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  1. General Switch Discussion

    That's one thing I'm looking forward to doing over the weekend. I held off picking up DQ XI on the PS4 because I always had plenty on the go but with the prospect of a meaty demo available, and the possibility of continuing from where that ends in the full game if I pick it up, I think it's time to finally give it a go. It has been awhile since I've played a DQ game (think it might have been playing the release of 5 on the DS) but I really liked 9 and this looks to carry just enough new with the old for me. Looking forward to trying it and hopefully if I enjoy it, I'll be picking it up next week. Though, given the sheer volume of games coming out this week, whether I have any money left for it is another question (Overland, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Untitled Goose Game, etc.).
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Thanks for the input guys. It's something I've been mulling over for a while now and with Friday approaching, I've been trying to figure out whether I want it or not. For now, I've decided I'll cancel my pre-order for Ni No Kuni and I've put in an order for Astral Chain which I can collect tomorrow from the Argos near me (it was £39.99 so that lower price helped a little in the decision). It's not that I'm not into JRPGs, it's that I've struggled a lot to get into the last couple I've played and with trying Ni No Kuni 2 last year and not liking that (I really wasn't a fan of having to do the Little Kings Story/Pikmin battles). Similarly, I've been a bit hit or miss with a lot of games recently and feel that I'll probably get a bit more out of Astral Chain than NNK, where I'd probably regret spending more for a version of the game that I could get on my PS4 remastered if I wanted especially if I ended up not liking it. So that'll be Astral Chain and Link's Awakening alongside a bunch of indie games come Friday. Probably end up putting the pre-order towards say The Witcher 3 or something instead now. Even with 131 hours in that game in my PS4, I'd happily buy it again to have it on the go, lower resolution textures and all.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    I've got Ni No Kuni pre-ordered for picking up with my Switch Lite in Friday but I've been second guessing picking the game up for a number of reasons. Foremost of these is that while the PS4 is getting a remaster at a reduced price, the Switch version is a straight forward port of the PS3 versions at full retail price. I'd love to play the game but that price different is frankly ridiculous given that they've done nothing to the game in porting it from the PS3 (and from the reviews that have come out so far, it sounds like they've not exactly done the best job with there being plenty of bugs and crashing issues). I'm already uncertain if I'd see it through to the end as I've struggled to find a JRPG that's clicked for me as of late but those issues don't exactly make me want to jump in at a higher price point when I'm already putting out at least £250 on Friday for the console and Zelda (I've got some eshop cards as well so it'll be more than that anyway). If they'd matched the PS4 versions price then I'd be more willing but I just don't know at the moment. The drawback is that I suspect the game will be hard to grab a copy of later on so do I just grab it and suck up the issues or leave it and get something else. What's the word in handheld performance for Astral Chain? And as someone who has been a bit hot and cold with Platinum's output, how does it stack with the likes of Bayonetta and Nier Automata, where I'm not keen on the former style of play any more and preferred the action style of the latter even if the game didn't grab me entirely. I'm considering this as an alternative instead of Ni No Kuni but thought I'd get the low down on handheld performance first to get a gist of what to do.
  4. General TV Thread

    I started watching Undone on Amazon Prime last night and ended up binging the whole thing and absolutely loved it. Beyond the rotoscoped visuals, which were fantastically done, the whole thing was really well written and really well acted by both Odenkirk and especially Salazar. I thought it was a thought provoking take on mental health issues and dealing with trauma through every day life and loved how they messed with you're perception if how it all pieced together. Sure there are times where it feels a little confusing but it all comes around and coalesces together in the end in a meaningful and natural way. Easily one of the best things I've watched all year and one of the best things I've watched on Amazon Prime full stop. Definitely recommend giving it a watch as it really is fantastic.
  5. Indie Games

    Untitled Goose Game is apparently up on the Coming Soon section on the Switch eshop, though you can't pre-order, with a price tag of €19.99 or £18 (coming from a post on Era). The devs have put out a tweet saying that the discount that was mentioned in the release date announcement will be applicable to all regions and will be there on launch day. Not sure how long it'll last but going by the reported launch discount that the US will see, is suspect the price to go to €14.99 and ~£14 respectively over here.
  6. Greedfall (PC/XBO/PS4) - Sept 10th

    Ended up picking up a copy for the Xbox One as it was cheaper out of Argos and I've put in about 3 hours of play so far, to the point I've just left the opening city and arrived in the first city on the island the rest of the game takes place on, Teer Fradee. Out of the gate, I've found it to be somewhat sedate but I imagine that's simply to help get you up to speed with the systems in place and to help get you to grips with combat and the other ways in which you can circumvent combat scenarios in quests. There's a fair bit to take in with the different factions but the story kind of takes a back set in the opening hours but hopefully now that I'm on the island, things will start to move forward there. I've had my first opportunities with dealing with the different factions and the way the game want you to think about who you're helping and siding with. I had two quests with the factions you meet in the opening city and was able to take care of them diplomatically and in doing so, you can see how the game wants you to think beyond simply brute forcing quests. In completing them, I lost and gained reputation differentially because of how I decided to reproach the people when handing them in which similarly showed that you'll need to have a bit more tact in conversations to keep people on side, provided you of course agree with their beliefs and politics. That's the part in most excited about now I'm on the island: getting to see how all the politics and diplomacy interacts and how the conflicts arise and can be resolved when you get into the nitty gritty. I've heard it's not so much black and white, like a lot of the BioWare games, but rather it likes to go deep into the grey area so there'll be plenty of thinking before deciding to make sure that things don't go completely the wrong way for me. The quests I've done so far were pretty interesting in that they were all different and could be approached in different ways, another thing the game gives you the freedom to do albeit with a caveat. Again, I'm interested to see those develop further. The caveat I mentioned is the as with other RPGs, you level up and get skill points for every level which is fine. But every couple of level you'll get attribute points for things like strength, agility and endurance but these seem to be handed out ever 3 levels or so. On top of that, you get handed talent points every starting at level 5 for every couple of levels and it's with these latter points that you can be restrained in how you complete quests. You can learn lockpicking, science and other things and these will help you sneak into locations for quests. But because, at least with the starting area, you only get the one talent point, I ended up with a quest I couldn't complete because I needed a science talent point to craft an item but I wasn't able to as I'd picked lockpicking to deal with the large number of chests in the opening city. You can respec but you need a special item and do I had to progress the story without finishing stuff up because of the weird way the hand out different points upon levelling up. That was my main annoyance out of the gate really. Things like the combat being clunky and the camera being a bit iffy were expected (though I seem to have found a decent compromise for the camera in turning down the sensitivity which is fine for now) and the couple of graphical glitches don't really bother me. It seems to be fine, not amazing but good enough which is what I expected and that's a big step up for Spiders in my eyes as I last only an hour with The Technomancer. I'm intrigued to play more over the next few days and see more of it and see if it grabs me fully. I can see the ways it'll try to and I'm really interested in seeing how all the factions interact now I'm on the island, especially with how they interact with the natives. It's got the potential, I'll say that, so let's see where it goes but I'm definitely not regretting purchasing it like their last game.
  7. Greedfall (PC/XBO/PS4) - Sept 10th

    So it looks as though this might have ended up being a decent game after all. I was a bit sceptical given Spiders previous games haven't been received the best by critics (though The Technomancer seems to have somewhat of a cult following) but the reviews are better than I expected, with the majority in the 7 to 8 out of 10 region and there being quite a lot of 8s overall. Quite a few of the major sites haven't posted full reviews, simply ones in progress but the likes of IGN are saying it's in the 8 area which is a considerable step up for a developer who has around 30 staff or so and who made the game in a €5million budget. There's clearly a bit of roughness to the game, as reviews talk about re-use of assets and bad lip syncing and such, but they've been pretty complimentary about the quest system and quests in general having an air of old BioWare about them. That excites me as that's the level of depth that's been sorely missing in the genre for a while. The ACG review gave a good and in depth overview I thought and with the general consensus being more positive than anything (there doesn't seem to be any glaring bugs or anything, just some issues with performance on PC going by the Era thread), it seems like it's another to add to the "diamond in the rough" category for this generation. Curious to try it out myself. Trying to decide whether to grab it or not, seeing as I've got the Switch Lite and stuff next week, but I'll see. Really want to support the devs team as its clearly been a labor of love from them and shoes good growth.
  8. I'm picking up a Switch Lite (the turquoise one) on Sept. 20th and I'll be grabbing Link's Awakening and Ni No Kuni to go with it on launch day. Might also pick up Gris and Baba is You as two smaller games to jump into as well. I've not really thought much beyond that for what I'll be picking up for the rest of the year. I'm tempted to pick up The Witcher 3 again as, even though I've finished it all, I would love to be able to just and play through it again more leisurely while in bed at the end of the day or something. I'll be trying out the demo for Dragon Quest XI to see what that's like as I held off of buying it on the PS4 as I wasn't sure it'd be for me so a demo helps me decide on that one at least. I do tend to struggle a but more with JRPGs nowadays, especially in the wake of Mass Effect and The Witcher so even Ni No Kuni is something I'm not sure I'll stick with though I imagine it's something that'll be hard to get hold of physically as time goes on so best to grab it when I can. Might also consider picking up A Hat in Time. I love the game and could easily play it again and with this having the DLC which the developers could never bother to port to the other consoles, it's something I'm strongly considering. It's also another game I think will be short on supply and I'd like to have physical as much as possible. Beyond those, I'm looking at Luigi's Mansion 3, although I haven't played the second but might well do as my partner bought a 3DS not long ago so might be worth trying out, and I'll undoubtedly pick up one of the Pokemon games but not sure which one. Everyone will go for Sword so I'm tempted with Shield as I'm fine with the legendaries as they are regardless of version (I barely end up using them in game anyway). That might be it beyond some other indie stuff, like Unritled Goose Game. If I can find a physical copy of it, I'd live to pick up Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy as I've always wanted to play it and maybe The World Ends With You, even if the Switch version isn't supposed to be the best. So potentially not a huge amount but plenty to keep me entertained on returning to the Switch. Edit: Forgot about Assassin's Creed Rebel Collection so that'll be getting picked up and played in December too.
  9. Gears 5

    Finished up 4 yesterday and managed to get through the first Act on this last night and so far, it's definitely been a far better start to the game than 4 gave. I might not be the biggest Gears fan but having played the original trilogy and then going to 4, it felt like that game was in a way a step back towards what 1 felt like. It just felt like it was plodding along, story beats seemed to fall flat (as did that last boss battle which was a shame given how awesome that lead up to it was) and I really didn't feel anything for the new characters. To me, Gears 4 is kind of like Halo 5 in that it never quite gets to where it needs to (and they're both clearly pushing co-op play because the AI for your squad mates when playing single player was shocking at times). So was a bit sceptical as to where the fifth entry would go but that first Act was great. The gunplay still feels amazing with a good weight behind shots and the action was a definite step up over the last game. Even standing off against the boss at the end of the act, which could've been a slog ended up fun because there seemed to be more back and forth with the characters and such. Still not keen on the characters, just not a fan of JD and while I know I'll be seeing more of Kait's story, I'm not feeling much of a connection there either. Perhaps that'll change though as I play more. I'm also hoping that it feels a bit less clunky moving about the battlefield as Kait now that I'm in her boots as that has and still is one of my main gripes with the game. It feels like moving a tank about at times and is have liked that bit of an upgrade here to make it a bit less tanky/clunky and a bit more smoother (kind of how Uncharted 4 didn't really change the mould massively but gave just enough of a deviation to make moving about in combat smoother). It's something I can live with but yeah, I'd have hoped for a bit of a change given it's the 6th Gears game now. I'm looking forward to diving in further though. As I say, I was never a massive Gears fan but from what I've played, if definitely say I'm more excited about jumping back in than I have been with any of the other games so this one is clearly doing something right.
  10. General TV Thread

    Mr. Robot finally comes back in a few weeks, October 6th on the USA Network in North America so I suspect it'll hit Amazon Prime the next day and do that weekly for the 12 episode run as that's how it was done for the 3rd season. It's been a long time coming, especially with Esmail off doing Homecoming and Malik off doing film work, but it's almost time for it to end and I'm so excited. I recently rewatched all the previous seasons in preparation for this coming and I was reminded how amazing season 3 is and just how much I love the look of the show. It'll be sad to see it end but I'm glad they've given Esmail and co a solid 12 episodes to bring it all together because calm is there not a lot to wrap up, especially with the ending of season 3.
  11. Indie Games

    As if September wasn't busy enough, Chapter 9 - Farewell, the final and free final chapter for Celeste, is releasing next week on September 9th. I loved the game and went back to it a few times over the year last year to try get all the collectibles without using any of the assists but I couldn't. I'm still very interested in seeing this new chapter, which will have 40 minutes of new music creates especially for it.
  12. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    Apparently it's a collaboration between Lucasfilm and Aspyr so it doesn't look like it. Probably for the best given EA's efforts with the IP. The sequel, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is also coming to Switch (and PS4) next year as well so double the non-EA Star Wars goodness. Edit: As an aside, Lucas Pope has said that Return of the Obra Dinn is coming to all platforms this autumn (PS4 and Xbox One as well as Switch) with Warp Digital being the team who has helped make that happen.
  13. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    Not a bad Direct at all. Plenty of variety there and some port announcements that I'm more than happy with. I'll happily jump back into AC 4: Black Flag again as I loved that game, less for the assassination stuff and more for just getting to be a pirate. Never got round to playing Rogue so that'll be good to get even more swashbuckling times. I'll be singing sea shanties rather than Christmas songs this December it seems. Getting Divinity Original Sin 2 DE on the Switch is a huge get. Provided the port has been done well (and I'd imagine it should considering how well Larian did with the other console versions) that really is a must play game, especially if you like that older western RPG style of game. And Steam cross save integration is a massive thing too. I never did finish my playthrough but I'd happily jump in again because it's just so damn good though if I do pick it up, nothing else will be getting played on my Switch when I pick it up. Deadly Premonition is a strange one. I remember the whole thing about Destructoid giving the game 10/10 back in the day and people flying off the handle. I tried the game but it was so janky that I couldn't push forward with much more of it. But i did follow up and get the rest of the story which was really interesting. So it'll be interesting to see where they go with a sequel and whether that is less janky. A remaster of Xenoblade Chronicles is an interesting one. With it already being ported to the 3DS I imagine people are wondering why that game and not X but maybe that'll come later. I don't think I can play through those 100 odd hours again but for those who never had the chance definitely do as it's fantastic. Beyond that, I suspected there would be more fighters for Smash, was just a matter of when they'd announce it really. Animal Crossing looks great (and I still get angry seeing that damn Tom Nook, stealing my bells!!!). Jedi Knight 2 is a nice surprise, been a long time since I've played it so happy to see it, and Star Wars, resurface away from EA. As I say, plenty there for everyone but perhaps some people expecting remasters of certain games may be disappointed.
  14. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    Hell yeah!!! Return of the Obra Dinn is coming this autumn. So happy about that as it'll be perfect sit and play with a notebook at my side as I try to unravel things. Great announcement that one right there.
  15. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    Given one of the rumours/leaks that's going around about 2 third party ports, I'd be very much on board if they end up being true as I'd happily jump back into those games given it's been long enough since I played them and having them for on the go play would be brilliant. Beyond that, I'm curious to see what they've got beyond the games announced. As other's have said, hopefully there isn't a long deep dive into Pokemon (which would be better suited for its own Direct) or Links Awakening and Dragon Quest XI (especially with the lengthy demo for the latter available). Luigi's Mansion should perhaps be the game that gets the majority of the spotlight but hopefully it'll be a case of the time being evenly spread across a wider range of games, whether announced or getting announced for the first time here. I've seen a lot of talk about people wanting GameCube games on the Switch and I'd love to see it. Would love another chance to play things like Baten Kaitos again, and with Nintendo and Bandai Namco working closely as of late surely they can sort out the licencing there to make it happen even as a remaster as that would be a fantastic announcement. It's unlikely but I'd love that to happen, alongside remasters of other GameCube games. What are people's thoughts on this happening for the Switch? Too many other games announced and in the works already or space to bring some if them forward?