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  2. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (June 10th)

    I don't mind content being released after a game comes out but I do mind when unlockables are tied to having to play at specific times I love Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Golf Super Rush but it bugs me that I'm required to play them every month in order to obtain new colours or costumes for characters. For those games, it doesn't take too much time to get what you need but then we come to Nintendo Switch Sports and every week there's a host of new things to try to unlock before the time runs out. It's made all the more irritating by the fact that I can't obtain points by playing with friends or that there aren't any fun single player minigames that could also have allowed rewards to be obtained. Again, I like the game (despite it ultimately being something of a disappointment so far) but to add yet another game in Mario Strikers that I'll probably have to play every month to not miss out on anything? It's becoming too much! My time is seriously limited enough as it is and, to reiterate again, while I like all these games, I hate the pressure. There are loads of other games I want to play and in some ways I just feel obligated to keep playing these select few titles because I don't want to miss out on anything really. Even now, I'm still wearing the same outfit I wore on day one of Nintendo Switch Sports, though I think what it'll end up coming down to is that after having missed a few Tetris 99 events, I stopped caring about having to have all the themes. I was only ever playing it for those! The same will happen in Nintendo Switch Sports and no doubt when I have my desired lineup in Mario Strikers I'll not be quite so bothered about missing out on gear!
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  4. Lego!

    So glad I've never been into Star Wars cause the amount of Lego sets would destroy my wallet. I did pick up Singapore Architecture set recently so now have all of them again (all the skyline ones, not the singular buildings)
  5. Lego!

    None of the previous 500 sets interested you?
  6. Job woes/wins

    The person who I worked with, got this job so I've been working under her for a year, decided to apply for the role above hers as that person had moved on. She got it, which left her role up for grabs. applied, did a bit more prep and got it this time. Woo! Now they need to put out the vacancy for my old job
  7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Stamina matches tonight at 8pm.
  8. Next time, push the show further into the night please. Make it 2am for us European suckers.
  9. Sounds like a total mess… Let’s hope they fix things up and offer NTSC games when the service launches worldwide…
  10. The Star Wars Thread

    I could barely walk back to the hotel after day two, my feet are pretty much gone after 20K steps each of the last three days. Totally worth it though. Thankfully tomorrow if all goes well I should be in four panels, so lots of sitting down! First up, Light and Magic. I enjoyed it but it wasn't the right fit for a big early morning panel, and I still believe it was a last minute substitution. Some people were leaving constantly after few minutes which is never a good sign (extremely rude to do so mind). It told some fun stories of just starting out ILM which was fun but ultimately a bit lacklustre, I was kind of hoping for a good chunk to be spent on modern techniques though to be fair the write-up mentioned Ron Howard and Lawrence Kasdan so I suppose it was never going to be modern day stuff. But yeah, pretty underwhelming. I went to a Lucasfilm Non-Fiction Publishing panel straight afterwards, it was in the smallest room of the three, but was still enjoyable. I was hoping for a few more reveals, but the couple we got were pretty fun. Still no word on a visual dictionary/guide for the Mandoverse. I guess it's coming down the line. The highlight of the day was without question the installation Favreau mentioned on Thursday, The Mandalorian Experience. Please excuse the bad language, but it was FUCKING. INCREDIBLE. I genuinely could have stayed there all day, and I almost did. They funnelled you through a series of smaller rooms with nifty things like a life-size prosthetic version of Kuill or IG-11 behind glass, or stuff that I found really cool, the practical models of the various ships. There was a life size (?) cockpit of the Razor Crest with flashing lights and sound effects. Truly wonderful. There were some wonderful hologram type displays that had the various ships moving around, I guess it was stereoscopic 3D, looked very real. Then the room opened up. And my god did it open up. The photos definitely don't do it justice. The giant life-size N-1 in the middle of the room was the highlight. Each mini installation including that one had subtle music and sound effects playing in the background. And yes, there was a swaying animatronic bantha. I'm genuinely tempted to go again. A wonderful last minute surprise, I imagine they'll put the exhibition on tour. The merch from the gift shop suggested as much. Later on I was wondering past the Star Wars Show Live Stage at seemingly the perfect moment, because a couple of minutes later Anthony Carboni introduced Doug Chiang. What a superstar. He got a massive welcome from the crowd. Wandered the show floor lots more. I'm spending an absolute fortune on this trip. And finally, some people go for autographs of Ewan McGregor or Ashley Eckstein... Me?
  11. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (2023)

    Fair enough, just a random trailer drop. I guess I was hoping for a little bit more to dissect but oh well. At least it's (hopefully) coming next year so not too long to wait.
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  13. General Switch Discussion

    They're also making the Restored Content mod available for it, which adds a ton of unfinished stuff to the game.
  14. General Switch Discussion

    Another remastered Star Wars game is on its way to the Switch: KOTOR II comes on 8th June.
  15. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Couple of Spider-man omnibus' to add to the collection. The JMS run was the first main Marvel continuity Spider-man I collected which is why I decided to upgrade to the omnibus from my trades.
  16. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (24th June)

    It does make sense as an evolution for the character: originally, he starts out as a cheery choir boy, and he turns into a more confident, composed adult. This in-between feels like his awkward tween years, or maybe his early uni days, where he's stuck at a job he hates (he's dressed like a knight, so that tracks). In that sense, I only like it least because he looks unhappier than at other points in his life. ...Or maybe it's really the messy hair, not a fan.
  17. The Star Wars Thread

    Well we get a recap of the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase omitting the best bits, so...woo?
  18. Just officially announced at Celebration Interview with Stig Asmussen from StarWars.com.
  19. No way, Ignatz's new design is way better. His post design is a downgrade.
  20. It's a 6km journey each way, need to work out how long it will take. Google says 20 minutes, buy it took me that long to do a shorter route. Although the route to work will have fewer roads to cross, as most of it will be along the prom. It'll probably get quicker as I get used to a bike more (today was the first time in over 10 years), especially learning how to use the gears. My legs are actually quite short, so I think a bigger bike would be too tall
  21. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (24th June)

    The Deer are here! Raphael finally gets the glow-up he deserved. We see proper displays of raw strength! Plus, he finally confirmed the Brawler class/style. Ignatz be playin' Splatoon in another game. Not a fan of his new look, but it is an apt in-between look for his previous designs. Marianne with her hair down looks weird, but not bad. Love that Dorte is just an attack, instead of a ride. The Deer have shown a lot of personality with these animations. Love it. You can trust these opinions, I'm biased as fuck.
  22. Lego!

    It leaked yesterday, but now it's official: they're coming out with a LEGO BD-1 (from Jedi Fallen Order)!!! Well, guess now I know how I'm returning to LEGO
  23. Oh man, that's a good shout think Astro's Playroom is honestly still my favourite PS5 exclusive experience, and while I do really want a fully fledged console title, I'd be down for more Astro in any form! Speaking of which, hopefully they confirm backwards compatibility for PS VR titles -- unless I've missed something, don't think we've got that confirmation yet? I don't really doubt it'll happen, but the sooner I know I can play VR Rescue Mission, the sooner I'm onboard to get a VR2 There was also that news recently that there were some 20+ PS VR2 first- and third-party titles slated for launch... ...which makes me wonder what else could be in the works. Resident Evil VIII VR that I'll never touch? Final Fantasy XVI fishing game? Half-Life Alyx, dare we dream? Final Fantasy XVI fishing game?!
  24. The Star Wars Thread

    Yeah, it's totally possible, and I could see them doing that, having his new theme be specifically for lost Obi-Wan before reverting him back to the Force theme by the end of the show in preparation for A New Hope. There are definitely enough recognisable melodies within his new theme that it could work. But if that then feels consistent with the rest of the show if that's the route they go, though, is a whole other question, and I do still think it especially feels like it's missing the Force theme in that one particular scene I mentioned. If there's one moment in the show so far (albeit only two episodes in) where I'm like "here, this is exactly where you should put a recognisable theme" it's there, because that is him getting back into his mojo as a Jedi and... To clarify my last post, as reading it again I sound a bit down on it: I'm not disappointed with the show, as I always thought it should be a slow burn anyways, so I'm very open to it slowly coming to a boil before it all spills over. Just felt a bit lacking at points, but hey, they've got four episodes left in which they could blow me away
  25. The Star Wars Thread

    I'm wondering if the music has been done this way intentionally and it will get a lot more epic towards the end of the show when he gets his mojo back.
  26. The Star Wars Thread

    Alright, I'm back from my rewatch of Parts I and II of Obi-Wan Kenobi – am I the only one who hates that it's not just called Kenobi, by the way? Anyways, here are my more comprehensive thoughts and notes from my rewatch: Overall, I thought it was a solid start to the show, definitely taking their time to warm up to it (which is fine but means as a premiere it felt a bit lacking?), and we'll see where it goes from here. I wasn't too keen on the music if I'm being honest, as while there are plenty of hints of things throughout (outside of Kenobi's theme there are definitely numerous hints at the Imperial March), and while I understand the decision for Boba and Mando to really dial it back and go with original music...this show is screaming for the themes we know and love. Hopefully they're holding them back, but the music was a bit of a letdown outside of the new Kenobi theme if I'm being honest. Still have some big concerns, but a lot of those predate me watching the show (potential of Qui-Gon coming back as an actual ghost, what I've said before about Reva, etc.), so I'll just wait and see. Hopefully it's only up from here!
  27. The Exercise & Fitness Thread: The Struggle Is Real

    Cycling to and from work is pretty effective exercise, generally, of course depending on the distance. If it goes well for you, you should probably buy a bigger bike. It looks a bit small for you. Biking to and from work is currently the only exercise I get, that and walking a bit. After going back to work (and working from the office) after my paternity leave has given me less time to exercise "properly", and I'm too tired in the evening to lift weights at the moment. Of course, I do bike about 23 km a day, 17 of those at high speed but I do miss rowing and running for cardio.
  28. I wonder if Astro Bot will show up? The first VR game was absolutely amazing and a bit of a system seller. It would be foolish not to have a follow up for the PSVR2.
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