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  1. Plugging away at this and while its definitely gelling more for me, it's still not reaching the heights that some people (journalists and otherwise) have said it does. It's a good game, marred by a lot of technical issues and at times, mishmash of gameplay styles that don't all coalesce together perfectly. It does speak as a game that's looked at what other similar style games have done and tried to ape those but hasn't implemented them in a way that's conducive to fluid gameplay and progression. That being said, I am enjoying it, warts and all and believe me, there are some rough patches. I had a moment where I rounded a corner and none of the level had loaded. The game came to a juddering stop as it tried to quickly load things in leaving me stuck while it loaded for about a minute. Optimisation isn't great on that front and the frequent texture pop in shows this as well. It's very much reminding me of the original Mass Effect on the 360. That game had similar optimisation issues and frequent pop in of textures due to the Unreal Engine at the time being troublesome from what I remember. It hasn't all been that jarring and for the most part, even in the base Xbox One, it does look good (though the Wookies don't look great on any platform). My enjoyment has been massively helped by a certain upgrade I got earlier in the game which has made combat more fun and enjoyable, even if the dodge doesn't work well when locked on to enemies especially some of the bigger monsters you come across. Hoping the finish it by the weekend and it feels as though that should be easily achievable. Like I said, it's good but there are definitely areas that could do with improvement and will likely see that improvement in possible sequels going forward (I saw Jason Schreier suggest that may well be what Respawn are set to work on with this out the door and doing well). Hopefully it'll stick the ending after what I've seen so far.
  2. The Game Awards 2019

    From what I understand, both Pokemon Sword/Shield and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order are not nominated because while they were both eligible for nomination this year, with both releasing on Nov 15th which was the cut off date, review copies didn't go out to a lot of publications until the week the games were released and thus publications didn't get much, or any in some cases, hands on time with the games prior to submission of nominations for TGA meaning they've lost out. It does look as though they'll be made eligible for next year's awards but I think in the case of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order specifically, it'll simply be eclipsed by far better games and go without nomination then as well. Pokemon will likely get a nomination in the Best Family Game category, very unlikely that it would get nominated for GOTY as the games are simply good, not great.
  3. The Game Awards 2019

    It's certainly been an interesting year for games and it's definitely reflected in the categories for The Game Awards this year, even if it does seem like there are some noticeable omissions from some categories. I think given the lack of any clear favourite game of the year, the GOTY category was always going to be an especially interesting one given the breadth of titles that have been spoken of in that frame across the year. Already, there's a lot of people talking about the omission of the likes of Disco Elysium, Fire Emblem, DMC V and Outer Wilds and I think it goes to show that on any other day, that list of nominees could easily be different bar 3 of the games on there. It's a straight up fight between RE2 and Sekiro I'd wager but I think Smash is easily the best of the rest for an outside chance at winning. Personally, I do find the lack of any indie games in that category odd given the strong reception to certain titles throughout the year (Disco Elysium and Outer Wilds in particular could and perhaps should have been included in the GOTY category) and especially so when you have The Outer Worlds and Control which are both good games in their own right but I don't really think so should be vying for that awards. Still, the indie category is once again absolutely killer and it could go any way. I'm happy to see Baba is You in there alongside that list but it's a tough section and it's going to come down to the two games I've already mentioned, Outer Wilds and Disco Elysium. Likewise for the Fresh Indie Game award, though seeing Slay the Spire there makes me happy too. Major plus points for A Plague Tale: Innocence getting a nomination for narrative. I don't think it'll win out (I have a feeling we're going to see Death Stranding wall away with just about everything it's got nominations for) but it's got my vote as it's a fantastic game that I'd even put up for GOTY. Shame it didn't get a nod in the sound/music category though as I'd have thought it would but for that category, my vote is for Sayonara Wild Hearts. Best Performance is another tight category as Ashly Burch continues to show why she's so sought after for voice work with her performance of Parvati in The Outer Worlds (and really the only companion I cared about in that game). Happy for Courtney Hope getting a nod but I'd have to say if Matthew Porretta doesn't get it for Dr Casper Darling I'd be very shocked as that was one hell of a performance for that character. Beyond that, Games for Impact is an interesting one. I've seen a few suggest Kind Words take it but I feel the noise surrounding that died down as quick as it built up. Sea of Solitude getting a nod is great for Cornelia and her team at Jo-Mei but I'd probably guess it'll go to Life is Strange 2. But yeah, an interesting year of games and some stiff competition i a lot of categories here this year, even if I think Death Stranding will take everything (not to say it doesn't merit it, I've yet to play the game, but it would perhaps rub some the wrong way given the friendship between Geoff and Kojima) and even outside of TGA, it'll be interesting to see how outlets compile their GOTY lists in the coming weeks as I suspect there really won't be a clear best game for the year (though most will probably go with RE2 from the talk of those in the industry).
  4. Netflix

    Don't know if anyone else has watched it but I finished up The Kominsky Method season 2 the other day and again, really enjoyed it. Alan Arkin continues to be fantastic and carries the "couldn't give a shit" attitude that I hope I'll have when I'm that age and even Michael Douglas, who I'm not a massive fan of, was great. I did feel like this series felt as though the wheels were spinning but it didn't move forward much, which is especially true with how flat the ending to it was, but the character growth throughout was well done and it's nicely set up for continuing with a third series so fingers crossed that gets commissioned by Netflix but I'm not holding a huge amount of hope given that it seems to have flown below the radar.
  5. General TV Thread

    This 4th season of Mr Robot has been incredibly good so far. Episode 6 really went to some dark places but the latest episode was, as you say @drahkon, was just amazing. Genuinely at a loss for words about it. I loved the structure of the episode which apparently: The acting was so good all around and the tension throughout as it built up to that revelation and the ending was some of the best TV I've watched all year. I think what makes it all the more amazing is that thinking about on things throughout the earlier seasons, you can see the threads for what was revealed all along and as hard hitting as it was, having that all coalesce together in an incredible hour of tv was brilliant. I also love the symbolism that Esmail heaps on the show. The fallout of that episode and everything that's to come have me so excited for the last 6 episodes. It's going to be pedal to the metal all the way from here by the looks of it. There's a lot of people sleeping on Mr Robot but with season 3 being so good and season 4 managing to hit the marks it is, more people should definitely be watching. In other tv happenings, I've been watching Silicon Valley over the last couple of weeks and I'm almost caught up for watching season 6. I thought it started strong and really liked the dynamic that Erlich brought to the house and to what was happening, especially when Jin Yang came along, and so later seasons are missing some of that a bit. That and throw everything at the wall and hoping something sticks for the story in having so many conflicts for Pied Piper was growing a bit stale. I'm hearing that's somewhat remedied so far in season 6 so hopefully the show will end on a good note. It's been good to watch but hardly the amazing thing that some have made it out to be. I also watched through Looking for Alaska. Had no idea who John Green was and don't know the book so when I found that out just before watching I was a bit trepidatious about starting but it actually ended up being an enjoyable watch and definitely felt like a throw back show to my teenage years and things like The O.C., especially in using a lot of acoustic covers of songs that were used in that show (like Death Cab for Cutie for example). Was pleasantly surprised with it and how well acted and shot it was.
  6. I've sunk just over 3 and a bit hours into my copy of Shield so far and I'm enjoying it but I definitely see whether the potential issues of overleveling come in. I'm still in the wild area after getting off of the train from Wedgehurst, catching all manner of Pokemon and partaking of some of the dynamax battles and I've got a full team of lvl 18 'mon before I'm even at Motostoke and the first gym. Think I'll stop with the levelling or possibly switching out some Pokemon to try other mixes (I've caught about 40 odd Pokemon so far so plenty of choice so far) otherwise I'll just be steamrolling through the early parts of the game at this pace. Currently running with: Definitely need to change some out to cover some more bases team wise but as I say, the wild area has given a huge swathe of Pokemon to choose from so shouldn't be hard to settle on a more solid early stage team that is a bit wider in range. But yeah so far enjoying it. I do invariably end up getting tired of the Pokemon games as I go on so it'll be interesting to see whether my interest will remain high as I go on. I'm hopeful at least but this'll probably end up as a pick up and play game after the weekend, just wanted to put in the hours early to get my feet under the table so that might help limit the burn out.
  7. It took about half an hour with the update on my Xbox One so not anywhere near as bad as some of the past EA games (specifically Battlefield 1 and 5 as well as Titanfall 2). I've managed to play through the opening and while the game didn't make the best impression to start with (it took 3 times for the game to actually play the opening cutscenes after starting a new save, had to hard reset the console as it just kept showing the shot of the sky with the rain and the moon at the beginning of said cutscene but with no music or anything), what I've played so far has been pretty good. Even on a base Xbox One the game looks fantastic. They nailed the aesthetic and the characters, especially what I'd guess are new alien types (I've not seen any of the new movies or cartoons or other star wars stuff so I'm somewhat out of the loop), look great. There have been some noticeable stutters at times, especially when climbing up things, but nothing especially bad. Some of the animations don't look as smooth as they could do either, particularly those for platforming and even running about (Cal looks like he need to get to a bathroom quick with how wide a gait he was walking with) but in fights, it's more or less as smooth as butter. Control wise, it handles well. It does feel a bit like playing the original Uncharted in the platform sections (a bit floaty and imprecise but forgiving) and feels like a mix of God of War 2018 and a Souls game on combat, which is fine for me. Just need to get used to deflecting shots and timing parries and evades but that'll come with practice. So yeah, so far, the initial impression are good based off of the opening from me, which felt very Uncharted-esque in how it all played out. Looking forward to playing more later this evening and exploring the first planet.
  8. Genuinely happy to see that this has reviewed well. I was a bit sceptical as to whether it would all come together but Respawn look to have done a good job overall. Sure, there seem to be a few blemishes to the final product but hopefully they're not things that'll be difficult to patch out quickly. Regardless, I've picked the game up this morning. Was only going to be picking one between this and Pokemon but I've ended up grabbing both so that's my weekend sorted (along with watching the final series of Man in the High Castle). Looking forward to getting stuck in, though I suspect like all EA games, the install time will be ridiculous off of disc, so it'll most likely be an afternoon of catching them all (or the abridged all).
  9. Xbox One Console Discussion

    A new Dontnod game in conjunction with Xbox Game Studios, titles Tell Me Why. I'm a big fan of Dontnod's output so a new title from them is always a plus from me. What I'm more curious about is whether this is part of the rumour behind Dontnod becoming part of XGS. Maybe this was the basis of it rather than being acquired. Or maybe that's an announcement still to come (along with a possible Asobo announcement as well). We'll see.
  10. I've been checking in every now and then on the thread over at Era and the weirdest thing for me is that sound options are locked behind an in game item that you have to get off of an NPC that you could easily miss if you don't speak to all them in the towns/cities (this was posted on Twitter from someone playing the game). Such a baffling choice from Game Freak to do that. I mean it does effect the gameplay but it just doesn't make sense to do that at all. There just seems to be corners having been cut to get the game ready. Game Freak clearly needed more time with the game so I don't know why Nintendo didn't just give it to them. They might not have had a big holiday game but they've got plenty of software they've released this year that they could push again in the run up to Christmas for new and prospective switch owners to pick up instead (or release one of the supposed WiiU or GameCube remasters they're sitting on, which is suspect aren't being sat on at all). It's getting knocked a lot for its visuals as well and going by what I've seen from those playing, it does look a little poor for shown compared to many of Nintendo's other games. Things like pop in and such can be sorted with patches and that but things like a poor ppst game can't be really so they've clearly struggled to get ready for such a big step up and as I say, really should have asked for more time. I'm on the fence at the moment about picking it up. This was a sure fire purchase for me but between this and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order coming out on the same day, I may end up plonking for the latter on Friday morning (providing reviews are good) if this seems to be as lacklustre as some are saying.
  11. Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)

    Thanks for this. I'd figured out the flashlight but didn't realise that the plunger and the darklight could be used with the shoulder buttons. That's helped alleviate some of the issues I was having with the controls and made things smoother. Baffled that they didn't bother to make that the default and explain it as such but never mind eh. I've just got to floor 8 in just under 5 hours. I seem to be flying through it without much bother, aside from the control niggles, but getting those down a bit more has meant it's gone from being fine to ok. It's still not leaping out and grabbing me as an amazing game but it's a solid effort. Just coming off of some of the games I have been played prior to this and even things like Return of the Obra Dinn (which is absolutely fantastic, if you love investigative games then seriously, play it!!!), this seems to be a bit lacking but I'm going to keep going and hope that that'll all change and it'll end up being the amazing game most seem to be saying it is.
  12. Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)

    To take a break from The Witcher 3, I picked this up this morning and have played 2 hours so far and it's fine. It looks great and has a great sense of humour. It's just oozing charm in all the cutscenes that I've gone through so far (the security guard ghost bit was fantastic) but the controls are really dragging it down for me. I haven't played Luigi's Mansion since the original on the GameCube. Didn't play the sequel so there's obviously a lot of disconnect, especially coming off of the back of things like The Outer Worlds, Witcher 3 on Switch and Concrete Genie, but I just feel that the control setup doesn't feel great. Turning with the right stick feels so clunky, especially when trying to track ghosts for using the flashlight and then the poltergust. It almost feels like it needs to be inverted to feel right and that's not something I ever do with controls in games (even flying mechanics) but there's virtually no options beyond the default and one other setup. I'm just hoping that it'll all start to click with more play but it's definitely not feeling as smooth going as I'd like. I am optimistic it'll gel on that front because everything else is pretty much there so fingers crossed. Aiming to get through it before Friday before Pokemon and perhaps Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (will depend on reviews when the embargo lifts on Friday morning, though I have faith in Respawn after Apex Legends and Titanfall 2) which seems doable without obsessively playing it.
  13. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    The reviews seem to be pretty much in the ball park that I'd have expected. This is Kojima with the shackles off, free to create the vision he wanted with no one to tell him he couldn't do otherwise. I liked Danny O'Dwyer's review (great to see him doing more. Hopefully with them in new studio space for Noclip we'll see) and how he likened it to being less aout the end goal or the journey; that it's about the discovery along the way. And sure, there seems to at least be consensus that there are boring points or stretches as you go along so it comes down to whether you want to weather that storm or not for the discoveries or moments interspersed in between. I imagine it's been a difficult game to review for some because of this. I also imagine that there's a lot of people who've put faith in the Kojima brand to produce something ground-breaking. Given his name carries a lot of cachet, it's no surprise that some may be disappointed in it or not like it as he's made no bone about pumping for weird or wonderful ideas throughout his career and these won't land with many. The art house comparison is very apt and like many indie games that try to do something different or weird, it won't always pay off critically but I imagine there'll be a strong contingent of people that'll gravitate to it heavily and love it. For me, I've been intrigued along the way but the Kojima name doesn't hold a lot of weight for me. I've never been massively fussed for Metal Gear Solid and I'm all too aware that he perhaps got too much attention for the games when there was a massive tram behind him helping to facilitate his ideas or bringing their own to the table. But the idea of something strange and different does definitely tickle my fancy, especially as we get towards the end of the year. I might not pick it up straight away (it would have to be a toss up between this and Pokemon as money is tight and even Pokemon hasn't managed to wow me as I don't care for gigamaxing or whatever it's called) but it's something I may well try out over Christmas.
  14. Disco Elysium

    Well, didn't have long to wait on the announcement of a console port: PS4 and Xbox One versions targeting next year and they're doing the porting in house rather than shipping it out. Game runs on Unity but I wonder whether they simply want to minimise risk of loss of earnings by keeping it in house. Means they can control the porting process as well and not run into any issues with another party involved in the process. Very good news though. As much as I want to play it now, I'm happy enough to wait it out and grab it for a platform I can play it on rather than forking out to upgrade my PC. Will be interesting to see when it launches as you'd have to think anything in the back half of next year would be bad for the game with new hardware launching, though the install bases will still be there for PS4 and Xbox One and it's whether many will jump ship to the new consoles right away or wait.
  15. Disco Elysium

    It's something I've been keeping an eye on since it was released. The reviews have been largely high in praise for it, especially for the game's writing, and from the bits I've seen on the likes of Era and Twitter, it looks great and it's definitely got me wanting to check it out. The whole 24 skills/traits/personalities in your head talking to you and how they influence the game and how you interact with things sounds like a nice breath of fresh air as something unique. Seeing things like a tie talking to you or a trait trying to tell you you shouldn't take being ignored by a door bell lying down after pressing it are just too weird to pass up on. I don't think my PC will run it either but I'm tempted to see after I've got Outer Worlds out of the way. The devs have said they'd love to port it to consoles so there is at least interest but given that new consoles are on the horizon in about 12 months, a port would have to come out prior to those launches to be financially viable for the team (even with backwards compatability being touted) so we'll see.