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  1. I'll open up my gates now, and I'll try to keep them open for the rest of the day! Just pop over whenever you feel like! ^^
  2. Could I possibly take this off your hands? This sounds ideal for my spooky house.
  3. Hey! Can I get my friend code added to the master-list? 4297 - 0753 - 5799 Oh, and my town name is Rolanberry, and the native fruit is cherries.
  4. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

    It looks so pretty!!! I'm actually really happy they went in this direction with the art!
  5. Pokémon Direct January 9th 2:30 UK Time

    Think you could say "called it", then?
  6. N-Europe Jackbox Party

    That has to probably be the best New Years party I've ever been to What an excellent start to 2020. Happy New Year everyone!
  7. N-Europe Jackbox Party

    *seymour voice* my roast is ruined!!!
  8. N-Europe Jackbox Party

    Should have said Pen Island
  9. Xenoblade Chronicles X Splatoon Yoshi's Woolly World Terraria Tokyo Mirage Sessions I can vote for Xenoblade Chronicles X just for the soundtrack alone, right??
  10. - Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward - Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - Project Mirai DX - Bravely Second I gotta say, VLR is even better than 999
  11. Rocket League

    That's fine! I'll wait a bit and see if anyone else is able
  12. Rocket League

    Today will be my last Saturday Rocket League session until the 27th, I'll be in Manchester all day next Saturday and won't be back in Newcastle til after midnight, sorry! So anyone who wants to play next weekend should organise it without me :'( That said!!! WHO IS UP FOR SOME ROCKET LEAGUE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I'm sorry to hear that your gaming PC runs like a Switch
  14. That's a good strategy, as you're using the move in the best possible way. Using Pokémon as cannon fodder however, is not.