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  1. Good job I've still got a huge backlog as nothing there interests me!
  2. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    I am actually fucking disgusted by this and hope CDPR receive some serious backlash and remove it immediately - this should be higher priority than any other bug fixes. I have epilepsy and whilst it isn't photosensitive I remember how horrible having the EEG/IPS tests done was, I have also had two seizures in the last 3 months and so know how bad they can be. I was never going to play this game right away anyway, I knew there would be a ton of bugs and wanted to wait for the PS5 version, but if CDPR don't take this seriously and add some way to turn this effect off, or change it all together, as soon as possible then I may just boycott it all together. The fact that this got past accessibility testing and general QA astounds me!
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I’m pretty sure you can just press left and it takes you to the other end of the menu, unless I’m going crazy and imagined it!
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I'm just getting the Digital Edition, will probably pick up charging station as well but that will be it for hardware. Will probably pick up the Ultimate edition of Miles Morales and then play Spider-Man for the first time, followed by MM. I'm perfectly happy to wait for the next gen patch before playing Cyberpunk, if The Witcher 3 is anything to go by then probably best to avoid it at launch anyway until all the bugs are sorted I will also have a few games in the PSN Collection that I haven't played yet, the big one being God of War. I have the 19th and 20th, as well as the following week booked off work so plenty of time to play
  5. So I spent about 4/5 hours last night just exploring the castle, loved every second of it. Was constantly on edge with all the Guardians all over the place, but got pretty good at deflecting their beams back to kill 'em. Having the Master Sword helped as well since it is 60 power in the castle and meant I didn't have to burn through a load of weapons - including all the fancy Royal Guard stuff I found! Might finally move on to my first Divine Beast tonight, probably head to Zora's Domain. Still got a bit of Hyrule field to clear out first though and want to track down the Royal Horse since the Epona I got from Amiibo and the giant horse can't use the Ancient Saddle - I want my teleporting horse, damnit!
  6. I started playing this again a couple of weeks ago. I first played it when it launched with the Switch, but about 100 hours in but ended up stopping for a while and never (despite loving it) and always found it too daunting a prospect to get back in. So I started a brand new save and may be enjoying it more than first time round! So far I've pretty much just been exploring areas - cleared out the Hateno region and the area around the coastal village in the South West. Went through Faron Forest and last night did a lot of Hyrule Field, including going into Hyrule Castle to get the Hylian Shield - pairs nicely with the Master Sword that I picked up on Tuesday! I've been using an interactive map to clear Korok seeds as I go - spent far too much time aimlessly wandering around last time trying to find them so want to be a lot more efficient this time around. I think I'm going to explore more of Hyrule Castle tonight - something I never really did before - as there seems to be a lot of sidequests related to the area. I also managed to skip a blood moon by fast travelling to a shrine at 11:55pm (had no idea it would skip it) and haven't seen one since - not sure if I've somehow glitched it!
  7. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I've got the digital edition. Looking back at my PS4 purchases I think the only games I bought physically were Destiny 1/2 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Everything else I've picked up at some point during a PSN sale. I haven't bought a game at launch since Destiny 2 so the fact that new releases are usually around £10 cheaper physically doesn't bother me. I also hate having a load of game cases! I know that ultimately it is cheaper to get games physically but for me it's not worth the space and time, I love being able to just buy a game digitally and download and play immediately. It also stops me from trading/selling a game for a pittance to go towards a new game, only to realise six months later that I want to replay it again - I have wasted so much money in the past rebuying games!
  8. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Right so I didn't miss anything, Xbox are just making a bad attempt at a joke. This is nothing like the Xbox One game ownership back from 2013 and the Miles Morales thing isn't complicated. It is a remaster, rather than just the automatic frame rate and resolution bump that last gen running on next gen will get. Therfore they are charging for it.
  9. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Am I missing something, how is this a dig at Sony? What are Sony doing that is different to 'Smart Delivery'?
  10. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Jealous of the 65 inch! I got last years 55 inch LG OLED, but it still is ready for 4K 120 and VRR so no need to upgrade! I ended up getting it from Richer Sounds as a refurb and hardly paid anything as my previous TV had some serious backlight bleed issues. I rang them up about a week before the warranty ran out and they took the value off the price of the (already discounted) new TV I have to say the LG OLEDs are incredible, easily the best TV I've ever had and would definitely recommend them! My big spend (other than the PS5) is going to be a new AV receiver. I've currently got a 7.1 setup but want to add a couple of Atmos speakers as well. I've bought some new speakers over the last week and will probably get the new receiver and Atmos speakers just before the PS5 launch, can't wait!
  11. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Yeah, I've already done the "register interest" thing, so I have a pre-order showing up in my account but don't know if that actually means anything!
  12. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Anyone able to see the digital edition on Amazon?
  13. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Yeah, I've got a birthday coming up and was planning on just asking for Amazon vouchers so that works for me as well. Assuming you don't pay up front that is?!
  14. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Not sure you can call it recent anymore but I got my Switch from Game it arrived day of release just fine.