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  1. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Well...that's exactly what it is. A solid game, nothing more. Fighting Bowser got old after 10 seconds, many shines play out the same, lots of exploring instead of platforming to get all shines and - as usual - it's piss easy 30 fps in handheld mode is a shame, too So yeah...my verdict: meh. Still have the Switch borrowed from a mate for a few weeks and got Metroid Dread, as well. Not sure if I'll get to it immediately, though, as I've started Ace Combat 7 today. Three missions in and...it's fun. A little...slower...than expected but still a good time. Feels like I'm still in the tutorial, though. Gave the multiplayer a try to maybe eek out the odd trophy and holy shit I suck Did manage to get a Battle Royale win, though, which was surprising.
  2. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Been playing Diablo 2: Resurrected extensively since its launch. Love it as much as I did back in the day (aside from server issues and crashes). It's also great playing this with a few mates who never had the experience in their youth. Managed to grab Ace Combat 7: Deluxe Edition and Sackboy: A Big Adventure for a pretty good price and really need to start playing either one, but D2:R is too addictive. Also been giving Bowser's Fury a couple hours of playtime. Not feeling it too much, to be honest, but I'll probably finish it and make up my mind then. It has potential to be quite solid. We're nearing the end of 2021 (...fuck) and I've been updating my gaming list. 6 games behind the 46 I've finished last year. Not sure if I'll manage to reach that number, though.
  3. PC Gaming Discussion

    @ArtMediocre There's one sequence that won't "hit" as hard/awesome as it did for H-o-T and me (and others who played all GoW games) but it won't hinder your enjoyment. The latest God of War is a masterpiece in its own right and can be played without prior knowledge of the series.
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    @Julius Hehe
  5. Hades (PC, Switch)

    There's a new rogue-lite in town and it's bloody incredible. Trust me, I've played it for 30 minutes. I've barely scratched the surface but there's already so much to see and experience. I'm currently on my second escape attempt, meaning I've died once (spikes...immediately after I was victorious against a mini-boss). Looks like story progress comes mostly from interactions with others after you meet your demise. As is standard with Supergiant Games, the voice acting is great. It's also a gorgeous game. There's so much polish everywhere. And the soundtrack...a banger. Managed to beat what I assume is the first real boss (there was a big life bar at the top of the screen, the sign of a boss). It was a tough fight. Had to rely on "death defiance", the first permanent upgrade I acquired. It brought me back to life with half my HP. Can only be used once per run (at least for now), so I gotta be more careful now. Will this become my new "hey, you gotta buy this"-game? Probably. By the way, you need to buy Crypt of the Necrodancer and Slay the Spire.
  6. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Got an invite to the new firmware beta. Much better
  7. The moment you've been waiting for has arrived. I introduce you to the magnificent N-Europe Video Game Club Only people with good taste in video games are allowed to take part. Yes, YOU are not. You know who you are. Anyway, now that this is out of the way let me give a rundown of what this is about: every month (doesn't have to start at the 1st of each month; maybe every 4 weeks is better Edit: or less, depending on the game/pool of games) we take a vote to choose a game out of a set pool the game with the most vote will be played by anyone who's interested and discussed in a dedicated thread you can tell us about your journey, praise the game, criticize how bad it is, write a poem about your love of the game in question, record a video which depicts you stabbing the cartridge with a knife, tell others that their opinion SUCKS (this is the internet after all), etc Regarding the games pool: one participant selects 3 games one system (SNES, MegaDrive or GB/GBC/GBA for now) easily available games (i.e. no games that would cost a fortune to acquire) once the time to play is over this participant names one who will select the next 3 games out of this pool we each choose one game with the most votes will be the one we play @Happenstance, @S.C.G, @Hero-of-Time, @nekunando, @Sheikah, @Sméagol, @Glen-i, @Goafer, @Jonnas, @Mandalore, @Ike, @RedShell Feel free to tag others I didn't think of in your posts. (yeah, yeah, ok. People with bad taste are allowed, too.) This thread serves as a place for discussion about the "rules", voting and general ideas/suggestions. I'd say that before we start with the first vote (I will provide the first three games, because screw you ) tell us what you think about the idea and the above points. Suggestions are always welcome.
  8. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Gonna dip my toes into the N-E world again. Got my sister's boyfriend's old PC (which I still need to pay off but he's fine with waiting) so I decided to finally give some games I've wanted to play a go: Dicey Dungeons Brilliant roguelike with a great concept. However, it does suffer from more RNG than most of its genre-friends which can ruin your run and you can do nothing about it. Enjoyed my time with it, though. It gets proper difficult in later episodes which is always a plus. 8/10 The Stanley Parable Interesting premise, boring game. 6/10 Loop Hero Really interesting premise, boring game. On paper it might seem like a game I would love, but good lord it's tedious. 90% of the time you just watch the game play itself... Anyways, it's the second game this year that I quit before finishing it. 5/10 Monster Train On par with Slay the Spire. What a magnificent game this is. Managed to unlock a few higher covenants (difficulties that add things like enemies do more damage, gain random cards, etc.) and beat the game several times now. Will definitely come back to this more often than not. 10/10 Superliminal Interesting premise, boring game the third. What's boring about this? Most puzzle kind of play out the same. There's potential here that's never fulfilled, sadly. 4/10. Also finished one game on my PS5: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Phew, this is a tough one to rate. Gotta give it a solid 6/10. The game tries too much and never reaches greatness in any of its parts. It tries to play similar to a Souls game, there's some Metroid-y exploration, of course some RPG-esque skills that you can acquire and puzzles and barebones platforming. It's a mess. It is Star Wars, though, so the spectacle was alright. Right now I'm waiting for the Splitgate servers to open again. The game is a mix of Halo and Portal and it plays so well. Lots of fun. Sadly the devs had to push back the release and now press pause on the beta 'cause the game got a huge influx of players and the servers couldn't handle it. It was a two-men dev team, though, so no big deal. They got some funding, are increasing server capacity and hired some more people to help. Also playing Tribes of Midgard on PS5. Played it solo for a bit and it's a little janky, but quite fun. Pretty sure it excells at co-op. Two of my friends bought the game, too, and I can't wait to give it a proper go with them. Speaking of co-op goodness: Some friends and I bought Overcooked: All You Can Eat. I played the first one with a mate a long time ago, but it's included in this version, too. WIth added online! We managed to get 3 stars in all levels, but man...some of my friends aren't...well...equipped to be good at this one Anyways, we need to get on with Overcooked 2 soon (which is, of course, also included in the All You Can Eat edition). Gonna be a lot of fun
  9. Switch eShop Thread

    Yeah, now that I got a PC that doesn't shut down every 30 minutes I've been playing a few PC games, one of which is Dicey Dungeon. It's brilliant.
  10. General Retro Discussion

    Recommend me your favourite hidden gems for Game Cube.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    Erm...Plumbers Don't Wear Ties.
  12. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Managed to win a SNKRX run last night. Such a weird game There's two stages to it: #1) Shopping You buy units which are then part of the snake and have different abilities. If you have a certain amount of units from one class, you get a bonus (like crit-chance, for example). You can also spend your money on upgrading the shop or items (passives) you acquire after a few levels. #2) Playing This is the snaking stage. You use your snake to snake around and snakily kill enemies that come in waves. The only influence you have in this stage is: Moving around. The snake parts attack automatically. Here's a trailer if you prefer visuals (by the way, the music is AWESOME). It might not seem like a fun game. You spend lots of time on a menu and then just move around and try not to die...but I love it Trying to build that perfect snake with awesome synergies is very enjoyable to me. SNKRX is up there on my GOTY list.
  13. After a fair bit with Fallen Order I can say: No idea. I have no idea what to think I kinda enjoy playing the game, but it also is such a mess. It wants to be something similar to the Souls games but fails miserably. Enemy encounters are boring, bosses are way too easy and the 8 trillion save points crush its ambition to even come close to one of the Souls games. And come on...don't put in 37 Princess's Secret Slides. It's non-gameplay at its worst There's also some jank with animations, platforming, enemies glitching, etc... Then again, it's bloody awesome and fun to use the force in battle. Presentation is nice, too. It is Star Wars after all. So yeah, that's where I stand. I'll finish it, I'll get the Platinum, I will get annoyed many more times and I will enjoy it.
  14. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4/PS5)

    Interesting. I thought they'd have this announcement at a possible event soon. Maybe there won't be an event soon? Anyways, happy to pick up the PS5 version sometime around Christmas.
  15. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    They also appear to be a great support studio. I can see them work on both PC ports and supporting other developers with their games. Smart acquisition. Also: Sony will buy studios haphazardly and never announce BluePoint joining their family just to fuck with @Julius
  16. Football Season 2020-21

    We deserved to lose. Nothing more, nothing less
  17. What Have You Bought?

    SNKRX for my phone. YES, I'M A MOBILE GAMER NOW. Not really, though. It's only 2.39€ and Google had an offer to get 2€ off so... Anyways, been watching Northernlion for years now (pretty much the only "Let's Play"-channel I follow) and he started playing this game quite a while ago. I was very much interested in playing it myself, but I'm not big on PC gaming (which might change in two weeks ). Found out today that there's a mobile version and I just had to get it. Haven't tried it, yet, but will do soon
  18. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    To think that Sony's/PlayStation's PR is supposed to be bad There's a rumour that we'll get a presentation next week. If that's true I would expect an announcement on Friday.
  19. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    So much this. And they also get the freedom to try something new and bold, as we've seen with Returnal. I'm with ya on that. Just a matter of time. Unless the picture of the tweet that's making the rounds is fake, we'll get the official announcement soon. Maybe closer to a reasonable time of day in the US.
  20. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Why PlayStation bought Returnal developer Housemarque: the inside story It's a great read Really appreciate that. I prefer this approach to the brute forcing that some other companies have been doing/will keep doing. Talking about a so called "studio head forum" which is about sharing ideas and technology: Sounds like a good place to be working in I'm very happy for Housemarque They deserve it!
  21. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    You know...I'm not one to be happy about acquisitions, but this one...this one makes me happy
  22. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    We all know who the final character will be.
  23. Football Season 2020-21

    So...are we expecting anything other than a boring 1:0 tonight (obviously for Germany )?