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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I’m totally accustomed to stick jumping since the first game on N64. Still prefer playing with the gc controller but I’ve managed to get used to playing it handheld on Switch. Still with stick jump though. But I think @Glen-i sums it up pretty good. What could help you @Dog-amoto get accustomed to the game is selecting fighters with easier recovery, like Kirby, Deedeedee, Meta Knight, etc.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Did you have any prior experience with Smash or is this the first game in the franchise you’ve played?
  3. Hades (PC, Switch)

    I always though a roguelike = dying resets everything, while rogue-lite = (some) progress carries over after duying. Be it weapons, skills, currency, etc.
  4. Switch eShop Thread

    Put it (Hades) on my wishlist, have far too many games to play currently but it seems interesting indeed!
  5. Switch eShop Thread

    incoming mythology nerd
  6. amiibo (NFC)

    In the mean time Cat Mario & Cat Peach have been announced after the Mario 35 Direct. And during the Monster Hunter Direct three new Monster Hunter amiibo have been announced to launch together with Monster Hunter Rise. Still no word on localizing the Monster Hunter Stories amiibo which, just like silver/gold Mario, gold Mega Man and Qbby amiibo, remain JP and/or US exclusives. Don’t think we’ll ever see any of those released over here sadly.
  7. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    Being reminded of the horror that is Tick Tock Clock makes me reconsider playing 64 first...
  8. General Switch Discussion

    I see what you did there!
  9. General Switch Discussion

    What games are people playing on their Switch at the moment? Mostly just Animal Crossing, but also dipped my toe into Astral Chain, Bioshock collection, Overwatch and Spellbreak. What's the next game release you're looking forward to? I’ve pre ordered All-Stars, Pikmin 3 and 3D World and will get Hyrule Warriors 2 and while I’m sure I’ll enjoy them all I’m not extremely hyped. I would be hyped by Prime 4 or BotW 2 but they seem far off. Will also be looking forward to Pokemon DLC, New Pokemon Snap, No More Heroes 3 and Bayonetta 3. Give me a new Starfox, F-Zero, Wave Race, Punch-Out!!, Excite Truck/bike, 1080, Eternal Darkness or Kid Icarus and I’ll never moan about Nintendo again for the next ten years or so. How many people are actually picking up Super Mario 3D All-Stars on day one? Me and a lot of other people. Which game are you looking forward to playing first? I guess I’ll play them in order, so 64 first.
  10. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    If I had to choose I’d rather have 3D Land added to the 3D World port than Galaxy 2 added to the All-Stars collection. Not a popular opinion I guess
  11. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    Good point. I do think though that remastering the three 3D titles into one graphical style would be a bit much to ask compared to what they did with SNES All-Stars (translating 8Bit to 16Bit graphics). If they would follow that same vision with the 3D collection, it would mean rebuilding Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy into one and the same (the Oddysey) engine. That would be epic ofcourse, but would take loads of time to develop and I guess they wouldn’t then bundle them for the same price they’re currently asking (seeing how they’re handling the Super Mario 3D World port and ask full price for that ) In the end it’s up to anyone individually if they think this collection is worth their money of course.
  12. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    I suspect they did it to keep as close to the original releases as possible without making them totally unplayable. It is meant as a collection of games that clebrates the history of 3D Mario, right?
  13. You know, I still remember when 3D World was first announced, there was no sign of Bowser. @Dcubed metioned how the Pixies had to be from Subcon so Wart would ‘obviously’ make his comeback. Yeah. I’m still contemplating how to return the ‘favor’...
  14. The blue rose is the shiny Vespiquen of Animal Crossing
  15. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Always fun to return to the game for new spirits, too bad it’s always just a few and they’re so easy to beat. The ones that come with a new challenger tend to be a bit more difficult though. Or at least some of them are. Oh well, let’s wait for a new batch!