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    • A neeeeew record... (though not one to celebrate) one single player of a terrible Transformers mobile game has spent $150,000 on microtransactions. 150K... that's just... obscene, I mean... there are no words. So... Activision Blizzard are ironically a lot like a lot of stuff which is "Made in China"... ...nothing more than cheap crap. (and that's putting it mildly)
    • Saw Joker on Sunday evening. It was...fucking amazing. Came out of the cinema and wanted to go back in to watch it all over again. 
    • Was just browsing through the PS4 games on the Argos site and noticed that there have been some new additions to the PlayStation Hits range. The new God of War and Uncharted: Lost Legacy are some great additions, I didn't realise they had so many recent games for so cheap. 
    • In case my face explodes from this ongoing sinusitis I just wanted to make my feels clear. I hate all of you. This is all your fault.
    • I've managed to play an hour and a half so far and as expected, I'm enjoying it. The Witcher 3 is my favourite game of this generation and of all time and even with the downgrades, it's still very impressive to be playing it on what is essentially a handheld. Yes, things look a bit blurry and there's a few frame rate drops, especially during cutscenes, textures are more blurry and lack detail, but by and large it still looks the same. The amount they've managed to retain visually is astonishing given the hardware constraints. The lighting in particular still looks fantastic and given some of the visual downgrades, gives the game a slight watercolour look (I saw someone jokingly calling it The Witcher 3: Monet Edition). Character models still look great and things like enemies being sliced up during combat have been retained and look great as well. Audio wise, it all still sounds great, though it sounds a little quiet out of the Lite's speakers. Definitely a headphones kind of game if you're playing handheld. I did notice the drop in quality for some of the speech, mainly in the scenes with Yennefer so far which sounded a bit tin-y. But other wise, it sounds good and hearing that soundtrack and all the ambient sounds as I was travelling around White Orchard have me real nostalgic feels and makes me so happy to be back in that world. I'm still getting used to the controls and I'm definitely missing the shortcuts for getting to the inventory and map that there were on the PS4 courtesy of the touch pad. Perhaps there are some shortcuts there, I'll look later and see. One tip: I will say for anyone who does pick it up, you can bug out the combat tutorial with Vesemir if you choose to do it (you can skip but I decided to do it as I wanted a refresher with it being on a new console). You'll have your task come up under the mini map on the right of the screen and then button press instructions on the left. If you just belt through the tutorial, those instructions don't keep up with you and so you can get stuck unless you reload your game file. So take the combat tutorial slowly and wait for each instruction to appear on screen and complete it then otherwise you'll have to reload. A weird bug but one most new players to the game shouldn't encounter. But yeah, it's The Witcher 3 just with a visual downgrade but it's still fantastic. All the content is here to give you so much to play and I know I'm easily going to spend so much time in here again. CD Projekt Red and Saber Interactive have done a phenomenal job bringing the game to the console. I don't know when I'll move on from White Orchard as I tend to do all the side quests so I probably won't update until I've hit Velen and got to Novigrad to see what the game is like there.
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