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  1. General Retro Discussion

    I didn't even know this was a thing but, sure enough, I fired up Mario Kart Wii with this easy solution and had a race online immediately! Would definitely be interested in digging up a couple of old favourites like Mario Strikers Charged Football, Goldeneye and Pro Evolution Soccer if anyone is up for it
  2. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (June 10th)

    I've had an hour to reflect on my time with 'First Kick' this afternoon (The next opportunity to play is at 8PM BST if anyone is interested) Let me get the bad stuff out of the way first: The roster of characters is worse. The passing is worse. The shooting is worse. The tackling is worse. The dodging is worse. The movement is worse. Having to pair up to test the game out also wasn't ideal. Never felt like I could properly get to grips with everything as I had to worry about what someone else on my team was doing.. and there seems to be plenty to get to grips with. The controls haven't clicked immediately as they don't feel natural to me Now for the good stuff: My opinion won't affect how much enjoyment you or anyone else gets from the game. In all seriousness, though, I'm praying that it all comes together once I have the full game in my hands and can get used to all the mechanics that have changed since Charged Football. I think it will, but my first taste has not been pleasant. Maybe I'm asking for too much. Next Level Games haven't made a truly great game since Punch Out in 2009, after all!
  3. That's the worst thing I've experienced this week.. and I've seen Britain's Got Talent most nights
  4. Football Season 2021/22

    I hate the power football has over me sometimes When your team, that you love and support for often incomprehensible reasons, wins then you reap the benefits of the joy and euphoria that comes with it. When it goes the other way, like last weekend and more recently last night, it can put into perspective how exhausting and ultimately draining it can all be. The amount of stress you go through watching every match possible, the relief, the frustration, the hope, the despair.. it all takes its toll. You can come away wondering why you care so much. But you do. Always! After last weekend, I was so ready for the season to be over. Yes, we had the possibility of a 7th European Cup on the horizon but I was also feeling somewhat desperate for the break so that I didn't have to properly think about football again for a few months. Liverpool have been amazing and the success, however you want to judge it, has been impressive. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Going so far in every competition just makes defeat taste all the worse, unfortunately, especially when you lived every moment through the season. No doubt I'll be back on August ready to go again but for now I really just want my life back!
  5. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (June 10th)

    I don't mind content being released after a game comes out but I do mind when unlockables are tied to having to play at specific times I love Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Golf Super Rush but it bugs me that I'm required to play them every month in order to obtain new colours or costumes for characters. For those games, it doesn't take too much time to get what you need but then we come to Nintendo Switch Sports and every week there's a host of new things to try to unlock before the time runs out. It's made all the more irritating by the fact that I can't obtain points by playing with friends or that there aren't any fun single player minigames that could also have allowed rewards to be obtained. Again, I like the game (despite it ultimately being something of a disappointment so far) but to add yet another game in Mario Strikers that I'll probably have to play every month to not miss out on anything? It's becoming too much! My time is seriously limited enough as it is and, to reiterate again, while I like all these games, I hate the pressure. There are loads of other games I want to play and in some ways I just feel obligated to keep playing these select few titles because I don't want to miss out on anything really. Even now, I'm still wearing the same outfit I wore on day one of Nintendo Switch Sports, though I think what it'll end up coming down to is that after having missed a few Tetris 99 events, I stopped caring about having to have all the themes. I was only ever playing it for those! The same will happen in Nintendo Switch Sports and no doubt when I have my desired lineup in Mario Strikers I'll not be quite so bothered about missing out on gear!
  6. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Was half expecting (well, considerably more than half expecting..) to be raked over the coals for not appreciating and embracing yet another media darling but found your appraisal of it oddly comforting 😅 I didn't enjoy the game anywhere near enough to warrant doing any of the extra stuff after the credits rolled. In my mind, it's done and I came away perplexed at how it was ever being talked up for Game of the Year when it came out. Pleasant visuals and humourous premise aside, the game itself was, like I said in the tweet, tedious and I was somewhat relieved when there wasn't any other scenarios to explore beyond what was there. Dare I even play Gris..? 😖
  7. Football Season 2021/22

    I love football ❤️
  8. Football Season 2021/22

    I hate football. I wish I didn't care this much 😖
  9. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (June 10th)

    I got it physically but I'm hopefully giving it to my brother next time I see him and I'll download it instead. I just know that I'll be more likely to play it regularly if I don't have to go switch cartridges!
  10. Bloc Party were a huge influence on my musical tastes for the best part of a decade from the middle of the 2000s. You never quite knew what to expect from each new album but there was always something to appreciate and enjoy about each new release. When Gordon Moakes and Matt Tong left and were replaced, it seemed to me like my interest in the band was likely to drop and this was proved when Hymns was released a few years ago. Some of the songs have grown on me since then but it just wasn't the Bloc Party I knew from before! I'm not one of those people who continues to clamour for a return to the 'Silent Alarm' days, something that gets brought up any time Bloc Party release any new music. I largely appreciated the evolution of their sound over the years, to a point, but I did feel like it was probably over. It's with great surprise and delight that the new album, Alpha Games, is actually very enjoyable The singles that were released in the run up to the album coming out, namely Traps, The Girls are Fighting, Sex Magik and If We Get Caught, hinted that there may potentially be something here but even then I suspected that if this was the best Alpha Games could offer, it still wasn't likely to reach the heights I would hope. Thankfully, songs like Rough Justice and By Any Means Necessary have proved themselves to be early highlights so far but I find myself enjoying pretty much everything on the album. Even songs where some of the lyrics and singing can feel a little uncomfortable for me (I'm looking at you, Callum is a Snake ) there's still great stuff in those songs and I wouldn't skip them on a playthrough! I know @Fierce_LiNk was also a bit of a fan of Bloc Party back at the beginning so I'd be intrigued to see how you find their latest effort!
  11. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    All jokes aside, I've only had the chance to play a few games of tennis, a game of bowling and a 1 v 1 in the football. I'm interested to see what happens when I explore it further but what's on offer honestly seems a little disappointing so far..
  12. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    It's a bit boring, though, isn't it..?
  13. Dragon Quest VIII - 3DS

    It's a bit boring, though, isn't it..?
  14. Football Season 2021/22

    Hasn't the kid suffered enough..?