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    • I think you might be getting confused with event quests that take place in the arena. Those let you take your equipment, so it's effectively just another quest, albeit with a special quest reward. But arena quests (those that give you preset equipment), don't do this. One thing I have noticed though is that arena quests don't allow any carting what-so-ever. 1 person faints, it's all over. A bit more strict then previous games, that generally allowed 9 carts.
    • I've really struggled to get into the US season, not sure if it's the characters or if i'm just a bit burnt out on the concept giving the whirlwind that was UK season 3 so I'm gonna give it a few weeks before I dive back in. Have you guys got yourselves in deep or nay?
    • There's a demo for AI: The Somnium Files (on Switch at least. Don't know which other consoles/stores also have it), in case you're still on the fence. I played it and thought it was fantastic.
    • I'll be ordering the physical, and will therefore have to wait until end of the year. I actually finally decided to finish Root Letter recently.. And in short I don't recommend it. It did get me in the mood for other visual novels, I was considering the recently released sequel, as I like the artstyle, but from what I read in a review, gameplay and structure (for as much you get this particular visual novel) seems to be pretty much the same as Root Letter, so this put me off. Not sure if I'll give it a chance now. However, being in the mood for visual novels, I also decided to do more playthroughs of World End Syndrome. Unlike Root Letter, I did finish a playthough back when I got it, but as typical for these games, to get the true ending you must unlock every ending, and I wasn't in the mood to play through it multiple times in a short period. I still haven't seen all the endings yet, I'll save the last few for later, but this game I would recommend. Edit: But AI: the Somnium Files like @Dcubed mentions is also great. Better overall perhaps even, though less of a pure visual novel. Which reminds me, I still need to watch the ending for it. There's a bug associated with it, but there seems to be a work-around.
    • I thought I remembered getting items from arena awards that were used to make armour? Ah I forgot the old N-E code....will use that from now on
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