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  1. After watching others playing the Battle Royale mode online, I finally decided it was time to give it a go myself so downloaded it on my PS4 and I absolutely love it. Only played a handful of matches but managed to get to the top 5 in 4 of them and even managed 2nd twice. The last match was mine for winning and I messed up, rather than building anything, I was trying to scope the last person as I had a legendary grenade launcher, purple shotgun, blue rocket launcher and a green assault rifle (as well as full shield) and thought I'd finish the job quickly. But he got the drop on me and a single shotgun shot to the head and it was over for me. Absolutely gutted as I'd played the long game, dropped right at the edge of the map, fought off one other player doing the same and escaping death narrowly and then spend the game heading north up the maps West coast to stock to the edge of the circle, with plenty of houses and chests along the way. That rush tho when you see you're in the last 5 or so. Itching to get back on and play it as it's unlike anything else I've ever played.
  2. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

    I need to jump back on Superhot again, I really enjoyed what I played of it when I picked it up before Christmas but got distracted with other things. It'll have to wait till I'm done with Wolfenstein The New Order (playing it for the first time at the mo) which I'm enjoying so far. I've decided to try and stick to a resolution game wise that you mentioned in another thread a while back @drahkon where I only pick up games that are complete/not broken at launch (so that'll probably only be a small amount then). So it's likely that most of my gaming this year will be backlog clearing and playing some smaller indie titles until the bigger ones are patched. I have managed to finish a couple of things already this year. Put the finishing touches to The Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn. There isn't much more to say than it really was fantastic. Also finally finished Rime and it was not too bad. The ending might have been handled a bit better but a rather moving end to a wonderful little experience. And I also finished up SteamWorld Dig 2 which I thoroughly enjoyed. A massive improvement over the first game and just really enjoyable from start to finish. The ending didn't quite hold up but still a really good game. If I'd have played it earlier last year I think it would have featured in my top 20 games of 2017. Next up, working through Gorogoa, A Hat in Time and perhaps picking up Black the Fall, InnerSpace and Hob.
  3. Indie Games

    That really is impressive for a near on 8 year old game to sell that well but then Super Meat Boy is a fantastic game. I know it's not up for download on the Switch yet but with it coming day and date with the other versions thought I'd say about Fe is that on the PS4, it's saying that there are optional in game purchases with the game. As to what these are, it's not said but it could be cosmetic DLC or otherwise so whether this impacts your decision to pick up, thought I'd let it be known. Finished SteamWorld Dig 2 the other day and really enjoyed it, though I thought the ending fell flat a bit. Does getting all the secrets add anything there as I only had about 50% and I'm still plugging away at it to collect them so want to know if it's worthwhile. Oh and Cat Quest is amazing. Great little action RPG which lends itself really well to pick up and play. That's taking up a lot of my time at the moment and really enjoying the whole experience, especially some of the puns.
  4. Furi

    Have to agree with @drahkon, Furi is a fantastic game and not least because of that incredible soundtrack (which I still listen to often, it really is amazing). It obviously won't be for every one but the rush when you finally beat a boss after learning the attack pattern, when to attack and parry and where to place yourself is something that's been unmatched for me in another game other than in the likes of Bloodborne. The reviews haven't really got that across for the Switch release, coming across as more frustrated at the constant rinse and repeat, but then as I say, it's not a game for everyone so definitely check out some gameplay if you're on the fence. But it's well worth persevering if you pick it up as it's brilliant and the bosses are really well designed. And again, that soundtrack is phenomenal.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    151a by Kishi Bashi. Randomly came across it in a trailer for something and feel in love with it so picked up a download of it.
  6. General TV Thread

    Started watching Inside No. 9 earlier this week as I'd heard a lot of good things about it and was curious to see what it was like. I really enjoyed what Shearsmith and Pemberton did on Psychoville, even if I never got round to watching the second series, and really like the dark humour and writing style they present so I was cautiously optimistic about watching this. I've ended up finishing the second series late last night on Netflix and absolutely love it. So well written and so deeply dark, jumping from humorous in one episode to heavy in the next. I especially loved the episode with the homeless guy Migg and the one in the second series (second episode I think) where it jumped through the woman's life and her relationships before that twist ending. Really heavy episodes but incredibly well done. Itching to watch the third series and catch up what with the 4th series having just started but a fantastic tv show that I'm glad I finally watched.
  7. Indie Games

    Gorogoa is a really nice little game, simple premise but executed beautifully. Really glad I picked it up myself and after showing it to the missus, I know she'll be having a go (if she can stop playing Lego City Undercover). Need to go back to it myself but I've been playing SteamWorld Dig 2 and enjoying it. A big improvement on the first game. That's been my go to game over the holidays, alongside a last try at BOTW to see if it clicks. Do need to sit and put some time into Rive as I picked that up after release and enjoyed the snippet I've played so far but there's just too many things across the switch, PS4 and PC to play.
  8. Switch Gaming Bargains Thread

    That deal might be store dependent as my local GAME has it priced at £32.99 for their sale, but was selling it for £25.99 before Christmas in the sale then. So I'd suggest checking before going in or ordering online as it's that price there (but will cost £5 for delivery). Looking through GAMEs sale earlier just had me questioning again why they're still around as they've bumped the prices up on lots of games that were already discounted pre-christmas in their "sale" as well as their preowned stuff. Bit of a joke really. L.A. Noire is £26.99 in Argos as an alternative if Game has a different price and they're interested.
  9. Life is Strange: Before The Storm (PC/XBO/PS4)

    I've got the last episode sitting waiting to be played so probably get stuck in either over the weekend or next week. Really enjoyed it so far though. Like a lot of places, I was surprised at how good it was especially as it's not been put together by Dontnod but rather Deck Nine. But the writing is still solid, the characters are well done and although it's a shame that Ashly Burch doesn't voice Chloe (with that whole thing being a rather messy situation), it still feels like the same old Chloe and seeing that relationship only alluded to in the original has been very interesting so far. It's definitely worth a go if you enjoyed the original, even with it only being 3 episodes. If you pick up the deluxe version (also on sale on the PS Store) you do get the extra episode coming in the new year that focuses on Chloe and Max when they were younger tho think that's coming in February or there abouts (and Ashly Burch is back for that).
  10. Brawlout!

    I've been playing the game for a couple of hours and there are two main issues I see with the game. The first is that the grind for characters and stages seems a bit excessive. You use in game currency (awarded from playing matches and completing daily objectives) and spend it on pinatas but the issue is that you only get 1 item from each of these and from my play, character drop rates are low unless you use crystals for the top pinatas which are hard to come by. For levels, you only start with 3 unlocked and through playing the arcade tower mode you can play on the others. But to unlock the other maps you need to get characters to LVL 10 each so there's a substantial grind even to get 1 of them let alone the other 10 or so that are locked away from quick or online play. That needs to be addressed by Angry Mob Games but the biggest is how some characters seem unbalanced and can pretty much chain you in grapples or hits which you can't block, and the dodge mechanic doesn't seem to always take when trying to get out of these. Against the AI even on easy, characters like Paco will chain grapple and even throw you under the main platform on some maps making it impossible to get back up and so you lose stock. And just generally, some characters lend themselves to spam attacks to easily, such as Chief Feathers which is who you'll encounter a lot online. Those things need addressed but the devs say they're going to be updating the game regularly, with new characters every 2-3 months and such. It's still a solid game tho and a decent Smash clone. With regards to online, as I mentioned in the Indie Games thread it's peer to peer so the wonkiness of the online will depend on your connection and your opponents, nothing to do with server issues. It's been fine for me from what I've played of the online. And frame rate issues are really few and far between. They're more apparent when there's 4 characters fighting it out but even then you'll only have a quick momentary jump to catch up with the gameplay or the game only dropping minimal frames (single digits at most) so it' not such a big issue. As I say, it's a decent game that hopefully the devs will keep updating to iron things out.
  11. What Have You Bought?

    Having finished up the third season of Mr. Robot, I was looking for something different to watch and settled on giving this a try. Looking forward to giving it a go. Was never that fussed with Game of Thrones as there's something that just doesn't appeal to me about it so do worry this may fall that way too but I got it cheap and have heard it doesn't quite toe the same lines as GoT so fingers crossed.
  12. Netflix

    Dark is on my to watch list for the holidays. I would have started it a few weeks back but the missus and I ended up watching The Sinner and it was pretty good. Jessica Biel was great in it, Bill Pullman less so but I can't tell if that was more on how his character was written as there was little to flesh him out and I think it needed his character to slowly open up as hers did because of the relationship being presented between the two on screen. It did border on being a little farfetched in places (particularly the quick turn around in the court hearings/sentencing) and it did what a lot of Netflix shows seem to be doing recently in having a lot of gratuitous elements to it (such as between the sisters at one or two points) which did dampen the show towards the end but the last episode seemed to bring it back a little. But yeah, it was pretty good. Started watching Godless the other night. Have only watched the first episode, mainly as they're an hour and a bit long, but I really enjoyed that first one and I'm looking forward to watching more of it over the next week or so. Also gave The Good Place a go and I'm a little unsure after the first episode. I'm obviously going to watch more but I don't know if it was the acting or the script but it seemed a little wooden at times. Perhaps it was just the first episode so hopefully that'll settle a bit as I watch it more. It is a change of pace from all the stuff I have been watching recently so I'm thinking it's probably more to do with that than anything against the show. I am getting a slight Being Erica vibe from it, not in terms of story but more in how it presents itself a bit, and have a feeling that they may even try something that was done in that show here (changing the Creator because it's perceived he isn't doing quite as good a job as he could be just as they changed the "doctor" in Being Erica for a similar reason and the character constantly trying to go back to him). I'll see how I get on with it though. Rewatching the second season of Master of None too. Man, what a fantastic show and a great second season. As I've said before, I've never been a huge fan of Aziz Ansari in other things but in this, the writing and his acting are superb and the episodes in this season are some of the best TV I've watched this year.
  13. Indie Games

    Anyone pick up, or intend to pick up, Brawlout? Out today from Angry Mob Games (who apparently are a team of people who nodded Smash Bros Brawl years ago) and from the hour or so I've played, it's not bad. Nice little Smash Bros. clone, definitely plays a bit better than some of the ones I've played (and plays better than the 3ds Smash game). Doesn't have the largest amount of single player content, looks like it's aimed at multiplayer, local and online, more but that seems decent so far from the venture online I managed. A little laggy at times but it's peer to peer so any of that is down to the connection your opponent has. Will say just in case it's mentioned elsewhere, there is a store in the game but there's no microtransactions, you simply spend in game currency gained through play for pinatas that contain costumes, items, other characters. But yeah, not bad so far. Looking forward to playing more and getting to grips with Drifter and Juan more.
  14. Gorogoa

    This looks really nice. That art style is just beautiful and from the little snippets of gameplay it also looks like a winner for me as I do love a good point & click/puzzle game. I wasn't intending to pick up anything else game wise this year, I still have stuff to work through on the Switch (if I can wrangle it from the hands of my missus who is obsessively playing Lego City Undercover) but this could be a perfect little game to play over the holidays while I'm away at a relatives. Looks like I'm going to have to buy another eShop card, which also means I can grabs some sale stuff so extra win there.
  15. Soul Calibur VI

    TBH, I wouldn't be surprised that if the Switch didn't get VI, then a HD re-release of Soul Calibur 2 was on the cards for the Switch instead. Change the Link character model, or even add the BotW one on top of the existing one, and put it out at a reasonable price with some online play. I'd go for it, more so because 2 was the last time I played/enjoyed a Soul Calibur game, though the first is still my favourite but that's perhaps nostalgia tinged from spending so much time playing it on the Dreamcast back in the day.