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  1. Nindies Showcase 20th March 2018

    Like others, I'm hoping for a Hollow Knight release date. Don't think it'll shadow drop and that it's probably still a little out but it would be nice if it did come out at the same time as the direct. Hoping to see the likes of She Remembered Caterpillars as that was shown off ages ago and Morphies Law as well as they shouldn't be too far off now surely. Would be awesome if there was an announcement of Into The Breach coming to consoles, and the Switch. I'm holding off picking it up on PC in the off chance it gets announced but with only 2 developers behind that game (and FTL) and their stubbornness about the idea, I'm not holding a huge amount of hope that it'll happen. Would be an instant buy for me tho as I really want to play it.
  2. Sega Mega Drive Collection ( May 2018- PS4/One/PC )

    Oh man, a compilation of Dreamcast games would be an instant purchase for me. So many fantastic games on there that developers are just sitting on. We can only dream... As for this, it's got Dynamite Headdy, Gunstar Heroes, Ristar, Vectorman and ToeJam and Earl so I'm down for it. Just amongst those games there are some great memories. Didn't realise there was a second Vectorman tho so that'll be nice to play that for the first time. I remember being so impressed with the visuals and how they made Vectorman look 3D with its sprites, blew my mind growing up.
  3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    There's talk that this one isn't being developed by Crystal Dynamics, but rather Eidos Montreal (or at least one of the Eidos studios) as CD are tied up with the Avengers game. Not sure if/how that'll impact the game but hopefully not at all. Looking forward to it. The wait for Rise on anything other than the Xbox was excruciating but I thought it was worth it as I really enjoyed the game. It did seem a little condensed and towards the end followed a similar routine so I'm hoping that there's something different with the ancient culture they showcase and not these immortal soldier things again. More tombs and less waves of enemies please.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Had forgot this was getting a sequel and that it was coming out so soon. Picked it up last night on the store through digital pre-order and happy I did as they're charging £19.99 for it from today when it was £12.79 for pre-order with a 20% discount (was supposed to be £15.99). Not sure why it's been increased in price but I have noticed that digital games seem to be getting released at a higher price on the PS4 regularly compared to PC and Xbox One. Still, looking forward to playing it as I enjoyed the first one and I'm in the mood for a puzzle game. Also interested in trying out The Council, a new episodic game but waiting to see more reviews for it as it does look interesting but I've been bitten before with episodic games namely Blues and Bullets (which is a shame as that was turning out to be interesting).
  5. What Have You Bought?

    Damn, didn't realise there was a vinyl edition for this. It didn't cross my mind to check Square Enix's store this time around after the original's limited edition was the exact same everywhere. Bit gutted I've missed out but put myself on the waiting list in the hopes more become available. Would love the vinyl especially as Daughter did a good job with the soundtrack for the game.
  6. Nintendo Direct ( 8th March 10pm )

    I thought it was a pretty good Direct. Yes, there's quite a few ports coming but there's plenty variety within the games shown that'll tickle most people's fancy over the next couple of months. Happy to see Okami HD come to the platform and with it having touch screen controls, I'm slightly gutted I picked it up on the PS4 last year. Can't justify another purchase of it, no matter how much I love the game, especially with so many good games releasing on all platforms at the moment. Slightly shocked there wasn't a cheeky Burnout Paradise Remastered announcement. I'd have thought it'd be a no brainer for EA as it's a low cost port, even if EA are a bit cagey on release on Nintendo hardware. Had hoped for a bit more indie news but perhaps we're due a Nindies direct soon to cover that as the likes of Morphies Law and She Has Caterpillars (Think that's what it's called) should be nearing completion and a cheeky Into The Breach announcement would've been awesome for some on the go play. Don't think they needed to spend so long on Mario Tennis Aces or Splatoon 2 (the trailer for the latter seemed to go on for ages) but other than that it was well done and very straight to the point. The Smash reveal could've been better as the inklings being included was pretty much a given whenever a new Smash came about. Have a feeling it'll be their big game to help push the paid online in the latter half of the year (alongside a few other big hitting online games, such as a possible GTA 5 port which rockstar would be stupid to leave given just how much the game is still selling).
  7. Fantastic announcement, especially as it's the complete edition. Depending on the price, I'd be tempted to double dip and see the final DLC for the game as i enjoyed it so much. The Amiibo thing is a bit naff but thankfully it can be ignored as it just looks so out of place in the game. Highly recommend the game though. And this should be good news as Tarsier are teasing something new to come with a possible sequel so hopefully that'll land on the Switch day and date with other platforms when it comes to it.
  8. It's good for Nintendo image getting this but would have been nice to get The Stick of Truth as well. Think I'm one of a only a few who preferred the first game and would easily have dropped cash to play the original on the go with the Switch (I thought The Fractured But Whole dragged a lot towards the end). Still, nice to see it finally announced officially and not that far away either. Perhaps Ubisoft are hoping to tap into the market they hit with Mario and Rabbids.
  9. Indie Games

    Little Nightmares is a fantastic game so it is coming to Switch is only good news as more people will get a chance to play it. If it does, hopefully it'll have all the DLC and be the complete edition as they've been small bit sized extra stories that have really helped to build the world in that game. The little tease they did on the Playstation Blog about the possibility of a sequel has me itching for more but I'd happily double dip for it again as I enjoyed it a lot
  10. good stuff thread.

    I'm in the process of moving house at the moment and despite some issues with the place I'm moving into, things are slowly coming together and seeing my own furniture and stuff sitting in the new place is definitely putting a smile on my face. It's the first place I'm moving into completely unfurnished (where I am now, it's part furnished) so it's been good, albeit slightly stressful, finding furniture and appliances and organising things but it's coming together. Can't wait to have it all moved next week and be set up properly. And while this might not sound like a good things, to me it's something that's taken a rather large stressful load off of my shoulders. I've been thinking about doing it for some time now but today I requested to withdraw from my Ph.D. studies. Having had to take 6 months off last year and getting no support and then having had some health issues which I'm still dealing with, it's just been one long drawn out process with one stressor after another. Ultimately, I didn't see much merit in finishing up the project (though I easily could, it's just the job benefits are slim) and just really want to get out of the department I'm in and start enjoying things again and not having this thing hanging over me. As I say, it might not sound like good news but I feel much happier for drawing a line under things and I'm ready to step away and go and see what happens next. I think it's the push I need to go and do something a bit more productive with my life so I'm happy and excited at the prospect of what lies ahead. I don't know what that is but I look forward to it and for the first time in a long while, I feel genuinely buzzing about the prospect of going out into the world to start something.
  11. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

    Funnily enough, I have this sitting on my PS4 waiting to be played but I'd completely forgotten about it. I picked it up when it released last year amongst a rather large helping of indie games, with the likes of Sundered, Pyre, Lawbreakers and such all bought around the same time, but I just kept putting it off for a better time to play it and just haven't gotten round to it. And with the latest swathe of indie game purchases, I don't know when I'll get to it (to give an idea of just how many I'm juggling, I've got: InnerSpace, Black The Fall, Hob, A Hat In Time, Dandara, Crossing Souls, The Fall Part 2: Unbound and probably a few others sitting on my PS4 dashboard that I'm playing through in drips and droves). I'll make a point to play through it once I've finished moving house next week but glad to hear that it's a solid game. Did mean to ask, you picked up Pyre didn't you? Have you had a chance to play it yet?
  12. Switch eShop Thread

    I picked up Dandara myself (albeit on the PS4) and I'm really intrigued to see more of it. I've played a short 30 minute session and even though it was a bit overwhelming getting used to the movement, it started to click towards the end of my go and I thought it all worked extremely well so really interested to get back in and see more of it and how they mix things up. Picked it up as something to itch that itch left after finishing Celeste and because the Brazilian folklore angle interested me and looks as though it's a solid little title so far. It's vying for my time amongst a swathe of other indie games tho, both on the Switch and elsewhere. Got The Fall Part 2: Unbound to start as well as needing to put more time into Golf Story, Wulverblade and Blaster Master Zero. There's also Fe, Crossing Souls and A Hat in Time that I'm playing elsewhere too. It's a really great time to play indie games at the moment, so much food stuff out there and the last couple of years have been incredible. It's a game type thats completely stolen my time away from bigger games but there's so many interesting games out there on all platforms.
  13. Indie Games

    Ended up deciding I want to grab Owlboy on the Switch so put a pre-order down for it, as well as picking up both Wulverblade and Golf Story as they were on sale, but came across this little game in the Coming Soon section of the eshop and it's tickled my fancy so stuck a pre-order down for it as well after seeing reviews were pretty decent for it. Looks like a nice laid back, narrative focused game which'll be right up my street with moving in the next couple of weeks and not really having much time for heavy gaming. Looks like it'll be light on the gameplay but looks to me like it could be along the same lines as Burly Men At Sea, which I thought was a nice interlude between bigger games. Looking forward to it anyway when it releases on the 20th of February. Edit: also just picked up Blaster Master Zero. Hearing that music brings back so many memories so can't wait to get stuck in. Now if only they'd bring back Turrican then I'd be seriously chuffed. I'd also ask for Bonk to come back but that didn't go so well on the Wii...
  14. Switch eShop Thread

    While it's good that more Switch users picked up Oxenfree, it's a dangerous precedence to set for indie games if people are only going to invest when they're heavily discounted. It might be a win for the devs in terms of the number of sales but the money they'll have made will be a fraction of what they could have made (and in the case of Oxenfree, should have made given how good the game is). It's part of the problem with indie game sales on PS4 and Xbox One at the moment: lots of gamers waiting for games to drop through a heavy discount or to eventually appear on PS+ or Games for Gold. The port may have had it's issues but it's probably bittersweet for the devs with this one. And as I say, it's potentially a slippery slope for indie games on the Switch if that's what it took for the likes of Oxenfree to do well. Sure, developers are coming out to say their indie games are outperforming other platforms on the Switch in terms of sales but you have to wonder how long it'll be before the bubble will burst, especially on the back of this. Not saying it's going to just cliff dive from here but it something like Oxenfree should have done better than it did without the need for a heavy discount. Personally, I thought it was a fantastic game and easily one of my favourite indie titles of the last couple of years but if you don't connect with the characters and the overarching narrative, it's a hard sell. I will say that if Oxenfree didn't click, @Dog-amoto, I'm not sure whether Night in the Woods would either. They do share similar ideas, though Night in the Woods does do a good job of being funny with a lot of dark humour. It's a fantastic game, one of my favourites from last year, so people should definitely check it out but I'd maybe not if you didn't take to Oxenfree.
  15. Celeste

    Finished it last night as well and building on what I said earlier, it really is a fantastic game. Absolutely loved it from start to finish and really loved the challenge that it brought. It never once got frustrating (even with my final death count being 1500 or there about) and I loved figuring out how to get through areas as they were intended or through finding alternate ways that took some patience to nail. That platforming was superb, it worked so well, the controls were spot on and i really liked that although the game used a very simple set of mechanics, the variety of ways they test your skill and the mechanics for each level were fantastic. Loved the story, it didn't need it but it was so heartfelt and handled well. And tho there seems to be people disliking the visuals, I really liked it. Thought the game looked great and the soundtrack was similarly well done. I was sad when I got to the credits and seeing the game being over. I've got the post-game chapter to do as I missed some crystal hearts for it and I have the other half of the strawberries, some b sides to collect and the c sides as well do looking forward to getting stuck in for those. Not always a completionist with games but I loved this so much that I really want to play more. So glad I picked it up. Was hesitant beforehand but it really has turned out to be a real gem and my favourite game of the year so far.