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  1. So that’s how @Glen-i makes sure his personal favorites get upvoted! Welcome @Sofiz!
  2. My votes went to Link’s Awakening, Wario Land and Mole Mania, great, great games. I even contemplated writing Mole Mania down as my number one...
  3. General Switch Discussion

    Don’t know if you mind (but I know most collectors do). But the age verification banner on german game covers is a real pain in the eyes.
  4. Super Mario World Mega Man X Star Fox Donkey Kong Country Super Mario Kart
  5. You mean I can’t nominate the only SNES game with Wart in it?
  6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Thanks @Glen-i it’s Marx and Dracula in that case because I haven’t finished WoL a second time. Liked it the first time, but gonna rush through it with my second run.
  7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    @Glen-i as you seem to be one of the few that seems to care for collecting all the spirits, maybe you can help a brother out? I’ve collected all of them but on the spirit board my counter says 1301, so that means I’m still missing 2 that I once had in my posession. This should either be spirits I had to sacrifice for summoning summon-exclusive spirits or spirits that have been enhanced. Fair enough, weren’t it for the fact I have no way to check which spirits I currently possess. Would be great if I could sort the collection by entry number so I can easily check which ones I need to (re)collect. Do you have a way of checking this that I haven’t discovered yet?
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I like Dedede, King K Rool and Ganondorf
  9. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I own neither of these two games, but if Gardens wins (and the sale isn’t over yet) I’ll join in and buy the game. It’s been on my watch list for a while now.
  10. No Kid Dracula? You guys have no soul!
  11. Def: BoxBoy/Girl!, Cuphead Maybe: Labo VR, Phoenix Wright Trilogy, Hob, SteamWorld: Quest EDIT: Hellblade also, maybe, dang it...!
  12. Switch eShop Thread

    You accidentally forgot to mention Little King’s Story. Or as we here like to call it, Little @Fused King‘s Story
  13. Or you just state that you’ll set the rules per generation?
  14. Kid Dracula Mole Mania Mario Land 3: Wario Land Pokemon Red/Blue Link’s Awakening
  15. Vote has been cast 2! I should’ve put StarTropics on my list...