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  1. What Have You Bought?

    Felt after the last couple of months of working out, sorting out my eating and upping my protein that I'd start using some powder to help with recovery and to help with building muscle. Reviews were mixed online but I like it, mixed with coconut milk it tastes like a protein bar that's been blended so I'm fine with that. The PS5 version. An early birthday present for myself. I say early, it comes out on Friday 14th and my birthday is literally the next day but there you go. And for my actual birthday, I got some money early so I've got ME: Legendary Edition with it. Looking forward to playing through it all again... and again... and again.
  2. Metro Exodus (PS4/XBO/PC)

    Bump of the thread to say that 4A Games have just released the Enhanced Edition of this on PC, whereby all lighting has been redone and replaced with full RT lighting and various other bells and whistles. You'll need a rig that is RT capable to be able to play the Enhanced Edition on PC. Its a free upgrade for those who have the standard version. And the Enhanced Edition is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series on June 18th, again as a free upgrade to those that have either the physical or digital versions of Exodus on PS4 or Xbox One. A Complete Edition will be available to purchase, containing both The Two Colonels and Sam's Story, for those who don't have the original release. Digital Foundry had a look at the changes that have been made to the game for the PC Enhanced version, which I've posted below, but from the trailer above it looks as though the majority of upgrades will be present on both PS5 and Xbox Series X (Series S is 1080p but still has the other additions). Obviously the PC version will still look better but regardless of version, the upgrade looks phenomenal. Hoping I can grab the Gold Edition on sale in the coming weeks on PS4 so that I can do a complete run through with the expansions on my PS5 with this upgraded version as I loved the game back in 2019 and would love to do another play through.
  3. Biomutant (PS4/XB1/PC)

    Some hands off gameplay previews seem to be creeping out. This one from Game Informer gives a good look at some general gameplay and it looks pretty good: Its just a shame that it was hands off gameplay but guess THQ Nordic haven't set up a method for doing that like some devs/publishers have. Hopefully get some in the coming days given that we're now less than 3 weeks to launch. Hands on in the lead up to reviews will be the real test of how the game's going to do.
  4. Biomutant (PS4/XB1/PC)

    With it being May 4th, Star Wars Day, Experiment 101 have done a parody trailer for this and its great: Genuienly hoping this turns out to be good. For a small team of what's supposed to be 11 people, they've certainly made it look great visually and the little bits of gameplay looks solid too. Just hoping it all comes together as a full package as it's a game I've been looking forward to for years at this point. Regardless, I'll probably be picking it up on May 25th so here's hoping its a good'un.
  5. Do you know what you're doing?

    Its something that's plagued my mind a lot these last few weeks/months with me turning 32 in a week and a half time. Generally speaking, I don't think I do know what I'm doing. Breaking that down, personally its a yes and a no and professionally, I really don't have a clue what I'm doing or where I'm going. On the personal front, I've got the most amazing partner who has been so supportive over the last couple of years and has gone over and above to help me. We're in a great place together, stronger than ever (not that we've ever had a bad day) and just love spending every day together. Ideally I'd have loved for us to have bought our first house together by now and to be married but things have gotten in the way of both but to be honest, it feels like we're married as it is and when we're able to do so, we'll do it how we want. But from there, my personal life falls apart a bit. I don't speak to my family much, for a variety of reasons and when I've tried I rarely hear back from them. I've not spoken to my grandmother for nearly 3 years because of her constant meddling and twisting of things. She cancelled a birthday cheque to me because she felt I withheld showing her a picture of my brother's first child, her great granddaughter, despite the fact I didn't have a picture and had only seen it on Facebook. She didn't ask to see it. This was spun along and twisted by her and my sister as me being horrible and keeping her right to see her great grand daughter from her, despite my brother wanting nothing to do with her. She wouldn't apologise so left is as we'll speak when she's ready to do so. Have issues with my mother because of extensive emotional abuse growing up, as has become clear through speaking with people over the years. I've never confronted her about it but I've always been painted as having a chip on my shoulder with regards to our relationship but I'll leave that as its personal and difficult to go into. Its certainly tainted my personal life and is something I'm struggling with now. Socially, because of the aforementioned stuff and because I've been used by many so called friends for money (including times such as bailing someone out of a hole at a casino and then being told I was clearly looking for more than friendship because of it. I'd made perfectly clear many times that I was only looking to be friends because of my mental health issues and that was all it ever was) or been dropped like a hat without any word to explain whats happened, I've struggled post uni to keep a friend group or to even have friends. So yeah, if it wasn't for my partner and her side of the family, I'd really not know what I was doing personally. Professionally I have no idea where I'm going. I dropped out of my Ph.D. for mental and physical health reasons and even now, its stuff I'm dealing with (seizures, non-allergic rhinitis, stomach/gall bladder issues and depression). I took time to get settled after I left but I've really struggled to land a long term job and right now, I've been out of work for over a year and I'm struggling to get my foot in anywhere. The drive just isn't there because of how little progress I've made professionally and its just been difficult to move from 10 years in academia to anything else. I don't even want much to do with what I studied for all that time at uni (psychology) because of how negatively my Ph.D. impacted my health. So I don't really know what I want to be doing or where I want to go. I keep comparing myself to others from uni on Facebook who are off doing this and that but I know people do things at their own pace and that I shouldn't. Its just hard to see a little at the end of the tunnel when I don't know where to start. I loved lecturing but can't really see a way into doing that as to get to uni level lecturing, I'd need to finish my Ph.D. but I have no intention of going back to that and college level just seems to be extremely difficult to get into. I still enjoy the science side of things but don't want to do research and I'm good enough at data analysis but can't see myself as a data analyst. Don't really know how to take my skills and transfer them and my interests, gaming and music, don't really present any in roads (I did do freelance reviews years back but stopped to focus on uni and now there's an oversaturation of gaming media, including influences now, so its now a viable avenue professionally despite my interest in long form writing). I'm sure I'll figure it out but its coincidental a thread like this would turn up when its really been on my mind a lot recently. Maybe I'll get there soon, maybe not but I'll hopefully get there with a bit of perspective. So no I don't really know what I'm doing. But thankfully I've the support of an amazing woman who's helping me through things and with some time, I'll hopefully get to where I'm meant to be going.
  6. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    If there's anyone looking to take advantage of the new slew of titles that have received a FPS boost on their Series S|X, Assassin's Creed Unity is available for £1.99 through CDKeys here. Don't know how long it'll last but for that price, its worth a punt surely, especially as its supposed to have been patched from all its bugs by this point and now runs at a steady frame rate. Hell, I don't have a Series console but I'm tempted to pick it up for down the line.
  7. Rift Apart looks fantastic, though I'm not overly keen on that phased dash animation they're using. But that's something I'll get used to as it looks like the next gen showcase we've been waiting on and I can't wait to get my hands on it. That Topiary weapon is great. Hopefully we'll see a return of the Pixelator and the Sheepinator too. And of course, Mr Zurkon. Can't not have Mr Zurkon usable. Somewhat weird pair of indie games to show off. Subnautica Below Zero is out in 2 weeks so that makes sense but given this one is more story focused and that Subnautica in general is about discovering things yourself, it didn't need to really be shown off. By the time Among Us hits, I think the hype around it will have well and truly passed. I mean, I've not seen viewing figures for the game on Twitch but I'd have to guess that by now numbers have started to dwindle a bit. Guess we'll just have to wait a bit more for some of the other indie games like Stray, Jett and Little Devil Inside. Happy enough to wait as there's plenty of the horizon (Returnal is tomorrow, we've had Nier Replicant last week, May alone has RE Village, ME Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and Subnaurica Below Zero to name a few and Rift Apart is early June). Guess we'll hear more at Sony's not-E3 State of Play. All in all, loved what we saw of Rift Apart. Is it not June yet.
  8. Looks like one of the indie games that'll be turning up might be Humanity, the next game from Enhance (Tetris Effect), or at least thats what I get from this tweet: Its been a while since they've shown it but it was announced for PS4 and I'm going to guess it'll be heading to PS5. Could be reading too much into that tweet but the timing definitely makes it seem likely that we'll see Humanity during the State of Play.
  9. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Wreckfest is great fun so thats a nice addition next month. Amazed its the PS5 version and just curious to see it running as they've shown nothing but a 30 second teaser trailer when they announced it. Probably just pull it more in line with the PC version but should minimise the frame rate drops when things got chaotic. Not fussed for Battlefield V. Bought it when it released but just didn't take to its single player or multiplayer, after having played a ton of Battlefield 1. At this point, I just want a Bad Company 3 but I know that its not the same DICE these days so it'll never happen. And Stranded Deep is just so janky. Have it on Xbox One and its rough playing it on there. From what I've heard from those who've played it on PS Now, its still rough on PS4 and running on a PS5. Just a low budget survival game that runs poorly and doesn't really play well so not a great addition. So a mixed month. Not as great as previous but we'll get months like this now and then.
  10. Returnal (30th April 2021)

    It continues to look fantastic in that release trailer. The buzz surrounding it from the press that have their review copies is sounding very good, and the couple of reviews that leaked early suggest that it'll make good on its showings and be a substantial experience (I've seen 30+ hours banded about). So looks like Housemarque appear to have nailed their first go at a AAA title. We'll see more from reviews tomorrow afternoon but seems that way anyway. The more I see of it, the more my mind seems to be drawing me to pick it up sooner rather than later. I'll have to see how things go as I'm working through FF7R for the first time but if I manage to finish that up next week, I may jump in after that. Want something to keep me going till ME Legendary Edition and Biomutant now that Deathloop has slipped and I'm not sure in RE Village so this would fit the bill unless I pick up Nier Replicant. With getting PSN top ups from Shopto, I'll get the price down closer to £60ish so I can deal with that. It just looks so good and to be honest, I'm a sucker for a flashy looking game with interesting art design and a weird narrative. I know that technically goes against my earlier post but damn if the trailers haven't been effective in making me want to play. Enjoy it on Friday those playing.
  11. Outer Wilds

    Glad you enjoyed it drahkon. The further I get removed from the game the more I look back on it more fondly. Its just such an incredible game. So meticulously designed and an utter joy to play through and explore the reaches of the system. I played it originally on the Xbox One when it launched on Gamepass but a few months back I bought the PS4 version to have so I could dip in an put of every now and again. I may have seen the game through to its end so some of it will never feel as good the second time around but its just so much fun exploring the system they created and piecing it all together. Even on this second time, I've forgotten stuff that I knew first time through so in some ways I'm playing it anew. Regardless, I just love the game. Oh and that soundtrack is genuinely beautiful, the music at the end is just perfect. Guess I'll be giving that a listen to this afternoon. It's easily made it into my favourite games of all time list just because no other game has given me the feeling this one has. Very curious to see where Mobius Games goes next. Outer Wilds is going to be seriously tough game to follow up. I'll be there to see what they do though. They've shown they can craft a game superbly and make it genuinely intriguing to go at your own pace and just bring it all together on your own.
  12. Looking forward to seeing more of Rift Apart in action. With Deathloop delayed till September, its the big PS5 exclusive I'm really looking forward to now (though I will admit that review pending, my status as not currently picking up Returnable may well change because it looks so damn good and I've been having fun with roguelites this last year with Hades and Curse of the Dead Gods). As for the indie games, I'd say its likely that it'll be some of those that didn't turn up at the earlier State of Play this year, such as Stray, Jett and Little Devil Inside. Not expecting anything other than those and would be happy with any combination of them. No doubt people will still moan about the State of Play and say it was disappointing, that they expected more but Sony have done right by getting out ahead of it to lay the groundwork in saying its only going to be focused on showing gameplay for Rift Apart and updates to two indie games. No one should go into it thinking there'll be more (there may well be a "One more thing" announcement given the time of the State of Play but there may well not be) but we all know what the internet is like.
  13. What Have You Bought?

    2 in 1 Cross trainer for £190. Its a bit basic but it'll do out the gate. Wanted a 2 in 1 for the cycling part as with my height (6ft 4), using the elliptical trainer part is a bit unsteady on the cheaper machines. The missus has been using the elliptical and says its great and I had my first proper session on the cycle part this morning and despite a rather hard seat, it felt good. 10km in 22 minutes isn't too bad for a first go. Been doing a lot of walking recently and decided its time for some trainers for it. Current pair I have aren't up to the task of the longer brisk walks I've been doing and I've ended up hurting a tendon in my foot (doesn't help that I walk on the outside edge of my feet) so have been rested up for a couple of days before today but hoping these will do the trick. Also grabbed some extra exercise tops and shorts.
  14. Annapurna titles, Road 96, TMNT Shredder's Revenge and a surprise of Oxenfree getting a sequel. I'd say that alone makes it a solid presentation, though I can understand if people were expecting more from it even if some were expecting things that were never going to turn up due to how the Indie World presentations are structured. I'm just shocked that Night School are going back to Oxenfree. I suppose that they didn't find as much success with their subsequent title Afterlife (I certainly didn't take to it as I found it very disappointing) and had a solid idea for a sequel. Very happy either way and looking forward to getting my hands on it when it launches.
  15. What Have You Bought?

    Thought I'd try my hand at something different comic wise. Since finishing Sandman, I've jumped between different things but nothing has really clicked that well, other than The Umbrella Academy. Saw Hedra came up and liked the look of it visually, just wish I could grab a physical copy as I love the colouring in it. Never read a TMNT comic. Was a big fan of the IP growing up (cartoon and movies mainly, had the action figures, all back when it was Hero Turtles) so curious to see how this darker take pans out. Sold on my PS4 and games last year but recently watched Age of Samurai on Netflix, I ended up picking up this on sale as I've had a hankering to go back to it. Burned out after Act 1 because I did all the additional content in the first region so a more focus approach is what I hope will help.