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  1. Not being able to instantly think of a suitable NPC has held me up for a few days but I've settle for one that I remember liking but can't really remember why I'm gonna have to play Phantom Hourglass again!
  2. Just when I thought you couldn't possibly have a more sexual pick than @Londragon..
  3. With that, I think I'm finally caught up
  4. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Not that it will need pushed over the edge but stick me down for The Messenger too
  5. I'm loving this choice, @Glen-i I've always been meaning to go back to play through Other M again which, from memory, is probably one of my favourite Metroid games! I have a few days to catch up on now but I'll give some thought to those soon..
  6. No snow levels 😢
  7. Loving most of the games people have suggested for today's category On another day, I may well have been giving Super Mario World yet another deserved vote but today I'm going with..
  8. Crazy Taxi is a great shout, @Dcubed, and one I probably wouldn't even have thought to include in this category! Like you, I believe, I'm not really into 'open world' games and that is reflected in my choice which, if anything, includes a really bad example of an open world
  9. I've played Majora's Mask and I sure as hell won't be picking Clock Town! I'm the worst kind of wrong.. but it feels oh so right
  10. I generally don't get scared when playing games though I do often get a feeling of anxiety in certain situations, such as getting further and further through Mummy Me Maze Forever in Captain Toad and being terrified that I would make a mistake and have to start all the way from the beginning.. AGAIN! While @londragon highlighted the aspects of Resident Evil 4 that made it 'scarier' than other entries in the series, I'm going with a slightly different approach today. I actually jumped up and switched my Gamecube off while the file was 'deleting' and was worried that I'd have managed to corrupt the data either way. It only took a couple of seconds more for me to realise that the Sanity Meter had finally found a way of catching me out.. however briefly
  11. 'Favourite Ranged Combat' is a difficult decision! My immediate thought was Link's Crossbow Training yet I also find myself wanting to give some love to Arms, Sin & Punishment and Metroid Prime. I had settled on a different game but have decided to save that as an obvious choice for an upcoming day. Instead, I've went for..
  12. I need to catch up a little.. so here goes
  13. The '12 Games of Christmas' feature was created in 2015 so that particular piece of information is out of date. At that time, I definitely didn't expect to ever see Super Soccer again until Japan got their version on the Super Famicom Mini a couple of years ago. I was gutted our list of games didn't feature Super Soccer but it at least renewed my hope of eventually seeing it again! I've been re-living Christmas '93 ever since