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  1. Loved the first two, and won't mind getting spoiled a bit as long as I can build up my hype for the game. At the moment I'm not really feeling it, so getting some hype going will be good. less than 10 minutes to go!
  2. Virtual Reality

    It's very interesting stuff indeed! Zuckerberg also stated that the timeframe for this tech to be implemented is "in a few years", which sounds really, really promising! It's awesome to see tech moving forward at this speed Speaking of new tech, how are people feeling about meta's next headset, Project Cambria? It's looking really nice in my opinion. Sleek and small profile, with the new pancake lenses as well as micro LED (finally going to have good contrast again). The headset looks to be great comfort right out of the box, and it looks like an easy-and-quick-to-enjoy headset. I hope the price tag is right. I actually sold off my Valve Index because of either Cambria (if not too expensive) or PSVR 2, just because of how much better the tech looks compared to the three year old headset. The new controllers on the Cambria looks really interesting too, and if the IR cameras work as I believe they should, we should finally see great tracking for standalone headsets in the time forward. No more tracking rings! Also love that the headset comes with a link cable in the box (rumored), as well as the charging stand Exciting times ahead!
  3. Genshin Impact

    You came here a bit too late @The Bard I've had my fill of the game. I managed to get to the point where everything revolved around grinding and doing the same chores each day, and I don't have the time for it. Love the game, the art style, the characters and the story, but I just don't have time to level up everything the game wants me to level up. If it'd only been one level for characters, talents and weapons, I'd be super down with that. But the whole "you need to level up 5 good artifacts per character, and the artifacts are all random, oh and did we mention that the traits you get from leveling up the artifacts are all random too?" Ugghhhhhh, so annoying. Not my cup of tea. I think I'll hop in and play through the archon quests and the main story line from time to time, but I've lost all motivation to do events, daily grinds and especially artifact hunting. Not gonna bother.
  4. Virtual Reality

    I finally got the Index. Holy moly it's good! Really comfortable, even if it's heavier than my Reverb. The audio is the same, as it's developed by Valve. The screens have more god rays and lower resolution, but it's evened out by the 144Hrz and huge FOV. The sweetspot is also really big, so going from a Reverb to this has been a pleasent experience. And then there's the tracking. I love the base stations <3. Being able to do whatever wherever is really nice. I can easily do things in Blade and Sorcery outside of the view of the headset, and this really helps. The G2 is annoyingly bad when it comes to vertical tracking, so being able to actually rest my hands while not losing tracking means a lot, especially in VRchat ect. Also, not using any extra software for the headset is really nice. Just launch SteamVR and you're good to go. I hope we'll get better inside-out tracking for the future, because that's way easier than needing to set up a room for optimal tracking, but we'll see when we get there. So far I'm really happy with the Index, and I plan to sell the G2 as soon as possible.
  5. PC Gaming Discussion

    It annoys me so much when I see all the developers donating and supporting Ukraine getting review bombed by what I assume are russian and chinese bots/users.
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    Yeah, sorry. Didn't think people who hasn't played the previous would hop in here. I've put it in spoilers now
  7. Nintendo Direct : 09 / 02 / 22 (10pm UK time)

    It truly brings a tear to my eye! I just wonder where I'll find the time for it all.
  8. Nintendo Direct : 09 / 02 / 22 (10pm UK time)

    MY WANZER JUST GOT REAL READY!!!! Xenoblade Chronicles 3 HYPE!!!! I CANT WAIT
  9. Nintendo Direct : 09 / 02 / 22 (10pm UK time)

    Same with me Going in with no expectations. Whatever comes will be nice, unless it will be a bore fest. But I will be online here and have my mates at messenger, so it will be a good, social experience anyway.
  10. Nintendo Direct : 09 / 02 / 22 (10pm UK time)

    I just got a positive covid test, so if I'm not shaking with fever I have alll the time in the world. Looking forward to yet another direct here
  11. Genshin Impact

    I remember that quest, and it was not fun =_= And I have no idea why they thought that was a good thing to implement either. Really bad game design. Sorry for being inactive here, there's been a lot of stuff to do at my new job. I've been playing more genshin lately, and it's good to be back again after a long break. If I recall correctly, there are a few quests that force you out of co-op, but none that are as hard as this. Have you tried setting your world rank back a level? Can you do that yet? I hope you figure it out Rummy. As for your team, Bennet is known as the only Six star character in the game xD. He's incredible, and is in every team I run. Amber though, ugh... she's best left alone in Mondstadt. She's nice as a character, but none of her abilities are any good in combat. Xiangling is incredible (I use her a lot), as well as Lisa in early game. But if you want to use some strong characters, I would recommend using Sucrose, she's pretty strong, and has a large AOE. But I don't really know that much about what teams are the best or not. As for me, I'm a Raiden main, and have unlocked a lot of characters by playing for quite a long time. For my main team I use Xiangling, Raiden, Bennet and Xingqiu. These do a ton of damage if you stack their attacks correctly. Wouldn't mind hopping into your world and helping you out now and again when/if you get past the mission.
  12. Virtual Reality

    The buyer actually chose not to sell after weighing the options. Sucks for me, and seeing as we did the deal privately over discord, there wasn't really something I could do to hold him to his part of the deal. But I had a good chat with the guy, and turns out that if I know someone in Sweden I can buy the whole thing for retail price (€1000) and get it brought over without paying taxes. So I have that going on at the moment. I'll give an update when I have it, but I know that the surperior tracking is something I miss even from the Oculus CV1 days. Going to be good to come back to full lighthouse tracking after all this time. Also, the FOV is incredible on the device. I've used the Index extensively before, so I know what I'm going to :). I think it all depends on your use and how you plan on playing VR.
  13. Virtual Reality

    Aaaand now I've gone ahead and bought a used Valve Index =_=. I've been considering it for a while actually, and while the HP Reverb G2 is great on a lot of aspects, I've been slowly irritated by the bad tracking of the controllers, as well as how to power on and off the headset, and not to mention Mixed Reality Portal. That software is annoying in itself, and when I have to run it in the background no matter what I do, then it annoys me. While the Valve Index can't compete with the colors or the displays in general, it excels in almost every other aspect. Controllers, tracking, software, FOV, HZ. The FOV will be awesome to get back. Also the quality of the device in itself is better than the G2. So, I was thinking that if I got a good deal, I'd go ahead and buy it. And now it somehow happened. Really happy with getting it, even though the price here in Norway is crazy high. £1200 for a used model, and even that's a bargin.
  14. Virtual Reality

    Good point. The PC is usually the source of the problem, and it's understandable considering all the different components and brands there are. I have high hope for a high resolution MicroLED with cloud based gaming. It would let us have a high-end headset with mid-range components (apart from the screens), and it would probably reduce cost, weight and size. It'll be interesting to see what HTC will do with their 5G prototype of their Vive Focus 3. It's a start.