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  1. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    I don't think so! I certainly can't find an email, anyway.. but it doesn't appear to be any great loss!
  2. Game of the Decade

    It was worryingly difficult
  3. Any ideas..? Initially, I thought it might be due to not having recorded any score at all in the bonus stage as I managed not to get any bananas at all. However, I went back and opened up the bonus stage again only to fail twice more by not managing to hit at least one banana.. much to my frustration. Unlocked it one more time (again, by clearing 4 stages) grabbed a banana and then fell to my death. There was still no medal so I figured I'd clear the final stage again.. and still nothing What am I missing? I'm sure as hell not going back to 10-5..
  4. General Switch Discussion

    I'm finding myself interested in these impressions too. Maybe I'll pick one up!
  5. N-E Cafe Podcast

    I think it has been revealed
  6. N-E Cafe Podcast

    A little later than usual, but N-E Café [006] Cheating the System is now on YouTube
  7. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    It happened to me.. and I'm still waiting for the SNES posters
  8. Games length

    Game length is definitely becoming a huge barrier for me but it's ultimately only really a problem if I'm not finding the game engaging throughout regardless of how many hours it will take! I feel like I'm at the stage where even something that lasts 15-20 hours feels like a significant time commitment, especially if I'm not fully invested. Link's Awakening is a struggle to finish for this very reason, despite it's relative brevity You can even have a game like Journey, which can be finished comfortably in one sitting, that feels too long because it's just not very fun at all. Obviously I'm in the minority with that example but it does highlight that any game is too long if you're not enjoying it! To be honest, my tastes are becoming very limited as I grow older and barely anything seems as satisfying as previously. However, when the next 3D Mario game inevitably comes out I'm gonna be wanting a good 30-40 hours of amazing platforming action as the series always delivers (even Sunshine.. at a push.. when it released..) but preferably without the needless padding out of having to farm coins to get a moon counter up to 999
  9. N-E Cafe Podcast

    I've only ever been the one creating the audio quizzes.. perhaps I need a taste of my own medicine
  10. N-E Cafe Podcast

    From what I've played of Demon's Crest, it's absolute garbage
  11. N-E Cafe Podcast

  12. N-E Cafe Podcast

  13. Mario & Sonic at the 2020 Olympics (Switch)

    It would have been International Track & Field: Summer Games.. and it is also pretty good
  14. Mario & Sonic at the 2020 Olympics (Switch)

    Still the number one in the world