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    • So as many Metroid players know the game is a great one for expert players to sequence break, getting items early and getting to section early. Well it seems this game is no different and people are already doing that. However the best part Is that the developers put something in the game for those that are finding this. Gonna put it in spoiler tags just in case. 
    • Going to throw my impressions into spoiler tags as I'll be talking about bosses and items and whatnot.
    • Maybe DC would have been served better by doing Solo movies first, who knows, but that wasn’t the reason why their Universe has failed to to take off like Marvel’s. Shite movies is why DC is lagging, and will continue to lag.
        Also Ezra Miller is terrible casting. Want to give him a chance but he has no relation to the characters in the comics (Allen or West), and the jokey persona they’ve given him instead was insubstantial in a team up movie, let alone in a solo. 
    • Got all items yesterday and had a go at the final boss. That didn't end well for me but got it to phase two. Will try again tonight. That's understandable, if you worked on the game, you are in the credits - period.
    • https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/10/metroid-dread-developer-leaves-names-out-of-credits-ex-staffers-say/   Looks like some people aren't particularly happy about not being credited...
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