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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Xcom 2 would be a cool get for the console, though the ever expanding save file issue and extended load times the more you play a save file could be atrocious if the port isn't handled well (both issues are still there on the other consoles I believe). With these two and the Bioshock collection reappearing, a Direct must be on the horizon. I'm hoping so as my Switch hasn't seen much use this year yet bar a handful of indie games and I'm not majorly fussed for Animal Crossing. That said, I may still pick up Metro Redux as the ports are supposedly well done by 4A Games so there's that. But yeah, I'd suspect a direct is brewing soon.
  2. Dreams (14th Feb 2020)

    Some of what is being made is incredible. This one in particular has been doing the rounds on Twitter today and having jumped in to try it myself, in amazed at how they managed to put this together because it really is phenomenal. It really puts into perspective the lo-fi stuff I've been working on. Obviously, what I'm doing is completely different style and genre (it's pretty much going to be a movie short as I don't see a need to put interactive elements in there. Plus, I've already got a rough script written that needs a redraft so it was clear that a short was the best way forward) but the person who'd managed to put together that open world and all the components really is immensely talented. I'd love to know how they did the scenery, especially getting that speckled white and grey effect for the mountains as its something that's been bugging me for a while when I see other people's dreams as I can't figure out how to do landscape with that detail. Anyway, finished Art's Dream last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. That was worth waiting for as it really did ramp up towards the end and I loved the mix of stuff they had you do there. I loved the robot characters as they were so well done. Would love to see the puppets for those to tinker with, same with the scenes themselves to see how they did certain bigs. I believe they're being made available down the line? Hope so. Spent much of the day just tinkering in my scene. Testing out timelines for dialogue and camera cuts and then making some elements for the scene changes but trying to sculpt as much as possible to improve my skills there and minimise the graphics thermometer usage. Slowly getting there at least and wanting to try to do as much as possible myself to find where my weaknesses are with the tools. Whether I stick with it is a different matter as I'm weeks out for finishing but I'll see.
  3. Dreams (14th Feb 2020)

    So this officially releases this coming week, on the 14th. Those who jumped in during Early Access will have access to the full release as of Tuesday 11th however. Very interested to jump back in and see what the single player entails. Also looking forward to getting to grips with dream sculpting again. I've dabbled a little bit over the last week but it's been months since I touched the game so it has been a little rough going. I also didn't have a cloud or backup of my save and so I've lost everything I'd been working on when I jumped into early access in April and May which kind of sucks. Still, its giving me a chance to work from scratch and see if I can work on completing an actual game or scene. I've got a general idea for something sci-fi based and have been doing a bit of writing for it as it would be more of a narrative thing than anything else (which means I don't have to worry about doing much extensive animation, though that's something I'm looking forward to messing with). But I'll see how it goes. Just curious to get back into the swing with it and to try out the stick based controls on the final version.
  4. PC Gaming Discussion

    So last night I got my first taste of PC game streaming courtesy of Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud streaming service. It's now been made available to the wider public and you can sign up for free (though you'll only be able to play 1 hour sessions of games at a time) or can pick up a Founders package which is £4.99 a month for the year with 90 days free to start you off (the first paid month comes after the 90 days) and you can play with RTX on and can play for 6 hours per session. The service let's you play games you've bought on Steam or UPlay or the Epic Games Store, provided they're included in the database of titles available for the service which isn't the easiest to find out as you have to search for a game to see whether its playable or not though there is an archived page showing the list of games currently supported here. You can request games to be added I believe if they're not available and I presume they'll be adding things periodically as the months go on but it's not a bad selection of titles out of the gate. You can add games to your library on the PC app and then start playing. It'll ask you to log into your Steam, UPlay or Epic account to verify you've bought the game and then you're off and ready to go. Currently its available to play on PC, Mac and Android devices and so far from my experiences of it on PC and Android, it seems to run pretty well. I don't have the biggest library of games to go on and only have Hollow Knight and Owlboy but tested to former on my Samsung Galaxy S9 and it worked really well with a PS4 controller. There was an ever so slight delay with input but it was almost imperceptible. I then tried Destiny 2 seeing as its F2P and that ran well on my phone but the input delay was too high to be playable. Still, it looked great and there wasn't any noticeable frame drops from the short time I jumped into it on my phone. Going to test it out more on my potato of a PC but I suspect it'll run smoother in terms of minimising input delay. But yeah, very impressed with it especially as I only have a 50mbps fibre connection (50 down and about 5 up) so not amazing but it ran really well. Very much tempted to try out a few others things on Steam that I've been eyeing up, like Disco Elysium, but its promising so far and I'm looking forward to testing it out a bit more before deciding whether to commit to it or not especially as I don't have a PC good enough for gaming.
  5. The Wonderful 101

    It's crazy that this flew by all of its original Kickstarter goals within the first 2 to 3 hours. It's now sitting at over $1 million and still growing which is insane. How it'll translate beyond the Kickstarter to sales will be interesting as I suspect that a lot of the people who would be interested in buying will be backing it already and with how niche the title is, it's one of those things that isn't going to garner a huge amount of attention beyond the good will that being a Platinum title remastered post Nier Automata will bring. Unless a publishing partner jumps in to handle a wider release of the physical side of things (which I'm dubious about but I suspect they've spoken at length with Iga and his experience with Bloodstained and have been put in touch with the likes of 505 Games for potential publishing relations), the Kickstarter may be the only way to get physical as I can see them pushing the digital release more because it'll simply cost less for them to do that. As I said, they may end up working with the likes of 505 Games on a wider release slate for the game but we'll see. I'm curious what the rest of their announcements will be. This was the first of 4 they have coming. I'd imagine that 2 of the others will be Babylon's Fall and Bayonetta 3 respectively (whether they tie Bayonetta 3 into being the third announcement or not is to be seen but I imagine they might). People are wondering whether, because of the font being used for their 4 announcements, they might be setting up to announce another game in the Nier/Drakengard series. Given the performance of Nier Automata, I would be shocked if Square Enix didn't want to follow that up with Yoko Taro and Platinum but again, that's just what people are hoping it'll be. Anyway, cool to see it doing well with the Kickstarter. Interesting that Nintendo were ok with letting them bring it to other platforms, seeing as they own part of the licence (which it turns out is the same deal with Astral Chain, Nintendo owns 50% of that IP), though I doubt they'll be kicking themselves for not funding the port just yet as backer numbers are one thing, sales will be the big question mark on release.
  6. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    I tried Anthem back in December thinking that given that it had been 10 months, things would have improved but like you, I was appalled at the amount of times I disconnected from players leaving during missions to just generally not being able to log in. It's a shocking state of affairs for the game, especially one from Bioware of all developers (regardless of the fact that the quality of their games has dropped). At this point, I genuinely don't believe they've got it in themselves to sort the game out, with Bioware Austin being the only team working on it (and they're still plugging away with Star Wars The Old Republic and the small dedicated player base there) and the main team at Bioware working on Dragon Age 4 (which is itself going through troubles with overhauls too). The execution was off from the get go and not having an idea of what the product would be till the E3 before launch (a whole 8 months) was a big enough warning sign for me to jump out after the beta. I liked the flying and the gameplay was decent enough but everything else just felt hollow and didn't come together at all. There was rumblings that EA was hoping to soft reboot the game but given it's a year on from release almost and the road map came and went without much of the content, that updates have been few and far between and that even EA seem to be quiet in the game as a whole, I think it'll be taken offline and given the bullet sooner rather than later. We may see something at EA Play prior to E3 but I just don't see how they can turn it around as there was just so many glaring issues beyond connectivity issues (writing, for example, was one of the highlights of a Bioware game previously but in Anthem it was good awful). Anyway, I finished up a play through of A Short Hike on PC the other day and absolutely loved every second of it. It was already in my GOTY list but sitting down and playing more of it just made me appreciate more how much a smaller, simple game like that is needed on the industry. I loved the visual style, the music is beautiful and the freedom to just go and do whatever you please was a big factor in how good the game was. The cast of characters as well were great and the story was really touching. Just a brilliant little game that while short, has surprising depth with numerous side quests and just hiking round the island to discover things. I can't recommend it enough, especially at such a low price (£5.79 on Steam and about the same on, where the dev gets a better cut of the revenue and I believe you also get a steam key as well). I'm curious of it'll come to consoles, particularly the Switch, as I think it'd do really well on the platform. We'll see. But yeah, even if you've got a potato of a PC like me, give it a go. It's the game I wish Animal Crossing was, more meaningful and far more engaging with the focus on single player rather than social experience. Also currently working through Journey to the Savage Planet and enjoying it. Very reminiscent of Metroid Prime in terms of how it plays. Could perhaps do with a map for keeping track of where I'm heading but by and large, it's a more laidback Metroid Prime and pretty good so far. I'm also playing through Lego Harry Potter Collection with the missus and we've finished up Years 1 and 2. I'm not a massive fan of either Harry Potter or the Lego games and at times this has been a slog because of how buggy the game is on the PS4 but it's been fun having some coop time with her as we tend to sit playing different things.
  7. Just a heads up on a newer podcast for those who may be interested. Play, Watch, Listen is a monthly podcast released on the last Friday of each month chaired by Alanah Pearce (IGN, Funhaus) with Troy Baker (Voice Actor, The Last of Us, Uncharted), Austin Wintory (Composer, Journey, Abzu, Banner Saga) and Mike Bithell (Game Director, Bithell Games, Thomas Was Alone, Volume, John Wick Hex) where they talk about all manner of games and topics within the medium while bringing in their experience from their respective fields within the games industry. They've only put out 3 episodes but I've been really enjoying the style of podcast they've been doing. It's a more laidback conversation that definitely jumps about between different mediums and topics (last month they talked about the impact of The Game Awards and this month they've talked about game delays amongst other things) but is insightful for those who want to have that different perspective on the industry. Thought it might be interesting for people wanting to hear about different sides of the industry. Alanah put the video of the podcast up on her YouTube page and it's available as a podcast on Spotify and the like for audio listeners. There's little teething issues but yeah, I've been enjoying it a lot for the more casual chat and because I've always been interested in the stuff that consumers don't see as often with regards to the games industry. This month's one has even given me this idea to look into the psychology of how consumers react to delays which is something I may work into a write up or article or something. So recommended by me anyway. I've linked the playlist on YouTube below.
  8. Switch eShop Thread

    Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales has shadow dropped on the Switch this morning. It's available now for £16.99. If anyone enjoyed gwent or likes a good card based game, definitely pick it up as it's great. Tempted myself for on the go play.
  9. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    It's been a slow start to the year in terms of completing games, or even playing them to be honest. I've felt a little disconnected from things and have wanted to be focusing on other things (started drawing again and getting back into a basic exercise routine as examples) but this last week I've managed to put two games to bed. First up, I picked up the physical version of A Hat in Time on Switch and promptly flew through that, having played it all before on the PS4. I has worries performance would be bad going by what impressions were saying about the port but it seems the updates and patches since release have smoothed things out by and large. There's still frame rate dips when there's a lot going on on screen, such as with boss battles, or when you're in some of the more open areas like Mafia Town where there can be a lot happening. Yet it was never bad enough to stop me playing. So I ran through collecting time pieces quick enough and finishing the main game and turned to the DLC to give that a go as the Switch version is the only console version where you can play the DLC. Annoyingly though, if you buy the physical as I did, you only get access to the Seal the Deal DLC and not the second piece of content meaning you have to purchase Nyazuka Metro separately on top of the cartridge which takes it well and above the price to get the game and all DLC digitally on the eShop. A but disgusted with that to be honest but it was never a game I was going to hold on to having played it already and once I'm done with the last couple of time pieces, the game will most likely be sold on. Still, the DLC has been good so far. Nyakuza Metro in particular has been great. A large open level with multiple time pieces that you can work towards, with it's own story and no need to go back to the hub after each time piece has been collected. It's well designed and plays well so I'm glad I'm finally getting a chance to play the DLC even if I feel somewhat burned by the pricing of going physical with the game. A great game to start with and even more content just means more greatness. Secondly, I started and finished Stories Untold the other day and really enjoyed it. Didn't really know what to expect going in but had generally heard good things about it narratively and came away very impressed with where it went story wise and how everything is slowly peeled back. I went in expected a horror story but it flipped and went a completely different way with the events tying all 4 of the vignettes together and it was great. I loved how different each of them was, from the text based adventure of the first part of the game to running experiments on a specimen in a test chamber in the second bit to decoding radio messages in the third piece. And the way the fourth and final part brings it all together, I thought it handled it and the subject matter really well and really framed everything so well. I'd definitely recommend giving it a go if you're into story heavy games and like things that ere on the side of weird. Has made me want to finally get on with playing their second title, Observation, on the PS4 as I've had it sitting for ages and haven't gotten round to it. Looks like I'll be doing that soon enough. So two down to start the year off. Going for a far more casual approach to things this year to incorporate other things back into my life and just generally branch out (I'll soon be picking up the pen again to write about games and other things as an example) and look after myself a bit more. Beyond those two, I've started playing Lego Harry Potter Collection with the missus on the PS4 in coop as we've not played anything coop together since Rocket League. I'm not a big Harry Potter fan but it's been fun and chaotic so far. I've also started Indivisible on the Xbox One as it was added to Game Pass recently. Really enjoying what I've played so far, not what I expected as I thought it was supposed to be a fighting game but the metroidvania/active combat battles mixture is suiting my tastes nicely so looking forward to playing more. Also set to pick up both Journey to the Savage Planet and Kentucky Route Zero on the PS4 and Switch respectively tomorrow so plenty more to keep me going in amongst all the other bits and pieces.
  10. Switch eShop Thread

    Knights and Bikes has been announced as coming to the Switch on Feb. 6th. Never got round to playing it on the PS4 but I've generally heard good things about it.
  11. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Ninja Theory has announced a new project, Project Mara: The describe it as follows: Very interested to see what form this takes and the types of stories they'll delve into. Several of the shots in the teaser are also in engine running alongside shots from their offices so it's certainly likely to be a looker whatever these smaller experience end up being. So, with this, Hellblade 2 and Bleeding Edge that makes 3 game projects they're working on. Factor in their Insight Project of research with universities and The Wellcome Trust and they're certainly keeping themselves busy. Any worries they'd be held back somewhat by their assimilation into Xbox Game Studios can definitely be dispelled. And of course, they'll be producing developer diaries to go alongside their work again, just as they did with the first Hellblade. Exciting times for them and gamers looking for more of their style of story telling. Glad Microsoft is giving them the room to do what they want. Can't wait to see where it goes. Also, yes anyone who has Gamepass should definitely try A Plague Tale: Innocence. It still saddens me so many slept on the game (especially some journalists like the guys at Kinda Funny who seem to have managed 2 hours between them for the game going by their GOTY discussions which I thought was shocking) but now there's no excuse for people not to try it. Even if you're not on the Xbox One, it's been repeatedly on sale elsewhere so do give it a go. It's the type of game we definitely need more of and I'm glad that Asobo look to be working on another game in that world.
  12. Netflix

    Netflix have bought up the streaming rights to a large portion of Studio Ghibli's films for streaming internationally (outside USA, Canada and Japan, so UK and Europe, etc.) and will start streaming them from Feb 1st. They're rolling out in batches over 3 months as follows: February 1, 2020:Castle in the Sky (1986)My Neighbor Totoro (1988)Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)Only Yesterday (1991)Porco Rosso (1992)Ocean Waves (1993)Tales From Earthsea (2006)March 1, 2020:Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind (1984)Princess Mononoke (1997)My Neighbors The Yamadas (1999)Spirited Away (2001)The Cat Returns (2002)Arrietty (2010)The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya (2013)April 1, 2020:Pom Poko (1994)Whisper Of The Heart (1995)Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea (2008)From Up On Poppy Hill (2011)The Wind Rises (2013)When Marnie Was There (2014) So happy that these are being made available to stream. I have several on DVD and I've been slowly introducing the missus to them but I can now show her some of the other ones we haven't got.
  13. Netflix

    Sad to see that Mindhunter has been put on indefinite hold while David Fincher gets on with his Netflix film and the second season of Love, Death and Robots. A real shame as I really liked the second season and it was definitely setting up what was going to happen next, slowly, in the background. There was obviously a larger than normal gap between the first and second seasons than compared with most shows but given that the actors have all been released from contract, it doesn't sound great for the show coming back any time soon or at all for that matter.
  14. Cyberpunk 2077 — 17th September 2020

    To add to a growing list of delays this week, in a move that surprises no one this has been delayed to Sept. 17th. Not surprised in the least. Was kind of waiting for them to announce it, especially in the wake of the other delays this week. Just didn't think they would hit the April date with so little being shown. So more time to get the game polished is a good thing, hopefully.
  15. General Switch Discussion

    Metro Redux announced as coming to the Switch Feb. 28th. All DLC included and there's no extra download; both games are on the cart for this one. Awesome news for those who haven't played. Obviously Exodus would be a bit of a push but isn't completely out of the question post The Witcher 3 so we'll see if it comes eventually. Still a great get for Switch owners. Gives a bit more credence to the leaks for Bioshock coming soon too as these have both been rumoured for a while. Edit: Both games are available to pre-order separately on the eShop now for £22.49 each. Didn't see a bundle option when looking. The physical edition is up for pre-order on Amazon for £44.99. Had hoped they'd do the physical bundle for £39.99 but guess not.