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  1. I've passed on to the in laws about the box thing from the likes of Morrisons. My partner and I are vegan so they might not be great for us but they'll definitely be handy for the in laws as they also work in social care so can give them some piece of mind for some of the basics at least. Thanks Ashley, after speaking with some people it seems most likely that I've got a bout of sinusitis as my cheekbones have been hurting a lot the last couple of days and my sinuses have seemed stuffy so that's at least a potential positive. Still staying in doors for the time being to be safe in case especially as up here in Dundee l, the older generations are reported just going out for walks through town as if everything was normal so better safe than sorry. Look after yourself as well. Yeah, I managed to get a Sainsburys shop last Saturday before they put in the measures to prioritise vulnerable people (we put it in at 7:30am on last Friday and by 10am that day they were saying that only those considered vulnerable were eligible for delivery) but half of what we'd put in the shop was missing so we've just been trying to get another big shop sorted so that we're set for the next week and a bit but no luck so far. Have had my partner trying Sainsbury's in the early hours as she works night shift as well as Asda, Morrisons and Tescos but there's been no luck. Have heard that Tescos are adding more delivery slots through the start of next week because of the influx of new staff so fingers crossed for then. In the mean time, I have managed to find a few local grocers and stores that are doing home deliveries. One local new cafe that was set to open last week was selling off stock so we managed to get a bunch of pasta and sauces and vegan stuff and we managed to get fruit and veg in (sister in law ordered it and ended up ordering 4 kilos of pears when she only meant to order 4 pears ) so managing to get stuff. Just wish I could get a big shop in as with not driving and buses being infrequent, walking 30 mins with a full shop isn't fun. Hopefully manage in the coming days.
  2. Went out for shopping on Sunday morning, which proved fruitful as there were no queues and plenty of stocked shelves bar a few things. The only issue was a 25 minute walk to the supermarket and then having to walk back again as I don't drive and the buses up here are on what is essentially an evening/sunday service so it would've been a half an hour to wait as opposed to getting up the road home before the bus arrived. Did mean I didn't jump on public transport but that walk in the cold ended up giving me a sore throat which has been niggling me since Sunday. Been tracking temp in case that goes up but I seem to be fine there and any coughing feels more like trying to shift something in my throat than a dry cough. Had some lemsip at hand and that's helping soothe it but the sore throat is sticking around which does have me slightly worried. Didn't come into close contact with anyone shopping as it was quiet and I've been exclusively going to the same supermarket to minimise exposure if its going about. But with colds still going about, it's hard to tell what's happening and whether I've got something or not. At the very least, my cough isn't persistent and seems to be intermittent, more or less an extension of the coughs I already get from my reflux issues but I'm keeping an eye on it to say the least and staying home. Have noticed that it's impossible to get an online shop up here though. Sainsbury's is prioritising vulnerable people going by a government list so if you're not on it, you have to go in store to get your shopping. Asda has now gone to only having a weeks worth of time slots available as they've got too many bookings and even then, you can't get anything for the next 2 weeks. As soon as a new days worth of time slots are made available they're gone within seconds. So at the moment if i need anything from the shops in the coming days I'll have to go out which I'd rather not do while I've still got a slight niggle in my throat but I'll have no choice soon as my partner works night shifts in an EMI care home which hasn't been provided their PPE by the government and I can't risk her catching anything (though she doesn't seem to have caught the sore throat from me so that's a plus and makes me hopeful it isn't any serious). If she gets this, she's off with only statutory sick pay for 2 weeks (£90 odd for each week) which is shocking given what she has to deal with in there but that's private care. As I say, hopefully my throat will settle in the next day or two but I'm keeping an eye out given how vague a lot of the advice is and how much cross over there is with other winter flu/colds.
  3. So Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is suggesting that all non-essential shops that do not sell food or medicines should close. I suspect that this afternoon's update with Boris Johnson will relay the same information. After seeing the shear number of people who were out and about this weekend, and especially yesterday, a lockdown has to happen. Shops have been very quickly announcing they're closing down left, right and centre so it's only a matter of time before everything else goes into lockdown. It was noticeably quieter when I went for a walk this morning. Very few people about but the roads were still busy-ish. Walked to the local Asda and the shelves were noticeably more stocked as well but still no pasta or flour. Managed to pick a last couple of things to get us through to next Monday but while most people are managing to distance themselves, there are some who are still not getting it. I suspect it'll have gotten worse as when I was leaving the carpark was filling up fast for the shops so I do suspect people will be bulk buying again in prospect of a lockdown.
  4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Already surpassed my playtime for Stardew Valley on this (I'd put 7 hours in 1 and a half days on that game) so yeah, it's going to be the time sink I thought it would for the next couple of weeks. Woke up early this morning and cracked on with paying off the first house, getting the materials for the shop and handing in the 15 donations I needed to get the museum started. Also managed to get 3 peaches in the mail and after a trip to a mystery island, where I came back with about 40 odd oranges, I've now got 3 different fruits growing and some coconuts too. Also invited a snow leopard named Bianca if I've remembered her name right (she said she was a tiger but she looked like a snow leopard and as they're one of my favourite animals I had to invite her) and have saved up 70,000 bells towards paying off the first house upgrade, cleared all the weeds from the island that can be reached without the ladder, helped the pelican guy with NIS phone and have set aside fossils, fish and insects to hand into Blathers tomorrow when the museum opens. So a productive day on Eilean. Finding it very therapeutic at the moment as my seizures have been flaring up over the last couple of weeks and especially this last week have been really bad so its helping to keep my mind off of that. And just generally enjoying the daily routine. Between this and Stardew Valley, I don't think I'll touch another one of the many other games I've got sitting waiting to be played for months (though I did manage to fit in Yoshi's Crafted World beforehand and that was, well... bland). Taking a break for the rest of the afternoon and evening. May jump on later to try and catch some night fish I didn't get lost night for the museum but not fussed if I don't. Trying to decide whether to use my gold coins on the eshop for NSO but I don't know how much I'd use it, even with the social aspect of this game. I quite enjoy the peace and isolation but I'll see. I do have Smash Bros which could also be used with it and I could play some of the NES and SNES games, though I wish they'd put Chrono Trigger up as I've a real hankering to play that.
  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Played for about two hours and I've very quickly fallen into the routine of going round the rivers and ocean to fish, catching bugs along the way to turn in for bells. I'm going to end up playing this and Stardew Valley so much that I'll never get to anything else any time soon. Named my island Eilean, which means island in Gaelic. I had headphones plugged in while playing on my Lite and there was strong winds on my island, which reminded me of Scotland so I went for something straight to the point. How un-Scottish got Pears on my island. It seems most are getting oranges/apples so I was happy with that. Don't have NSO so won't be able to trade for fruit and such but I do have enough gold coins to grab a month or 2 so might do that down the line when I want other fruits. I do have a question, I know its early doors but does it make any difference paying off your first payment with bells rather than nook miles or should I just use the nook miles? I wondered if it would make later payments less of a pain if I saved them up for later house upgrades.
  6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I wasn't intending to pick this up as the direct on it didn't exactly spark much interest in me. Move to today and I've ended buying it. Really shouldn't have for money reasons and because, if anyone has seen me posting in the What Have You Bought thread, I already have a tonne of stuff to play. But there we go. I've got it now and no doubt I'll be suckered into the gameplay loop alongside Stardew Valley. If a lockdown happens, you'll find me knee deep in island life, farming and Final Fantasy X. Not a bad way to spend time.
  7. My partner was telling me about that and I suspect it probably does relate to it. Still, if people think they can get away with drinking dettol, then there's really no helping them. Had to into Dundee city centre to pick up a prescription and you'd think there wasn't a health crisis going on. The city centre is just full of people, predominantly older people but people nonetheless. It's scary how few people seem to be taking this in any way seriously. I was having a near panic attack this morning over the thought of going out and it seems I was right to with everyone just going about their days, going into coffee shops and pubs. The government has to bring in stricter measures because what they're doing at the moment isn't working from what I can see. People are carrying on as normal everywhere except in supermarkets where people are just stacking trolleys and baskets full of basic items. I had to grab toilet roll, bread and granola and even the more run down shopping centre up here that houses the likes of Home Bargains and Iceland and such was just wall to wall people. The idea of social distancing is completely out of the window. I had people standing right at my back as if it wasn't a problem in Iceland where I had to wait 20 minutes in a massive queues of people just to buy a single loaf of bread (while everyone else is buying 3 or 4 and shouting across the shops how there's no limit on the number of loaves they can pick up). I'm genuinely shocked at how stupid people are. Well... both really but the current health crisis has exacerbated the worse elements in people. I'm personally restricting my goings out now because others clearly can't. I'm at least sorted for a week or so in terms of food and basics so I should manage but yeah, something really does need to be done to stop people just going out as they are. Shops, pubs and restaurants need to be closed. I know it's going to hit many businesses but they need to do something now as people are still going out who clearly shouldn't be out.
  8. Went out to do a shop at 9am this morning at Asda to cover the next week or so but they've clearly struggled to restock as there are so many shelves lying empty. Some things like pasta and beans just don't look like they've even been replaced since the last time I was in a few days back and other areas like toilet roll and milk and bread are apparently going out as quickly as they're put on the shelves. It's ridiculous seeing people hoarding up jars of passata and large cartons of eggs, the latter of which will probably end up in the bin in their majority. And even with them implementing limits on how many of one item you can buy, people were literally running round the shops with arms full of bleach and meat. My partner and I overheard someone arguing about the lack of Dettol on the shelves and when she was recommended she buy bleach instead she responded by saying that she couldn't drink bleach The weirdest thing is that because all the UHT milk has been bought up, people are bulk buying the milk alternatives like soya and coconut milk despite many not drinking it. I actually needed to pick up both and although I managed to get the latter with a carton of rice milk, people are scrambling to grab anything like these on the shelves (though many are forgetting that the refrigerated milk alternatives still have a month best before date on them). People are doing the same with the Linda McCartney meat free stuff as well. It's still mobbed out though and worst of all, there are so many people out and about coughing heavily at the moment as they walk around the shops. Why are people not understanding that if they've got a heavy cough and such they should be staying at home, not wandering around supermarkets coughing openly. I don't get it. My partner's work is similarly being far too laid back about things and it's a EMI care unit. They're only just now starting to get some PPE in but they're not preventing residents capable of going out the home from doing so. Mix that with everyone still going out as they are and a general mentality of "Its not too bad" from older generations, this thing is going to end up crippling everything economically and health care wise. Have to go out again on Friday to pick up a prescription and not looking forward to it.
  9. Indie World Presentation 17/03 5pm GMT / 6pm CET

    Wasn't a huge amount that caught my eye but nice to see Dicey Dungeon is on the way. I've had my eye on it for some time for looking forward to playing that in the summer. But there really wasn't any big wow moment and there was a lack of updates on previously announced games (I'm not meaning Silksong but things like The Red Lantern, Roku and things like that) so it felt a bit flat. The Last Campfire continues to look nice though. Had been wondering about that the other week as it was announced at The Game Awards 2018 IIRC so nice that it'll be here soon-ish. Hopefully if the rumours of a general Direct next week are true, there'll be a few bigger indie games in there as they tend to do that alongside the other third party offerings. May give Exit The Gungeon a go but I wasn't enamored with the original so I don't know. Just picked up Stardew Valley to play on the Switch so that'll take up my indie game time as it did when I put 60 odd hours into the PS4 version.
  10. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

    I finished this last night and after an additional hour today, I've now got 100% complete after just under 16 hours. I've got a small number of things left to do, mainly the spirit trial races and I need to upgrade the last 4 spirit shards but I think I'll leave those as they're not needed. Off the bat I'll say that the performance of the game and that it got released in the state it is is shocking. The game had an additional month delay to iron things out yet I had frequent bugs and issues of frame rate drops, stutters and freezes and I ended my play through with 4 complete hard crashes to the dashboard during play (I had an additional 2 from simply trying to load up my save which bugged out, leaving me with a blue screen that had Ori falling down it repeatedly till it froze and crashed back to the dashboard. Thank god there are frequent back up saves made). The day 1 patch has also screwed up Achievement unlocks as despite finishing the game and having max health, these achievements haven't unlocked and I had several stacked up last night that didn't unlock but unlocked earlier today. It's a bit of a sorry state for the game because the constant freezes when going between areas or in battles can really throw you off. I do wonder if it has something to do with how they've implemented the auto save system and needing to be on the ground for that to kick in. Even still, I doubt none of this came up in testing across any of the platforms (I know I played on the weakest one, the OG Xbox One, but these issues are apparent on the S, the X and on PC too) so how they put it out like this is beyond me. They're at least being open about trying to fix it the problems but I know some damage has been done going from forums elsewhere. Even with those rampant performance issues, I absolutely loved the game. It took the original and improved on it in pretty much every way. The character movement and traversal felt even more fluid here compared to the original. Combat felt more of an active thing and not simply button mashing with a weak weapon set. The different moves and spirit weapons all added to the gameplay and allowed for so much experimentation in combat and in stringing them together to traverse dangerous scenery. The game played so well and like the original, when things click its beautiful in motion. Managing to nail a tricky parkour section feels great and as I said, the addition of the new moves and how quickly you get them means there a really nice sense of progression and improvement. The chase sequences did feel a little more easy going than the original but they were nonetheless still great moments that again showed off how well the level design and character movement systems work together. The boss fights as well, though few in number, all felt unique and though they didn't throw anything new into the fray, they simply felt and looked great. None of these or any of the encounters throughout felt cheap and even when things got hectic and hard to keep track of Ori in amongst the flashiness, it always felt great. The story was really nicely done and although I would have perhaps given a particular character the redemptive ending they deserved in light of their backstory, it was touching and the ending was beautifully handled, giving room to allow future games to grow from what's there and also closing this chapter nicely. Though there isn't much interplay between Ori and Ku, what's there in the beginning nicely teases with some of what you'll achieve later and it's enough to show their connection and propel you to reunite them in this strange land. And when events turn as they do, you really feel that gut punch which again, pushes you to resolve things with a nicely foreshadowed conclusion. Just like the original, it's a visual and auditory delight. Even on an OG Xbox One, where the backgrounds are very low resolution at times, it looks beautiful in motion. Bright colours mix with dark and dank ones to really create an atmosphere and though a lot of the locations have been done before in other games, they still feel uniquely their own. The underground section with the spiders in particular looks haunting when its fully unveiled. I do wish some of the areas were a bit more distinct visually so they didn't blend but they still looked fantastic. The soundtrack, as I said previously, is just straight up beautiful. Gareth Coker has done an incredible job with it to once again make a moving and evocative score, with some beautiful remixes of tracks from the original and some beautiful vocal work from both the woman involved. I downloaded the digital soundtrack that came with my collector's edition and I've listened to it away from the game and it's just brilliant. It hits the right notes to punctuate moments and builds up nicely during chase and battle sequences. I loved the game and I'm sad that it's now over. The wait for it to release seemed like a lifetime and now it's over. I'm hopeful it foes well for Moon Studios as I'd love for more. As it is, it's a fantastic game that improves the formula of the original for the better and though it doesn't bring a lot be to the table, it still feels remarkably fresh and just a joy to play. If you've got access to Game Pass on PC or Xbox One (which I know isn't many on here) you should 100% play it. Even then, it's an easily recommended buy at the £24.99 price. Fantastic game.
  11. Indie World Presentation 17/03 5pm GMT / 6pm CET

    Looking forward to seeing what's coming along. The last Indie World didn't exactly blow my socks off but I'm hopeful for a few bigger announcements now. Silksong will most likely be saved until the summer (I have a feeling that if the game is wrapping up, Nintendo will want to try and do another shadow drop ala the original around E3) so I'm not expecting that but hopefully there'll be something to catch the eye and perhaps a shadow drop or two (just as well that I put money on my eshop account in case). Does seem like this will lead into a general Direct next week. This Indie World falls around when they would normally do one around GDC so it's looking likely that the general one is next week (and I'm hopeful of some more Wii U ports seeing as I've a real hankering to play Wind Waker and would love Nintendo to port the HD remaster to the Switch so I don't need to track down a Wii U).
  12. I got my first experience of all the panic surrounding this at the weekend when I went to the shops to pick up a few every day essentials, like bread and toilet paper and soya/coconut milk. Shelves bare and people squabbling over what was left, not a single package of pasta anywhere to be seen and people buying bottled water as if the end of the world was fast approaching. This is all while people are walking about coughing without covering their mouths thus causing more bother. As I say, I was lucky that I only needed a few things as I'd done my normal big shop for dinners and stuff the week prior but even trying to get the small bits was ridiculous. I understand the psychology of people panic buying (it's the least they can do to feel as though they have some semblance of control over the unknown) but the sheer amount people are buying of certain items is getting ridiculous and then fighting over tinned food just takes the biscuit. I've not changed anything I'm doing other than just being a bit more cautious and not going out as often. I already wash my hands regularly because it's just what you're supposed to do, especially if you go out and get on public transport as I do. Does beg the question of what were people doing before hand with the panic buying of hand soaps and anti-bacterial hand gels (which won't work anyway as its viral, thank god my partner works in care and has access to that for us). I had a message from my doctors late on Friday telling me that the daily drop on sessions they do in the mornings are being cancelled from today until further notice, which I'm sure will go down well with everyone up here. Got to phone and speak to a doctor to see whether you need to have an appointment or not which is reasonable but I live in Dundee and they're not exactly the understanding type up here. The lack of appointments does have a knock on effect for me though. While I'm not panicking about the virus, I do have an underlying health condition (don't know what it is because both my GP and the hospital stopped caring after a gastroscopy came back negative for stomach ulcers and PPIs don't help with the nausea/cramps and other symptoms but I get shortness of breath frequently so that concerns me in then long run with this) and take medication on repeat prescription that ends this month and I'd need an appointment for reassessment after that but it would be considered a non-essential thing so a bit worried there. Like others, though, it's my parents I'm worried about the most as both have health problems, my dad especially as he's on various heavy medications (statins and such for his blood and liver and intestines). They're fine at the moment but given how things are likely to pan out from here, I do worry for them. Not going to be a good couple of months riding out this, if it lasts a couple of months as I don't have much faith in the government's plans.
  13. E̶3̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶

    It's the right call in the current climate. Is it a sad moment for gaming? Sure. Just going off of the back of what's happened with how cancellation of SXSW in Austin, there'll no doubt be lay offs as a result which is never a good things, and especially with the games industry as a whole and the ESA already having let staff go IIRC. Was it needed? I think so. There was so much mirring the event and the direction the current ESA was pushing it in. Last year's debacles surrounding Dr. Disrespect (while they took his badge away, the ESA should have pushed for criminal prosecution over him filming in a bathroom with kids in the background) and the leaking of thousands of journalists personal info was shocking was clearly a nail in the coffin for E3 in it's current guise. Geoff Keighley pulling out from doing the Coliseum and the slow movement away from the event from other publishers and developers and the increase in influencers has meant for a horrible experience on the show floor. I'm hoping they take the time to consider the route forward with the show if they aim to bring it back in 2021. I don't know what to suggest for improving the show other than letting the journalists have their days at the event prior to allowing general public entrance (and that also means withholding influencer attendance until admittance of the general public though that would never happen) like Gamescom has done for years and just generally not pissing off publishers, developers and journalists by trying to push certain agendas. Maybe make some part of it a digital interactive experience or something, I don't know. No doubt we'll see plenty of live streams and digital events over the week that was E3 and surrounding them. More space to present stuff is only a good thing for getting the word out but this invariably hurts indie developers. Hopefully someone like Kinda Funny jumps in again and puts on another digital indie showcase to help there. It certainly changes the timetable for getting info out about next gen. Microsoft will continue with their plans (I'm still adamant they'll launch this October/November even if there is only a small allocation of units) but this does alleviate some of the pressure on Sony for not being there and not getting info out.
  14. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

    It's been a long, long road since this was announced but today, the game is finally out and its reviewing well across the board. I've been excitedly waiting since it was announced to get my hands on it. I picked up my copy of the collector's edition this morning and I have to say that as someone who doesn't normally pick up collector's editions, what they've put together for this is really nice. For the £39.99 price tag, it's a good edition with a piano arrangement soundtrack CD, a digital copy of the entire soundtrack, a steel book which is black with the gold coloured logo for the game on the front and a really nice art book that's surprisingly thick (was expecting a smaller sized one so this was a pleasant surprise). Sure, they could've stuck some kind of figure/statue in there (that would have been awesome, especially if they made it with Ori, Ku, Gamu and Naru all together) but for the price, it's great and I'm glad I picked it up to support the devs. As for the game, I've played a little over 2 hours and I love it. They've clearly taken some inspiration from the likes of Hollow Knight here and there with the spirit badges you can get that give you additional abilities and with the starter weapon being a blade. The addition of weapons definitely makes combat much better this time around. I've been zipping about slashing with the blade, jumping to the side and using the bow to throw in some shots while my soul sentry acts like the spark from the first game and attacks enemies automatically for a short period of time. It feels great and it's a definite improvement over the first game. The platforming is still a strong component of the game. It still feels a little bit floaty to control but it feels somewhat tighter here compared to the first game and it very quickly starts throwing abilities to make your traversal much easier. I'd unlocked the dash and double jump within the first hour or so so it doesn't drag its feet about getting you going. I'm also liking the addition of NPCs in the form of animals in the locations that you can help with small side quests. Some of these feel right out of other metroidvania titles, like the map maker who disappears after you purchase the map of the area you're in. I'm looking forward to seeing how this is fleshed out later as I'm only just starting to meet more and more NPCs. As expected, the game looks phenomenal and the soundtrack is downright beautiful. That was to be expected as the first game was top notch in these departments as well. My only gripe is that with playing on an OG Xbox One, the backgrounds look quite low resolution, like playing handheld on the Switch low resolution. It's as if someone smeared vaseline on them in places and in others you can literally make out the pixels because of how low resolution they are. I'm wondering if this has been done in the day 1 patch to stabilise the performance issues that reviews had noted. Hopefully it'll get sorted as it, along with the remaining stutters when entering new areas or when going from the map screen to play. So yeah, first impressions are great from the 2 hours or so I've played. It's a sequel in all the right ways so far and I can't wait to play more. I'm glad loads will get to play it thanks to Game Pasa but I do hope it sells well enough as it and the original are two of the best games that Microsoft have given the go ahead to this generation.
  15. What Have You Bought?

    Possibly the last game purchases for the month as I've more than enough to get on with for weeks/months now. Ended up going with Final Fantasy X/X-2 after consideration of thoughts in the General Switch thread so I'm looking forward to jumping in properly to my first proper Final Fantasy game. Yoshi is just something short to jump on in between along with Smash. And although I have Game Pass, I've been waiting for Ori for ages and want to support Moon Studios so was more than happy to shell out the money for the collector's edition. Can't wait to sit down and play it as it sounds like they've improved on it in every way from the original.