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  1. Season have put out an article about the working conditions at Scavenger Studios and some accusations made against the creative director: Coming off of the back of that showing at the Game Awards, this is disappointing to read and in many places just disgusting. Its good that this is coming to light now but for those employees at the studio who've had to endure some of the creative director's disgusting behaviour or who've been put under the thumb with more work because he over promised to secure a deal, it must be awful. This industry, like many others, seems to have much hidden under many rocks. The sooner they're all over turned to highlight this sort of behaviour the better as it should hopefully lead to positive changes to protect developers from abuse. Certainly made me take a second look at the game having this information at hand.
  2. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    So weird thing is happening with my Dualsense. On the textured back of the controller, I've got a small area on the back where my right hand would rest (about the side of a 5p coin) where the PlayStation symbol texture has rubbed off completely with their being a dark ring round this area. I noticed it weeks ago but I've yet to see anyone else make mention of having it happen to them. Its odd as I've been washing my hands regularly before play on my PS5 but it doesn't look as though its to do with dirt or anything having gone on the controller. It looks like an abrasion but again, I've been careful with the controller and have always had it on a flat surface where the area in question isn't in contact with the surface. I'm wondering if the controller was like that to start with, as I've definitely got what look like smudge marks on the shell of the console itself and I noticed these when unlocking. Just very odd. Doesn't hamper play or anything just odd that there's this one small circular area that's been rubbed down when the rest of the texture is fine Regardless, enjoying my time with the PS5 immensely, even if the WiFi on the console is woeful compared to the PS4 and even the base Xbox One (my console is still regularly disconnecting and not maintain a connection at all yet my Xbox One in the same room is managing easily). Got myself a hefty library of games to play through (AC Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Dirt 5, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Ghostrunner, Star Wars Squadrons, Crash Bandicoot 4, Maneater, Spiritfarer, Shady Part of Me, Haven, Kentucky Route Zero, Hitman 2 and Ni No Kuni 2) but definitely itching for Ratchet and Clank at this point.
  3. Big changes within Blizzard were rumoured last year. IIRC, Activision were wanting them to be putting out more games (similar situation to what is happening at Rockstar with Take Two wanting them to be producing more titles after only 1 new and 1 port last gen). Seems that is where Vicarious Visions has fallen as they've been rolled into to help support Blizzard and other Activision projects now: Its a shame for VV and especially socks that they won't get to take on new original projects themselves. We always talk about EA demolishing studios over the years, Activision has been doing it too and that walled garden just becomes a bigger, homogenised studio at this point. No doubt there were financial issues to worry about (we can't have Bobby Kotick worrying about not getting his excessive bonuses after all) but yeah, it still sucks.
  4. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Didn't take long for the uproar to make Microsoft change their minds. Better yet, they're now also making it so that free to play games are actually free to play, not tucked behind a Gold sub: Its the right call but they should never have tried to double the price without a justification (not that there really is one for Gold or even for paying for online play). I imagine there's a lot of red faces over at Microsoft right now though. If they were trying to shore up their finances, with this being part of how they were trying to do it, curious where they'll try and plug that gap down the line. I still think GPU will get a price increase this year so perhaps there. Or they'll most like limit the conversion of Gold to GPU.
  5. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Microsoft once again firmly with their heads up their arses: Haven't seen an announcement of this being carried over for here but you have to suspect it will be sooner rather than later. Essentially removing the 12 month subscription and making it double the price for a full year in North America pretty much kills the casual market that would otherwise invest in Gold for playing Call of Duty, Fifa, etc. Hell, you already had to pay for Gold or GPU if you wanted to play free to play games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Roblox, etc. This effectively puts a nail in that option for more casual gamers or families where parents paid for their kids to play online. Doubling the price over a year will have many questioning if its worth it (and in this case, for Gold it certainly isn't). It seems like a push to get people to sub up to Gamepass Ultimate and somewhat of a step to stop people buying up 12 month Gold cards and converting them for GPU on the cheap, but its a very aggressive one and completely flies in the face of the image they've been trying to present with the two SKUs of the Series consoles and having choice and accessibility as options (with All Access as well). Terrible move by them with little/no justification for it and quite rightly, its coming under a lot of flak. If it extends outside of North America, which I suspect it will, then I expect a lot of people will let their subs lapse once their current subs run out.
  6. What Have You Bought?

    A few more games while they're on sale: With everything else I've picked up over the last couple of weeks, and with plentiful Gamepass titles to get through, I think I've enough. Maybe. Picked up Fallen Order for the PS5 update, even if it isn't the biggest upgrade. Hitman 2 because I've not gone through it fully and want to do that before 3. And I dropped Ni No Kuni 2 not long after it came out as I wasn't majorly fussed for the Pikmin/Little King's Story-esque parts but have a hankering for a JRPG and found the overarching game decent enough so going to give it another try (it was only just under £7 so not bad) before I grab DQ11 for playing down the line. The Falconeer I got as I liked the look of it and had an Amazon discount code that got me the game for £20. Oh and I also bought some curtain rails, a new bin and a bunch of other gouse stuff for my house move in the next 2 weeks or so. And treated the missus to some new clothes that she had been eyeing up.
  7. What Have You Bought?

    Bought myself a new wok. Been without one for a couple of years now and decided to pick one up. Arrived earlier today and was promptly put to use in making a stir fry this evening (tofu, udon noodles, peppers, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, Chinese lettuce, carrots, sweet chilli sauce) which was delicious As I grow older, I do find that simple things like a wok are what make me happy more than most things. I look forward to putting this to some serious use over the coming days, weeks, months and years.
  8. Its a shame that the PS5 upgrade isn't on par with that of the Series X but a free update, providing a solid frame rate and even a small bump in resolution, is nice enough. Probably going to pick it up for playing on PS5 as its in the January sale on the PS store at the moment and although I've already played it through at release on the Xbox One, I've got a hankering for playing again.
  9. In just under a month, we'll start to welcome the next generation of consoles into our homes, starting with the launch of the Xbox Series S|X and then 9 days later with the PS5. Sure, there will be a long transition period with many cross generation titles but regardless, next gen is almost here. Some of us will be picking up PS5s, some Xbox Series S|X but either way, it'll be time for many to move on to whats next. Even for those that won't be there on launch day and will instead upgrade in the coming months/years, the prospect of what's next is well and truly on the horizon and with that being the case, I thought that looking back as we move forward to the new generation would be good. A bit of reminiscing over what has been, in my eyes, a fantastic generation of games and some of the games along the way that have stuck with us, become personal favourites and will live long in our minds as games that not only define a generation but stand as some of the greatest ever. For me personally, I didn't jump into the current gen until 2014. I didn't initially see the need to make the jump on launch as I felt there was still plenty of games on the 360/PS3 to keep me going for the foreseeable future. But with Destiny set to launch, I grabbed a PS4 in September 2014 alongside Infamous Second Son, Rayman Legends and Hohokum and my journey into the then next gen was complete. I wouldn't pick up an Xbox One until 2017, though that was short lived as I would sell it a couple of months later and then pick up another last year for Gamepass and to let my ailing PS4 have its rest. The current generation of consoles is the one where I've unequivocally spent the most amount of money. Beyond the consoles themselves, the volume of games I've bought has been vast compared to previous console generations and while the majority have been on the PS4, across all current consoles (PS4, Xbox One and Switch) I've easily bought upwards of 500 games digitally and if I was to include physical games as well, it would probably be somewhere between close enough to 700-800 games, maybe more. The sheer choice and accessibility of games has been the biggest thing for me this generation as even during quiet periods, it has always felt like there was something new to try or get stuck into, whether that be AAA, AA or indie. And while the AA market certainly took some time to tick up this generation, in the last year or two its definitely found its footing and there's been some great games that that, while lacking that extra polish of the bigger titles, has managed to produce some brilliant narrative and gameplay choices that easily make them stand shoulder to shoulder with the AAA crop of titles. Indie games have definitely been a standout this generation. The indie boom came and though the stores are now clogged with indie titles left, right and centre, the quality of those that stuck the landing this generation has been phenomenal. Some have easily matched the quality of the bigger AAA titles. Going through all of my console libraries, these are the indies for me which have stood out and I remember fondly from this generation: Cuphead, Ori, Spiritfarer, Undermine, Hades, Transistor, Pyre (pretty much everything from Supergiant Games), Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Hellblade, Hypnospace Outlaw, Disco Elysium, The Messenger, Night in the Woods, Outer Wilds, Oxenfree, Subnautica, The Talos Principle, That Dragon Cancer, The Witness, Valiant Hearts, Axiom Verge, Firewatch, Soma, Teslagrad, Volume, Invisible Inc., Hyper Light Drifter, Abzu, This War of Mine, Virginia, Inside, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, What Remains of Edith Finch, Stardew Valley, Little Nightmares, Superhot, A Hat in Time, Celeste, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Katana Zero, Ape Out, A Short Hike, Creaks, Baba is You, Gorogoa, Return of the Obra Dinn, Slay the Spire, Rocket League and Into the Breach. That list is nowhere near extensive enough but gives a good example of just how many amazing indie games have been released this generation. Many of these have been some of my favourite games from this generation. On top of that, were had some truly fantastic and special AAA and AA experiences that stand up there as some of the greatest games of all time. Games like God of War (2018), Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, Nier Automata, Red Dead Redemption 2, Uncharted 4, Forza Horizon 3 & 4, Dishonored 2, Titanfall 2, Sunset Overdrive (this doesn't get enough love as its probably my favourite Insomniac title this gen), Ratchet and Clank, Resident Evil 7 and the remakes, The Witcher 3, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Sekiro and so on. Its fair to say that as gamers, we've been spoiled this generation and even if there might be a slower start to this generation because of the current pandemic, if things continue the way they have this generation then we should see a continuation of great AAA, AA and indie games into the next gen. So, what are the games that y'all remember or will remember this generation for? For context, here is what Eurogamer consider the best of this generation: And here's what Game Informer consider theirs:
  10. The Star Wars Thread

    Spent the last week watching through The Mandalorian for the first time and having just finished the second season earlier today, I have to say that I loved it. I haven't watched anything Star Wars in years. Not seen any of the new films, nor any of the extended universe material in the form of The Clone Wars cartoon or such. Probably the last time I saw anything Star Wars was watching Episode 6 probably 10 years ago or more. I've only recently played through Jedi Fallen Order and have Squadrons on the go as my ventures into Star Wars as of late but the show was fantastic. Sure, I missed out on little nods or the significance of characters here or there but overall, I thought it was really well done. I much preferred the second season's extended plot rather than the compartmentalised feel of the first season as it allowed Mando and The Child space to grow in their relationship, which I felt was done well. Production wise, they've done a great job making it look the part, with maybe a few instances where dome of the CG doesn't come off great or where its very clearly sets with green screens. What they've done woth the puppetry for The Child and the additional CG work on top of that was great as it gave it the feel of the original trilogy, that distinctly Star Wars feel that the prequels lacked and I'm sure the sequels will have with the heavy use of CG. I think perhaps one of the strongest points for the show is the music. I was listening to the Play, Watch, Listen podcast hosted by Alanah Pearce the other week and they talked about how the show has probably done more for the property music wise than anything since the original John Williams score. They did a really good job with the music of giving it that frontiers, almost Western feel (I've seen that banded around as a way of conceptualising the show and I'd definitely agree that it does feel like a sci-fi Western) but still making it feel like Star Wars, at least to me but the again I've been away from the property for years. As a fan of KotOR, I loved getting to hear more of the expanded universe and particularly from the perspective of the Mandalorians, something only touched on slightly in that game but the purge of Mandalore hadn't happened by the time that game was set IIRC. And Pedro Pascal did a great job as Mando and giving life to that character and the creed of the Mandalorians. Hell, even Bill Burr, who I'm not a fan of, was great as were much of the extended cast. Did feel weird to hear Richard Ayoade voicing a character as I didn't feel like it fit the mood of the Heist episode. So yeah, really enjoyed it. The ending to the second season felt a bit trite but I'd already seen what was to happen so I guess I wasn't as let down by the awkward CG for the reveal there but it could've done with maybe maintaining a slight distance from the films. Now to wait till next year for season 3. Not much else to watch on Disney+ till then other than The Book of Boba Fett in December.
  11. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Its a strong line up of console exclusives and launch exclusives. Pretty much something new every month and this is what we know about currently. I suspect there'll be others that haven't been announced that will bolster that quite nicely so yeah, 2021 is set to be a very good year for releases for the PS5. I'm curious about whether Solar Ash will hit that June window. Heart Machine have been quietly just getting on with things since the initial announcement and while that isn't a bad thing, I do wonder whether the jump from Hyper Light Drifter as a 2d game to Solar Ash as a 3d one, with the pandemic happening, may push it back slightly. Not bothered either was as I'll definitely be picking it up as I love Hyper Light Drifter. Also curious why Stray is October as the game has been in development for years. Perhaps a bit more ambitious than its premise suggests but would've thought it would have been releasing sooner. The bigger one is whether Horizon Forbidden West actually launches this year. I know they're pushing for it but its the one that I could see getting pushed back into 2022. And I do think it will be. Think we'll get a provisional date for late 2021 and then as we get into the Autumn, we'll see a delay with an actual release date for March 2022, to coincide with the 5th anniversary of the original release. I just want a release date for Rachel and Clank: Rift Apart. I had thought that would've been the February/March game this year but that doesn't look to be the case so I wonder if I'll fill the post summer gap for games, say August or September instead.
  12. What Have You Bought?

    I wasn't too sure whether I'd like Squadrons but I got a chance to play through prologue thanks to the trial being available through Gamepass Ultimate on Xbox and enjoyed that so thought why not. Looking forward to jumping in, especially as I'm very much in a Star Wars mood at the moment what with finally getting round to watching The Mandalorian for the first time in the last week or so (finished and really enjoyed the first season, onto the second now). May even pick up Fallen Order again and play through that too. I thought that playing 2 through Hitman 3 would work like playing the levels from the first game in 2, in that you needed the previous game to access the upgrades for it and could then launch the levels from within that game. I'd presume Hitman 3 will work the same in that I'll need 2 to access the upgrade and launch the levels from within Hitman 3. Unless they're including it all in the new game, in which case then the asking price for it with VR included is a bargain.
  13. What Have You Bought?

    A few more games before they trot off the current sale on the PS store, and there'll probably be more to come next week what with Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game Complete Edition coming out and wanting to play through Hitman 2 before the third entry releases on the 20th.
  14. good stuff thread.

    Handed in my keys to my now old flat the other day and it's like a weight has been lifted from mine and my partner's shoulders. We'd been there for just shy of 3 years but the last 4 months had been super stressful with a volatile neighbour. Thankfully, its not something we need to worry about any more. Just waiting on the deposit to be sorted but the flat was cleaned head to toe by me (my partner was sleeping for 6 nights shifts in a row so I just got it done) and they failed to place it into a safe deposit scheme within 30 business days (9 and a half months it took them and we continually asked them to do it over that period) so they don't really have any claim to it. Still, its been great to be free of the place and both myself and my partner have been more happy and smiling more than we have done for months. Just waiting on our new flat being renovated (should be mid to end of January) and staying with the in laws but its been so good to finally get free of the place. And even sorting out cancelling services was easy as anything, even got a sweet new deal with Virgin Media to carry on our 100mb connection at a price that was cheaper than what they were offering new customers at the time and cheaper than what we had been paying (£25 down from £37.50). So yeah, happy to have the prospect of a new place on the horizon and just looking forward to getting moved and settled.
  15. What Have You Bought?

    With it being on sale and me wanting a more arcade-y racer, thought I'd give it a go. Really enjoying it so far, though still not sure what to think of the adaptive triggers as it feels like my fingers are being pushed off of the accelerator and brake trigger as you drive with the feedback they give. Still, good fun. Some Kind of Peace by Ólafur Arnalds. Predominantly picked it up for the collab with Bonobo but the whole album is just beautifully chill and perfect for me at the moment. Got given The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for Christmas by my sister in law. Had never read it but started and finished the first book yesterday and loved it. Now understand why my Dad would always say "42" and when I'd ask by why, he'd always reply with, "That's the question." Given that I haven't been able to see my Dad because of the pandemic for what feels like ages, it was nice to read something and be reminded of him and then get to tell him afterwards. Looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy, over 5 books.
  16. Game of the Year: 2020 Edition

    In spite of an on-going pandemic, 2020 was a fantastic for games I feel. I've definitely struggled to keep up with everything and I'll likely still be picking into things from 2020 well into this year. My top 30 is as follows: 30. Desperados 3 29. Wasteland 3 28. Star Renegades 27. Gears Tactics 26. Hotshot Racing 25. Cloudpunk 24. Star Wars Squadrons 23. Superhot: Mind Control Delete 22. Shady Part of Me 21. Huntdown 20. Journey to the Savage Planet 19. Carto 18. Immortals Fenyx Rising 17. Animal Crossing: New Horizon 16. Undermine 15. Call of the Sea 14. Creaks 13. Assassin's Creed Valhalla 12. Destiny 2: Beyond Light 11. Tell Me Why And finally...
  17. Playstation Plus Free Games

    January's PS+ lineup: Maneater (PS5) Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4) Greedfall (PS4) Very good month. Happy that I'll get to try Maneater as I've been tempted to try it for months now. Kind of want to replay Shadow of the Tomb Raider even though I wasn't too hot on it at release and Greedfall is a great little AA Western RPG. Certainly Spiders best work yet. Might bot that up on PS4 this time round and play through some of it again. I'll see as I've got Inmortals and AC Valhalla to play and I'm likely picking up Dirt 5 and Ghostrunner.
  18. My fiancee is set to get the Pfizer vaccine later today. Sadly I probably won't be eligible for a vaccine until the tail end of next year, unless the combination of the Pfizer, Modern and Oxford/Astra-Zeneca vaccines speeds up the vaccination process. Means I'll be living in a house with my partner and my sister in law and her partner, all three who'll have been vaccinated today and in 3 weeks time, until the end of January but it seems that neither my sister in law nor her partner are that bothered about following guidelines at the moment. Been clearing out our flat for handing back keys tomorrow and staying with my sister in law while our new place gets renovated for the end of January and come back to the house to find the 3 of them plus another 2 of their work colleagues sitting without masks, heater on full pelt and no social distancing. Had a go at them for it and left the front door open because of how they were all sat but got laughed out of the room, told I could just stay in my own room and given the stink eye for even daring to say anything. You'd think that given all 5 of them work in a care home with a severe neurodegenerative population of residents, where covid ran through the home and killed several of the residents and left some with lingering effects, that they'd understand full well what the guidelines are and to stick to them. Especially with Christmas having just passed where there will have been multiple households mixing for some of them (sister in law and her partner for instance are currently spending 2 nights at the home of the partner's mother who is very frail health wise). Maybe I'm just overreacting, they do get tested weekly but given that they were last tested a week ago and Christmas has happened, as well as a new more virulent strain going about and the ability to be asymptomatic, they should know better given where they work and that other people around them won't be getting a vaccine any time soon. Many, many swear words going through my head right now, especially after the stress of trying to get our flat emptied and stuff cleaned and into storage because of a nightmare neighbour downstairs. Sorry for the rant.
  19. The Wrasslin' thread

    Really looking forward to this. Hoping to watch both nights live this year, though the missus finishes night shift on the morning of night 1 so might not catch the whole thing then and there. Night 1 has the better card of the 2 nights. Looking forward to all of the matches on that night. Takahashi vs El Phantasmo should be good, especially to set up the title match on night 2. I'd love to see another Takahashi vs Ishimori match given their match at the Super Jr's a few years back was incredible but I have a feeling that they haven't just brought ELP over to lose. It could go either way for the US Championship contract. Kenta has defended it enough at this point to have more than earned his shot but Juice has been in good form (he looked great during G1) so yeah, it's either or really. With the new travel restrictions in place, I suspect that its more likely that we'll see the title stripped from Moxley sooner rather than later so this match may not mean as much in the long run unless AEW actually let's Moxley wrestle Kenta on NJ Strong. GoD will win the tag titles. The build they had through tag league makes me think its a sure thing. Okada isn't walking out of the Tokyo Dome with a win. Whether Ospreay gets a clean win is a different question but with the Stardom talent there for night 2 and Ben Priestley being around, I suspect there'll be some interference for Ospreay to get the win to keep that feud going long term. Likewise, I see Tanahashi losing to Great O-Khan. They've tried to build him as this monster of a wrestler and given the rough ride Tana had during tag league (too many blows to the knees in G1), I sadly don't see him taking the win. Possibly end up leading to an Okada/Tana tag match with Ospreay and O-Khan down the line. Ibushi has to walk out of night 1 with the titles. He's been so close so many times, it just makes sense. My only hope is that with night 2, Gedo hasn't booked it as single night run for him. I know he's high on Jay White and there's a big push behind him but this is easily a long running feud is Gedo let's it so have Ibushi finally over come the odds to win on night 1 and then finally pick up his long sought after win against White on night 2 and let the feud unravel from there, maybe with Evil costing White the win for the Bullet Club drama. Evil vs SANADA should be good. Have Evil win against White losing and you set up a longer rift of who's in charge of Bullet Club. And Takagi vs Cobb will largely depend on what Cobb turns up. If its the one that turned up towards the end of G1 then it should be a good match (with the title most likely changing hands to labour the Empire/Ospreay faction take over). So yeah, looking forward to it. Edit: looks like Juice Robinson is out on injury so it'll be Kenta vs Kojima. So a Kenta win there. There must be a video package to fall after the match from Moxley otherwise they need to strip the title as a match isn't happening any time soon.
  20. The Wrasslin' thread

    Heard the news this morning and even now, I'm still shocked. Didn't know him from his time in WWE but his work in AEW was great, with two standout matches against Jon Moxley and Cody Rhodes in a dog collar match. What he did to elevate The Dark Order there, how he integrated himself so well with them and how everyone was just glowing in their praise for him as a person in and out of the ring regardless of what company they were part of shows what a genuinely good person he was. From what I'd heard, he was miss used in WWE so to see him get a title run and some great character work and matches really seemed to be turning his career I the right direction. Its a shame he never got to have a match in front of a full crowd, what with Covid putting a stop to his debut in his home town of Rochester, but he definitely left a mark and will be sorely missed by many. Glad to hear that the team at AEW have been helping aa much as possible with his wife and kids and looks like thats something they intend to keep doing in the long term. The out pouring of support does show one thing: that the walls that have been put up between companies in wrestling really should come down because Brodie Lee's praise has been universal and when they are so many on the same page, surely it would benefit to come together not just for this moment but generally speaking. Its unlikely with how WWE operate but it seems something that some companies are looking to do to make it a more universal collective rather than walled gardens.
  21. Christmas 2020

    Merry Christmas everyone. Drink, be merry and just have a great day whatever you're all doing
  22. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Having my first issues with the console. Last night I could not keep the console connected to my WiFi connection. It was just constantly dropping in and out which meant downloading games and updates just wasn't happening. Checked my router and network as well as other devices but it was only the PS5 causing the issue and throwing up various error codes for downloading. Tried again this morning and it seems to be working but I'm still not getting the full connection speed I should be. I've a 100mb connection and I'm getting half of that with the console in the same room as the router. Was getting as low as 7mb last night but the PS network was showing as active with no issues I know Sony are still limiting bandwidth with the pandemic on going but whatever was happening last night was ridiculous. I just hope its not a common occurrence what with having a digital console and downloading all my games. Though this morning, I'm now getting another error which won't let me update Destiny 2. Seems its a relatively common one and one Sony have themselves commented on about how it'll be fixed in a coming software update but from the sounds of it, the only way around the error is to delete and reinstall my games where the error is cropping up. Had no issues with the hardware until these issues despite quite a few people having crashes with this and that and lock ups. As I say, hopefully they'll get sorted sooner rather than later and these are one off instances as I love the hardware and have been enjoying playing on it but its frustrating when the issues are 100% on Sony's side and not mine.
  23. Immortals Fenyx Rising (December 3, 2020)

    Thanks for the heads up. Had found it weird that it was available on other store fronts and then had heard that you could buy it on the PS4 store on the sale but not in the web store or the PS5 store. Now both the PS4 and PS5 versions are available so I'll probably pick up the PS5 version later on.
  24. General Movie Thread

    First trailer for Coming 2 America, out March 5th on Amazon Prime: From that small teaser, looks like they've still got it. Or at least, the Barbershop bits will still have it. Looking forward to seeing it next year.
  25. Christmas 2020

    Its going to be a little different this Christmas for me and my partner, mainly because we've spent the last month looking for a new flat after our downstairs neighbour pretty much made living in our current place uninhabitable due to him taking offence to us simply walking from one room to another. We've got a new place sorted but can't move in till the end of January so we moved in with my partner's sister/my sister in law last week for the next month. A bit tight but as we were going to be staying Christmas through New Year regardless, its fine. So we'll just be doing what we were going to do but as temporary lodgers for a bit till our new place is renovated. We'd all agreed to not go over board this year with gifts but as we've all started putting things under the tree, presents have just consumed the corner of the room that the tree sits in. So much for keeping it simple the same goes for the decorations my sister in law has put up. Think she's gone a bit crazy with stuff as there's stickers on the windows, stuff all over the walls and fireplace and a massive tree. Probably the first time in a while that I'm looking forward to Christmas though. The run up to Christmas has been a bit rough this year but there's been no family health issues or otherwise this year which has put Christmas in a better light so looking forward to spending it with the family and just enjoying some time with my partner as Shell be finishing her 5th night shift in a row on Christmas Eve and it's been a bit since we've been able to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. My partner and I always budget to get one thing for ourselves before Christmas and this year I'm refraining from spending money on this to sit alongside my Ori and the Will of the Wisps Collectors Edition and Art book at the new flat: Love the game but really trying to find ways to not justify spending the money on it. I know its Christmas but... I'll probably end up buying the damn thing won't I. Its either that or some more games and to be honest, with moving soon I don't really know how much time I'd get to play things. Hmm...