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  1. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Official date set for the Xbox Games Showcase: 5pm BST (6pm CEST) July 23rd. This so their event thats set to officially show off their first party offerings, though there'll no doubt be third party and indie games to a degree here. If not I'd be shocked. Regardless, this is Microsoft's chance to come out and show what they've got. We know what Sony has cooking (first party wise and through some exclusivity deals for the likes of Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo) and given the relative lukewarm reception to May's event (which I thought was fine overall but needed something a bit more meatier), they really need a good showing to put the Xbox Series X in people's minds for the end of the year otherwise they'll lose a lot of market share out of the gate to Sony and the PS5 just like with the PS4. It's not a make or break event but they're going to have to show the big guns and a lot of new IPs to get people in. The likes of Halo and Forza (sadly Motorsport and not Horizon) will be there as will The Initiative's new IP and probably Everwild from Rare and that Battletoads game but they'll need to show that they've got a wide range of IPs new and old that will really grab people. I'm not sure they'll have it all but I'm curious enough to see what they're going to show from their studios. Maybe we'll see early work from Obsidian and InXile but I'd suspect that Double Fine will have a few games to show indie wise to cover that side with a teaser of something bigger down the line. I do wonder if they'll be bringing any other devs into their framework. I'd have said Asobo but they've got another game in the works as part of a deal with Focus Home Interactive that's likely a sequel to A Plague Tale but I wonder if Dontnod will finally come under that banner what with Tell Me Why being Xbox exclusive and both sides having a good working relationship. Same goes for Bloober Team with their new game The Medium being exclusive for a bit. Anyway, will be interesting to see nonetheless. No doubt there'll be little discussion over it other than how unlikely it is that they'll match Sony's output (and I agree there but they'll need time for their studios to get up to that speed) but it should be good. I've already hitched my wagon to the PS5 out of the gate as I'll be able to play Halo Infinite and such through GamePass on my One and because I just want rid of the jet engine that is the PS4 for a hopefully quieter unit in the PS5 (and because of the games obviously) but I'll be keeping an eye out to see whether the Series X will be worth the upgrade down the road. Edit: This also comes on top of the [email protected] demo event happening starting July 21st where you'll be able to play between 75 - 100 demos for indie games and such on your Xbox One, kind of like the recent summer demo event on Steam. So should be a good couple of days.
  2. PC Gaming Discussion

    Was having trouble getting Disco Elysium to launch last night and this morning. Kept coming up with a box saying "Installing Microsoft VC Redist Package Step 1 of 1" but not doing anything. Already have the VC Redist things up to date so had to search around for what to do. There was no VCRedist folder in the DE folder on my PC and validating and rebooting didn't solve the problem. Eventually found some install scripts that once deleted solved the issue but now it looks like I may have an issue with my PC as it's running 100% of the disc space for the system when trying to launch the game. I just ended up jumping on GeForce Now and making a start instead while I have a look to see what's happening with things running in the background that might be causing issue. Managed an hour or so so far and I'm loving it. I'm a superstar cop who's hell bent on doing karaoke even if the manager of the café doesn't want me to. Convinced myself that someone other than me threw my shoe through the window and was responsible for the taste of alcohol in my mouth and then processed to take 1 HP damage from turning on a light and saying "Bring it on" when told it would hurt if I left it on. Still managed to grab my neck tie off the fan without any bother and stop the fan with my hands without getting hurt either. Oh, and apparently I'm a raging feminist with no home who tried to skip out on paying my tab by running away, giving two middle fingers to the manager, crashing into an old lady in a wheelchair and then died of a heart attack There's been a lot of laughing in that first hour and a bit but it's great so far and I can't wait to dive in more. Picked the Thinker class and it's turning out well so far for comedic responses. Just so well written from what I've played so far. Even with the bother of getting going, I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and got the game.
  3. PC Gaming Discussion

    I've ended up picking up a few things, nothing extravagant and not exactly going to blow up the wallet but grabbed Disco Elysium, Antichamber and Remember Me. I've been wanting DE for ages and not getting info about the console ports out of the Guerrilla Collective streams the other weekend has just made me decide I might as well go for it. Never played Antichamber but I do love a good first person puzzle game and I've already played and loved the likes of The Witness and The Talos Principle (played that one twice) so this was a good alternative to try. And Remember Me is just one of those niche games that I love. The soundtrack is brilliant, it looks gorgeous and its got some cool ideas. The combat isn't amazing but at least they tried something a little different as opposed to doing what everyone else did at the time and since which has been to try and copy the Batman Arkham games template. Might be all I end up picking up, though I'm still debating whether to pick up Cloudpunk or not as that one would be exclusively through GeForce Now. And Divinity Original Sin 2. And Wildfire. And so on. God dammit. When you've not invested much into PC gaming, jumping in now during a summer sale just means there's a long list of games to grab and not enough money.
  4. PC Gaming Discussion

    I'm tempted to pick up a few things on the sale myself, as I've got a bunch of things on my wishlist that have decent discounts. My only issue is that my pc is awful so a lot of the bigger games are things I could only dream of picking up. Nevertheless, Disco Elysium is tempting especially after their recent update to make the game more accessible on a wider range of hardware and MO:astray is just under £4 so I'm tempted with then both. Likewise, Cloudpunk is also on sale but I know for certain that won't run on my crappy pc. It is streamable through GeForce Now so that's making me tempted (as is Disco Elysium and Divinity Original Sin 2, which I've played some of, didn't finish it and think I stopped after getting annihilated by a bunch of scarecrows). Need to think as money is a little on the tight side but I could manage some things and could stream the bits that won't run natively. It's not on sale but did find that you can get a key for Desperados 3 for around £25 on CDKeys (it's a little under that I think). It was completely off my radar but it's getting great reviews. Shame my pc won't run it but if anyone is or has been interested, there you go.
  5. Biomutant (PS4/XB1/PC)

    This finally resurfaced yesterday as part of IGN's Summer of Gaming event. They had a developer interview that showed off gameplay and it looks as though a lot has changed. No doubt people will instantly start throwing the "Looks like BOTW" statement at it but I think it has more of an air of Darksiders going for it with a mix of Mad Max in there. Definitely looks good though. Still no release date, though they seem like they're in the final QA stages so maybe it'll finally launch this year. Who knows.
  6. Switch eShop Thread

    This was shown off on the Day of the Devs stream as part of Summer Games Fest and I thought it looked great. Coming to PC and Switch on September 3rd, and set to be priced at $14.99 (so I'd guess maybe £12.99/13.99 or there abouts). Love the aesthetic of it and looks like it could be good fun to play.
  7. Last of Us Part II

    No dice sadly. No update on the tracking from Royal Mail so no idea where it actually is at the moment. Still says it's in Swindon since yesterday evening. ShopTo will lay the blame squarely with the Royal Mail for it not being delivered today. Likewise, ShopTo claim their 24 Hour Tracked delivery can take between 1 to 3 working days so they'll dodge a refund unless its not delivered by Tuesday. It's more frustrating than anything because I've had the pre-order in and paid for for ages and if money wasn't tight and they had a more robust cancellation setup, I could've gone and bought a copy at Argos and been playing today. Same thing happened with Xenoblade Chronicles a couple of weeks back. Clearly not worth me shelling out the extra for postage to make sure I get it on time as getting first class postage next day is clearly not happening with ShopTo at the moment.
  8. Last of Us Part II

    Unfortunately, nothing for me from Shopto. Apparently got sent out yesterday but I only received an invoice, no dispatch email. Going through their page to get my tracking number (as I don't have it elsewhere because of the lack of dispatch email) and its saying that Royal Mail were made aware of a dispatch on Wednesday night, that the have it in Swindon MC as of last night but other's been no update since other than saying that they expect to deliver it today. Yeah that won't be happening as I think the mails already been up here so it's unlikely that it'll just turn up without any tracking updates. Annoyed as I'd paid the extra for track postage but they know that the Royal Mail is having delayed deliveries so everything should have been sent out on Wednesday to get in customers hands for launch. Especially annoyed that they were taking orders with higher delivery fees but clearly not sending them out to meet their delivery date As I said further up, I've other things to play and baking and household stuff to get on with but its more that I've now had 2 pre-orders from them with 24 hour deliver fall outside of that window when I've paid for that on top of other orders for things not turning up on time from other places (an easy order turned up yesterday with a second class stamp on it despite me paying for 48 hour postage). For those that have it, enjoy. I'll be bowing out for now until my copy arrives.
  9. Horizon: Forbidden West (PS5)

    So we can expect a Holiday 2021 release date initially then a delay to March 2022. That's what I'm expecting, and I said as much prior to the PS5 event. I'd be very surprised that even with all the time they've had to put into the game that it will launch next year as it looks and sounds as though they're expanding everything. My hope is that they make the open world feel a bit more dynamic and not have it feel like what has become the norm for open world games this gen (the Ubisoft style). I'm not wanting them to go full blown BOTW as that would be horrible for this but something that gives a greater openness, more reward for exploration and just generally less check marks on a list of objectives that need to be hit. I loved the feel of the original's world but if they're making it such a large swathe of area, make it feel more organic in how you come across things. It's the game I'm most looking forward to with the PS5, looks fantastic. Just need to keep reminding myself that it's a ways off yet so have to keep that hype in check.
  10. Last of Us Part II

    I've got my order in with Shopto and similarly got an email just after 5 saying it's in the warehouse for packing. What's odd is that my order had been saying that it was processing since Monday. I've known about them not being able to send them out early but retailers are sending those out for orders that were 48 hour delivery. I went for first class delivery but given that I did the same with Xenoblade Chronicles on the Switch and it didn't arrive on release day because the Royal Mail are a bit delayed in getting things out, I'm not expecting to get my copy till Saturday at the earliest. I'll be gutted that if it's not here for Friday but I just don't see it happening if its posted tomorrow with how Royal Mail is working (I'm waiting on a very small parcel coming through with them that got posted on Monday with 48 hour delivery, which should've been here today but hasn't turned up either). Still, it's not like I haven't got other things to play in the mean time.
  11. PC Gaming Discussion

    New trailer and gameplay of Ghostrunner. It was shown as part IGN's Summer of Gaming and while it's coming to consoles, it was the PC version on show and I've been able to try out the demo thanks to GeForce Now. It continues to look great. They've nailed that cross of Mirror's Edge meets Dishonored within the Cyberpunk setting. It played well in the demo, just a shame it was short but it definitely got its hooks in and has me wanting to play more. It's set to come out later this year so looking forward to it.
  12. PC Gaming Discussion

    Have been checking in on the PC Gamer Show intermittently as I was interested in seeing Twin Mirror from Dontnod but we only really got a 30 second showing of it. Still, it looks much improved on the last time it was shown over a year ago. Hoping that there'll be more to show in the coming days/weeks and hopefully a release date for it as it is supposed to be out this year. Shadowman getting a remaster was random. Not sure Nightdive taking on another game is a good sign given everything with System Shock 3 and the long in development remaster of the original System Shock (which showed up and looked decent but odd choice of music in that trailer). Good to see a date for Cris Tales, Nov. 17th. And nice to see The Last Campfire again but I'd have liked more concrete date than Summer 2020. Think I'll need to go back through and watch the whole thing and see what else was there but for the most part, what I saw was a better showing than previous years for the PC Gamer Show.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Only on PC for that date though. Gutted about the lack of date for the Switch version as it looks great. Hopefully it won't be too long in coming after the PC version. Sadly there was no news on Disco Elysium. They simply announced a release on the Epic Game Store with nothing on the console ports which I'm disappointed with. Trying to decide whether to take the plunge with the PC version or not at this point. Scourgebringer was announced as coming to the Switch during the show though. It's got a lot of good press and the reviews on Steam for it are good.
  14. General Switch Discussion

    Day 1 of the Guerrilla Collective event begins later today at 5pm BST/6pm CET. There'll be another 2 days, tomorrow and Monday, with the events starting at the same time each day. The event is focused on indie games, with over 80 games set to be showcased with updates and such on announced games, and they've put out the provisional list for the 3 days which will post below. These are only those that are announced, going by the number, there's likely to be more each day with new game announcements. Game wise, theres several that are set for a Switch release so this should mean that there are a few release dates for games such as Roki as well as some info on how the Switch port of Disco Elysium is coming along (I suspect this will arrive a little after the ports for the other consoles as they're doing the work in house at Studio ZA/UM). Day 1 A Juggler’s Take Baldur’s Gate III Boyfriend Dungeon Colt Canyon Disco Elysium Dwarf Fortress Exo One Fights in Tight Spaces Genesis Noir Haven Just Die Already Lake Liberated Moonlighter Midnight Ghost Hunt Night Call Outbuddies DX Rigid Force Redux Roki Swim Sanity Ultrakill Uragun Urban Trial Tricky Valheim Day 2 30XX Aelois Tournament Calico Coreupt Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse Divinity Original Sin II Don’t Forget Me Drake Hollow Dreamscaper Dusk Edo No Yami Eldest Souls Evan’s Remains Evil Genius 2 Floppy Knights Gori Cuddy Carnage Haven Hundred Days Jay and Silent Bob Later Daters Lord Winklebottom Investigates Midnight Ghost Hunt Minute of Islands No Straight Roads Nuts Per Aspera Paradise Killer Pull Stay Pushy Pully in Blockland Raji - An Ancient Epic Read Only Memories: Neurodiver Skate Story Skeleton Crew Speed Limit Star Renegades Suzerain The Eternal Cylinder Undungeon Vigil The Longest Knight Day 3 30XX Boyfriend Dungeon Iron Harvest 1920 System Shock (Remake) The Eternal Cylinder Obviously there'll be games that aren't coming to Switch but given the heavy player base of indie titles on the console, I thought it was worth sharing in here for those who want to check back throughout the day(s) for announcements. I've been particularly interested in hearing more about Roki since seeing it in an Indie Direct and the developer is teasing what looks like a release date on Twitter (it's a swirled image but July 2020 can clearly be made out and given the use of blue colours for the image, I'd definitely associate it with Roki).
  15. I'm likely to be there at launch. I wasn't with the PS4 but the launch lineup didn't grab me, plus I had plenty still to work through on the 360 and I'd just moved out of my parents for the first time so money wasn't there. While the launch lineup may not have that big hitter, my PS4 could do with being put out to pasture and there'll be plenty of games that I would pick up for the PS4 but I'm likely to wait for this instead (Watch Dogs Legion and Assassin's Creed Valhalla as examples). Deathloop is supposedly coming this holiday, so possibly alongside the game, and I'd probably pick up Spiderman: Miles Morales so I think I'd have plenty to go off of there and a few indie games thrown in for good measure. Whereas with the Xbox side of things, I'll be able to play Halo and Forza and whatever else they have on my Xbox One through Gamepass as they've committed to supporting that platform for at least a year or two more going forward with their first parties so getting the PS5 at launch would be a no brainer for me. Price wise, I need to console to come in at no more than £500. Money will be tight but I could hit that market and grab a game or two to set me up but I'm also expecting the price of games to go up to £55-£60 so I'll see. If I can manage to get hold of one and it's not going to put too much of a dent on the finances at the tail end of the year with everything that's going on, I'll be picking it up that's for sure.