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  1. BREAKING: PS3 price revealed this morning ...

    ...ack! There is no way in hell I can afford that.
  2. Tony Hawk: Downhill Jam

    The 2 player downhill races in the first game were so much fun - if they make a return this would be f**king awesome I do believe.
  3. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    18+ ONLY! No Porn, with or without an 18+ warning - Mr_Odwin And she takes pole position!!
  4. Bleach my face, I've just been spat on ¬_¬

    You've got blue hair!? You HAVE been playing too many RPG's. Good job dealing with the Chav without landing you in shit.
  5. Dreamcast Trouble

    http://www.consolevision.com/members/fackue/tut_resetfix.shtml Here you go! Trust me I'm a clumsy shite and I had no problem with this. Unless you go about it wielding a 15 inch hammer your Dreamcast is gonna live through this. Well you don't have to do it, but I couldn't live with the resetting myself.
  6. Dreamcast Trouble

    It ain't so risky - all I did was open the DC up; take off the power board; push some pins towards the back of the console and the resetting has gone for me. I reccomend you do it. Your Dreamcast is messed up anyway so it ain't that big of a deal.
  7. Dreamcast Trouble

    I had this problem, plug a tv aerial into the 'ANT IN' thingy on the little box attatched to the wire that goes into the back of your TV - it worked wonders for me, the picture looks better than usual too. :-)
  8. Shenmue

    Oh god you're making me want to play Shenmue 2 AGAIN! Yeah tailing that dodgy woman is a bit annoying, 'specially with Ren moaning that he wants to ring her neck. :p As I keep saying you ain't seen nothin' yet!
  9. That post is legendary! +1
  10. IGN: Revolution Horsepower

    You've convinced me there Schpickles. What about that rumored new rendering technique that Nintendo might be using? Could be interesting.
  11. 3D Mark scores

    Oh but I got 10,650 points so your blatant showing off is now VOID! GAHAHA! :p ... J/K, 'twas a slideshow for me.
  12. Kingdom Hearts 2

    Saw a few vids at IGN - the gameplay looks repetitive beyond belief and the dialogue is horrible (Quite a surprise coming from Square-Enix) I was looking forward to this, what a shame.
  13. Running PS1 games through PC

    You can use a PSX emulator, providing you get the BIOS from your own Playstation it's perfectly legal I guess.
  14. No World Wide Revolution!

    Worldwide launches never work, at least everyone is going to get a solid amount of units. Too bad we're undoubtedly going to have to wait fucking ages...
  15. Questions

    Why is the maximum size (in kb) for avatars so small? The fact that we can't use moving gif's is pretty sad when you see this kind of thing on most forums nowadays.