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    • Chapter 5 was fucking. outstanding. I don't think I've ever shouted at the tv when the end credits popped up, simply wanting MORE. 10/10, which seems to be exactly what its Rotten Tomatoes score is.
    • Haha no worries - these are forums, not your phone - it's made with people on their own time in mind

      World Level - nada, ofc already considered that. I'm Level 3 worldwise, and you can only step down when you're WL5. In some ways the good thing is I haven't; ascended to 4/AR35 yet cos I'd be even more fucked then probably being relatively at the bottom. What's super annoying is I wanted to try that prop hunty event mode in past week or two and I can't even matchmake for that. It's really, really, really, really REALLY fucking bad design. Making your own game cockblock your players is a fucking madness - and it's really really turned/turning me off.

      I'd like to level more of the team - but tbh until this I can't afford it. You mention Raiden, I haven't quite left Liyue yet but I'm presuming given what I know of Inazuma and the Shogun that you're referring to a few things in that area. Maybe one day I'll be allowed out of Tianqui Valley but until then, presume me dead and gone. My characters can rot to skeletons there for all this fucking game is doing for me with it. It's almost a troll in itself to test how much people will keep playing - I intend to maybe beat it but I'm in no rush. After that also fuck the game next time it even tries to mug me off this is real fucking last straw this fucking shit. I realise how mad I sound to anyone not in it but srsly...it's shocking to see in a game these days; especially when it could be adjusted etc. Maybe I'm just some shitty western gweilo who doesn't know the way of the old masters but even so...fuck you and your old masters! Make better fucking games! This ain't a fucking SNES or Mega Drive era patch that shit you dickshits.
    • There is a recently translated interview with Shigeru Miyamoto from 1999 about Ocarina of Time, that has some funny and interesting stuff in it: https://shmuplations.com/ocarinaoftime/    
    • I remember that quest, and it was not fun =_= And I have no idea why they thought that was a good thing to implement either. Really bad game design. Sorry for being inactive here, there's been a lot of stuff to do at my new job. I've been playing more genshin lately, and it's good to be back again after a long break. If I recall correctly, there are a few quests that force you out of co-op, but none that are as hard as this. Have you tried setting your world rank back a level? Can you do that yet? I hope you figure it out Rummy.  As for your team, Bennet is known as the only Six star character in the game xD. He's incredible, and is in every team I run. Amber though, ugh... she's best left alone in Mondstadt. She's nice as a character, but none of her abilities are any good in combat. Xiangling is incredible (I use her a lot), as well as Lisa in early game. But if you want to use some strong characters, I would recommend using Sucrose, she's pretty strong, and has a large AOE. But I don't really know that much about what teams are the best or not.  As for me, I'm a Raiden main, and have unlocked a lot of characters by playing for quite a long time. For my main team I use Xiangling, Raiden, Bennet and Xingqiu. These do a ton of damage if you stack their attacks correctly. Wouldn't mind hopping into your world and helping you out now and again when/if you get past the mission. 
    • Which is why we've started Halo 2. It's been great...
      Mission structure is much more varied, the game looks prettier (which is not surprising, most sequels do), no audio bugs (so far). 
      ...but. The crashes. HOLY HELL, those crashes. In two hours of gaming, our sessions crashed 17 - seventeen!!! - times. First we thought it had to do with some settings or the fact that we used the Windows voice chat (Discord was down for a while) but after looking around on the wonderful internet, we found out that we are not alone with these issues. Co-op seems to suffer from serious technical difficulties which haven't been fixed. This is beyond ridiculous, to be honest.  Such a shame that two of the three Halo games we've played so far have been/are crazy buggy... Well...guess we'll just push through. The game's fun, the story is intriguing, and you can still bitchslap your fellow marines.  Really hope the sequels are optimized a lot better, though.
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