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  1. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Can't wait
  2. Game of Thrones

    What a great episode. So many awesome and emotional moments. This will be a long week...
  3. Football Season 2018/19

    Jesus Christ, what a finish.
  4. Dreams (Media Molecule)

    I'm tempted but I don't really want to spend this much money right now, especially since I'm not the creative guy and would only get this to pay creations of others. If the Early Access version is still available at the start of May, I might dive in.
  5. good stuff thread.

    Spent my morning with vacuuming and mopping the flat (well, at least my room, the kitchen, bathroom and hall). It always amazes me how much better a room can look even if you only clean the floor. Lots of things planned in the next few weeks: visiting my mom, sister and some old friends over the Easter weekend going to a restaurant and a bar with colleagues and my bosses next week meeting a friend a week after 10 days in Bucharest mid-May and for the end of May I'm planning a so called "Members Weekend" for the organization I'm volunteering for Good times
  6. Game of Thrones

    Still, editing your post now would help others avoid spoilers.
  7. Game of Thrones

    @bob You should work on your quoting skills. You just showed everything MindFreak put in the spoiler tag.
  8. Excuse me, what the hell is happening?
  9. Game of Thrones

    Well, the first episode of season 8 was better than the entire 7th season.
  10. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Finished Path of Exile's story last night. 10 acts of good old Diablo 2-style fun. Besides Apex Legends this is the only game I've played so far in April and I'm not even mad. I've been spending lots of time with friends so gaming was pretty much background noise when I was alone at home. Both games are perfect for that. Pretty sure this won't change anytime soon (until my mate is done with Sekiro and I can borrow it ). Anyway, now what to do...do the endgame content of Path of Exile or start a new character and try a new build...think I'll go with the latter.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    Just tried it. It's as Ike said, the last step of the order shows the discount. Be sure to choose "Amazon.de" as the seller, though. Not sure if it works with third party sellers.
  12. Haven't seen a thread so...here it is The game is out next week. I haven't been particularly fond of the trailer above (I think it actually was the UI that I disliked), but as the quote says it's work in progress footage. The following gif might represent more recent footage: Anyway, what really convinced me was the very recently released Eurogamer article. It's so simple, yet absolutely genius. I'm so happy we get a new "Burnout" game and I really hope this will get good reviews and equally good coverage. Fingers crossed. Oh, this is already one of the best features:
  13. This is April's N-Europe Video Game Club. Originally released back in 2016 on PC and PS4 with later releases on XBox One (end of 2016) and Switch (2018). Furi is an action game. A fast and relatively difficult hack-and-slash-twin-stick-shooting-bullet-hell-boss-rush-action-game. Yes, this is quite the apt description. The game is praised for the spot-on gameplay and precise controls. It might be a little difficult for some but there is an easy difficulty to choose. One of the best things about the game: the soundtrack. Just listen to a sample track: Alright, enough chitter-chatter. Play the game, rise above and tell us what you think right here.
  14. Path of Exile

    Looks like I'm the only one playing this Reached level 50 last night. Things are getting more and more difficult as my resistances have been lowered after something. Looks like I have to look for better gear to alleviate the problem. There are sooooo many mechanics. I've neglected pretty much all of them just to play through the story. I'm about halfway through, if the amount of acts serve as good indicator (finished 5 out of 10). Already looking forward to the endgame.
  15. Path of Exile

    YEEEEES, Been waiting for this to come to PS4 for a looong tame. I've played it for a couple of hours on PC a few of years ago and thought it was amazing. It's a F2P game but apparently one done well (i.e. only cosmetic, except for upgrades to certain stashes which you don't really need during the first 100 hours, I've read). Looks like I've found my Christmas game Also: Perfect timing to announce this right after Blizzard's fuck up
  16. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    One of my favourite songs in gaming history. And that performance.
  17. The moment you've been waiting for has arrived. I introduce you to the magnificent N-Europe Video Game Club Only people with good taste in video games are allowed to take part. Yes, YOU are not. You know who you are. Anyway, now that this is out of the way let me give a rundown of what this is about: every month (doesn't have to start at the 1st of each month; maybe every 4 weeks is better Edit: or less, depending on the game/pool of games) we take a vote to choose a game out of a set pool the game with the most vote will be played by anyone who's interested and discussed in a dedicated thread you can tell us about your journey, praise the game, criticize how bad it is, write a poem about your love of the game in question, record a video which depicts you stabbing the cartridge with a knife, tell others that their opinion SUCKS (this is the internet after all), etc Regarding the games pool: one participant selects 3 games one system (SNES, MegaDrive or GB/GBC/GBA for now) easily available games (i.e. no games that would cost a fortune to acquire) once the time to play is over this participant names one who will select the next 3 games out of this pool we each choose one game with the most votes will be the one we play @Happenstance, @S.C.G, @Hero-of-Time, @nekunando, @Sheikah, @Sméagol, @Glen-i, @Goafer, @Jonnas, @Mandalore, @Ike, @RedShell Feel free to tag others I didn't think of in your posts. (yeah, yeah, ok. People with bad taste are allowed, too.) This thread serves as a place for discussion about the "rules", voting and general ideas/suggestions. I'd say that before we start with the first vote (I will provide the first three games, because screw you ) tell us what you think about the idea and the above points. Suggestions are always welcome.
  18. NieR: Automata (2017)

    Has just been revealed at the Square Enix conference. PlatinumGames on board. For PS4 for now. Not sure if this will be exclusive. Probably not. Will update when screens/trailers are uploaded. Edit: More updates on the game in Fall 2015. Artwork trailer:
  19. General Switch Discussion

    Voting's over, and the winner is: Furi. If you want to take part, join the discussion HERE.
  20. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I've taken the liberty to create a dedicated thread
  21. Indie Games

    Coming to PS4 and Switch on May, 2nd. Great visual novel, highly recommended.
  22. General Switch Discussion

    Just chiming in to let you know that the next installment of the N-Europe Video Game Club (a monthly video game equivalent of a "book club" where people play one game and discuss it or simply post their experience) will feature a Switch game. Which one, you ask? It's up to you to choose between two games picked by @LazyBoy. Go HERE and leave your vote. Voting closes tomorrow at 5.30pm.
  23. N-Europe Video Game Club

    The game gets my recommendation just for the soundtrack alone.
  24. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Furi? FURI? FURI? I would never tell anyone to buy a game, but come on. BUY IT.