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  1. I'm going to buy a new tv for the ps5, but I was hoping just a regular 4k tv would be good enough.
  2. Redd's visiting with fake Mona Lisa, Academic and Scenic painting. Let me known if you're interested.
  3. I got Redd with four fakes Mona Lisa, scary painting and shovel statue is left.
  4. Meteor shower and Celeste. Gate open for an hour.
  5. I have meteor shower today. I'll open at 8pm uk for an hour or two. Celeste may or may not be there, since I have another on Saturday.
  6. I'll trade for the serene painting.
  7. I got a real famous painting(Mona Lisa) in the mail. I already have it in the museum so I'll trade this for a real I don't have.
  8. If you have caught every fish since March you should only have 2 fish left. Both fish and bugs have one remaining for November and one for December. For deep sea, you will be done next March I think.
  9. Surprise visit from Celeste. Quote me if you want me to open up. New zodiac item this time.
  10. Sorry, can't connect the Switch to the Internet for some dumb reason.