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  1. Sure, I'll have it open shortly. edit open
  2. Amazing painting and beautiful statue(venus)
  3. Redd offering real serene and wistful painting. Again.
  4. Celeste is here if anyone's interested. Let me know and we'll try to work out a time. I will be playing Hyrule Warriors in the meantime.
  5. Redd got a real Serene painting over here.
  6. I'm free anytime tonight if Celeste is there.
  7. I don't think so, I'm not sure I will show up for Halloween at all. Watch Dogs is out and I rather spend my weekend with it instead.
  8. If you can be here in 30 min I'm open now.
  9. Redd's visiting with one real glowing painting. I can open for the next two hours now, or around 8:30 tonight UK.
  10. Sorry,it's open now for a a couple hours.
  11. I'm eating now, in 15 minutes okay?
  12. Redd's visiting with all fakes again if anyone's interested.
  13. Can you open still? Really need to see Celeste.
  14. I'll come over. Don't have basic painting.