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  1. General Retro Discussion

    I'm watching this at the moment I never really played WipEout until eventually downloading the original on PS3 a few years ago after a brief dabble with WipEout 64. I didn't really like the structure of the N64 version as you only selected one track at a time instead of having to race perfectly through several tracks in a row like on PS1. When I think of WipEout, I only really think about the first entry in the series (and ultimately my favourite) but I did buy Omega Collection on PS4 a few months ago. I played it for a decent amount but just couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't enjoying it anywhere near as much as either the first game or the vastly superior F-Zero GX and later sold it..
  2. Football Season 2019-20

    COME ON 15 minutes to hold on.. #GAWA EDIT Damn..
  3. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    I had fun creating a few levels in the original Mario Maker and this sequel but I've always said that I would much prefer a proper new 2D Super Mario game expertly crafted by Nintendo. As you say, @Hero of Time, the 'story' mode in Super Mario Maker 2 certainly isn't that Throughout, I felt like the levels were mostly just fine with a small sprinkling of neat ideas.. and a smattering of things that just weren't fun, however inventive they may be. I had the same issue with the 3DS version to an even greater degree! I have to say, though, that my time with Super Mario Maker 2 has been much shorter than I ever anticipated. After I spent a considerable amount of time building and constantly tweaking my second level, I felt burnt out. I put loads of effort into that stage only for me not to even feel particularly happy with it in the end and I just haven't felt a desire to return since. I'm sure I will one day but I feel desperate for the spark of excitement a new 2D or 3D Mario will eventually bring!
  4. My relationship with top-down Zelda games continues to be tested with Link's Awakening. While I own the GB version on 3DS, I've never played the game beyond a brief 5 minutes after downloading it several years ago. With that in mind, and the inviting visuals of the Switch remake, I anticipated that this game could well be my 'Game of the Year' given that, from a personal perspective at least, there's been little else for 2019 to make me feel genuine excitement. I'm in the middle of the 4th level right now so there's still a relatively long way to go but I haven't exactly been blown away so far. My unfortunate dislike of A Link to the Past meant there was always a little apprehension about Link's Awakening going in. Those fears seem to be being realised as I chip away at the game every night or two. I've already came across a few occasions where, despite some hints and rough directions, I've had to somewhat walk aimlessly around Koholint until I stumbled across a way forward. I'm not a fan of waypoints or of too much hand-holding but I also don't like wandering around feeling like I'm wasting time just waiting for that moment where I can finally find a way to continue. Don't get me wrong.. it's pretty good. Sadly, it just doesn't seem like it'll ever be as good as I want or maybe even need it to be. The framerate certainly isn't..
  5. The Jimquisition Thread

    I miss those days Everybody at school played Pro Evo and even though I didn't have a PS2 I certainly played more than enough to hold my own! During the last generation, Pro Evo definitely struggled for a while and FIFA became much better than it had ever been to the point where it became a more than reasonable option for football fans. It's been good to see that Pro Evo seems to be coming back into people's thoughts again and I hope a time comes where EA get put in their place and realise they can't keep being vile and succeeding. I bought PES 2019 a few months ago and downloaded an option file that almost completely negates the lack of official licensing and I'm not turning back to FIFA now. It's nice to feel like I'm playing a proper football game again.. it's been too long!
  6. Ring Fit Adventure

    This actually looks a lot of fun I definitely want it but I might wait to see if it goes lower in price..
  7. Tetris 99 -- Available Today

    Am I gonna have to force myself to play this again this weekend..?
  8. I'll absolutely be in for the Switch Pro when it inevitably comes. I've never had many, if any, problems with my Switch, but just the other night I felt like perhaps it all wasn't quite as solid as I usually find. It's not bad, by any means, but the Joy-Con on the right side of the unit creaks ever so slightly and just confirms my feeling that I'll ultimately upgrade eventually. Another thing that hopefully isn't anything serious is that a few times over the last couple of weeks I've found controls to be unresponsive. A couple of games of Rocket League, when playing on the TV at least, I've had occasions where the car wont react immediately to my input or will continue to accelerate long after I've stopped pressing the accelerator. It also has happened today with Link's Awakening where I slashed my sword but Link reacted as if I was holding in B. It happened twice during my short play time but I haven't figured out if it's something to do with my TV, the controllers or even just from the stuttering frame rate..
  9. Starlink: Battle for Atlas (do a barrel roll!)

    Well done for lasting 10 hours I was done in 10 minutes but at least I have a £12 Arwing to show for it!
  10. Switch eShop Thread

    Glad you're enjoying it, @RedShell I knew you would! I cleared the game last week (or the week before..) and I thought it was awful I can't even really complain about being disappointed as I played the demo a while back and hated it.. but I thought I was missing something and that there was a fun game that I'd discover once I got used to the controls. I never got used to the controls and I never found a fun game, sadly. Nobody is surprised
  11. I keep telling myself that the original Xenoblade Chronicles was a one-off experience that I'll never have again. It's a long game in a genre that I'm not particularly familiar with and a style of combat that I had never dealt with before. I hit several walls along the way with enemies I never thought I could ever possibly beat but I kept summoning the determination to see it through to the end! I couldn't get into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and since then have been happy to just look back on my time with the original fondly as something I have been through but will never again feel that drive to keep going again when the chips are down if I was ever to replay it. I disregarded the 3DS version because I knew it was over.. and then I feel little to no excitement for the reveal of the Switch version in the latest direct as, no matter how good it may have been, I can't do it again! Then I think of this.. ..and boy does that song make me want to fight the fight again I probably won't, but at least I'll always have those unforgettable memories
  12. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

  13. After all of the nominations, Bayonetta 2 didn't even make the top ten..? There's hope for you all yet, it seems #justice
  14. Astral Chain -- August 30th 2019

    It'll take until at least dinner time for you to get through that lot so I'm looking forward to hearing your Astral Chain impressions before I sit down to watch Match of the Day tonight