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  1. I had a fever and a cough in mid March, I think it was about 10 days before the official lock down started. So its possible I had it but I'll probably never know for sure.
  2. E̶3̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶

    Was there really that much hype though? They obviously announced it was happening but I don't remember Sony themselves bigging it up that much, thought most of that came from the public expecting far too much, which in turn lead to some being disappointed. I also don't really see an issue with the name, that doesn't sound like it's going to be a big reveal showing off games, etc. You also can't really compare that to the E3 (or lack of) situation, especially calling it the "video opening proceedings" like you said yourself, it was a GDC talk and so should be considered completely separate.
  3. E̶3̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶

    Wait, what Cerny video? Do you mean the PS5 tech talk?
  4. Yeah, but for me it's a no brainer given my hatred for clutter
  5. Yeah, but when I'm getting Horizon for like £15, or God of War for £13 (current price on the store), how much more am I going to save by getting some groggy, scratched, second hand copy that takes up space? Factor in the fact that I would have to look for a good deal online, then wait for it to arrive 2/3 days later - it's just extra faff I can't be bothered dealing with. I genuinely just hate physical media as well!
  6. The £10 more per game would only be if I buy a game at launch as well, otherwise I'd get it in a sale much later. Genuinely think the last game I got at launch was Destiny 2! I still don't have God of War or Spiderman, and games like Horizon, FF15, Detroit and loads more I haven't started yet!
  7. I would happily pay £10 more to not have to deal with discs and I haven't bought a second hand game in maybe a decade. I also buy a lot of my games during the Playstation store sales, I think I got Horizon for £15. I haven't bought a game at launch for a long time since my backlog is so large
  8. I think the console looks beautiful! Clearly a very divisive design going by peoples reactions Absolutely love that they have a digital only version that will presumably be the cheaper SKU. I haven't put a disc in my PS4 for years now so will definitely going digital only!
  9. Would love to come over later, I have 12,000 turnips I need to sell!
  10. Can you just send them please
  11. @Sméagol, could I get the signpost and beehive recipe please?
  12. @Sméagol, Would love the following items if possible. Island kitchen (is that what it's called?) Automatic washer (white) Washing machine (white) Not sure how much each one is though! Is there anything in particular you're after? Or I can post some images of my storage/catalogue later.
  13. Flora is making a Shell table, so if anyone wants a DIY then come on over. Everything in the shop is good to grab as well - Imperial low table, Champion's pennant (little flag thing) and Basketball hoop. I'll be leaving my gates open whilst working. Flower watering would be greatly appreciated as always
  14. I already have that one so feel free. Everything in Nook's is up for grabs!
  15. Oh, and Sahara is here as well!