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  1. Marvel's Phase 4

    I really enjoyed it, love the style and the cast seems solid so far. The MCU shows had started getting a bit samey in terms of style/tone so the first episode of Ms. Marvel was a nice change. I think this was probably my favourite opening episode of any of the Disney+ shows.
  2. Football Season 2021/22

    "A por la 14" roughly translates to "Let's fight for number 14". They wore similar shirts that said "A por la 13" in 2018.
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Awesome! 3 months PlayStation Now looks to be a little cheaper at CD Keys though, there's also a one month option. Edit: Nevermind, just realised CD Keys is out of stock!
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    This is the bit that interests me the most. As someone who NEVER buys games at launch anymore, due to both the cost and the fact I have a ridiculous back catalogue to get through, this could be perfect for me. If I'm interested in a game I usually wait until I can pick it up for around £20, but if by the time it's that cheap it will also be available on Extra then this definitely has the potential to save me money. I guess it just depends how long it'll take from launch for games to start being available.
  5. Important to remember that The Suicide Squad was available day and date on HBO Max, this coupled with still being in a pandemic would have had a huge impact on the box office. Critically it was very well received. Under normal circumstances I think it would have been a success commercially.
  6. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    Started this earlier today, found a shiny Starly almost immediately
  7. bad stuff thread.

    That's true. That's the one benefit, but seeing as I only drive my wife's car once in a while, I'm wondering if I could have gotten away with the points. They get cancelled after a few years don't they? Four years I think, but it also might increase insurance price.
  8. bad stuff thread.

    You avoid the points on your licence as well though, it's not just the money!
  9. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Well you can take me off the list, I haven’t used it in an age. Just been using my browser for at least a year or so!
  10. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Or people like me who didn't redeem it on Plus since they wanted to play the PS5 upgrade and were specifically told it wasn't upgradeable! Sony really are making a fucking mess of this upgrade situation.
  11. Wheel of Time (TV show)

    Its a phone/tariff combo and more expensive tariff as well I'm paying a ridiculous amount per month at the moment! I'd rather just wait a bit and then get a much cheaper monthly one. I also have Virgin Media broadband/tv which means I can get double data, so a 20GB tariff would actually be 40G! I barely ever go over 1GB!
  12. Wheel of Time (TV show)

    Nice one! Just looked into and if I did it now I'd have to pay off the remaining £150 odd on my current contract but I'll look into again after Christmas
  13. Wheel of Time (TV show)

    If it helps, there's ways you can get those other services much cheaper if you look around. Disney+ I've never actually paid for; you can basically continuously get this is a free add on if you're on O2. How do you continuously get Disney+ for free on O2? I got a free bolt for a while but now it costs the same per month as a normal membership.
  14. The Star Wars Thread

    It's definitely not out of the question, they updated the final scene in Wandavision to add more tress around the cabin as well as some other small changes.
  15. Suggestions

    You can just click on the circle (or star) to the left of the thread title.