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  1. The Outer Worlds (PC/PS4/XBO, 2019)

    I think with enough hacking skills you can buy more mag locks at vending machines. I check them every time I pass by some(and they appear frequently) and I have so many now I will probably never run out.
  2. Great news. I have the game on my laptop, but I prefer playing any games on console so I will be picking this up day 1.
  3. Greedfall (PC/XBO/PS4) - Sept 10th

    Didn't even know the game existed until two hours ago, but the first trailer looked interesting, the description below more so, Ganepark citing higher than average reviews and wanting something new to play I picked up the only copy in the city just now. It's installing now, but I'll have to wait to after work to play.
  4. I finished my first playthrough with the Empire this weekend. 51 hours. Currently about a third in the Alliance path on my second playthrough, little over 60 hours in total I think.
  5. No Man's Sky

    VR mode is coming August 14th https://www.nomanssky.com/2019/08/beyond-date-announce/
  6. When I recruited Ingrid she came with the Pegasus Knight class equipped.
  7. Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 (Switch)

    My copy was sent today Probably won't arrive tomorrow, but I would be very happy if it did, otherwise it won't be here until monday.
  8. Days Gone (PS4)

    Only played it for 2-3 hours but I have had fun so far.
  9. Kingdom Hearts 3

    Kingdom Hearts VR Experience is available for free download. More will be added later this year. The Hikaru Utada Laughter in the Dark is still available as well.
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Was going to ask you the same. There are a couple of challenges too I want done, but they might go hand in hand with the trophies. Just message me later. I will be playing it all day
  11. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    I bought the game before new years and haven't unlocked everything yet. Last unlock was at 1100 coins. I got the wheels and glider but not the car.
  12. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    Okay, so that went well... I'm not going to say it's the whole reason why I did so bad, but apparently I've been having something called auto-steer on...I've cleared all cups on 50cc and play a couple of hours online and suspected something was off for a while but just assumed I tried to do the shortcuts wrong or something. It wasn't until the second to last race in the last cup I knew something was wrong when I tried to use a boost to go off track through a hole in the fence but was guided quite far back on track and googled the problem. Finally turned off auto steer in the last race but had to stop driving. I'll play next time too, probably falling off every track then