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  1. Switch eShop Thread

    I just happened to nip into the eShop the other night and saw this! The SNES game is great (I have it, but haven't fully beat it, on the Wii Virtual Console) so I'm wondering what is so different about this version that it justifies a £26.99 price tag? It's the sort of game Is love to download on Switch but not at that price!
  2. God of War (PS4)

    I'm currently playing God of War and I'm not entirely sure what the fuss is about the graphics. It looks like a PS2 game.. Oh wait.. this is the PS2 game With all of the excitement around the current game, I've decided it's about time to try the series properly having only ever played about 3 hours of the original PS2 release about 4 years ago. I started a fresh save file and am just over an hour in but it's decent enough so far and has me wondering if it's worth going through all 3 of the main games before I eventually pick up God of War on PS4 somewhere down the line..
  3. Football Season 2017-18

    I'm just hoping we hold on to the 3 points. We'll almost be certain of top 4 with a win and can focus on the Champions League rather than having any slight concern about Chelsea somehow sneaking in!
  4. BEST IN THE BIZ! I'm glad we could be of service
  5. God of War (PS4)

    If I had been the one to come in here and say that, I'd have got murdered
  6. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I'm pretty sure the last Ubisoft game I got was Zombi U back near the beginning of the Wii U's life! Pandora Tomorrow on Gamecube is the most 'recent' Splinter Cell I've played so I have no idea how the franchise currently stands but the obsession with making everything open world needs to stop. I can't even bring myself to play Metal Gear Solid V because of the open nature of it and just how long it apparently is For me, more linearity can provide a much greater focus and a more fine-tuned experience as the developers can perfectly lay out interesting scenarios for the player to figure out rather than having to try to account for countless different outcomes and strategies. Obviously I can see the merit in giving the player huge amounts of freedom but not every game needs to have it.
  7. WipEout Omega Collection

    It's definitely growing on me While I initially focused on 2048, I found myself in a position one day where my only three options for progression were all zone challenges. For whatever reason, I didn't fancy doing one that day so I moved onto HD for the time.being and am probably having a better time as it feels more like the old WipEout and the novice difficulty is much more forgiving
  8. Konami were undoubtedly the king of football games during the late 90s and early 00s with ISS and ISS Pro, which became Pro Evolution Soccer. The franchise obviously had a difficult transition into the HD era though we got some fantastic Wii entries during this time The change of gameplay in 2011 was the start of PES clawing their way back though 2014 was a massive step back after the progress of the previous years. Since PES 2016, though, it's been we'll and truly back on top in the gameplay department. Unfortunately, the lack of licences seems to be bothering me more as I get older and the loss of the Champions League licence is only going to be yet another blow
  9. General Switch Discussion

    It would be disappointing but I'd still be happy to get it I was always kinda gutted we never got more N64 remakes on 3DS like Starfox 64, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. F-Zero X 3D and Wave Race 64 3D were high up on my wishlist!
  10. General Switch Discussion

    This on the day I finally picked up the original Game Boy version of Wave Race from CeX to play on the SNES with the Super Game Boy I genuinely don't think I want anything more than a new Wave Race
  11. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

    I've been thinking about maybe picking up Crash Bandicoot if it's still £20 in store at Tesco when I'm doing the shopping this week. I've got a coupon for £7 off a £70 spend but don't think I need that many groceries this week before it expires so I might throw the game in my trolley too!
  12. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

  13. Sega Ages (Summer M2)

    Just thinking there now that we'll maybe get that Chu Chu Rocket port we were all hoping for the other day
  14. Are you excited for the Resident Evil 2 remake?

    Ouch.. OUCH! I'm almost finished Luigi's Mansion again for the first time in years and am loving it Secretly the greatest survival horror game of all time
  15. Are you excited for the Resident Evil 2 remake?

    I preferred your original survival horror thread to this disappointing reboot, @CrowingJoe79 To be honest, I wouldn't come anywhere close to considering myself a Resident Evil fan. The Gamecube remake of the original was my first taste of the franchise, and it was great I then played Zero and struggled with the difficulty on that one and partly blame it for my fear of wasting health and ammo in similar types of games. I almost always make things more difficult for myself by using the weakest weapons and holding out on using recovery items in case I need everything for a potential difficulty spike or impossible final boss that rarely ever materialises Resident Evil 4 then came along and changed everything. It's absolutely one of my favourite games of all time and yet it also set the franchise on a path that no longer was of much interest as I haven't really played many of the sequels or spinoffs since. Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS and Resident Evil 7 on PS4 are probably two of the more well-regarded recent entries but I ended up being slightly disappointed by both given their high praise. I only played a little bit of Resident Evil 2 on N64 but never enough to properly get into it so I'm not sure what I want from this particular remake. In some ways, I'd be happy for it to retain the fixed camera angles and tank controls while another part of me hopes for something that can capture some of the special magic of Resident Evil 4! Seeing footage for the first time will go a long way to helping me figure out how interested I am..