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  1. General TV Thread

    Glad you're enjoying it Drahkon. Barry is a fantastic show. I remember thinking The premise sounded simple but wasn't sure how it'd take off but The first episode does a great job of setting the tone of what's to come. And Bill Hader does an amazing job with the character (Henry Winkler also puts in a superb performance). The second season is every bit as good as the first and really goes to some dark places. I can't recommend it enough as it really is a must watch and thankfully, there's more to come next year in a third season which is just as well given how season 2 ended.
  2. Nintendo Switch Lite announced - Releasing Sept. 20

    It's up for pre-order now on Amazon, GAME and the likes for £199.99 so yeah, a straight conversion from the US price as many suspected. Tempted myself as one of the things I did dislike when I had my Switch was how flimsy it felt in handheld holding the joycons. Happy with the improved battery life, though the smaller vents on the console are a slight concern given that the Switch did tend to heat up quite badly when charging when I had it and when playing certain games. I'll see as there's plenty of games coming out as it is.
  3. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Glad to see you enjoyed the game @Hero-of-Time. It really is a brilliant game and, as you say, easily shows how a AA game can stand shoulder to shoulder with bigger budget AAA games. And like you said, the soundtrack is superb (turns out the composer also did the soundtrack to Remember Me). The more I think about the game post finishing it, the more I think it is my favourite game this year. So nice to have a game come out of nowhere like it did and be so engrossing. Asobo did a great job bringing things together and I'm happy that they've signed on with Focus Home Interactive for another game, which I presume will end up being a next gen game at this stage in the console cycle, but I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled to see what they make next. On the subject of smaller scale games that come out of nowhere, I've been deeply engrossed in Outer Wilds since it released. I've been plodding along through it since it released on Game Pass and I've been completely taken in by the game. I love it. It's not a game for everyone but it's exactly what I was looking for in a game at the moment and it's just so good. Jason Schreier said it right when he said it was like Majora's Mask meets Metroid meets Return of the Obra Dinn. It's giving me that same sense of accomplishment that The Witness gave in that there's zero hand holding, you have to figure it out yourself and as you slowly put the pieces together on what's happening in the small solar system you're in, the history and learning the stories that are tucked away, it really is a captivating game. Last night I spent a couple of hours just searching out clues and think I've figured out how to finish the game and that was do satisfying figuring out where to go and how go do it. There hasn't been a game in a long time that's made me feel that way. It's so hard to really say much about the game because of how it all unfolds and how it would quickly spoil things but if you're able to play it, I would definitely say give it a go. Word of mouth has brought the game to the forefront on some sites recently and I'm happy it has because although it might not be for everyone, the game underneath and the amount of work that's gone in to create such a tight package that's bursting with charm, ingenuity and brilliant moments is something that shouldn't be missed. I'll be sad to see the end of it but I'm glad it came to Game Pass so I could see what it was all about. And I'll be buying the game once I'm finished to support the devs more because they deserve it after creating this. Easily one of my top 3 games of the year, up there with A Plague Tale in being tied for first I'd say. It seems this gen is going to throw us a few gems before it's all over and I'm more than happy about that. I just hope both of these games don't get forgotten come awards season.
  4. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Second this. AC Odyssey is brilliant and it's easily my favourite of AC game. If you're wanting a meaty game to sink you teeth into, that one can easily keep you going for 100 hours plus. I really need to get back to it myself but I got side tracked doing side missions and exploring the place, all while moving up the hunter ranks, so might do that soon. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is available on Game Pass @Ronnie of you're playing on Xbox One and have that. It's an ok game. I thought Rise was better but Shadow is probably more like the older Tomb Raider games with a heavy emphasis on exploring and doing tombs. I didn't get much from the story but it was alright. As I say, you can at least try it on Game Pass if you have it.
  5. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    I've been meaning to post my gaming diary for the year for a bit. I've taken a different approach to playing games this year. I got majorly burned out on stuff towards the end of last year with so many big releases so I've been decided a more laidback approach is what I'm going for and that's meant replaying some smaller games and even going back and playing some of my favourites from years past amongst the newer releases this year. I'm not setting myself a target for completions of trophies/achievements either, just play what I want and hoping to enjoy them. This is what I've managed to get through so far this year: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (PS4) Metro Exodus (PS4) Dishonored Definitive Edition (PS4) Doom (2016) (PS4) Mass Effect 1 (PS3) Mass Effect 2 (PS3) The Forest (PS4) Mass Effect Andromeda (PS4) Falcon Age (PS4) Borderlands: Game of the Year edition (PS4) Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction (PS3) Planet Alpha (PS4) The Messenger (PS4) Far: Lone Sails (PS4) Jupiter and Mars (PS4) Florence (Android) Golf Peaks (Android) A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4) Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition (Xbox One) Ryse: Son of Rome (Xbox One) Human Fall Flat (Xbox One) Thomas Was Alone (Xbox One) Halo 2 Anniversary Edition (Xbox One) Riverbond (Xbox One) Quantum Break (Xbox One) Trover Saves The Universe (PS4) Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) So quite a varied bunch of titles, most of which I've enjoyed. Some, like Planet Alpha and Jupiter and Mars, we're visually great but poor on the gameplay side of things. Replaying the original Halo was nice as it's been so long since I've played it and it's been even longer since I played the second one so that was cool to go back to that, though the amount of effort that went into redoing the cutscenes seems disproportionate to the visual upgrades in game. I'd been wanting to play the Mass Effect games for a while and hooked up my PS3 to do so and loved every second of playing through them, even if the ports are a bit iffy in places. Even jumping into Andromeda was a great but sombre experience seeing that some of the glitches have been left unfixed because of the shut down of the studio and EA's washing their hands of the game. Waiting to pick up all the DLC for the third game before jumping on with it. Forza Horizon 4 has been a superb game to jump into. Looks great, plays so well and I love driving round an abridged version of Edinburgh (seeing Stockbridge church was especially weird because my high school did services there at end of term). I absolutely love the game and looking to jump back into the 3rd one again as well to finish that up. As for games from this year, I loved both Metro Exodus and A Plague Tale: Innocence. I was looking forward to the former and I was glad it met my expectations and the latter was such a great surprise to stumble upon. Loved the game and I just hope that word of mouth has meant that more people are trying it out now (it has been on offer in-GAME recently as well so worth checking out if you're interested). Though I've not finished them, both Outer Wilds and Void Bastards have been superb, especially the former. That game has just hooked me in massively and the whole Majora's Mask meets Metroid meets The Witness has been so good for short or deep dives in trying to unravel that universe. Though not played in VR, Falcon Age was a great little game. As I say, Jupiter and Mars wasn't great gameplay wise and Trover Saves The Universe didn't click with me. It just felt it was trying to hard to be edgy and was just shallow (I should say that while I enjoy Rick and Morty, I have a similar problem with that trying to be too try hard). Indie game else, playing both The Messenger and Far Line Sails were great and I've still got Observation to sit down with. Things will change in the coming months as I look to Control and Borderlands 3 and such so more bigger games but it's been great just playing whatever and enjoying playing things again.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Bit of a red flag for me for the next PlayStation if the indie support is going to dwindle. It's already happening and has been for a couple of years now as they've failed to listen to indie devs unhappy with the store front and how cluttered it is for getting their games visible. I can get buckling down on what people are predominantly buying the console for but it's the kind of mentality that could come back to bite them back. Surely you want to have as much of both the bigger titles and the indie ones as possible to give everyone the maximum amount of options for play as possible. For me, that would mean giving me the big first party titles, the big AAA and AA third party titles but also the indie ones. Since getting my PS4 in 2014, I've bought somewhere north of 200 indie games (many of which have been some of my favourite games of this gen) so to have the breadth of indies cut down because they're not focusing on indies or not trying to resolve the issues that have developed over the course of the consoles life span does give me pause for thought for the next gen. I am hoping that this might be a case of the misunderstanding with regards to the next gen Xbox in that it was widely reported that there would be 2 SKUs but it's turned out there will only be the one (at least to start with) but we'll have to wait and see. Wouldn't be a good image for Sony to take on in upsetting smaller devs though the wider impact probably won't be there in terms of gamers. Indie games is one area where Nintendo has nailed it with the Switch. Microsoft are doing great also in giving indie games space on their stage. So there will always be places to play indie games on consoles, just hope that it hasn't gone the way it's suggesting for Sony from my perspective.
  7. CONTROL (XB1, PS4, PC)

    Hands on impressions out of E3 are pretty much glowing from what I've seen around the net and on Twitter. My hype has gone through the roof as well as I'm replaying Alan Wake at the moment and I have Quantum Break to jump on afterwards so I'm well and truly in the Remedy mindset at the moment and can't wait to play this. I put my pre-order in earlier today and just want it to be August as this is my most anticipated game of the year currently (though The Outer Worlds looks and sounds great also).
  8. The Witcher 3: Complete Edition

    As Happenstance and Bob have said, you can easily jump into The Witcher 3 with minimal to no knowledge of the previous games or books. There are nods and call backs through that hark back to the previous games and there are some things that reference events in the books but it doesn't detract from the experience if you've not read or played any of the other Witcher stuff. The game does a really good job of ingratiating you in the world, especially as a first time player. There's so much lore that you can read up on in the Glossary in game (which also details character back stories and their relationships with Geralt) or through the books you can pick up in the world and the Bestiary is similarly fleshed out detailing all the beasts and monsters and how to deal with them. So it's a lot to take it but it's so worth soaking it up as it really does add to the overall game and creates one hell of a believable world. The game is the reason I'm now reading the books and I'm only on the third one, Blood of Elves, which is really the first one at the start of the overarching story arch (the first two are more or less short stories, though Sword of Destiny, the second book, is more of a single narrative broken up) and it's been good coming to them afterward to understand more of the world and such. I'm picking up a copy of the second game on the 360 to play through backwards comparability on the Xbox One to experience that for the first time but I'd really love for CD Projekt Red to remaster the first two.
  9. Hollow Knight: Silksong

    16 minutes of gameplay for this courtesy of IGN: It's more Hollow Knight but with a new character and setting. So everything I'd want from the game. Looks fantastic, can't wait to dive deep into that new world and soak up the life again.
  10. That special edition is great, I saw that steelbook and instantly wanted it. The game looks absolutely gorgeous. I remember being a little bit iffy on the visual style when they announced it but seeing more of it now, it just looks so good and I'm glad I was wrong about the art style as it just fits the game so well. This is one of my favourite Zelda games and seeing it remade like this has me itching to get my hands on it and experience it all again. It's been so long that I only remember a few things about it.
  11. The Witcher 3: Complete Edition

    Very impressed that they've managed to fit the main game and all the DLC on the cartridge. Considering it's at least twice that size on the PS4, that's impressive. Also a nice touch to see that they're continuing with the little extras, in the form of the monster compendium, map and stickers. The only thing missing is the soundtrack, which came with all new copies of the game. Maybe they'll include it as a download code or something. If I still had my Switch, if be up for picking it up again. I absolutely love The Witcher 3 and have just under 150hours put into it in the PS4 with plenty still left if I want to go back to it. But I'm always wanting to start a new game of it and ill admit the prospect of being able to take it on the go is very tantalising. I hope everyone that picks it up enjoys it when it launches. A whole new wave of gamers will get to experience the game and things like the Bloody Baron quest for the first time and I'm jealous of that.
  12. Nintendo at E3 2019

    The Witcher 3 is being ported by Saber Interactive with assistance from CD Projekt Red for those interested. Having the guys at CD Projekt Red involved is good news as the work they did brining The Witcher 2 to the 360 back in the day was great. So some advise and expertise passed down should help make it run as well as it can given the hardware constraints. It's not the best way to play the game but if you have no other way to play it (and when PS4s and Xbox Ones are cheap as anything, it wouldn't be too hard to pick up the whole thing especially with the frequency of The Witcher 3 GOTY edition being on sale) it's definitely worth checking out as it's a phenomenal game. I do await the minority of gamers who'll hate on it simply because Breath of the Wild exists tho.
  13. Nintendo at E3 2019

    I completely forgot about the Panzer Dragoon remake announcement. As soon as that trailer started, I knew right away. Crazy to see that coming back even if it's a remake. And also cool to see The Sinking City in amongst the third party stuff (and Super Lucky's Tale. Was expecting Ori and not that). Hearing some impressions that are positive with regards to the final product so may be one to watch. Something I'm keeping my eyes on especially after A Plague Tale ended up being good. Could be another solid AA title.
  14. Nintendo at E3 2019

    A pretty good Direct. A good variety of goods from a wide range of genres and a lot of output from Nintendo themselves to fill in the gaps in the still somewhat lacking third party support (it's there, it's just not as strong as it could and should be and I think we can all agree to that. Indie wise it's a different story but from big third party studios, it's not quite there). Links Awakening still looks great as does Luigi's Mansion 3 (though the lack of solid date on that was strange). Animal Crossing doesn't do much for me and there is the worry there about whether Pocket Camp has impacted this next game but it looked alright. That Banjo reveal trailer was superb. They've been fantastic with their Smash Bros trailers and it was another great one. That jigsaw piece went across the screen fast but I knew it as soon as I heard the chime. I had the feed cut out in me during but manage to get back in just before the fake reveal and then to see Banjo and Kazooie turn up. Nicely done. But Yeah, overall a good Direct but I'd go so far as to say I enjoyed the KFG showcase more but then I have been focusing on playing a lot more indies recently. The lack of Retro must mean that they're solely working on Metroid Prime 4 at this point. We know they were working on two titles at one point with one being cancelled and staff upheaval following that. But I wonder if the game has been put on the back burner to go all hands on with MP4 what with them having announced it and then having to delay and change developer for it. Maybe it'll surface at some other point but it's probably dead for now. Nintendo do need to stop bringing them in the assist on development of other games, which may have also factored into the long silence there. We may get an update as the week goes on but I suspect that's why they announced BotW2 to compensate for not having Retro's new game.
  15. Nintendo at E3 2019

    It didn't look horrendously bad, pretty decent in places but it's a very noticeable downgrade. And it remains to be seen how places like Novigrad and Crookback Bog will run. Still, impressed if they manage to get it running well.