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  2. I could never play through the game from start to finish in a linear fashion, owing to its somewhat repetitive and sprawling level layouts that end up outstaying their welcome, but I still used to have a blast with this game when jumping around the game with cheats. I suspect that my experience is how most people ended up playing Turok 2 back in the day, because it was also famous for its plethora of cheats that were liberally slathered around gaming magazines of the late 90s. While I doubt I could stomach playing the whole game from start to finish, the weapons are just so imaginative and fun to use that it's worth playing the game today just to mess around with them. The exploration-focused level design is also pretty unique within the genre and, while not as platforming heavy as the first Turok, the levels are pretty fun to jump and run around in. This game was a big step up from the original game in terms of tech, level design and presentation, and I do think it's the better game. It's pretty remarkable how much they managed to get out of the console in just a short 1.5 year dev cycle, and this is also the apex of the classic Turok series as we knew it. Turns out that there's a reason for that, and it's because this was the last game that the Iguana Entertainment that we knew ended up producing for Acclaim... because Iguana's founder had just left the company and founded a little known developer called Retro Studios just two months prior to the release of Turok 2, on September 28th 1998. Shortly after Turok 2's release, this game's development team by and large upped and left to join Spangenburg's new Texan venture; and while not everyone ended up sticking around for the entirety of Metroid Prime's development cycle, the lineage of Turok 1 - Turok 2 - Metroid Prime is pretty obvious when you play the three games back to back. Turok 1 & 2 were big wins for NOA, and were probably the two most successful games to come out of their whole Dream Team initiative for the N64. It's not hard to see why they would've been willing to fund Spangenburg's new Texan venture; though ironically, his own venture at the company wouldn't last long, and after a wild period of mismanagement at his own hand, Spangenburg would end up getting outsted from his own company in the year 2000, as Nintendo would end up taking over the company fully and completely changing the way the development studio functioned (including ousting many of its staff who did work on Turok 1 & 2). But either way, you do indeed have Turok 1 & 2 to thank for the Metroid Prime series being made. Not only did they directly lead to the founding of Retro Studios, but the development experience gained on those two titles directly fed into the game design of Metroid Prime itself.
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  4. Euro 2024 | 14th June to 14th July

    England looked very fluid and exciting for the first half an hour or so but there wasn't much to shout about after that. Like you say plenty for them to work on before the Denmark game but at least they held on for the win. Seems like it's going to be quite a tough group, Slovenia looked brilliant in the second half - deserved to win the game really, so they'll definitely cause Serbia & England problems in their remaining group games. I had allowed myself to get excited about Scotland possibly getting out of the group in the lead up to the tournament but the performance on Friday night was so disappointing. The chances of getting anything against the host nation were always going to be low but from the first whistle Scotland didn't look up for it at all, no energy or effort, no real plan - they just let Germany run rampant. I'll still hold out faint hope of being able to finally get out of the group but the heavy defeat means they'll likely need to get 4pts to even have a hope of going through as one of the best third placed teams. Feels like goal difference is going to prove our Achilles heel yet again.
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  6. Euro 2024 | 14th June to 14th July

    Ended up a bit too busy to give the England match my full undivided attention, and so had it on in the background. Kind of glad I got busy, to be honest. Lowest scoring game and win of the tournament so far, I guess we'll be singing about that for a good while to come? A lot of missed opportunities it felt like. Plenty of opportunities to improve.
  7. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil NA release: 10th December 1998 PAL release: 18th December 1998 JP release: 18th June 1999 Developer: Iguana Publisher: Acclaim N64 Magazine Score: 95% Turok makes a return, and in this one Iguana seemed to have listened to some complaints of the first one and paid some attention to GoldenEye. Some of these changes work and some don’t. Once again, I’m playing the wonderful remaster from Nightdive. The first Turok feels like a first person collect-a-thon platformer. Even through controlling yourself mid-air feels a lot more precise, there are very few platforming segments in the game. The keys that were hidden in tiny nooks and crannies are now mostly on the main path of the level. The level design is also very different. The first felt much more open, while this feels like a series of overly long corridors, with a few confusing mazes here and there. Large chunks of the level also seem to repeat a lot and every level grows tiresome long before you get to the end of it. Turok 2 really needed shorter levels, but more of them. The levels do feel far more distinct than the first game, each having their own look and style. They just seem to have been made incredibly long just to pad out the game. To counter the levels feeling like corridors, you also have objectives (such as rescuing some immensely scary children), which go too far in the other direction. If you reach the end of the level without completing these objectives, you’ll be told you’ve failed and be sent back to the start. Thankfully, your progress is kept. The first level purposefully sets you up to fail. There are three distress beacons you need to power up with fuel cells. The first will be one of the first things you find in the game, but with no power cell. You’ll find the three power cells you need near the end of the level, right next to the other beacons. Other objectives are also extremely well hidden – more so than the majority of secrets in the game. This would be fine in smaller levels, but incredibly tedious in these levels, especially the ones that are a nightmare to navigate backwards in. One thing Turok 2 has improved upon is the weapons. They were great in the first game, and even better here. Many are fun to use, including a powerful shotgun that shoots bouncing bullets, and one of the final ones in the game is famous for the spectacle it creates: it homes in on brains and drills into them, causing massive amount of blood. It only works on enemies that have some intelligence, though. The guns do alleviate the tedium of the levels somewhat, with really good enemy variety throughout the levels – although I wish we had some more dinosaurs. Another notable thing in this game is the lack of human enemies. Turok 2 is a lot of fun to play, but each level gets dull long before it finishes. There’s even a segment where you get to ride a dinosaur with massive guns and it’s great fun for a bit, but you’re just waiting for it to end half way through. It pads things out a bit too much. Remake or remaster? The Nightdive remaster is a wonderful version of the game. Official ways to get the game. The faithful remaster of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is available on GOG, Steam, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation
  8. Lego Horizon Adventures (Switch, PS5, PC)

    Think it's worth pointing out the Symonds being quoted here is Tim who created this site
  9. 1000xRESIST (Switch, Steam)

    Eh, the place wasn't that big really, I memorised where things were sooner or later.
  10. Lego Horizon Adventures (Switch, PS5, PC)

    https://kotaku.com/horizon-lego-adventures-hands-on-ps5-nintendo-switch-1851535713 Next Smash Bros. confirmed.
  11. I'm approaching twenty hours now in Origins. A recent development was that we've accepted to go and save the world. It's a strange game. I'm liking it well enough but I'm not fully in tune with the flow of it. I go around and check everything and there's still been about half a dozen times it's taken me a few laps of a place to find the trigger point to progress. It could be a person. It could be a table. It could be a guard that's fallen asleep so you can take a new exit. It could be talk to everyone in town then try to leave and the next thing will happen. Just lately I thought it was about to happen again then someone (from the first game!) said "sleep on it" so I checked the bed and that did the trick. Then came an investigation to identify the Mourning Mistral—kept reading it as the Morning Minstrel—which gave me the run around too, talking to people and going back to talk to them again, and again. Always feel like I'm missing something in these parts (as well as the finer points of the battle system). It's light on action. In a way that's fine because, similar to BK 1, you get a few screens here and there with enemies and since battles can take 2-3 minutes each, it's not so bad because you know it won't be a massive slog until the next bit of downtime breaks it up. And like I mentioned before, you get healed up after every encounter so you're always good to go again. Just seems like the balance is weighted massively in favour of towns and talking. There's a coliseum which was nice to rattle off some battling—to a good tune, might I add—but it won't let me progress up the ranks so it seems I'm already done with it for now. It's a pity because I want a good run of battling as I feel like I'm still getting to grips with the system—I'm so fixated on quickly picking cards I rarely glance at the action itself. I have sixteen blank magnus now. One of them contains... a mobile phone. Receiving an extra eight got a little irl fist pump out of me. I'm at the Lava Caves where I couldn't get past the first normal encounter so I copied my deck to a new slot and made some tweaks to include all the ice and water cards I have. Also put an ice aura on everyone. Made it manageable but the auras have run out and I've lost to the boss five or six times at least. Don't know if that's down to my levels, deck composition or a glaring lack of expertise with the battle system. Maybe if I keep retrying I'll get a run of cards that let me do damage quicker than I take it. Party levels are 15/16 so I'm averaging less than one an hour. Origins is praised for its battle system so it'd be nice if it let me get to it. I'm just not "seeing the Matrix" with these cards yet. So, kind of just waiting for it to hit its stride. Feels like I'm still really early on despite the hour count. Think I had some dealings with Lyude's old man. I suppose my twenty hours could be someone else's five or six.
  12. The Traitors

    That's probably why, I'm just too intimidating.
  13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Just checked it out on Sam's stream, very cool indeed. Guessing this was pretty satisfying too though: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2173025375?t=0h16m0s Nice to finally have a situation on that stage where only one of the side platforms collapsed, even though it might have saved me from getting KO'd there had it not.
  14. General Switch Discussion

    .Probably this week for the June Direct then
  15. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Some really great games last night. Some close 1v1's a the end. I got totally bullied at a few points, but then I think we all do at certain points.
  16. Euro 2024 | 14th June to 14th July

    Pretty open match so far. I'm very surprised how well Poland are playing. Saying that, the Netherlands have missed a couple of sitters.
  17. It's such a shame Sony don't make games like this anymore. I loved their studios during the PS2 era. Ratchet and Clank, Sly Raccoon and Jak and Daxter easily gave Nintendo's output a run for its money during that generation. I think people are clamouring for more games like this, hence the hype for Astro Bot. Probably the last platinum I earn in a while. The Euros will be eating away at all my free time now that they are in full swing. I'll be pretty much getting in from work and watching footy until 10pm.
  18. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Yeah, I've had that a couple of times today as well.
  19. 1000xRESIST (Switch, Steam)

    Early adopters shafted again: a map has been added and will be coming soon to the Switch version.
  20. The Traitors

    But of course Claudia would have you contracted to say exactly this.
  21. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Just now @ 12:16.
  22. Euro 2024 | 14th June to 14th July

    So you're saying the Three Lion's defence is impenetrable. The hubris begins!
  23. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

    Damn, Chapter 3 was suuuuuuuper heavy on the MGS(1) callbacks, I think all we were missing was some ketchup. Loved it
  24. The Traitors

    Alas, I was not chosen
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  26. FIFA 99 PAL release: 8th December 1998 NA release: December 1999 JP release: N/A Developer: EA Canada Publisher: EA Sports N64 Magazine Score: 83% While a lot of sports games, even in the N64 era, feel like iterations of the same game, the FIFA games on N64 are surprisingly distinct. While, FIFA 64 was such a mess that FIFA 98 definitely needed to bring massive improvements, they could have easily have gotten away with updating the 98 roster and releasing the game. I can definitely commend them for not doing that, even if I don’t like the result. The biggest difference to how the game plays is the tackling. It’s good. Too good, in fact. Almost every tackle in the game is successful, making the game go back and forth constantly. This makes passing all the more important, but the reliance on passing makes it even more obvious that your computer-controlled teammates are terrible at getting into position. The really fun indoor pitch is also gone now, and the whole aesthetic of the game – even the menus – comes across as more mundane. This feels like a big step back to me, even if it is better from a technical standpoint. Remake or remaster? Earlier and later games were both better. Official Ways to get the game There is no official way to get FIFA 99
  27. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Thanks for the games. Here's a link to this week's stream... - - - - - N-Europe Saturday Smash! (15/06/2024) - - - - -
  28. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    I think we can all agree that @Ike got coolest finish tonight with Richter on Pokémon Stadium. Because, damn! That must have been satisfying!
  29. Euro 2024 | 14th June to 14th July

    First 0-0 of the tournament coming right up.
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