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  1. The Star Wars Thread

    It's definitely not out of the question, they updated the final scene in Wandavision to add more tress around the cabin as well as some other small changes.
  2. Suggestions

    You can just click on the circle (or star) to the left of the thread title.
  3. Marvel's Phase 4

  4. Football Season 2020-21

    I think they should just scrap extra time and go straight to penalties. That way both teams have 90 minutes home and away, and you won't get anyone saying that it's unfair on the team who play away in the second leg as the other team will have an extra 30 minutes with 'home advantage' (even if 'home advantage' is a bit of a myth these days). It would also help with the issue of additional playing time/fatigue you mentioned Julius.
  5. Horizon: Forbidden West (PS5)

    What is with her hair? It has a life of it's own and moves far too much! Also, completely clips through all the gear on her back - one of biggest bugbears with video game graphics :/
  6. Oh man, buying the house in Hateno village sets off one of the best side quests in the game!
  7. I'm sure he would love for everyone to have bought it at £60, but the point is that if they hadn't reduced the price then those people who bought the game at a lower price may not have bought it at all. That would have been worse. And before you come back with the "trained to wait" response, as I have said I am basing my responses purely on how I perceive the value of games personally. I would never buy a game like Days Gone for £60 as, for me, it isn't worth that much but if it was reduced I am more likely to pick it up. I am sure I'm not the only one thinks this way.
  8. This is just being pedantic. It may not work out perfectly that halving the price and doubling the sales means the same profit, but if a publisher takes 20% of a games sale then that is £12 of a game sold at £60. If the game was sold at £30 then that 20% equals £6. So, twice as many sales is more or less the same. Okay, so there may be other things to consider like the production of the media (when talking physical), etc, but the point I was making is still perfectly valid.
  9. Personally I very rarely buy a game at full price, the only time I have done in the last few years was Spider-Man remastered/Miles Morales, the time before that was Breath of the Wild. So both console launches. And it’s not that I’ve been “trained” to wait for a discount, I just don’t really think any game is worth full price. So if games never became discounted I would possibly walk away from gaming altogether. So, just because people are waiting for games to drop in price doesn’t necessarily mean the publishers are missing out. They may loose more money in the long run if they were to remain at full price Which is better, selling 100 copies at £60 or 200 copies at £30? I would argue the latter - more people to further spread the word and more total units sold that in turn can be used as part of marketing to make the game appear more successful.
  10. Football Season 2020-21

    Having been watching everything on different Sky Sports channels over the last couple of days another thing has occurred to me that I would like to be addressed by any reform... the removal of sponsorship/involvement of any betting companies. The amount of adverts during matches and the number of teams sponsored by betting companies is ridiculous. Personally I think gambling is as dangerous as alcohol and should be treated as such. Half of the adverts I am seeing now from these companies are just talking about how you need to be responsible, etc. I just saw a Paddy Power advert which says the following... "Betting can add a little excitement to any sporting event, but only if it's done safely, responsibly and within our means / Never gamble when angry or feeling low / Set yourself a limit for time, money, or both / No matter what the problem is, gambling is never the answer". If you have to have adverts like this for your product then it is not safe and should have no place on TV during football when children can be watching. Especially when that advert is nestled in between all the other betting ads that make it seem like gambling is great fun and the perfect thing to do down the pub with the lads.
  11. Football Season 2020-21

    I agree with most of what you've said here. All 6 teams signed up for the ESL so they punished equally, it doesn't matter that City and Chelsea pulled out first. I'm not quite sure how the TV revenue works now, are you just referring to the Premier League TV revenue? So at the moment PL teams get 90% of that? How does the revenue from Championship TV rights work? I think I heard recently that the Championship was the 5th most watched European league.
  12. Football Season 2020-21

    Wow, Woodward leaving is a fantastic outcome! He has been utterly useless during his time as chairman of Manchester United. Looks like the whole idea is falling apart rather rapidly, which is fantastic. I still think that all the teams that signed up for it need to be punished - points deductions from the start of next season and banned from Champions and Europa league. It isn't really fair for the players but there needs to be some sort of repercussion and the clubs need to be put in their place. Now if the Glazers would only announce they want to sell the club as they can't get their beloved US franchise style league going then I would be extremely happy!
  13. Football Season 2020-21

    The Mourinho sacking is clearly just a diversion tactic by Levy, no way they would sack a manager six days before a cup final otherwise. This way they divert some of the discussion away from the ESL announcements. I have been a Manchester United fan for close to 30 years and am disgusted by this announcement, I really hope that the FA/EPL/Uefa/Fifa/whoever find a way to stamp this out before it gains any sort of traction. However, if they were to follow through on threats of kicking teams out of the Premier League then where does that leave that competition? Suddenly the six best (although that's clearly debatable based on league position and recent tournament success) teams are no longer in the league, this in turn would reduce the appeal for broadcasting rights, etc. The best players could also in theory follow the money, so could the Premier League survive without these teams?
  14. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    As I thought it did download both the PS4 and PS5 versions Anyway, deleted the PS4 version and deleted the install for Hitman II as all three games are appearing in Hitman III. Probably won't play it for a while, will wait for a "complete" version of Hitman III with all the DLC included, or perhaps even wait for it to be on PS+. Got so many games in my backlog so I'm in no rush