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  1. N-E Café Podcast

    For regular listeners of the N-E Café Podcast, I just wanted to let you know that I'm taking a few weeks away from recording the show with @Londragon and @Nicktendo. I've spoken to both of them before on several occasions about feeling that I need to shit myself off for a little while to recharge my batteries and rediscover some enthusiasm for games in general. As I suspect has probably come across in many recent episodes of the podcast, it has been becoming increasingly difficult to be excited about talking about games, and in particular Nintendo, when almost all of the news and games that have been revealed over the course of the year haven't really struck a chord with me. There are only so many times you can try to come up with something bordering on meaningful discussion or say you're not interested in a game or topic before the whole thing becomes tired. It doesn't benefit me and it certainly doesn't benefit the listeners. It's certainly not forever but I'm sure you'll all enjoy whatever Lee, Nick and guests have in store over the coming weeks. I just can't bring myself to be arsed to talk about Kirby Fighters 2..
  2. Rocket League

    I played a game of it on Switch yesterday evening and then another on PS4 later on after linking my account and.. yeh, I'm just not really feeling it anymore! The magic is gone 😅 What was once a game I regularly just gravitated towards every time I had the Switch in my hands no longer gives me much joy and what's left is mostly a hollow, toxic experience At well over 300 hours, Rocket League is surely one of my most played games ever but, like you @Nicktendo, it kinda feels like time to move on. Pro Evolution Soccer has long since taken me away from it anyway!
  3. General Switch Discussion

    1. What games are people playing on their Switch at the moment Nothing, really I played through Super Mario Bros 2 on the SNES App over the weekend but I'm not feeling compelled to play anything else at this point. 2. What’s the next game release you’re looking forward to? I'm sure I'll probably get No More Heroes 3 when that comes out but I wouldn't really say I'm "looking forward" to anything, really. 3. How many people are actually picking up Super Mario 3D All-Stars on day one? I may not pick it up at all, never mind day one! 4. Which game are you looking forward to playing first? If I hadn't played it again on Gamecube relatively recently, I'd have been curious to discover Super Mario Sunshine again.. but my last experience wasn't great. I also played Super Mario 64 this year on Wii U and kinda had my fill by the time I had 70 stars. Didn't feel any desire to uncover the remaining 50 again having done it a few times before already. So.. I guess playing Galaxy would have been the one I would have gravitated towards first..
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Does anybody know how the PS+ Rewards work? I haven't bought a magazine in years but I was going to take advantage of the 3 Issues for £1 deal on PlayStation Official Magazine as it might be a good time for that coming up to the launch of the PS5.. but I don't really know how to use the code. If I click to redeem the code on the PlayStation site, it takes me to but I don't see how I can use the code or where the discount is applied. I definitely don't want to subscibe for £15 for 3 months
  5. Mario 35th Anniversary Direct

    It's actually a very enjoyable game which makes it completely at odds with your theory
  6. N-E Café Podcast

    Rogue is surely just Rogue.. whatever came directly after must be the first Roguelike, surely..? Whatever the case, put me down for Roguedislike!
  7. General Switch Discussion

    It was @Nicktendo who said 2024, @euroninfan and @Glen-i I wouldn't have been so generous
  8. General Switch Discussion

    They'll be advertising for a new logo designer next..
  9. N-E Café Podcast

    If anything, I have found the complete opposite to be true I can usually deal just fine with quick recalibration and whatever other things that need to be taken into account when motion controls are brought into the equation but anything I have tried on Switch, be it Captain Toad or The World Ends With You, has left me in no doubt that the pointer controls can't be replicated to a satisfactory level. The cursor just keeps going out of sync and I can't imagine it working at all well in a game that can require fast and precise moment like Pikmin 3..
  10. General Retro Discussion

    Don't worry Once Nintendo are done porting all their Wii U games to Switch they'll start porting their 3DS library. Nintendo need never make a new game again!