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  1. General Switch Discussion

    +5 I've never been into Halo or XBOX.. and I'd buy it
  2. Cuphead (18th April 2019)

    This is the one game I wanted out of today's showcase
  3. March N-E Game Club: StarFox Guard

    Do you think you'll give it a go? I'm up to the second boss and have actually quite enjoyed it so far It's the most use my Wii U has had in a long time..
  4. March N-E Game Club: StarFox Guard

    Has anyone been brave enough to unseal this yet..?
  5. Are there 5 good games on NES..?
  6. N-Europe Video Game Club

    There haven't been many votes so I can't see too many playing whatever is selected but I think I will vote for GAME#3 Starfox Guard (which makes it a tie with GAME#2, I think) If that is indeed the case and nobody else wishes to vote, I suspect my vote carries with it enough weight to make Starfox Guard the game for March
  7. Nintendo Labo

    If it happens, I'll buy whatever LABO is necessary to experience it
  8. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I'll see how the voting goes before I make my choice Hopefully enough people have access to the selected games!
  9. N-Europe Video Game Club

    It's been a busy few days so we're already against the clock a little in March so I'm going to suggest 3 games that aren't particularly long and will provide a perfect little injection of refreshment.. I hope There are many games I would like to suggest (Wave Race (GB), Wave Race 64 (N64) and Wave Race: Blue Storm (GC) was a huge temptation ) but I figured that would be too obvious.. and you should all go play Blue Storm right now without me needing to tell you to do so! My suggestions for this month don't have a theme so hopefully there is something for us all to jump on.. GAME#1 Excitebike 64 (N64 / Wii U) I haven't played it for ages and would love to dip my toe back into it GAME#2 Viewtiful Joe 2 (GC) I've beat the original Viewtiful Joe but I've never touched the sequel despite owning it for years! GAME#3 Starfox Guard (Wii U) This came with the excellent Starfox Zero but I just never got around to playing it! Get voting
  10. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I hope you all have a Virtual Boy I'll have a think about the games later today but I don't think I'll be selecting anything too time-consuming, especially since we're almost a week into the month already! I guess that does make Wave Race: Blue Storm a perfect candidate
  11. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I know somebody who hasn't had an opportunity yet...................
  12. I have to say.. I quite like the new opening segment on the EZA Podcast with trying to pick ideas for the worst video game possible. It has the potential to be pretty funny and certainly much better than the last couple of things Kyle has introduced!
  13. Resident Evil 4, Remake and 0 heading to Switch.

  14. Shovel Knight

    I will pick up the Captain Toad DLC in the near future as I've totally finished the game otherwise and would love a reason to go back. I haven't picked up Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2, though, as I haven't even beat the main game yet (can't seem to find that desire to jump into it ever ) and I haven't bought the expansion for Breath of the Wild either because my interest largely died off in the game as soon as I beat it. I was enjoying searching for Shrines and exploring the world but as soon as I went into Hyrule Castle and defeated Ganon I'm just not sure I want more.. though I do sometimes feel like going back in to find the remaining 60, or so, Shrines! With King of Cards, though, it's free so there's no barrier of entry other than the fact that I've only beat the original Shovel Knight in Treasure Trove and not touched the other content yet.. but I didn't even enjoy the base game that much anyway, unfortunately.
  15. You echo many of my own thoughts When 'The Final Bosman' was a thing, I generally enjoyed Kyle's videos but he seems to irritate me more with each passing week and the bits just aren't funny! As I've said before, Ben is the one I like best and Frame Trap is vastly superior to the EZA Podcast which now focuses largely on topics that I find myself skipping, though it still has a few good moments.