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  1. Skull and Bones (XB1/PS4/PC)

    There was a part where I explored a port town and a ship wreck but it was pretty uninspiring to be honest. Looks like you can dock in certain areas, perhaps there are ones more interesting
  2. Skull and Bones (XB1/PS4/PC)

    So I played an hour or so yesterday of the Open Beta. It felt distinctly average. The main gripe I had was camera and aiming settings couldn't be adjusted in the Beta so it soured my whole experience. Such an odd thing to block. You can adjust your sailing camera...Great. In terms of gameplay and graphics well let's start with Gameplay. It got mildly interesting during sections where you're fighting other ships but there didn't really feel like there was any sense of tactics or nuance to the combat. Now weapons etc can be upgraded but actual combat itself just felt like me and the other ship circling each other until one got destroyed. Sailing the open water felt a bit dull. I can't put my finger on it. Perhaps because the ship I had wasn't really that fast so I'm sure that might change. Thing is in Sea of Thieves at least there's things to do while you sail. Checking map coordinates, making minor adjustments to your bearing, keeping an eye out for enemy ships etc. Here you are just sailing from point A to B with nothing to do other than, if you want, starting fights with other ships but then that leaves you vulnerable if you're heading for a contract where you have to fight enemy ships lol. I also felt it just wasn't particularly easy to play. How they approach button configuration feels really off. Graphically it is massively underwhelming. I appreciate this is a Beta but man, really not impressed. For a game in development so long I'm really surprised. The positives for the moment however I did feel the community, at the time I played, was respectful and worked together. I would join people taking on enemy ships and vice versa. It happened quite organically so that was quite cool. It's certainly not a game I'd spend any money on as it just didn't pull me in. There was no immediate story hook either. You just play some voiceless pirate who has no real backstory other than surviving a ship battle. Again this might likely get explored later but if the gameplay doesn't draw you in sometimes a good story hook can. Wasn't there for me. So to summarise I might play it again if it's on game pass but that'd be it.
  3. Skull and Bones (XB1/PS4/PC)

    So the Open Beta is out Thursday. I'll give it a go, any of you considering it? Seems like Duke Nukem Forever in that it was in development hell and finally pushed over the line. I've not been massively conscious of this game so have no expectations
  4. Tried the demo. Saw someone posted it online too if you can't be bothered to play it yourself but wanna see gameplay. Plays well, looks nice. I honestly can't remember the original other than I did enjoy it. I might pick this up in a sale not full price.
  5. IInteresting, maybe he's possessed and it will get worse over the course of the game
  6. General Retro Discussion

    Haha glad to be have been of service. It's on the NES expansion pass for Switch if you want to relive the mems
  7. General Retro Discussion

    Apologies if this has already been shared I didn't even know it existed! I'm a massive fan of the original NES game it was one of the first I owned. Sure it borrowed heavily off Ninja Gaiden but I think it's enough of its own game. I only recently completed as I could never do it as a kid. Now there's a remake which looks to introduce some modern elements and probably ease on the difficulty, maybe. Excited for this one! Shadow of the Ninja Reborn
  8. I am quite mixed on this game. I love the Indy franchise, excluding Crystall Skull, but I've not actually played any games. From a story and gameplay perspective it certainly peaks my interest. The comparisons to Tomb Raider make me chuckle, as someone mentioned before who ripped off who when Indy was the probably the inspiration for Lara and Nathan's games. The other comments about 1st vs 3rd person, well for me I respect they came to that decision for a reason. The gameplay and what the developer wants to achieve should dictate the perspective, not the genre or what other games in the genre do. The only thing I can't shake is the facial animations. They feel a little robotic I'm not sure if it's the lip syncing being off in the trailer but even the intro where they show the villain he has a really wobbly head for some reason. Apart from that, I'm certainly interested in this one even if I'm not a fan of the Wolfenstein games happy to see what they do here.
  9. Palworld

    Very true. It's certainly going to be interesting to watch how this pans out. Nintendo have gone after more small fry than these guys before. I guess I'm not going to be objective anyway as I don't really play this genre 😜 I showed my boy and the first thing he said is it was a new Pokemon game haha
  10. Palworld

    Sorry meant to say the streamers 😀
  11. Palworld

    Anyone played this? I have just been watching footage at the moment. These sorts of games hold no interest for me anyway. Just like Ark didn't. But I'm watching gameplay and i'm just like, what is the hype?? I feel it's an example of people jumping on the bandwagon and trying desperately to ignore the fact that it is completely uninspiring and broken in order to get on the trend train. I would not be shocked if most people playing this are just using it as a vehicle to increase their viewer numbers without genuinely enjoying it. It literally looks like a game designed for streamers. I know I'm making judgments on a game I've not played so might have to Game Pass it just so I can have a more informed opinion but I honestly don't get it.
  12. Funny I wonder if they'll have the original controls as an option? I imagine they would it seems to be the case for most remasters.
  13. Hahaha I tend to sneak in every now and again! Though I've never found a community like this one so may stick around this time who knows lol. Reddit is pretty toxic! What I like about these remasters and remakes is reworked controls. I loved what they did with Goldeneye on Xbox literally felt like I was playing a different game!
  14. The original games bypassed me as I never owned a PS1 I was an N64 kid so I'm going to give it a go anyway I enjoyed the recent games so be good to play the OG games for the first time.