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  1. Rocket League

    I'm about to hit 300 hours in Rocket League and I've basically only every played the standard 2v2 and 3v3 games and I don't think I'll ever really bother with the other modes! Crazy value for money 😃
  2. Rocket League

    Haha.. we jumped into it by mistake and backed out after about 15 seconds 😆
  3. Wave Race: Blue Storm Metroid Prime Resident Evil 4 Killer 7 Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
  4. Grandia & Grandia II HD remasters heading to Switch

    I got a good chunk of the way through Grandia II on the Dreamcast a couple of years ago but moving house halted my progress and I've never found an opportunity to go back. I'm not really sure how much I was actually into it but I did enjoy the battle system and may consider the Switch version as an opportunity to go back and finish the game
  5. Starlink: Battle for Atlas (do a barrel roll!)

    Funnily enough, I tried Starlink out yesterday too for the first time. The controller is definitely cumbersome but my main issue is that I just can't be bothered with the game I bought it for the Arwing at £12 a few weeks ago so a decent game would be a bonus but as soon as I jumped in and was following yellow markers on the screen again and again I was out. I didn't think I'd like the game and, from what little I've played, I don't!
  6. TV Endings

    Will we ever find out who shot Mr. Burns?
  7. I'm not a huge fan of the GBA so this was a difficult list to compile.. Golden Sun Metroid: Zero Mission Wario Ware Inc Mario vs Donkey Kong Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
  8. When I saw Mystical Ninja as the 10th entry I knew we were in trouble but I didn't realise just how much trouble until I reached #1 I don't even think Majora's Mask would make my Top 20 N64 games!
  9. Celeste

  10. Switch eShop Thread

    I'd love Top Gear Rally to get the same treatment as Turok and arrive on Switch with just a little bit of clean up in the graphics.. I love that game
  11. Celeste

    I started playing this morning It's still very early on but I'm definitely a little bit concerned that this is gonna be another Shovel Knight for me..
  12. I don't think I've even played 5 GBC games and any I may have played, such as Link's Awakening on 3DS or Perfect Dark, I haven't played for any more than about 15 minutes.. See you all in a couple of weeks
  13. It was hard enough narrowing things down to just 5 nominations without having to then try to select just 3 to vote for.. N64
  14. It was very close I've always said that Blue Storm is one of my favourite games ever and I played that several years before finally getting Wave Race 64 on eBay during my university days! If I had played it back when it came out and didn't have the nostalgia for Mario Kart 64 and all of the multiplayer fun we had, Wave Race 64 would have taken that spot.. but there are honestly so many games I hate having to leave out..
  15. It's almost impossible for me to narrow down my nominations to just 5 games for N64 as there's just too many games that I love for the greatest console ever made I'm having a bit of a struggle between my head and my heart due to certain games I feel maybe hold up better or I discovered after the N64 era versus the nostalgia of games I have nothing but fond memories of.. but here we go! - Super Mario 64 - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Goldeneye 007 - Banjo Kazooie - Mario Kart 64