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    • @Dcubed has one. Miracle machine, that.
    • With all the heat complaints, you guys ever consider a portable air con device? We got one about 8 years ago when we used to live in a flat that would roast you alive in the summer. It's honestly one of the best purchases we have ever made. We live in a house now but it still works wonders during hot weather like this, it basically renders whichever room it's in completely comfortable.
    • Only if he's upside down, because if he's not upside down, why even bother?
    • I... I tried to get Tibarn. Going all colourless, occasionally going blue for a 4-star Geese... Right at the beginning, I get a random Nils. Like, of all things, right? Then I get Geese, so I only focus on Colourless... And I eventually get pity-broken by Brave Camilla (*sigh* I didn't have this one, but Camilla keeps doing this, why?). Next day, I get an inkling of a feeling, right? This is it. I go all in on those colourless orbs, and near the end I cave in, I buy that starter's pack with a handful of orbs for a low price (less than 5€). With those orbs I go for the last colourless orb and... ... ...It's Claude I'm so conflicted. I love Claude, and not getting him was the straw that uninstalled the camel's back last year... But why now? Of all banners, why pity-break me like this? His brave self was coming to me for sure next week! ...Maybe it's a sign I should make Claude my avatar instead.
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