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  1. Oh jeez, this'll be incredibly tough given how varied the 3DS's library is! Dx Animal Crossing: New Leaf Resident Evil Revelations Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Monster Hunter Generations Etrian Odyssey Nexus
  2. Rocket League

    @Glen-i @Sofiz I booted up the game just now, and it looks like you guys are already in a match. Can I join in when you're done? ^^
  3. Subject to change, since I haven't played the Wii in years: Xenoblade Chronicles Trauma Team Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Wii Sports (This is the big placeholder game that'll probably get changed.)
  4. Rocket League

    *Intense sweating* S-Such a hard fought battle! I didn't think it'd require so much effort just to get an achievement, but thank god that crucible is over! tl;dr Yee.
  5. Rocket League

    I'm ready! Looks like Sofiz is online as well, so that just leaves Nick. ^^
  6. Rocket League

    What would you describe “afternoon” as? I’ll be at work and probably won’t be online ‘till around 5:30PM that day. Edit: For those interested as well, my RocketID is "Vanilla#3207".
  7. Rocket League

    Sure, I’m down to get this achievement! Although I’m actually at work right now, so could we try to arrange for it to be done sometime later tonight? I’ll be free anytime after 7PM. ^^
  8. Rocket League

    Done! Anyone else is free to hit me up if they wanna share Steam IDs.
  9. The Witcher 3: Complete Edition

    It's honestly a feat of technology, being able to put The Witcher 3 onto the Switch. I'd definitely recommend it to anybody whose a fan of RPGS or the like. It's a solid game with great worldbuilding, amazing visuals (not so sure on the Switch tho. huehuehue. :P) and the greatest card game in all of existence; GWENT!!!
  10. Super Cool Guy celebrates birthday

    Happy birthday, @S.C.G !!!
  11. Rocket League

    I actually bought this game during the Steam Sale earlier during the week! Dunno if there's any spaces available, but I can try to play whenever there's a chance to.
  12. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Wii U)

    Oh man, this game was an utter gem to play. I backed it yeaaaaars ago, so it's quite the surreal experience getting to actually play some concept you invested in. On paper, it's definitely more akin to the Sorrow games than most other Metroidvanias, albeit more fleshed out. Grinding for shards is one thing, but then buffing them from monster drops really adds an extra bit of depth to the grinding hell that these games can be known for. Techniques were fairly nifty, but they really seem to be biased more towards the katana than any other weapon type in the game. Bit disappointing, that. Bosses were... okay? I dunno. They certainly felt more memorable in CoTM but you can argue the difference in gameplay is probably the root of it. The meticulous patterns you need to follow and learn in CoTM defintiely stuck with me more than just being able to melt them with a spammy barrage of TEPS OCEUS. ^^; I've got more to say on the game, but I'll come back to it when I've got more free time. That's just some initial thoughts on the whole game so far.
  13. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

    Well, I'm alive! Kinda. So it turns out that Mystery Dungeon is somewhat addicting. And by somewhat, I mean beating Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Sky and working my way through Super Mystery Dungeon since I last logged into this place. ^^; Blue was pretty good, EoS was awesome and so far I really appreciate the gameplay changes that Super has made.
  14. Filled it out too. Best of luck with whatever you're doing. ^^ Though I did have a small chuckle at listing "Pokemon Go" as an exclusive Nintendo IP.
  15. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

    Is this a vague at yourself? Feels like the Kecleon profile aesthetic of yours tells some sort of story. I'll definitely keep an eye out for SMD! The reviews I've seen tended to be mediocre, but we all know that mainstream gaming media dislike anything they can't shovel down their throats in a few hours.