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  1. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I saw the rumour yesterday that its supposedly going to be the game for PS5 next month and with this remaster being announced, it just seems to much of a coincidence. Regardless of whether its a PS+ title, I'm very tempted to pick it up again and play through it with the PS5 upgrades and because it is just a brilliant game. I do hope it comes onto PS+ though as more people should really give the game a go as its just a really well done AA game. Very excited for the sequel coming next year as well.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    So A Plague Tale: Requiem was announced as coming to the Switch when it launches next year. Focus Home, the publisher of the game, have just announced that they're bringing the original game in the series, A Plague Tale: Innocence, to the Switch on July 6th as a Cloud Version. And for those interested, its being enhanced for the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, with it being a free upgrade for existing customers.
  3. Its not been a banger of an E3 this year but there's definitely been a lot across the board thats grabbed my attention, and I've certainly filled out my release schedule for the rest of the year. Looks like there'll be a lot of games to play across my Xbox Series S and PS5, my poor wallet. My favourites from E3 though were: Forza Horizon 5 - I absolutely love the Forza Horizon series. I love the simplicity of it for just bombing down roads and taking in the scenery but also for being technical when it needs to. I'm not much of a sim racer fan so the more arcadey nature of these games has always suited me more and I've played all but the original up to this point, with Forza Horizon 3 being my favourite so far. 5 looks absolutely stunning and while most are sad its not Japan, I'm happy that will get such a varied landscape as Mexico to drive through. Cannot wait to jump in on November 9th, already itching to get my hands on it. Replaced - I've not really taken a shine to these 2D-HD titles that have come along sporting the look so far but this really stood out. I love the Cyberpunk vibe in that art style and it looks like it'll be great to play. Trek of Yomi - This one is another that came out of nowhere and blew me away. Its obviously aping that Kurosawa film style with the black and white visuals but it works so well and just genuinely looks phenomenal. Another indie darling in the making but like Replaced, sad I'll have to wait till next year for a release date but hoping for great things from the game. Death's Door - This looked great when Devolver announced it during a recent [email protected] showcase and it continues to look fantastic now. The art style is great, the combat looks to be tight, taking from the Zelda titles and dungeon crawlers with possibly a splash of Soulsborne in there perhaps. Its an instant buy for me when it releases this month and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Somerville - It might have been leaked that it would show up at E3 but I didn't know what to expect from Jumpship's first title since the split from Playdead. But the game looks like it'll build upon the foundations of Inside and take things that bit further, bringing in a sci-fi story that looks to be intriguing (that baby in the trailer can clearly sense/communicate with the aliens or whatever they are) and it once again looks phenomenal in its art style. I'd say Inside is as close to perfect as a video game has come in the medium and if this hits anywhere close to that then we're in for a treat. Those were my top 5 from the E3/Summer Games Fest showings. There's loads of indie games that have really stood out on top of these, like Sable, Harold Halibut, Vokabulantis, 12 Minutes and Planet of Lana to name a few. Far more indies have stood out than bigger games, though I will say that even I as someone who hasn't really gelled with any of the Soulsborne/Sekiro titles thought that Elden Ring looked fantastic. Stalker 2 is one to watch for me; even though I've never played the originals its tapping into that Metro vein for me and has me very interested. Getting a sequel to A Plague Tale was always going to happen off of the back of the success of the original so I'm so happy we'll see that next year. Very excited for it. As I've said a few times, indie games won E3 for me. The variety and quality of what these smaller studios is offering is amazing and them getting the push everywhere was so good to see. At the end of the day, gamers won with all those titles, not Microsoft, not Nintendo, not any particular publisher. When there's a wealth of unique and interesting games spanning every conceivable genre and art style, I think at the end of the day we as gamers should feel lucky to have such ingenuity in the industry. I know a lot will say Nintendo won or this or that but really, as I say, gamers won with the shear amount of quality indie titles coming to all platforms. And we've still got Annapurna's showcase on July 29th and themays sure to be fantastic too.
  4. Sable (PC/Consoles, 2019)

    One of the games that drew my attention during Microsoft's E3 conference, among the swathe of games they showed that looked great, was a little indie game hidden in amongst the [email protected] clip they showed and that is Sable. The trailer gave very little away as to what the game is but the art style of the game looks incredible. There's a definite Journey vibe about the game but with more exploration and openness. Apparently it's a coming-of-age story where you'll uncover the history of the world and your place in it. So it may end up being a more story focused experience than it's clear inspiration. They've said release is on PC and the trailer was shown during the Xbox conference but they're also saying more generally that it's coming to consoles so a PS4 release may be in the cards. Not sure about a Switch one but with indie devs chomping at the bit to release their games there, it could happen as I don't think the art style would be too taxing on the hardware. But yeah, I think it looks incredible. Hoping that it plays as good as it looks.
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy is a Cloud based version for the Switch, much like Hitman 3 and Control are. If anything, further Cloud version announcements of third party games probably point to any potential new hardware being pushed back till next year (A Plague Tale: Requiem was announced as coming to Switch as a Cloud version and thats supposed to launch next year). I wouldn't expect Cloud versions to be announced for big third party games if there was new hardware capable of running them natively on the immediate horizon. My guess is that the current chip shortages affecting the industry has perhaps caused Nintendo to put the brakes on some what to let things sort themselves out there. There have been instances of shortages of Nintendo consoles at point of sale because demand has outstretched supply but that's never been because of manufacturing constraints like graphics card, phone and console manufacturers are facing.
  6. Not a bad showing. Metroid Dread coming back from 15 years in limbo is a hell of a surprise but the footage didn't really wow me, Advance Wars is great is you're a fan (I could never get into the games), Wario Ware is nice I suppose but nothing special and BOTW2 looked good. By and large a standard Nintendo Direct with a couple of big names thrown in. Wasn't exactly wowed but there's variety there and good things coming so plenty to look forward to. Curious about the lack of indies in the Direct though as they've always brought some with them to their E3 Direct. That Game and Watch is a buy for me but beyond that, I'm not itching to get back to the Switch. Didn't think they'd show the new hardware here so not let down by that, expect that that may have been pushed back somewhat with chip shortages. It's a shame some of their other classic franchises don't seem to be coming back. Wave Race and F Zero are crying out for a new entry and neither need a hook or gimmick as Miyamoto has said in the past. As I say, a decent showing overall but I still think the showcases/streams that have focused on indie titles that have wowed me this E3.
  7. God damn it! A Zelda Game and Watch with 3 games? Gahhh, where's my wallet, can't pass that up.
  8. They're finally doing it, after all these years and leaving it abounded generations ago, Metroid Dread. Anything really is possible.
  9. Interesting that Guardians of the Galaxy isn't the only Cloud version game coming to the Switch announced at E3 (A Plague Tale: Requiem is another). Does seem to go against there being a Pro console announcement any time soon. Oh and woof at the frame rate for Worms Rumble.
  10. Scarlet Nexus is out in June 25th, so in a week and a half. I guess Bandai Namco think that with a demo available for people to try, they're not too fussed to get the word out there more for the game and think their job is done there. Personally, I'm not 100% sold on the game myself. The demo was fine but thats about it, seems like it could be good but also looks like it could fall on its face very quickly with all the systems in play. I'm waiting on reviews myself, though if that rumour that it was coming to Gamepass had been true (the devs have debunked it sadly) then I'd have been in for giving it a try but I just feel little lack the polish of Astral Chain and even then that's saying something (should point out that I liked Astral Chain but it also got in over its head with throwing too many ideas at the wall I feel). Anyway, curious to see how Nintendo will do. While I did enjoy Microsoft's conference, I personally think its indie games that have come out of E3 looking the best this year and I'm more than happy with that as I've been heavily invested in the indie scene since the 360 so I've been well and truly catered to with Day of the Devs, Guerrilla Collective 2, Tribeca Games and Wholesome Games Direct. Even the likes of Somerville and Replaced in the Microsoft showcase looked better than most of everything else that we've seen on show this year. Not really sure what Nintendo can bring to the table that would make me take notice. I've tried with the Switch twice and felt burned both times despite a healthy indie scene (and even then, I'd argue that the balance between good/great indies vs. shovelware/awful indies was well and truly tipped in the first year of the console). I'd love to see something new from them, something risky that they've not tried. Hell, get Mercurysteam involved with one of their IPs again to give it a Western style or partner with another Western dev team to try something new and exclusive. They've done we'll working with Ubisoft on Mario + Rabbids and they've managed to get good/great games out of partnerships with Japanese studios but I do feel they're missing that big Western style game that would appeal to the wider audience over in North America/Europe. Not saying Zelda doesn't but Metroid Prime isn't a big seller (though 4 should buck that trend if it makes good on the originals) but yeah, I'd just like to see them take on the WRPG genre or something like that, some kind of sprawling, narrative and lore rich world that isn't hung out with the melodrama that seems to permeate a lot of JRPGs that turns me off somewhat.
  11. I thought it was actually a pretty good showing but wasn't expecting it to light up most people here. Kept the speaking to a minimum throughout (though they could've tightened up the Forza Horizon 5 bit) and just focused on the games, and there was a steady stream of those. Sure, there's a lack of Japanese developers present but they've done a lot to get them already invested in the system with the Final Fantasy titles on/coming to Gamepass, DQ XI being on Gamepass and all of the Yakuza titles to name a few. Sure they could do more to get new games there day and night from Japanese devs but its a damn sight better than it was. Odd they showed so little of Halo Infinite campaign wise. Unless they're setting up for a specific showcase of it down the line, they could've done with revealing it again to prove they've put the work in to improve how it looks. The multiplayer looks great though and it being free to play is a great initiative to bring more people in. A new Forza Horizon is always a plus point and 5 looks fantastic. Cant wait to jump in on November 9th. That leak doing the rounds a couple of days ago was dead on with the games that would be at E3. Seeing Somerville was nice, looks great and definitely in keeping with what they've done with Inside previously but taking it a bit further. Replaced also looked phenomenal. Loved the look of Stalker 2. The little details like the floorboard moving when the character waltzed over it was a nice touch. Knew that we'd see A Plague Tale: Requiem and liked what I saw. Can't wait to play it as I loved the first one. Surprised they didn't announce that they'd acquired Asobo but that may come down the line. Psychonauts 2 looks great. Was wondering about Arkane Austin but not sure Redfall did it for me. We're getting a lot of Left 4 Dead style co-op titles at the moment, very odd. The lack of an [email protected] trailer was a weird omission this time around as things like Tunic are still without a release date. Hopefully there's one coming. We did get an announcement of Hades coming to Xbox (and Playstation) so I can't wait to finally play it on the big screen (I had a Switch Lite when playing it). But yeah, I thought it was a good showing. I can take a heavier focus on Western releases what with having a PS5 as I'll get more of a Japanese showing there. Didnt expect it to turn the needle for those who aren't invested in the system here though but for those that are and for those who have Gamepass its a good show.
  12. What Have You Bought?

    Took advantage of the current trade in offer GAME, traded in my OG Xbox One and a couple of games and got a Series S for £68. Already mainly use Gamepass on Xbox bar a few digital purchases here and there (getting codes off of CDKeys has helped there) and thought I might as well take advantage of the deal while I can afford to at the moment. Lovely bit of kit, absolutely tiny but looks nice next to my PS5 Digital Edition. Also picked up:
  13. Anyone interested in seeing another succinct and interesting slate of indie titles, the Tribeca Games Spotlight was streamed earlier today focusing on 8 indie titles: The likes of Sable and 12 Minutes are well established by now but getting to see games like Harold Halibut, another beautiful stop motion game to run alongside Vokabulantis, was fantastic. Also getting to see more of Kena in motion was great, though the combat and traversal mechanics don't look as fluid as I'd hope. Still well worth a watch, it is an hour but the 8 games are all superb.
  14. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Second [email protected] Summer Games Fest demo showcase is happening, starting next week on Tuesday 15th. Last year was great for getting to try out a bunch of WIP games prior to release and the games announced so far for this years showcase sound great: Sable Tunic Lake The Riftbreaker Echo Generation Apparently there'll be demos for 40 titles so looking forward to seeing what else will be there but definitely looking forward to trying Sable, Tunic and Lake myself as they're all on my radar as pickups down the line.
  15. Death's Door

    It looks superb. Instantly liked the look of it when it was announced a few months back and looks like we'll get that release date on Saturday during Devolver Digital's stream so yeah, looks like it isn't far away. Really like the aesthetic of it and just hope it plays well but at the moment, I'm sold on what they've shown, more so after what was shown in the Day of the Devs stream.
  16. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    So Chicory: A Colorful Tale has been showcased in a couple of State of Plays and on the PS blog. Its out today on PS4 and PS5 (as well as PC) and its reviewing extremely well (IGN have given the game a 9, Destructoid a 9.5 as examples). Looks to be one to keep an eye on. I've got it wishlisted on PS5 and was going to wait and see how it faired but think I'll be picking it up sooner rather than later going hy the review scores.
  17. Annapurna Interactive are doing a showcase of their currently slate of titles set to take place on July 29th. Looks like they'll be showing off more Solar Ash, The Last Stop (Coming in July 22nd) and Stray so one to add to the diary for those interested. Also, if you're an indie game fan, I wholeheartedly recommend watching the Day of the Devs stream rather followed Keighley's Kickoff show. Its been fantastic. Indie games from all over the world and they all look fantastic. Definitely seek it out and give it a watch.
  18. Axiom Verge 2 confirmed for PS4 and PS5. Hell yes. Loved the first one and the second looks great. Really interesting idea that you can bypass bosses and can finish the game by literally just hacking enemies and not fighting. Should be interesting.
  19. Damn, that looked fantastic! And a release date as well. Never gotten into a Fromsoft title properly but that really has piqued my interest. Day of the Devs stream starting now, and kicking off with Axiom Verge 2. Always love watching Day of the Devs, always a good mix of indie titles from around the world.
  20. Oh, [email protected] summer demo event again from Tuesday. Last year was great for getting hands on with a slew of indie games prior to release and happy to see that the likes of Tunic and Sable are included. Can't wait to try both.
  21. Really enjoyed Two Point Hospital so Two Point Campus is a win for me. Also love the look of Planet of Lana, looks gorgeous. The back half of the show hasn't been too hot, that Weezer performance wasn't great but they've earned they're stripes with their earlier albums so they get a pass but they're starting to sound like they should hang up the gear sooner rather than later.
  22. A release date for Sable (September 23rd) and Japanese Breakfast performing as well as Jeff Goldblum being himself... not bad so far. Hyped for Sable. Been a long time coming so can't wait to try it on release. Think its PC and Xbox only to start with, though its supposed to be coming to PS4. Just don't know if it'll launch at the same time on PS consoles as PC and Xbox. Also, Metal Slug Tactics is a fantastic idea. Hopefully it'll land on consoles as that'll be great fun to play and a great use for that IP.
  23. What Have You Bought?

    Some new music from the weekend past: Jubilee - Japanese Breakfast Blue Weekend - Wolf Alice Changephobia - Rostam A good week for new releases. Both the Japanese Breakfast and Wolf Alice albums are superb. Easily two of the best of the year so far, can't stop listening to either.
  24. New Eidos-Montréal game? Its going to be the heavily rumoured Guardians of the Galaxy title they've been working on for years but I'd give anything for it to be a new Deus Ex title to finish off that trilogy. A man can dream...
  25. Finally got a date for my first vaccination, getting it in two weeks time. Not sure if up here in Scotland if we're doing similar to in England and offering people under 40 a choice of vaccine other than the Astra-Zeneca one but hoping its the Pfizer going by the data coming out recently for its efficacy against the newer variants. Had to find out by submitting for a missing letter as the Scottish Government have been running ads for those 18-29 to register and get vaccinated mid June onwards and I hadn't received my letter but know people in their 30s have been getting vaccinated. Turns out that there have been a large number of no shows up here in Dundee and it seems that the majority are from people who haven't received their letter telling them of their date for it. So the vaccination roll out is running really well up here Just glad I'll finally be getting my first dose soon. My partner has been fully vaccinated since March and with rising cases in Dundee, I've been getting a bit stressed/anxious going out for even a walk as most people here aren't wearing masks (at least they are for the most part in shops, though many still don't seem to get it has to go over your nose as well) so it should give a bit of stress relief at the moment.