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    • And that's Tony Hawk's Underground done. All 126 goals and every secret tape found as well as the 3 old skool levels. The first thing that stuck out to me was how much quicker everything is. Less waiting around, more skating. I get the feeling that this game was actually optimised for the Gamecube, because the loading times are more than twice as fast as previous entries. They're so fast that the loading bar never actually gets full. It rarely even makes it halfway. Now, I've never played the PlayStation version, but I can't imagine it's bigger discs helped matters there. I mean, why make a loading screen with a bar if all the vesions loaded as quick as the Gamecube one? The second thing was that I still enjoyed the plot, you create a skater and control him/her as they team up with their best friend, Eric Sparrow, to get sponsored by the local skate shop and eventually turn Pro. It's a pretty straightforward concept, but there's enough twists and turns to keep it interesting. The big mechanic addition is being able to get off your board. Apart from the obvious benefit of being able to quickly regain control of your movement, it can also help you to regain speed mid-combo for longer combos. You can't do this too often because of a "walk timer" that ends your combo if it runs out. I dig it. There are less goals compared to THPS4, I guess something had to give for there to be, you know, an actual plot. On the plus side, there's actual difficulty options, which is nice and can help with repeat playthroughs. Half tempted to play through Sick Difficulty. So yeah, I still think this is the best Tony Hawk game, at least on Gamecube. Haven't actually played the 1+2 remaster. I was hoping for that to come out on Switch, but with the latest Activision acquisition, I'm not too hopeful there...
    • I'll probably get into it myself to, I can watch it on my brother's account. Seems to be more interesting than I initially thought. I suspect, to answer your question, we need to wait until the show's over however. Though I also suspect they will try to keep it fun for newcomers as well. But there are rumours that things tie in to the bigger Marvel universe, Dr. Strange and his multiverse to be specific. Plus there are other characters, one for example is more associated with Captain Marvel (from what I understand).
    • I watched the first three episodes myself (the only ones out at the moment), but since the Disney+ month is coming to an end, I'll take a break from it until my household collectively decides to get another month. @Ronnie I'd say the only required watching is Infinity War + Endgame (for the reasons you already stated), but Age of Ultron may help a lot, for the added context (that film is the main source of backstory for both Wanda and Vision, so that's convenient). Here is a summed up version of their backstory, in case you don't want to watch it: I'm not sure how much of that will be relevant, but I think I got all the important bits
    • I found a guide on Metal Slime farming if you would like, if not I'll spoiler tag it.
    • I'll be watching Wandavision in the next couple of days, and as someone who's not really a Marvel fan is there anything I need to know about the characters or setting that'll help me get through the series without being completely lost? Any brief insight would be great  All I know is Vision is Iron Man's ex-AI somehow made walking and talking and who *spoiler* in Endgame. 
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