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    • Not really because its not like its something I consciously did, just the way I turned out.  Practice I guess.  Trying to remember you may make mistakes or whatever but it is seldom life or death (unless you're secretly a doctor).  But it will come with experience.  Just pretend all the parents are from kN-Eeeeeee.
    • Any tips that you can give me, braaah? I'm going to spend half term looking at ways to improve this. I guess that it was extra tricky with it being my first time. Hashtag popping my cherry. I've spent yesterday and today chilling with the cats.   Yeah, the formal aspect of it just made it seem a million times more difficult. Plus, it's meant to be a semi-religious type of event, so it's difficult to pitch it. So, I just kept it really simple and short. I think I did the right thing. 
    • Just checked out the rap that you were just talking about. Amazing!
    • Thanks, @Ike I ordered it! Every time I think my 3DS is done I find yet another reason to come back to it
    • I've always found Neogaf to be a pretty awful place for the most part, full of hot takes, spoilers and too many gifs but I still found it to be useful for breaking news so would check it occasionally because it's members always seemed to be ahead of the curve. The dissolution of the site won't mean the end for those members though, I'm sure in a couple of weeks there will be another forum up and running under a different name, there are enough members to ensure that a new site would be easily crowdfunded. 
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