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  1. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    You can play with her if you equip a cookie to an equipment slot, which are usually used for stuff like extra damage, extra hearts etc. So you lose a slot there, but she has one extra heart compared to Cuphead/Mugman. Further, she has a double jump which is extremely useful, and a dodge roll. So basically a bigger moveset for mobility and dodging. And I agree with HoT, the game is difficult but not insanely difficult. I've seen your reaction skills in Mario Kart and Smash Bros. so I'm guessing you're fine. Have you finished the final level of Mario 3D World? Because I haven't but I have finished Cuphead. It's all about learning patterns and choosing the right loadout.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    This Friday there's a European online Smash Tournament hosted by Nintendo. Top 100 players win 1000 gold points, top 25 get 2500 points. Runs from 17:00 to 19:00 UK time (18:00-20:00 CEST). https://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2022/December/Stay-warm-with-the-Super-Smash-Bros-Ultimate-European-Online-Challenge-Winter-Rumble--2306299.html
  3. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    I finished the DLC earlier this year and really loved it. I think the DLC is about the same difficulty, but if you choose Ms. Chalice as a character it kind of works as an easy mode due to her moveset. Bosses are as creative as ever, and there is some variety with a tower with bosses based on parrying. It doesn't do anything revolutionary different, but it's more Cuphead and that is a very good thing.
  4. Pocket Card Jockey (eShop)

    I have a feeling this will just be a smartphone port, and we're not going to see it on Switch.
  5. Some more footage doing rounds on YouTube, going to put this one in spoilers for those who don't want to see more:
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Indeed he has.
  7. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    I'm really curious to see if they're going to iron out the worst performance issues, or just go oh well and work on the inevitable DLC.
  8. What Have You Bought?

    Just like @killthenet I've decided to get myself one of these, found one for a good price second-hand: It's indeed quite a hassle to set up, but I've enjoyed a bit of SNES, GBA and even some Resident Evil 4 on it. N64 and GC I need to look into, it'll require more tinkering to get it working a bit more smooth. But so far it's a pretty enjoyable little thing!
  9. Pets are funnies

  10. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    I won't have much time to play this weekend so I'll probably grab it from the Nintendo webshop to get the steel case, along with some platinum point goodies. I still haven't decided yet, I'm leaning towards Violet for the starter and the future vibe, but Scarlet being the underdog makes me want to grab that one. Think I'm going for grass cat as well!
  11. Wii U 10 Year Anniversary

    I never got around to getting one. At the time I was satisfied with my 3DS and PC, especially as most of the interesting series came out on the 3DS. Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Street Fighter IV, Pokémon, and even a version of Smash Bros. I'm glad though that I can experience the biggest WiiU titles on my Switch, because in retrospect it would have been bad if I would never have enjoyed a title such as Super Mario 3D World.
  12. Splatoon 3

    Have you tried the Tableturf Battle card game @Hero-of-Time? May be a fun single player bit to try out if you're still looking to get some more worth out of it. I finished the single player last week as well, although not 100% it yet, that'll be my next order of business. Levels are nice and diverse, some take precision like the rail-grinding ones, and I really enjoyed the puzzle where you have to copy a statue with crates. I loved the finale, it kind of makes me think that the rest of the single player should have been structured like that, Curious if they go that way with the paid single player DLC. Now bring on Big Run! I can use some Salmon Run extravaganza as that is my favourite mode to play.
  13. Do we have to ask for Hollow Knight Silksong again? Yes we do! Come on Team Cherry, it's bloody time!
  14. Indie World Showcase (November 9 18:00 CET)

    The hype is... *chirp chirp chirp* Some decent titles, I think ONI and Have a Nice Death stood out for me. Fun to see a Dutch dev there with Once Upon a Jester. Plus we get an OCD simulator!
  15. Splatoon 3

    Now that I've finished my first playthrough of Bayonetta, it's time to pick this up again. I've been enjoying it, there's a lot to do in Splatopolis. I'm slowly working my way through the single player, which is a lot better than the one in Splatoon 2 (didn't play the Octo Expansion though). Salmon Run is a joy to play, with some new bosses and a superboss around this time. Turf War is still good as always, although I haven't played that many matches yet. Same goes for the Ranked Mode, although it's nice to play some Rainmaker or Splatzones again! And if you really don't know what to do there is always the card game to enjoy. Two things still bother me though. Why are we still locked on two stages per game mode? And why do I still get kicked out of lobbies when the game changes the stages?
  16. Bayonetta 3 (28th October)

    I've finished the game earlier this week (kind of blasted through it for review purposes). It's amazing. Graphics may be the biggest letdown, as the Switch is definitely struggling at points and is now showing that it can not really hold these kind of ambitious projects. PlatinumGames have crammed a ton of different gameplay in the game without straying too far from the core: straight-up action. The Demon Slave mechanic is more balanced than I thought it would be. As you can summon them whenever, you'd think it's way too overpowered but it costs magic plus you are vulnerable to hits as you can't move. Some of the Demons you find are insane, not going to spoil them though Viola is a nice addition although I do prefer Bayonetta to play with. The Jeanne 80s spymovie sequences are also a fun intermission in between regular chapters. Soundtrack is intense, and the storytelling is even more wild this time. The general plot isn't that great, but the way it's executed scores points. The ending is wild though, again, not going to spoil it! And there is still plenty to find and unlock, so will definitely put some more time in this.
  17. Bayonetta 3 (28th October)

    First 3 hours in and man oh man what a ride. Bayonetta is as sassy as ever, action is bigger than ever, and some sequences change up the gameplay completely. Won't say too much until I finish it and not to spoiler anything but it's a rollercoaster alright!
  18. I've been playing this game recently, and finished the campaign early this week: After that I decided to keep on playing a little bit to unlock the 3 extra worlds, plus to get all the materials for crafting the extra songs. And I enjoyed it a lot! I've never played a KH game, but I do remember watching the trailer with Simple and Clean as the soundtrack over and over. The game is brimming with content. So many songs, 3 levels of difficulty plus a bunch of extra modes and settings to change playstyle. It's great to have some Disney songs included, like Let It Go, or remixes of Disney songs. But it's also a treat to hear the original soundtrack of the KH games. Visually it does get distracting sometimes, and the timing took a couple of songs to get used to. Enemies pop up unexpectedly now and then which feels unfair but it's definitely not a dealbreaker and does not happen too often. The whole story kind of went over my head, but I know the series is notorious for having an uncomprehensible story anyway. Nice to see they make it canon at the end, definitely what fans of the series wanted. All in all a great package, I wasn't expecting this when I picked it up on a whim for a tenner. Now please please please Nintendo, make a game like this with the Smash Bros. Ultimate soundtrack!
  19. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

    I'm definitely interested but at the moment I have Splatoon 3 to play and Bayonetta 3 coming up. Knowing Ubi games will go half price within half a year, I can wait for it.
  20. Resident Evil 4 Remake - 24th March 2023

    You can. Get a Steam Deck, buy RE4, download the graphics mod, and use gyro aiming settings. Voila!
  21. Bayonetta 3 (28th October)

    New trailer: Alternative Bayonettas, a stealth minigame, controllable Demon Slaves. This game is starting to look amazing, although I guess this means the story will be even more all over the place then in parts 1 and 2. Can't wait!
  22. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    What the hell was that? I'm getting too old for this:
  23. This. The voices as we know them are good for the games, but I couldn't stomach 1,5 hours of Martinet Mario, a shrill Toad and a rumbling Bowser. Plenty of humour in the teaser already, and happy seeing Luigi is there!
  24. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Having that Pokémon as the thumbnail for the video also didn't help in the surprise. One thing that bugged me the most is that the top half of those picknick sandwiches look extremely realistic and not fitting in with the rest of the art style at all haha. Also:
  25. So apparently Retro worked on a Wii Zelda game that never saw the light. DYKG has an exclusive video including interviews. The game was to focus on the last male Sheikah. Haven't watched the whole thing yet but damn! Quite a discovery and I never knew this was in the works.