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  1. Didn't get the large spike, but still a good price of 248 for my turnips this morning.
  2. Oh of course, my gates will be open if I get a good price!
  3. I'm at 136 this morning, but according the trends spreadsheet (if it is actually accurate) I should get a spike tomorrow between 208 and 624!
  4. Does it have to be a completely clear night for meteor showers?
  5. In case anyone is interested. I'm currently waiting for a Dodo code, hopefully I'll get one!
  6. Thanks @Ugh first aid, two trips and roughly 500,000 Bells spent, and I have my turnips!
  7. On my way! I have a spare Diplo tail, Dinosaur track and Bunny Day lamp recipe if you need any of those? Otherwise I'll leave you some Bells
  8. @Ugh first aid it kicked me out and now says there aren't any islands
  9. I can be on at 3. What do you want in return? I’ve got a load of tarantulas sat in my storage (waiting for Flick) so could give you a few.
  10. Friend code: 4420-2931-9523 Native fruit: Pears Island name: Selisola (Self isolation...) Have been playing for just over a week but finally got an online subscription started. Native fruit is pears, also have loads of cherry trees for Mystery Islands. Would love to get some apples, oranges and peaches! My shop seems to sell Cosmos, Windflowers and Tulips, so any other flowers would be awesome as well. I have added a load of people from the first post. @Hero-of-Time, can you get me added to the first post please
  11. I originally had an appointment to have my braces removed this Thursday - the orthodontist has closed from today. Luckily someone cancelled their appointment last week which meant I had the braces removed a week early - seriously dodged a bullet with that one! I had a fever over the weekend which means I'm self isolating until at least the end of this week. Luckily I can work from home but as I'm in a non-critical role I cannot log in via the VPN between 8am and 6pm as the system isn't good enough to handle everyone working from home! This should be fixed for next week though but at the moment it's a weird situation of starting work at like 4am, downloading a few things I can do offline for an hour or two, and then logging back in at 6pm for a quick email check. My bedtime at the moment is 7pm! It's going to be an interesting few months (honestly don't expect the situation to change that much before July)!
  12. Football Season 2019-20

    For me VAR isn't the issue, the offside rule is. VAR is working fine (although it can admittedly be a bit slow at times), however with the offside rule being as it is these extremely marginal decisions, that seem harsh but are technically correct, are being made. It seems bad at the moment as there have been a large number of them over the Christmas period but I would much rather have VAR and these decisions being made if it means that an obvious offside error is also corrected every once in a while.
  13. Destiny 2

    Not that bothered about the dungeon anymore now that the Power Level is gonna increase on Tuesday Definitely want to try and get a Master Nightfall done though, just need that to get my first title, and have to do it before reset! @MilaGi are you around at the weekend?
  14. Destiny 2

    Finally finished off the Revoker quest on Sunday so that's another Crucible Pinnacle weapon checked off the list. Not Forgotten is next but doubt I'll ever manage that since I think it needs Legend rank in comp :/ @Map @MilaGi @Daft @DriftKaiser @Deathjam @AnyoneElseStillPlaying Anybody up for the raid this week? I still haven't done it and really want to check it off the list! I know some of you guys have done it already (or at least attempted it) but not sure if you've been organising it before hand or just seeing who's online and then jumping in randomly (@Daft, sorry I missed your invitation a couple of weeks ago, it got lost in a bunch of other pop-ups and I only realised when I turned the PS4 off that there was a proper invite). I'm available to do it pretty much any evening this week but don't want to sit around with Destiny loaded in the background waiting if it isn't going to happen. Would also be up for doing the dungeon again and Nightfall/Master Nightmare hunts to try and get some more Pinnacle gear if others are up for it.
  15. Destiny 2

    I never really dedicated much time to doing crucible just to grind Mountaintop. I got about 2/3 done during the last iron banner which I did on all three characters and then managed to top it off pretty quickly with Momentum Control! I probably wouldn’t have touched it if they didn’t drastically reduce the amount of double kills and medals needed!