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  1. Yooka-Laylee

    You’re absolutely right that Playtonic isn’t to blame for the situation but that’s not how most fans see it. I think most Nintendo fans just see that it was planned for release on Wii U and most were absolutely delighted for it. It took a while before they let the fans know that it wasn’t releasing on Wii U anymore but instead they chose to launch it on Switch. Then it didn’t make launch day, nor did it release alongside the PS4 and X1 versions. When it did launch, there was no physical version to be seen and it was even more expensive than the PS4 and X1 versions at that moment. In the meanwhile reviews weren’t that great either. So yeah, they aren’t to blame for the most part but I can neither blame the Nintendo fans’ reaction to the scenario above.
  2. Yooka-Laylee

    They have really soured the relationship with the Nintendo fans with the constant delaying, fairly high price compaired to the other platforms and no physical release. And it didn’t help that the game didn’t live up to a lot of people’s expectations. It’s really a shame especially when looking back at the start of their campaign for this game. They talked a lot about how much they’d love to release it on Wii U and their fond memories developing for Nintendo back in the N64 era.
  3. Switch eShop Thread

    Definitely give The Adventure Pals a try. It’s fairly cheap and is getting great reviews!
  4. Switch eShop Thread

    The Adventure Pals is meant to be really good. Guys from NVC were also very positive about it.
  5. Switch eShop Thread

    This made me laugh a little
  6. 3DS Console Discussion

    Look @dazzybee, the 3DS is still alive!
  7. The sexy brutale

    I bought it and didn’t experience any technical issues that distracted me from the game. On the other hand the game didn’t exactly lure me in either but that had more to do with both the gameplay, the story and the art style. None of these clicked with me.
  8. Detective Pikachu

    I’ve still got the game in its wrapper, looking forward to playing it after tour impressions!
  9. Super Mario Odyssey

    Luigi’s Kingdom (Mansion) incoming!
  10. I’d settle for an HD remake for Switch but a full blown sequel (not like that shitty one) would be marvelous (pun intended).
  11. Switch eShop Thread

    Something weird is going on with the release of A.A. Punch-Out!! and my gold coin worth, or at least with the Dutch release. It seems like the game is only available through the native Switch e-shop. On the website it’s only found by hitting the search button and than still it only shows a linkable name for the title which directs to a faulty webpage that crashes when I try to open it. You would say, well buy it through the native Switch eShop then. I’ve tried that but it won’t let me use the total worth of my gold coins. Only like €5,60 out of the almost €8,00 I have in there. While through the website I can spend the total value... By the way, I’ve never dabbled with switching between different eShops so that’s not the issue.
  12. It reminds me somewhat of Little King’s Story. What do you think, @Fused King ?
  13. Switch eShop Thread

    Exactly how I felt, it was annoying to control which makes some parts of the game extremely tedious. But it is unique and for the discounted price might be a nice little game if you have the patience to master the controls.
  14. Core Pokémon RPG (Switch)

    I was thinking the other way round. Connecting both accounts will get you extra’s, small bonusses or other incentives in Go. That way it won’t influence the Switch game. I think that would help getting more mobile gamers take the leap to Switch.
  15. Core Pokémon RPG (Switch)

    Imagine the Switch game linking into Pokemon Go in an interesting way. Pokemon Go would become some sort of companion app for Pokemon Switch. Saleswise that could potentially lure in a lot of new gamers. Or would the Go community hate the idea?