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  1. God of War: Ragnarök (9th November 2022)

    Looking forward to your reactions when things happen
  2. PC Gaming Discussion

    I need the full game now...
  3. good stuff thread.

    Thank you Will definitely look into your recommendations!
  4. good stuff thread.

    Well, I knew that before thanks to my godfather You're the admin who has been learning Italian these past few years, right? I need some pointers on apps, materials, etc. I'll try to take a course next semester but would be up for learning some basics before.
  5. I mean, that goes without saying
  6. PC Gaming Discussion

    I gotta eat crow. UPS guy just picked up the package. But I stand by it: some kind of confirmation would've been nice
  7. My old, impatient self can't deal with the slow battle system. Put it on a newer console, remove the load times before each battle, make battles faster, get the fps at least stable and then we can talk
  8. Man, this game looks like crap. Well...hope it plays better than it looks.
  9. Just release the rogue-lite mode for 10 bucks please...
  10. good stuff thread.

    Literally my reaction We also went to a tiny pizza place and it was delicious. We went there twice Will definitely go back to Milan/Monza during spring/summer. The weather wasn't great these last few days so we didn't go out much. Still, had a wonderful time and was very happy to see my friends again
  11. PC Gaming Discussion

    This entire RMA process is a mess... Got a shipping label for UPS, used the provided website to set a pick-up date (didn't know this was a thing), expected to see a confirmation but as soon as I clicked on a date the website/tab closed and now when I try to visit it again it says "your order has been booked" with no further information. Cool? So now what...do I not get a confirmation email? Do I have to stay at home the entire day and wait for someone to show up? URGH
  12. Grand Theft Auto VI (2025)

    Looks like I was being optimistic. Well...there it is. The trailer that might break the internet. To be honest, it didn't do much for me. Then again, if trailers don't show gameplay these days they never do much for me Somehow I doubt these are in-game graphics. If they are, current consoles will struggle with 30fps. Happy to be proven wrong, though.
  13. Quick and dirty new thread for 2023. My first game of the year: Abzû Beautiful exploration game (similar to Journey - which is no surprise given it's from the same team). The music is exceptional, too. Highly recommended if you want to wind down and relax. And first Platinum of the year goes to: Seasons after Fall Enjoyed it, but it was a tad too long, in my opinion. Started playing Devil May Cry 4 in preparation for the sequel which I should be able to pick up next week. Also been playing Chasm on PSVita but man...it drags when you go for 100% completion. It's a pretty small Metroidvania, but even after a patch it received in 2020 which was supposed to improve backtracking, it's still tedious. This game will take me a while. Only playing 15-20 minutes per day (if at all) Waiting for my mate to pick up his copy of Far Cry 6 so we can indulge in some good old co-op gaming. Edit: Speaking of Far Cry 6. Did some stuff alone in order to unlock co-op and this happened:
  14. Grand Theft Auto VI (2025)

    Looking forward to it. This is going to break the internet. What are we thinking regarding the game's release? End of 2024?
  15. good stuff thread.

    Just had one of the best meals of my life: Ossobuco with risotto alla milanese. I will dream of this tonight.
  16. The game right now. Anybody playing/going to play in September? I know I will. Haven't seen much. Haven't read any reviews. I've seen the score aggregates, though. Seems to become one of the greatest! In "preparation", or rather in anticipation, I recently played through Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition and am currently playing the sequel. The former was a little disappointing (still good, though), but the latter improves upon pretty much everything - at least from what I've seen in the first 7 hours. Can't wait for BG3 to arrive. Already switched my work days for that week so I can dive in for 5 days straight Gonna be interesting to see whether the DnD rules/mechanics are hard to grasp. I've never been part of a group and don't know anything aside from "roll dice".
  17. good stuff thread.

    Well, seems like there isn't something terribly wrong. Which is good, but I still don't know why my body's giving me some troubles Anyways, I'm in Milan right now, so that's nice I love Italian food
  18. PC Gaming Discussion

    Well, didn't have the time to send it out. I may have to spend Christmas without the Deck. Urgh, do I really have to have a conversation with my mom and sister on Christmas Eve?
  19. Hm, nothing of interest to me
  20. good stuff thread.

    Life is not easy these days, but sometimes you just gotta appreciate the good things. Got a wonderful weekend ahead of me. A mate will pick me up in a few hours and then we'll spend the next three days at his place playing video games (most likely CoD:MWIII and Remnant 2). We may also meet up with other friends tonight to go out and dance. Next Wednesday- unless my medical examination on Tuesday results in an immediate need for treatment - I'll be sitting on a plane to Milan to visit two friends I haven't seen in years. Fingers crossed that everything goes well
  21. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    While yes, it's still behind, it's "only" 1 mil. And regarding "no signs of catching up": In the US (quite a competitive region), the PS5 is now ahead of PS4 sales when aligned , Sure, it may end up like this, but given current statistics I don't see how we can "safely assume" that this will be the end result.
  22. PC Gaming Discussion

    Think I'm gonna send in my Deck for repairs. The right bumper has started to feel a little...weird? I have to push down on it quite a bit before it registers a button press. It technically works, but it's not ideal and might turn into a bigger problem in the long run. Got an RMA approved and will get further instructions (sounds ominous, but that's how they word it ) soon. It should take about 2 weeks, so if I send it out on Monday I may get the device back once I'm back from vacation
  23. Remnant 2 (PS5, XBox Series, PC)

    Yup. Bought it and played it for two hours with a mate just now. So far, it's much better than the first. Feels smoother, gunplay is satisfying and I have a dog After the tutorial we entered our first world, fought some enemies, destroyed a giant root which spawned more enemies and encountered a puzzle...two grown men spent 25 minutes solving that shit. Got a cool bow out of it, which is quite nice. A few minutes later, a battle with a few cannon fodder enemies and one freaking archer that rained fire from the sky ended in death. Good times Sadly, we encountered some connection issues which could only be resolved by restarting our consoles. Hope this won't happen too often.