I think it all depends on your use and how you plan on playing VR.
  3. Virtual Reality

    Aaaand now I've gone ahead and bought a used Valve Index =_=. I've been considering it for a while actually, and while the HP Reverb G2 is great on a lot of aspects, I've been slowly irritated by the bad tracking of the controllers, as well as how to power on and off the headset, and not to mention Mixed Reality Portal. That software is annoying in itself, and when I have to run it in the background no matter what I do, then it annoys me. While the Valve Index can't compete with the colors or the displays in general, it excels in almost every other aspect. Controllers, tracking, software, FOV, HZ. The FOV will be awesome to get back. Also the quality of the device in itself is better than the G2. So, I was thinking that if I got a good deal, I'd go ahead and buy it. And now it somehow happened. Really happy with getting it, even though the price here in Norway is crazy high. £1200 for a used model, and even that's a bargin.
  4. Virtual Reality

    Good point. The PC is usually the source of the problem, and it's understandable considering all the different components and brands there are. I have high hope for a high resolution MicroLED with cloud based gaming. It would let us have a high-end headset with mid-range components (apart from the screens), and it would probably reduce cost, weight and size. It'll be interesting to see what HTC will do with their 5G prototype of their Vive Focus 3. It's a start.
  5. Genshin Impact

    You okay Rummy? xD
  6. Virtual Reality

    @Shorty What in the world. How is even that a fix? I agree, there's a lot of issues with VR from a Plug and Play-experience unfortunatly. The Quest has done an amazing work with making it more mainstream and easy to use, but as soon as you try to use it like a PC headset, it's still full of issues. But when it works, oh man does it work wonders I gotta say though, my HP Reverb G2 has been flawless from start, not really had any issues or bugs with it so far. And a lot of users are claiming it's the headset with the most bugs. The only thing that bugs me is the okay-ish tracking. I wish it was as good as base station tracking, but that'll probably be something we'll get with the next generation of VR headsets. Speaking of tracking, if anyone is interested in Full Body Tracking I've done some research, and SlimeVR looks to be really, really good! You get wi-fi connected tracking (no base stations needed!) for as low as $169, which is crazy cheap! I've ordered a kit as I play VRchat quite a lot these days. Unfortunately, their production has been hampered by chip shortage, so my estimated delivery date is november 2022 =_=. Another contender is the HaritoraX which does the same thing, but with a more easy to use system with connected cables and IR trackers and whatnot. 10 hours of playtime, with only 1 USB charge port for the whole thing. If this drops for pre-orders in EU soon, I'll cancel my order of SlimeVR and get this instead. HaritoraX costs $270, and I would say the ease of use and more accessible system is worth the extra money.
  7. Hollow Knight

    So am I, but I didn't really mind the shade-thing. It's usually in easy to get-places, so you rarely lose your stuff. But I wouldn't mind a checkpoint system either. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I played it! I still listen to the soundtrack once or twice every week
  8. Virtual Reality

    So you haven't gotten the flashlight yet? Sounds like this is just before that
  9. Virtual Reality

    Nice! I'm still stuck with my incredibly small playspace "over" the bed (while leaning at one side of it) until we move next summer. Then I'll get a dedicated office where I'll be sure to reserve a square space to play VR games. @Shorty: I've read a lot of recommendations for VR play spaces, and one of the best ones is to lay out a circular rug in the center of the space. That way you'll stay in the middle, and won't wander off which is somethin even I do on my small space. Could be something to consider now that you've got a dedicated space :). And also, yay! Alyx is so much fun! How far did you get in the story? Looking forward to hearing more about it
  10. Genshin Impact

    Nice to have a fellow Genshin player here I'm pretty much up to date on the story, and played so much that I've gotten a bit burnt out. But I'm slowly coming back into the game. Looking forward to a lot of the new banners and getting my primogems done on a daily basis. How far are you in the story? I wouldn't mind hopping in for some co-op one day if I'm not too high level. Still a really nice world, and as you say @Rummy, for a freemium game it's incredibly vast as well as easy to play without spending any money at all. My ID is 705388275. Let's play next week after you're done with the stag :D. Also, I hope they manage to release it for Switch soon enough.
  11. Virtual Reality

    Congrats on the new facebook device, @V. Amoleo (Can't get myself to call them Meta yet) Glad to hear you're enjoying it. As a user of the HP Reverb G2, I can tell you that inside-out tracking is by far superior to PSVR, and really impressive without needing to install external sensors. Are you going to play it mainly as a standalone device, or with a link cable or with air link? I'm considering getting one myself one day, if there's nothing new and exciting coming in the next year or so, just to be able to play VR without cables. It should improve the experience and immersion by quite a lot, and the screens should be pretty good. I really want to wait until we get the micro LED display headsets with air link though, as I wouldn't be relying on Facebook, and they would (hopefully) improve both tracking and fullbody tracking in future headsets. But we'll see. Enjoy your Quest 2, and if you haven't gotten it yet, I can't recommend Blade And Sorcery (for Steam, B&S: Nomad for quest standalone) enough Great with mods!
  12. General Switch Discussion

    I've played so little that it doesn't have enough data to give me an overview
  13. Halo Infinite (8th December 2021) (XSX/XBO/PC)

    Just wantet to pop in a quick comment about the campaign. THIS IS HALO!!! Holy moly, it's like it's 2001 again, and I love it! Great music, awesome world, good cast. Everything is on point! And zooming around with the grapple shot is amazing!
  14. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Seeing as how bad and expensive the Epic PC port is, it should be a no-brainer to wait. At least to see if Square Enix fixes the game. I wouldn't be surprised if Epic snagged a timed exclusive deal with a Steam release later on. I just hope the version releasing on Steam will be the definitive version. But that might be a longshot.
  15. PC Gaming Discussion

    Epic Games is having their "15 games for christmas"-thingy going on now, so, there's a new free mystery game each day. Shenmue 3 from 2019 is available now, with a new game opening up in three hours. Grab 'em if you can!