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  1. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    Some recent-ish tracks that are some of my favourites for the year: Big fan of Future Islands and this track is a fantastic closer to the album. Hadn't heard from Lianne La Havas in a long time but this track really struck me. Very nice. First time listening to This Is The Kit with their new album, Off Off On, but I fell in love with it in first listen. This song in particular is superb.
  2. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    So I had my release dates mixed up and thought it was releasing next week but turns out Haven, the next game by The Game Bakers who made the fantastic Furi, is out tomorrow on PS5 (as well as PC and Xbox consoles). Anyone picking it up? I played the demo through the summer on Xbox and enjoyed what I played, leaving me intrigued enough to jump in for more and though its releasing on Gamepass for Xbox consoles, I'm set to pick it up tomorrow as Twin Mirror from Dontnod (which I was set to buy) looks like it might be a bit of a dud. And plus, with having got Furi through PS+ and really enjoying that, they're more than deserving of my money if this ends up anywhere near as good as that was. Curious to see how it plays out long term gameplay wise but looking forward to jumping in. And there's also more music from Danger in the game so what's not to like. Its releasing at a price point of $24.99/€24.99 so not bad price wise. Expecting to match that in £ but would be pleasantly surprised to see it hit £19.99.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    As a fan of the original: HELL YES!!! Just hook this straight to my veins. And if the soundtrack is as killer this time round as in the original, then it'll just be great. Gameplay looked a bit rough round the edges, definitely looks to be the Switch version with that frame rate. Still plenty of time to polish but definitely interested to see how the PS4 version runs as I'll probably play it through BC on my PS5. But as I said, hell yeah!!! Can't wait.
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    For those trophy hunters out there: If anyone managed to grab the platinum on No Man's Sky on the PS4 and wants to grab an easy platinum for the PS5 version, download the PS4 version of the game to your PS5. Jump into the game and on the menu for starting a single player game, select the option to import save to the PS5 version (which uploads your save with the platinun data to their servers), uninstall the PS4 version and install the PS5 version, jump into that version of the game and download your save file by clicking the tiny arrow symbol in the bottom left when you get the option between single player and multiplayer and then wait and watch as all the trophies will unlock for the PS5 version without having to actually jump into the game.
  5. Astro's Playroom (PS5)

    I played the level earlier and the haptics for the bit you mention and a little later are incredible. I'm purposefully taking it slow with the game given that its short but its a fantastic showcase for the controller and just what can be done with it. I doubt we'll see many devs go to the same depths as Team Asobi have with this but if we see similar implementation in other first party titles (as well as third party but I know that that's where its less likely) then this generation is going to be a truly unique experience for gamers on the PS5. I'm already excited at the prospect of GoW: Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West and how they'll make use of the Dualsense. But yeah, its a superb little game and it being a pack in is insane. I'm looking forward to playing more and for the inevitable next game which sounds to be on the way too.
  6. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Initial impressions are that the controller is incredible. Using it and feeling that haptic feedback and getting used to the adaptive triggers in Astro's Playroom was just such a joy (it also helps that that game is just chock full of charm). Little things like the feeling of walking over glass, skating on ice and the feeling of the spring suit in Astro feel so immersive and just add that element of texture to playing that I never thought I'd want but couldn't imagine going without now. Jumped on briefly into The Pathless and the way the tension builds in the triggers for the bow felt great. Likewise for No Man's Sky, where using the mining beam for long periods builds up tension in the triggers as well. The Dualsense really is a massive step up compared to other controllers and I'm only scratching the surface with it. But for all the talk in the build up to launch, it definitely lives up to it. Its the real deal. Console wise, I'm still getting to grips with the UI. I'll admit at the moment that it isn't as intuitive as I'd like (there's a few more steps needed to quit out of a game compared to on the PS4 and while its only a small thing, its a small step backwards) and it doesn't feel as smooth to navigate for finding things but that'll iron itself out as I get used to it over time. I do have a slight issue with how storage works. I've got 6 games installed but I've got nearly 14GB taken up in storage as "Other". Looking at it, it says its for how the system runs games and such but that its dependent on how you use the system. I'm hoping this isn't going to keep building up as I can see that "Other" category for storage taking up a good chunk of the SSD which could be a pain down the line. But those niggles aside, the console is great. It runs so quietly, a massive improvement over the PS4, the controller is incredible and the quick loading is just brilliant for jumping in to something quickly. I do wish the console wasn't so big but I'll take it for the quiet play. Definitely met and exceeded my expectations. Now to jump back on and try out AC Valhalla and Bugsnax before settling down to watch season 1 of Barry later on.
  7. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Delivered about 15 minutes ago: Just got it put of the box and oh boy, is it big. Its bigger than I thought and where I was going to put it, well it won't fit. Waiting on a new TV unit but I'll make do with putting it somewhere just now. Dualsense feels nice in hand though. Really sturdy, quite wide but nicely built. A lot better than the Dualshock 4 that came with the PS4 launch consoles that's for sure. Away to get it all updated and start downloading but yay!!! Next gen begins now. Enjoy everyone when yours arrives.
  8. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Just checked my delivery again, now set for delivery between 8:30am and 12:30pm. The tracker map shows it as 3 stops away, but those 3 stops have it up in Grampian. Closer to Aberdeen than Dundee but looks like it'll be here before midday Should be set up and ready to go for the afternoon and I can't wait. Ridiculously excited to play on the thing, especially as this'll be the first time I've picked up a PlayStation at launch.
  9. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    For those UK based hoping to snag a console this morning, these look to be the only places that'll have stock today with the times they go live (and I imagine there won't be much to go round): Good luck to anyone looking to get one. Fingers crossed for you. I've woken up early to find my console is at the final delivery point as of half 2 this morning, up in Aberdeen. I'm down in Dundee so if that's being delivered from there today, then its going to be a long day waiting. Hopefully its moved on to the local Dundee distribution centre as I really don't want to spend my whole day waiting and listening for the door. Hope everyone's arrive on time and without bother. And most of all, enjoy next gen gaming everyone.
  10. I know he won't win it, but for the sheer amount of work that Logan Cunningham put in to all those performances in Hades he really does deserve to win Best Performance. Likelihood is that it'll probably go to Ashley Johnson (could you imagine after all the backlash if Laura Bailey won for her performance of Abby? The Internet would melt). Some disappointing omissions and some weird choices. I personally wouldn't put Carrion up for Best Indie (that place could have easily gone to say Creaks from Amanita Design) and I think Doom Eternal's place on that GOTY list is shaky considering some of the other games around it, like Half Life Alyx, Spiritfarer, Wasteland 3 and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I'm also shocked that Kentucky Route Zero wasn't nominated for best narrative, thats a glaring omission. But overall, not bad. I'd love to see Hades clear up, especially taking Best Performance, Best Indie and Best Soundtrack (Darren Korb deserves the win here so much as his work for Supergiant Games is always incredible). Likewise, I'd like to see KRZ and Ori win their respective nominations as well. That strategy/sim category is stacked. Should be Crusader Kings 3 but Desperados 3 is also a good shout.
  11. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    My accounts been charged this morning too should get a dispatch email from Amazon later today but looks like I'll definitely be here tomorrow yay!!! Amazon seem to do 2 delivery windows up my area, one up to about midday and then from midday onwards. I can only hope for an early delivery but really it could come at any point up. Still very happy that it'll be here tomorrow and can't wait to get my hands on the Dualsense and see what its all about with Astro, Bugsnax, AC Valhalla and The Pathless.
  12. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Got my email from Amazon confirming release day delivery too though its been saying that since I ordered. 3 days to go and this is pretty much me right now: I'm excited but more for just making sure I get the thing on launch day as its not something that I'm just sitting waiting on getting delayed. Only ever pre-ordered consoles in store so a new and anxious experience waiting for it to be delivered. Reading some of what's being said o ResetEra though about the console downloading the PS4 versions of games and having to be factory reset to even download the PS5 versions and such has me a bit apprehensive but hopefully there's a firmware update for the console to sort those issues out. Likewise for games as there seems to be quite a bit of crash reports for pretty much all games so far. Still, roll on Thursday. Can't wait to play Astro, AC Valhalla and The Pathless.
  13. good stuff thread.

    Oh, the Christmas cards are really nice, lovely art work. Haven't gotten around to sorting that side of Christmas out (have finished all the other shopping though) but really like the look of them, especially the Warm Wishes card. Possibly moving house this week/next week but will see what the missus says as they'd be great for the small amount of family I usually send cards around. ----------- After all the issues at my flat, we had a flat viewing on Tuesday that was awful but I've not long come back from another viewing this morning and the flat is just perfect. It means moving back into Dundee City centre, as opposed to being more rural, but that might help woth job prospects seeing as I'd have more access what with not driving. The flat is also just amazing, fully furnished (and its pretty much done to the taste that my partner and I have), no issues or problems with it or anything and its quiet and all for a measly £380 a month (I was shocked at how good it was and that its fully furnished in the city centre for that. Hell, there'seven 2 bottles of Prosecco in the fridge that we get with the flat as well). We phoned to say we wanted to take it literally a minute after leaving the viewing. We submitted our application and we're just hoping that we get it as we need to get away from the downstairs neighbour that's causing bother and because its just such a nice flat. So fingers crossed we hear some good news back. Would mean moving next week but I can deal with that as the flat really is great.
  14. Deathloop

    Thought it would be around May so very happy to see it confirmed. Late birthday present for me. Excited to play and nice to hear that at least in the US, its going to be $60. Hope that translates to £50 here, though I'll be honest, as a fan of Arkane I'd happily pay whatever they're asking for it as the game looks great.
  15. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Hopefully there's no bother with it @Julius. It's strange, I've heard so many horror stories about Yodel and Hermes (especially the former but with the latter, I was well aware of the throwing parcels into vans before that video circulated earlier this week) but from the times I've had them deliver to me, there's been no issues. I definitely seem to be in the minority there with regards to that though, more issues with DPD and Royal Mail than anyone else. Got my games sorted for launch. I've stuck with just AC Valhalla and The Pathless for now as I'll have Bugsnas with PS+ and Astro's Playroom to play as well as replaying some of the PS Plus Collection games. With the problems with my current flat and neighbours, not wanting to over extend money wise in case I end up finding a flat in the coming weeks but Miles Morales may get picked up too. Nervous about my Amazon pre-order. With having the digital edition pre-ordered on the restock, I'm hoping that doesn't mean a delay in it getting here for me on launch day. Still says it'll arrive on launch but last time I pre-ordered something from Amazon, it came a week after the item in question released (it was a book I'd ordered as a gift for the missus). Would've been quicker buying on release and wouldn't have had to pay the extra for postage in that case. So yeah, a bit nervous Amazon will actually get it to me on time.