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  1. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Nice one, now you can cancel your GAME preorder. Not sure if you knew, but GAME charge £10 for delivery even if you collect in store. GAME haven't put their pre-orders up yet so no need to cancel as as soon as I saw Amazon had them, I smashed the pre-order button. Surprised how smoothly I managed to get through the pre-order with how quick Argos' stick went and how quick the standard PS5s went. Still, can actually start to get excited about next gen now that I have a console pre-ordered. After the week I've had with the Xbox pre-orders and trying to sort out what the hell Klarna were doing, I'm now all set bar the top up cards.
  2. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    PS5 Digital Edition secured!!! Amazon again put uo the new batch of pre-orders for standard and digital. Standard sold out in 10 minutes but I was sitting there refreshing waiting for the digital page to go live. Just randomly refreshed 5 minutes ago and saw that I could put an order in so slammed that pre-order button and checkout out in about 10 seconds as I was already logged in to Amazon from checking something I've got ordered. Happy enough with that. Just need to organise money for closer to dispatch and now need to start stacking up top ups but I'll be joining next gen on Nov 19th, providing Amazon get it to me on this day.
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Everyone: Me: I'm sure there's something to do with an unnecessary delivery charge being added with GAME but I don't know for sure. Anyone heard about them doing that with pre-orders? My hope is that either Shopto or Amazon get them in. Had some issues with both DPD and Amazon deliveries recently delivering smashed items and then being funny about refunding or sending out replacements but ideally, I know both of them are places I'd generally trust to get me the console on time if I could grab one from either. Though saying that, I did order Super Mario 3D All-Stars from GAME and it came bang on release day so who knows. Probably still try and put in an order with GAME and hope the others mentioned put up new stock as then I can cancel with GAME and go with say Amazon.
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Gosh, I'm glad GAME don't add a delivery fee to orders as that would've been a sticky situation on checkout. Yeah saw that they do that. Can't upsell the usual nonsense to people online can they (lukewarm tin of miscellaneous energy drink thats been sat for 2 months for £1.50 anyone?) Smyths are the only other places saying they'll have more stock but after the other day with the Xbox pre-orders, I don't trust them to have their site up. Not that GAME will cope as their site is already got a queue of people trying to register/login. Luckily I'm already logged in and have it saved on this device for that purpose so should cut down on that issue. Just hope I can find the product page fast enough seeing as they haven't been the fastest for putting up pages in the past and they've then sold out by the time I've found them. Either that or people are getting backdoor links. I'd hope for Shopto getting some stock but I suspect that the sheer volume of people who registered interest mean that they'll be covered for some time in getting stock to people. Can only hope.
  5. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Just had an email from GAME that they'll have more stock in for pre-order late tomorrow morning so going to chance my luck and grab a pre-order for the digital console. Not sure if this new allocation will be for launch or shortly after but either way, if I can grab one I'll be happy enough. Expecting their site to be hammered all morning but I've got myself logged in so fingers crossed I can grab one and then I'll just grab some Shopto top ups and I'll be sorted.
  6. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Seems the All Access night are with Smyths continues. Before they had sorted things out with those who got approved with Klarna, they had put the Series X back up for pre-order through All Access and it was gone in minutes. People are now waiting as they piecemeal send out emails that give access to try and confirm those pre-orders but it just sounds like a mess. Ended up signing up for Credit Expert on Experian and there's no evidence of a knock to my credit score from the ordeal yesterday nor does it look as though they've carried out a credit check at all going from my credit report so that's a relief. Still awaiting Klarna getting back to me as to whether it was an error that sent the email about a direct debit being setup or not but nothing on my bank account so again, looks like I may have dodged a bullet and their system being overloaded seems to have saved me in the end. Doubt Microsoft are happy with how its being handled, even no their head of Marketing is having to answer loads of queries on Twitter. I'd expect at the end of this the Smyths won't be a partner for All Access.
  7. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Thanks for that! I was just looking at their top up prices again and that one does indeed off the best saving across the board. Certainly adds some more food for thought to grabbing the digital console if I can find one at launch. If I end up going with the digital, I'll be picking up Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin's Creed Valhalla before any other launch titles so being able to save a couple extra pounds with that £45 wallet top up at that price on Shopto means that there'll be more money to go around at launch for other games. Think I will buy some and start saving up.
  8. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Thanks for the responses everyone. @drahkon, game prices in brick and mortar retail have for most of the generation been £49.99 and have only been going above that regularly in the last 2 years or so, still only really gping up to £54.99. The PS Store has predominantly hosted those games for sale for £54.99 and now regularly £59.99, so while not a massive mark up compared to retail stores its still not parity with those retail prices. I'm purposefully ignoring online retail because they tend to heavily discount compared to brick and mortar and it was brick and mortar who were responsible for the initial price disparity because they threatened to remove or stop selling games from publishers if they didn't let them retail in store for less than on the platforms stores. Why it still persists, in an era where physical games can be bought much cheaper than in brick and mortar store online I don't know but my hope was that Sony will ignore those old threats and price games in line with those in retail stores and not slightly marked up. More than happy enough with the increased price of games. The last few years has seen them going up and to be honest, while I get why some are unhappy I've come to accept it is an inevitability with the rising cost of development. With next gen games being set to be £65, its fine by me. It may mean I buy less (and I likely will as the last couple of years I've had a bad habit of buying games digitally, starting them and not necessarily going back to them because something else has come along) but that means I'll likely focus on the bigger releases I want and still support indies which is kind of what I've done for most of the PS4 life cycle. I think that speaks to your point @Julius. The higher price may mean I'm less likely to buy straight away at launch but at this point in my life, I kind of know with the bigger releases what I'm looking for so that selectivity is something I already do to a degree. I have waited for sales often with bigger releases in the past so thats something that's again not an issue. With top up cards being on offer regularly, though, it does mean that I might not miss out or have to wait as frequently for some of the bigger games as expected. I guess its that thing I'd have to wait up and with having an Xbox One and still being part of the Gamepass ecosystem, if there are lulls in purchases from me with a digital PS5 then I'd be more than covered there. The omission of the disc drive means that that extra £90 would grab me £100 top up card from Shopto currently (they're selling it for £87.85) so while there may be pay off for the standard model down the line after the higher output on launch, the digital PS5 would actually allow me to grab more games because of that £90 saving. Again, its something that I'll take into consideration along with probably being more selective with my game purchases (especially as I have used trade-in offers on stores in the past to pick up newer releases) but I think its something that I could deal with going forward. As I say, something I'll have to ponder. @Happenstance, yeah that's why I've been thinking about possibly going with the digital PS5. With the prices Shopto are selling the PlayStation top up cards, I could easily build up a hefty wallet size over the next couple of weeks and have a very healthy balance come launch should I be able to grab a console (I'm not hopeful but I'm hoping that Argos will have stock up for click and collect on midnight of launch for the morning so I might be able to grab one there. A long shot but something to hold on to at least unless more become available online). So I was going to do exactly what you're doing if I was getting one. I mean, £100 wallet top up for under £90 is too good to miss out on and as I've said, that saving on the digital instantly nets me Miles Morales and something else at launch before I factor in any further top ups I'd add. As I say, thanks everyone for input. I'm just hoping that Sony do at least run parity with brick and mortar stores as then its something I'd go in on. Most of my PS4 library is now digital so I wouldn't lose out on much there by going digital backwards compatibility wise. I'll have to mull it over and hope that more digital PS5s become available or hope that Argos has some on launch day but maybe my way in to next gen.
  9. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Has there been any word as to the price of games digitally for the PS5 and whether they'll match retail pricing this time round or whether they'll again be more expensive buying from the PS Store. Looking at my savings in the aftermath of the Series X All Access shitshow and trying to work out whether going digital with the PS5 would allow me to be able to grab one should digital editions become available. Similarly whether I'd actually manage to get games cheaper buying digitally thanks to recurrent sales on gift cards for the PS Store on places like Shopto and CD Keys. If the digital pricing for games is matching physical release prices this time around, as opposed to either being £5 or £10 more for titles as has been the case up till now, I think I'd be OK jumping in on digital as I've already got a massive library of digital games on the PS4 that I've bought and got through PS Plus and it would potentially save in the long run thanks to, as I say, being able to get the gift cards cheaper online through aforementioned stores. Just curious thats all if there has been any wording as I've not seen any mention of it. Obviously finding a PS5 Digital Edition would be another matter but something I'm considering if it works out price wise for games as I'm fine with losing the disc drive for it and I'd really like to upgrade from my launch PS4 model to next gen especially ad I dread playing Cyberpunk 2077 on my launch PS4, probably won't be able to hear anything being said in game with how loud it would get (with the Series X I was purely the possibility of spreading the higher cost because I don't want to run through all my savings with home renovations that might need doing, i.e. might need to replace parts in my boiler, and I use my Xbox One as my main multimedia platform on top of Gamepass). If anyone has seen anything, let me know.
  10. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Balls, just checked my emails properly, got an email initially confirming the setup of a DD and that payments would be taken but a second email came instantly saying I was declined for the credit. So guess I'm in the same boat as everyone else nothing showing up on my bank account but might need to grab their app and get to the bottom of it and cancel it outright of they have set a DD up. It'll get cancelled instantly if it turns up on my bank account but guess that'll take a few hours. Will also mean a knock to my credit score, yay. What a colossal fuck up. Edit: @Aneres11, just seen someone on Resetera come off of a live chat with Klarna. They're saying that there was a technical issue but for the person, who had a confirmed DD but was declined, no actual order or DD has been set up on their account. Perhaps a silver lining in all of this. Still looks like it'll be a couple of days before we know for sure. I've checked bank and Klarna and both say nothing but Klarna says it needs a couple of days to confirm things with your bank before you can alter payment methods. So guess we'll know in the next day or two but I'm keeping fingers crossed that neither of us have had a DD set up with no confirmed order.
  11. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    GAME and Smyths back online. All Access available to click through on GAMEs website but not available to new customers who haven't already got All Access set up. Telling you to go in store to do it, even though stores are now sold out of Series X stock. Guess that's the end of that. Waste of time and absolute farce from all parties running the damn thing. Edit: got through to the credit check with Klarna on Smyths and got declined despite a good credit score on Experian, no loans, no debts, no mortgage or anything like that. So yeah, I'm having one more go in the queue system on GAME and then I think I'll call it a day. Edit 2: And I'm out. Waste of time and shocking set up from all parties involved. Microsoft will not be happy about how this has been handled, especially where Smyths is concerned as they've confirmed the direct debit with many but not been able to confirm orders because of errors or out of stock messages. Thankfully, it looks like no DD has been set up on my bank account and my credit score hasn't taken a hit for now so look to have come away unscathed but really is an absolute mess. Makes the PS5 pre-order situation look like it ran as a silky smooth operation. Feel bad for those who'll now have to try and cancel DD off the back of this with no order confirmation and no chance of it. I guess I was lucky in not getting through, as much as I wanted to, but yeah, bullet dodged to a degree.
  12. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    What's probably wrinkling Microsoft even more is that Smyths never even got going from the sounds of it which is probably why GAME got hit so hard. Their pre-orders didn't go up at 8am but their site crapped out going by people posting on Twitter and Era. I've just set up an account over there with all my details in place in the event that they manage to get things going but seems that even in store Smyths have run out of stock so not looking great for them. Do find it odd that Microsoft themselves don't offer All Access through their store but I do get its because both GAME and Smyths will buy in the stock so Microsoft will get their full whack from that and then leave it up to those stores to police the All Access for them without having to deal with people defaulting on payments and such. Hopefully things will sort themselves out soon enough and people can get their orders in. I'll still try but at this point, I'm kind of not fussed after the mess its been and I'm sort of resigned to not getting a next gen console at launch with how these pre-orders have been handled. Should be able to grab one in the new year easy enough (well, maybe not a PS5 as I expect demand will outstrip supply for a couple of months post launch).
  13. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Whole site is down for GAME. Was stuck at confirming order but now thats gone down and likely back to having to queue again. Curry's apparently has thousands of people trying to pre-order but they've sold out of the Series X. Its just chaos. Not sure whether I'll bother now or not.
  14. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Got through the queue on GAME, now being met with an error at secure checkout when trying to confirm my console choice. Fun waiting an hour for that. Can't even select in store pick up as its asking for a pre-order number number but obviously don't have one and my reward account isn't attached to my account so doesn't look like its happening. Absolute mess from GAME.
  15. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Yeah, thats the link I found not long ago but thanks, I was having a nightmare going round GAMEs website to find the actual console page not their register your interest or Destination Xbox pages. Now in a queue to get through to checkout with All Access. Just over half an hour now to see if I can grab one. As much as I'd rather have a PS5 at launch, this is the more approachable way for me to move up to next gen with things happening at home (some renovations needed and the missus is needing time off work, she works in social care so these last few months have been a nightmare for her with the pandemic). Not that I'm not excited to jump into next gen with the Series X if my order goes through. Gamepass definitely helps but then so does a new Hitman on the horizon and I'd love to play that on a console that isn't a launch model (both my Xbox One and PS4 are launch models and I'd like to play Cyberpunk on hardware thats not going to cry or sound like a jet running it).