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  1. Super Mario Odyssey

    Haha.. I already popped a couple of your balloons this afternoon It seems like a pretty fun mode I wish we had it yesterday to avoid the pain of the coin hunt!
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Has there been any more speculation on the rumoured Ridge Racer game? I'm in the mood for a racing game in that sort of style but please.. no open world!
  3. Super Mario Odyssey

    Mario controls much better in Odyssey but I think I prefer more linear levels with Star Coins or whatever other extra collectables cunningly hidden away on each stage as it provides a better balance of platforming and exploration, for me Like I say, Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are great games that I invested 60+ hours into in both cases but I've never entirely been a fan of open world games, despite these two being exceptions to my usual apprehension. I feel like the next games in both series will provide more well rounded experiences with a better blending of traditional elements and modern tropes.
  4. Super Mario Odyssey

    That's pretty good timing for me as I've just finished the game this evening with 999 Moons. The only thing left to do is farm about 5000 more coins to obtain the final few costumes To be honest, the grind at the end wasn't exactly worth it with the 'reward' but it was a really great game overall. As with Breath of the Wild, though, I loved it but not enough to threaten my favourite games in either series. I'd be interested to play Super Mario 3D World again as I feel I probably enjoyed it more than Odyssey overall! The final level was good but nowhere near the difficulty of previous games. I'm not even sure my number of attempts reached double figures In one way, it's a shame it's over but ending it will help me focus better on other titles. I can't imagine ever wanting to 100% it again, unlike other Mario games, and I feel simply clearing it with the minimum number of moons will simply be too easy to be worthwhile..
  5. Sorry to hear that! Fortunately, I've never had anything like a lump in my throat. I constantly feel it in my chest as if something bad us about to happen and it doesn't go away though sometimes it is a lot worse than others. I honestly can't remember the last time I was completely relaxed I went to the doctor last year about it but I've been trying to deal with it without going down the route of medication or talking to someone just yet. I thought I was getting on top of it but it has been creeping up again recently! Hey.. maybe a those retro games are somehow linked to that feeling of care-free comfort as a kid! If you ever need to talk about anything, feel free to PM any time.
  6. I haven't got around to Frame Trap this week (partly because my FM Transmitter in the car has been unreliable of late ) but I really must listen to that! For the most part, I have everything I could ever conceivably want and yet I've been struggling with anxiety for the last couple of years (sometimes it's a lot worse than at other times) but my mood has definitely been affected a lot.
  7. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

    Metal Gear Solid is one of my favourite games of all time, whether it be the original PS1 release or The Twin Snakes (which I also played first, @drahkon, though I saw plenty of the PS1 game at my friends' house) The series has since declined to the point where I still can't be bothered to dip into The Phantom Pain..
  8. Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit

    Haha.. if you saw the stuff he buys you would ABSOLUTELY change your mind on that one PLUS he's even worse than me about harkening back to the good old days!
  9. Doom

    I've just updated DOOM and I'll try out the motion controls a little later. The menu icon has now changed to reflect the boxart, which is what I wanted all along!
  10. Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit

    Yeh.. my brother still plays the XBOX version of one of the old Championship Manager titles as he disliked how complicated subsequent versions became too!
  11. Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit

    I haven't played Football Manager but I remember trying to start up a 4 player game of Championship Manager with my brother and friends back in the late 90s. By the time we had all picked our teams, bid for a few players and lost a couple of friendlies I was already bored beyond belief
  12. Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit

    Haha.. you're definitely not selling it to me here Football Manager bores me to play never mind watch!
  13. Super Mario Odyssey

    I forgot there was an update coming for this in February! It must be soon, right..? I'm past 800 moons now and trying to clear find everything I can before entering either of the last 2 worlds. I'm kinda glad to know there's still areas I haven't explored at all yet as while the game may be amazing, the moon hunt perhaps isn't as enthralling as I may have hoped! Presumably I'm saving the best for last..
  14. At 6, they're unlikely to be particularly careful with the hardware and 3D wouldn't be advised for that age so I'd probably go with the much cheaper original 2DS option
  15. Nintendo Labo (april 27th 2018)

    Thanks.. I saw that I think they take payment straight away if the release date is more than 28 days away so I may just hold out and see if anything comes up between now and then!