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  1. Hades (PC)

    The next game from Supergiant Games, announced at the Game Awards last night. Hades is a rogue-like action RPG dungeon crawler where you're fighting your way out of the underworld in Greek mythology. It's available now through early access on the Epic Game Store and given past titles, I'd expect to see the game arrive on consoles upon full release. They've said that it's likely to hit a variety of platforms when it's finished so could land on PS4, Xbox One and possibly Switch but they've not announced anything yet. Anything by Supergiant Games is an instant buy from me as I loved Transistor and Pyre and really enjoyed Bastion. This looks to carry on the same wit and humour that they're games are known for as well as a fantastic art direction, a world steeped in history and myth and will no doubt have a brilliant soundtrack. I'm never usually fussed for rogue-likes but I can get behind this because of the developer. Can't wait for the full release but very interesting to see it release through not just early access (it's the first time they've done this for a title) but only on the Epic Game Store at the moment. Seems like that second sentiment is going to become more common in the coming months as devs look to the new Epic Game Store for a better cut and control on their games.
  2. The Pathless (PC/PS4, 2019)

    Another of last night's announcements from the Game Awards. It's by Giant Squid, who made the brilliant Abzu and who were founded by the original art director from thatgamecompany who worked on Journey. It's coming to PS4 and PC, through the Epic Game Store, next year. No word on an Xbox One release but given that Abzu made the jump, it'll probably happen somewhere down the way. The game looks beautiful. They've really made that art style they brought with Abzu pop that bit more. Looks as though it'll be slightly Zelda-esque in its gameplay, or at least that's the vibes that it's giving off to me. I really enjoyed Abzu and this looks like they're taking a big step for their next game so I'm looking forward to seeing more next year.
  3. Revealed at last night's/this morning's Game Awards. The new title from Obsidian Entertainment, with Take Two's Private Division publishing the game. Set to be released next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Trailer is below. This was one of the announcements that really caught my eye from the show. I really like the look of it as there's a definite blend of Fallout and Borderlands there, with some planet hopping as well. If it handles like the latter game for gunplay then it should be a fantastic game as the narrative should be great as Obsidian have done some great work with the Pillars of Eternity games and Tyranny. One to watch that's for sure.
  4. bad stuff thread.

    So I've been struggling with a chronic stomach condition for the last 12 months or there about with little improvement over the year. Constant nausea, cramps, acid reflux and the like. Had a gastroscopy at the end of October after months of going back to the doctor and got the all clear there so I've been left with a bunch of medication and a note to try and manage it by dietary change, even though I've been doing that for the last year and have been more or less on a vegetarian/vegan diet for most of the last 6 months. Anyway, had to go back to the doctors yesterday as over the last 4 weeks, I've been getting tremors and muscle spasms which have gotten steadily worse to the point I've been having motor ticks repeatedly with little let up in them. My GP said that I've got a benign tremor and suggested it might be one of the anti-sickness medications I'm on so I've to stop that immediately alongside giving up the single cup of coffee I would have in the morning (having already had to drastically cut back on coffee) for a week and then try taking some beta blockers. So not great to go from one issue to developing another. My sister had been getting tested for MS so there is the slight possibility of it being that as she developed symptoms at the same age. Hoping it's not something like that and just some bad side effects from medication but it's pretty awful not being able to sit still for any length of time watching tv or such because of it (typing this was an effort for example). Fingers crossed that it resolves itself.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    The last two were picked up on the PS Store as they were discounted and I thought why not. I've been wanting to play The Council for most of the year and I've only ever played the first mission in Hitman so wanted to see the rest of it. No idea when I'll play them all but plenty to keep me going well into next year.
  6. The Game Awards 2018

    I'm really hoping God of War does win it as I feel like despite the criticisms levelled at their game, Rockstar have kind of been given a free pass by most outfits on the review front. I'm in no way saying that the end product isn't a fantastic game I just feel that there's certain nuances and mechanics they've made use of that make the game seem meandering at times and some what outdated. God of War, on the other hand, felt like the complete package that most are giving it credit for. I definitely agree with regards to Spider-Man. It was a solid game but of the three big Sony exclusives, I'd put this third behind God of War and Detroit: Become Human. The latter game I feel definitely deserved the nod over Spider-Man for GotY but you know what people are like if a Quantic Dream game gets nominated for the big award, can't be having an "interactive movie" being a GotY contender now can we it'll most likely pick up more awards than Horizon (I suspect one of which will be the Best Performance one though that should be going to the guy who did Connor from Detroit I feel) did but then I think that came out in a far more competitive year (and I'd rather replay Horizon than I would Spider-Man as I loved that world). As I say, some of the awards seem somewhat predictable and while that doesn't necessarily dampen the whole Game Awards, I don't think it gives the best showing of what the industry has done over the last year of only 2 or 3 games win everything.
  7. The Game Awards 2018

    I won't be watching live, mainly as I don't fancy waiting up till 4am to see it all (presuming it's only going to be 2 hours long, though I suspect it'll be longer than that). Just easier to wake up and catch up on everything without most of the pomp, cringe (there is a YouTuber presenting at some point, and I believe she was the same one at EA's dreadful E3 presentation this year) and ceremony. Far easier to digest everything without a sleep deprived mind. The closer it gets though, the more I'm thinking that a lot of the categories are going to be won over by a very small number of games. I suspect RDR2 will waltz out of the show having won pretty much everything it's been nominated for. My reservation about the game aside, I see that as a likely outcome and don't necessarily think that would reflect the wide spread great and good of the games industry in the last year. But the way people and journalists are talking about RDR2, I see it heard for anything else to top it. I'd love it for God of War (or Celeste though I know it won't happen) to take it but I don't think it'll happen. Because of this, I'm increasingly more interested in seeing what Kinda Funny Games have to bring with their showcase. I've seen Mike Bithell, of Thomas Was Alone and Volume, is touting something for the showcase so seeing that, I was instantly hyped. His studio, along side Supergiant Games, is one of the few indies that pretty much gets an instant by from me as I've loved all of the games they've put out. It's just a great example of really good journalistic integrity from KFG with their showcase. I've never watched any of their stuff but giving developers big and small a platform for them to announce their games in the absence of other events is a fantastic move on their part as it's something the industry should do more often. I saw the call go out to devs on Twitter before it became a thing and seeing the response has been amazing. Some of the games are likely to be from small indie devs who might otherwise struggle to get their games out there and noticed so it's a great move from them and I can't wait to see the nearly 70 games they've got to show, especially at a much more reasonable time for viewing.
  8. Life is Strange 2

    I sat down and played through the first episode of this on Thursday and really enjoyed it. I was a little worried how they would handle the move away from Arcadia Bay and Max and Chloe but what they've managed to bring to the table is great. It was definitely the right choice and getting to know Sean and his brother Daniel on their travels as they try to comprehend what has and what is happening around them. Thematically, it's a complete shift from the themes of the original and definitely hits the heavy notes throughout. The opening seems like it's going to be a nice happy family moment and then events begin to unfold that really escalate things really quickly and set things off to explore real world parallels in some of the issues apparent throughout America today. The brother dynamic I thought was really well done and the journey so far has given me a kinda of Americana/Kerouac feel to things. One of the characters you meet also brought to mind Into The Wild and if those are the kind of themes they're going to explore going forward, similar to those books and authors' works while continuing to work on the brother dynamic and the continued supernatural bit then I can't wait to see what happens next. I thought with the size of the game file (episode 1 alone weighs in at 12GB) that it might have been a little bit longer than it was as it only lasts 2, maybe 3 hours but it seems the heft of that file size is more to do with the improvements they've made to the engine and the visuals. It's a definite step up from the previous games in that department as the open spaces and locations have been beautiful to look at. The next episode won't be out till January as Dontnod have said they don't want to rush something that is ambitious for them, they want to get it right which is understandable as there's a lot of hype for the game and the next episode, they've had a three choice moment in this first episode so narrative threads are clearly wide ranging and I think they feel a bit of pressure in the wake of TellTales closure with eyes on them to continue this style of games. But yeah, so far so good for from that first episode. Some really good moments and I can definitely see some threads going out that are going to cause some really difficult decisions that are going to be heart breaking.
  9. What Have You Bought?

    Finally decided to pick this up as I'd been listening to the soundtrack on YouTube for a couple of weeks and it's wormed it's way into my head. That and everyone is raving about it on Twitter so I thought it'd be a nice aside to some of the bigger games that have come out at the tail end of this year that are taking up my time, like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. £34.99 is a lot for a Tetris game but I'm a massive fan of Miziguchi's work and I know it's something I'll keep dipping in to with headphones on for weeks to come. Just wish I had a VR headset to really try it out but that'll have to possibly wait till the new year.
  10. Darksiders III

    I was hoping the scores would be mostly 7s and 8s but seeing some of the scores coming out, it's definitely put a dampened on playing it for me anyway. I absolutely loved the first game and though the second added a lot of stuff, it didn't feel as tight and the pacing was off because of the more open worlds, with some poor dungeon design, and loot system. I had hoped the third would follow the first game more and it sounds like it does to a degree but it doesn't have the substance to carry it through. It's a real shame because to even get this third game, it's a bit of a miracle given that no one wanted the IP when it went to auction after THQ originally folded. But it sounds as though a bigger budget was needed for them to fully realise what they wanted or a smaller one to tighten it up to be a more succinct dungeon crawler would've been the answer. It's coming out in a rough time as well with the number of great games about and that's the biggest shame because it'll never get the sales it needs to to give the final horseman, Strife, his outing. But maybe after reading some of the reviews, that might be for the best if a better plan for development isn't reached. What sucks more is seeing in one review that Platinum Games were at one point interested in buying the IP. How things could've changed with that. I may pick it up at some point but with having just started Assassin's Creed Odyssey last week (and I've spent the weekend cleaning ships and bounty hunters in two) and the likes of Thronebreaker and Subnautica put next week, not to mention that I also need to pick up Tetris Effect as the soundtrack has wormed it's way into my head, there's just too much quality to choose over this at the moment. Sucks really as I'd had hoped it would end up being decent.
  11. General TV Thread

    Was looking for something different to watch last night and so stuck on the first episode of HBO's Barry to watch with dinner before the missus heading off for night shift and I loved it. Didn't really know what to expect other than there was a lot of talk around it being one of the best new shows of the year so was pleasantly surprised with how good it was. Ended up picking up the rest of the season through the PlayStation store after I finished the episode because of how much I enjoyed it as it's on a Black Friday deal so nabbed it for just over a tenner. Can't wait to see more of it and how it all unfolds. Have also been keeping up to date with The Good Place which, despite my reservations for the third season, has continued it's strong streak. I especially liked this week's episode and just how badass a certain character is (don't really want to say more than that as it'll spoil one of the highlights of the episode). Gutted that it's not back till January now though, gonna need to find something else to watch on Fridays till then. The lack of Mr Robot this year is meaning I'm trying out different shows in the wait for that to arrive. Tempted to give Sam Esmail's other new show, Homecoming, a go as well as Forever on Amazon Prime as well. Will have to see, I'll probably just end up catching up on Vikings as I'm a season behind on that (even if I know how the fourth season ends because of people posting spoilers on Facebook).
  12. I think Darksider 3's release in just over a week is going to be quite an eye opener for THQ Nordic with regards to their output. They've clearly given Gunfire Games the time and means to put together the game though whether it brings back it's budget in sales and then any profit remain to be seen. It is a very niche title but it's had a bit of space from RDR2 to allow it to have a chance and if they've managed to recapture what made the original so good (and was somewhat lost in the second one) then it might but home with people wanting a more traditional Zelda-like in the run up to Christmas. I do hope they've been careful on the budget for it and for the games they're working on going forward and that they're keeping expectations for performance reasonable. They could easily carve out a niche as a strong AA publishing house with a strong line-up of titles to back that up but only if they've spent accordingly. Starting with remasters for many of the IPs they've picked up is definitely a way to go to allow for a minimal investment but maximum return scenario and it's what I see them doing. After all, their sales were apparently up over a 1000% in the earnings report so they clearly have a good idea of the market they're aiming for. The likes of Biomutant looks like it could be a great AA title as there seems to be a decent amount of interest in it (even with it having disappeared from a supposed 2018 release). If that is indicative of their path forward, then hopefully it's a path that works as they clearly have a want to preserve various older IPs as well as creating and nurturing newer ones. I'm hoping it works out for them anyway as the AA market didn't really come back after the success of Hellblade when people suggested it would. I'll be taking a look at Darksiders 3 when it released but I can see it hitting the Christmas sales unfortunately.
  13. The THQ Nordic purchase train shows no sign of stopping. They've recently picked up both Bugbear Entertainment (who are making Wreckfest) and Coffee Stain (who made Goat Simulator) and they've announced as part of their earnings report that they now have 55 games in development across all studios under the THQ Nordic brand, 35 of which haven't been announced. That's just mind boggling numbers for in development projects across a relatively young brand. And they're saying that there are likely more purchases on the way. You do wonder if they are spreading themselves a bit thin with all the spending but they must feel confident enough that they can put quality products out. It's likely that some of the 35 unannounced products are likely remasters and if wager that the likes of Kingdom of Amalur and Timesplitters will be two of those getting that treatment. Some of them must be in early stage development as well so this could also be a long pipeline of games so this announcement might just be to reaffirm long term plans. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see them do an E3 conference or a conference at Gamescom next year with everything they've got cooking. Let's just hope it doesn't end up going the way that THQ originally went a few years back.
  14. The Game Awards 2018

    Totally agree with you on Detroit: Become Human. I really hope it brings home some form of reward because for me, it's been one of the best games of the year. And like you say, the story and soundtrack were absolutely brilliant. I've voted for it in those categories along with Best Game Direction and hopefully, it'll grab one of those along the way but I imagine it'll be a wash across the board for the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War. I've also voted for Overcooked 2 for Best Family game as that really does deserve it. Played it with the missus at a friend's and it was just chaotic but absolutely brilliant. Need to pick it up myself but it kind of got swept aside in amongst all the other games this year. Still, the brief time with it was enough to get my vote so fingers crossed. So happy to see that Celeste got nominated for GOTY. I've seen quite a bit of "Never heard of it" and "Why nominate a crappy indie hipster game as opposed to something else" around the net following the announcement yesterday and it really does make me sad. It's not likely to win but it is by no means undeserving of its place up there because it was joy a beautiful game and as close to perfect as a game has come for me this year. Thankfully, there seems to be more and more people coming out of the woodwork on Twitter and the like telling people to get it played (saw Brian Altano of IGN sum it up as "Fix that" when someone has commented on his tweet as not having heard of it). I'm hoping it'll at least take home the Best Indie title. Though, that category shows how ridiculously good the year has been for indie games. I'm still yet to play several, like Return of the Obra Dinn (though I've voted for this in the Art Direction category because I love the look if it, and plus Banner Saga e wasn't included there), Into The Breach and The Messenger, but I know enough to know it's a tough call in that category and any one of them could win it at the end of the day as they're all deserving. If Josef Fares doesn't win for Best Moment of 2017 I'll be shocked. It was more cringeworthy than anything else but of the nominees in that category, it has to win just so we can see how he explains his way out of that one. The biggest omission I see is Tetris Effect from Best Audio Design. I think that's been underserved there as it should have been included as that soundtrack is amazing. It probably wouldn't have gotten a look in Best Score (which has some iffy choices) but should definitely have been in Best Audio Design and Art Direction.
  15. Spyro Reignited Trilogy

    Just finished up the first Spyro, nabbing the platinum along the way. It's the first time I've revisited the original since it was released back in 1998 and I'm so happy that it holds up as well as it does because getting to replay it with a fresh coat of paint was an absolute joy. The moment I stepped into Stone Hill and the Dark Harbour, the memories came flooding back and hearing that music again was like being a kid all over again. It was like getting to relive some of the best bits of my young gaming life replaying through the game. Even when I couldn't quite remember the stages, quickly turning the music to the original brought memories of those levels back, which is great as it's the one game from the original trilogy that I remember the least from so it's great to be reminded of those and just how well formed the game was back then and even now. Toys for Bob have done an incredible job bringing the game to modern standards. Visually, it's lost none of the Insomniac charm and even with the fleshing out that's been done with the new character models, there's a distinct look of an Insomniac game about it all. I replayed the 2016 Ratchet and Clank a few weeks back and it's amazing to see the similar character designs despite different studios working on the games. It goes to show a respect of the craft for the original games and for Insomniac so kudos to Toys for Bob. What's remarkable is how easily playable the game is even now and how well it plays by today's standards. Sure, the adjustments that the subsequent games brought would have been nice here but it still works extremely well and can standard should to shoulder with many of the big modern 3d platformers. I'd even go so far as to say I enjoyed it more than say Super Mario Odyssey. Maybe I'm somewhat blinded by rose tinted goggles there but it really was fantastic. Reminded me of the best of generations past and makes me sad that they didn't give Spyro the games and respect he deserved going forward. It really is a special game, to me anyway, and I can't wait to play Gateway to Glimmer (I know it's called Ripto's Rage but it'll always be Gateway to Glimmer for me) and Year of the Dragon to see out the rest of the trilogy and relive some more prominent childhood memories. I've promised myself I won't just jump on to the next otherwise I'll be finished the lot by this time next week but the draw to play more is so strong.