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  1. Redd's back again with a fake famous painting, fake detailed painting and fake warrior statue.
  2. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    But you do hear about drift issues with both of those, and lawsuits, for whatever they're worth.
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Why does it matter how the pro controller works. It's a 70£ controller that's not included with the Switch. They joy cons are. You shouldn't have to buy a new controller just to get a working one. Especially since some of them are welded to the freaking pad. My joy cons failed(left one IIRC) after four months and 200 hours. Contacted the company that distributes Nintendo product on their behalf about my issue. I didn't have the receipt for them anymore, but I referenced the then recent news about Nintendo offering free repair. Didn't keep their reply, but it was big fat no. Read somewhere it only applied to NA. Then there is this https://www.beuc.eu/publications/beuc-launches-europe-wide-complaint-against-nintendo-premature-obsolescence/html
  4. I love my villagers, second week in a row they sent me a real statue I didn't already have
  5. She should be there unless this is your second heavy meteor shower this week. Anyway, your internet went down or something. Got kicked out.
  6. I do. I was going to farm stars on my meteor showers last Sunday and Monday. Forgot the first one and the festival cancelled the other.
  7. Ok, I'll just leave the gate open.
  8. Redd has a real Twinkling, fake famous and fake wild painting(right half).
  9. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I'm just going to type it out. 66 games played. AC Valhalla 182 hours. Very sure this is wrong. Think it's more like 120. Or 140 at most. Fall guys 110 hours. Surprised it isn't more. FFVII Remake 71. More accurate I think. I played 1 and half playthrough and some chapter replays. Total hours played: 2457. 2404 locally and 53 online. How do I have 110 hours on Fall Guys but only 53 played online Played some Fortnite in the beginning of the year too. Anyway, 9 hours in vr. 261 days played. Afternoon Sunday is when I played the most. Except for Friday it's similar to Julius with the dip on Wednesday. Not sure why, thought it would be more even. 954 trophies earned of which 16 is platinum.
  10. There's a bunch of stuff on the seasonal section of the phone shop. One of them is a Resetti Model and today is the last day to get it.
  11. Redd as a real scary painting, and fake quaint and Mona Lisa.
  12. I'll open in five minutes and let it stay open.
  13. I'm interested. I also should have Celeste tomorrow during the heavy meteor shower. Will open after 9pm uk time if I don't forget.