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  2. I was going to say something similar. I love their clever/crazy way they handled the weapon durability thing. For me, it's a system that's central to the game design, so I'm relieved it's still in, but the way they've expanded on it is genius. I always felt like the 80 or so puzzle shrines from BOTW were the equivalent of four or so traditional dungeons, just broken up into pieces to fill the openworld with, so be interesting if they can have traditional dungeons AND a similar number of shrine type things as BOTW. Absolutely. The new mechanics shown off are ideal for years of social media posts of people discovering things or sharing funny moments. No way it beats BOTW, I'll say about 94 on MC. But like @killthenet says, there'll be a few outlier clickbaity scores "glorified DLC" etc that'll drag the average down.
  3. I'm liking to read about everybody's hauls. Strange to see that you can get screwed whether you anticipate your purchases (like me with Shovel Knight) or leave them to the end (like @darksnowman with Severed). Hopefully we can now give our 3DSes and Wii Us the twilight years they deserve. I ended up with lots of exciting stuff to play on my 3DS.
  4. General Retro Discussion

    So... Tim Stamper is back to cock tease us again... Except this time he's giving some goods! Never before seen footage of Twelve Tales Conker 64!!
  5. I don't think it'll match BOTW's average of 97 but it'll surely get close, would be shocked if it isn't in the mid 90's - even if there'll inevitably some reactionary 'low' scores
  6. So, what kind of scores from the critics are you hoping for? None of the major Zelda games get less than 90/100. Can you see that happening for this one? Most buyers probably expect more of the same as BOTW and will be happy to get that, and I am sure I will enjoy it anyway.
  7. Yeah, totally get that, because the exploration and atmosphere in BotW were the highest points of the game for me too. It's such a difficult line to draw on what should and shouldn't be shown in marketing a game like this - a sequel to a game reusing it's open world to some degree - but personally I'd rather they show too little when it comes to exploration rather than too much. For me, this showing has started to put to rest two of my greatest fears coming into TotK from BotW, and that's whether or not Nintendo would actually do something about weapon durability (they have, in a wacky and wonderful way that only they could) and just how well this game would run assuming seamless transition from the sky islands to the ground and vice versa (which I think is a test it passes with flying colours). I'll honestly be shocked if we don't have another video similar to this by the start of the last week of April, and I'll similarly be shocked if dungeons are in the game and aren't at the very least verbally confirmed by the time the game releases. I mean, the inclusion of dungeons and puzzles is pretty much exactly the sort of thing that you talk about on the back of the box! The fact that they didn't focus on the spiral-emitting rock things when we saw one on our way up to the falling debris that Aonuma used Recall on, and which many assume are going to be this game's alternative to the Shrines in BotW, I think is a good sign that dungeons are in; those feel like things you talk about bundled together. And surely we'll see or hear about them before reviews are up, which would absolutely talk about them whether included or not, right? I guess we'll just need to wait and see! I do think this (showing off the new mechanics) was the logical place to start with ramping up the marketing campaign, because they're probably going to be present in everything else shown from this point on, and so won't need to be explained in detail every time now that they've been shown off. And I'd much rather have 10 minutes focusing on this, then another 10 minutes focusing on shrines/dungeons, etc., and a further 10 minutes on generally exploring the world rather than them dumping one 30 minute long video, especially seeing as the reason they seem to be doing this is to hold things back. Think I'm otherwise at the same point at you - don't feel a need necessarily to watch everything shown, but I do want to see more to have other questions answered. As for Zelda, if she's playable, I do hope that's something they keep on the down low and don't really market the game with. Think it'll be a much more popular example of getting to play as another character that wasn't revealed before the fact, that's for sure... Lastly: anyone else getting the feeling we're going to get our Great Plateau equivalent on one of these sky islands to start out? The way the ones demo'd today were crafted definitely gave me tutorial level vibes. Oh, and a second lastly, actually: can we just acknowledge the genius of the game's originality in its mechanics and how that is going to spread like wildfire and make it such an obvious viral hit online? Nintendo have done such a great job this generation of making shareable moments that are built into their game's mechanics and experiences, which is an incredibly potent marketing tool that we don't get to see many others put to good use (because, well, no-one seems to put out as consistently deep games mechanically as Nintendo). Yeah I'm a little hyped just six and a half weeks to go!
  8. Isn't this the same Majora's Mask that was made under such intense crunch that the developers inserted messages saying as much?
  9. I've not watched it and honestly I don't feel I want to. I was going to get the game anyway, and the fact that Nintendo have decided to show so little of the game till now has just made me want to wait till I play it to find out what's in there. So few times now you get to experience a game going in blind, but I feel this is the best we have had for a long time.
  10. OoT, sure. MM I don't agree. But I mean the scope is now much bigger since MM. OoT and MM weren't open world games, and there's probably been tweaks to the engine/physics since BoTW. I'm nitpicking your choice of phrase really, they didn't start from scratch, they already had a base.
  11. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    A heads-up for anyone who hasn't been able to get a physical pre-order in for the Pixel Remaster Collection, there are now waiting lists available to sign up to via the Square Enix Store (link is UK) to receive an email when copies are available. I've put my email down for a physical copy of the Switch version Whether that means more stock at launch is unclear, because apparently an email went out in error earlier today advising that payments would be taken 31st March, which has since apparently been corrected to 31st May.
  12. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Ah, you want Mario Tea Party, they all sit around the table in one spot and chat.
  13. TOTK does exactly the same thing as what MM did; and OoT/MM were the biggest scoped games that Nintendo had ever made up until that point. It's the perfect point of comparison. When I say "from scratch", I mean that the entire game was made from start to finish inside the span of a single 12 month period.
  14. The Last of Us (TV)

    Finished it now and the last three episodes were a lot more enjoyable than the previous 4 episodes.
  15. Yeah, this is true for me as well...
  16. “From scratch” meaning reusing OoT’s engine and assets? MM is also way smaller scope than TotK.
  17. They showed off some cool stuff, the possibilities with the fuse mechanic are potentially endless, and I'm glad they're holding a lot of stuff back so we can experience it first hand, but the presentation didn't really appeal to me - the physics stuff wasn't what I loved most about BOTW, it was the exploration and the atmosphere. Still lots of questions, no definitive answer either way on proper dungeons or how active a role Zelda has in the narrative (fingers crossed she's playable in some respect), among other mysteries so I don't think I'll be going completely media blackout just yet, but I'll be very cautious when it comes to reading previews.
  18. A game world that needs to be constructed around, for starters: - rewinding various objects trajectories and being able to ride them/stop them at any point. - building your own means of transport - phasing through ceilings funnily enough, takes a long time to design. Are you seriously comparing Spirit Tracks, with its sectioned-off gameplay areas, with the above? Once again, you talk as if you know everything the game has to offer. You don't. I wish you'd put this at the top of your post, I'd have known to stop reading there.
  19. Because even if you knock 2 years off of this game's total 6 year development cycle (Which is far too generous to attribute to COVID, but whatever), you're still looking at a 4 year development cycle for an asset-reuse Zelda sequel; that not only reuses the existing engine and art assets, but even the entire map has been lifted wholesale from BOTW (with modifications). It's remarkably inefficient production compared to not only BOTW itself, but every single previous Zelda title ever made. Majora's Mask was made basically from scratch within a single year. Spirit Tracks was made in just two (Though that game reused a lot less assets than MM did), Triforce Heroes was about 1.5 years. So why the hell has, what is essentially the equivilent of MM, taken 6 bloody years!? They literally made the original BOTW in a shorter timeframe and that was their first ever HD Zelda game!! Hell, TOTK is even reusing BOTW's soundtrack (as evidenced by this new 10 minute gameplay video). No Zelda game has straight up ripped music from a previous game unchanged since Majora's Mask and Oracle of Ages/Seasons! Quite frankly, the 6 year dev cycle does not show in the final product. That's very worrying from a production standpoint when it comes to the future of the series. If they're struggling to put out what is oestenably a glorified DLC expansion, how long will it take them to make a completely brand new Zelda from scratch? 10 years!?
  20. The Star Wars Thread

    Finally got around to watching the first episode of Andor at the weekend. Initial impressions are that it seems okay, especially after Obi-Wan. Should be able to get through it in the next week or two.
  21. As if there was any doubt, they're literal gameplay geniuses over at Nintendo. Like @Julius said the way everything is so seamless is fantastic. Ultrahand looks crazy ! I assumed there'd be some menu system to get through to make things but I guess not! An incredible sandbox game seemingly made even more incredible.Very restrained showing too, great to see. Why not? (not that I think there's anything to 'excuse', for the record)
  22. Yeah, absolutely agree. The fact that we've now got a much greater variety of enemies to face and further variety to their arsenal really makes it feel like Fuse is going to see a lot of use and not just be throwaway. Myself and @bob, the soothsayers of N-E In all seriousness though, while COVID isn't necessarily an excuse, at a guess it would have noticeably impacted 2 of the 6 years this has been in development for, and the middle 2 at that. I think it's more likely a case of goalposts shifting as a result of COVID (take COVID out of the equation and I'd argue that 4 years is still a huge chunk of time to be working on a sequel!) than it is something going horribly wrong, or maybe they had some ideas for DLC as we know, but they weren't enough for a full game, so further brainstorming was needed? Genuine question: is there anything this game could do to convince you that it needed as much time in development as it's had? And anything, at this point, that could get you inside and actually enjoying the game? Without changing it into a fundamentally different game I know you weren't the biggest fan of BotW, which is why I'm curious Thanks for this! I knew Ultrahand was ringing a bell! Love it
  23. I will also say, I really appreciate the nod to the Ultrahand in this game. Always makes me smile whenever Nintendo acknowledges its pre-video game era history. We've seen a serious lack of this throughout the Switch era, so it's real nice to see them show a bit of overdue respect to their past here Just goes to show that Nintendo still haven't given up on reviving old ideas in a new form. Also... Poor Rare...
  24. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    If you wouldn't mind just sitting in the one spot instead of going around the stages...
  25. I'm a little worried that crafting is too heavily used in the game and will be a solution to every puzzle. That said, it does look like it can lead to some really cool puzzles and give you total freedom of how you solve them which I enjoy. It'll be interesting to see how much had changed and how the formula is this time around to warrant the long development time.
  26. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    Went out with a whimper, didn't it. Hard to believe it's gone. I wasn't really thinking much of it until this morning and I can feel the weight of everything that's just not available any more. The dual screens, the 3D, the gimmicks. It's harder to get my head around than I expected. I'm already wondering if one day I'll get a dingy secondhand 3DS to jailbreak and have access to everything that can no longer be bought. Feel like there's a gap in my gaming options now. Yeah, that's right. The updates I was getting were in UTC so shoppers across the globe had to adjust accordingly. Pretty sure Doug had nothing to do with it. Looks like you got sorted anyway. --------------------- I'd been following the weekly sales and held off until the last minute in the hopes of a final clearance that never materialised. Got: Kid Tripp (free) Digger Dan DX (free) Then on Sunday this dozen from what was still on sale: Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D The Legend of Kusakari Fairune 80's Overdrive 4x Japanese Rail Sim 3D () Retro City Rampage DX Stella Glow Mighty Switch Force 1 + 2 Severed was off sale by this time. Sorry @Jonnas. And with that, they stopped accepting my card for payment! So I added a gift card. DKC Trilogy Mario Maker (because it has 100 built-in levels with objectives... but isn't 3D.) Luigi's Mansion 2 Lylat Wars 3D Mole Mania (You're welcome, @Jonnas!) 3D Classics TwinBee (worthy of the classic moniker!) Gurumin 3D: A Monster Adventure — I'd earmarked this as it had been £3 in March but was back to full price by the time I was buying. I got it anyway because unlike Severed, it's not on Switch. Attack of the Friday Monsters! Left me with £1.10 balance which I'll spend on the Switch eShop sometime. Hopefully, they'll start accepting my card again by the time Sea of Stars comes out...? There was still plenty I wanted and while I considered adding another gift card last night, ultimately I put it out of my head. Perhaps eventually they'll release a family of "3DS minis" (but not miniature!) with various selections of games built-in, like a 3D Classics machine, etc? Or the successor to Switch will flip open when undocked? Or something. With Level-5 making a comeback I'm at least somewhat hopeful of a Guild compilation seeing the light of day. Surely the VC stuff will end up on NSO. If they don't and this is where it ends, I'm going to miss the 3D effect. Got a bunch of demos as well then picked up some physical games from the bargain bin today too: Yo-Kai Watch 1 + 2 New Style Boutique 1 + 2 Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers The boxes need a clean. There are some free themes available! If you open your system the themes icon will have the dot to draw your attention.
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