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  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    I didn't think new tracks and characters were gonna be on the agenda for Deluxe but I'll be so happy if that's exactly what we get
  2. General Retro Discussion

    Downstairs in the living room I have my PS4 and Wii U underneath the TV with the Switch sitting in its dock on top of a book shelf just a little left of the TV unit. Upstairs, in the room I'm currently typing this, I have SNES Mini (which I still never play), N64, Dreamcast, PS2, PS3 and Wii (which I use for GC games) connected to my HDTV along with a Sega Saturn, which I currently have on loan from my brother. I also have my old CRT here with the SNES and PS1 underneath that I will eventually get around to hooking up properly for light gun games and the Super Scope and also the Gamecube so I can play the odd game that isn't compatible with my Wii via component, such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 and Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution (because it's Japanese ) though the former will work on the Wii if I have it hooked up through my game capture device! Not that they really count, I guess, but in the other corner of the room I have my New 3DS in the dock, a Mario stand holding my DS lite in his hands and the Wii U Gamepad.. all charging but rarely needed
  3. General Retro Discussion

    Haha.. that's me pretty much every single month! It's gonna happen soon..
  4. Mario Tennis Aces

    I wouldn't even mind a remake of the first two games (I never played The Lost Age)
  5. Switch eShop Thread

    My wife's parents gave us a huge box of old DVDs recently, which I finally made space for last week, but I noticed a copy of Lumines 2 for PSP in the box so I must give it a shot. If it resonates, I'll definitely look into Remastered on Switch
  6. Super Bomberman R

    Snake..? I'm back in..
  7. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    Mexico have been great so far They've made the wrong decision in attack a couple of times or they could be further ahead!
  8. "It's like a Windows 98 screensaver.."
  9. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    Messi would have missed and Ronaldo would have had his shirt off..
  10. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    Watching Iceland at the World Cup makes it all the more heartbreaking for Northern Ireland not to have qualified. I'd love to have seen us there
  11. E3 2018

    It didn't look fun to play but it has to be.. right..? :shrug:
  12. Rocket League

    I've played over 160 hours of Rocket League and haven't ever really deviated from the standard rules.. but I'm well up for some chaos with you guys (though it'll probably be the weekend until I have a free evening)
  13. Ikaruga Heads To Switch

    I knew you'd be back, Gittins.. but guess what? I'm coming for you I didn't watch your replay, @S.C.G, bit this battle is making me a better player (though I've still only reached about half way through stage 3..)
  14. Ikaruga Heads To Switch

    There's nothing more annoying than getting your best ever score for the first stage only to mess up with silly mistakes in the following level..
  15. Ikaruga Heads To Switch

    Things are gonna get heated in here, @S.C.G