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  1. General Retro Discussion

    Curious if anyone here has a different system?
  2. Football Season 2022/23

    I thought so too.. and now I'm not so sure 😅
  3. General Retro Discussion

    I'm so glad I picked up most of my collection when I did a decade or more ago. The prices are eye-watering these days I'd be heartbroken if anything ever happened to my games!
  4. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Also.. if there are any Resident Evil fans on the forum (nobody immediately springs to mind 😅) how do you learn to take the shackles off and stop letting the fear of leaving yourself short of health and ammo later in the game affect how you approach the game? I always have the problem of trying to ration things so strictly that I make these types of games ridiculously difficult for myself. On the flip side, though, Resident Evil Zero really screwed me over when I played it on Gamecube. I ended up hitting a brick wall!
  5. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Yeh.. I played it last year and wasn't particularly enthusiastic about it
  6. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (June 10th)

    The unfortunate truth
  7. Did someone say Wave Race..?
  8. Splatoon 3 Direct : 10.08.22 (2pm UK time)

    There's still a load of things I haven't really done in Splatoon 2 as I never really played it much online and maybe only played Salmon Run a couple of times. From what I saw today and recently starting Octo Expansion, I honestly don't think I need to get 3 and should just play 2 more while we still can! I'm sure I'll inevitably cave at some point (especially if the single player turns out to be more enjoyable than the disappointment of the campaign in Splatoon 2) but at the moment the sensible thing for me is just to not get caught up in any hype near release!
  9. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    I had a game of tennis a few days ago but the entire game is lacking that pulling power to keep drawing me back, especially when I feel like there's so much else to play As soon as I stopped forcing myself to keep chasing the unlockables (which happened pretty early on) then I've barely had reason to look near it. If Golf is the only addition to come, it's gonna be such a waste!
  10. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    Wasn't it meant to be September..?
  11. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    I played the original only a couple of years ago. The physics were obviously much better but I still hated it, for the most part!
  12. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    I haven't read every word of your mammoth post but this absolutely stood out to me as I just can't agree at all. For years, many people seemed to hold Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 up as the pinnacles of the series and the gold standard by which SEGA could never replicate with each disappointing sequel. In truth, Super Monkey Ball 2 is where it all started to fall apart In my head, with the gameplay of the original it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to come up with dozens of fun and challenging obstacle courses to test your skills with the analogue stick without having to constantly resort to cheap scenarios and frustrating gimmicks. There's way too much of that in Super Monkey Ball 2 and these feelings of apathy were further amplified when I played the already disappointing Banana Mania on Switch last year I genuinely can't understand why SEGA have such trouble with this!