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  1. I've got Celeste and Redd on Bloomington tonight. I'll open the gates in case anyone wants to visit. Redd has: Fake Beautiful statue Fake quaint painting Genuine paintings gone now.
  2. Sorry he's all yours now. Was glad to get rid of him, hoping for our heavily made up frog, Jambette, to go next!
  3. @BowserBasher no only today. You would have got the black robot and pink tent yesterday. I can't send through the post as the town hall is shut and I don't have the app yet! It's a hard life starting again. Could you send me the pink puppy please?
  4. I've opened my gates now @markderoos if you want to pop over? I have the beige puppy too @Glen-i @BowserBasher and anyone else.
  5. @markderoos Great thanks I do still need the pink puppy. I can open up over the next hour or so? I don't use Discord so will have to stick to the old fashioned way. @BowserBasher I won't be able to make the NY gathering but have fun! It looks like I missed a good Christmas party.
  6. I'm after the pink and red puppies if someone could get those to me 🙂 I would take the sinking painting if it's still going. It turns out I can only get the beige plushie tomorrow (forgot the catalogue takes a day when you share an island!). I do however have the black robot and pink tent. I've opened my gates in case anyone is free now. They're near the dock for cataloguing. @darksnowman I hardly have any now so need most of those! Could I pop round at some point?
  7. Hey guys, I've started a new island since returning my switch so am back playing AC. I have the beige puppy plushie if you guys still need it. I'll have to open my gates as I haven't got anyone as friends on this profile.
  8. @Aneres11 sounds fun but I don't think I'll be able to make it on Sunday! If I'm home in time I'll try to join.
  9. I have Redd too. There's a real basic painting left and a fake Mona Lisa if anyone needs those. My gates are open.
  10. The unthinkable has happened.. My AC switch needs to go in for repair as the joycons don't charge when connected to the console (but do charge if connected to boyfriend's switch). I think I'm going to leave my data but I know it might be lost My boyfriend has lost interest in his town so we might start a new one together and time travel through to do some catching up. I don't think I'm ready to go without my daily AC fix!
  11. Sorry @markderoos only 57 here. I'm on fluctuating so it might pick up after 12.
  12. @Glen-i I'm up for this too! I should be able to make tonight but if a few can't maybe Sunday would be better? Would be great to get an island full! @Aneres11 both cute names, I'd probably lean towards Mila.
  13. I'll take a look at Redds later. I've got my first blue rose! It's in an old patch of reds I'd given up on, actually not sure how long it's been there!
  14. 92 here, my gates are open if anyone's interested. I haven't bought any for the last couple of weeks as I've got plenty of bells the bank.
  15. Yea I guess it depends how much everyone already has but we could all meet on an island and bring items for cataloguing. With Nook miles items it's probably easier to do it on here because you have to order in advance anyway!
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