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  3. Spiral

    I adore them. They're one of my favourite horror series. The first three are awesome and although the later Saw movies go against the principals and rules of the earlier ones, I still love them too. When I saw the trailer to this last year, I was so excited! Cinemas should be open to plan next week in the UK and I'm so eager to watch it!
  4. The Star Wars Thread

    Watched (most of) the major arcs of The Clone Wars finally, though I'm only half way through the second arc of season 7. I enjoyed some episodes (the first Mandalore arc where they introduce Dutchess Satine, the one where Ahsoka got framed for the council bombing, and a few other random ones), and really, really didn't like others (the Nightsister ones I actively hated). LOVE the narrator at the start of each one. I'd never seen or heard that was a thing before, very cool! Fits in perfectly with the three paragraph crawls for the saga films. Season 7 is a big step up from what I've seen so far. I can't say I've fallen in love with the show as much as I hoped I would but maybe that comes from not watching it all properly. I do like Ahsoka a lot more at least. Anakin's good too, so much cooler than his prequel form. Conversely I can't stand Yoda in TCW. Dull, only there for exposition, no personality and they cranked his inverted sentences way of talking up to 500%, which really grates. The only characterisation of Yoda I've loved since the originals was in The Last Jedi. Perfect. I'll finish season 7 and probably leave it at that for TCW. I like the multi episode arc structure but at the same time, the time period just doesn't do it for me, but they HAVE legitimised the prequels a tad in my eyes, which is great. Watched the first two episodes of The Bad Batch, will watch the third tonight. Absolutely loved the first one, so cinematic and well produced! It felt a bit like an animated film at times. I was worried the show would be lacking in personality, but thankfully there's a ton of that. Wrecker is great. Love his bromance with Tech. Hunter and Omega have a good thing going too. Hopefully the storyline will stand a bit apart from Mando as the show goes on. Gotta say, don't know what Echo is doing there. Seems a blank slate compared to the others. The second episode was a lot slower, I think I was pretty taken back by that, but still good. Only watched it once though so maybe I'll prefer it on second viewing. Oh and the visuals, my god. Yeah for sure but if they can do it justice in live action then fair enough. I'm sure Dave will tell a good story, especially as it feels like they have big plans for Thrawn. Kessel Run Transmissions who have a good track record casually put into conversation a month or two ago that there's going to be an Ezra Thrawn Disney+ show on the way. Can't remember if they stipulated live action or animated, but either way I'm in! I don't know how Dave and Jon are juggling all these series. Disappointed no Twitter reveals on May the 4th but I figured they might happen with a new show launching that same day. They don't want to take attention away from it, fair enough. Hope we get some Visions news soon. As @Julius says Lost Stars is apparently excellent. I really enjoyed the first Aftermath book too, but reviews on that series are a bit mixed I think. Light of the Jedi is excellent if you want to jump to the High Republic era. Avoid Resistance Reborn, terrible.
  5. Spiral

    Is there anyone here who likes the Saw movies? Mark up any spoilers regarding Spiral, please.
  6. Yeah, Daruk is someone who really needs the Attack Speed weapon buff to be effective. But stack those up and he becomes one of the better characters. His later combo finishers give him mad invincibility frames! EDIT: Oh wait, looking back on my previous posts, Daruk seems to be the one character I didn't put attack speed on? That DLC needs to come out now so I have an excuse to play this before I forget everything! Continuing our trend of disagreeing on everything. Revali is probably at the bottom of my rankings in this game. I'm not too keen on his moveset. He's not outright bad though, crowd control is great and he's the best at evading attacks. I don't think there's a single terrible character in this game. (Looking at you, Ruto. You useless pile of garbage!)
  7. I started playing this about a week ago now and even though I’ve not put a significant amount of time into the game yet (only on chapter 3) I have very much enjoyed what I’ve played so far. I was originally planning on using my demo data to carry on playing but because it’s taken me so long to pick up the game, I figured it would be best to start again and get a refresher on the story and gameplay mechanics. Despite my feelings towards BOTW, I did like the art style, characters and setting and so to play a game that has all of those, but adds a decent story and gameplay that is more to my tastes, has been great. My favourite champion in BOTW was easily Revali and that hasn’t changed here. Dude is an absolute beast at crowd control, not to mention how fast he can deplete the stamina/stun bar that appears on the larger enemies. It’s so satisfying flying around the maps and raining down explosive arrows from above. All the other characters have been fun to use, with the exception of Daruk. I’ve never been a fan of large, slow moving characters. Sure, he hits like train but I much prefer the more nimble warriors. Also, it’s been great having a game to use my amiibo on. In recent times it seems like developers have forgotten about them and so it’s good to get some use out of them again.
  8. Football Season 2020-21

    Werner and Ziyech weren’t on it yesterday. Both were awful. Azpi RWB and James at RCB was the wrong decision, as much as it nullified Vardy, it stifled us going forward. Azpi is good enough defensively to play RCB against Vardy and James is much more of a threat going forward. I know Kepa has been the FA Cup keeper but this is the final, Mendy should’ve started and would’ve saved the goal. We had both Chilwell & Emerson on the subs bench yesterday, 2 LBs, but not Tammy who’s our top-scorer in the competition… when our forwards are struggling for goals. Substitutions were made far too late in the game. The loss is on Tuchel.
  9. General Retro Discussion

    Awesome! Looks like people here might actually get a chance at getting it after all! Do recommend a pickup. It's not flawless, but it's a very solid little machine and well worth the asking price
  10. Resident Evil Village

    RE7 actually still feels scientific. RE8 feels like it has an identity crisis with all of the fantasy silliness going on. RE7 has similar combat, but the Molded enemies are way tougher. The wolf things in RE8 just stand around, and hereby allow you to shoot at them. And in general, I felt that some of the dialogue was very forced sounding. I also believe Chris was once again shoehorned in another major title, because well, Capcom needed a primary character to make the otherwise disjointed story feel like it's worth a crap. Chris showing up and not explaining things properly to Ethan didn't seem right either. I mean, wasn't Ethan supposed to be a recruit? In the opening scene, he mentions they are having a hard time adjusting to their new environment, and Ethan brings up something brief about gaining military training. So it makes little sense that Chris acts all distrusting of him. They were essentially friends.
  11. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    Doesn't Jigglypuff have an enormous (definitely visible) tuft of hair on its head? Yes, but the individual hairs that make it up are so thin, it looks smooth.
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  13. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    OK, so after my last update I've gone through Endings A-D of NieR: Replicant... not that I can really screenshot to prove right now other than my trophies because... Only so much I can actually copy from Twitter but I thought you all might want to take a look at this guy... This part also saw me screenshot it. Now, in order to talk about the most interesting part of the game, the story, I have to go into Spoiler Mode. So... here we go... I haven't seen the brand new Ending E yet but its supposed to tie the game more in with Automata so I will be getting on with that at some point.
  14. Read all the way through Demon Slayer's chapter 52 today and I'm currently at episode 9. Can't get enough It's too good. Looking forward to seeing all the fights in glorious animation
  15. R.I.P Satoru Iwata

    Got mine two weeks ago or so. edit: just checked, delivered on april 16th (through, local webshop in the Netherlands)
  16. Football Season 2020-21

    The most enjoyable FA Cup final for a while, cagey first half but thoroughly entertaining in the second. Tielemans goal was phenomenal, the reaction of the crowd genuinely spring tingling. There are so many great stories to tell across the whole Leicester team, I'm delighted for Schmeichel, Morgan, Vardy, Albrighton - club legends who have written themselves into history again. Can't imagine there are many people upset by the result, bar the Chelsea fans of course, Leicester became everyone's second team 5 years ago and are an example of how to run a club in the modern era - fully deserved to finally get over the line and win an FA Cup
  17. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    Doesn't Jigglypuff have an enormous (definitely visible) tuft of hair on its head?
  18. General Retro Discussion

    There’s a listing for the Astro City mini on Amazon, sot it’s not, uh, limited to limited run games?
  19. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2 Fleetway/Licensed Comics/Sonic The Comic/Sonic The Comic/
  20. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I've been looking for a way to read the old Archie Sonic comics. Also the old UK Sonic comics. I haven't really found a place to read them online. Looks like eBay and Amazon is the only way now.
  21. General Switch Discussion

    Or that new Monsters game they haven’t shown since it was announced. The livestream is 4:30 am so I won’t be watching it live.
  22. Football Season 2020-21

    That FA Cup second half was amazing It was great to finally see fans at a game again. Goosebumps all the way through 'til the end.
  23. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    "Now upgrade funny" Anyways, good news. Will definitely double dip eventually.
  24. House buying is the worst

    Thanks! In the end we saw 5 places and put an offer in. We have a fight with another family/couple so I guess we will find out if we need to keep looking.
  25. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I’m just waiting for some Amazon vouchers to clear then I should be able to buy a load more trades. I’m debating at the moment whether or not to go for a load of the X-Men Milestones line which basically collect all the big X-Men crossover events over the years or just getting a random mixture of Marvel and DC stuff.
  26. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Looks like Hades will be arriving on PS platforms soon. The game has been rated for the PS4 over in Korea.
  27. Resident Evil Village

    Well I got a fair way into RE7, I really wanted to give it a chance, but it was just so incredibly, mind-numbingly boring that I just couldn't go on (think I got up to the car "boss", or at least a little bit past that part?). You just... don't actually do much of anything in that game! It's pretty much just walking from one cutscene to the next and a very rare, occassional (but still very boring) shootout. It has about as much meaningful gameplay as Cookie Clicker. I've played through the entierty of every mainline RE game, except for RE6 (absolute trash) and RE7 (so boring); so I'm no stranger to the series. Of course, RE4 is one of my absolute favourite games of all time; that much should be obvious! Glad to hear that there seems to be a bit more going on in terms of gameplay in RE8 than in RE7 though
  28. Resident Evil Village

    Yes. It leans much more into combat this time around. The enemies are nicely varied, and including the boss battles there’s plenty to keep you happy. The puzzles are on the weaker side in my opinion. Sometimes they feel a little shoe horned in, and there’s not too many after the mid way point. Level design is always good with RE. Did you finish 7? I found the whole house very well linked together and have always found that to be a huge strength of the RE series. The way areas are off bounds for a time but eventually unlock via progression or through opening new areas of the map is really satisfying and has been a series staple since the beginning. Village is incredibly engrossing. I think you do need to be a fan of the series to get an appreciation of the files that you collect and the nods to previous games, but there’s still a lot of enjoyment to be had with just the actual gameplay. And if not? I guess you could play CoD?
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