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  2. What's the point in going to London then?
  3. I assume they mean a few months after launch. Physical discs tend to get discounted and bought for cheap, while digital copies take longer to get any sort of discount. Probably because physical copies cost people money to store, so they want to get rid of them sooner.
  4. There’s no reason to expect digital pricing strategies to be any different to how they are now. I would expect launch pricing on PSN to be at RRP as opposed to a small discount you get ordering a physical copy online. You’ll be able to buy top up cards with pretty much the same situation as you have now. I’d say if you’d have been OK with digital only on PS4 you’ll be fine with it on PS5, if not, you won’t be.
  5. The Star Wars Thread

    XXX-wings please. The raunchier the better.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Cool! The first Kirby Fighters game on 3DS was awesome! Praying for 60FPS here!
  7. The Star Wars Thread

    Open letter to Toby Haynes: lots of X-Wings please.
  8. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    I would if it was the 35th anniversary Mario pins but seems that's US only. As with a lot of the official Nintendo merch I think, that's a pretty good deal/price, then the £9 delivery pops up and I'm like
  9. Mario Kart Tour (mobile)

    Nice to hear positive comments about MK Tour. I'll admit I played for ten minutes then never again
  10. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    I haven't seen much on digital pricing but my current plan is to buy some ShopTo top ups over the next few months so when the console is released I should be able to get some better deals.
  11. This has always confused me. People say digital is more expensive than retail but in both cases the RRP is the same? Obviously some retailers sell stuff for less, but I don't see any digital storefront to match those prices ever. Expect PS5 games to be 80€ on the PSN store (or whatever your currency is). It's going to be interesting whether PSN credit will continue to be cheaper in some online offerings. It's quite easy to get 50€ credit for 40-45€.
  12. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Has there been any word as to the price of games digitally for the PS5 and whether they'll match retail pricing this time round or whether they'll again be more expensive buying from the PS Store. Looking at my savings in the aftermath of the Series X All Access shitshow and trying to work out whether going digital with the PS5 would allow me to be able to grab one should digital editions become available. Similarly whether I'd actually manage to get games cheaper buying digitally thanks to recurrent sales on gift cards for the PS Store on places like Shopto and CD Keys. If the digital pricing for games is matching physical release prices this time around, as opposed to either being £5 or £10 more for titles as has been the case up till now, I think I'd be OK jumping in on digital as I've already got a massive library of digital games on the PS4 that I've bought and got through PS Plus and it would potentially save in the long run thanks to, as I say, being able to get the gift cards cheaper online through aforementioned stores. Just curious thats all if there has been any wording as I've not seen any mention of it. Obviously finding a PS5 Digital Edition would be another matter but something I'm considering if it works out price wise for games as I'm fine with losing the disc drive for it and I'd really like to upgrade from my launch PS4 model to next gen especially ad I dread playing Cyberpunk 2077 on my launch PS4, probably won't be able to hear anything being said in game with how loud it would get (with the Series X I was purely the possibility of spreading the higher cost because I don't want to run through all my savings with home renovations that might need doing, i.e. might need to replace parts in my boiler, and I use my Xbox One as my main multimedia platform on top of Gamepass). If anyone has seen anything, let me know.
  13. Mario Kart Tour (mobile)

    That's one of the things that put me off the title. I think it played pretty alright before adding horizontal mode (haven't tried that out) but if you wanted a chance of getting 3 stars, you would have to put in an insane amount of time and money to have the chance to get all of the characters and equipment. Also, being able to actually get the three stars even with the right setup would sometimes be up to sheer luck.
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  15. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Daddy, I am your father!
  16. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    My name is actually Luke, but I'm just glad he didn't go with "daddy".
  17. Twinkling Painting up for trade, Flip just gave me a real one. So make me an offer.
  18. Mario Kart Tour (mobile)

    I really want to get back into it but this puts me off. I just wanna unlock as I play like the main games.
  19. I travelled down to London on Sunday and there were less people on the train than normal for a Sunday. Have travelled about a month ago back from London on a week day and the tubes/trains were less busy than normal. There is still a percentage of people who are working from home or now work part time at home and then the office once or twice a week so the numbers on the trains should be a bit less than normal. Avoid peak times if possible, wear a mask and use the hand sanitisers around the stations and you should be fine.
  20. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    (I mean, unless Goafer's name is Luke and you weren't going for that, but uh...)
  21. Mario Kart Tour (mobile)

    A new tour arrived today along with this awesomeness: Words cannot describe just how much I’m loving that. Disgustingly groovy!! It almost sounds like something Soyo Oka would’ve come up with. I know everyone likes to poo-poo Mario Kart Tour for various reasons, but since the horizontal mode update it’s actually become pretty great. Not only does it play sooooo much better now, the battery consumption has improved, online multiplayer is solid and they keep adding to it all the time. Seriously, the amount of characters and karts available now is insane and there are also updated retro tracks from previous MK games which haven’t yet appeared in any of the mainline console versions. The tour which just ended was based on Super Mario Kart and added playable Mario and DK Jr. in their original 16-bit sprite style! It looks absolutely hilarious. You also get to hear the SMK jingles at the start and end of each race. The only downside to MK Tour continues to be its gacha mechanic for obtaining drivers and parts. I was lucky enough to get SMK Mario without buying any rubies, but not DK Jr. And now the opportunity to even obtain those characters has gone. But yeah, that stuff aside, MK Tour is actually a really fun game. If they removed/reworked the gacha system and brought it to Switch as MK 9 I think it’d do really well. At the very least I hope Nintendo has plans to utilise a lot of the content from Tour in the next console MK, as there’s some truly fantastic stuff in there.
  22. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Luke, I am your father.
  23. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    Can get Mario 35th Anniversary Splatfest keychains now using platinum points but at £8 delivery. Is anybody going to bother?
  24. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Never. You can't make me. You're not even my real dad.
  25. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Keep up And yes
  26. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Finally hatched an Axew today! Took a while. Now to walk it around for several weeks to evolve it. Except for Cryagonal, which is event only, I've got all that are obtainable without raiding and that are not regional.
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