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  1. I can open later if you're interested in the fake earring painting. In an hour or so.
  2. @Aneres11 @BowserBasher Gate's open.
  3. I think I will do what people have been for the most part been doing so far, that is first come first serve. I'll open the gate at 19:00 CET. I don't have any real art to trade right now, just a fake Mona Lisa.
  4. Got Redd for the second week in a row! Love this new visitors system The other three are fakes though, but two of them are statues, the naked lady and the guy with the throwing disc. The last painting is the earring girl, wistful painting. I'll open the gates in the evening, I'll let you know later.
  5. Turnip lady is selling at 91 if anyone's interested.
  6. I finished it last time. Only played one game to complete the Nook miles thing. Not doing more than that for the next ones as well.
  7. Redd's visiting. No real ones left I'm afraid. The fake ones are academic painting, mystic statue and solemn painting. The Mona Lisa at the entrance is fake and available for trade. If you want you can water the red roses right of the entrance. Opening gates at 16:00 CET.
  8. Here's my miles stuff for those who are interested. I'm listing those who I assume have different colors. Stall, yellow Silo, red Robot hero, red Construction sign, blue Lifeguard chair, red Portable toilet, green Streetlamp, green I think Utility pole, grey Drink machine, white Public bench, pink and blue Snack machine, grey Springy ride-on, yellow Tourist telescope, white or grey Park clock, black Phone box, white Sandbox, blue Cotton-candy stall, black Playground gym, blue, pink and yellow Parabolic antenna, white Soccer goal, white Solar panel, black Wind turbine, white Lighthouse, black and white Monster statue, red Pool, grey Teacup ride, black and white
  9. I didn't initially want Marshall when he camped in my town. But when found out of his popularity I let him move here so I can sell him later (edit: for in game cash) Anyway, I bought the fake Mona Lisa but it turns out I already have it. Only bought it because the statues were taken. I didn't know I already had it until I checked the museum wing of my house. I'll keep it for now until people end up with duplicates to trade.
  10. I almost forgot, it's Mira's birthday. I'll open the gate's if anyone's interested. She's one of those who moved in with me day 1 so bring something nice! May or may not be afk.
  11. Looks like all visitors are no longer guaranteed. There are now 9 visitors fighting for 5 spots each week. You will see the ones you missed one week in the next week plus Wisp.
  12. I had the shoe seller today and also met Pascal. From what I've read elsewhere he show up once a day. And although I'm not 100% sure on this, Pirate Gulliver fights for one of the two spots. So that's six visitors fighting for the two spots a week. One of them is Label.