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  1. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    This printer requires this feature, it's not doing a special connection.
  2. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Technically, doesn't every printer that is compatible with a phone allow for printing via the Switch's QR code feature?
  3. I saw @RedShell's post in the Your 2020 Gaming Diary and figured it would make sense to have a thread about GamesPass, and a discussion about some of the games (not all games need their own thread, and I've never been sure about putting it into the Xbox One or PC threads). I'm likely going to be a on-and-off subscriber to games pass and, while there have been quite a few games I've enjoyed, I've yet to encounter a game I love on it yet (hopefully that will change at some point).
  4. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    They started out on Amiga, NES and DOS, worked with Windows mainly for a bit then started back with consoles publishing a few PlayStation games and developed a Windows/Xbox only game a single time (with their second internally developed Xbox game also out on PS2 in 2004).
  5. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Context matters. Nobody would have an issue with Microsoft buying Moon Studios, Splash Damage or Asobo Studio due to having a close working relationship with them. Microsoft buying Bethesda takes things away from consumers.
  6. Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

    Yeah, the main difference is buying a company that releases entirely third party games is massively worse than having exclusively for a single game. If there's a long history of the developer making games for the publisher, it makes more sense, but the Microsoft/Bethesda move does nothing but block games releasing on other systems.
  7. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I doubt this isn't linked to speculation from ex-Sony staff who hadn't been a reliable source of news (I say speculation as I don't think it even counts as a rumour).
  8. My copy of Luigi's Mansion 3 wasn't full only full price Switch game was Ring Fit Adventure.
  9. They used to do it. Players Selects was a thing, games reprinted at a £20 price, the Wii U didn't sell enough to warrant the range and the Switch is more for digital sales.
  10. He likened it to piracy and how every single incidence of piracy is a "lost sale" ) indicating that he thinks that every single person pirating something would buy it if a pirated version wasn't available. He definitely expects everyone who played it to have paid full price.
  11. A disgruntled ex-game developer, looking to blame anyone other than himself. There was a big rift between him and the newer members of staff, he was known to be difficult to work with. Edit: Ghost of Tsushima is a good example, as that has only just been reduced by a couple of stores, but hasn't been included in subscriptions or had any official reductions, because it's selling well anyway.
  12. The biggest reason for people waiting longer these days is due to developers and publishers releasing buggy games, then there is post-launch content (free and paid), so you may as well wait until it's all out so you can play in one go. You get a better first experience if you play a non-miltiplayer game a year late. This is due to the choices purposefully made by developers and publishers.
  13. Star Trek Masturbatathon Seems nobody knows what for, but it's not for any of the shows of films. Could be Star Trek Online (but he's a regular in that anyway), one of the mobile games or an unannounced one.
  14. Social Media

    Oddly, I get some for him as well. We haven't interacted massively so I don't get it. Also, finding posts you've previously seen is a nightmare. Quite often I'll open Facebook, spot something interesting at the top but click on notifications first, when when I go back the feed refreshes and the post I saw is gone.
  15. At 00:03 today, I finished Donkey Kong 64 for the first time, with 101% completion and everything found. Incidentally, the single most frustrating part in terms of camera and platforming was in the first level, so a lot of the rest of the game was a lot more enjoyable.
  16. Sony to shut down PS3, Vita, PSP stores

    They've already ported a bunch of PS2 games to PS4/5 (more than Original Xbox games on the One/Series). Although I feel like Sony should start with a cheap and nasty "catch all" emulator, only sell thorough the web store with warnings (not via consoles) and allow downloads even if they may not all work straight away. Then once they go though and test stuff, run them at a better resolution, add trophies (they have a special method of adding trophies to old games), then sell them properly.
  17. Pikmin 3 Deluxe

    Out at the end of October.
  18. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Knack The gameplay feels like a NES-era game, but for all the wrong reasons. Your attacks feel delayed, there is a notable period of time when you can't move after a dodge and the homing attack knocks you back and stops you doing anything for ages, couple this with enemies that can kill you in a couple of hits and it's just frustrating, most deaths feel like they're not your fault and some of the checkpointing means you'll have to re-do fights constantly. The one good thing about combat is a good variety of enemies, but a fair few will probably kill you straight away and a few times until you figure out their trick (which doesn't feel satisfying, just makes the whole game feel like you're just re-doing the same segment over and over with the hope of getting lucky. Everything outside of combat is very basic. There's some simple platforming, although with some very bad camera angles at the time. Knack will sometimes do the platforming in a little cutscene, which feels very pointless and means that some of the coolest moments are when you're not actually doing them (this is the same for bosses). There are some "puzzles", if you can call them puzzles, and exploration to find hidden stuff by smashing similar-looking holes in walls. The main mechanic - Knack collecting more relics and getting bigger - is extremely underutilised and is not a gameplay mechanic in the slightest. Sometimes relics will make you slightly bigger, sometimes they'll just fill your health and sometimes they'll cause a big increase. You have very little control over your size, it's all entirely down to what the level designers wanted you to be at that stage. This takes all the enjoyment out of the idea as it doesn't feel earnt, and then Knack will choose to get rid of parts in cutscenes and between levels (leaving behind a heap of these supposedly powerful objects behind as though they are meaningless). There are sections where you can absorb other items (like ice), but again, this is entirely when the game wants you to. There's no choosing some over the other, mixing types or anything like that, it just seems like a completely wasted idea. It's kind of fascinating, because it's an absolutely terrible game, but is technically well made. Rain Short but sweet. The idea is quite unique: you play as someone who is invisible, but can be seen out in the rain - the same is true with the enemies. You have no attacks, so you have to figure out how to get past (or run away) from the creatures you encounter. It has some interesting areas and some intriguing set pieces, it uses the fairly simple mechanics well in different ways.
  19. Football Season 2020-21

    That's why I figured I'd ask here.
  20. Football Season 2020-21

    Those are some good points I've not seen anyone mention.
  21. Football Season 2020-21

    Can someone explain the issue with this super League? All I can tell is that a bunch of clubs are planning on doing some extra matches between them, an I really don't understand the problem with that. On social media the theres loads of outrage, calling for bans, points reductions, now allowing any player (many of which will have contracts and no choice) to take part in the world cup and stuff like no actual reason. All stuff that would usually be called "cancel culture" for some subjects. There are calls about greed, but greed is pretty deeply rooted into football, especially FIFA (which is also full of corruption). Unless FIFA do something drastic, what exactly will change? These clubs will still be part of the league's, they'll just be in some additional matches that you don't have to watch. I can understand saying that you'll boycott the new league, I just don't understand the calls for punishing them.
  22. Social Media

    I have noticed that reports of posts people/companies have paid to promote always goes on a wait until a human can see it. Facebook don't trust the bots with the content they actually care about.
  23. What Have You Bought?

    Got a used copy of The Saboteur.
  24. What Have You Bought?

    It's quite expensive (£90), but if you eat it as intended (a meal for four) then it's quite good value.