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  1. I generally don't get scared when playing games though I do often get a feeling of anxiety in certain situations, such as getting further and further through Mummy Me Maze Forever in Captain Toad and being terrified that I would make a mistake and have to start all the way from the beginning.. AGAIN! While @londragon highlighted the aspects of Resident Evil 4 that made it 'scarier' than other entries in the series, I'm going with a slightly different approach today. I actually jumped up and switched my Gamecube off while the file was 'deleting' and was worried that I'd have managed to corrupt the data either way. It only took a couple of seconds more for me to realise that the Sanity Meter had finally found a way of catching me out.. however briefly
  2. 'Favourite Ranged Combat' is a difficult decision! My immediate thought was Link's Crossbow Training yet I also find myself wanting to give some love to Arms, Sin & Punishment and Metroid Prime. I had settled on a different game but have decided to save that as an obvious choice for an upcoming day. Instead, I've went for..
  3. I need to catch up a little.. so here goes
  4. The '12 Games of Christmas' feature was created in 2015 so that particular piece of information is out of date. At that time, I definitely didn't expect to ever see Super Soccer again until Japan got their version on the Super Famicom Mini a couple of years ago. I was gutted our list of games didn't feature Super Soccer but it at least renewed my hope of eventually seeing it again! I've been re-living Christmas '93 ever since
  5. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    GTA 4 on PS3 would need to have been good for you, given what we know 😅
  6. My earliest gaming memory is already documented in N-Europe with the first entry in my '12 Games of Christmas' feature from 2015 Super Soccer This is the game that started it all! I honestly can’t remember what I received from Santa for Christmas in 1993 because my big brother had asked for a Super Nintendo and it completely stole the show from the moment the present was unwrapped. The box was MASSIVE! Not only was the console inside, as well as 2 controllers, but also the Nintendo Scope, Super Scope 6 and probably most notably, Super Soccer. As the first console and games we owned, the moment the power was turned on and the powerful intro music and pictures were displayed on the TV was amazing. Grabbing the controller felt exciting. It was new. It was magical. So, too, was Super Soccer. Taking to the pitch with one of the 16 international teams, each with their own ridiculously awesome music which played during each half, depending on who was attacking up the screen, was always filled with drama and excitement when playing with my brother, even to this day. I say 16 teams, but I’ll never forget my dad somehow discovering the secret Nintendo team by holding start while selecting your team with B on controller 2. Goodness only knows how that even happened, but we were forever grateful! For me, there are things that Super Soccer does better than most modern football games! Firstly, the penalty shootouts are actually simple and FUN, unlike the unsatisfactory equivalents in the latest FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer games that overcomplicate things. Secondly, there’s the option for manual goalkeepers and you’ll have to trust me when I say that this is the ONLY way to play Super Soccer! I will forever love this game as my introduction to gaming and for genuinely still being an extremely fun game to play with my brother, a rivalry that is just as strong in 2015 as it was some 22 years ago. With Human Interactive sadly no longer in business, there doesn’t appear to be any possibility of this ever appearing on the Virtual Console at any point, but we'll always have Christmas '93!
  7. N-E Cafe Podcast

    I think last week's discussion about the backlog has got me thinking again about my purchasing habits and how it is often quite cyclical. I've bought quite a few games recently on eShop due to how good some of the prices have been and, with the exception of Okami HD, I haven't had any regrets about anything I've bought Despite that, I'm now having that feeling of almost being overwhelmed by just how many games I should play (I somehow keep forgetting that Luigi's Mansion 3 exists and that I could absolutely do with getting back to it) along with the games I would like to go back and play again (Super Mario Galaxy feels like a high priority ) There's nothing to stop me playing whatever I want other than feelings of guilt, really.. and, if course, being a parent all day I'm hesitant to buy Duke Nukem 3D now, despite being only £3.99. The simple fact is that I don't really have any desire to play it so probably shouldn't buy it, even with all the improvements and incentives. Ultimately, I probably will, though.. even if I never, ever play it.. like Doom 1 and 2!
  8. 3DS Console Discussion

    I meant to say it was £7.49 on Argos too.. and still available! Don't tempt me, @Dcubed
  9. 3DS Console Discussion

    Yeh.. nothing else was available, unfortunately, so I was surprised to see Bravely Second have stock available for collection on Thursday! I was so tempted to buy Captain Toad for £7.99 even though I've already completed it fully on Wii U and Switch..
  10. 3DS Console Discussion

    I'm not sure when I'll ever get around to giving it a proper go but I've ordered Bravely Second from Argos for £2.49 It would have been rude not to at that price!
  11. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (PS4/XBoxOne)

    I just watched the reveal and it looks way better than I would have expected I wonder if we'll eventually see it on Switch..