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    • Celebration London tickets on sale on Thursday
    • Everybody's Golf It's funny, at the start of the month I played through Mario Golf (N64 version) on the Switch and here I am at the end of the month playing the prequel to that game. I say prequel because Camelot clearly just stuck a Mario skin on this game and called it a day. Apart from the characters and look of the courses, the games are pretty much identical. This game even features Donkey Kong as well! Just like Mario Golf, you unlock characters in the VS mode by beating them on a course of your choosing. More courses are unlocked by the points/exp you gain from winning tournaments and the harder the tournament, the more points you earn. It's hilarious how very little changed between this and Mario Golf.   @drahkon I played through and won tournaments 1, 3, 4 and that was enough to unlock the courses. There was no need to replay any of them in order to grind points.  
    • Something something broken clock, something something...
    • Can I finally haz Steam Deck plz?
    • It's dangerous enjoying a new Star Wars show, it's always puts me in the mood for more which means I end up spending money. Just ordered another 2 Star Wars omnibus'
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