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  1. Hollow Knight

    I've put in about 12 hours or so now and it's become more about the small victories for me as I try to figure out how I get to the locations I need to get to. Despite my frustrations as trying to figure out how to get places, I'm still very much enjoying things. The difficulty is just right for me and while I agree that a better fast travel system would be better, I get why they've used the system they have. It can be inconvenient but once you've learned a route, even without the map, it's still relatively quick to get back to places once you die.
  2. Sable (PC/Consoles, 2019)

    One of the games that drew my attention during Microsoft's E3 conference, among the swathe of games they showed that looked great, was a little indie game hidden in amongst the [email protected] clip they showed and that is Sable. The trailer gave very little away as to what the game is but the art style of the game looks incredible. There's a definite Journey vibe about the game but with more exploration and openness. Apparently it's a coming-of-age story where you'll uncover the history of the world and your place in it. So it may end up being a more story focused experience than it's clear inspiration. They've said release is on PC and the trailer was shown during the Xbox conference but they're also saying more generally that it's coming to consoles so a PS4 release may be in the cards. Not sure about a Switch one but with indie devs chomping at the bit to release their games there, it could happen as I don't think the art style would be too taxing on the hardware. But yeah, I think it looks incredible. Hoping that it plays as good as it looks.
  3. Metro Exodus (PS4/XBO/PC)

    Watching the gameplay for this has me so excited for February to roll around. The game just looks fantastic and with it building upon what was already there with the previous two, this could be a truly special game. That release date though, February 22nd, it's going to be a scrap between this Anthem and Day's Gone and I just hope that this doesn't fall by the way side. I'm almost hoping for a slight delay to give it the space it deserves to breath because of the 3, I suspect this is the one people will over look even with Day's Gone not looking that hot. Hearing the EZA guys talk about it during the mammoth final impressions stream, there's a lot of love and hype for the game and a good air about it. Looks and sounds like 4A Games are making a worthy final game in the series. It was certainly one of my top games from E3 this year.
  4. CONTROL (XB1, PS4, PC)

    Watching the gameplay with the Playstation guys and hearing the guys over at EZA talk about how excited they were for the game after seeing it has me excited for seeing and hearing more myself. The gameplay looks great and I live how smooth it is going between the powers and gunplay. Getting to use the environment against enemies as you see in the gameplay looks fantastic. Very crisp. Hopefully it'll be a mid 2019 title. I think we'll probably see a bit more at Gamescom and then another showing at E3 next year but hopefully it'll fall in that June-August timeframe as something like this could do well there as it's typically a quiet release period what with the start of the year and the end typically being stacked now.
  5. Indie Games

    Alongside picking up Hollow Knight, I also picked up both West of Loathing and Yoku's Island Express so I've been going between all 3 games all day. I absolutely love Hollow Knight but I've really been enjoying West of Loathing. It's a very simple wild west era RPG but the humour and writing is fantastic. Even the menus with some of their options, such as the inclusion of a Colour Blind mode because "you never know", are brilliantly done. I've taken great joy in searching through every spittoon I've come across, much to the chagrin of the writer. On top of the writing, the gameplay is pretty solid too. It's very simplistic, walking round towns or locations, picking up quests or talking to people, and then battles are grid and turn based but slightly iffy for changing target (this is on the right analogue stick and is too sensitive). I've definitely ended up hitting the wrong enemy or using the wrong attack because of how sensitive the controls are in the battle menus. That's one of my main grievances, the other being not having a quest log and a cumbersome interface for going through your lot to change gear or allocate points from levelling up. It's hard to keep track of quests and so easy to forget where to go for them. Little changes for those would have helped. Still, it's an enjoyable game. As for Yoku's Island Express, I'm not too sure I'm as taken with the pinball style gameplay. I'm not hugely far in but there's something lacking from the gameplay to me. It feels like it's lacking some weight behind hitting the ball and getting Yoku and the ball to go where you want is at times frustrating. I can see that grinding me down a bit the more I play but hopefully once I get used to the timing a bit more then it'll be better. It looks great though, very charming and nice and colourful. Looking forward to getting stuck in more to all 3 but as expected, Hollow Knight is taking up most of my Switch/game time at the moment.
  6. Hollow Knight

    Yeah, but I'd managed to fudge my way into an area I wasn't ready to be in and died a second time in my way to collecting my body so had to say bye to all that coin. That'll teach me for trying to go somewhere I shouldn't be without the right skills or more health. Not really a spoiler but I'd gotten into:
  7. Hollow Knight

    There's fast travel in the game. You can find Stag beetle stations where you pay a small toll (50 Geo or so) then ring a bell and you can fast travel between regions and Dirtmouth. IIRC, the first one you can find is not far from the first boss, in the same area as a bench (it's to the left of this). I had a frustrating go this morning. In an area I'd not been in previously and was struggling to work out how to progress. Died and then died again and lost the 1000+ Geo I'd collected and eventually figured out that there was a room where I'd gone right but not left going that direction put me where I needed to go. Clearly needing more sleep @Hero-of-Time, hopefully it starts to gel a bit more for you. I remember feeling well out of my depths when I first played it and even now I still am, as evidenced by my play this morning. I'd definitely recommend buying the compass and the thing that lets you see where you are on the map as aids to start if you haven't already. Even then, I do agree it's all to easy to lose your way. It's very much reminding me of Ori and the Blind Forest in that respect in how areas seem to blend together and so it's hard to figure out where you are. I do like having the map a quick button press away to help offset that some what. Hopefully it gets better for you.
  8. Hollow Knight

    As this is finally out courtesy of a Saturn drop following Nintendo's E3 Direct, I thought it was worth creating a thread for what is a spectacular game. It's a metroidvania style game, leaning more on the Metroid side of things, with a fantastic visual style, great soundtrack and brilliant gameplay. And it's an absolute steal at £10.99 on the eshop, with all current DLC and the final one coming later this year. Team Cherry have done a fantastic job at bringing the game to the Switch. I've been playing it docked and it runs silky smooth so far. There are some areas when I played in the PC that suffered from some lag due to what was in those areas do it'll be interesting to see if the Switch version dodges that or not. So yeah, kudos to Team Cherry (and Shark Jump who helped) for bringing the game over to the Switch. There's a nice challenge with the game; in both playing it on the PC and now the Switch, I've never felt that it was too difficult but does offer up a decent challenge as you progress through certain areas. And I love the mechanic of being able to retrieve your ghost if you can navigate back to it and defeat it. If not, you lose all of your coins. I've managed to get back to roughly where I was on the PC version now and I'm pressing on to see what else lies within Hallownest. Really interested to hear the thoughts of those playing it. I'd certainly put it in a similar level to the likes of Guacamelee and Ori and the Blind Forest for how good the game is. Can't recommend it enough.
  9. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    I've been think it since the Direct ended, we've got a gap between the release of Monster Hunter and Smash, so from the end of August till the start of December. Bar a smattering of games (FIFA 19, Just Dance 2019, Team Sonic Racing and Starlink), what else is there coming to the Switch? I feel like I'm missing something but surely if Nintendo had more first party games for that period, they should have been announced here (that might still happen over the course of E3) and if there are any more third party titles, then where are they. It's all a bit baffling go be honest. If I was looking at picking up the console right now, sure there are games to play right now but the line up of games (notwithstanding indie titles which will have a more focused direct either later this week or in the months to come) wouldn't exactly give me confidence going forward. Not trying to be negative but I just thought it odd give the slew of games coming in the autumn/winter for the other consoles and don't see why there's so little known about the schedule for the Switch for that period. As I say, I'm probably missing some games but it's definitely lacking towards the end of the year.
  10. Indie Games

    Downloading as well. Can't wait to start playing, I really hope all the time getting the game to the Switch means it's optimised well. Gonna be sharing at my Switch waiting for it to download and willing it to hurry up.
  11. Indie Games

    Hollow Knight is now up on the eShop. It's only £10.99, which is what I believe I paid for it during the Steam summer sale last year so a bargain. Get on it peeps!!! Can't wait to see what everyone thinks of the game as it's superb.
  12. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    I had a NintendoLand moment at the end there wondering whether that really was the end of the direct. That really wasn't a great showing from Nintendo. They were going to talk about 2018 titles yet showed some that were 2019, very little that wasn't already announced as coming this year (in the coming weeks as well) and very few new announcements for this year. Sure they might announce stuff through the Treehouse streams but then if that's the case that they're saving most of their announcements for that then why bother with the E3 direct and just do a Smash Direct? I'm baffled really. I'll have Hollow Knight but there's little to make me want to keep playing the Switch currently going off of that presentation.
  13. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Ice Climbers are back! That's it GOTY right there! Wait... every character from the previous games is in, wow.
  14. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Hell yes!!! Hollow Knight saturn drop! That's my evening sorted. So happy.
  15. CONTROL (XB1, PS4, PC)

    Really like the look of this. Alan Wake is one of my favourite games from the last gen and although I didn't finish It, I really enjoyed what I played of Quantum Break. Looks like they've taken what they did in Quantum Break and have mixed in some Infamous. They're saying as well that it'll be a less linear experience so with the mix of game styles, I'm really interested to see how it all comes together. And on a more general note, I'm happy to see Remedy making games for multiple platforms. I've always thought Microsoft struggled with figuring out how to market the last 2 Remedy titles so hopefully 505 Games can manage that a bit better. Still sucks that it's not the Alan Wake sequel I've been waiting for for years but I'll take it.