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  1. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    The Artful Escape, a game shown previous during a couple of Microsoft's E3 conferences, finally has a release date, with it coming September 9th to Xbox consoles and Gamepass. Theyve also announced some big names doing voice work for the game, namely Lena Headey and Carl Weathers so Annapurna once again helping their deves reach out and get big names to voice their titles.
  2. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    We got a release date for Solar Ash during the Annapurna Interactive Showcase, with the game coming October 26th: Also go the announcement of a new game from Cloisters Interactive during the showcase as well, with it coming soon.
  3. Stray (Early 2022)

    Gameplay for this was shown during the Annapurna Interactive Showcase: Sadly the game won't be out until early 2022 but the game looks great. Really looking forward to it but hopefully it'll find its space in the early period of next year as with Elden Ring launching in January, they'll need to find their own space so as not to get cannibalised.
  4. Outer Wilds

    Expansion, called Echoes of the Eye, was shown off during the Annapurna Interactive Showcase. Its launching on September 28th on Xbox, PS4 and PC. Trailer below. So excited to go back to this game. Will be there on Day 1.
  5. Annapurna Interactive Showcase was on earlier, stream is below and starts at 17:28: Really good showing, probably the best stream from any publisher this year. Plenty of games, dates and announcements of new partnerships with studios new and old and the presentation of everything was exactly as you'd want it to be. Let the games and the teams do their talking with no fluff. Well worth a watch. High points: The expansion for Outer Wilds, Echoes of the Eye, will release on September 28th on Xbox, PS4 and PC Solar Ash has a release date of October 26th. Stray gameplay shown and it look great. Sadly not coming until early 2022. Shame there was no Open Roads from Fullbright but when one of the announcements was a partnership with a new studio with one of the people who worked on The Stanley Parable and a former Fullbright dev I suppose that might have put Fullbright off. Sure we'll hear something soon but I do think it'll launch next year at this point.
  6. Indie Games

    Baldo: The Guardian Owls is releasing on August 27th for Switch (as well as PC, Playstation and Xbox consoles and Apple Arcade). Believe this turned up in an Indie World showing a while back now as I definitely remember the visual style of the game standing out. Very Ghibli/Level 5-esque. Curious how it'll play as it looks like take a lot of elements from the Zelda series.
  7. Monster Hunter Rise

    Not playing the game myself but this is a fantastic collaboration and so makes me wish I could jump in and play:
  8. So Annapurna Interactive have their Showcase this Thursday and I've been looking at their release slate for the rest of the year/what games they've got coming from the studios they're working with and its a hell of a list of titles: 12 Minutes (August 19th, Steam and Xbox) Neon White (2021, Steam and Switch) The Artful Escape (2021, Steam and Xbox) Hindsight (2021, Steam, Apple Arcade and Switch) Solar Ash (PS4, PS5 and Epic Games Store) Stray (PS5 and Steam) Open Roads (Steam, PS5, Xbox) Thats a hell of a publishing slate if that all hits this year, though as much as I want Open Roads I suspect that'll become a 2022 title as we've only had a short teaser at last year's The Game Awards. Still, Fullbright's games have been fantastic so I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing more of it soon. I expect we'll get dates for pretty much everything else though and they've said they're be new game announcements and well as a few surprises, one of which is most certainly the heavily hinted at DLC/expansion for Outer Wilds (so excited for more of that game). Genuinely interested in pretty much all of their games that they're publishing though as they're one of my favourite publishers and have been very consistent at putting out solid titles from smaller indie teams (Wattam is probably the only dud recently). Curious is Giant Sparrow will be announcing a new title during the showcase as they worked with Annapurna to publish What Remains of Edith Finch so I could see them working together again as that partnership was a success. Anyway, looking forward to it.
  9. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    Yves Tumor dropped an EP the other week and this has been a regular play for me from it: The video should probably come with a photosensitivity warning but I love the visuals of it and the song is fantastic. They continue to put out some great stuff coming off of the back of their last album. Similarly loving this track from Brothertiger: And finally, so happy that The War on Drugs have a new album coming out I October. Have been waiting for something new from them as I loved A Deeper Understanding (Pain and Nothing To Find are just incredible tracks). They've led off with a softer sound on the first track from the album but its still great: Also, Blue Weekend by Wolf Alice has been getting a lot of play from me. Lipstick On The Glass and How Can I Make It OK? as well as The Beach II are so good.
  10. Indie Games

    Add another game to the release slate for August as PQube have announced that The Plane Effect will release August 12th on Switch (as well as PC, PS5 and Xbox Series). Get the feeling that its going to be somewhat similar gameplay wise to something like Inside but looks interesting. The aesthetic is nice and these types of games are always interesting from a narrative perspective so perhaps one to watch out for.
  11. The Exercise & Fitness Thread: The Struggle Is Real

    So a week and a half before I was supposed to, I've managed to hit my main goal exercise wise. I've been working 45 to 60 minute intense workouts in recent weeks to finally get below 91kg and help flatten my stomach around my belly button and today I hit 90.4kg on the scales and I've pretty much flattened my stomach so yay. And I've managed to do it with a hamstring injury which I've been nursing with massages and stretching for the last couple of weeks (think the increase in intensity of cardio and static bike workouts and not adequately stretching so annoyed at myself for it but still its been awful just walking at times with it) so I'm chuffed that I've managed to get myself back to the weight I was when I was last weighed at my doctors in late 2018. Right now I'm just focusing on improving form for things like press ups and such to build more strength and build up my muscles. Hoping that my hamstring will settle in the coming weeks so I can start the next stage of my workouts which is to get back to running. Already been doing long walks at a brisk pace so hoping to graduate to at least jogging smaller distances and going from there soon, though that will not only depend on my hamstring healing but how my ankle joints are as they're giving me problems that I think I'm going to have to see my doctor about. But yeah, all these 7:30 am workouts have paid off massively and I'm feeling physically better for it, even with my aches and pains at the moment. Mental health side of things is slowly coming round too and my diet has been better in the last couple of months than its ever been. Having the small little goals I've got in my head will hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow going forward.
  12. Indie Games

    Release date for Road 96 was revealed the other day, certainly a game that caught some attention when it was shown at The Game Awards I believe it was. With it being a procedural narrative, curious how it'll hold up in multiple playthroughs as I imagine there are set scenarios that will crop up again and again so I'd love to know how finite it'll be. Still interested by the premise and the look of it.
  13. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Another game for August in Gamepass: I remember seeing Recompile ages ago, before it was announced for consoles and liking the look of it so was really happy to see it announced as coming and to now have a release date for it of August 19th. It'll also be out on PS4/PS5 and PC that day. Not sure if its hitting Switch that day as well. Still, interested to play it. And the remaining additions for Gamepass for the end of July are as follows: Atomicrops (July 22nd) Raji: An Ancient Evil (July 22nd) Last Stop (July 22nd) Blinx: The Time Keeper (July 26th) Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge (July 26th) Microsoft Flight Simulator for Series S|X (July 27th) Omno (July 29th) Lethal League Blaze (July 29th) The Ascent (July 29th) Shame that the tweet with The Forgotten City being a Gamepass title turned out to be false. Still a solid line up with several day one releases. Very much looking forward to playing Last Stop. Loved Variable State's previous title, Virginia, so can't wait to play (its also out on PS4/PS5 that day too).
  14. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4/PS5)

    New trailer for the Director's Cut: Really interested to see where it goes, with it being a female Mongol leader this time by the looks of that. August is already packed but think I'll most likely grab the upgrade to the PS5 Director's Cut when it launches. The way I see it is that I'm paying more for the Iki Expansion than an upgrade and if it gives me another 10 hours in the game, I'd say that's worth it in my eyes.
  15. Death's Door

    Game and reviews are out now. Reviews have been great, currently sitting at an 89 on Opencritic (top of their Hall of Fame for new releases for 2021) and an 87 on Metacritic. Have played an hour and a bit so far and I have to agree with the review scores, its a lovely little game. Reminds me very much of Hyper Light Drifter, but crossed with the old school top down Zelda titles. Can't wait to dig more into it as there have ready been areas where I can see secrets or I've come across a puzzle but I'm not sure how to complete it so the 100% completionist in me is itching to go back but yeah, it looks great, the combat is simple but effective, easy to use and its just a genuinely charming Zelda-like that's well worth your time from what I've played so far.