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  1. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    Finished this last night and have to say I'm glad that it's at an end. The story really didn't pick up and the ending seemed to come about rather quickly once I decided to mainline it. To be honest, it was a pretty poor way to end the trilogy. Very little resolution at the end of the game with regards to Trinity, Lara or anything on that front when, after 2 games building things up, there really should have been a better ending. The final "boss" bit also felt really cheap in that 2 hits would kill you while having to deal with adds. I definitely feel as though I should've waited for a sale on the game as i regret picking it up at launch. After Rise, I was really looking forward to getting stuck in but beside all the challenge tombs and the crypts, the game really didn't come together well. As I've seen other's say elsewhere, the game did feel like a bit of a mess with some of the issues, foremost of which was that bloody camera which stretched out the ending for me as it just wouldn't line up to make a jump near the end, instead pulling round to whatever angle it wanted. I'm not surprised that it hasn't sold too well, especially with Spiderman out last week and sales for that not dropping much. Despite all the marketing, there wasn't a huge amount of positive buzz surrounding this and I suspect that Tomb Raider will now take a hiatus like Deus Ex has with Square Enix'spast handling of things. Rise was definitely the best for me anyway. Shame but that's how it goes
  2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    Not progressed the story forward much since my post the other day but moving forward, slowly. Been mopping up the collectibles and challenges as I go and doing the tombs that I can get access to. There does seem to be more tombs so far than there were in Rise of the Tomb Raider and I've still not been to all the locations, and plenty of them need gear upgrades to encourage you to come back. That's a plus for me so far, that and the inclusion of the crypts. You're supposed to be a tomb raider so you should be going into tombs and collecting treasures, though you pretty much seem to only come out of them with new skills as there are treasures everywhere. That kind of dilutes the tombs a bit but some of the challenges have been good so far, requiring a bit more thought than in the other games of this trilogy. The story really isn't grabbing me, which goes hand in hand with what most of the reviews were saying. The impending doom doesn't seem to be all that impending, especially with the huge number of collectibles to grab and the side missions which seem to be rather mundane so far. The big issue I have with the game is the atrocious camera controls. By God, whoever coded them needs smacked round the head. It's a constant fight when platforming to get it looking where you want to jump as it jerks in all directions especially when it's not a cinematic moment. There have been several deaths as a result of trying to line up the camera for a jump and it changing to a different direction, thus meaning that you fall to your death That and the jankiness of the animation and controls is making it feel like a bit of a slog, especially on top of the story. I'd say I'm disappointed with it currently as I was really looking forward to getting stuck in but think I'll main line it from now on as it's seeming a but meh. Maybe it'll improve, who knows. Edit: also remembered that when doing a challenge tomb earlier in the game, I saw a character model floating in the air in a wide open area. It wouldn't have been too much of an issue, more a novelty, but the character model could technically be classed as a spoiler for an enemy that I've still not encountered beyond hearing the noise they make and seeing the resultant carnage they've unleashed on the Trinity agents. It's just seeming a but unpolished, especially with the "waiting on stream" message that's come up a few times where the game is struggling to load up areas in time.
  3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    Picked up my copy earlier today and have played the opening and yeah, it's pretty much more of what came before with some extra gameplay additions which have focused around stealth so far. Enjoying what I've played though. The opening was good; very dramatic as seems to be the case for this lot of Tomb Raider games but maybe shows some of the issue with the writing off the bat. After the events of the last 2 games, Lara still hasn't developed a concept of others and seems to think only of herself. Perhaps that's how they're going to develop her through this but seems a bit odd for the final game of a trilogy to have that be her character. It also feels a tad clunky, especially coming off of the back of finishing Spider-man. Even though I was majorly taken with that game, the controls were superb but here, I don't know if it's the controls, the animation or both but it feels a bit clunky to control and movement doesn't seem as smooth as the precious games, if I remember correctly. Not a major issue but a little jarring at times. Still, I've enjoyed it so far even with it being early days. Found my first crypt and that seems to be a nice aside to the tombs. Looking forward to getting stuck in more over the next couple of days.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition is set to release on PS4 on September 25th. Includes all 4 expansions that have been released so far and comes with a 20% discount for pre-ordering (making it £9.27, down from £11.59). Not sure I'll triple dip for it, even though it is a fantastic game, but great news for anyone who hasn't played it on PC or on Switch yet.
  5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    The reviews are coming out now and it's pretty much as expected: it doesn't add anything ground-breaking but it's a refinement of what came before in most areas apart from the story. Lots of 8s and 9s and in between with a couple either side. Sounds good to me as I enjoyed the previous two games, so if it's more of the same but improved, then that's exactly what I'm looking for. Can't wait to pick it up on Friday and get stuck in over the weekend. Should have Spiderman finished by then so will probably trade that in towards it as I'm not really taken by that game.
  6. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Haha, yeah I'm in the same boat. There's a few things in the sale currently that I've been eyeing up, along with recent indie releases that are just calling out to me to be bought and played at some point. Dead Cells is certainly one of them; even though I said I wouldn't pick it up I'm getting more tempted. Same with things like Sunless Sea and Chasm. There's also the recently released Planet Alpha and The Gardens Between, which is out on the 20th. I've already got plenty to play yet I know I'll probably end up picking some of them up in the coming week cause I'm a sucker like that. September isn't being kind on the wallet so far.
  7. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Just picked up my pre-order (along with some Spiderman postcards which'll probably end up in a drawer or the recycling) and it's fair to say that this is going to sell gangbusters going by the queue I was in in my local Game store. About 15 people ahead of me and more coming in at the back of me and from what they were saying in store, it's been like that since 9. It's nuts really. Can't remember a time when a game has had people more or less queuing out the door like this has. Anyway, away to start the arduous task of installing and updating, thankfully I've got things I can get in with but that's my afternoon/evening/weekend sorted. I only hope that I end up enjoying it as I'm a bit trepidatious about playing it. We'll see. Haven't played a Spiderman game since the PlayStation 1 days and even then, I can't remember which it was so I've no real affinity to the character beyond liking the Sam Raimi films, so I'm cautiously looking forward to trying it.
  8. Probably not worth making it's own thread but THQ Nordic have picked up the Kingdom of Amalur license, including the unfinished MMO Copernicus. I've been wanting this to be picked up and had hoped a remaster would be on the way so I'm happy to see someone has taken it. Whether it ends up being remastered or a new game is made from the remains of the MMO (alongside possibly getting R.A. Salvatore and Todd MacFarlane back on board) I'm interested to see what they do with it. THQ Nordic are getting themselves a nice stable of IPs. Hopefully something good comes from all of these recent acquisitions and that it all works out for them.
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I really disliked this sections in Guacamelee 2 as well. They could simply have had it that it was normal enemies without the timer to kill them, just give them the shield that needs to be hit with the correct move to keep you moving through the sections. It just made things more fiddly than they should have been. It's partly why I'm not bothered for going for 100% because of those and some of the pollo ones that are hidden away (particularly the last bit pollo dungeon you need to do to get to that completion). It's a shame as the rest is great, they just needed to dial those sections back a bit. Glad to see you're enjoying Celeste though. Loved every second of it, though I need to go back and grab the strawberries and tapes I'm missing. So far, it's my favourite game of the year. You must be set for the rest of the year for indie games at this point though with all these purchases recently
  10. Divinity Original Sin 2

    I've been playing this a lot over the last few days and though progress has been slow on some goes, I'm now at the point where I can leave Fort Joy behind after just under 15 hours. That last main battle to get to that point of no return took forever. So many retries but I eventually nailed down a strategy of teleporting some of my party into the area, taking out 1 or 2 enemies and then fleeing/teleporting the bodies out to revive them. After I'd manage to get rid of the adds, taking down the main guy wasn't so hard, especially as playing as Ifan gives you the Soul Wolf ability, thus giving you an extra party member for 10 rounds. Despite all the trials of getting over that hump, I'm still really enjoying the game. I thought I'd find it frustrating but it's anything but and I think a lot of that comes down to being able to handle the battles however you see fit. There's no one strategy that's better than the others and at times, it's felt like I've cheesed some fights but the variety of ways to go about things, being able to use the environment around you and segmenting your party really adds a huge amount to depth. Really interested to see what's beyond Fort Joy now but just wrapping up side quests before I can no longer return. Also tempted to try out the two party members I'm not running with (Beast and Lohse) as I'm not sure I'm running the best group currently so may take the time before things hit the fan again when I move on. Easily one of my favourite games this year and there's still so much more to see of it. Don't know how I'm going to juggle this and Spiderman (and Tomb Raider next week) but I'll definitely be busy right up to the end of the year with this and September's release schedule, nevermind what's coming after.
  11. Destiny 2

    I've been tempted with the new Forsaken update and picking up the legendary edition (as I sold my copy of Destiny 2 and didn't pick up the expansion pass) but like Daft said, I've been burnt too many times with Destiny now to jump in on it, especially when the physical edition of Forsaken (i.e. the legendary one) contains download codes for all the content outside of the base game and thus if I end up not taking to it, then what I've got is a game that's worth maybe a quid if anything and a load of DLC for a game that I'll never touch again, after shelling out £55 for it. The most annoying thing about Destiny is that the makings of something great are there but 4 years in, we shouldn't still be saying that. We should have the great game that's promised in small glimpses. The gameplay is great, it's some of the best shooting out there at the moment, but the content is laughably lacking and overpriced compared to other games using a similar model. Some will complain about a comparison to MMOs but it's following that style of model content wise but expansion wise and week to week, month to month, they haven't done a good job at maintaining a high level of content to keep you engaged. And this was after Bungie talking to Blizzard about what they learned from Diablo 3's launch issues. Sure, Forsaken looks to be good, and it might be another The Taken King, but it's still not enough for a game 4 years into its 10 year cycle, where the promise and potential is still nowhere near to being met. It's hard to see Bungle fall from grace as it has done, more so after replaying Halo Reach last year and being reminded about how good the overall package there was compared to Destiny, and I'd like to hope they'll bring it all together but I don't think they'll ever do it. What they hoped for with Destiny and the scope they aimed for, they really needed to have more than themselves on it content wise from the start and they're just playing catch up now and to me, it just doesn't seem like they'll get there. So, despite my intrigue with Forsaken, I think like many others are saying around the net, I'm done with Destiny unless they realy get things together in a big way.
  12. Divinity Original Sin 2

    I picked up my copy on the PS4 on Saturday and I've managed to put just over 5 hours into it so far. Have to say that although I was worried the difficulty would put me off (I'm playing in Classic mode), I've really enjoyed what I've played so far. It's not exactly been smooth sailing at times as last night I felt I was banging my head against a wall with a fight that, it turns out, I didn't have to fight. I'd forgotten to select an attribute for one of my characters when I'd levelled up and was stuck trying to figure out how to beat the bloody fire slugs under Fort Joy. When I realised that, I quickly grabbed the Pet Pal skill and no more unnecessary stress. It's definitely a game where you have to take your time and read through what you're given and pay attention to what you're doing as that example from me was a bit stupid. Thankfully, although I've struggled through a few other fights I'm starting to get the hang of things. Still not got to grips with unlinking party members and placement for battles but I've been experimenting and it's starting to work out for me more often. I've just finished the arena in Fort Joy, got my collar removed and done a small amount of exploring in the swamps area so still early days but yeah, enjoying it. The characters are great; I've gone with Fane, The Red Prince and Sebilla so far (and I picked Ifan) but think that I need to grab Lohse for some magic use as I'm struggling with a lack of ranged attacks. Does anyone know whether I can get them all to tag along, but only have 3 of them fight with me, or do you have to leave 2 behind and come back for them if you want to change party members? I can definitely see myself putting a lot of time into this which may prove problematic. Spiderman is out on Friday and I've got it pre-ordered and while I want to see what that's like, I think my attention may be maintained a bit more by this. Same can be said for Tomb Raider next week though. Same September being game crazy.
  13. Divinity Original Sin 2

    It's a game that's very much on my radar and has been since last year. It looks and sounds great. Haven't quite made my kind up on whether to pick it up or not as the next couple of weeks are game heavy and this is undoubtedly a game that you need to devote all your time to, or at least from what I hear you'll end up doing that with all the side quests that seem to have taken to heart what The Witcher 3 did on that side of things. If I'm out and see it in GAME at the weekend, I'll likely pick it up as I've got a gift card to use and I know my local one has a bad habit of buying in a very small number of copies and then not reordering once they've sold out of them so I'll want to nab it in case. It's just when I'd play it that's the issue. I've got Spiderman pre-ordered for next week and although I'm in two minds about that game, I'm still likely to pick it up unless the reviews aren't up to snuff when the embargo lifts on Tuesday. Tom Raider is the week after and I'm toying with picking up the legendary collection for Destiny 2 to grab all the expansions and Forsaken so not sure. Definitely want to try it though. I have a feeling everything else will fall by the wayside once I've got hold of this.
  14. Great to see two of Supergiant Games' titles cross over to the Switch. Both Bastion and Transistor are amazing, though I think Transistor will always be my preferred game of the two as I just love everything about that game. As people have been asking them in Twitter, I can see a physical compilation of those games and Pyre coming at some point especially given that a lot of indie titles are getting the physical treatment on the Switch. Hell, I'd even snap up a copy if they released it right now on the PS4 because of how much I love their games, one of my favourite indie devs out there. Gutted that Into The Breach didn't come along sooner for me, given that I no longer have the console. I've been wanting to play it for ages but I've been waiting to upgrade my pc to enjoy that and a long list of other PC only indie titles that is ever growing. But a massive scoop for Nintendo especially with the devs having been so against porting FTL over to any consoles previously. Hopefully it's a sign that they're open to it now (and hopefully it sells well on the Switch as I do wonder how it'll fare given the niche market and the overcrowding of the indie space) and that it and FTL might grace other platforms. For those who pick it up, enjoy as it's supposed to be excellent.
  15. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Finished off Guacamelee 2 this afternoon with just under 9 and a half hours on the clock and while it's a good game, I think I enjoyed the original more. This one does some great things with the platforming, especially making brilliant use of the light/dark switching mechanic and getting you to use your pollo powers more often, but I feel that the set pieces and the bosses were much better and more memorable in the original. I did enjoy having specific mini-dungeons for your pollo form and like the challenge of most of the areas (though I do think at times it does border on being a bit too much especially with the exploding enemies that you have to hit in 5 seconds or you have to start a challenge again from the beginning, and these have to be hit with specials while doing some tricky platforming in places) but I think is just have liked a bit more of the humour and a bit more of a stronger story this time around to get me to care why I'm saving the Mexiverse and stopping the antagonist. There are some great little easter eggs in there again though. Whether it's wall art or posters referencing other games and there characters or a specific area which takes the gameplay in a completely different way, they did a good job again on that side of things. I'm tagging my favourite bit below but it's worth discovering yourself so don't read if you're intending to play at some point. Still very much worth a go but for me, the original is hard to beat. Edit: There is one thing that really irritates me about the game and that's that it makes use of the controller's speaker for when you are low on health, letting out a ringing beep that you can't turn off. It really didn't need to be there as it's pretty obvious when you're low on health by the blue bar in the top left of the screen and it's just ridiculous you can't turn it off at all.