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  1. Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 heading to PS4

    Well, I did spent a few hours at the Mahjong parlor because I really like that game, even though I have no fucking idea how to properly play But yes, the story was my main focus. And I have to say: both 0 and Kiwami had great stories and incredible characters.
  2. Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 heading to PS4

    Thank God for that physical collection.
  3. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    A mate convinced me to buy Diablo 3 again. Well worth the 20 bucks. Already played through the story with the Necromancer and it was still so much fun, even though I've put it a tremendous amount of hours back in the day. My mate and I will start playing together when the new season arrives next weekend That makes 15 games finished this year, so far. Now I'm going back to Bulletstorm. This is most likely going to be a 6-7/10 for me. Nothing great but a solid, mindless shooter.
  4. Why did it have to be September? I'd like to save up some money until mid-October Well...we'll see how that goes
  5. Metro Exodus (PS4/XBO/PC)

    @Fierce_LiNk rejoice : peace:
  6. The moment you've been waiting for has arrived. I introduce you to the magnificent N-Europe Video Game Club Only people with good taste in video games are allowed to take part. Yes, YOU are not. You know who you are. Anyway, now that this is out of the way let me give a rundown of what this is about: every month (doesn't have to start at the 1st of each month; maybe every 4 weeks is better Edit: or less, depending on the game/pool of games) we take a vote to choose a game out of a set pool the game with the most vote will be played by anyone who's interested and discussed in a dedicated thread you can tell us about your journey, praise the game, criticize how bad it is, write a poem about your love of the game in question, record a video which depicts you stabbing the cartridge with a knife, tell others that their opinion SUCKS (this is the internet after all), etc Regarding the games pool: one participant selects 3 games one system (SNES, MegaDrive or GB/GBC/GBA for now) easily available games (i.e. no games that would cost a fortune to acquire) once the time to play is over this participant names one who will select the next 3 games out of this pool we each choose one game with the most votes will be the one we play @Happenstance, @S.C.G, @Hero-of-Time, @nekunando, @Sheikah, @Sméagol, @Glen-i, @Goafer, @Jonnas, @Mandalore, @Ike, @RedShell Feel free to tag others I didn't think of in your posts. (yeah, yeah, ok. People with bad taste are allowed, too.) This thread serves as a place for discussion about the "rules", voting and general ideas/suggestions. I'd say that before we start with the first vote (I will provide the first three games, because screw you ) tell us what you think about the idea and the above points. Suggestions are always welcome.
  7. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Yes. Noticable framerate improvements on optimized games.
  8. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Yeah, I had two massive sessions of about 7 hours each. Those certainly helped Started playing Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition yesterday. I've started working on my backlog and now that I don't really care much for getting the Platinum for the majority of my games it's easier to just breeze through the story You can definitely see and feel Bulletstorm's age. It doesn't play particularly great but the first hour has been fun, nonetheless. Looks like some mindless shooting and violence which will definitely turn me into a school shooter if you believe current news. But sometimes I enjoy shooting my way through hords of enemies...in games. Speaking of backlog: I downloaded an app (this one) which let's you create lists for: your backlog games you're currently playing and completed games Great to have an app at the ready to track games. Should've started at the start of the year, but oh well...maybe I'll add games that I've written about in this thread to the app. Edit: Added all the games I've finished: So far I have completed 14 games this year. Not bad considering the two slumps I've been in.
  9. No Man's Sky

    The big update is here! via pushsquare.com Quite the extensive list. No way I will read it But I did, however, download the game again last night. I've always waited for some new additions like better underwater exploration. Anyway, ready to dive in (hehehehehehehehehehe) again
  10. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I'm in If it's a short game
  11. Rate the last film you saw

    Just watched it. 5/5 indeed. Straight up good sci-fi action entertainment.
  12. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Yakuza Kiwami is done. 31.25% completion. I focused on the story again My second experience with the series and while not as good as 0 it was still incredible. The story dragged a little for a few chapters but the final three chapters were awesome. Couldn't put the controller down. Think I'm gonna take a break from the series for now. Mainly because I don't own any other installment, but I also don't want to burn myself out with the gameplay. Seems like every game pretty much plays the same (which is not a bad thing in itself).
  13. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Here I go with the Yakuza talk again Started Yakuza Kiwami yesterday. Only just at Chapter 2. Anyways, can't wait to get back home. I've come down with Yakuza-fever Oh and: The Black Desert beta was pretty good. Decided to stop playing after two hours to leave the "real" experience of the full game at the end of August
  14. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Thanks. Yes, that was my first Yakuza game Good to know. Kiwami was a PS+ game a while ago which is awesome Downloaded and it looks like I'm ready to start
  15. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    And it's done. Incredible game. I pretty much just focused on the story and I'm sure it was for the better. It was quite the lengthy experience even without all the side stuff. Now I'm kind of invested in the Yakuza universe. Am I correct in assuming that Yakuza Kiwami is the game that comes next in the chronological order? It's a remake of the very first Yakuza game, isn't it? Not sure if I'll immediately go for another Yakuza game but I will definitely do so in the future Edit: Forgot to mention: the different battle songs in this game are awesome
  16. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Yakuza 0 is so good. The story is amazing. Twists and turns and a lot of emotions. I'm not too fond of having two characters being the protagonists, I usually prefer to only play as one. It does work, however, in this case. I'll try to finish the game today. Shouldn't be too many chapters left, I guess.
  17. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Wanna see something funny/sad? There's a game on its way called Genshin Impact. It's apparently a game heavily inspired by BotW. Case in point: Now then...here are some lovely people: People are weird. Anyway, this has given the devs/game quite a bit of publicity. It made me find out about the game. And I have to say: It looks exactly like what I wanted BotW to be: BotW but with better fighting mechanics and a world that isn't boring, i.e. a world with cities and people. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this.
  18. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    I'm currently living at a friend's place to watch over his cats. It's been 4 days of cuddling and playing video games. Good times Anyway... Made some progress with Yakuza 0. Finished chapter 6. The story is amazing. All the characters serve a real purpose, even if they are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. Love it. I've done the occasional sub-story and entertained myself with various activities but I put my focus on the story. I'll keep it that way. It's nice to play some old SEGA arcade games inbetween the main missions or just watch an erotic movie sit at a Mahjong table and not understand a thing (it's a cool game, though; might actually buy a real set, but they are expensive as all hell). Started playing the Wipeout Omega Collection. Such a great racer. I played the Vita version back in the day but thought it should be played on the big screen, and boy was I right. Audiovisually stunning. Second game that makes me wish I had PSVR. Will probably go for the Platinum. Once I get the 3 online trophies out of the way with a mate I'll focus on the singlelplayer. Tomorrow the Black Desert Online beta starts. Will give it a thorough try and decide whether I will buy the game at the end of the month. I'm in the mood for a time sink MMORPG
  19. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Indeed. That's why I carefully pick my trophy hunts these days
  20. good stuff thread.

    It is. Already created a TOOL/A Perfect Circle playlist Oh yes. Gonna be a great way to end August.
  21. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    I turned down the difficulty, not because I thought hard was too difficult back then, but it was simply a matter of enemies taking way more hits. That was pretty much the reason for me to lose interest. On normal, fights are much shorter and more fun. I also won't care about trophies (as has been the norm for me for a long time now) so I won't have to adjust my playstyle
  22. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    *Looks at @Hero-of-Time's 80000 completed games in the past few weeks then thinks about the one game I finished in ages* Anyway, started to play Yakuza 0 again. This time with the intention to finish it. Almost done with chapter 1 and then I'm back where I was before
  23. Rate the last film you saw

    Good to know. Might be the movie I'll watch tomorrow night.