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  2. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    "But what will it mean to their bottom line!" The beauty of Game Pass is that Xbox's first party line-up are all on there day 1. That surely won't be the case for Playstation, though I suppose maybe it doesn't need to be quite as good and enticing as GP, something that's 'good enough' might do for them. PS Plus has been pretty terrible for a while now, so anything to make the service better would be welcome. The slow trickle of PS5 games doesn't help though tbf.
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  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Schreier with those PlayStation Game Pass competitor scoops, well...kind of not? No first party games Day One. Still, sounds like it could be an impressive package depending on its price. If it works out at £10/month or less a year I could see myself biting, but otherwise I'd probably just check it out in quiet months (which aren't really a thing anymore ). I just want to play the good Battlefront II, maybe force Metal Gear Solid on some friends, and see more people play Suikoden and Suikoden II. Here's hoping!
  5. Oh right, yeah. Living Dex. Duh, my bad.
  6. I have, it's the Palkia, though technically I've got some from older games, but I could say the same for the rest I guess
  7. Something just hit me with something you said earlier. 103? That's not right. There's only 3 Mythical Pokémon not legally available in BDSP at the moment, Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus. Have you got a Phione?
  8. So Masuda doesn't give you a new pointless piece of paper for catching all 151 in the Sinnoh Dex as opposed to seeing them, so this will have to do: Thanks for your help @Glen-i! It's the first time I've done this since the original Diamond, and I think I may have caught a Pokémon-catching fever need to try and hold it off until Legends: Arceus!
  9. Marvel's Phase 4

    Just got tickets for Spider-man 3 on December 15th! Really looking forward to seeing it!
  10. Thanks as always Glen, appreciate it!
  11. Right, that's all of them now. And once again, the two of us alone have made this thread "Hot!" Good work!
  12. I'll send over spares of the exclusives for the others if that's okay?
  13. After the Electabuzz trade might need to back out for a sec just to add the Dubious Disc to Porygon2
  14. Okay cool Egg is ready, Link Code is 11235813 Shall we start with the Trade Evo's?
  15. Will do. Also, did you need a Larvitar? I think it's an exclusive and I have one, but I think I've somehow avoided mentioning it until now. Can breed one if you need!
  16. In that case, I'm on the game gathering berries now that your eggs are done, give me a shout when you're ready.
  17. Yeah, my bad, Seedot somehow got shifted our of my dedicated trading Box - it's still to the side, don't worry! Would love a Bonsly! As for Feebas, only took me about 10 minutes or so, but as I found out a few days ago, someone has also made a very helpful tool on GitHub for finding Feebas. I tested it yesterday and caught a couple more, so if anyone is hunting for one, that's a really helpful tool. Will just get to work on the Treecko egg now, so shouldn't be too long. Wouldn't say no to the other starters (wasn't particularly looking for them, but how do you say no to starters?!) if you don't mind
  18. Righto, @Julius. I'll be available all day today, so just give me a heads up for when you're ready to go. I still need the Diamond exclusives you have, including Seedot, which you forgot to mention. Out of the three rare Pokémon you mentioned, I only have Bonsly, so I can get you one of those. (You imply that you actually have a Feebas now, I could've given you one instead of you torturing yourself fishing, but oh well) I also have a couple of trade evolutions to do as well, namely Scyther and Dusclops. I have every starter except Treecko, now. So I can get you a Charmander, Squirtle, and Chikorita as well if you want. Wouldn't mind a Treecko in return. Haven't actually looked for the Magmarizer yet though, been focusing on catching every Pokémon I can. Will let you know when I get one. I'll get to work on the eggs now.
  19. Come on now, the actual reason is that Paper Mario is such a good game that you wouldn't want other tat distracting you from playing it. For a console with a poor RPG repertoire, Paper Mario really does save it from being total garbage. I'll happily play through it for the hundredth time. (In all honesty, I'm hoping @Dcubed's reasoning is why we're only getting one game this time)
  20. Thank you! It's changed a bit since then as I'm trying to bulk up and still trying to get the balance. But it's a process eh?
  21. Hopefully it comes along with fixes for the current slate of games (especially OoT). Surely that must be the reason why they’ve been so slow here!?
  22. Paper Mario is coming to the service on 10th December! I guess they're going to be coming out slowly and one at a time, huh?
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