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  1. Bob Rush Cyberpunk

    Did anyone pick this up? It caught my eye for £19.99 on Argos the other day so I decided to order it to give it a go. It's currently about £23 on eShop (sale ends tomorrow) and I was tempted to go that route but kinda feeling like I want the security of being able to sell it on if it doesn't quite click 😅 It hasn't arrived yet but should be with me early next week!
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

    I played for 15 minutes late last night in handheld mode just to see how it felt. I will not be doing that again 😅
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

    I'm more than happy for everyone to play the game however they desire. I will continue to play it the correct way!
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

    Motion controls all the way ⭐
  5. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

    I've just recently obtained the ability to swim. Plenty of fun still to be had 🔥
  6. WarioWare: Move It! (3rd November 2023)

    I'd say I never quite got into Get it Together as much due to the shift in gameplay but it's actually always fun to go back to and I appreciate it more each time I return. With the way you burn through games, I'd say you'd knock Move It out in a couple of hours and see pretty much everything there is to see 😅
  7. WarioWare: Move It! (3rd November 2023)

    I started the game a few months ago but got sidetracked by so many other things that I never really found the right opportunity to go back to finish it until this week! Dividing up the play sessions like that may have contributed to the game feel particularly light on content but, as is always the case with the series, it is great fun to play and really shines once you start aiming to beat your best scores 😃 The controls generally work well when you figure out how each game is supposed to be played (which can take an attempt or two on some occasions 😅) but I do sigh a little every time 'Hand Model' appears as the stance. Even with simple gestures like with Rock, Paper, Scissors, I never feel entirely confident it will register correctly but when it needs to count the number of fingers I'm holding up at an increasingly fast pace.. good luck! I can't even properly hold up 3 fingers that way with my right hand 😕 Small criticisms aside, I'd say it's worth the £24.99 or something I've seen it floating about for recently! It was never likely to dethrone WarioWare Gold as the absolute greatest anyway 😜
  8. Your 2024 Gaming Diary

    Just a little update since my last round of posts from X..
  9. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    I somehow made it to the final battle completely unprepared but I had absolutely no desire to leave and have to make my way there again so I persevered until I eventually won the battle 😅 If anything, it made the fight with Ganondorf a fun challenge rather than relying on countless specialised meals to keep me alive! Having ignored the depths throughout the game unless absolutely necessary, I had no resistance to gloom.. but the entire game was pretty much pure gloom for me, sadly. I commend you on finding all the shrines, @MindFreak 🙂 I did the bare minimum and was glad when it was over!
  10. Another Code will basically feel like a new game whether you remember the original games or not. The change of perspective and the redesigned puzzles add up to a different experience almost entirely. Unfortunately, there's nothing as inventive in Recollection as to what you will find in the spoiler above for Two Memories. Also, I didn't remember as much about A Journey Into Lost Memories on Wii other than it being considerably longer but the remake here reminded me that a lot of it involved inputting button combinations to unlock doors there too. However.. Again, I only finished it relatively recently but I don't recall anything as creative here at all, sadly. It's a pleasant enough game, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't really do anything impressive other than somehow trying to paint Richard's actions over the years (and even during the game) as anything other than completely abhorrent 😂
  11. I'd say more in terms of the lack of any desire from Konami to clean it up a little (I too appreciate the PS1 visuals but it would have been nice if it was all a little crisper, especially when stretched out over a modern display) and also I felt my controls were ever so slightly behind the action. Perhaps this was having come from Metal Gear Solid 2 first but there was a noticeable delay with the original! The other thing would be that I hoped to showcase Psycho Mantis using the power of his mind to my son but the Joy-Con + Grip combination didn't move across my coffee table at all 😅
  12. Definitely one of the greats 😃 I played through it on Switch recently too (after clearing Sons of Liberty) and it's obviously still a hell of a game but I came away feeling like it's probably not the best way to play the game, despite how glad I am own MGS 1-3 on Switch! As much hate as there seems to be around The Twin Snakes, I'd have loved for it to be here too 🥲
  13. That is a good question! I'll share these posts first.. I certainly didn't hate it. I remember having fun with it on 3DS as part of the Ambassador Scheme (way more than I ever expected) and was up for experiencing it again as I didn't remember any of the puzzles specifically after all this time. I didn't have quite the same fun with it here, sadly. It's still a good game with optional extra challenge there if your want it but I just wasn't feeling it the same this time and little frustrations were magnified closer to the end when I just wanted to be done with it. There were a few occasions where I died from hitting an enemy from an angle that the game didn't consider to be quite right but would likely have passed in every other Mario game I've played over the years. It wasn't a huge issue but I definitely noticed it happen more than once 😅 Mario vs DK was the third of a trilogy of games I ordered together towards the end of last year due to getting a good deal on The Game Collection. This selection also included Super Mario RPG and Another Code: Recollection. To be honest, they've all felt a lot like the late lifecycle filler titles that they probably are and I don't think I properly loved any of them. I never played Super Mario RPG before. I'm glad I've played it now and it is a very pleasant game but when I break it down and think about the cycle of moving a few steps, taking care of an absolute danger-free procession of a battle, taking a few more steps, clearing another battle and so on, I just don't know how enjoyable or satisfying that is, ultimately. Great vibes but as someone who isn't an RPG guy, it was only really that which pulled me through it, I guess! Another Code was more of a disappointment. I have decent memories of both of the original games (particularly Two Memories on DS) but without the novelty of the control schemes and the accompanying puzzles, Recollection ended up falling flat. Again, it was a nice enough game with good spirit but very little actual game to it. Hardly a huge surprise given the genre but I still felt it could have offered a little more on this department. The second game ends up just repeatedly asking for button inputs to unlock doors! I'm all for games coming back and there are many more remakes and remasters I would hope to see in future but beating all of these recent ones hasn't been as fulfilling as I hoped.
  14. I'll maybe have to listen back to that 😅 In fact, I sometimes think about listening back to a few old episodes (particularly those with a quiz) to see how they hold up. Hopefully won't be too embarrassed about some of the stuff I came out with 😂 Like @Nicktendo, I too had a bit of a dip during the Switch era where I ended up focusing on PS4 for a while but that feels like a distant memory now. Switch has been killing it for years now and I have too much to play on there as it is without even having to think about any other platform. In fact, while 2024 absolutely felt like the perfect time for the successor to arrive, I don't feel particularly aggrieved that it isn't! Time is, as always, a precious commodity and I'm taking what time I can to allow myself to play and enjoy the games I already own on Switch. After finishing Mario vs Donkey Kong, I recently started playing through Resident Evil 5. It's one of many games I've had access to for ages but has just been existing in the background without too much thought as to when its time might come. With the supposed delay of 'Switch 2' to 2025, I've suddenly felt the freedom to take pleasure in going through games that may not have found the opportunity otherwise. I'm certain I'll never be able to play everything I would like to play but I'm also assured that there is no desire to throw something like a PS5 into the mix. I'll just be waiting for the next Nintendo console, whenever that may be!