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  1. No worries just let me know when you're free, I'm on now for a while.
  2. You're welcome to a couple of my blue hyacinths, I've got plenty! I can bring them round tomorrow if you like.
  3. @Shorty my other half has 603 this evening! If anyone still has turnips to sell let me know and we'll do a code.
  4. Thanks everyone nice to see you all!
  5. I've added you now so feel free to come over. Just realised Celeste is here too!
  6. Okay I'll open up at 19:00, I think I've got most people on my friends list already but if not just add me.
  7. 444 in Maple this afternoon. I'll open my gates tonight if anyone would like to sell.
  8. Thanks I was straight over. I didn't spot you at first so left your tip by your house!
  9. @BowserBasher ah I'm late to the party again. I'll pop over before closing if you don't mind? Missed Darksnowman's post yesterday! I've only bought one lot this week so not as annoying ☺️
  10. Not looking good here either, max of 198 tomorrow. My nephew has 267 today, that's sounding high at the moment!
  11. I'll be checking in tomorrow as I've still got some to sell and said I'll help my nephew. I'm either on decreasing or due a spike on Friday.
  12. Thanks @Sprout! I've just sold one lot today and I'll see what tomorrow brings.
  13. That would be great thanks. Sorry to interrupt your tennis!
  14. Ooh that's a great price, are you still on? I was too late noticing the prices yesterday.
  15. @darksnowman that's great, me and @Smiffy will head over later if that's okay? Let us know if you need us to bring anything.